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  • Morning Bell: Global Warming - Is There Anything It Can't Do?

    Tomorrow, NBC (which is owned by General Electric) will begin broadcasting the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver, Canada. Only two events are scheduled for the opening day (alpine skiing and ski jumping), but even those events will be difficult to pull off. Why? There is no snow in Vancouver. And International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge knows exactly what is to blame: global warming. Rogge tells AFP: “Global warming of course is a worry, it is a worry for the entire world.”

    Considering that NBC/GE  was a target of TARP bailout cash, received billions in loan guarantees from the Obama administration, and is actively lobbying for a global warming energy tax bill so that it can receive billions more in government green-energy subsidies on top of the millions it already receives, we are sure to hear lots from NBC announcers about how the lack of snow in Vancouver is just another reason Washington needs to act now to stop global warming.

    But back in Washington, the global warming scare-monger crowd is singing a slightly different tune. Facing record snowfalls, Time is reporting: “Snowstorm: East Coast Blizzard Tied to Climate Change.” But do not confuse this headline with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s column from two years ago claiming that global warming was causing “anemic winters” in the Washington region.

    No snow, too much snow. It does not matter to the enviroleft crowd. For them, global warming always is to blame. That is the whole reason the movement made a deliberate decision earlier this decade to stop calling it “global warming” and start calling it “climate change.” That way they could expand the universe of terrible things they could plausibly blame on global warming. One British citizen even maintains a comprehensive list of everything the enviroleft has tried to blame on global warming including: Atlantic ocean less salty, Atlantic ocean more salty, Earth slowing down, Earth spinning faster, fish bigger, fish shrinking, and (most importantly) beer better, beer worse.

    The media are not the only ones complicit in the climate fear industry. The 2007 Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (which is the most prestigious scientific body charged with determining what is and is not settled science) has also been found to be cooking the books. In just the past year, the IPCC’s 2007 report has been exposed for overstating the science on glacier loss in the Himalayas, crop loss in Africa, Amazon rain forest depletion and damage from weather catastrophes.

    Here is what we do know: the cap-and-trade system in Europe is completely failing to reduce carbon emissions; the cap-and-trade system proposed here in the United States would do nothing to affect global temperatures, but would do trillions of dollars of damage to the U.S. economy.

    Something to think about while you shovel out your driveway today.

    Quick Hits:

    2/12 UPDATE: The original version of this article reported that GE received TARP money. This is not true. GE was considered as a target of TARP cash but instead took advantage of the Obama administration’s Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program.

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    105 Responses to Morning Bell: Global Warming - Is There Anything It Can't Do?

    1. Gary. Nevada says:

      How about a "No Class Action" Lawsuit against ALL those who have instigated this HOAX. This has cost America our prosperity, our oil production, etc, the list is endless, all because of this foolish HOAX.

    2. John Harris, Conroe says:

      What is the history of snow in that area at this time of the year? Has it ever happened before that snow was not happenedat this same date?

    3. David Stroman says:

      Sorry, this is just normal weather for the counrty. People like AL Gore are just wanting to make millions off people. What will happed now that the north is freezing over, will we have 10 years of GLOBAL FREEZING. We need more study (not lies) to make an intelligent guess.

    4. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      Let the lap dogs at NBC yap. Few Americans are listening anymore. The ones that do are in the minority and are of the same convoluted ideological mindset as the propagandists in the MSM. Compared to the population of our nation, the MSM agencies are hard pressed to continue propagandizing. I see a silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud that continues to rain on the American parade.

    5. Miles A Brumberg, DO says:

      Global Warming and other such asinine theories by the hysterical left is what you get when you mix SCIENCE with LIBERAL ARTS and liberal arts wins out. Since they consider carbon dioxide to be a toxic gas and the root cause of Global Warming perhaps they can help the world by shutting the "frack" up instead of polluting the atmosphere.

    6. Bob Hall says:

      About 11000 years ago the last glacier melted. WHY because it got WARMER. There have been many climate swings since then.There was a mini ice age which led to the famine of the 1300 and 1400s. And there was another mini ice age in the 1700s lasting untill about 1870. Since then it has gotten WARMER. All without mans interference. Isn't that amazing.

    7. isabel says:

      this climate change has been going on for much longer than half these people have been alive , it changes with the seasons spring /summer/ fall /winter / . people can say and do what ever they want but the world been around a lot longer than we have , its been thru droughts, ice age , floods, to name a few , that was before all the auto cars and and light bulbs and what ever else they are blaming us for .

    8. Rob Weinhold, Dale C says:

      With all the TARP money GE/NBC has received they certainly can afford to make snow in Vancouver or, better yet, have it trucked in from the U.S. We have plenty here on the East Coast and they are welcome to it. If the Kennedy clan kicks in some of their millions, money should be no object to providing enough snow for the Olympics, unless of course they suddenly get a sudden warming trend which would make the global warming zealots absolutely salivate. After all, global warming/climate change is a foregone conclusion and anyone who questions that proclamation is a climate change heretic.

    9. Mary.... WI says:

      I agree 100% with your last paragraph.

      All countries need to be on board for ANY of these "climate control prescriptions" to reduce pollutants into the earth's atmosphere. And thumbs down on the carbon credit idea…..how incredibly assanine. As far as I'm concerned the USA has surpassed any country on earth to reduce all pollution. The biggest polluters are Al Gore, BO, his administration and Congress…..all kinds of "gunk" coming from their mouths polluting this country and all countries on earth.

    10. Lebo, Melbourne, Flo says:

      Global Warming/Climate Change is a serious thing and can have an impact in areas not normally associated with Climate Change.

      Years ago my wife & I were having marrige issues and thru counseling we were surprised to learn the problem in our marriage was in fact due to Global Warming. While my (former) wife & I were concerned and focused on issues related to blankets, PJ's etc. the real culpret as we learned through counseling at the Gore Counseling Center was in fact Global Warming.

      Don't laugh, it's true for sure. Just ask "Honest Al".


    11. Bill Stafford says:

      Man is almost futile when weather control is tried. GHW Bush and the hole in the Ozone, Gore and an over load of carbon. If that is what they learned in high school Physics then the curriculum needs changing.

    12. Dan Calabria, South says:

      Re: Global warming and record breaking snowfall in the Northeast. and elsewhere
      Clearly global warming had no effect on the record breaking snowfall of recent days.
      Everyone knows it was George Bush's fault.

    13. Paul Kennedy, Spokan says:

      This is a short poem by Horace Mann (The Father of American Education) that makes an impression when applied to our current world politics. Thank you for your newsletters.

      "No man escapes when freedom fails,

      The best men rot in filthy jails.

      And those that cry, 'Appease, Appease!'

      Are hanged by those they tried to please"

      by Horace Mann

    14. Kevin, Phoenix AZ says:

      It can't sing and it can't dance. :)

    15. Ron Derry NH says:

      It is the curse of intellectuality.

      Education was supposed to free the mind from the bondage of superstitions and blind religious servitude, however the educated need their disciples too.

      There was a time when freedom was the heralded as the fruits of an open mind, but it tilled no loyalists and the fervor for truth and science could not be packaged and sold as a way to mandate a following that wasn't independent, opinionated and in constant flux trying to discover truths.

      So we have come full circle and use science as a way to choral ideas into servitude to mass hysterical movement…….. the circle closes once again as man can not escape his desire to rule by fear, deception and creative oratory. Opening the mind is the last thing a self appointed authoritarian wants, but every one wants to be that authority, and will sacrifice that open mind as an educational responsibility to escape from. The truth will be sacrificed for need of sheep to Shepard.

      Global warming hysteria is the summation of how education does not beget WISDOM and that the age old desire to become as sheep is a comfort and even desirable over the risks involved in thinking for ones self.

    16. David, Maryland says:

      As I sit in my recliner, snowbound by record levels of precipitation, unable to go anywhere because more than four feet of snow have fallen this winter, and more is expected early next week, I can assume only that the fools still propagating the fiction of global warming also believe that government fixes, rather thaokn botches, almost everything it touches. Empirical evidence is a wonderful thing, if you can ignore it and continue to lie, distort, and propagandize, while playing the blame game against whatever boogeyman is conveniently at hand. Isn't that how Hitler took control over most of Europe? (Answer: Ja.)

    17. Frank Giardino, Esco says:

      Morning Bell – Global Warming……

      Amen, for Heritage and common sense. The Al Gore carnival is beginning to shudder and slip sideways. About time we curtail the absolute nonsense in the U. S., now that Europe is just fed up with the costs, obfuscation and drivel out of many so-called "scientists". Thanks to our " horse trading" heritage and relationship to the Lord's good land….we know and live with the weather in gratitude. Overall…we are being "had" by our administration of cheats, liars and thieves. We overstep by commanding the wind, sun, rain and rolling thunder. FG

    18. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      With the advent of regime style government a few years ago in the US, one could not be seriously faulted by a dispassionate observer for saying that there was a certain Medieval quality to the way things are run. While this seems far more of an opinion than factual, as such things are best judged from historical record, the advent of the New Inquisition plays directly into substantiating this claim.

      The New Inquistion? Yes, Climate Change is the New Inquisition. Where in more ancient times, it was heresy as defined by the Catholic Church, it is now heresy as defined by Al Gore and his coterie of Chicken Little acolytes, including the corporatists who want to "suck up" more government money in their pursuit of the low hanging dollars. "It" causes everything. "It" can blot out the sun or cause it to shine too brightly. "It" can bring snow, rain, warm weather or cold. "It" is as close to an omnipotent effect, short of deistic ravings, as one can find. No. Wait, the religion of climate change brings its own brand of deism, with roly-poly, pudgy Al Gore as the central priest of this medieval chanting bunch of tree huggers.

      It may not enthuse others, but for my money this is but another piece of evidence to support the hypothesis that these extremists are working very hard within the context of the New Medieval Times, brought to us mostly by the corporatists who would replace our Liberty with their market demands.

    19. gerald skey says:

      As to Maj. Hasan, those of us who live on the outside of investigations do not know, specifically, what the warning signs were, but we need to understand that a Psychiatrist is a Doctor, not a member of a fighting force. For someone in a Hospital to take disciplinary measures against a fellow Doctor based on personal/religious beliefs would trample on various Consitutional rights such as free speech and freedom of religion. Bu we always seek to place blame – that is our way and so heads will roll. So, let us adopt a separate and more effective process which would be to embrace profiling. Maj. Hasan was and is a Muslim – e knew that. Is it such a stretch to recognize that Muslims, albeit of the extreme variety, have been responsible for virtually every act of terrorism we have seen throughout the world in the past? Is it not so that we are fed daily examples of how widespread the cult of terrorism exists? So, if we know of the danger, why can we not adopt a policy whereby Muslims are told – flat out – that they are and from our perspective, need to be viewed differently as if they are under a microscope. Such an approach may irritate those who would elevate principle above reality, but it would save lives and, to me, that is the bottom line.

    20. David Estrovitz, St. says:

      While the pundits keep wasting time tossing the Global Warming/Climate Change football around, they continue to ignore the the undeniable increase in the pollution

      of our atmosphere that has been going on for over 150 years. Stop encouraging a politically motivated senseless argument and get to the real business of finding a solution to ridding ourselves of expanding "Brown Skies" covering most of our major cities here and abroad.

    21. E Sunshine, Central says:

      With all the snow lately I've been wondering if there have been any glaciers starting to form in the hills of Tennessee, home of Al Gore.

    22. Nedarc, Los Angeles, says:

      It must be wonderfully simplistic to be a ' left winger ', you have George Bush or Global Warming to blame the whole existance of mankind on. Ignorance Must be bliss for these poor soul's. (Excuse me, I ment) : ' Nature Beings '.

    23. Charley Mason says:

      I doubt anyone is mentioning that Vancouver BC last winter got a record snow fall. To the point that the city was virtually shut down for two weeks. I have pictures of my buddy shoveling off his side walk and the street plowed for one lane of traffic.

      This Global Warming business needs a lid on it, or debated publicly and put to rest.

    24. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Not to worry the earth will compensate for all. Its changing its axis and the change will be complete in ten thousand years. Once it has change the ice caps might be in a different area, (DC hopefully) the deserts and jungles, sorry, rainforest – oh hell jungles will all have moved. Life adjusted the last time it will again and the weak will perish and the rest will get on with God's plan.

    25. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      I HATE that nbc will be broadcasting the olympics…I do anything I can NOT to watch that network…get ready for the propaganda we will be forced to hear!

    26. Dan Munro says:

      Jacques Rogge should know better! Alpine Skiing and Ski Jumping are to be held at Whistler, where there is 30 metres of snow!!

    27. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      We have had three (3) snows in Arlington, TX this winter . Very unusual. Guess global warming can do anything Al Gore wants it to do. Have a very merry snow day.

    28. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The answer to your question is "NO"! Since "climate change" or as it was once know, "man made global warming", has now been shown to be based on false, manipulated, and distorted information. The actual true facts has been hidden by so called "sciencetist" (added by the left wing media) because their FUNDING depends on man made climate change to be true.

      The Earth's climate has always change over periods of time. Regardless of what we, as humans on this earth, have done or can do, nothing will alter these natural changed.

      Old line groups such as The Sierra Club, The National Wildlife Federation, and others have been "infected" by intellectural, left socialist that continue to use this false info to indoctrinate the general membershp, thus perpetuate the lie through those weak-minded that refuse to strive for the truth.

    29. Elliott Negin says:

      Conn Carroll is right: NBC is confusing day-to-day weather patterns with changes in climate over decades. Regardless, the Earth's average temperature has been going up. Global warming is all too real. For a good explanation of the difference between weather and climate, go to: http://www.ucsusa.org/news/press_release/cold-wea…. And for a good overview of the overblown allegations against the IPCC's 2007 report, go to: http://www.ucsusa.org/news/press_release/attacks-….

      Carroll links NBC's coverage with the fact that it is owned by General Electric, but he doesn't mention that the Heritage Foundation has received substantial funding from the oil industry, most notably ExxonMobil, to try to confuse the public about the reality of global warming. — Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists

    30. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      The only thing Global Warming CAN DO is fill the coffers of the true believers. No

      amount of argument to the contrary will persuade them to think otherwise. Do you think all this talk about climate change is new? If you do, you're wrong. They've been

      talking about it since the 1920s. Remember the Global Cooling scam of the '70s?

      Back then, scientists, and the media, including NBC, were saying that we were in for

      another ice age. Where were they then? Where were the disaster movies like THE

      DAY AFTER TOMORROW back in the '70s when Global Cooling was all the rage?

      Where was the IPCC? Where was the UN? Where was Green Peace? Where were

      the rest of the Enviro-Nazis? Either in kindergarten, junior high, high school, college,

      or just entering the workplace.

    31. KenMas AZ says:

      I knew that Al Gore was 'dumber that a rock' when he was VP in the 90's Any sensitive and perceptive person could see it as well by just watching his facial expressions and his demeanor. I say this in spite of the fact he has been given $100 million for making 'rote' speeches filled with 'buzz' words on this scam BUT not taking any questions he knew he could not answer. How dumb can a man really be if he can entice people to give him that kind of money !!!

    32. Martin B. Sultan Ash says:

      There were two, little publicized, articles in the paper recently which relate to global warming. 1) Scientists noted that the polar ice cap on Mars was shrinking. Even the most wild-eyed enviroleft participant cannot attribute that to our earthly endeavors. 2) The melting glaciers in the Iceland or Greenland locations have uncovered forests that existed many eons ago. Again, I cannot believe that anyone from the enviroleft can attribute the warm climate that led to these forests to our earthly endeavors.

    33. Ken Jarvis says:

      Why can't the HF and GOP get over the election and start working for the Country?


    34. KenMas AZ says:

      To further my argument about Mr. Gore's 'dumbness' I ask that you recall the "Throat Swabbing" kiss he gave Tipper at a major Democrat forum a few years ago.

      I rest my case.

    35. Ray, Savannah, GA says:

      I'm down here in the balmy South, where the national wx service is calling for snow tomorrow night. I don't believe it'll snow here, maybe in north GA, where it does snow fairly often. I wasn't surprised yesterday, when I heard via national news that all this white stuff falling on the east coast is a result of 'global/climate-change-warming'.! Like others have said, what can't it do? BTW, we've recently changed our runways from 9-27 and 18-36 to 10-28 and 01-19. The beat goes on…

    36. Jack, CA says:

      Global Warming Broke My Marriage

      My wife is an AGW extremist. I don't believe man is responsible for climate change.

      I argued that all greenhouse gasses is <1% of the atmosphere and .038% is CO2 and that man-induced CO2 is a measly 0.00057%; 0.00057% can not possibly drive climate — "impossible" was the word I used. She told me to "f**k off!" and that I ignored the science. I told her to look at the math and use common sense — math tells me that it's "impossible" for man-induced CO2 to drive climate change.

      She ran out of the house crying. Yesterday, I received an email stating she wanted a divorce.

    37. Elliott Negin says:

      Blair from Franconia is overstating what he calls the "global cooling scam." In fact, only a few news organizations reported on a handful of scientific papers regarding cooling in the 1970s. By contrast, today's scientific consensus on global warming is based on decades of work and thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

      So what prompted the relatively small number of studies suggesting global cooling? Scientists in the 1970s noted that emissions of sulfur-dioxide and other particulates that reflect sunlight were increasing, outstripping the effect of such heat-trapping gases as carbon dioxide and methane. Over time, due to federal regulations, industry reduced their emissions of these "cooling" pollutants, which was a good thing because they were causing acid rain. But, at the same time, emissions from burning coal and oil and chopping down rainforests increased dramatically, leading to an over-abundance of warming gases in the atmosphere.

      Blair: Let's look at the facts and dispense with the name-calling. The note below asks people posting on this site to be respectful.

      – Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists

    38. Eporer's neww c says:

      Sometimes it is hot sometimes it is cold.

    39. John Case says:

      Elliott Negin,

      Please be a little more forthcoming when you post. You signature tends to overstate your qualifications. As you are the media director for UCC, it seems a little strange that a media type would blast other media types….are you a scientist? If so, is your background in climatology? Very few who speak in scholarly terms have the necessary background to do so……..

      To reference media, that have no real stakes except ratings does nothing but try to build consensus…this is science, not a belief system. There is not enough verifiable data to determine the real issue of what causes GW and to assert AGW with this data is wrong…and you should know it, if you are a scientist.

      BTW, what is the perfect temperature for the earth? what is too hot? What is too cold? Your crafted argument when dissected, is silly.

    40. Ken, VA says:

      Maybe I am missing something here, but the alpine skiing events are taking place on Whistler. Even NBC reported that Whistler had a record base of 32'. Where there isn't snow is on the lower altitude hills outside the city. That is where the snowboarding and mogul skiing is taking place.

      Guess what, they all knew this was a possibility. Vancouver has the highest avergae February temperature to ever host the Winter Games. But, that is not going to stop THEM from blaming the conditions on climate change.

    41. John Cardinale, Hill says:

      Now that we know whatever happens is the result of global warming (ie. no smow, snow or too much snow). Can some one ask these people what event do we have to have happen to illustrate that global warming is being corrected if we do what they say we should do? For example: no snow, snow or too much snow.

    42. John Cardinale, Hill says:

      I did fill in all the required field and the comment was not accepted.

    43. Elliott Negin says:

      John Case: Yes, I am the media director for the Union of Concerned Scientists. I was a journalist for 20 years before I started doing press work on climate and other issues, and I know how to check facts. The material on our Web site to which I provided links was written by our climate scientists. I work with these scientists. I urge you to check out what they have to say.

      In any case, I identified myself. Note that no one else (including you) identified themselves here beyond their name, and some only provided a first name or a pseudonym. Are they scientists? I doubt it. You should ask them to identify themselves. Do they have any qualifications whatsoever?

      In any case, scientists know what is causing global warming. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and cutting down rainforests are the primary causes. The Heritage Foundation and other industry-funded think tanks have been trying to confuse the public about global warming for years, much in the same way the tobacco industry denied the link between smoking and cancer to block federal regulations.

      Elliott Negin, media director, Union of Concerned Scientists

    44. john, So Cal says:

      "Climate change" Yes, and it has always been in flux since recorded history. I love when they say: "we haven;t had a storm like this since …." In other words, it HAS happened before and was that due to human influence as well?

    45. john, So Cal says:
    46. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Headline, this morning's The Arizona Republic: Arizona quits Western climate endeavor. Cutting greenhouse gases too expensive, (Gov) Brewer says/

    47. Francisco, Bandera, says:

      This is all very enlightening!!! I just have an aside to all of this.

      Why is "Morning Bell" continuing to show a picture of a black kid that needs

      to rise????? Could it be that "Morning Bell" isn't as forthright as I had hoped???

      There are other cultures in "OUR" country that need help. Most hispanics that

      I know would like to be included in this need to rise!!! Maybe it's because there

      is a "black/white/muslim/inbetween" man sitting in the white house and this

      forum doesn't want to offend his supporters, who don't agree with "Morning Bell"

      anyway. Come on, look at the nation as a whole (not a hole) and lets strive to

      be inclusive. Have a nice day, wherever you are!!!


    48. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Headline, this morning's Arizona Republic: Arizona quits Western climate endeavor. Cutting greenhouse gases too expensive, (Gov) Brewer says.

      Arizona will not participate in a regional cap-and-trade plan to limit greenhouse-gas emissions.

    49. Francisco, Bandera, says:

      I'll just make one more comment and then sign off.

      I'm 69 years old and I remember many Winter Games that didn't have enought

      snow. What did they do????? They got out the snow making equipment and

      the show went on. Climate warming or no climate warming. It seems that most

      people fixate on one thing and can't think outside of the box. Oh, by the way,

      Jack, it was probably going to happen anyway. Best it happened now instead

      of when you had too much invested.


    50. John Ga says:

      In the June 24, 1974 article in Time magazine (partners with CNN) a new ice age was predicted while noting that "an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades." Hence, from 1944 until 1974 temperatures were cooling worldwide and those all knowing weather scientists predicted another ice age. Yeah, that wonderful scientist Al Gore (our inventor of the internet and other miraculous items yet undiscovered) and the rest of these "scientists" truly know what they are doing. Just follow the money and it will be outcome determinative.

      Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,…

    51. john Arizona says:

      The ecoleftists keep trying. Now it is no longer "global warming", but it's "climate change". What do you suppose will be next?

      MSNBC, the leftists home site (all 50 people), considers all those who think "global warming" is a hoax, now spout that us uninformed don't know it's "climate change". Thank you Keith (Bush did it) Olbermann.

    52. Dan Allbritton, 9767 says:

      Dear Sirs,

      The United Nations is currently and basicly a political Confederation of Nations which is unable to directly tax the the peoples of the world so they depend on "contributions" for their financial foundation. I believe that they are trying to bring the "Cap and Trade" system in so they can have the power to directly tax the world by controlling and manipulating carbon emissions. They already have the basic branches of a world government in place and somewhat functioning (legislative, judicial, and executive); and it is my personal opinion that all they need now is the power to directly tax and they will see to it that they gain more and more power. Hence, the one world government that some folks have dreamed about for years will be a "done deal".

      This current manipulation of climate data is not about "saving" the earth – it's about power and control – not "hard" science.

      And now for a Christian perspective: The Bibles instructs us that Satan has been trying to establish another "one world government" since God broke the Devil's first one at Babylon when He confused the common language. Lucifer, the fallen cherub, has not rested since speech was confused at the Tower of Babel, trying to manipulate the folks of this planet into a world wide government. Historically, we see his efforts at Babylon through Nimrod, Egypt through the Pharoahs, the Assyrian Empire, the second Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire through Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire. Now we're seeing the last world empire, the United Nations. He even tried to dupe Jesus Christ into worshipping him during Jesus' forty days in the wilderness during the beginning of HIS ministry. The Devil's lust for power will not end until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

      Thanks for listening. May God bless and keep you all. Keep the Faith.

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    54. MrCannuckistan, Cann says:

      As Luboš Motl pointed out over at The Reference Frame, Vancouver's winter average low temperature is already above the freezing point and (average?) precipitation is less than 5 inches in February. What did they expect?


      Maybe Al Gore can pop in for a visit. He seems to have a chilling effect everywhere he goes.


    55. Jason Lowe, Beaver P says:

      Latest Facebook update from Whistler;

      24 hours til the 2010 Olympic Winter Games kick off! Whistler Village is buzzing with excitement. We have some sweet pow in the forecast with 70cm expected by Sunday. The alpine is going to be fun times and NO LIFT LINES!

    56. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      The climate of the earth has always changed, is changing, will always be changing so Dr. Robert Rogotski began his first lecture in my Marine Oceanography course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1965. Some time in the course he described man's puny effect on these changes as analogous to a fly floating down the Mississippi River screaming raise the draw bridge. Yes, we should be better stewards of the earth and learn to understand and live in harmony with its cycles. But most politicians and small thinking ecofreaks do not walk the talk. They want everyone else to blindly follow them off the plank.

    57. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Jack, CA on February 11th, 2010 at 9:36am said:

      Global Warming Broke My Marriage

      Thanks for the advice Jack hope it works with mine.

    58. Rusty CA. says:

      My comment is right out of Gods word Gen 8:22 says :" While the earth remains , Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night will not cease. So as God is in control of the weather if it's to be changed he'll do the changing.

    59. Maria New York says:

      Common sense dose not exist in those who believe in gobal warming, they will turn and twist with insane statements of why the weather is what it is. It is just another way for government to control people. Obama is setting up another government agency for global warming while Washington is covered in snow. We are living in a time of lies to give more power to those who want to control our lives. We must think about our country and our constitution when we vote or we will wake up and wonder where all our freedoms went and why our children will be living in a country that is no longer the country of our founding fathers.

    60. Mitch - AZ says:

      That's it! I'm telling my wife the reason I'm not as horny as I used to be is because of AGW.

      Oh wait, unlike Jack's wife, she doesn't believe in it.

      Way to bust Elliot, John.

    61. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      If it snows alot,its Global warming,if it rains alot its global warming,if there is a drought it Global warming.The earth has had a few ice ages that either covered the whole world or half of it,and guess what we had Global Warming without the help of Humankind.Some folks want to destroy the USA with Cap & Tax,and make a ton of money over this hogwash.The ice sheets are growing again in the South Pole,The USA is doing more to curb a ir pollution than any other country.I'am afraid that the world is going to experience instant global warming from Iran one of these days.

    62. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Climates change. Ocean currents change. i don't remember our Government doing anything to stop "El Nino or El Nina" when it totally disrupted our American Commercial Fishing Industry.

      The reason is, there was nothing it could do, same as now. All humans can do, is all humans could ever do, just wait it out and mke the best of it while the change is occurring.

      There will always be people looking for someone or something to blame, and for some magical thing to buy to ward of the "Evil", but the fact of the matter is, just to go with the flow, and let it happen.

    63. William Morrison Rin says:

      There are two major manufacturers of locomotives in north America, General Electric, and Electro-Motive Diesel (formally the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors), and after the (failed) "Cash for Clunkers" program, General Electric tried unsucessfully to pressure the Obama administration to introduce a similar program to "encourage" the North America's railroad systems to scrap older locomtives and replace them with new locomotives. While it is true that the locomotives manufactured by GE are slightly more fuel efficient than their Electro-Motive counterparts, and of course GE tried to convince the Administration to only include their products, the Electo-Motive products are more reliable and just as evironmentally friendly as te GE products. My point is this, when will GE give up on this failed administration and try to compete entirely on their own? Electro-Motive stated that the company wanted nothing to do with GE's proposal and the accompanying Government intrusions.

    64. Gerard Havasy Scotia says:

      I don't believe GE/NBC took any TARP money. GE lined it up if needed, but never took any.

    65. Paul H. Haire, North says:

      Elliott Negin,

      Quit hiding behind an organization named "League of Concerned Scientists". Just who are these so called concerned scientists you are referring to. Give names and credentials, and be sure they are accurate.

      There has been too much discussion about Global Warming/Climate Change. Mostly the books and articles I have read contain untruths, and half truths. Let's face it, most of the writings on Global Warming/Climate Change, are opinions, and theory. I have read very few hard facts.

      By the way, there is a book available in most book stores titled "it's Not Your SUV, it's the Sun". what is you response to this book Elliott.

    66. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      Elliott Negin: Upon learning that you are the "media director" for UCS I became instantly aware of why you defend the "global warming/climate change" theory. If your scientists are debunked, they lose their funding (most scientists receive their funding from government grants or special interests out to prove a theory in their favor), there is a possibility you would lose your job. The scientists you work for are self-stated "GW/CC" believers who probably receive their funding from some source which has a vested interest in making the theory a reality. As always, if the money trail is followed, the truth will out. You say you know how to research facts, do so, by starting with the financing of their research. See what you find out. It should tell a lot about the outcomes of the studies.

      Good luck.

    67. Dennis Social Circle says:

      We may be seeing a climate change, if we read the Bible we are told that before the end of time we will only know the changeing of the seasons by the changeing of the leaves. If this is beginning then all taht we try to do is for nothing, we can not change the Will and Way of God.

      I do think we have messed up the environment with our chemicals and way of life. I do NOT think the cap and trade bill that obama and the dems is the way to help. They want CONTROLL and POWER, and will not stop their BS to get it. WE MUST VOTE IN 2010 AND PUT THIS COUNTRY BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

    68. James Seguin Tx says:

      Global Climate Change–not Global Warming,

      or maybe we should call it Adolph Saddam Stalin

      What the 'knowing' world is trying to avoid is the

      complete disappearance of Arctic sea ice during

      the summer–which would lead to release of

      methane from melting permafrost and the ocean

      floor–which would lead to accelerated melting

      of the Greenland ice shelf–which would lead

      to many meters rise in sea level and the

      shutdown of the Gulf Stream thermal engine in

      the Atlantic…

    69. Jack says:

      obama hates American's,Every thing he has done is to break this country, I only pray we all wake up before it is to late

    70. Teddi / Nashville Tn says:

      I remember back in the 70's when I had my 4th child – I was embarrassed and heckled because I had over 2 children during the "Populatiion Explosion!! What happened to that???? We're all still here and we did fine! It just sort of fizzled but of course a lot of people were influenced by that and now look at us. Other cultures continued to have children and have out populated us. Can't trust the Government. They are totally graft, greed and socialistic! Same thing applies with global warming-it's all to their political advantage!

    71. Jeff/Alabama says:

      I think Al and all of the "climate change" enthusiast should volunteer to help shovel out D.C. and the east coast region.It would save untold amount's of oil that would otherwise be sucked out of the earth refined and used to run snowplow's,emergency vehicle's and snow blower's and don't mention all of the salt that's being thrown on the ground usually with chemicals mixed in to help keep the roads,parking lots,sidewalks and driveways from freezing.

      This could be a feather in their hat a crowning achievement as to how they left the warmth of their homes and drove their more fuel efficient Audi's,BMW's and Mercedes(or maybe they could car pool in some of their limo's) and help the people and more importantly the environment……I think this is an opportunity they should not pass up!

    72. gene minnesota says:

      i think this liberal scientist elliott negin is a man who is just lookig at the money side of things. If I was him I'd be more worried about all the nukes in the world and Iran.

    73. Pingback: Morning Bell: Global Warming – Is There Anything It Can't Do? « carboneutralnow

    74. John, Colorado says:

      Just who in the freaking world "is" the news media, that among other things promulgates the global warming scam?

      Who owns it? How can it be so lock-step all the time?

      I personally suspect the federal government is running almost all the media.

      Each major news media company should be thoroughly investigated for income that did not come from operations, but rather the federal government, and this bull manure should stop.

      And if there was no federal control found, then if ever there was a case for anti-trust action, the current mass manipulative status of the "liberal news media", it is it.

    75. Welene Worthington G says:

      I am not a scientist, but I am married to one. I suggest that Mr. Elliott Negin go to the web site petitionpropject.org where he will find that 31,426 American scientists have signed a petiton rejecting the global warming dogma(climate change) that Mr. Negin espouses. I will lay a bet that he keeps on drinking the Kool Aid even when confronted with this.

      Welene Worthington Goller

    76. Welene Worthington G says:

      This is in reply to Mr. Elliott Negin – I am not a scientist, but I am married to one.As you can see I have identified myself. I suggest that you access the web site petitionproject.org where you will find that 31,426 American scientists have signed a petition rejecting the global warming dogma (or climate change as the name has been recently changed to) that you espouse. I will lay a bet that you will continue drinking the Kool Aid even when confronted with this.

      Welene Worthington Goller

    77. Pingback: The Republican Heretic

    78. Greg Vail, AZ says:

      A google search on underwater vulcanism will show that there is more underwater volcanic activity being recorded than ever. The warming of the oceans most likely plays a much bigger role in the warming of the earth than any other single event. Even the burning of fossil fuels. With all of the other factors that must be considered in trying to calculate why the earth warms and cools as it does singling out fossil fuel consumption as the leading cause is a stretch at best.

    79. Kaiser, CA says:

      The east coast is being blanketed in snow. Global warming at work!

      I can't find my car keys. Global warming!

    80. Pingback: An Inconvenient Snowfall | Standing on Truth

    81. Gary Sheffer, Fairfi says:

      Gary Sheffer from GE. GE did not take any TARP money. GE did receive loan guarantees, for which we paid the government about $2.5 billion.

    82. toledofan says:

      It's obvious to me, that, this entire global warming hoax is nothing more than a mechanism for the socialist governments to gain more power, influence and to generate money that can be spent at their discretion on 'whatever'. It's really pathetic that all of the eco-nuts have to create hype, tell lies and half truths to promote their agenda. One of these days we'll wake up and stop listening to the garbage.

    83. Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

      Dear Gary-

      Thanks for your note. You are correct. GE did not end up taking any TARP money.

      We have corrected our mistake and apologize for the error.

      All the best.


    84. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      to Ken Jarvis, the congress is at work, there are those who LISTEN to the PEOPLE, this country was founded that "ALl men are created equal" not just those elected to Congress. Incase your are in denial, the majority of us DO NOT want what BHO, Pelosi and Reid are trying to shove down our throats. No laws should be made behind closed doors the bills should be fully open so that the average man can read and understand them. Health care does need reform it does not need to be run by the Gov't. and states can do what needs to be done as far as reform. We need less Gov't. in our everyday lives, we need to fight terroist and encourage free enterprise and free trade. We need private sector jobs, less taxes and a smaller gov't. Jobs in Fed. Gov't should be frozen and early retirement encouraged with buyouts. There are some states that should also do this, no new hires in Gov't until budget gets back on track. If GM. Crysler, Ford, GE or anyother country is in financial trouble let them file chap. 11 and work their way out, if banks fail so be it. No Gov't money to any private sector. Let's get this country back on track.

    85. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Only fools and foolish politicians think they can change the climate. That change will occur with or without laws, taxes and intellectual debate.

      Politicians who support global warming laws and taxes are viewed as corrupt. What better support to receive than support from multi-national conglomerates that are nursing on the breasts of the public sow, does not exist.

      General Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex some 50-years ago. Today, we should be aware of the environmental-industrial complex because our government will give them millions and billions of tax-payer monies, and then scream that there's not any money for Social Security, Medicare, Veterans and Highway improvements without tax increases.

      Only fools and foolish politicians think they can change the climate. Thieves though, can believe anything!

    86. Zack says:

      whats the difference between the last 100 years and the millions of years this planet has been around-! you and me! factories, cars, pollution, emmissions. how can you practice absolutism in thinking human beings have no negative effect on the climate. it might be crazy to believe anything al gore has to say but its even more crazy reading the posts on this joke of a website. global warming goes hand and hand with energy conservation, environmental law, emmission restrictions and pollution and sorry to say-your party had no interest in any of those issues. lets just keep the pollution up, screw emmissions and the environment.- god will take care of us right?

    87. Sue From Detroit says:

      Global warming is an excuse to tax the middle class out of exsistance. The plan is a ruling class and a serf class. The political class are trying to impose this nonsense and send us back to the 10th century.

    88. B. Lowe says:

      It is silly for any man to think that national governments can stop Global Warming. It is simply an act of God and nature. No simple man can stop such a thing and no group of men and women can either. Nature has to run her course. The only thing that simple men can do is adapt. That is my opinion.

    89. LARRY from TEXAS says:

      I learned in school over 50 years ago that C02 was what plants need to survive.. They take in the CO2 and give out oxygen , what we need to survive … Without CO2 plants and people will die out and this old world can start over again .. maybe without people this planet can make something out of it's self again .. But if these special interest groups don't stay out of it we are all doomed to fade AWAY ..

    90. Elliott Negin says:

      J. Guidry: I agree with you completely. Follow the money. What interests are being served? The Union of Concerned Scientists receives no funding from the federal government or corporations, and we work on a range of issues, including climate change. UCS has no direct or indirect financial interest in this or any other issue. Foundations and our members fund us because we promote policies based on the best science, not to protect special interests. Conversely, the Heritage Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute and other anti-regulatory think tanks are funded by the oil industry and other corporate interests to fight government policies that would protect public health and the environment.

      Paul Haire: If you want more information about the climate scientists on our staff, please check out our Web site: http://www.ucsusa.org.

      Welene Worthington Goller: I am aware of that petition. Two conservative think tanks, the Marshall Institute and the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, co-sponsored a deceptive campaign — known as the Global Warming Petition Project — to undermine and discredit the scientific authority of the IPCC and oppose the Kyoto Protocol. In the spring of 1998, thousands of scientists around the country received a mass mailing urging them to sign this petition, which called on the government to reject the Kyoto treaty. The petition was accompanied by a bogus scientific paper formatted to mimic the journal of the National Academy of Sciences. Subsequent research revealed that the paper had not been peer-reviewed, published, or even accepted for publication. The Academy disavowed any connection to this effort and reaffirmed the reality of climate change. The petition resurfaced in 2001 and again in 2007 and 2008. Only a relatively small percentage of the signatories actually have degrees in climate-related science. For more information about that petition, check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oregon_Petition.

    91. stephen saint paul says:

      You people are insane. Scary crazy.

      You are not qualified to have an opinion on the subject of global warming. The people who are qualified are almost unanimous in their assessment; It's real, and it's a huge probem.

      As for NBC: the aboriginal dance ended with a depiction of ice breaking up, melting, and the people being washed away. It was in short a depiction of global warming. NBC announcers were silent.

    92. Charles NY says:

      There is only one reason for the lies about global warming. MONEY!. These enviornmentalist so called scientific studies are funded by our tax dollars and then kicked back to the leaders (or should I say the followers of the lobbyist) to fund their campaigns for re election. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, follow the MONEY, and you will find the PROBLEM. It’s that simple.

    93. Cliff Robinson says:

      Right on!

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    96. Dave Minnesota says:

      There is one thing that is certain about discussions of the Global Climate, it has been an extremely expensive drain upon our economy. If we closed-down all of our agencies dealing with subsidizing the various myths about Global Climate Control we would save billions and trillions of government and corporation monies that could be used for paying down our national debt and provide for many more useful private and public people needs!

      We presently have environmental groups who receive subsidies from our own government, that are suing governmental agencies for not sticking to time-table requirements setup by the same environmental groups! Of course, they usually win the cases, so there's nothing like making a little more money off the innocent taxpayers (you!). The government has no money, it is all your money! Well, at least until you paid your taxes! Some economists claim taxation is a form of robbery without a gun!

      It will not be long now, when the government funds run out! Check and see who gave the most financial help and assistance to Haiti. What happens when there are no government funds to give? Then, I guess you will depend on other countries who have, by the way, found their cap and trade programs were a complete failure and a waste of money! Apparently our government officials never read the news about other countries in this world.

      The present cold and snow which has been spotty and unpredictable! What's new, the local weathermen claim virtually every day the weather is unpredictable! The climate problems are and always will be out of man's control. That's is good, not bad! Can you imagine our Congress trying to decide what the weather should be all next week? Well, at least there would be plenty of work for the lobbyists!

    97. Ken in SB says:

      Most of the comments here provide a very scary denial that ice melting ann ice pack decline relates to warmer weather. Glaciers are disappearing and snow pack is on the decline. 398 out of 440 glaciers are in decline.

      'Major melt' for Alpine glaciers

      Yes there are some things Global Warming can't do…convince the majority here that it is happening. Regardless of the skepticism shift happens.

    98. DAN MOFFATT says:


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    100. Ali says:

      I am sure of that the global warming is not such an event that is affecting on the entire world. In fact, there is no global warming at all. The fact is that the style of the world weather is changing but not toward warming. In the last millennium the atmosphere was going to be more and more polarized and for this very reason the convection flowing of the atmosphere was so high. This matter absorbed the cold weather to the poles and then the poles and also the regions near them such as Canada, Europe and Russia became colder that before. Now that polarized atmosphere is going to be weaken. The first consequence of this new trend is that the poles will become warmer than the last millennium but just the poles not the entire world. Within this new trend of our weather the cold weather will not be absorbed to the poles as it was in the past, but it will be absorbed to the mountains. In fact this new trend will make the mountains and regions around them more and more colder. And as the most mountains and the highest peaks on the Earth are in the mid-regions between 30.00 N and 40.00 N this part of the Earth will be affected more than other parts of the Earth. I am living in Iran and can tell you that the past 10 years of the records of the national weather organization in my country prove this matter. But you can see it in your country, the United States, in this year's records of snow falls and cold weather especially in the southern of the US.

      But why the European countries is lobbying very hard to impose to the world that there is a fact as global warming. This is very simple. Because the Europe is going to be affected more than any other continents of this new trend. But their worry they are going to experience a warmer Europe in the future. And as they are powerful countries in economy and politics of the world their voice would be heard most.

      But finally we need to know that the Europe warming doesn't mean the Global warming. We must see all the entire world not just the Europe.

    101. Gib says:

      How do we get our money back. RICO for the leaders in the USA..

    102. Alex, Florida says:


      Oh, wait, facts and science have an evil liberal bias and must be discredited!

    103. Marc, Atlanta says:

      Just remember, weather is not the same as climate.

    104. Mary Loumena, Vancou says:


    105. Russell C, Phoenix, says:

      Foundry readers might want to consider that the Union of Concerned Scientists' accusations against skeptic scientists are based on references to exxonsecrets.org as their one of their sources, a site created entirely by Greenpeace, hardly an unbiased organization. Worse, nowhere in any of that site's accusations nor in any of those made by others, can we find smoking gun evidence like "according to Oil Company document 'X' dated 'Y' going to 'Z' accompanied with the instruction to create 'AB' science document having 'CD' conclusion about natural global warming…."

      Further undermining their position, UCS and Negin regurgitate the sentence here and at their web site "to try to confuse the public about the reality of global warming", a talking point straight from the dust jacket sleeve of Ross Gelbspan's 1997 The Heat is On" book, likely one of the other 'sources' USC probably uses. This is the same Gelbspan who is so widely proclaimed to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, something he has never won. No need to trust me for this, search Pulitzer.org for yourself.

      Try writing to the UCS and ask them to provide more than guilt-by-association evidence or who their 'other sources' are. You will probably get no response just like I did.

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