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  • Will FEMA Bail Out State Budgets?

    In an article today titled, “Cash-Strapped States Feeling Burden of Snow,” Delaware and New Jersey lament how much money they have spent on snow removal this winter.  With budget deficits hitting most states, those two states aren’t the only ones who will be looking for cash to pay for the snow removal. One source may by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) given its recent history of issuing declarations for these type of routine events.

    In its entire 57 year history, FEMA has issued 293 declarations for “Winter Storms“. From 1953 to 1992, FEMA only issued 37 declarations for Winter Storms. These declarations accounted for only 13% of all Winter Storms declarations in FEMA’s history. As we have documented, starting in 1993, FEMA began issuing declarations for more and more events that historically had been handled entirely by the states.

    The remaining 87% of Winter Storm FEMA declarations were issued over the last 17 years. Specifically, during Bill Clinton’s eight years in office, FEMA issued 108 declarations for Winter Storms; George W. Bush issued 128 FEMA declarations for Winter Storms in his eight years; and Barack Obama has issued 20 FEMA declarations in his first year in office, which would put him on track for roughly 160 FEMA declarations for Winter Storms should he serve two terms. Given the federal budget deficits, FEMA can’t afford to cover 75% of the costs of state snow removal either. It is high time for this federalization of routine events to come to a halt and for states to plan and budget for what are known events every year.

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    15 Responses to Will FEMA Bail Out State Budgets?

    1. Linda Carlsbad says:

      This just shows another waste of tax payers money! Would we have some great lives if the government wasn't in charge of taxing us!

    2. R. George Dunn says:

      Has our nation totally lost it's sanity? How can we expect to survive with all this re-responsible spending? What will justify States to balance budgets if by not doing so results in Federal gifts?

      If we do not return to Constitutional conduct, restructure our tax system to equity in manufacturing domesticly with importation, adhere to moral principle of honesty and trust, America is finished.

    3. John B. San Diego says:

      As the U.S. Gov. takes more revenues from states' citizens the gauntlet is thrown down for more dependency by states and their citizens on the Federal Gov. Problem is the more monies the Fed. Gov. manages the more red tape the more waste the more cost of bureaucracies, and the cost to redistribution of funds plus the cost of oversight, ect.ect.ect…

      How much it would have cost the local government to plow their own roads?

      Big Government= Bad Government!

      Cut off the hand of IRS in our pockets one finger at a time; start today!

      County Commissioners have a better handle on resources and budget requirements than State or Federal Gov. does!

      County Commissioners are "BUDGET HAWKS" follow their lead.

    4. Philip Miller Piedmo says:

      I think FEMA should cover the snow removal. They cover mudslies and fires in Califorina every year and that stae knows that is going to happen,so they should also make sure they have enough funds to cover that, I'm tired of paying for all those rich people to have their homes repaired or replaced, when they know fires and mudslides happen all the time.

    5. Richard, Philadelphi says:

      While not discounting the agencies which came before, wasn't FEMA created under Executive Order 12127 by President Carter in 1979? This would make the agency not even 31 years old. Without doing the hard statistics, I'd say declaring 87% of winter storm related disasters in nearly 60% of the lifespan of the agency is pretty on par.

    6. John B. San Diego says:

      Everybody has their hand out and none realizes by the time you get the money to Washington and then back to the people that need the cash large percentages are lost in real terms of funds allocated to "Your Project"

      Does not matter if we are plowing snow from roads or digging out from a huge mudslide.

      More power to the FED's; less clout and influence for States and more time to respond to local disaster events. Folks this isn't brain surgery!

      I'll ask you a hypothetical?? What happens when Obama finally breaks the treasury and he wills the way he's going?

      What happens to the money States Citizens have in the pipeline headed for the U.S. Treasury?

      I seriously doubt states or states citizens ever see that money again!

      And they will take your precious maetals away from you also!

    7. Bobbie Jay says:

      up here in the frozen states, the state government increases our property taxes for STREETS. So, all of a sudden the feds come in???? Where is our money going? We've paid over $2000.00 on property taxes for our house we bought in 1992 at $87000.00. GOVERNMENT GREED AND SECRET AGENDA.

    8. Sandy - Pennsylvania says:

      These two storms were far from routine – they were blizzards. Paralyzing blizzards.

      I live in an affected state. It's been terrible and a blow to the economy, The snow must be removed and state and local budgets are running out of money. Somehow it has to be paid for – raise state or local taxes, cut programs (again) or tap FEMA funds.

      By your logic we shouldn't ever declare a disaster in Florida due to hurricanes. After all, Florida knows they're likely to have hurricanes. Or how about midwest floods – spring often brings floods. Or those states along Tornado Alley know the liklihood of tornadoes.

      Of course, this is Obama so you have to demonize even snow removal.

    9. Sandy - Pennsylvania says:

      Bobbie Jay, what state do you live in where you pay property taxes to the state? I pay state income tax but property taxes are paid locally.

    10. Michael Schmidt, Sou says:

      If the emergency declarations were always going to the same jurisdiction, you'd have a point. But I doubt they are. Local governments probably are budgeting snow removal according to previous years' expenditures for that locality–but then an exceptional year comes along and they need help. FEMA is essentially federal insurance for local governments. You know how insurance works, right? Everybody pays in $5,000/year because nobody knows who's going to have the $50,000 heart attack this year. Likewise we all pay federal taxes because nobody knows who's going to have the three-foot-in-one-week snowfall.

      If all governments budgeted for a once-in-100-year weather event, local taxes would be high, and most local government agencies would end up with a surplus at the end of the year. How would the Heritage Foundation respond? By denouncing the obviously unnecessary tax burden and the ridiculousness of the budgeting assumptions….

    11. PunkAmerica, Boston says:

      As far as I'm concerned, NJ has the right to some federal help. They get less return for federal tax dollars sent than any other state, 61 cents per.

    12. Bobbie Jay says:

      Good one, Sandy. You're right! I get so frustrated, because all is outrageous and absolute thievery. Government is government and taxes are taxes, we don't know where 1/2 our money is going in Mn. The other half (under estimation) is going into corruption, dishonesty and misrepresentation.

    13. Bobbie Jay says:

      All government entities work together. that's why the feds are taking it over to make government one.

    14. John B. San Diego says:

      Good points all, I just happen to believe we are better served by local government.

      The way we are headed you as citizens of whatever state or locality. Will need to apply to Brussels to have your snow removed How long will that take and how much added cost for one single government to track and protect all?

      Small gov is better gov; trust me; that don’t say we shouldn't help our neighbors in other towns, cities, states or countries.

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