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  • Watch Out for the "Green Police"

    In what was seemingly an outlandish Super Bowl commercial, the “Green Police” could become all too real.  Though the cap-and-trade legislation appeared to die in the Senate after the passing the House, that doesn’t mean the war of environmental regulations is over. Liberals could still force draconian environmental restrictions on us anyway. Tucked into the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency (run by unelected bureaucrats) is money to enact “laws” that will force us to comply with new emissions standards. This commercial would be funnier if it wasn’t so true.

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    23 Responses to Watch Out for the "Green Police"

    1. Kasha Mead says:

      You Sir, are an idiot.

    2. sbenard, Bountiful, says:

      Most people think of Cap and Trade in terms of the cost to fill their gas tank or higher utility costs at home. Few people realize that it will have devastating impact on domestic FOOD production. One of the best ag analysts in the USA recently told me that proposed energy regulation will convert the USA from the world's largest food exporting nation… to a net IMPORTER of food!

      Every facet of agricultural production requires cheap, abundant energy to keep prices at reasonable levels. I am a grain trader, so I know of what I speak.

      The Indirect land use provisions of the proposed regulation would force conversion of up to 14.5% of all US cropland back into forest. Additionally, the tilling of soil, planting of seeds, fertilization, watering, and harvesting are also all energy-intense. Fertilizer itself is made from crude oil and/or natural gas. All prepared and manufactured foods are also energy-consuming, as is also the distribution of food to grocery stores.

      I hope we all have a garage filled with food. If the Obama EPA gets its way, we'll soon need it!

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    4. Joe Ruffino, New Yor says:

      This administration, if successful means that Russia won the Cold War, the US lost WWII, a Fifth Column has taken over the country, the USA will become like Venezuela, Sovent Green is upon us.

    5. Jim, Gainesville, Fl says:

      I thought this commercial was frightening. So using draconian environmental restrictions as a base of power, the "Progressives" will run every aspect of our lives. This commercial was not funny, it was a look at a possible future of America. Everyone please wake up and see that this can happen!

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Funny commercial right! Well it's all too real if we don't stop Obama and his

      "plot" to destroy, not only our country's economy, but rule over every aspect of

      our lives. The really scary part is that Obama will not stop. Within the past few days, Obama established yet another government agency with the NOAA to study "climate change". He just "dictates" what he wants. No input from the American people or Congress (not that it makes a difference). He just does it. Almost every day we find that he has "dictated" or inacted an "exeutive order" that futher drags this nation closer to his Marxist goals. Obama must be stopped before it's too late.

    7. Debra Bell says:

      Big Brother is coming and he is GREEN..

    8. Debra Bell says:

      Big brother is coming… and he is GREEN!

    9. John Blake, Florida says:

      Has anyone looked at the fact that the fractional component of CO2 in the atmosphere has not changed in 150 years ?? Cap & Trade???

    10. Debbie Bend, OR says:

      I thought the commercial was mocking the USA and bascially it was the Germans telling us this is your future once you sign the Climate Treaty and Cap & Trade. The European Union already has the "Green Police". They weigh your garbage and they tax you if its over a certain limit. In other words you are being excessive and polluting the earth if you consume too much. Like the commercial shows you will be monitored by the Green Police in regards to garbage, light bulbs, consumption of water and electricity (no energy hogs) food you eat, everything !!!

    11. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Concentrations of co2 in the atmosphere has risen in recent years, but the site linked to below says that increases in co2 follow temperature increases, not the other way around as global warming alarmists claim.


    12. Dennis Social Circle says:


    13. BEN-REPUBLIC OF TEXA says:

      Move to east Texas,buy at least 10 acres of pasture land,plant 10 acres of lob lolly pine trees.This immediately qualify's you for a 'Timber exemption'on your yearly land taxes.I own 15 acres bought in 1978,built a log home from my own timber and harvested 10 acres of old grow timber off it.14 years ago I planted 10 acres of loblolly pines and now they are 30+ feet tall..I just paid my 2,009 taxes on 15 acres..My taxes were $130.00dollars.I also have a Homestead exemption..Plant a garden,get fishing gear,keep guns and ammo to hunt for food because Obama is a communist and he's hell bent on destroying our economy.The Illuminati's agenda is to make America a third world nation.May God Bless USA and Israel..I post under BFT on Israeltoday

    14. Dugan, Cleveland, OH says:

      Its already started in NC, effective 1 December 2009, the state enacted legislation making it illegal to NOT recycle plastic bottles (think soda bottles) wooden pallets and a handfull of other material. If a government body wants people to recycle more, make recycling centers and drop off points more numerous, easily accessible, and let them know they're there! To put a little more ridiculousness to this law, it allows the state to fine the United States military facilities (i.e. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Army Fort Bragg, etc.) when they send in inspectors to their waste facilities and find plastic bottles…its only a matter of time before other states follow suite and take it even farther…

    15. Perry, OK says:

      Wow! Please tell me that most people can see thru all this GREEN stuff! The world as we know it is in constant change without obama! When is he going to learn to leave well enough alone. He really can not be that STUPID can he?

      You want milk for your child? You need cows, unless your a vegin nut and drink grain juice that is enhanced. You like eggs? You need chickens plural, a lot of them. We have a lot of people here and over there. We are the BREAD BASKET of the world. So why is it that WE as AMERICANS let OUR elected reps sell us out. Because we don't want to see the cow only the steak.

      Get real america or you will be waiting for the ships from Brazil and argentina to come in. Hey maybe this is ob's immigration policy!

    16. Terry R Cushman, Dak says:

      I am disapointed that there is not more coverage of this commercial as this is the direction the enviro-facists want to go and they are showing us their world ideals here. This should be front and center so our kids can see how against freedom and the constitution these people are. The comparisons to hitlers brown shirts are just sick, not to mention musalini or stalin

    17. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The above is already happening in Australia. Peter Spencer lost his land to the Australian government in the name of CO2 reduction. If you take the time to Google Peter Spencer you will learn what can and will happen to us – it is really scary!

    18. Tom Jeffrey says:

      This is reminiscent of the "Cops" spoof show "Reno 911". It's a riot. The best way to beat really stupid ideas to to make them laughable – and if you can turn a profit while doing so, you beat 'em twice, since they hate the profit motive more than "polluters."

    19. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I am for recycling, during WWII we did it, we collected newspapers in our house and once a month a truck would pick them up, same with all cans, we would wash the and cut off the bottoms and smash the cans flat with tops and bottoms in middle, we didn't have plastic, our mik came in glass bottles and they were washed and put in the milk box, next delivery milkman took them, oh yes, milk was delivered to your door. If you bought milk or soda in the store you returned the bottles and got money back. My kids made spending money picking up bottles along the side of the road and tracks, .03 added up quick, but then a candy bar was a dime and soda a dime. Although I believe in these things I also respect the rights for others not to and I use floresent bulbs mostly and will use LED's where I can in the future because I am trying to lower my utility bills. The gov't. should not try and police us, only provide the means if WE chose.

    20. MWB says:

      I can certainly see why people would be frightened to have a real "green police" force glaring down their noses to catch you in a "compost infraction" or "drinking from styrofoam cups." What I find difficult to believe is that the American people would actually sit by idly and watch something of that magnitude happen. For example, take a look at the tea party movements and their impact on healthcare reform. Although I don't doubt the absurdities of some on the far environmentalist left (ahem, Henry Waxman), I choose to keep my faith in the American people and our democracy.

    21. D. L. Cromly Defianc says:

      Yes we must do something and quickly. The midterm elections is when it must happen. Wemust, and I repeat, must, take control of congress to stop the communist traitors from destroying us.Every person running for election should be eager and willing to swear before God and country to uphold and protect our constitution, I would like to see a platform with a plan to change what needs changing. Not a slam dunk, but a well thought out plan to pull the weeds out of the wonderful and beutiful garden our founders with Gods help, created. Thanks for listening. Don

    22. Sam, Green Bay says:

      Who knew the American people would have to be wary of the (not so) jolly green giant?

    23. Robert G says:

      Vote anybody that uses the term "green" out of office as quickly as possible.

      It's also time to jail all those behind the global warming scam.

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