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  • Don't Let EU Army Undermine NATO

    At the annual Munich Security Conference, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has called for the creation of a European army. Following the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU thinks that it is ready for the big time, ready to assume the burdens of international leadership. Last February, they sent a six-page letter to President Obama, seeking to play a greater role on the international stage.

    But the United States should be in no hurry to relin­quish its transatlantic leadership role to the Euro­pean Union. Lady Thatcher described the creation of an EU army as “a piece of monumental folly that puts our security at risk in order to satisfy political vanity.” Rather than representing a genuine attempt to increase Europe’s military contribution to vital missions, such as Afghanistan, the EU is merely seeking to advance its own political ambitions. Rather than realizing America’s need for Europe to take on more of its own security burden, a European army is more likely to drain the already limited military capabilities of member states, and draw resources away from NATO.

    The Lisbon Treaty has not created a stronger Europe capable of handling global, or even regional, security. As the Haitian earthquake demonstrated, the EU will continue to stand impotent before crises, incapable of independently mounting major humanitarian or security operations.

    A cross-party group of former senior British min­isters commented in 2000 that the creation of an EU army was “an openly political project.” Now, as then, no additional troops are available for this paper army. Either troops already committed to NATO will be counted twice, or, in the worst case scenario, troops will be withdrawn from existing NATO missions, such as Afghanistan.

    Foreign policy is an attribute of statehood that must remain at the nation-state level if it is to be meaningful or effective. If the United States wishes to continue enjoying the benefits of its long-stand­ing relationships with the countries of Europe, it must oppose the creation of a supranational EU foreign policy and the undermining of NATO by the European Union.

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    8 Responses to Don't Let EU Army Undermine NATO

    1. Ozzy6900 says:

      Very simply put, the Euro-dollar proved that different Countries cannot combine their monetary system. What makes them think that they are able to combine their military forces? Leadership would be a disaster in that who would lead? Could you just see the French obeying an Italian officer or the Germans trying to lead the Spanish troops? Hey, here's an idea! Rotate leadership every month so all Countries get an equal chance to lead! What a joke that would be!

    2. L., CA says:

      Who do we write to to voice concern? There is voiced-evidence the U.S. Administration would favor this political postering of an EU military–brings shivers as we recall European history and its elitist attitudes.

    3. John B. San Diego says:

      BRITS and YANKS should be very deliberative in our next moves financially and militarily.

      Brussels and the United Nations seem to have similar motives and those motives do not include taking care of British or American Sovereignties.

      NATO; one must wonder about the true intentions or abilities of differing NATO members.

      U.K. & U.S. should never divide; I wonder if we should include Israel?

      I realize this is a big shift: but big things are happening all over the globe.

      E.U. is not democratic nor is U.N.; how about a new entity;

      "Democratic Organization of Equal States" or "DOES NATIONS"?

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    5. Miguel says:

      So not true man… The euro is a huge sucess the true is that is the most strong corrency from world. And there is more contries about to join.

      The Army and Police Europeans are the next step, then who knows :D

    6. John B. San Diego says:

      I've been on holiday or would have responded sooner. Euro as a currency is trading lower these recent weeks, I wonder why?

      Pull the rug from under the U.N. and see what happens to the most ineffectual body of appointed designates so-called dignitaries and dysfunctional bureaucrats in the entire world political spectrum. All U.N. wants is our money and our muscle!

      Threaten E.U. with the disbanding of N.A.T.O. in favor of a more closely knit worthy coalition of democratic partners and see if the shouts for us to stay aren't heard around Europe?

      The Argument is un-founded and short-sighted we should as Americans use our power and our clout to move relations in the direction that is beneficial to all in the long-term.

      • Francesco says:

        Your power? Sorry man, but take a look at your economy. Your debt is more than 100% of your GDP, and most of it is in chinese hands. Moreover, you have 10% defict/PIL ratio. So two things are clear: 1- you have been buyed by chinese. You belong to them. If Chinese ask back money you will bailout the same day. 2- you will need a big cut in your expenses (means: ARMY) just to survive the next 10 years. Of course you still have financial power as well as nuclear warheads but that'it. You are declining and I bet whatever you want that in 2050 US will be a local power. Just like EU. Regards

    7. Sorin B. Bucharest says:

      Alot of rubbish in this piece…the US have no power over Europe, if France and Germany decide to make a common army the rest will follow(the british don't matter much…when isolated they'll have to make a choice).

      Divide and conquer doesn't work when your money comes from the french,germans,dutch etc, and eastern europe will comply with western europe.

      The US can't strong arm Europe either, because much of trade is made with it and the regulations are no longer made in America but in Bruxelles(Belgium); trade standars across the globe are imposed by the European Commission, and militarily you can't do shit.

      As for the Euro and the Eurozone, at worst Greece will loose their status and revert to the drahma.

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