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  • VIDEO: Obamacare Doesn't Help Young Adults

    President Obama says the health care reform bills before Congress will make health insurance more affordable and accessible for young Americans. Think again.

    As Heritage’s Paul Winfree explains, some of the promises the President makes are too good to be true. That truth involves higher costs and stiff penalties.

    Watch Winfree’s video, and be sure to share it with others. What do you think about the President’s promises? Join the debate in our comments section below.

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    6 Responses to VIDEO: Obamacare Doesn't Help Young Adults


    2. Jack Shepard says:

      Although I'm a young man (26), I can't remember a time (or hearing about a time) in the last 50 years when we needed wisdom more in our leadership positions at the highest reaches of government. I also can't remember when we've had less of it.

      What will change things for this blessed nation is when her people (you and me) commit to putting down the remote and picking up a book; commit to showing up to vote, having actually investigated the issues and candidates beforehand.

      This article I found is a huge step in the right direction: http://rjmoeller.com/2010/02/the-economics-of-mer

    3. Ron Derry NH says:

      It wasn't that impressive because it still seems speculatory.

      Obama talks about being fair, well that should be a decision left to free people to decide.

      What isn't fair right now is the government does health care for free on people who don't have any insurance, or right to be in this country. They also keep letting more and more foreigners slide under the radar specifically to get into our alleged bad health care and we the tax payers pay while the government prevents hospitals from defending themselves from these invaders.

      The obvious reason we don't want government run health care is they wrote the banking laws that have bankrupted the nation, they can't manage the borders, and the education system which cost three quarters of our local taxes and each year puts dumber kids onto the streets with no jobs but much better government retirement packages for incompetent teaching.

      What example can OBama give us of one socialist program that is running a profit, a superior product and a cost savings to the consumer????? NADA; he is a soothsayer extraordinaire.

    4. cwr Dawson, TX says:

      More and more people are starting to wake up to the awful facts, which are the alledged "healthcare" reform is NOT about health care or reform. It is about ONE thing and one thing only. Let me shout it from the mountaintops children: POWER! Can I say it again?! POWER. For them, not for you.

      If it was about making things better for the "little people" (me) then why don't they do what would accomplish that goal: Interstate access to any insurance company,(competition) pushing Medical Savings accounts, and a host of other common sense things that are proven to actually WORK and empower the individual? They DO NOT want to empower the individual. DUH. If it is so wonderful, why do they exempt themselves from it?? That one question alone should end the debate.

      It is very hard for any American to comprehend the level of corruption and sheer evil this current crop of marxist fools bring to the table. This ain't yo grandma's democrat Frank. The "healthcare" bill, if passed gives them a blank check to RULE, not govern the country. They are statist dictators not statesmen and representatives of the people.

      Wake up sheep


    5. Dr. B. G. Norwood says:

      When I began practice in 1963 I had mostly cash payments and a few patients had insurance but they filed their own forms and the payment check came to them. I did not always get the payment brought to me of course. Thus I took it when I was offered "assignment" by BCBS for it seemed too good to be true and an older doctor told me I would live to regret it. He was right of course. I am close to retirement and can say medical practice has become an impersonal poorly working machine now. The cash only movement is probaly the only answer–if it is not outlawed.

    6. Jim Freeman says:

      there are no free rides in this world. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. i've heard that since I was a child and it's still rings true 62 years later. someone, all of us will, in someway will pay dearly for a health care plan that was not designed to improve health care, but to promote a government agenda. i don't think there are many who would deny that are health care system needs major reform, but to suggest that we can improve our system through adding 30 million people without a legitimate means to pay for it to be paid for is financially irresponsible. the obamba administration has repeatedly advocated one program after another to fundamentally change to way we live as american citizens. i have found most of their programs to be a progressive agenda with little or no regard to what is in the overall best interest of our citizens and the republic of america. It all seems to be about control and little else!

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