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  • Tax Hikes for the Middle Class?

    Remember the promise of the 2008 Presidential election?

    No family making less than $250,000 will see
    their taxes increase

    Well, now, the option to tax the middle class is “on the table“. Of course, as we have pointed out, he has already broken that pledge. But now, Obama is ready to admit it. According to Bloomberg:

    President Barack Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.

    Instead of taxing everyone to try and reduce the deficit, why not cut spending? That would make it possible for Obama to follow through on his promise to cut out programs that don’t work and focus on programs that do work. So far, we have only seen him cut programs that work and give more funds to programs that don’t work.

    Now, it seems that the middle class might have to pay for the failed policies and failed programs. It seems unfair and the President knows this. In his State of the Union address he stated:

    For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough.  Some are frustrated; some are angry.  They don’t understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded, but hard work on Main Street isn’t.

    We have already seen at a state level that higher spending and higher taxes does not work to sustain the economy. That kind of thinking has nearly bankrupted California and Obama and the liberals in Congress want to continue in the same direction.

    Heritage expert Brian Riedl has pointed out that simply reducing spending per household to the level Ronald Reagan had it at, we could balance the budget In 2009, we spent over $33,000 per household, $8,000 more than we spent in 2008. We’re continuing down the road of more spending, higher taxes, and less benefits.

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    12 Responses to Tax Hikes for the Middle Class?

    1. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      There is no such thing as free money. The thing about programs to redistribute wealth is that while they help some people, they hurt others. And the ones who suffer the most are the people of Middle America who are working hard to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

      The second group of people who are hurt are those who 'benefit' from excessive entitlement spending because it leads to the expansion of a dependancy culture.

      I will pay back the money I borrowed for college myself rather than expecting my neighbors and friends to be taxed to pay for it for me.

    2. Space, Bisbee, Az says:

      Once again, take are so-called elected officials, roll their pay back 50 years, only increases allowed are those they have given to SS and DAV , cut their perks and pork, any and all monies for raises or perks, to be voted on by the general public Take away their fleet of planes and make them do internet conferences. Put them on the same health plan we have and let them be treated at VA facilities. Cut the retirement pay out to them, placing it on equal grounds with SS and Military retirement for after all, why should they get more then the person who lay,s his/her life on the line for our country.

    3. John, Michigan says:

      I saw a great bumper sticker last week: Honk if I'm paying your mortgage!

    4. William Person says:

      Our President claims to be an Agnostic—asserting the uncertainty of all claims to knowledge.

      What else needs to be said??

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      When has Obama ever spoken the truth or kept a campaign pledge? Obama lied

      about who and what he is (aided by the left media). He was fraudulently voted into office by those many "middle class" voters that believed. Now, they

      will learn that "class envy" is not a reason to vote for someone that was plainly

      hiding the truth (protected by the media), when so many others reconized

      the real Obama.

    6. William Person says:

      If our President is an agnostic regarding taxes on the middle class, who is going to bail him out of his responsibilty to know???

      What a great smile!!

    7. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      I saw a great bumper sticker the other day, too.

      "Honk if you love Jesus, Text while driving if you want to meet Him"

    8. Bill T., Kansas City says:

      A politician that lied? I am so shocked.

    9. Tom- Florida says:

      Florida Man
      We have far too long allowed government at all levels to take too much of our freedom away by taking too much of or money in taxes. This country was not made what it is by someone else paying other peoples bills–that does the same thing to people on a grand scale as you do to your kids if you do not require them to earn for themselves. I am proud of you , Barbara Frances in that you want to pay for your education. When I went to college there were not all these loans and grants available. Many of the students had to drop out for a year and save their money to pay for the next years education. We have way too many govt. employees—too many programs–too many regulations. Down here when the county of Sarasota had the tremendous increases of the past few years of boom time cranking out more Real Estate tax money–what did they do- crank up the spending. Now they say they don't have any money. It's spend and spend—YOUR MONEY. Lots of govt programs on all levels need to be stopped. Example–Govt in the Arts–now I like the arts but —that's not the business of govt. Just one example. It's all out of hand–get back to basics!! Trouble is coming if we don't do this.

    10. Ron Miller Murfreesb says:

      America is spending multi-millions of dollars fighting the Muslim terriorst as we should. However,the muslims are killing thousands while our elected jerks in Washington are much more determined to destroy our country with there stupid policies. The day Bush,Paulsin, and Benekie stood togather and claimed the sky was falling was the first inkling most Americans had of how badly Paulsin and Benekie had been doing there jobs. Instead of trying them for Treason the current Administration is STILL keeping them employed. Obama has filled his staff with Communists, socialists,muslims, and disidents from the 60's who have avowed to eliminate capitalism. Our REAL NUMBER 1 enemies are the current administration. Until we remove all of the Dems. and liberal Rep. from Washington and replace them with REAL AMERICANS we are in real danger of loseing our great country. Please wake up and get involved with ridding ourselves of the most corrupt administration ever in the history of our country.

    11. ROY S. MALLMANN II S says:

      If you got a paycheck this week, look at your after tax income and tell me if it isn't a noticeable amount less than before. The new tax witholding rates are about 10% more than they were…..SURPRISE!. Can you say Barack Obama and no new taxes on anybody earning less than $250 thousand per year. Did I miss something? I swear that everytime Obama gives a speech, I expect his pants to catch fire.

    12. Paul Shephard Co. says:

      It has been proven over and over that dem.and Rep. policies dont work by your own actions has this country been brought to the present state of being. neither one of your parties are any good, why do you folks persist in saying its the other guys fault.Most real americans know this and let me tell you,both of your days of lies misrepresentation and deception, are about to close and I think you both can feel it. No threats intended, What ever this country becomes it at least stands a better chance to be,than with your failed ways It is a fact that history repeats itself . I have only voted once in my entire life, now that am old I can honestly say that Im glad I did not, Im just one of those people that sit back and watch and marvel at the scenes created, and laugh.

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