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  • No More Talking Points - It's Time for Economic Freedom

    Last week, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke delivered a speech at the National Press Club titled “Back to Basics: A Blueprint for Exports-Driven Job Growth,” and remarked that “[President Obama’s National Export Initiative] will correct an economic blind spot that has allowed other countries to chip away at America’s international competitiveness.” The secretary also stated that “The United States is the most open major economy in the world…And that’s not going to change!”

    Well, unfortunately, “empirical reality” tells us a different story. According to the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, a data-driven study by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. economy has fallen from the top tier “free” category. Recent years’ economic policies have dramatically accelerated this decadency. Falling behind Canada, the United States is now a “mostly free” economy.

    Indeed, our economic strength is being weakened by many “blind spots,” and our global competitiveness is losing ground. While many countries around the world continue on the path of increasing competitiveness and flexibility, the United States is, in many respects, moving in the opposite direction, simultaneously burdening its economy with increasing government spending, uncompetitive tax rates, and barriers to trade and investment that stifle entrepreneurship and dynamic growth.

    Without causing further delays by fleshing out talking points, it is the time to reverse the slide in our economic freedom. A good stepping stone to that would be to restore our credibility in international trade by moving forward three currently-stalled free trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea.

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    20 Responses to No More Talking Points - It's Time for Economic Freedom

    1. Tuco_bad - New York says:

      President Obama’s declared in the State of the Union: “Now, the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America’s businesses.” However the facts are that private level employment in America is at the same level it was ten years ago, even though the adult population has grown over 10% in the same period.

      America’s leaders must come clean and admit that the private sector is no longer the driving force of growth of our economy, and that the government must be the engine of job growth in our nation.

    2. Phil, Cape Cod says:

      How ironic for Sec. Locke to be delivering a speech on job growth while working to put hard working patriotic American commercial fishermen out of business. Read all about it at the Fisherman's Blues Blog: http://fishermensblues.blogspot.com/

    3. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      We clearly need to get the government out of the private sector, and let our private sector do what it has always done which is drive the world's economy for the betterment of everyone. Those who say more government is better clearly don't understand the free market system works better when there is less obstruction and regulation. Considering the current recession is a result of abuses on the regualtion side (put in place by THE GOVENMENT years earlier) I wonder why anyone would want the government to do more to mess our economy up.

    4. Melissa, northern Ca says:

      One could argue, very successfully, that the reason private sector employment is at the same level it was 10 years ago is due to increasing govenmental intervention over that time period. We have not had a TRUE free market system in recent history, and now are being told the system doesn't work! In fact what we have done doesn't work – we need to get government out of the way and let a true free market system flourish. Tax credits, subsidies and regulations (govenment interventions) have created a house of cards that is beginning to crumble.

    5. Dave - Chelsea, MI says:

      Tuco_bad – New York – WHAT? Please tell us you're kidding. You really believe Government creates wealth or jobs? Yes, Government can print money. Yes, Government can increase its size and hire lots of employees to conduct non-productive activities – but to state that Government is the answer. Please.

    6. Daverino Ft. Worth says:

      Until we start teaching our yewts the benefits of Capitalism and what our Republic stands for–we are doomed to have 53% of liberals who think favorably of Socialism.

      You cannot vote for the right people if you don't even understand what the right policies are.

      Did I mention lately for the first time in my adult life I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this "mostly free" government?

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      How many times must Obama and his lackeys prove they are using lies and

      destortions to distract our attention away from what they attempting to do

      to our American way of life? How many times must we continue to warn

      the readers that Obama is a lier of unequaled quality? He has an agenda

      and and ideology to "transform" this nation into a socialist state. As long as those such as Tuco_bad and Obama out their, we all must keep reminding people of the stakes involved in this war.

    8. WHICH WAY says:


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    10. Duane Phinney Pensac says:

      "the government must be the engine of job growth in our nation"

      That's not possible, many countries have tried and all failed. Lower taxes, less regulation is the only thing that works. We have the highest Corp tax rate in the world.

    11. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Tuco_bad – New York

      Have you stopped to consider your statement? I am a small business person and I can tell you first hand that business expansion is limited by government – not enhanced. Government does not create wealth unless plunder and conquest of other nations is the agenda. As others have posted there are few if any business people in Congress and Congress doesn't have a clue on how to run a business. If you really want to see expansion let me expense business equipment purchases and suspend personal proterty tax for a least five years. Relax contract labor restrictions to at least let me hire part time people to fill voids in schedules. My guess is non-business people haven't a clue about my suggestions.

    12. Ric Davidge Former D says:

      so well said. I'm in a very large bulk export business and deal with China, India, and other growing countries. Over the past decade it has become more and more clear that the USA is moving away from free markets toward command and control at the same time these other countries are moving aggressively toward open/free markets.

      Now, they are not where we used to be, but neither are we.

      With Alaska now having the highest oil tax in the world, with federal limits on various bulk exports, with tarrifs on a growing number of imports – we are not as free as we used to be. Not even close.

      The greatest fear in my business when talking with investors is, Obama. That comes from all sides of the political spectrum including liberal Democrates. They are afraid to make investments on any long term project because they are "afraid" of Obama.

      We are now living under a solf tyranny ub America.

      This is NOT freedom.

      Ric Davidge

      AQUEOUS International

    13. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      Those are good practical points but we need a complete Re-positioning at least at the Center-Right as a global strategy of re-creation and re-growth. Of course the small businesses need to re-start so that jobs, import-export and high volume of exchanges can re-stimulate from some crucial points an economy that need to be re-freed.

    14. Bobbie Jay says:

      Well, I grew up in a household with democratic parents. I have observed the differences since 1992. Democrats believe in holding no citizens accountable to their impractical expenses. Dems believe in creating programs with the money of the responsible. Dems believe in hardship to those that make it on their own, to make the lives of the unaccountable/irresponsible ongoing and easier.

      Dems obsession to create programs to fund those they sympathize with, sends a clear message, dems see people as inferior. Democratic party has NO FAITH IN THE FREEDOM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

      Republicans are much more honest in my observations and make much more sense. They believe in us, to do for ourselves. Republicans believe in freedom! If dems believed in freedom, they wouldn't have unfair mandates and punishments attached to their bills! Dems wouldn't be growing government as if we are all indigent! Dems want to take this country DOWN!…STARTING AT THE TOP WITH THE PRESIDENT!

      FYI- I am not democrat or republican. My vote goes to those that stand for freedom, American principles and values. No one in the democratic party exercises any of this! Everything is a hyped up crisis, to democrats. They have no faith in the American people, which tells me they are unqualified, WEAK and reckless to run this country!

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      Republicans believe in ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Their actions and words send the message.

    16. Bobbie Jay says:

      Sorry, I also observed SOME republicans weakened…still, I believe they can rebuild their strength and I continue to have faith and trust in them over democrats.

    17. ann kitay fulton,tx says:

      Just a wild thought – years ago I worked for a NASA contractor keeping track of contracted hours to complete a project. There was a lot of 'borrowing' hours from one job to cover the over-run hours on another job. I then informed my boss I was of the confirmed opinion that no one should work for the federal gov. without having spent at least 10 years in the private sector – learn to respect how many hours it takes to make a predetermined amount of money. Also have worked for export freight forwarders – lots of experience in learning abouat how far one dollar goes – do the same at home – how many hours do I have to work to pay for an item that I know I have to have. NAFTA did not start all of this – maybe the steel mills shipped to Japan – maybe before I was born – but start it did. You get what you pay for…..

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    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      Ben C. in Ann Arbor is right on the money. The government has done very little to really stimulate business growth and opportunity. It seems they are too interested in "command and control", but always in the name of 'the people'.

      Government regulation of business to ensure the safety of the public, of employees and of consumers is necessary. Unfortunately, government in all its forms, once established, takes on a life of its own. And like any other living thing seeks to grow for its own self-preservation and constantly looks for new areas in which to expand and exert its influence. One need look no further than what has happened over the past 12 months in the U.S. to verify this. During the past year, unemployment has risen to over 10% on average nationwide. In some areas of the country the percentage is much higher. During this same period government jobs increased by 64,000.

      Take a look at government intervention in the area of employer provided health insurance for employees. There is no law, either State or Federal, that requires an employer to provide employees with health insurance, except for Workers Compensation, which only covers job related accidental injuries or illnesses. However, the States, and especially the Federal government, have taken it on themselves to pass legislation requiring such employer provided health plans to expand the benefits of these plans and to expand the eligibility for coverage under these plans. Now of course, these same hypocrites who were responsible for these cost increases put the blame on insurance companies and want to take over the whole health insurance industry. Ask any employer about the impact that government mandates on health insurance alone have had on his business.

      Then ask about the taxes and fees the government imposes and the IRS treatment of business expenses and depreciation allowances.

      It's laughable when the government says it wants to stimulate jobs in the private sector. they don't know how to do it and even if they did, they wouldn't.

    20. Willam says:

      It's all part of Obama's promise to "return wealth to it's owners". America has been greedy and much too prosperous, so he says, and so our ability to create wealth through exports must be diminished. It's really that simple. http://www.good-gov.com

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