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  • A Very Special Anniversary

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Over at National Review Online they asked experts to weigh in on the situation with Iran and Heritage Expert Peter Brookes was asked to share his thoughts.

    Hey, Mr. President, how’s that engagement policy with Iran working out for you? Not so well, from what I can tell.

    While you were busy hoping for a breakthrough, holding fast to the Pollyannaish foreign-policy notion that “if we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us,” the situation in Iran has only gotten worse over the last year — and precipitously so.

    The Iranians are kicking up uranium enrichment beyond what is needed for reactor fuel; their ballistic-missile programs, which could carry dangerous payloads, are advancing; Tehran is re-arming Hezbollah; and the regime continues to hammer the opposition movement — one which could have changed the dynamic in Tehran but which you failed to support.

    Despite missing many opportunities to get tough with Iran since you took office — were you expecting the regime to see the longstanding errors of its ways? — it’s still not clear today whether we have a policy for dealing with Tehran other than hoping for the best.

    By the way, hope is no basis for a national-security strategy.

    Unfortunately, allowing the Iranian regime to believe it can act with impunity — at home or abroad — will only lead to bigger, more serious problems as Tehran gains confidence and asserts itself in ways inimical to American interests.
    It’s likely that the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, set for February 11, will give us a fresh look into just how bad things have gotten — and will, in all likelihood, keep getting.

    Cross-Posted at NRO’s Symposium

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    9 Responses to A Very Special Anniversary

    1. Randy,SA TX says:

      if i'm achmajnedad i would also arm myself with a nuke. i wouldnt want usa or israel to occupy my land either.look at the history of america and israel they occupy land with military forces.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Iran has become a dangerous player in the nuclear theatre. Iran is run by a tyrant and backed by religious fanatics whose only goal in life seems to be the destruction of anything that is not Muslim. These are not the kind of people the World needs holding nuclear weapons. It is fanatics like this that plunged the World into two World Wars, three "Police Actions" (War by a Liberal definition) and we still have not learned when to stop these fanatics.

      On another side of the coin, America never occupied any country in the same way that other powers occupied. America rebuilds countries that it wars with, feeds the people and gets the local governments back on their feet. America saves countries from tyrants (France, Italy, Germany), so if I were Randy from TX, I would go back and learn my history!

    3. Brian, SC says:


      You cannot expect a person like Randy from TX to get history. They see history through something akin to beer goggles. Libs do not get history, and they never will. How do you think we ended up with Iran shaking nukes around anyway???

    4. Randy,SA TX says:

      well i guess in ozzy and brian mind america never conquered half of mexico try to conquered cuba,guatemala,chile,honduras and we now have military base in columbia,saudi arabia.not to mention iraq and afghanistan.who taught you history dj rush limbaugh?

    5. Randy,SA TX says:

      what happend to my post?

    6. Randy,SA TX says:


    7. Randy Sa Tx says:


    8. Randy Sa Tx says:

      i guess in ozzy and brian mind usa never conquered half of mexico,chile,guatemala,iraq,afghanistan,honduras,tried to conquered cuba,we have military base in japan,columbia,saudi arabia and many more countries.

    9. Randy Sa Tx says:

      i guess in ozzy and brian mind usa never conquered half of mexico,chile,guatemala,iraq,afghanistan,honduras,tried to conquered cuba,we have military base in japan,columbia,saudi arabia and many more.

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