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  • Obama's "Reset" Button Quickly Changing to "Panic"

    An assistant shows the block with a red button marked "reset" in English and "overload" in Russian that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting on March 6, 2009 in Geneva.

    Given Iran’s well established pattern of behavior (and Russia’s, and China’s) we were highly skeptical about President Barack Obama’s “Reset Button” approach to U.S. diplomacy.

    And now it seems that the failure of Obama administration’s Iranian engagement strategy is about to shift the focus of U.S. diplomacy from “reset” to “panic.” Reuters reports:

    The United States wants the U.N. Security Council to approve a resolution within weeks, not months, laying the ground for new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

    U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates spoke to leaders in Turkey, Italy and France about the “urgent need” to move forward on sanctions as soon as possible, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters.

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    22 Responses to Obama's "Reset" Button Quickly Changing to "Panic"

    1. Jack says:


    2. Jack Ohio says:


    3. Paul says:

      It seems to me "I heard that song before". Hey ! Thats a great title for a song.

    4. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      This is where the progressive Utopian Ideology meets real world harsh reaities, the reset button was "cute" but our current world demands more then a "dream."

    5. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      I can name that tune in three notes. Obama thinks Americans are still beleiving his lies. I find it hard to beleive he could keep a straight face during the State of the Union address, because Americans were laughing all over the country so loudly I wonder how it kept from drowning him out.

    6. Gerald, Seattle says:

      I would respectfully recommend some education for one who seems to be in it over his head…"Advice to War Presidents-a remedial course in statecraft" by Angelo M. Codevilla. They call it "foreign relations" for a reason and the "redefining" of crucial words by the progressive spinners of our international relations must start using the real meanings or we will suffer losses that they will not be able to "rename" to something that adolescent perceptions will be able to withstand…

    7. Bill Herring Tulsa, says:

      It's all to obvious that Mr. Obama doesn't have a clue about any aspect of his job, be it U.S. or Foreign policy!!! We as Americas need to get him out of this office before he causes a complete failure of our economy and world status.

    8. Maureen, NJ says:

      God Help us and save us I hope we make it through the next 3 years without serious harm due to his naive policies.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      President Obama's shops for foreign policy approaches like a woman shops for new shoes, not quite sure of what will make him look best. Eventually he will try on everything and decide on nothing.

    10. Dan DuPont, Melbourn says:

      Dear Heritage Foundation staff,

      I have on-going concern about the fact that the current administration has transferred administrative control of the US Census Bureau directly to the White House. As a contractor/consultant to the Census Bureau during much of the past seven years, this represents an opportunity for major political manipulation of the 2010 Census now underway.

      There are long-standing check-and-balance processes at the Bureau that can easily be biased. One such mechanism is an historical refusal to "estimate" population segments. Anyone can understand how such "estimates" can easily be used for political manipulation.

      I hope that the Heritage Foundation is aware of these far reaching implications; it would be reassuring to me that you are monitoring this threat.

      Thank you for your excellent and important analysis of the very broad field of issues that your Foundation addresses,

      Dan DuPont

      Melbourne, Florida

    11. James L. Campbell (T says:

      The failures of the Obama administration, on the world stage and at home, are like listening to a broken record except that each repetition of the failures gets louder and louder.!


    12. Norma from Nebraska says:

      Thank GOD for the second snow storm in one week on the East Coast. I am sorry our citizens who live there are having to deal with it, but it is a BLESSING because the government has ground to a halt which can only be seen as a sign from GOD!!!! The Good Lord seems to be saying, "STOP! Think about what your are doing before you cause undo harm." I wonder just how much "divine intervention" is needed before SOMEONE gets the message that we have crossing "The Line" in all areas of government, and we will have to suffer the consequences if we don't back up!!!!

      Our President, with NO experience in dealing with the world in a political or economic sense much less defense, continues to show his ignorance in dealing with other nations. OR else he has a really book-smart and common-sense stupid group of people surrounding him who are giving him poor advice. Theory with no actual experience is not only worthless, it is dangerous to our nation.

      What will it take to make this administration WAKE UP and smell the coffee?? I am betting leaders around the world are wondering just why that "Nobel Peace Prize" was given to Obama about right now. Who in the world throws in their support with a beginner who is going to destroy the world with his ineptness?

      Praying, without ceasing, may be our only hope!

    13. Les Stewart, South C says:

      When the Obama experiment ends, if we still exist, I hope all of the "Hopey Changie" Obama supporters are happy. Obama tried and succeeded in many cases to sound like a moderate in campaign speeches but if you were paying attention you could pick up hints of what he really planned. He is a socialist and a fascist that wants government to control everything including the banks, major industries and health care. He wants the population dependent on the government for their livlyhood. He wants to get rid of the more affluent middle class so there are the rich elite class, the union members and common people. The common people will fill meanial jobs and supply warm bodies to fill military uniforms. The next step is to do away with term limits which were enacted after FDR because there has never been anybody to replace him untill Obama.

    14. Jason says:

      Is it just me or does that button look more like an emergency stop button as opposed to a reset button?

    15. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Guess the dialog and "apology tour' didn't work so good – go figure. It amazes me how the POTUS slams Bush at every level unless it is convenient for him, ie federal prosecution of terrorists because W did it. Obama must really think we are all idiots and numbskulls. At some point his "spins" will fail to work and all the Kings men will not be able to put Humpty Dumtpy back together again.

    16. Rebecca Myer Huntsvi says:

      Amen to Norma from Nebraska! Well said and right on!

    17. Brian Gundlach, Wasi says:

      Seems as if "Professor" Obama is getting a lesson in world politics. We need the President to be concerned with our intrests, not theveiw the rest of the world has of us.

    18. Norma from Nebraska says:

      Jason – good idea . . . . you are right, the button SHOULD mean stop.

      Did you know that the word peregruzka means overloaded or overcharged? I don't know about you but maybe that meaning is appropriate: I certainly feel "overloaded AND overcharged" by everything this current administration is trying to do TO us!! The bottom line is that when all did not goes as intended when Hillary presented that darn button to Russia, we should have KNOWN we were in real trouble! They probably saw it as a sign of friendship and comradship from our "hope and change" Nobel Peace Prize winning Commander and Chief!!!

      Even God rested on the seventh day but not Congress. Isn't that when they took that ill-fated vote on the House's health care bill? Oh well, maybe not but I swear these guys work night and day to make all of our lives miserable keeping us more than a little off balance!!

      You know Rohm's famous saying, "let no good crisis go to waste" has been used about once a week for the past year! Ever wonder what ever happened to the H1N1 crisis??? Of course we now may have a real crisis on the horizon with Iran which is probably a good thing from Rohm's point of view because we have just about worn the "crotch bomber's" underwear to a frazzle – probably no physical evidence left to present in civilian court so let's just "make a deal."If this kid PROMISES to be a good boy and not try to kill us again, we will give him citizenship and put him on the public dole. And he has to SWEAR he means it!!!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!

      I hope the Guy Upstairs has about had enough of this nonsense and will take matters in hand to "put the fear of God" into those who need it. After all the menial low-classed illiterate workers of this country could sure use a helping hand because we certainly resemble David going up against Goliath! Hey, the good news is that David won, right?

    19. Chris Norfolk Albuqu says:

      How does the saying go, you get what you paid for. And America has a progressive Administration that doesn't know a dam thing about the world and we are going to pay dearly for it over the next three years. I just hope that the conseratives in this country along with the help of the independent body of this nation will take control of either one or both houses this coming fall. So that we might be able to slow down some of the damage. We conseratives need to stay together and stay focused on the overall greater mission of this nation. A strong America that is working is better able to help it's own people and also able to help those in need when necessary around the world.

      We are a nation of people that do not fit the norm, we where never meant to follow, we are a nation of free thinkers and people that want to lead.

    20. John B. San Diego says:

      President Obama you’ve not put matters of current international affairs into context and neglected to observe the time frames that truly set the limits in the arrangement of those affairs.

      First and foremost America is a young nation as nations have existed in modern world history.

      And in the scheme of our nation's time on earth Mr. President, you are still learning to walk as a U.S. leader. With all due respect to the Office of the Commander In Chief.

      These nations America confronts look at the U.S. as inexperienced as a nation and showing lack of Senior Statesmanship dealing in world politics only makes that worse.

      We are not going to beg, borrow, steal or buy our way out of this mess.

      Call John Bolton, Henry Kissinger., Madeline Albright , Michael Scheuer, Maurice Parker, James Cunningham Susan Rice and Louis Susman to Camp David, Sir.

      Have them meet multiple times with a staff of your choosing Sir.

      Hammer it out; no press or any communiqué; no nothing only silence, until you've figured things out, that silence alone will garner respect.

      The World will get the word soon enough Sir.

      Mr. President this is one "Closed Door" Americans will not object to; Godspeed!

    21. Dan P Grand Blanc, M says:

      yeah, but doesn't he look great when he walks so purposely up to the microphone? you know what? he should try to get on TV more often….

    22. Jackie, NYC says:

      The thing I find astonishing is that no one in the administration seems to

      have any awareness of history – not 200 years ago and not 10 years ago.

      The economic and foreign policies that worked and the ones that didn't work are all there for the learning. But the Obama administration seems determined

      to reinvent the wheel in every area. The problem is, their wheel is square.

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