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  • Outside the Beltway: AZ Rejects Economy Killing Energy Taxes

    Utah is not the only Western state that is rejecting the left’s global warming regulation policies. This week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signed an executive order stating that Arizona will not endorse any emission-control plan that could raise costs for consumers and businesses. The Arizona Republic reports:

    Arizona will no longer participate in a groundbreaking attempt to limit greenhouse-gas emissions across the West, a change in policy by Gov. Jan Brewer that will include a review of all the state’s efforts to combat climate change.

    State officials said the policy shift was rooted in concerns that the controversial emissions plan would slow the state’s economic recovery.

    The governor’s order is another blow to the Western Climate Initiative, a group of seven states and four Canadian provinces that joined forces in 2007 after growing impatient with the federal government to address climate change.

    The economic costs of cap and trade for the nation as a whole are bad enough. A study by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found that a national cap and trade program would make the United States about $9.4 trillion poorer by 2035. Much of this decline would be from reduced economic productivity and job loss. Under the House legislation there would be 1.15 million fewer jobs on average than without a cap-and-trade bill. And as Heritage fellow Ben Lieberman has testified, Western states would be particularly hard hit:

    Coal mining will be very hard-hit, so Montana and Wyoming and other coal-producing states will see this important sector of their economies shrink significantly. Western oil and natural gas producers will face higher costs as well. The promise of oil shale in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming will never be realized under Waxman-Markey. As I mentioned, agriculture is hard-hit, and that particularly includes things common in parts of the West that are not well positioned to partially defray their costs by availing themselves of offsets, like ranching on federal lands, fruits and vegetables, and potatoes. And of course the long distances rural Westerners have to drive in the course of each day means that gasoline and diesel price increases hurt them more than other Americans.

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    27 Responses to Outside the Beltway: AZ Rejects Economy Killing Energy Taxes

    1. TonyfromOz Coomera Q says:

      What the general public fail to realise is that all that coal will still be needed. There is currently no viable replacement for the electrical power that coal fired power generation provides. Until there is, those coal fired plants will just have to be kept running. Even so, if (and right now) there actually was a viable replacement, it would be a number of years before those new plants go through all the hoops and obstacles prior to, and then the construction, before they can even deliver that power to the grids. In the meantime, those coal fired plants will just HAVE to stay in place, burning what they already are burning now.

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    5. Mike, TX says:

      An increase in the use of natural gas for power generation would not take years. With all the new shale finds, nat gas is plentiful.

    6. Anita says:

      I hope our governor follows suite. All states should band together to defeat this marxism, communism take over of our country. I don't care what the Feds say if all of the states or the majority of the states stick together we all can tell the idiots in Washington to go to hell.

    7. Long Beach Ca. says:

      I'm moving to Arizona!

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      That's the trap! TonyfromOz, they know the plants will have to keep burning, so government forces an ugly tax on it! Easy, dishonest, Al Gore thievery, convenienced with the backing of the president of America..

      "Climate change," they may call it. "Man-made climate change" is deception. Anything man does or doesn't do, does not bring on weather or the effects of weather. Guess they're (gore, president, all indoctrinated) still unable to grasp everyday reality and remain ignorant of past records of factual history.

    9. Pete, AZ says:

      I agree with Gov. Brewer and I believe the time is way past due for the states to take back power from Washington DC. In fact I believe every state should recall their representatives and conduct business online.

    10. Joy Duval says:

      All the States must begin to take action. It is the only way — up until the next Presidential election, at least.

    11. Dave - Xieon Politic says:

      I am hopeful that more states will follow suit, and use the remaining protections of the Constitution to their advantage, while they are still able to use them.

      The 10th Amendment is a great Amendment, and tool for limiting the excessive growth of the federal government, however, it hasn't been used to nearly the extent it should've been over the years.

      Now, with Barack Obama, and the liberals in Washington, threatening to completely destroy the United States, throw the Constitution to the wind, and ruin the lives of all who once stood protected by its power and greatness, some states are now more willing, and perhaps no longer blinded, to use the powers of the United States Constitution in full glory, and openly state that the states will not follow the tyrannical rule of the Obama administration, and will fight to remain the United States of America, in its original glory and scope.

      Email – xieonpolitics@gmail.com

    12. MM stuck in L.A. says:

      Good for AZ, my soon-to-be home state! I hope they declare independence from the USSA.

    13. Cory Calgary Alberta says:

      to expand Tonyfromoz's comment, if there was something available to replace coal fired electrical generation and it was better, it would be self evident. Consumers would demand it and providers would have it in place now or very quickly without the interference from the government.

    14. M. Koch says:

      Notice how fossil fuels were used to power the snow removal equipment in D.C. Imagine a solar powered snow blower?

    15. Catherine French says:

      see a discussion on the technical problems with the "accepted" scientific theories:

    16. Joe Tucson, AZ says:

      Wholeheartedly agree! This IS the coldest winter on records in many parts of the midwest and the eastern seaboard. To add. Washington DC closed because they had to shovel "imaginary snow"? Algore has ncreased his net worth almost ten times since he cam out with his "documentary" We are going through a climate change and these "experts" and all of their brainwashed, kool-aid drinking followers negate that fact that it's not ALL man made! There's money to be in them thar carbon credits and it lies in buy those offset carbon credits. It's time that we set ourselves in place for a revolution. This administration has gone off the deep end along with Pelosi and Reid. Ship them off to Venezuela, Iran or Korea. This is AMERICA and we are NOT socialist!!!

    17. Shirley, Redlands says:

      I am so happy when I see common sense in government demonstrated. I wish that California would follow suit. The Audi commercial on Super Bowl Sunday it too close to home.

    18. Norma from Nebraska says:

      So the real questions are: do we NEED this extreme push for cleaner energy, and how does this "climate change" program that our President is pushing so hard REALLY get paid for? The average citizen, in their monthly obligations, will contribute until it hurts, but the government, through tax increases, HIDDEN tax appropriations, incentive programs like solar power, and many other initiatives FORCED on us, will fund the program no matter whether it is deemed a SUCCESS or not.

      AND HOW WILL YOU KNOW if the program is actually working? You won't have any way of telling because there is a new math equation in town: the Cap & Trade Czar will TELL us how much pollution has been eliminated which is a figure we will NOT be able to substantiate; and if we cannot PROVE that the magic number is not accurate, then we will be expected to accept that it must be true!!! (Does this remind you of the "Data from Copenhagen" that is basically a bunch of statistical garbage? We all were led to believe that we HAD to accept the data because some 'smart' scientific genius said so!) So not only will we pay monthly for something that may well destroy millions of jobs in our country, it may actually be a total waste of money, and we will get the privilege of paying for it AGAIN and AGAIN!!! (Makes you wonder WHY our schools are failing our children when this kind of logic prevails in Washington!)

      Folks, this push for improving environmental quality is based upon faulty data and is NOT about cleaning up our environment . . . it is about POWER and CONTROL and is just one more way our government is striving to take over every aspect of our lives.

      Good for Arizona's governor . . . hopefully Nebraska is following suit. We have to FIGHT our own government in order to protect ourselves – pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me!

    19. Norma from Nebraska says:

      And just one additional thought: the threat of terrorism in this country may be the LEAST of our problems!!!!!

    20. Susan M, Tucson, Ari says:

      I may be a little 'late to the party' on this item but I noticed several people from CA saying they are moving here (AZ)….real 'desert rats' live here year round, including the 115 degree heat..and unemployment is a BIG problem.

      We have more sun than anyother state, but ask yourself WHY Arizona not been mandated to solar heat and instead we are paying increasingly larger utility bills…….all that glitters is not gold. But I do agree we need to defeat the Marxist CAP and TAX attitude in the US today.

    21. SueD says:

      If Susan M's comments are "late to the party" mine are now obsolete to the discussion, but thanks to Governor Brewer for nipping this in the bud. CAP & TAX is the next big joke on the American people and Arizona's governor deserves "heads up" credit for her opposition.

    22. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      today an article in the Washington Post said "Errors" were made in this thing but they are not willing to adjust because of them, it's cheaper to ignore the errors and lose face.

    23. Rick, AZ says:

      Welcome, good folks, to the great state of Arizona. It's a great place to live. Lots of good folk. However, we do have one rule. Leave your socialist, elitist, destructive ideas at the border. We already have enough liberal baggage from NewYork and Chicago. And we don't need any more from CA. Other than that enjoy a great life in Arizona.

    24. Yellowbird says:

      Would it be appropriate to place Gore, Obamma, Reid and Pelosi out on the statue of liberty in their briefs for a couple months. We need a good measurement on this global warming thing and I feel strongly this will give us some answers.


    26. lionel king moss val says:

      The marxists that support CO2 as a pollutant should be ashamed of themselves

      and joining such lies.

      The big piece missing on both side of CO2 debate is the microbiology, nano tech,

      and much yet to find science***

    27. lionel king moss val says:

      The marxists that support CO2 as a pollutant should be ashamed of themselves

      and joining such lies.

      The big piece missing on both side of CO2 debate is the microbiology, nano tech,and much yet to find science***

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