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  • Morning Bell: Is USA Today Serving the Goals of Al-Qaeda?

    Yesterday, USA Today ran an editorial on the Obama administration’s handling of terrorism, writing: “Officials’ handling of Christmas Day attack looks like amateur hour.” Graciously given the space to respond to this charge, Obama administration Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan replied: “Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.”

    Got that? The Obama administration considers any criticism of its national security policies, even from as benign a source as USA Today, as serving “the goals of al-Qaeda.” And the problems with Brennan’s letter don’t end there:

    Interrogation Contradictions: First Brennan asserts that “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was thoroughly interrogated and provided important information.” But just one sentence later Brennan admits: “The most important breakthrough occurred after Abdulmutallab was read his rights.” So which is it? Was the first interrogation so thorough that no active and useful intelligence was lost, or did “the most important breakthrough” come over a month later, giving al-Qaeda a month’s head start?

    Coordination Contradictions: Brennan asserts “Senior counterterrorism officials from the White House, the intelligence community and the military were all actively discussing this case before he was Mirandized and supported the decision to charge him in criminal court.” But this has been directly contradicted by the sworn testimony of National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair and FBI Director Robert Mueller. Someone is not telling the truth about a vital national security matter. Congress must investigate.

    False Miranda History: Brennan writes: “Would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid was read his Miranda rights five minutes after being taken off a plane he tried to blow up. The same people who criticize the president today were silent back then.” But Brennan leaves out the fact that Reid was arrested in December 2001, before the military detention system was in place. This is like accusing George Washington of treason for not using machine guns against the British. He didn’t use them because they didn’t exist yet!

    Military vs. Civilian Custody: Brennan writes: “There is little difference between military and civilian custody, other than an interrogator with a uniform. The suspect gets access to a lawyer, and interrogation rules are nearly identical.” That is perhaps the most fatuous sentence in Brennan’s op-ed. The roles of lawyers in the civilian and military system are completely different. In military custody, detainees are not read their Miranda rights and their lawyer’s purpose is to challenge his detention as an enemy combatant. Under civilian custody, the suspect is read his Miranda rights and his lawyer is there to make sure he does not say anything that will incriminate himself. The situations are completely different, not “nearly identical.”

    Military vs. Civilian Trials: Brennan writes: “Cries to try terrorists only in military courts lack foundation.” The false choice of all civilian or all military trials is what lacks foundation. There are hundreds of witnesses who stand ready to testify and send Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to jail. We do not need his testimony to be admissible. There is nothing stopping the administration from questioning Abdulmutallab as an enemy combatant without reading him Miranda rights and then trying him in civilian court later.

    Last month, The Washington Post editorial board, who has endorsed every single Democratic Presidential candidate since 1988, wrote:

    UMAR FAROUK Abdulmutallab was nabbed in Detroit on board Northwest Flight 253 after trying unsuccessfully to ignite explosives sewn into his underwear. The Obama administration had three options: It could charge him in federal court. It could detain him as an enemy belligerent. Or it could hold him for prolonged questioning and later indict him, ensuring that nothing Mr. Abdulmutallab said during questioning was used against him in court.

    It is now clear that the administration did not give serious thought to anything but Door No. 1. This was myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

    Myopic. Irresponsible. Potentially dangerous. That is a spot-on assessment of the Obama administration’s knee-jerk Miranda-rights-for-everyone counterterrorism policy. And admitting as much would be the first step to defeating, not supporting, al-Qaeda.

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    75 Responses to Morning Bell: Is USA Today Serving the Goals of Al-Qaeda?

    1. M. Shelton, South Fl says:

      Foreign terrorist have only one right. They function as undercover military, out of uniform, and should be treated as such. In every war, they would have been treated as spies and sentenced to immediate death by firing squad or hanging. It should be so today.If they are in such a hurry to get to paradise, we should oblige them.

    2. Tim, Virginia Beach says:

      Ooooooh Baby!!! I love it….Mr. Obama (then Senator Obama) was only serving the goals of Al Qaeda when he was running for president and beating down on the other candidates, including the seated president. Words from his own mouth, driven by his dark heart. Perfect, I love it.

    3. Judy-Eastern North C says:

      Mr Brennan is simply a political figure and will say anything regardless of the validity of his words. Mr. Brennan, along with other Obama appointee's should be ushered out the door with a swift kick in the behind!

    4. Ray Brooks, Georgia says:

      As one who has served in the U.S. Military it is very clear to me that Obama knows nothing about military law. He should leave the prosecution of enemy combatants to the military and keep his liberal policies out of military affairs.

    5. John, Michigan says:

      The only defendants who need Miranda warnings are those government officials who are operating in ways that leave the American people at risk. Holder, Brennan, et. al.

    6. Mary.... WI says:

      Again, this president and his administration haven't a clue how to run our country. I pesonally fear for the safety of the USA under BHO ….in every way. Can the president and congress be tried for endangering the safety of the American people? They're almost aiding and abetting the enemy the way everything is being handled. I'm so looking forward to the upcoming elections.

    7. toledofan says:

      Great article and to the point; we shouldn't allow ourselves to be put in a position that allows our nations safety to be compromised. This administration is at inept at manging our economy, the military and our safety and after the fact trying to cover your butt rhetotic even makes us look weaker. The arrogance of this administration is just a pathetic thing to watch; the Gibbs news conferences are a good example, the President approach to healthcare is another, calling people retards is another, the Pelosi and Reid circus, the list goes on and on. Keep up the good work and keep pumping out the truth.

    8. Lynn Merrill, Lehi U says:

      Pres Obama does not understand "free speech" nor the rest of our

      Constitutional privileges. Astounding for a Constitutional scholar!

      But he is a prisoner of his locked in socialist ideas. As a simple citizen in

      America I see as a literal Crime, his removal of TRUST in the Oval office.

      Trust is everything….even when you disagree…. you surely must TRUST

      your President to be looking out for you…protecting you. Obama cannot

      be trusted and we are mostly in a state of fear all the time. TRUST has to be

      earned. What has he done to earn it???????????

    9. david==goergia says:

      this bunch of chicago pukes are acting the same way the stupid fools did when i had them in my dorms at SIU; CARBONDALE;; THEY ARE IDIOTS.

    10. david==goergia says:

      OBUMBLER; when will you resign and get the hell out of AMERICA?

    11. Jim Tagart, Snohomis says:

      I just checked Brennan's Bio. It list his glorious career in the CIA. But if you look at his experience it reviels who he is and where he is comming from. Brennan joined the CIA in 1980 and by 1982 he was a political Officer in Suadi Arabia. His latter assignmnets reviel plum assignments through politics. Does not look like he worked as any type of a field Officer. In other wards he has been political all through his career. That is where he is comming from, he is a totally political animal. He will do what ever it takes to get ahead and that is what he is still continuing to do. The truth has no meaning to these types of people.

    12. david==goergia says:

      BERNACKE said on national T V, the fed would not nationalize AMERICA'S DEBT;; we own 875 billion of our own bad paper; these bastards just sit in front of a mic and cameras and lie, they are sick puppies.

    13. david==goergia says:


    14. okiejim says:

      Mr. President, your advisors are leading you down a path you do not want to go, and this copuntry does not want you to go. Just because you were elected to the presidency, you were not given carte blanche to change all that was working in national security, health care, employment, taxes, and anything else your advisors think should be changed. Try listening to the people, your own party, and the GOP. We all have much more experience than you in matters foreign and domestic than the progressives that are advising you. They have one agenda and that is to bring capitalisn to its knees. You are better than that and if you love this country as you say you do, you would stop the ruination of the greatest country in the world.

    15. susan neal, Irving t says:

      Brennan should resign effective IMMEDIATELY! There is absolutely no excuse for such incompetence and his actions are totally irresponsible; he only cares that obama looked weak and incompetent in his handling of the underwear bomber; Brennan must go along with ag Holder, Napolitano, Leiter and Rahm; they have not served this president well and they certainly have weakened our ability to protect ourselves from terrorists; this admin is INCOMPETENT, INEXPERIENCED AND IN DENIAL; I do not have any confidence in this admin that they get it! I have never seen such an incompetent admin in my lifetime; they have spent their time tearing down bush 's systems that protected us; I can not understand why eric holder can not grasp the fact that terrorists ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS AND ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THOSE SPECIFIC RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN would be; would someone please explain to me why holder and obama are set in their ways except that they are indeed IDEALOGUES who can not be reasoned with; Dictator Obama and Dictator Holder are in charge and it's no wonder AMERICA IS AT SUCH GREATER RISK FROM A TERRORIST ATTACK THAN EVER BEFORE!

    16. William Downey, JD L says:

      The administration is the real threat and aids terrorists by trying them in civil courts. Civil courts provide these people with an opportunity to espouse their twisted logic and make civil trials a circus.

      The use of military tribunals, as advocated by the army's former Judge Advocate General (Mag. Gen. Altenberg) are a much more intelligent and practical method of dealing with the legalities.

    17. CPG, New York says:

      Clearly, our disfuctional government has given aid and comfort to the enemy, knowlingly or unknowlingly.

    18. Ken Jarvis says:

      "Is USA Today Serving the Goals of Al-Qaeda?”"


      but HF, GOP, Cs, and Murdocks Bunch are -

      - Serving the Goals of Al-Qaeda?

      They ALL want Obama to Fail,

      if Obama Fails, America Fails.

      NOT GOOD.

    19. Christopher Popham S says:

      On Dec. 21st, 2009 at the fervent request of the WH, the Supreme Court issued a

      one sentence decision, stating that the President has the right to declare anyone,

      U.S. citizen or not, an enemy combattant, and not subject to Miranda Rights.

      In fact, the 'law' now says that such a person automatically loses their personal identity and becomes for all intents and purposes a no entity.

      Why, pray tell, did the President not use this power on Dec. 26th, the day after it was

      clear that the underwear bomber was a terrorist?

    20. Harry K. Jowers, P.O says:

      I normally concur with most of what I read in "Morning Bell", however, today's column discussing civilian versus military custody/Miranda rights is patently erroneous. Under the UCMJ and case law, as soon as a person becomes a suspect, detention or custody immaterial, a person subject to military jurisdiction must be afforded his/her Miranda warnings. The is the published result of a decision by the then named U.S. Court of Military Appeals. I don't know what the jurisdictional status of Abdulmutallab was at the time of his attempted bombing of the commercial airliner, (ostensibly a civilian), but if he were determined to be subject to military jurisdiction, Miranda warnings would have been required even before he was taken into custody.

    21. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Let's get the facts straight: Fact, Osama bin Laden declared war on us. Fact, the only

      person serving Al-Qaeda is Obama. Closing Gitmo plays right into Al-Qaeda's hands.

      The Al-Qaeda training manual says that if you're caught, to claim you're being tortured. Fact, the German agents who were captured in Florida and Long Island,

      weren't tried as common criminals in civilian court. They were tried by military commissions.

    22. Gary. Nevada says:

      "Gitmo," was created to hold, interrogate, and try, Enemy Combatants. Farouk,

      is no different than a missle with a warhead fired by Al Queda, he should've been on a military transport with a medical/interrogation team within hours of apprehension, headed for Guantanamo, Cuba. The fact Obama/Holder have no comprehension of the situation, and are now envolved in a coverup, makes me, and I'am sure all of us who have served, exactly who's side are these people on!?

    23. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I think people still don't get it! Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Brennan, Holder, and the other lackeys are nothing but shills to deflect criticism and

      scrutiny away from Obama. It's a mistake to think that whatever decisions are

      made about any of his socialist policies, we had better understand those decisions are being made by Obama.

    24. Edward Reich, Charlo says:

      Hopefully you are sending this issue of the Morning Bell to President Obama and the appropriate people in His Administration, so they may see their errors in facts and judgment.

    25. Edward Reich, Charlo says:

      Hopefully you are sending this issue of the morning Bell to President Obama and the appropriate people in his Administration for their information.

    26. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      I think it is obvious by now that Obama and his administration are going full steam ahead with their agenda…it IS their agenda to bring capitalism to its knees and destroy America as we know it. He was totally serious when he said he was going to "fundamentally change America". He is a progressive and admits it and we are witness to what he is doing and continues to try to do over the last year. And talk about the Christmas day bomber!!! "They got all they needed in 50 minutes" but now he is talking!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they DID NOT GET ALL THEY NEEDED IN 50 MINUTES!!!! The play book has been out over 5 weeks and anything he says now is totally useless!!! What a mess we are in!!!

    27. Charles Falk Jr &amp says:

      Seems like Americans should have listened to Obama when he said he didn't know how to be president right before he started his run. Everyday, there is news about the whole bunch under Obama and their inaptitudes.

    28. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Incredible!! We in the U.S. are desperate for jobs, and the administration gives 80% of the wind turbine manufacturing to China. There is something very wrong with this picture and it's only a small piece of the Obama pie.

    29. GLORIANA M. LEVASSEU says:

      Very interesting and illuminating article which I am passing along to all of my contacts to be sent to all of their contacts. Thank you very MUCH for the article. Gloriana

    30. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Not according to what Hillary said.

    31. June - Florida says:

      Brennen – the entire administration is comprised of an assortment of twits with varying degrees of reality. They have no intention of following American tradition.

      On the subject of Military vs. Civil trials, I need enlightenment.. I read in order to have a Military trial, war has to be declared by the President on the group, country – whatever. I realize Bush declared war on terrorism, which is pretty much all inclusive. But, did he specifically have to mention Al Quaida? If he had to and didn't, these twits have their out for a civil trial.

    32. CJ, Lincoln, NE says:

      "Someone is not telling the TRUTH about a vital national security matter. CONGRESS must investigate." Isn't that kind of an oxymoron??

    33. Ron Derry NH says:

      Simply put YES.

      When GW decided to label this a WAR he was correct . Al-qaeda is at WAR against civilization. GW gained the advantage by facing reality and was able to use tactics of warfare against a foe who was using the tactics of warfare within civilization against anybody they could. Obama doesn't seem to see reality.

      He is too busy being an ideologue, that he emphatically denies being, to see the forest for the trees.

      Obama and his over educated marionettes have played into the hands of Al-qaeda and put the terrorist at the the throat of civilization where they function best and at full advantage. The limited dimension of this legal tactic, totally defensive and after the fact, puts al-qaeda at the advantage and shows the lack of wisdom of our leaders at the dimensions of WARFARE and Survival of civilization , bordering on delusional.

      Al-qaeda is an aggressive, death delivery system design around the advantages gained by sacrificing civility at defenseless targets capitalizing over a citizenship that can not detect them. A legal system can only prosecute after the fact. GW was protecting Americans by aggressively meeting the political challenge of an un-attached political threat network with the tactics best suited toward prevention. Obama is accepting that we will be casualties to his idealism.

      Obama is using the liberal tactic of being willing to sacrifice the innocent to keep from getting his own hands dirty. This is un-acceptable in an American president, or any one man enough to take the heat and protect his country men. The metal of the man shows…and its as predictably weak as his economic solutions….thin as the paper it is printed upon.

    34. S. Taylor says:

      The Obama Administration is totally inept at the handling of the Christmas Day bomber. Obama's lack of action with a plan shows his inexperience in governing and his lack of knowledge on the economy shows his lack of experinece in business.

      Why did we elect someone that needed OJT ? We are the stupid ones!

    35. wallyblu says:

      Pundits keep telling us how intellegent Obama is, they are confusing education and intellegence.

      You can teach a parrot to speak and a Jackass to do tricks but you haven't made them intellegent.

    36. PJP, Houston, TX says:

      Is there any truth to the rumor that Holder's law firm will represent some of the terrorists that are being moved to the federal court system?

      I find that hard to believe, but I feel compelled to ask.

    37. Luis, Arizona says:

      The underwear bomber should have been taken to the end of the runway and a bullet should have been put through his head. No muss, no fuss. And he could have been on his way to meet the 76 Virginians, or was it 71 Virginians?

      This administration is like a bunch of attention deficit disorder children, like a flailing punch drunk boxer. The Manhattan Declaration's final paragraph promotes civil disobedience: "Because we honor justice and the common good, we will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent, or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family."

    38. Kaleo, Hawaii says:

      Obama says "Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda," and Patriot Update paraphrases that as "Got that? The Obama administration considers any criticism of its national security policies…"

      How did "politically motivated criticism" come to mean "any criticism"? Clearly PU is trying to trick the public into thinking the president said something he didn't.

    39. John Harris, Conroe says:

      I guess all that junk all the democrats were, and still are, hurtling at the Bush policies were not damaging. These very small people in power now are like little kids never owning up to their actions. This bunch is just so wrong for our country. GW never blamed others and really should have stuck up for himself more when those barking dogs vented their spleens.

    40. Thomas Payne says:

      While President Obama may not be a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer, if one closely follows his actions and not his words, his policies are designed to portect and defend the terrorists rather than the American people.

    41. Ron NY says:

      Isn't it relevant that Richard Reid was a US citizen and therefore had the protection of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Where can we get the list of the 300 or is 190 or is it a dozen or so terrorists that Bush tried in civilian courts?

    42. Margaret V. Morrow says:

      At age 86, it warms my heart to know that there are still those who love and

      care about America and its values.I am on the going home train but I still

      appreciate your efforts…God bless you all and may God have mercy on the


    43. Old G.I.- Naples, Fl says:

      Impeach Obama. It is obvious that with his present policies, the Homeland will be attacked and countless folks will lose their lives.He has surrounded himself with socialists, who are more than eager to implement an agenda that will transform this nation into a "state" of the European League.

    44. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      "But Brennan leaves out the fact that Reid was arrested in December 2001, before the military detention system was in place. This is like accusing George Washington of treason for not using machine guns against the British. He didn't use them because they didn't exist yet!"

      I hope this is not an Epiphany. This goes on every day in courtrooms all over this country. Multi-tenant business space leasing is a good example.

      e.g. The ground under an existing building is found to be polluted (a former junkyard). The first thing done by the attorneys for the government and those involved in a suit regarding cleanup and damages is to look at the current and past occupants for the very deepest pockets they can find.

      These businesses had nothing to do with the building site, the construction, permitting or anything else. They are tenants and have money and as such can probably be coerced into an out-of-court settlement. They have done nothing but our activist legal and tort friendly courts allow this type of thing hundreds of times almost every day.

      I used to handle leases for a couple of fortune 100 corporations. We lived everyday with this type of nightmare.

      The tie in here is that everyone knows this is wrong but looks away. Just as everyone knows that so much of the handling of terrorists by our government boils down to a "Blame Game" which usually flys in the face of objectivity or truth. The cited "2001" quote above is an excellent example.

      PC is Thought Control


    45. Suzanne, Florida says:

      Constitutional Scholar???????It is my understanding that the scholar lectured part time on one subject……Civil Rights. Further he wrote no papers nor seemed interested in joining with faculty in any way.

      Does anyone believe that Brennan & Holder had the last word re the Christmas bomber?

      Americans are stronger than any one person, including the current president. This country won't fail if he fails. Common sense has already taken over and hopefully next November his reign will end.

      Speaking of wind turbines………the WSJ wrote that due to weather the turbines are frozen. Wonder how the solar panels are faring in the snow?

      To June: the president does not declare war. The Congress must declare war; that's according to the Constitution. Our current situation can be compared to Korea and Vietnam.

      Lastly, WE did not all elect Obama. Many of us listened to his speeches prior to the election and took a deep breath and prayed. The country didn't listen to what he said but rather just wanted change. Well now we must dig ourselves our and listen closely to what is coming out of Washington……..and pray.

    46. Dallas, TX says:

      Bush did it 300 times in civilian courts.

      Military trials overturned 2 times

      Obama does it and now it's wrong?

      Come on people, stop crying, Al Quiada likes it when you cry.

      The Bush attackers went to jail and so will the Obama suspects.

    47. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      Here's my comment short & sweet.We are going to lose the War against radical Islam,we are on the defensive,We elected a Moron to lead us just by his words & actions he has done nothing but embolden our enemies.He is all knowing Obama,he is truly the messiah,just listen to him.The USA is on a down hill slide, we are going the same way the Roman Empire went,but we didn't last one thousand years.

    48. john Arizona says:

      As usual, Ken Jarvis doesn't get it. If Obama's POLICIES fail, the US wins. The people of this country, with the exception of a few left wing loonies, does not want this country to be a European, socialistic, second class country.

      Re the Obama administration, I can hardly believe someone in the administration told an "untruth". But then, they have all exercised the truth since they took office.

    49. Dean Osborne, East W says:

      If Criticism of Nat Security Polices aid the terrorists, then gosh, the criticism of the Bush administrations policies for 8 years is the reason that the terrorists are still getting stronger. How many Democrats stood on foreign soil and criticized the Bush policies?

    50. White Lake, MI says:

      Amen to all of the above.

    51. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      John Brennan's logic reminds me of the Abbot and Costello 'Who's on First?' routine. What convoluted and polluted logic to point out some one was read their Miranda rights and not treated as a terrorist before the 9/11 Commission recommendations had been acted on. This administration's continual false history statements have become so laughable that even Micheal Moore wouldn't need to use them out of context.

    52. Anne M McLaughlin, B says:

      I am 70 years of age, a Vietnam Veteran and American before all

      else. When has President Obama ever shown even a modicum of

      Dignity, gravitas or the graceful practice of authority in any of his dealings with our populace ? These were the virtues the Romans, teachers of statecraft, insisted were the pre-requisites of a capable leader. We are now saddled with a man who doesn't learn from experience, fails repeatedly and then spends the time lecturing

      the populace for being too unintelligent to understand his policies.

      The only religion this paragon has are the teachings of Marx,Mao, and of course St. Sol Alinsky. As Americans we are fighters. We must vote these charlatans out of office and the concept of political correctness with them. We are the people and yes, we can do this.

    53. David Sayers Goldsbo says:

      As for Obama,impeach. As for congress,vote them out. As for terrorist,in the words of Gen. Stonewall Jackson,"Kill'em Kill'em all. As for Komrade Ken, wake up from your coma.

    54. Miami, Florida says:

      Saying Merry Christmas to anyone is now an insult or not PC…! Yet the media uses the nickname of "Christmas Day Bomber" referring to the terrorist attempt to blow up a plane full of human beings, heading to the USA! This is another mockery to Christians everywhere! Would we call it the Ramadan bomber had it happened on such a day or the Martin Luther King bomber had it happened in January?

      Just use the date 12/25/09! Or like the "Shoe Bomber" just call it the "Underwear Bomber"! Or better yet "Happy Holidays Bomber"

      Merry Christmas from Miami!

    55. Ken St Louis says:

      Its all as plain as day! Our El Presidente, is the first anti American president in our history! He hates America because we or strong! Granted, he is clever, but at hte same time he is a moron because he belives his on bullshit! Actually, he needs to be recalled, or impeached, or drug out of the white house and run jout of town on a rail!

    56. John Pummell, Alexan says:

      "Politically motivated criticism, " is it? It seems that this administration cannot take criticism, no matter how constructive it might be. These same people spent eight years excoriating George W. Bush and now that they are in the crosshairs, they can't take it. Boy am I looking forward to the elections in November 2010–and the presidential race in 2012!

    57. Jack Mutter, Texas says:

      When I was on active duty, anyone presented before the Uniform Code of Military Justice had to be read their rights under Article 31 of the UCMJ. The military was "Mirandizing" acused decades before civilian juriprudence 'came up' with the idea. Maybe the UCMJ has changed somewhat in the intervening years but I'm sure any acused is still read their rights. Maybe this doesn't apply to the Tribunals but I think military justice is faster, more accurate, and lets fewer fellons off.

    58. Susan Kurtze, Austin says:

      I hope this was sent to USA Today as a rebuttal to John Brennan's op ed.

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    60. Bobbie Jay says:

      Sure would be nice if the evidence of this TAKE-OVER were MORE PREVALENT to ALL AMERICANS. WE are the TARGET of the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!

      FAVORS TO TERRORISTS?????!!!!!!! etc…

    61. Paul L Balaich, Auro says:

      Plain and simple – President Obama and the people he has placed in key positions in his administration are unqualifed to do their jobs. They treat Our Constiution as an ordinary piece of paper!

    62. David Dunlap, Somerv says:

      The right answer for the illegal uniformed combatants (e.g., KSM, and Abdulmutallab) is military tribunal. All but Ken either agreed or seemed to agree. However, if Obama and his Administration pursue civilian trial for terrorists, shouldn't the "hate crime" designation be applied? As stupid as the designation may be, not using the designation when it obviously would be appropriate seems to establish a precedence for the designation's invalidity and the irrelevance of Congress on the matter.

    63. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      We need to remember more often that we are at war.

    64. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Statements such as those in this article tells us the caliber of people in President Obama's Administration. All of them, including the President, just throws statements around just to have something to say. I have come to the conclusion that I can't believe anything any of them say. They might as well be "whistling in the wind". How long can be endure this?

    65. Jules, Michigan says:

      When are the people of this nation going to get it?

      Obama is a Communist and is only doing what any Communist would do:

      Break America. When are going to wake up before it's too late?


    66. William L. Sasman La says:

      I am sure Obama's cheese heads have a answer to everything that goes on. Anyone or party thats says anything against obama and his tax cheats are in their words aiding the emeny. Before its over every dem, rep and independent will know that what is in washinton in the white house are a bunch of idiots and can not be trusted for anything.

    67. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      My mother always said "Actions speak louder than words" Obama's actions are being heard Loud and clear and Americans are acting, hope this continues through 11/2010 and into 2012. American be alert the enemy is no longer at the gate it's in the White house and the Capital Bldg. The only way to win is to keep both ears and eyes open and make sure you VOTE and get others to do the same. No time now for letting someone else do it attitude, this is how we got in this mess in the first place. Every election is important even local.

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    69. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      M. Shelton from South Florida is on the money. Any terrorist caught on the battlefield anywhere around the world should be treated as out of uniform spies, given an immeidate summary courts martial and executed. My preference for execution would be death by pig, videotaped for all would be Muslim enemies of America to see.

      Unfortunately this president and his progressive weenies will like Bill Clinton treat terrorism like a law enforcement problem which will ensure many more thousand and perhaps millions of Americans will die needlessly.

      This presidency will go down as the most 'stuck on stupid' presidency in the history of the institution. These people are dangerously inept as most progressives are.

      The Turban Torpedo

    70. Jay Trinca says:

      As one of the above commentors mentioned a military member is given a miranda warning when charged with a crime or infraction. However, I believe it is insanity to expect our troops to mirandize an enemy combatant on the battlefield. Perhaps when he is charged there may be a necessity.

    71. Babs Goldy,Alaska says:

      The people were warned about this guy Obama for two years ,and we put him into office any way.I think it's time to demand the FBI to investgate this guy and some in the congress. I would like to know where the FBI was for the last 5 years.

    72. Ken Jarvis says:

      John Arizona – I need YOUR help.
      My Email is LVKen7@Gmail.com
      Tell me HOW – "If Obama’s POLICIES fail, the US wins."

    73. Pingback: Maricopa County Republican Committee

    74. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      Vote obama out

    75. Rick Ferguson says:

      What has the FBI done in the last 5 years? It has been infiltrated by Muslims just like the United States Army. Our generals continue to treat Muslims "as a protected species". Political correctness rules over the safety of our troops. After the Fort Hood massacre, a Muslim subcontract Army employee continued to give lectures on Islam to our troops. He was also allowed to contact victims of the massacre. The military at FH was warned in a threat assessment two years prior to the massacre, but failed to respond. Political correctness seems to be the order of the day when the safety of our troops should come first. When are the generals going to speak? When are they going to question the President? As long as they remain silent, our sons and daughters must not only worry about the enemy they face in battle, they must worry about the enemy within their own ranks.

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