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  • It Will Be as if the American Founding Never Happened

    Signing of the Declaration of Independence

    Forget George Washington, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln—nothing meaningful happened in America before 1877.

    That’s the lesson North Carolina public high schools may start teaching. Under proposed changes in their high school history curriculum, the U.S. History course (which seniors take) will cover events from 1877 forward only.

    It will be as if the American Founding never happened.

    According to Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the goal of this change is to teach what students will feel connected to, “where they see the big idea, where they are able to make connections and draw relationships between parts of our history and the present day.”

    By implication, nothing before 1877 has any meaning to students: the Declaration of Independence that proclaims the self evident truths of equality, natural rights, and consent of the governed; the Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the framework in which we exercise our liberty; the Civil War in which Abraham Lincoln defended the principles of the American Founding and ended the institution of slavery. These events are irrelevant for today’s students.

    Early 20th century Progressives also taught that nothing before 1877 has meaning for today. In his new book We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future, Matthew Spalding recounts Progressives attack on America’s First Principles. The Progressives sought to remake America, so that the Declaration’s Founding Principles, the Constitution’s institutional structures, and the Civil War’s meaning as a victory for Founding principles would no longer ring true. The progressives argued that equal, natural rights were non-existent; government creates rightsThey replaced representative government with the administrative, bureaucratic state.

    But the Progressives are wrong.

    The events of 1776, 1789, and 1865 still inspire our nation. So, for the students across U.S. who have the opportunity to study the American prior to 1877, treasure the Founding documents and learn about America’s First Principles. For you high school students in North Carolina, don’t worry,  the We Still Hold These Truths study guide is coming soon.

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    102 Responses to It Will Be as if the American Founding Never Happened

    1. Wayne, Austin says:

      This makes sense to Progressives. To them, the world actually began in year 2008 when Obama was elected. That's the new Year 0.

    2. Debra, Virginia says:

      I grew up in North Carolina and learned to love the Founding Fathers through the study of history there. (I also learned that the Constitution was a "living" document, and subject to interpretation to make it work for us in whatever age, but that's another story). I cannot imagine teaching U.S. History to any group at any age and leaving out the most rich, dynamic, and formative period in our nation's history.

      I am notifying friends and family in NC to notify their representatives in State Legislature that they cannot support this and this decision needs to be overturned. North Carolina is the laughingstock of Twitter now.

      This is a silly decision, and it is time for the adults in the state to turn this around. Otherwise, it may be time for Senior Supplemental History to be taught in the communities.

    3. Tom, NC says:

      And people wonder why the American education system is screwed up?

    4. Brad, Chicago says:

      Instead of pushing kids to learn all of it, we're going just going to leave out a few years. This sounds like hand-holding to me. We'll make it easier on them so they can look smarter. I am very much against that philosophy.

      You don't have to study the entire Revolution, but the maturity that high school students should have, compared to middle school students, should allow them to appreciate the real significance of declaring independence and founding a country in a much different way from their younger counterparts. Then again, I could be giving them too much credit.

    5. M. Shelton, South Fl says:

      It seems the progressives have taken power in North Carolina Education. I wonder if this is an idea fostered by the NEA or just angry bureaucrats. Hopefully the parents will realize what is happening and demand changes.

    6. Jeannetta, Oregon says:

      This is outrageous! They will have people leaving the institution for homeschooling or private schooling in droves. We'll need to watch our homeschool rights even more closely now.


    7. Sara, California says:

      Appalling! Just another reason to homeschool.

    8. Bobby, MA says:

      I hope Hillsdale College upons a K-12 before my child reaches school age because the schools up here haven't taught that in years anyway.

    9. Polly Johns NC says:

      Makes me even more thankful for my children's Christian school! Excellent academics that teach ALL of history!!!!!

    10. Bradley, UT says:

      This is outrageous. Absolutely unbelievable.

    11. Reg, CA says:

      Well we already destroyed the teaching of Civics, teaching how our country works, how to participate and how to be an active citizen. If kids don't know how to use the tools of our Democracy, what does it really matter if they know how it came into existence.

    12. Roger, Memphis says:

      That is simply the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard! Feel connected? We could all say that!! One of the BEST analogies, as odd as this may seem, at least what comes to mind, is from the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada". In the movie Anne Hathaway laughs about the color an accessory and this prompts Meryl Streep to go into a pontificating fit about how the fashion industry's esoteric fashion shows and attention to detail on the wealthier side of fashion and clothes design filters down to dictate the manner of style and dress to even the plainest of dressers. This is B/S…and BTW I am a pilot by trade..so obviously even that bit of history not in my field can have an effect on an older baby boomer.

    13. Brian Privett, SC says:

      How do you teach US history without teaching the founding fathers, declaration of independance or the constitution? That's impossible, isn't it?

      What the would you teach?

    14. Duane, TX says:

      I'm not familiar with North Carolina curriculum at all, but technically this is similar to what we do in Texas. Strictly speaking, the American history component of social studies (taught in 11th grade) is Reconstruction to the present, because U.S. history to 1877 is taught in 8th grade. 11th grade Social Studies teachers are still required to review American history through the Civil War, however, because it's covered on our Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), passage of which is required for graduation.

      My point is that I wonder if this would really result in what this article is stating: completely ignoring U.S. history before then. As I said, I haven't looked at the whole curriculum 6-12 of North Carolina schools, but I suspect that ignoring the Founding was not their intent. Where I would still criticize their system is not having four years of Social Studies and in teaching civics and economics in 10th grade. I think those courses are better suited to senior level (and when I've taught civics/government, I always covered the founding documents and their founding).

    15. Eric, California says:

      Why is this surprising? The original Constitution long ago ceased to be a real check on government power. Today, only portions of the Bill of Rights remain in effect. North Carolina's brainwashing, er… education system is simply recognizing the fact that Congress, Presidents, and Supreme Courts have stripped the Founding documents of their meaning and purpose.

      This has been a long time coming. When I was in school, we were taught propaganda about Lincoln being the savior of the nation, when in reality he arguably was the president most responsible for the present day unconstitutional government, since it was his use of extra-constitutional power that created the imperial presidency that later presidents exploited.

      The Founders' "Great Experiment" in self-government proved a dismal failure. Americans have failed to reign in the excesses of their government. As Aristotle said, "republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms." We are somewhere in the late stages of that progression.

    16. Judi PA says:

      What an abomination! How can any American worth his/her salt relegate the beginning history of this country as useless information. It is up to the teacher to show the students how the early history of this country is relevant to today. When the teacher understands this and shares his/her passion for the importance of our history to the students, they in turn will recognize its value. That is what is wrong with education today. The lack of passion for teaching the relevance and the importance of school. This has been replaced by the almighty test scores and the almighty dollar that has been used as a carrot for schools to improve. Education is not for the test but for life.

    17. Elizabeth Hilpert, N says:

      If they succeed in this treasonous act, I will move out of North Carolina. How dare anybody even consider hiding our rich heritage from our nation's future. Children ARE the future. We are only a free people and not subjects of an elite entity if we preserve our constitution. It was only through the great sacrifices of our founding fathers that we became We the People openly acknowledging that our inalienable rights were granted by God and not a government–vs subjects of the British Crown. Only traitors to our nation, to our citizenzry, to our freedoms would propose such a treasonous act as to deny our youth their heritage and that which protects their freedoms. I will not support any entity which works toward enslavign us, which taking away our youths true culture, true heritage surely will down the road. Without knowledge of our nation's history, they will forget who they are and what it means to be a citizen of the USA.

    18. Michael Johnson, Alp says:

      Lincoln did not defend the principles of the American Founding — quite the opposite — NOR did he end the institution of slavery. As Lysander Spooner (Massachusetts abolitionist) observed in 1870, "All these cries of having "abolished slavery," of having "saved the country," of having "preserved the union," of establishing a "government of consent," and of "maintaining the national honor" are all gross, shameless, transparent cheats so transparent

      that they ought to deceive no one."

      Perhaps the Government's school systems are far more deficient than suggested.

    19. Bobbie Jay says:

      This is how dishonoring, and pathetic education has become in America. They can't teach something they're too weak to accept themselves. They can't accept the words of the founding documents and see the strength to the individual it gives for ALL times. To teach the Declaration of Independence, half the government corruption would be exposed. Most all TAX PAID dependent programs would be depleted. To teach the Constitution would just remind the people, we, the people are the ones in power! at ALL TIMES! This country is much too young not to share it's history the way it happened. And way too pathetic, not to want to.


    20. Charlotte Beck says:

      Pitiful, absolutely pitiful. I can't believe there are actually people in this world who think the way these leftist idiots think. I can't imagine a world where people want to take and take from working folks to make their lives nice and cushy with no accountability, no responsibility… I wish we could ship these folks to another country, (ICELAND?)

    21. Kelly Limric, Nikisk says:

      UGH. The Progressives and their legions of Summer Soldiers must be having a field day. Heavens forbid that we teach about a time where the government wasn't there for hand outs and entitlement programs. When the Founding Fathers put limitations on the government so it would stay out of the way of enterprising, hard working people, not try to run all of our lives! But if we can revise history so that the US was ALWAYS Progressive, it will make our agenda easy! Makes me ill. Is there another new world out there we can go and hit the restart button??

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    23. Lawrence Hilpert, No says:

      So – - nothing that happened before 1877 has any relevence??!!!???!!!!!!!!!

      Is this person going to tell me that the founding of Jamestown Colony in 1607,

      the founding of Plymouth Colony in 1620, etc, that began the English colonization on the North American Continent is irrelevent? What about July 4, 1776 ("we hold these truths to be self-evident: ALL men are created equal-that

      they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights … among these

      are life, liberty and the persuit of happiness — don't these principles still apply??

      What about the Constitution of the United States – - "We the people…..",

      irrelevent??? the 1803 purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France?;

      the westward migration of the people of the United States?; the discovery of

      gold in California in 1849 that led to a large migration of people to California?;

      What about the Civil War?; President Abraham Lincoln?; the Emanicpation

      Proclamation?; What about the enslavement of the African peoples on the

      plantations prior to the "Civil War – 1861-1865" is this person going to say

      that that enslavement is totally irrelevent to the Americans living today who are

      descendents of those slaves????!! What about the virtual "enslavement" of

      the people of Appalacia (and other areas) and the immigrants of all nationalities

      and ethnic backgrounds in the coal mines of Appalacia and other areas which

      began with the opening of first coal mines in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West

      Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, etc?? That's irrelevent????!!

      I am still working on my family tree; I have documented immigrant ancestors

      as far back as 1638 who played their parts in building this country. I have

      documented nine Revolutionary War (1775-1781) ancestors who "did not like

      King George III and his Redcoats and his Hessian mercenaries", and "said so"

      with their sacrifice, sweat, tears, and blood; two of them were in the battles of

      Brandywine Creek, the Paoli Massacre; Germantown, Trenton, Monmouth

      Courthouse, they had wintered at Valley Forge with George Washington – -

      one of them was wounded at the Paoli Massacre!!!! They had done their part

      to help establish the RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH – - remember ?? –

      Amendment 1, Constitution of the United States of America, 7 September 1787.

      My ancestors and their sacrifices – - irrelevent???;;;George Washington and

      Valley Forge – - irrelevent?? – The Declaration of Independence – - irrelevent??::

      The Constitution of the United States – - irrelevent???;;; the right to freedom

      of speech – - irrelevent????

      Please do not insult me (and my birthright) by making such a treasonous


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    25. Rich Stewart, Carlis says:

      I'm wondering how Dr. Garland, spokesperson for the NC Dept of Instruction, defines a contemporary issue. The all out assault on the founding principles that is taking place today certainly qualifies as a "contemporary issue" to my way of thinking. Then again, I'm just a dumb ol' country boy who don't know nothin' about the nuances of curriculum development.

      "Referring to the traditional, narrative approach to teaching history, Dr. Rebecca Garland, spokesperson for the NC Department of Instruction, speaking on Fox News February 3, 2010, stated that students would still receive that instruction in the middle schools. The high school focus in Global Studies is on relevant, contemporary issues."

      Read more at Suite101: North Carolina Changes in HS History Standards: The New Curriculum for 9th and 11th Grade Social Studies http://high-school-curriculum.suite101.com/articl

    26. harvey johnson 16460 says:

      If the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction actually intends to base the teaching of of the students of that State a history resting only the shallow foundation of what has transpired in this nation since 1877, the members of that department of Instruction need to be relieved from the responsibilites which they currently hold.

    27. Catherine, Manistee, says:

      I sincerely hope none of these students are planning on declaring History as a major in college. I also hope they never get the right to vote!

    28. Mark, NC says:

      Thank God for private school…….

    29. HENHOUSEFOX58 says:

      Moms and dads, it's your cue and time to tell the board of ED to quit short

      changing your kids education. Progressives have taken over teaching the children in your state. They will do everything in their power to get the kids to believe that the constitution evolves as a living document, but it is not. If you don't know your history, how can you stop repeating the bad things?

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    31. Stephen, southwest O says:

      Exactly what you can and should expect from government public education. I was fortunate to have "gotten through" public education in the early 70's. At least we were still taught the fundamentals of US history and civics.

      Civics… If Jay Leno had ever asked people on the street what Civics was, how many would answer "more than one Honda"….

      Where is the public outcry in NC? This is fundamental. Wake Up People!!!

      It's past time to become engaged and vigilant of those we've left the responsibility to teach our children, and hold them accountable for what our children are (or are not) learning.

    32. ExPat, Manila Philip says:

      It's not primarily about the founding fathers. It seems to me an obviously transparent and politically correct attempt at erasing the Confederacy from the history of that great state.

    33. Terry, Eilat - Israe says:

      I see your Leftist madmen are as crazy as our Leftist madmen.

      I guess Leftism or as they call it now ''progressive'' takes the same destructive, regressive, self-hating form everywhere. The American Revolution was the ONLY successful revolution in modern history, an inspiration to people all over the world. I sincerely hope you stop the rot, this cancer, of ''progressivism'' before it does lasting damage to your country the way it has done to mine.

    34. Tony B., MN says:

      This is outrageous!!! The progressives are planning for the future, now that the agenda they have been pushing through this administration seems to be failing. Caution, unlike Wyle E. Coyote, these progressives learn from their mistakes, but that doesn't make them ant less looney.

    35. Rod Tester Cloquet,M says:

      Texas is also omitting basic American history from texts that are used nationwide. Even more outrageous is that America is too often being portrayed by the Left asevil capitalists, imperialists,etc. with a purposeful attempt to move its readers(our children) to a "globalists" view at the expense of American values and interests. The good news is that the Sleeping Giant is awakening once again to push back against progessivism.

    36. Stephen says:

      If you'd like to send a message protesting this egregiously wrong decision, here are two good places to express your opinion and register your protest:

      Office of the Governor: http://www.governor.state.nc.us/forms/contact.asp

      North Carolina Public Schools: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/contact/

    37. Michael Belter, Reid says:

      I was interviewed for a quote on the Foxnews story on N.C. curriculum changes. I thought that the story was perfectly fair in its reporting. I am a classroom teacher on a daily basis and I also am the social studies curriculum supervisor for the high schools in our district. Just a couple of corrections on two things that you said though. One, U.S. History is in 11th grade, not 12th grade. Also, the Constitution and founding of the nation is currently taught in Civics (10th grade), but then the historical instruction stops at 1789. I don't think that we sufficiently teach the colonial period and American Revolution as it stands right now but perhaps we can change that. The curriculum proposal seems to keep with the founding of the nation in 10th grade Civics (although it is not explicit enough on that) then skips everything that happened after that by jumping to 1877 in 11th grade. What's so ridiculous about all this is that students are expected to draw on what they learned in 7th grade and be ready for post-1877 history! Anybody who has ever attended a middle school knows that history isn't taught on the same level in those grades as it would be in high school. Take a look at the plans for "global studies" too. This is the proposed substitute for world history in high school (9th grade).

    38. Jude Richardson says:

      The Superintendent of Public Instruction, June Atkinson, for NC is elected. She can put pressure on Ms Garland concerning this proposal. Otherwise, she can wait in a long line of politicians who stand to be replaced by a majority of very angry voters.

    39. Clayton Yendrey, TX says:

      If you read much on the history of the Progressive Movement you'll find this is a portion of their declared strategy to unmake America or any goverment/society that stands in the way of achieving their "Ideal Society". Don't forget we've all seen this before; Nazi Germany, Lenin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Cuba and other's too numerous to count.

      Keep in mind that Woodrow Wilson was a leading proponent of the Progressvie movement (and ask yourself why his blatant attacks/disregard for the US Consititution is not spoken of in our primary history text's).

      Remember that Obama routinely describes/identifies himself as and with Progressives and not as a Democrat – the most recent example being the State of the Union Address. He has also stated that Wilson one of his "hero's". In all of totalitarian regimes above, there was a central "I" whom it was literally considered a 'sin' to question. Anyone else you know focus their speeches with a surfeit of "I"? Anyone else you know that thinks dissent is OK as long as it is his dissent; dissent from him is evil, wrong headed, obstructionist,… (just to list a few of the adjectives he has used to describe those that don't fall in lock step with him).

    40. Irene, New York says:

      Government has power, the government doesn't have rights, people have rights. Rights by nature.

    41. Bernard B Carman says:

      That's public education for ya! 8-)

    42. Jason, Arkansas says:

      Reports like this make me thank God that I home-schooled and was actually able to get a thorough education in history (and economics… and literature… and math…).

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    44. rdr PA says:

      Is it any wonder why our young people saw so much Hope and Change in Obama? How could they possibly know where we should be going if they don't understand where we came from and where we've been. Actually America's founding starts way before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and it's imperative that we all understand just how and WHY we came to be..

    45. Gershom, Grand Canyo says:

      I feared that a radicalized strain of the Left had entered into our body politic, I was right. We need to outlaw Communism immediatly and arrest these so-called "Progressives" for treason and deport those who cannot prove they are Americans. (I speak of Russians slipped into this country during the Cold War, illegally, through the "Residency" in NYC. I suspect that most of this is coming from them and their kids)

    46. Betty Dorsett Duke says:

      The American people should do everything within their power to prevent this from happening.

    47. Jim, Massachusetts says:

      The progressives, and others who are afraid to argue, think that the Constitution isn't a viable document in this day and age. Therefor they think they can interpret/change it to suit themselves.

      The Tea Party Movement may not have been started because of this but it has become a standard.

    48. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I agree with both Tom and Wayne. I honestly hope Debra to get her friends to contact their representatives. The two greatest standards IMHO are the Ten Commandments and U.S. Bill of Rights. Well guess what! Both of these were drawn up long before 1877. Let's teach our kids history.

    49. Sal, New Bern, NC says:

      When and where do we picket??? The Founders would have shown up with muskets over their shoulders, but we shall make do with signs.

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    52. Edman68 says:

      If you have no beginning, where do you start? When do you start? How do you start? This is madness!!! Is it laziness or are these folks truly trying to make the coming generations so ignorant of their history that they'll be led by anyone for any reason. There will be no founding principles to stand upon. This state better decide if they just want to "teach" students or do they want to "educate" students? My God, this is terrifying.

    53. Quite Rightly says:

      Horrifying news.

    54. Bob, Washington says:


      this is the NC Board of Education website. please take a moment to compare this info with the story that you are commenting on. the students wil have already learned about the early years of the nation, and by high school will concentrate on the later years.

      do you want them to teach the multiplication table again in high school?

    55. Shirley Slaughter says:

      I am amazed at the actions of the NC Government, I grew up in N. C. It was a very proud and God fearing State, My ancestors were in the Government helped to form it. It was not about cutting out the Founding Fathers and the True History of Our USA. Shame on you. You have gotten so caught up in being politically correct you do not see what is really going on. I would advise you to wake up; Do not try and change the History of our country. let our young people learn what a great nation we are..

      Thank you for your time.

      Shirley slaughter

    56. Shirley Slaughter says:

      I am amazed at the actions of the NC Government, I grew up in NC it was a very Proud,God fearing State. My ancestors go way back in History here, I Iearned from them about our beloved USA They were a very Proud and Strong people, our whole state was the some PROUD and STRONG. Nothing like now; I am so disappointed in the State Government in NC. you are so caught up in politically correctness you do not see the real truth of anything We need the true History of this Country,taught in our High Schools in NC. Please wake up and look around you at what is happening to our Morals, Security, and leave the correct History in our High Schools. thank you Shirley

    57. King O. Bostrom, Jr. says:

      My late father's only brother and my mother's only brother gave their lives for their country during WWII. I served in the USMC during 1969 in Vietnam. The history of our Country prior to 1877 is vital to all citizens of North Carolina. The American History courses taught me at Needham-Broughton High School in Raleigh provided me the foundation to become a better, and more informed, American citizen. Please don't allow this foolish idea to shortchange our next generation of "History makers"…like my 5 year old grandson.

    58. Ann, CT says:

      No, 2008 can't be year zero, or the students couldn't be taught of the source of all evil– George W. Bush– so they could understand when President Obama blames him for everything that goes wrong in the country.

    59. Rich, NC says:

      Actually, it is already as if the American Founding never happened. The current US History course taught to 11th graders in NC begins in 1789. There is no study of the colonial era, the American Revolution or the writing of the Constitution. Now the Department of Public Instruction wants to cut out another 88 years. To label this as a Progressive vs Conservative distracts us from the real issue: it's bad history. As an NC US History teacher who considers himself a Progressive, I am strongly opposed to this change, as are my colleagues. Students need more US History, not less, and regardless of how NC DPI bureaucrats try to spin it, under these changes, high school students will be getting less US History. If you'd like to learn more about efforts to stop these proposed changes go to http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=29151412773

    60. Bob, Washington says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.


      above is the NC Board of Education website. please take a moment to compare this info with the story that you are commenting on. the students will have already learned about the early years of the nation, and then in high school will concentrate on the later years.

      do you want them to teach the multiplication table again in high school?

    61. Edith Deltgen 2063 L says:

      How are the high school kids supposed to learn about the bill of rights and the US constitution , if they do not have to study about them in school? It looks as if our gouvernment wants to teach them as little as possible about their rights and principals as possible.The less they know, the better they can be indoctrinated .That is a very dangerous trend. We need a strong new generation ,equipped with as much knowledge as possible and not a"dummed down" generation.

      Edith Deltgen

    62. Winston Smith, Recor says:

      Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

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    64. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      As a former history teacher in Texas (I am not a coach) I am sure that not much will be missed. The Founding of the nation and its leaders are a fractured mess of half quotes and political correctness. Mister Lincoln's little war that killed upwards towards a million and left a destroyed South and constant wound to Force the Confederate States of America to submission is a propaganda coup that is whitewashed history in the finest of what the Soviet Union could produce. So no loss there.

      The countless aliens that I had in my classroom had NO interest in what is NOT their history. Their listless nature seemed that tomorrow belongs to them and yesterday was not their own. Children that my Father's generation sent off on their own merry consumer way, likewise seemed more attuned to getting on with their shallow lives than learning about the Colonies. The Bill of Rights was however hilarious to teach as it is so un-politically correct that I was called into the office to explain myself. "Just why did you cover the Second Amendment Mr. Wesson?!!!" "Well IT DOES come AFTER the First one." LOL! I gave them a brief tutorial on something that they did not even know or cared to know.

      As hack eyed as the standard history books are and as limp as having football coaches teach history then this is just another little tempest in a teapot as the nation goes down the tubes.

    65. Stan, Garden City KS says:

      This has been Kansas' operation for several years now, mandated that K-5th grades teach American History from the beginning to 1800, Middle School from 1800-1900, and High School teach 1900-present. I am a high school history teacher and I don't like it but apparently state education bureaucrats think it is great (as well as some graduate education program at the University of Kansas).

    66. Jake, Wisconsin says:

      North Carolina does not have union teachers. Doesn't mean that the NEA hasn't been involved in PAC activity there. The lack of pay to bring in good teachers has had a negative effect on graduation results which has invited federal influence to the education system via dollars and the combined moving to the left with poor recent education results has let the progressives take power. Ever since Bank of America moved from SF to Charlotte, the state has been moving left due to their political influence ($$$) plus the tremendous number of liberals moving there from the north east. NC was once a low overhead, low crime and low unemployment state which attracted many from the NE. I left CA to move to NC and left there after 10 years because of how much it was becoming CA. Violent crime in Charlotte is 2 times that of LA per capita. NC is on a California path and unless the conservatives step up that state is lost……

    67. Robert, KY says:

      Technically, there never was a year 0 in our calender system. From the year 1 B.C. comes immediately the year 1 A.D. The 21st century actually began at 2001, not 2000 as popularly believed.

    68. C.Adli says:

      I came to this country 54 years ago and became a citizen 40 years ago.I now study of the history of this great country and understand; the courage,and,the wisdom of The Founders;.I appretiate the hardship they had gone through to create this ;Great Country;.To deny the future generation of ours from;The learningof the true facts;and be proud of their forefathers,is a crime.I despise the;The Socilists an their agendas;with all my heart.

    69. Molly Schmidt, Lutch says:

      Remaking the history of this country, eliminating the original founding fathers and the the preamble to the U S Constitution would take us in a very dangerous direction. If the text books used in schools are at odds with how the government actually functions what kind of message does that send to our children? It would seem to me that if the text books are in deninal of anything before 1877 we better have congress pass an amendment to change the constitution in order to match the text books. I wonder how that would go over with the general public? What has happened to clear headed thinking people in the last 50 years? Somewhere along the way it would seem we have lost our collective minds.

    70. Al says:

      This is BIG stuff. It means that Churchill could have stopped the Second

      World War and chose not to do so. I put this on wikipedia and it was cut.

      The American Mercury. Spring 1974, reprint from May 1943

      When this article appeared in the May 1943 issue (six pages, double column),

      the Editors noted that "the writer is highly reputable observer, is known to us

      and we publish this article with full faith in his sources."

      "Hitler offered total cessation of the war in the West, Germany would

      evacuate all of France, except Alsace and Lorraine. It would evacuate,

      Holland and Belgium, retaining Luxembourg. It would evacuate Norway and

      Denmark. In short, Hitler offered to withdraw from Western Europe, except,

      for the French provinces and Lumembourg. In return for which Britain would,

      agree to assume an attitude of benevolent toward Germany towards

      Germany, as it unfolded its plans in Eastern Europe"

      "In addition, the Fuhrer was ready to withdraw from Yugoslavia and Greece.

      German troops would be evacuated from the Mediterranean generally, and

      Hitler would use his good offices to arrange a settlement of the

      Mediterranean conflict between Britain and Italy. No belligerent would be

      entitled to demand reparations from any other country, he specified."

    71. ann kitay fulton,tx says:

      we are facing ignorance in Texas also. At 73 let me report that in Catholic and Public schools in Texas we were taught geography(remember that word, civics, American history and Texas history not just in elementary school but again in high school – surprisingly the same old time periods and stories. But then that is what history is and as our minds grow deeper and wider covering of these histories is explored. I see I've not included what was then called Ancient History – a subject I did not opt for. As for the multiplication tables – don't compare apples and oranges – mathematical conclusions usually remain the same and the good Sisters wouldn't dream of promoting you until you got the basics down flat. Hey, seems that was the rule of thumb in all subjects. I escaped the formal education system in '54 and have yet to stop learning nor have I forgotten the 'basics – they still don't change.

    72. Claire Radcliffe says:

      Those who do not learn about history will be doomed to repeat it. Teaching about the birth of our country is essential to understanding what our nation and beliefs are about! We are proud of our roots. Stop dumming down education–it is an insult to today's students!

    73. T Schnell, Northeast says:

      What a crying shame… We have to stop these Progressives somehow before they take over every aspect of our lives.

    74. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Sal,of New Bern,NC- I am with you. Protests and letters are great. The entrenched powers don't care about those. Just look at what is happening in Washington DC.

      It is time for action. People must rise up and say enough is enough. If they don'e listen, remove them from offices.

    75. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Sal,of New Bern,NC- I am with you. Protests and letters are great. The entrenched powers don't care about those. Just look at what is happening in Washington DC.

      It is time for action. People must rise up and say enough is enough. If they don't listen, remove them from offices.

    76. John, Colorado says:

      Is 1877 not also the date that the US "incorporated" for some reason, also never taught in history class?

      And isn't 1877 the year that Congress was broke, and borrowed a whole bunch of money that they couldn't pay back when it was due around 25 years later, i.e. 1913, when the "FED" was allowed to come into existence, by manipulation of the Supreme Court?

      And wasn't it 1878 when the American Bar Association formed?

    77. Al says:

      The American Mercury. Spring 1974, reprint from May 1943

      When this article appeared in the May 1943 issue (six pages, double column),

      the Editors noted that "the writer is highly reputable observer, is known to us

      and we publish this article with full faith in his sources."

      "Hitler offered total cessation of the war in the West, Germany would

      evacuate all of France, except Alsace and Lorraine. It would evacuate,

      Holland and Belgium, retaining Luxembourg. It would evacuate Norway and

      Denmark. In short, Hitler offered to withdraw from Western Europe, except,

      for the French provinces and Lumembourg. In return for which Britain would,

      agree to assume an attitude of benevolent toward Germany towards

      Germany, as it unfolded its plans in Eastern Europe"

      "In addition, the Fuhrer was ready to withdraw from Yugoslavia and Greece.

      German troops would be evacuated from the Mediterranean generally, and

      Hitler would use his good offices to arrange a settlement of the

      Mediterranean conflict between Britain and Italy. No belligerent would be

      entitled to demand reparations from any other country, he specified."

    78. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      Maybe it is a selected period for specific grades?

      If not, the vigilance before all peculiar attempts should be actively raised. Just like with healthcare bill and any serious issue whose aim, conscious or not, is to re-act against established conquests and basic values.

    79. Pingback: D=S

    80. Drew Page, IL says:

      I can't believe that people in the State of North Carolina would tolerate an educational system that believed U.S. history prior to 1887 was irrelevant. That the founding of our country and the principals upon which it is based are considered to be irrelevant to young people today is by those in charge of public education is outrageous.

      In my early days at the University, I majored in History, concentrating on U.S. history. I had made friends with students who came from Europe; they asked what I studied in the afternoon. Their point being that the U.S. was such a young country, there wasn't all that much to study. I view that comment today as still relevant. The U.S. is a young country; only two hundred and thirty-four years have passed since 1776. I am sixty-five years old and my eyes have witnessed 27.7% of the history of the history of the United States. Quite remarkable when I stop to think about it. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1966; that was 44 years ago. Looking back, it doesn't seem that long at all. Yet 44 years prior to my date of birth (1900) native american Indians were being rounded up by the U.S. Cavalry and being put on reservations.

      The point of all this is that we are still a young country and ALL of U.S. history is relevant, and none more so than the founding of of our Country and the principals on which is was based. The U.S. is unique andf exceptional in the world in providing its citizens freedom and opportunity. Today, more than ever, Americans need to be reminded of that exceptionalism and how it was forged and guaranteed. How the rights of the individual were paramount and how the powers of the government were limited – not by accident – but on purpose.

      Certainly the good people of North Carolina know this. They need to take a closer look at what is being taught in their schools at all levels, K-12 and the Universities, and let their feelings be known to the legislature. Ms. Rebecca Garland, N.C.'s Chief Academic(?) Officer, is quoted as saying "the goal of this change is to teach what students will feel connected to". Perhaps the goal should be to teach students how relative the founding of our nation is to students today.

    81. Chris, CA says:

      This article is based on a lie. According to the North Carolina Public School's website, high school students will still learn about the nation's founding in their high school civics course. So no, it will not be as if the founding never happened. That is absurd. That so many people here are posting with such hysterical outrage shows that no one bothered to check this fact, even though the question "Is this period of history being taught in some other class other than senior year history?" is the first one that would pop into any rational person's head after hearing such these claim. This article and comment thread perfectly sum up the "shoot first, ask questions never" mentality of the Tea Party movement.

    82. Tracy, Florida says:

      By high school these students have already learned about the founding, surely? This seems to me to be a temptest in a teapot. Spreading American history over several years is the best way to ensure they DO learn as much as possible. Don't act as though their senior year is their only chance to learn about pre-1877 events. That's just nonsense.

    83. Rich Stewart, Carlis says:

      Tracy, there is virtually no American history in the proposed curriculum… I went through the entire thing three times to make sure I didn't miss something – third grade through 11th grade – it is pathetic.

      Chris – before you start calling people names and accuse the Heritage Foundation of lying you might want to look the proposed curriculum documents and not just read the statement of some administrative person who probably did not even look at the proposed curriculum. The reality of it is that the proposed course of indoctrination is far worse than this article indicates.

      There is a grand total of one (that is 1, ONE, uno) reference to anything remotely related to an understanding of the founding of the nation and that is the following passing reference in a tiny slice of a Civics and Government topic in the 7th grade curriculum. That is as follows.


      Identify the origins of the democratic ideal and how it is reflected in local, state, and national government.

      Using the Preamble to the Constitution, identify how the ideal of democracy is reflected in this document.

      Chris – you did not check any facts… if you had you would have seen that it is what the article says and worse. The NC Public School officials are either (a) ignorant (b) lying, or (c) both… there is no in between here. This curriculum is a travesty.

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    85. xavier, california says:

      All this about 'Progressives want this and Progressives want that' leaves me wondering WTF you people are talking about.

      Nobody I know who considers themselves Progressive would be OK with this sh*t, and that's a LOT of people.

      So-called Conservatives don't have a monopoly on so-called patriotism, and all this mindless generalization doesn't help anybody. Whatever idiots came up with the idea to eliminate such significant elements of this country's history from the educational system (if in fact this is actually true), certainly didn't do it with MY approval, or the approval of any of the other Progressives I know.

      I've met some utterly moronic people in my day; some of them were democrats and some were republicans and some were neither — but they all seem to have one thing in common, and that is that they are quick to oversimplify everything and demonize everybody and everything they don't understand.

      Like it or not, we're all in this together

    86. Kendra, NC says:

      Have you read the proposed standards K-12? I think you will find that our students will learn about what makes this country great. It is not the design of those in Raleigh to demean our national heritage. Students will continue to learn about our constitution (in civics) and our founding fathers (in 5th and 7th grades). I think it is important to be knowlegeable about what we are debating.

    87. Randy Minneapolis says:

      Folks, you are spewing misinformation. Take a look(no more precisely read) the proposed social studies standards and the new U.S. History requirements. You are getting up your dander over nothing Get your facts straight.


    88. Jon, Texas says:

      Uh, I can say as a high school student that I think this is a good move. I've been relearning the events they want to cut out since Elementary, and I understand it explicitly. There's no need to reteach me Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence every year, when that time could be much better spent teaching me something new.

    89. Charles NY says:

      I believe it is every parents responsibility (the ones who love and cherish America) to teach their children the values and beliefs of our founding fathers.

      To get them involved with how the political system works(or does'nt work) so that as they grow they can get involved and make wise decissions as far as voting is concerned. To many of us have the attitude that voting does not matter and that no matter who you vote for things will never change. One day many of them can become the new leaders of this great country and really bring about CHANGE. The change that works for the good of all Americans not for the politicians and special interest groups. Things will get better as long as we don't give up hope and educate the children of the future.

    90. Rich Stewart, Carlis says:

      Kendra – I did read the standards as noted in an earlier comment. Somehow I missed that civics&govt portion in the 5th grade curriculum. It is difficult to determine the extent and quality of the information that might be presented to students about the founding and its importance/relevance to U.S. citizens today and tomorrow from the standards documents alone. However, to present the material to 5th graders and then only mention it in passing once more when they reach the 7th grade, seems to minimize its importance.

      I would have to question the degree of understanding students will go out into the real world with based on the depth to which they may have explored the subject during a 5th grade civics course. Granted it is incumbent upon citizens to take it upon themselves to dig in, understand issues, and how proposed public policy stacks up against the rights of citizens and limitations that are intended to be imposed on government by the U.S. Constitution. However, might there not be just a little common sense in circling back in say the 11th or 12th grade to the topic of the founding of this great nation and its relevance to current public policy choices being debated? Surely by that time in their education students could be expected to build upon that 5th grade foundation, explore and understand the importance and relevance of the subject matter, and come away with a better understanding.

    91. Larry Jarvis says:

      Thankfully the progressives succeeded. And I think your statement about the progressives didn't think anything before 1877 was important is not based in fact. Another conservative misdirection.

    92. Gregory - Twentynine says:


      State Superintendent June Atkinson today said that North Carolina's draft revised social studies curriculum actually increases the amount of time students will spend studying United States history.

      "Our goal is to give students more study of United States history and to teach it in a way that helps them remember what they have learned," said State Superintendent Atkinson. "Students will have United States history three times before high school, and in high school they will have at least two more courses.

      North Carolina's social studies standards are being revised to provide students more time to study United States history by providing a full year of U.S. history in both elementary school and middle school. Currently, students do not have a full year of U.S. history in elementary school, and they do not study U.S. history in middle school

      Students would build on that study in high school Civics and Economics and in U.S. History. The high school Civics course includes learning about our nation's development and foundation.

      The years prior to reconstruction would have been covered with students three times before – in fourth grade (as part of North Carolina history) in fifth grade and in seventh grade.

      A wide range of elective U.S. History and other history courses also would be available to students who wish to continue history study in high school.

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    94. Jules, North Carolin says:

      What!!! You didn't see that the US History course is over two years with the founding fathers to 1877 being in the 11th grade and the rest in the 12th!!! The set up is to provide more in-depth study of American History!

    95. Pingback: Paved With Good Intentions | Spirit/Water/Blood

    96. BrakTalk says:

      According to the study, 10th grade civics will be covering everything through 1877. Topics like:

      "Attribute U.S. national identity to precepts in the U.S. Constitution (e.g. Republicanism, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, Rule of Law, Limited government, democracy)"

      "Attribute individual liberties to ideals (e.g. natural rights/unalienable rights, popular sovereignty, civil rights, equality) derived from founding documents."

      It seems as if North Carolina is not cutting out this history. Rather, providing emphasis in another course which is not an elective. What's all the fuss?

      Source: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/newsroom/news/2009

      Draft 1.0 of Standards being discussed:


      Perhaps FoxNews and WCNC (and by extension, the Heritage Foundation) need to do a little more fact checking?

    97. Ana Fernandez, New Y says:

      I was just asked by my 10 year old a question that left me numb.

      What is Chile? she asked.

      My child is on fifth grade, she gets 4 in math, she likes to read books that are above her grade and she wants to be a medical doctor when she grows up. I graduated from high school 17 years ago, that was the last time i was involved with anything that had to do with learning, all the things i know, science, math, history, etc i learned in school, yes, 17 years ago. i can take a test right now about anything and i know i will get 85% of the questions right, even if it is at a college level. My kid is very good at math, it seems that she spends most of the time at school being schooled about math. Social studies.. well, i found out that she only has to know who George Washington was and a lil about the United Sates came to be.

      I want my children to have some sort of knowledge on world history, biology and all the things a "crazy" teacher once implanted on my brain, i can remember all the names of my teacher, all the things i learned, even by force, every friday we had to recite a poem, by memory, read newspapers, i am upset, not at the teacher, i know she does not decide what she is going to teach, she is handed this "curriculum" and is told to teach that.

      Other parents decided that their children dont need to know who Christopher Colombus is, they dont need to know where Chile is located, and China is just the nickname of the new girl on the block. What does b.c. means i asked the teacher, just to mess with her, she changed the conversation.

      Very busy mother of 4 small children, work full time, watch world news, not because I want to be depressed, but because I belong in this world and I want to know who China is, and I know is not where the new girl on the block is.

      I am the first teacher on my family, but as the workload becomes bigger and the paychecks smaller, most of us only find time to feed them, bathe them and put them in bed hoping that we can spend more time toguether tomorrow. I decided that they are going to have less sleep time, and before someone only teaches them more math, I as their first teacher will give them the sense of belonging, teach them how we came to be, how did we got here, where do we get our language from, where is Chile, We are not chilean if you are thinking about that, I was born in Dominican Republic, my children are first generation of North American born smf o feel they are naked without any knowledge about world history.

      I miss my teachers, I miss being a child, but I have a sense of knowledge and even if i am not college educated, I belive i can carry a conversation about most topics, I think I can answer most questions my children have without going to google and I need my children to have the same sense of knowledge. There is more than math in the world of teaching. To know where we are heading in life we need to know where we came from, even if if was in 1492 or in 1992. Without a sense of being we walk around like zombies, history not only fills our brain with information, it also fills our hearts with a being, a sense of belonging in this world that seems to be falling appart.

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    99. Wanda--Butner, NC says:

      It is my understanding that NC schools system has determined that the 11th and 12th grades are really a waste of time and they are heading toward eliminating those 2 grade levels. Many of the kids don't spell or read very well and can't write in cursive, so they don't take notes very well and they are just bored. They don't have physical education or recess any more..they are too fatigued and fat to run or do jumping jacks.

      I really hate to see more kids walking up and down the street with no place to go. It is a bad time to be a kid.

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    101. Hoyt E;rod, Leesburg says:

      Thank god for The Heritage Foundation and it's great work. On a related subject; ypu are no doubt aware of the History Cannnels series called, "America The Story of Us", which premiers tonight. It promises to be a great educational event for americans not familiar with our history & the price so many paid for our Freedom. Unfortunately, it will be tainted but hopefully not spoiled, by Progressive spokesmen, starting with an opening by president Obama & comentary throghout by other similar minded people. DVDs of the program are to be offered to schools across the country free of charge. This could be a great learning opportunity for our youth if only they had chosen constitutional/historical scholars as comentators.

    102. Emily Armstrong says:

      I will be celebrating my 80th birthday on May 25th. Our Founders have meant the world to me since I was a young student in school. When asked what I wanted for my 80th birthday, I requested a flag flown over Mt, Vernon. I received that gift last week and it is already hanging from a new pole in front of my home. I am so proud and honored to have this flag that I am very emotional each time I see it. I feel as though I am experiencing a sharing of the history of our very first President. We cannot allow that history to be ignored, untaught, and forgotten. We have to be proud of how our country developed and that is the only way it will happen.

      Do we no longer teach about the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans and all the others that developed the history of the world?

      My husband, who lived in an orphanage for most of his early life, thought that he was just a 'mutt'. I researched his ancestry and found that he had two members of his family that fought in the American Revolution and one in the War of 1812. He himself fought in World War II. I would never want all that to be forgotten and neither should anyone else. We are here because of them. Never let any of us forget the huge sacrfice that went into all that made our country as great as what it is.

      God Bless America!!

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