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  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Promises a Stunning “Punch”

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Tensions continue to build within Iran ahead of the annual celebration of the 1979 Islamic revolution on February 11. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Monday for unity and vowed that Iran would “punch the arrogance” on the anniversary: “The Iranian nation, with its unity and God’s grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman (February 11) in a way that will leave them stunned.”

    Washington responded to the heightened Iranian rhetoric by increasing sanctions on the revolutionary guards and lamenting the hypocrisy of Iran’s ruling regime. On Wednesday the Treasury Department announced that it was adding one individual and four companies to the list of entities affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that are targeted for financial sanctions.

    The chief American representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Glyn Davies, told the Associated Press that it is “callous and chilling” that Iran’s government, which claims to be enriching uranium for civilian purposes, has rejected the offer to refuel its nuclear research reactor: “Why is Tehran gambling with the health and lives of 850,000 Iranian cancer patients in pursuit of ever more dangerous nuclear technology?” asked Davies.

    Meanwhile, Iran’s ruthless regime made it clear that if Iran’s Green Movement opposition forces try to infiltrate the pro-government rallies tomorrow to give them an anti-government spin, then they will be jeopardizing their health and possibly their lives. Iranian police rounded up opposition activists in advance of the celebrations.

    Moreover, the Iranian government has stepped up its efforts to block communication between opposition groups and the Iranian people by interfering with internet speeds and blocking text messaging services.

    In addition to using street thugs to intimidate Iranian protesters, the regime also has dispatched members of the Basij militia to stage “student demonstrations” in front of the French and Italian embassies, charging the two western nations with interfering in Iran’s internal affairs.

    Despite growing threats of intimidation Iran’s opposition leaders remain determined to mobilize their supporters to demonstrate tomorrow. Both sides appear to be girding for a potentially violent showdown.

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    18 Responses to Iran’s Supreme Leader Promises a Stunning “Punch”

    1. Virginia Cabot Wood says:

      I simply cannot understand you "conservatives." You conserve only fear, you are against any kind of help to those less fortunate, you don't seem to understand anything about what we humans are doing to wreck this beautiful, blue planet upon which WE ALL live. Obama does and I guess this is giving you all fits.

    2. R. George Dunn says:

      Who is playing who? Does this mean subconsciously that the far left of USA and Iran Regime are conrads?

    3. Stu Antonucci, Orego says:

      Let's hope Iran is not planning some kind of attack on Israel by its fanatic proxies tomorrow. Too bad the U.S. government is not openly supporting the opposition. Support the green movement to help end this nonsense.

    4. cherry, Australia says:

      Stu, it's already the eleventh in Tehran. America tends to think the whole world runs on usa time… By the time it's midnight in Oregon, it'll be 11.00 am in Iran. By the time most people get to work in Oregon, it'll be night time in Iran. Anyway, I'm just sayin'

    5. R. George Dunn says:

      Amazing how this article on hostility by Iran is all about the Green movement. Not only are those who buy into the carbon faux, but they are now siding with a radical like Iran. No wonder the Cap & Trade isw so appealing, the left is our enemy as well. Say it is not so.

    6. Jerry Tompkins Flori says:

      Do what God in the flesh (Jesus) told us to do:

      Pray unceasingly.

      Love our enemies.

      Trust God, pray pray pray!

      Prayer is the most powerful weapon, since we team with God, and reject satan, and sinful ways.

      God bless all!

      (pray all night and diffuse the threat!)

    7. Jason Lechnowsky, Ne says:

      Why isn't this in the mainstream news?!?!? Shouldn't we be Covering something like this crazed radical?!? Shouldn't we be covering an event that could possibly lead to violence?!? The only place I heard about this besides the Internet was from people like Sean Hannity and Mark levin! Thank you mainstream liberal media

    8. Lawrence C Bess says:

      Ms Wood should thank God for the hard working, clear thinking adults whom she cannot understand. We make this beautiful blue planet safe and comfortable for children like her to live and to dream in. Yet I doubt she prays to Him at all. People like Ms Wood are too intelligent to believe, too confident in their own illusions to fear God or recognize evil. Dream on Ms Wood, dream on.

    9. Rick Cassanova, Flor says:

      If anything does happen, I sure hope it directly affects folks like Ms. Wood. Then we will see her change her tune. As for helping those less fortunate than us, I suggest you do some research before you preach the same crap that MSNBC if feeding you. Conservatives have always given to the less fortunate. In fact the great President George W. Bush did more for the folks in africa than any past president has. The difference is that he doesn't run around looking for a pat on the back. As for Obama getting it, I have to admit the only thing Obama "is" or got is the fact that he is a puppet for the left. Obama is the serving boy for the liberals. Too bad he wont stand up like a man and run this country the way a president is supposed to. Obama doesn't do anything with out permission from the liberals. LOL what a shame. Maybe we need to call him toby LOL

    10. Normca says:

      Go Israel. Wonder what Israel is waiting for ? Our commander in chief to allow fly over rights in the sky above Iraq ? While we pray to our God, others pray to their higher power, Obama writes letters, while Iran continues to develop a way to destroy us all. Thanks to the state dept for lying in 2007 about Iran's progress, [just to thwart G W Bush]. Iran may like Obama, but they are not afraid of him; they and our other enemies think he is a coward. Gosh, we need the media to make Obama look tough so the enemy will be afraid to develop a nuclear bomb. What is seen in the 15 minute wonder is a squishy, cut and run chief, who sets an ends date to a war.

    11. BobPDX says:

      Great, we have a full on threat of Iran using nuclear weapons against our friends in the middle east and all Obama can talk about is health care.

      God help us.

    12. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Virginia Cabot Wood – I hope you have really deep pockets to pay for your social agendas. I don't. Perhaps you are able to pay my share of the 100 trillion dollar unfunded liablities Congress has bestoyed on us. Or, as Lawrence Bess posted, you are too intelligent to believe and too confident in your own illusions to understand the gravity of the situation.

    13. Laura, Rochester NY says:

      Ms. Wood, no matter what they tell you, it's not that conservatives hate the poor or want to destroy the planet. It's that we don't want government compelling us to give our money to the causes they think we should support. It's about government being the Big Mommy and not letting free adults make up their own minds.

    14. Pingback: Obama's Iran Policy Tested | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    15. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      A barking dog is annoying. As soon as the dog leaves its yard and is a threat to you or yours, shoot it. The Law will stand behind you. God will stand with you. All men must live with their own demons. It is when those demons become a danger to other men, that those endangered have a right to protect themselves, This has been the Law and the Scripture from times beginning.

    16. Lauren, NY says:

      Our own country's health care is so much more important than a country's empty threat more than halfway around the globe. Domestic problems should naturally be set above foreign problems. We should pay attention to fixing our own problems before we address international affairs. We need to set our priorities in order.

    17. Sam, WI says:

      It is very odd that many on the left talk and as though they care about poor, when in fact they do very little themselves. Even more odd that many on the left think that Christianity in general is so hateful. After all, how can an entire type of religion be hateful when the one belief it all seems to have in common is that it's believers can serve their deity by serving their fellow man?

    18. Normca says:

      Hello Lauren; I am afraid we cannot live in a cocoon. I am also afraid we see how our at home problems have been addressed. The manner in which they have been addressed are exasperating the problems. Unemployment is excessive, the dollar is sinking and, like it or not the so called fat cats, those who are purposely selected are getting fatter. And America has always been a leader in the world and I for one, am proud of that. Our country rescues all in trouble. And Iran threatens our allies. The country ignored the threat from those who killed right there in your state, in NYC. Unlike what the media would have us believe, leaders can address multiple issues simultaneously, when done in a manner that history has shown to be successful in the past. However being blinded to the truth accomplishes harm as we have seen too many times.

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