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  • Morning Bell: A Six-Hour Infomercial Can't Save Obamacare

    Right before the Super Bowl, President Barack Obama spoke about health care reform with CBS News’ Katie Couric: “I want to come back and have a large meeting, Republicans and Democrats, to go through systematically all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward.”

    According to aides, the President envisions a half-day meeting on February 25th held in Blair House (a building across the street from the White House) presumably televised by C-SPAN. President Obama’s conciliatory rhetoric aside, everyone knows this publicity stunt has nothing to do with actually considering conservative health care reform ideas and everything to do with the appearance of transparency and bipartisanship. The New York Times reports: “In making the gesture on Sunday, Mr. Obama is in effect calling the hand of Republicans who had chastised him for not honoring a campaign pledge to hold health care deliberations in the open, broadcast by C-Span, and for not allowing Republicans at the bargaining table.”

    And the reality is that Democrats have no intention of including conservative ideas this late in the game. The Washington Post reports that White House officials “said the president will come to the health-care summit armed with a merged version of the two bills that Democrats strong-armed through the two chambers with almost no GOP backing.” And The Post adds that Congressional Democrats show no signs of intending to listen to new ideas either: “In separate statements Sunday, Democratic leaders praised the president for calling the bipartisan summit but made clear they are not prepared to give up on the progress they made last year.”

    The White House continues to operate on the assumption that the American people would support their plan, but that President Obama just has not explained it well enough to the American people. The exact opposite is true. The American people have a very good idea of what is in President Obama’s health care plan, and they do not like it. The President’s plan takes the worst part of the status quo – a slow-motion federal government takeover of health care – and makes the problem much, much worse. Tacking-on one or two conservative ideas will not change the fundamental direction Obamacare would take our country.

    Take for example the President’s insistence that his plan includes the conservative idea to allow individuals to purchase health insurance cross state lines. The problem is the President’s plan also gives czar-like powers to unaccountable federal bureaucrats to decide what does and does not qualify as health insurance for the entire country. These regulations would squeeze-out any real competition among private health plans anywhere, making competition across state lines useless.

    If the President were really interested in bipartisan reform, he should have reached-out to conservatives months ago. Even before the President was sworn into office, our conservative health care analysts here at The Heritage Foundation have been reaching-out with common sense, free-market-friendly ideas that can ensure access to affordable health insurance. But for more than a year, the President chose not to listen. If the President truly is interested in bipartisan health reform, he needs to step back and start over. His six-hour February 25th Hail Mary pass just isn’t going to cut it.

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    96 Responses to Morning Bell: A Six-Hour Infomercial Can't Save Obamacare

    1. Barb, New York says:

      They are either so evil they don't care or they think the American people are so stupid they can't see right through all of this 'stuff'. I am so sick of all of them. Talk about saturation.

    2. Ozzy6900 says:

      President Obama just doesn't get it! We the People do not want his ObamaCare in any form! He can discuss it until he is "blue" in the face all he wants, We, the intelligent tax payers and funders of this abomination, want nothing to do with it.

    3. MAS, Springfield Vir says:

      Kill the bill! and get on with creating jobs, real jobs not the fat government BS, November cant come fast enough as well as 2012

    4. Mike Baker - McKinne says:

      This sounds like "The Emperor's New Clothes" giving the appearance of value and substance when in fact there is no value our substance…Mr. President enough with the gimmicks America is looking for real answers not illusions of answers….

    5. Ed Bradford says:

      When the President supports a plan whereby I can solve my own Health care problems without being penalized (taxed), I will listen. Until that time, forcing me to buy "insurance" for planned, predictable health care needs is Government takeover of my health care choices. Either allow me to accumulate my own Health Savings Account, TAX FREE, or butt out, please.

    6. John, Michigan says:

      If the DemocRATS do not realize that America is glad for their wasted year of effort producing nothing but anger against big government solutions to the problems big government produces then let them resurect their Health Care Bill. They, as a political party, are like moths drawn to a fire. Ciao, Babies.

    7. okiejim says:

      Mr. Obama, let me make myself perfectly clear. I am one of the American people you refer to, and I do not want your government run healthcare program. The government already intrudes way too much. I was forced to go on Medicare when the plan I had (Tricare) and a supplement that I paid for, were serving me well. Some would say that Tricare is a government run plan, and that is true, but I earned it and it was promise to me when I served in the military for 22 years. I would have gladly paid for an affordable health insurence plan if one had been available. Something like a healthcare savings plan would have made more sense to me. If you want to reform healthcare, don't do away with what is working, but come up with something that will benefit future American citizens without government interference. Let the market work without all of the restrictions placed on it by the government.

    8. Jessie Hamby- Missou says:

      If they must pass a healthcare bill, then I have an idea for them: Combine the mandatory auto insurance with the healthcare bill so the people have only one payment. If they must tax us to death, at least make it feasable for us to make the taxation without representation payments.

    9. john posey says:

      Looks like he must think he is a dictator. He seems so stuck on himself. Katie,network, and him are going down hill so fast and they just do not get it!!!!!

    10. Chip, Colorado Sprin says:

      Tort reform!!!

    11. Ron Derry NH says:

      I think we are bearing witness to a White house that believes Americans are naive sheep waiting to be swayed by what ever slick package they can get the campaign image of Obama to sell.

      There is a fascism to their style and a contempt for reality as they throw every publicity stunt known to man at us, as if PT Barnum was running the White House.

      I said this years ago. America has not been the same since the Circus stopped come to town.

      We tolerate the showmanship, the bedazzling with bull and the smoke and mirrors, but at the end of the day it is the economy stupid!!! Isn't that the democrats own line? The price of admission to the greatest show on earth can never exceeds its worth. Right now Obama has not just exceeded his worth but he is now promising to leverage more with nothing new to offer but servitude and sorrow for those who have paid for the seats at the show. The introduction by the great orator must allow the performers there space to perform, otherwise the three ring circus is nothing more than a parade and an exit strategy to fleece the crowd……….

      Well, here we are, entrenched in an economic tail spin, with our debt reducing the worth of the past, the present and the future and we get nothing but Clark Gable imitations of "frankly America I don't give a damn"…..and then the proceeding speech of how much more we have to give of our blood seat and tears to these devouring socialists mandate of phony bipartisanship and yoke to their final solution. This is not a performance worthy of the greatest show on earth it is more a lackluster fare more in keeping with the hustle and cheap perfume and costumes of what has been derogatorily bemused at as "Carney's".

    12. Recruiter says:

      Let's face it! The marxist in charge has no interest in listening to any Republican ideas. It's a photo op, and they hope to ram the bill through even though Americans have clearly spoken a resounding NO. If our Healthcare was so horrific, then explain why the Canadian official decided to come to the US for his Surgery? No, this was never about healthcare or lowering costs. It's only a huge powergrab of 1/6th of the US economy. November 2010 is right around the corner.

    13. Kay Star Northville, says:


      Obama had a chance to include the Republicans and totally ignored them!!


      1st Tort Reform

      2nd Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines

      THIS WILL REDUCE COSTS IMMEDIATELY —— Then look at other alternatives!

      WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER 2000 PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. John Spellman, Totow says:

      The self appointed "chosen one" lies constantly and yesterday during the CBS pre-super bowl show I had to keep changing channels as the useless interview of Obama by Couric was hyped and then shown. I did not see any of it as I switched to the Weather Channel which has 100 percent more credibility than either one of them. Obamacare must be stopped as it will make the final days of my life a nightmare. I pray that the American public will really unite and put this out of existence for good.

    15. Brock in NH says:

      This appears to be the epitome of set-ups, all done to embarrass the Republicans and to enforce the President as trying his hardest to "do what the American people want"

      The Democrats will appear, all bright and shiny and willing to hand-shake/back-pat for the C-SPAN cameras They'll "listen" to new ideas And later will savage each item produced by the Republicans as naive, old-fashioned, more of the same (and perhaps find a way to blame the previous administration along the way)

      Hope the Republicans are ready to play hardball; otherwise the dog-and-pony show could backfire to their detriment

    16. Macello Joe, Marin C says:

      The so called "Estate Tax" is really a Transfer Tax on the Estate itself from one generation to another. If it's a simple Transfer Tax then why is it so high? Clearly at the high rates of estate taxation it is a "Double Dipping" Tax, (Blacks' Law Dictionary 9th ed- page 564) because it derives the same benefit twice (because of prior taxation) from the same sources which is fundamentally perverse, unlawful and probably "Unconstitutional"!

    17. Dr. Sheila Saddle Br says:

      First of all, you can't get a word in edgewise with the POTUS. He never stops pontificating. Secondly, a half day? A half day for bringing together the best ideas? Is he kidding?

    18. ellen c. Bruck 2708 says:

      I sincerely pray that this govt. health will never come to be.

    19. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obama should have done that earlier. He, and his fellow Democrats, should have gotten out of campaign mode into governing mode and invited Democratic and Republican leaders to the White House on DAY ONE and had the meetings televized

      one C-SPAN. Did he? No, he didn't. He wanted to air the show Obama Knows Best.

      Does Obama know best? Let's see, Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. What do these three states all have in common? They all went Republican. The answer is no.

    20. toledofan says:

      The best advise to the Republicans is to stand firm and don't be hoodwinked into the Presidents agenda; go to the meeting and offer the Republican alternatives and nothing else. It's too bad that we elected a Presdient who cares more about himself than he cares about the United States.

    21. Normca says:

      February 25th: more than 2 weeks from now. Yea right ? By that time, as this article portrays, it will be a done deal for the democratics. This show is like the job summits that resulted in a $5,000 credit to hire; meaningless, but so he can then say he reached out [despite when]. This is for the MSM to portray and for the 15% of taggers [who tag onto him just because he is him], who will support Obama for his stash forever. What he does not get, it that most of us see right through him and I for one anticipate this kind of show right up until the November elections. I watched the Obama Show when he gave another speech and said to myself this is the speech I want to see next January after the Republican majority, in both legislative houses has been sworn in.

    22. Ken Jarvis says:

      HF Logic –

      HF – Not Good – We don't see enough HCare debate.

      HF – Not Good – Televised Meeting on HC is to much.

      Conclusion = Whatever Obama does is – Not good.


    23. Ken, Nashville, Tn says:

      I may be a bit confused, but, WHEN is this administration going to stop and listen to the people? President Obama is nothing more than a smooth talking dictator and the democratic party are blind followers. Sound like sometime in recent world history?

    24. Gary-Fargo, ND says:

      Excellent commentary! I think you understand how the people feel! Gary Barta

    25. A Go California says:

      Kill Obamacare, it is a "smooth" government take over. Mr. President, take care of jobs and economy first. The national debt must be lowered. If these problems are solved in 2010 or 2012, then we can start thinking about healthcare bill, one step at a time, with complete transparency. Not the entire bulk with the unsurmountable cost. The wasted money for 2009 must be born/taxed on the politicians; they caused the problem. People are eager to see their responsibility.

    26. Tom Oklahoma says:

      This may well be a publicity stunt… and the President… may well listen to ideas from the other side… to give the appearance of his "willingness" to work… to garner additional public support… for the polls… and then add a couple of things to sweeten the deal for a couple of moderate Republicans to come on board… giving him the vote tally he needs… remember there were a couple of the New England Republicans who had been leaning his way earlier in the development of the bill… but then at the end backed away. The President is playing the game… I am sure that he and his aides know something… that is hidden at this time… afterall why would he be so confident… if he did not think somehow he could win this…

    27. Greg (San Antonio, T says:

      Sure, President Obama is now willing to include the Republicans, which occurred only after they lost the seat in MA. It reminds me of the situation where a guy pulls a knife on a couple walking along the street and makes all of these outrageous demands on them. Then the gentleman pull out his concealed Kimber 1911 and the want to be “G” wants to negotiate!!

      What are they thinkin’!!

    28. apberusdisvet, FL says:

      If the Republicans were smart, they would not let the President get away with the deflections and obfuscations that happened at the televised discussion with Ryan et al. They should demand totally transparency on any language in the bill, rather than the obscure lawyerese usually found. Will they do this? Hopefully.

    29. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Obama becomes more and more delusional each and every day. I truly believe he's so self absorded that he actually perceives himself as some sort of Christ-like savior. Or course, CBS and Katie Couric promotes his delusion with an outragious interview during of all times, a Superbowl program, where he is still pushing his socialist agenda. Absolutely disgusting!

      We all should know by this time, Obama will not tell the truth. He continues

      to lie about his desire to have a "bipartisanship" decussion with conservatives

      on health care. Conservative ideas will never be considered. Their ideas are not even allowed to be presented on the floors of either the House of Senate. This is nothing more than another attempt to distort the facts and "trick" the American people into not reconizing his Marxist attempts to "transform" of this country. Every word Obama either speaks or reads must be understood to be "distortions and deceptions. He is an "ideolog" that will not or cannot change.

    30. Colleen, Lees Summit says:

      It is so sad that this White House administration thinks that saying new words can override all their actions this past year. Nothing has changed. They still want to take over every piece of our lives and control what we do.

      Please Republicans get back to your Conservative values and stand firm. If you don't Obama will fundamentally change the United States like he promised. One promise he definitely wants to keep.

      My husband and I have worked too hard all our lives to get to a point where we can retire comfortably- not rich- just comfortable and here Obama comes wanting to take away everything we are trying to achieve. Since becoming an adult I have been responsible and accountable for me and eventually my family. I am always willing to help others but on my terms not the government. They should not be allowed to tell me how to spend my money.

    31. Bill Herring Tulsa, says:

      Note to Republican leaders: do not allow yourselves to be used by Obama. Any move to "deal" with him at this "summit" will be used to say to the American people that Republicians are now "on board". Even if he agrees to drop some aspects of his plan, and you agree, you'll be used to tell the American people that Repulicians help design and agree to all of it! For our country, don't agree to any part of this take over of our health care.

      Any challenges we have with our current health care system can be solved one at a time, not with a hugh take over of our economy!

    32. J. White//Quinton, N says:

      I still find it highly amusing that the modern press is such a collection of fools so easily duped by this phony. They say he has "such charisma": the thing that we all have to remember is "charism" is a euphemism for having a great line of verbal fertilizer aka "BS"] Whenever I have met a person who has "charisma" it did not take long to determine that he was full of the proverbial, the inherent problem is: a lot of folks seem to like the "flavor" of those words..

      IF anyone of them "believes" for even the briefest of instances that the Empty Suit is doing anything other than continuing to lie to us, then they, too, are partakers of the new Kool-aid- "The Empty Suit's" vintage brew- first forulated by that twit Woodrow Wilson, and then Teddy Roosevelt..

      The health care issue is about the dumbest one ever regurgitated by the Congress. There shall be no progress in this half day hot air session where the Empty Suit will try yo impress the Republicans [and the inane press] of how wonderful HE is and how it is "not me" but, in reality it IS all HIM…a tyrant in the making unless we stop him in the next two elections….hopefully, THAT will do what needs to be done.

    33. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Obama stated, "I will not walk away from the American people."

      It appears from the polls however, and the comments here, the people are walking away from him.

    34. Russell,. Sprinmg Te says:

      This is truly only a ploy in an attempt to win back some of the left leaning independents that he's recently lost due Scotts brown's and other election across the country. Surely the republican group will not fall for these shenanigans'

      Hold fast do nothing that will hurt the people and stop any incrementalisation that could overtime jeopardize all we have languished for and on for so many months…

      This is a spider to the fly scenerio, we do not need to prove ourselves to these neocon socialists' waving the american flag it is a ruse and we can fall for it.

    35. Dennis Social Circle says:

      It is more of the same old crap. The dems and obama are more than willing to tell all "it's my way or the highway". We the people must stand up and let all know that we controll the "highway" and will put all in it.

      The health care plan is just junk, when the members of our so called congress will not go under what the dems want, then it smell just like what it is, pure s**t.

    36. Ted Stein says:

      It must be noted that during the eight years of the Bush administration, the Republicans made no effort to reform healthcare. However, during the Clinton administration, they successfully killed heatlthcare reform. If the Republicans truly wanted to reform healthcare, they would have picked up the mantel after Clinton, and implemented what they have argued is their answer to reform.

      This is disingenuous at best. They have no intention of working with or without bipartisan support. This is what is unfortunate. I believe the process of bipartisan cooperation, and friction, could lead to a superior solution. We need a solution.

    37. Chris Finochio Murri says:

      It's a little to late for Pres Obama to try and ask for help with his stinking health care reform bill. Bi-partisian my !!! Why should the republicans save his butt. I say NO WAY to this deal. Don't be fooled by Obama, Pelosi and Reed.

    38. Grace says:

      It's too bad that the president continues to insult the inteligence of the american people. Does he think we can't see through this ploy? If he were interested in what the Rep's had to say he would have sat down with them long before now – he knew they were offering alternatives to the Dem plan. It's a farce – we all know it – and he looks like an idiot.

    39. Linda Carlsbad says:

      We don't want Obama's health reform. The only reason why they are trying to look like they want our ideas, is because of Scott Brown's election! We won, just like they told us! Now, they want to include the Republicans!

      To little, to late! We the American people don't forget and we certainly will not forgive! We don't believe for one minute, that they have all of a sudden decided not to have a government take over of our health care!

      This is for show! What they don't get, read our lips, "We don't trust you anymore".

    40. Reta Richardson says:

      Republicans in Congress are destroying all their credibility and calling into question their integrity by refusing to help Americans realize the security that comes with health care they can afford that they can count on when they need it.

      It's time to stop playing games with lives of your fellow country men on this issue. I'm an Independent who wishes to honor all political positions with listening and deciding based on truth and reason. You are not cooperating.

    41. Reta Richardson, Nin says:

      Republicans in Congress are destroying all their credibility and calling into question their integrity by refusing to help Americans realize the security that comes with health care they can afford that they can count on when they need it.

      It’s time to stop playing games with lives of your fellow country men on this issue. I’m an Independent who wishes to honor all political positions with listening and deciding based on truth and reason. You are not cooperating

    42. Richard, Temecula says:

      If we had a president that believed in America, told the truth and had ideas that were inspired by other than "Rules for Radicals" we may be able to cheer him on. He says he wants Republicans in the discussion but he keeps them out. He only says he wants Republicans either to sound good or to blame when election day comes.

      If he wants to reform healthcare cut the costs and keep the government out of it. If he is fretting over the 47 million uninsured be honest, many are illeagal aliens, some are in between jobs while others do not want healthcare because they do not want or need it. Obama should resign the post and let someone that is qualified lead.

      You only have to look at his expenditures since he entered office to know he has no clue of fiscal responsibility.

    43. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      The problem this administration has with free market solutions is the "free" part. Having a political philosophy that envisions more government control over all aspects of society makes it difficult to contemplate any solution that would lessen their power. Unfortunately, the Republicans lost their way shortly after getting off to a good start with their Contract with America. We conservatives must force the Republican Party to embrace the ideals of the TEA Party. Conservatism works, but it has to be applied and defended constantly and consistently.

    44. g jones says:

      good grief! .. with his record of lies, why should we believe him now? ..

      scratch this "health care" plan .. just give obama an oscar for theatrics (this should satisfy him) 'n lock him in a back room (this should satisfy US)…

    45. Richard, Temecula says:

      To Ted Stein:

      You want us to accept the premise that "Healthcare Reform" must be the Democrat vision. If a business wants reform they find ways to increase profits or lower costs and increase profits. What the Democrats are looking for is more government control, usurping American's fredom or penalties for those that do not fall in line.

      The liberals always go back to Bush. George Bush did not persue the Clinton plan because it was junk created by Liberals/Socialists/Marxists that want America in their sick image.

    46. Richard, Temecula says:

      To Reta Richardson:

      Thank you for worrying about Republican's respect. When you worry about being accepted by losers you are a loser. If the Obama plan was so good why are the Democrats trying to get out of it.

      We have this sick president telling the Democrats to push forward with healthcare even though over 60% of Americans do not want it. I you truly believe America is a representative government as it was established under the Constitution you would have to re-evaluate you comments.

    47. John G. Hubbell, Min says:

      It is stunning and revealing that the President and the Democrats do not even attempt to react to the ideas of Paul Ryan, and as enunciated by George Will in his Feb. 7th column. Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future" not only would provide for a health care plan that would cover everyone at affordable prices (and would save Social Security and Medicare),, but also would reform and make sensible the tax code in ways that would quickly revitalize the economy. Clearly, Obama and the Democrats are not interested in such ideas; they are only interested in plans that will extend and solidify their power.

    48. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      The invitation is a trap Obama hopes to set. Obama has no interest in anything the Republicans have to offer. If the Republicans accept the invite they are dumber than Obama. This President is a first class 'con' person, a big time liar and a 100% fraud. He is trying to salvage his egotistical messiah image which has been damaged by his stupid obsession with a new health care program.

    49. Jjay - Louisville, K says:

      It's pretty easy to see why the Dims are having trouble satisfying the Reflubs. With eight years of the falsehoods, misinformation and outright lies we have all had to put up with, it is no wonder any of us have a hard time even thinking about trusting ANYONE in D.C.

      It's hard to please anyone in the state we are in. When one reads the consistency of the comments here, beginning with the commentary, the message is "No matter what is said, what is offered, what is promised, I WILL NOT COOPERATE."

      What else can those in the majority do but go ahead with what it is those who elected them to do? If the Elephant won't budge in the falling economy, then it may have to live with the consequences.

    50. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      I was appauled that Katie would do an interview with the POTUS during the Superbowl Game where politics should be put aside for a few hours. But NOOOOO Pres. Obama felt the need to pitch his HC reform . Did anyone else find this to be the wrong forum?

    51. Bridgit, Salem says:

      I wish they would look at why health care is so expensive. If cost could be controlled health insurance cost would come down.

    52. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Obama has absolutely NO intent to "listen". He has his agenda and will proceed to impose it as quickly as possible before he is FINALLY exposed as being ineligible and thrown out of office!

    53. Kevin Dumville says:

      Why did the Herritage Foundation refresh its Morning Bell e-mail messages with such an outdated look? Why not use a sans serif font to give it amore up-to-date appearance? The "Morning Bell" header looks like something off a typewriter. Who uses those now?

    54. Don, Batavia, Illino says:

      I hope the Republicans tactfully decline the invitation and remain the "Party of No" bad deals and/or become fall guys for the Democrats incompetence. The Dems need to continue to fail with health care reform within their party with the failure undiluted by Republicans jumping in at this very late date.

    55. Ken in SB says:

      Richard, Temecula

      Your not understanding what was said. Republicans have nothing in their agenda about health care, period! Don't turn this into an argument over to a Dem/Repug issue.

      Stein is correct in what he has stated. You don't have to feel pressured into accepting the truth, just don't hide behind your refusal to accept that the majority of Americans want a reformed health care system, sooner rather than later. It's not enough to have a system that is the best money can buy. We want health care similar to what Megan on FOX News called the fat cat benefits our congress persons have. I believe we should have the same choices at the the rates the intrusive government extends to their employees/constituency and not their citizens.

      Try having a discourse that doesn't involve your abusive rant labeling anyone who doesn't agree with you a socialist/Marxist/liberal. Would it make sense to state that you are a fascist for residing in a country where corporations have the right to pour whatever amount of money they deem essential to further their recently engineered right to free speech and political perversions?

      The republican nominee in the last election had his campaign finance reform act destroyed by a conservative weighted Supreme Court. Not only should government get out of business way and let them work things out, we should hand them the right to buy government.

      There is something rotten here and it isn't who you think.

    56. Corky, Howey in the says:

      You People still call him "Mr. President?" He is not my President! A REAL President is someone "WE the People" would follow into battle if need be to protect our Country and our way of life and Freedom I would not follow this illegal alien into a bathroom. (still has not shown his REAL Birth Certificate) Obama, pelosi and reid along with many more democraps are trying to destroy our ONCE proud Nation. Spending our tax money like it was THEIR OWN! FORCING laws on us. Higher taxes and unemployment. FORCING a healthcare system on us AGAINST our (THE MAJORITY's) wishes. If I tried to do these things I would be brought up on charges for lying, fraud, treason, and more… He will not get a second term. The People are SPEAKING and obama shoud listen. It's already to late for pelosi and reid……….

    57. duelles, santa fe says:

      If Obama thinks hecan deal with North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc. Great! He has not been able to domuch with them and he won't get any further with the American people.

      Once decieved, always cautious, this man's rhetoric is frightfully nautious.

    58. Clarence De Barrows says:

      Folks: It's not about health care, it's about power and creating a framework designed to leverage more power over you – stop being distracted! If it was about seriously addressing the problems inherent in health care as we know it they would start with tort reform!

    59. Wallyblu says:

      Democratic definitions!

      Bi-Partisan; When Republicans agree with Democrats.

      Caving In: When Democrats agree with Republicans. (If Ever)

    60. Ken in SB says:

      Four page outline in the works in June 09 No meat in this proposal???? If it sounded too good to be true……it probably was


      Here is something that says very little good about the plan, but no plan is perfect…is it?????


      Read this and get back us on how to discuss this ???

      It's the Republican plan in legalese….the only one I could find.

      Definitely worth another "NO". Is this what the proposal said. I can't afford a lawyer to bring it down english speak.


      Can the two be made one?

    61. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      President Obama can no more change who is IS than a leopard can change his spots. He is in his heart of hearts a Deceiver, and a Defier of everything that is righteous and good. In his heart he seeks to destroy this Country from within, as foretold by Nikita Khrushchev.

    62. Les Stewart, South C says:

      I would like for somebody to please tell me where I can read Obama's plan. He keeps saying, "My Plan will do this and My Plan will not do that" but to date nobody has ever seen "His Plan". The only plan anyone has seen is the House version and it stinks! Harry Reid claims to have the Senate plan but only bits and pieces have been released.

      It looks to me like Mr Obama came into office thinking that all he had to say was, "Get me a Bill" and it would be written, approved and implemented. He had no idea what he was getting into. It looks like Mr Obama is a great little campaigner but a lousy leader.

    63. Diana, CA says:

      This is the best article I have seen on your daily e-mails! You nailed it exactly!!! Now the American people need to be paying attention enough to see the truth of every word in this article. What he is doing is a political stunt, not real bipartisanship. It's too late for that, unless they start over.

      I also have a question. Did he do this same stunt (Super Bowl pre-game) last year? Has any other president done it?

      Thank you!

    64. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      If the Bipartison nutcase from Arizona makes one move to "work with" this president on anything but a clear cut four or five part bill that basically covers the following:

      1. Tort/Malpractise reform

      2. Catastrophic coverage, a pool or ?

      3. Coverage portability.

      4. Nationwide sales capability.

      5. Real "clean up the corruption" legislation and enforcement.

      I will personally help grease the sidewalk for his departure from the US Senate.

      PC is Thought Control


    65. Donal;d Yates Long B says:

      This whole thing is such non-sense that it is not worth the hot air that is blown by this president. If we can't see through this charade , we then deserve everything that would happen afterwards. His propaganda machine (CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, etc., will do what they do—go after the Republicans and bash them unmercifully. I hope they don't play his game. Let him stew in his juices.

    66. Suzanne, Florida says:

      Can we accomplish in six hours what could not be done in a year of twisting arms? Having watched his meeting with the Republicans last Friday it appears that any further meeting is hopeless. The press applauded the President's apparent knowledge of ALL subject matter. Of course he didn't respond to the questions asked and further there was no opportunity on the Republicans' part to rebut and insist on a specific answer. Respect for the office, not the man prevailed.

    67. sherry, avon, ma says:

      Basically no one is going to even listen to any lies that comes out of his mouth and all his goons. They dont seem to get it or they are just a bunch of bullies and want to beat the American people into it. I am from Mass. and believe me, I never thought I see the day when this state as blue as it gets would go the opposite direction. I am an independent, and everyone I talk to is fed up. And I think each state is going to follow in our footsteps and get all those bums out of congress and put real people in there that listen to the people and care about us, because it all boils down to one thing. We The People Are Taking Our Country Back Because You Just Never Had It.

    68. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Too bad you can not bring up my emails for the past 18 months. EVERYTHING I SAID about Obama has come to pass. Unfortunately. I said he was a wannabe dictator and would soon have us on a par with Kenya, and hey we are almost there. I said he would destroy in this order, JOBS, ECONOMY, MIDDLE CLASS and he would do it with the help of the MEDIA! We NEED A MOVEMENT AGAINST THE LEFTIST MEDIA NOW! TAKE AWAY THEIR FUNDING NOW! HERITAGE NEEDS TO BE FRONT AND CENTER… BROUGHT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN A BIG WAY! LETS GET ON WITH IT! OUR COUNTRY IS AT STAKE HERE!

    69. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      Beware of Democrats bearing gifts. There are no gifts. A photo op for Small Pants or Goofy and his cabal of thugs.

      Regardless, if I where in the GOP leadership, I would go and take a list of 10 reforms and the cost of each and the total. I would call his hand to see if he wants to fish or cut bait.

      If he haws and hums [and takes 15 minutes to do it], I would politely excuse myself with these or similar words: "Mr. President. We came in good faith. We leave these proposals for you and the party to consider."

      I would distribute copies to the media and make sure these proposals were printed and spoken of.

      One does not need to be hostage to a dishonorable Kenyan and his crumbling Democratic Party.

    70. Judy, Mass says:

      I was just waiting for Obama to come up with some angle to get his socialistic Health Care Bill moving back on the scene. Hopefully, the Republicans will be aware of this and don't get sucked in to their evil ways. They have a plan, the Dems stay up all night I'm sure trying to come up with some way to get this passed. Well, we great Americans are on to you. We know a liar when we see them. We don't want a dictator we want an Administration that is for the people. Follow the Constitution, not your own agenda. 2010 and 2012 can not come quick enough.

    71. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Socialists do not listen to people; they dictate to people.

      Obama continues with his Flim-flam rhetoric. The Republicans should not fall into his trap; they must continue to say, "NO" to any and all of the Progressives' schemes to replace our Constitution and Democracy. Conservatives must resist the jibes and taunts of the Progressives in Government and what is printed in their toady media. Let's get them out of government first then we can start anew to tackle problems with ideas and plans that an informed people can agree with. We are in the mess, we find ourselves, BECAUSE of the machinations of these Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists. Let's get back to American traditions and values!

      Less Government; less spending; less lies and corruption; less taxes; less attacks on personal freedoms; less intrusion into the private sector; less government employees; less foreign giveaways; less catering to special interest idiots; less self-serving of politicians; less of 'everything' from Washington!

    72. Former Marine ' says:

      re: Ted Stein stated that Republicans didn't try to reform HC, AHH yes they did. But tort reform was shot down by the lawyers, the same ones donating to the Democrats.





    73. Karen says:

      Recall time yet?

    74. Ed Zeagler says:

      The Republicans should offer to consult with the President on healthcare and all other matters as soon as the November elections are over- when the will be in the majority, if they stick constitutional principles!

    75. MiddleClassGuy says:

      I had hoped with his promise of the priority in 2010 being JOBS he would have the political savy to walk away from Health Care… But nope, his ego is ruling his (and his party's) political future. If the idiot would move on to jobs and actually have some success… he could blame the failure of his Health Care Bill on the "uncooperative GOP" (although, Mr. Prez, you should include them before you declare they are uncooperative). I am just an average guy that can see this… I thought people said he was smart???

    76. Ron Derry NH says:

      This meeting can only be construed as a last ditch effort to place blame…Obama is on the ropes and he knows it. He wants a public display , a visual scene he can control and make it so what ever is discussed he looks sincere and everyone else looks against him. Its a hail Mary for sympathy.

      This is the wounded dog trick.

      He wants to asppear injured with his tale between his legs and take as many down as possible to create an equallity, or confirmation of equal posture.

      Every Republican should say, televise the proceedings as you promised the American People on C-span to show the regular governmental process and stop inventing ways to appear as if you know how America works. We have a process and it does not include show boating on TV to ensnare a crowd by deliberate subterfuge.

      Every Republican should start wearing American flag ties and pins every where they go and start standing up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which can not be obtained under servitude to Obama's vision of America.

      And bring a tea bag to what ever conference the attend and leave it at the chairman's desk.

      Remember it is we the people, it has never been me the president declares this!

    77. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      Most americana donot want obama health care.Watch fox news you will learn something.Our health care is the best already.

    78. Val.E., Texas says:

      Oboma Health Care by Government Occupation of the People would absolutely be Un-Equitable, Un-American, Un-Constitutional, Unacceptable and a treasonable act forced down the throats of the American People.

      Where are our paid Government Representatives? Republicans just saying they are "Going to Vote against Health Care" is no longer enough for the American People.

      Conservative Republicans have got to get some backbone and stand up and make a unifying public statement that they are against all Health Care Reform and Cap and Tax until our Economy is in the Black and everyone who wants one has a job? We will be behind them.

      By the way…

      Did you see the so-called "funny" Green ad on the Super Bowl? That will not be so funny when it is militarily enforced inside our own houses. They have already outlawed regular light bulbs – you will not be able to buy them after 2013.

      Obama has already sent instructions to Physicians telling them to set up so-called "Panels." I know some Senior people who were actually called. They left them a message saying they were from their Doctor's Office. Incredibley,when they called back, there was a message machine saying, "This is an Outside Contractual Nurses Office, leave your number and we will call you back for an appointment to visit with us to review your Health Care and your Medicines." Their Doctor of six years never called to tell them this was happening. As Seniors, they were just being shuffled off to the side, forever, like they don't even exist!

      Also, along with other Un-Constitutional activities, Obama has also his CZARS trying to get with or set up Private Insurance Companies so he can control them "WHEN" his Health Care gets through.

      We have got to get rid of these Un-Constutional CZARS and stop the rest of the madness of the Obama Hitlercratic Machine! If they are not stopped now, the rest of the Occupation of America is just a matter of time.

      Government Republicans must be more vocal, publically. They have got to stand up for us. If not, they should be voted out along with the rest of the low-life, money-grabbing, power-stealing Democrats.

      The time to act is now!

    79. Pingback: Morning Bell: A Six-Hour Infomercial Can’t Save Obamacare | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. « theneointellectual

    80. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The issue for me is trust – not Republican or Democrat or Tea Party. I have zero trust in our Federal Government. While the notion of some sort of health care reform is appealing, I do not trust Congress to make something as complex as health care efficient or workable. Too many hidden agendas and too many long term problems that seem to never be discussed. Social Security was never intended to be a retirement program – but look at it today. SS is clearly a giant Ponzi sceme that is bankrupt – and you want Congress to take over health care? I do not trust any of them.

    81. Karin, PA says:

      I thought the President said his focus was going to be on Jobs? This is not jobs and actually this will kill more jobs. I don't really want him to look at Jobs either because he will only make the situation worse, but this is just one more instance of his saying one thing and doing another. The healtch care bill should have died. Cap and Trade should have died. The second stimulus should have died. This man does not care. We are talking to air. But we must keep right on talking through 2010 and 2012. Hopefully we can reverse the damage fairly quickly. I want to hear what he is doing about protecting us – are we prepared for whatever is going to happen on Feb 11 with Iran?

    82. Bobbie Jay says:

      Richard, Temecula, YOU'RE AWESOME!

      The indoctrinated can't think for themselves. As you see, their accusations are all the same. The only reason they (all governmental, societal indoctrinated) all insist "no republican input" ON HEALTH CARE REFORM is DUE TO ignorance, selective hearing, trust in bias media, democrat cover-up of the PRACTICAL, EFFICIENT, REASONABLE, FREEDOM of, for and by the people to do for themselves, and to establish economic freedom, the REPUBLICAN PLAN REPRESENTS. Obama and the democrats want control. Their plan is to DECIDE AND CHOOSE FOR YOU. A FREEDOM AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY YOU LOSE! They value no life, or their plans would involve freedom, not mandates and punishments.

      The only reform needed in health care, is the removal and reprimand of the grotesque corruption and the only entitlements be the people who pay, have paid or family members pay into and military and military vets.

      Let economic freedom commence, again!

      Now, if their minds (the indoctrinated) were able to think for themselves, it would be obvious to them, what this impostor of a man, Mr. Obama is ACTUALLY DOING!

    83. Lester Olson says:

      I wonder if the increased competition of inter-state sale of health insurance might be negated by the intrusion of federal regulation that would follow by the surety of the exercise of the "commerce clause".

    84. david5300 says:

      Mr President

      What part of NO don't you understand??

    85. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      IMO, its a trap for the Republicans as was the Baltimore meeting. I suggest that only one Republican form the House and one from the Senate show up so it is not a gaggle of Republicans vs one cool looking President.

    86. Mike, Chicago says:

      This is one time were the "party of no" or the "family values party" or whatever the Republicans want to be known as can actually provide some benefit by keeping Congress from doing anything. If only they would do the same to the military budget! The current health care bill is a gigantic subsidy for the drug and insurance companies, and it won't do much that's going to benefit the public.

      So come on Republicans, do part of what you did last time we had a chance for reform by preventing anything from happening here. Just don't make things worse like you did to the Clintons.

    87. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      I don't know about anyone else but I think he should try to stay off of TV and do some work. Between his vacations, parties in the WH, and bowing to everyone I just don't see how he can do anything. he's on TV more than some soap operas.

      I am sick and tired of seeeing this liar every day. Can't he come up with something new, blaming Bush for everything is getting very OLD.

    88. Norma from Nebraska says:

      Here is my message to the President.

      Mr. President:

      If you calling a "bi-partisan" meeting regarding health care with the idea that BOTH parties will come to the table, start at the beginning by laying out ideas, find out which ones all can agree on and then shape a bill from that consensus, then you will make progress on improving health care coverage for all Americans. If you are calling this meeting to put the spot light on the Republicans by demanding that THEY will have to show you a better plan than is already being considered, with no compromise anticipated, then no progress will be made, YOU will fail, and we will all suffer the consequences. Providing a photo-op to affix blame for lack of cooperation is not acceptable. We see you on TV every single day so we will know in short order what your express intentions are . . .use this opportunity wisely because America is indeed watching.

      Taxpayers in this country DO NOT like the current proposals, and we do not want to "throw out the ‘health care baby’ with the bathwater". We do not see why we should have to eliminate what 87% of the population like in order to cover the remaining 13%. Surely there is a better way to include the uninsured without destroying our current system. We don’t want MORE government control in exchange for improvements.

      We DON’T want smoke and mirrors. If you are going to change the system, changes should take place BEFORE we start paying, not FOUR YEARS from now. With the “rape and pillage” of Social Security in mind, we now know for sure that we can't trust government to protect the INVESTMENT we would be required to make. This means that you will have to be honest and up front about what these changes will really cost us FROM DAY ONE. We are tired of fictious numbers and long-range estimates that are NEVER accurate or even close. None of us live this way with our budgets at home, and we expect improved accuracy from you guys.

      DO BETTER or don't do it at all. That requires an open and HONEST exchange of ideas with the good of ALL in mind, not just the 13%.

    89. John M. Krinke, Gree says:

      Much disrespect is shown by Pres. Obama to announce a 1/2 day "fixing session" with the Republican Congressional leadership to attempt a reconciliation of differences between Obama and hopefully sane Republicans. To attempt to fix a 2,000 plus page death warrant to the world's best health care in 1/2 day, or 1/2 a century is a cruel joke.

      The form of the invitation, itself, is an insult; like calling your dog to a luncheon of an arsenic stuffed hamburger. This is one step below the Obama offer to be with the Republicans little caucus, which Obama sucessfully controlled to his own glory.

      This is like a "fool me once . . . fool me twice" deal.

      I would hope the Republicans will have awakened by now to the dangers of trying to charm a king cobra.

    90. Barbra, Butler says:

      Not all people want to start over just add tort reform.

    91. Beverly California says:

      Mr. President, You are not listening to those you represent. You are the president, not our dictator. I don't mean to sound harsh, but, you should step back, read the directions of our forefathers and realize that you are not in office to replace them, but, you are there to represent them and protect their individual and collective rights.

      Please STOP now before it is much later and so much damage has been done.

    92. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      It's not just the tort reform that is needed, it's more complex than that. First we DO NOT need the Gov't . involved in health care, it will be like medicare and /Soc. sec. if it does. There is a lot wrong but there is more right. We cannot expect doctors to work for peanuts, and I tried the HMO route, it stinks, if thhe gov't runs it it'll be worse. When I am sick I want a M.D. not a nurse, since I am a nurse I could do well to stay HOME AND JUST OPEN UP ONE OF MY BOOKS, problem is I cannot write a script. Medical Ins. should be like life Ins. buy a policy and it goes with you where ever. Insurance Cos. could lower rates, they should be Non-Profit and at least 80% of premiums spent on health care. Stop all these big exotic conventions, big bonuses and golden parachutes that would save a bundle. While you are at it, let's get term limits in Congress and stop these for life pay checks, make them get a retirement like the rest of Gov't. employees, make them pay for their own health Ins. cut out all the free travel, put a limit on the amount they can spend going back to their state offices, this should be according to how many resesses there are per year, not like Pelosi's weekly jet plane trip to Calif. every week to check on her winery. There is a lot of FAT in the gov't. spending, let's start triming the budget there.

    93. denver- oklahoma says:

      Looks to me like none of "we the people" care to become the third-world fantasy that the arrogant Progressives, so-called, have in mind for us. Just as they about had us over the cliff,we have caught on…I HOPE!! Interesting too,how their favorite societal reference, the EU is just starting its' death spiral. Odd how when the most "backward" democracy on earth catchs cold, Europe gets pneumonia. It can't possibly be that they really don't know the words or the music to a free and democratic society. By divine providence we will escape all the sinister delusions of the left and avoid Federally directed cradle to grave life as we all freeze from global warming waiting for all the new "green" jobs to materialize…twenty years from now.

    94. Jim Freeman says:

      The Obamba administration has pulled out all the stops to force through an agenda that is slowly eroding their own party base. It is clear from his actions, if not his words, that incorporating any ideas of substance to the Health Care bills that would come from the Republican side of the Congress is remote to non-existent. Over the past year he has repeatedly made it clear that Tort Reform, opening up competition across state lines for insurance companies, and attempting to reform the insurance business is not a part of his vision. I believe that he has one purpose and that is a public healthcare plan driven by the federal government. This administration is determined to master the control of how and what we think as a people. The only reason I can see for his invitation to the Repulicans is to have a video opportunity to prove once and for all the are obstructionist and do not care what is in the best interest of the general public. However, I believe the should attend this meeting. To not show up would only strengthen what Obamba has been claiming.

    95. Juliet says:

      The congressional budget office estimates that 50 billions dollars will be saved if tort reform is instituted, if BO truly wants to save money and get started, he needs to stand up to the TRIAL lawyers who can afford $500 haircuts like Edwards, John Kerry and the likes of them.

      TORT REFORM—CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN !!! I believe the ball is in your court, BARACK.

    96. IamWhoIam says:

      Notice, since the Mass. Victory how Real Change is starting! Yet, Unless Obama gets off his high horse and does listen to The People, even through the Republicans, He will continue to fail and get nowhere with anything. The Dem's still are showing that they are NOT Listening!

      Now He and Reid want Bi-Partisanship mtg.'s! What happened before, Oh right, they had all the votes they needed themselves – America showed them!

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