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  • 5 Myths About White House Immigration Reform

    border fence

    1. There will be lots of positive measures in the bill that conservatives will support.

    That does not matter. A massive amnesty will overwhelm all the positive affects of visa reforms, added security workplace enforcement , and even establishing temporary worker programs. That is exactly what happened when the same approach was tried in 1986.

    2. The first thing we have to do is deal with the illegal population that is already here.

    Wrong. Starting with amnesty will pretty much insure that none of the other issues get addressed. Once the “800 lbs guerrilla” is off the table the left will lose all interest in immigration and border security.

    3. Legalization is not amnesty.

    Wrong. It is. No matter how its portrayed-rewarding people who broke the law by allowing them to stay here lawfully will only encourage more illegal migration.

    4. There is no alternative to amnesty.

    Wrong a phased approach to implementing reforms will address the underlying problems driving illegal immigration-that should be first priority.

    5. Conservatives are part of the party of NO. They have no compassion, no sense of doing what’s fair.

    Wrong. Conservatives believe that America is and should remain a “nation of immigrants” But the challenge of illegal immigration must be addressed in a manner that respects the rule of law, protects our sovereignty and security and gets employees employers need to grow the economy.

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    46 Responses to 5 Myths About White House Immigration Reform

    1. Tony, Chicago says:

      James, Legalizing is not amnesty, amnesty is complete forgiveness of a crime with out punishment. You article is complete nonsense and just your opinion, Its always easy to just say no to every thing and that seems to be the answer for every problem from the party of NO. You fit right in. Construction and solving problems is hard and takes time and effort, destroying it is easy all you have to do is say NO to every thing.

    2. Rick Madro says:

      Hey James,

      You have got to work on your basic spelling and grammar man! It looks bad for you to be bashing illegal immigrants, while having similar writing skills…

      Get a life, dumbass!

    3. Ozzy6900 says:

      Legalizing the illegals IS amnesty! Once you make it legal for an illegal to be here, you HAVE forgiven his/her infractions and we all know that the Liberal Government won't spend a dime to deport these illegals.

      What is amazing in this whole debate is the fact that people circumvented the immigration laws and took up "squatting rights" in this Country. I don't care if they work or pay taxes, they are criminals. If your neighbor goes out and robs a 7-11 three States over and doesn't get caught for five years, are you going to defend him saying he has been an upstanding, hard working, tax paying citizen? He robbed a 7-11… he broke the law! So what if he never did anything wrong for the last five years and was a "nice guy", he is a criminal! Liberals just don't see this and I cannot understand why not!

      These illegals contributed to the present state of the Country, using Community Resources that were not accounted for, getting services that they do not deserve and adding to the long list of costs. How much do you think it costs to have everything printed in two languages? Yes, when you add it up we, the tax payers, are taking it in the teeth and Republican or Democrat, we are getting tired of being used and abused!

    4. Alex, Atlanta says:

      Soooo, what should we do with the 20+ million illegals that are here and already working? How can we deport them?

    5. Andrews says:

      It is impossible now to deny the fact that Mexico is doing everything it can to create

      an Illegal Mexican Nation within the borders of the USA.

      Overpopulation and Anarchy in third world countries is sending human waves

      illegally into every first world country. This is a Global Problem.

      Because Mexico shares a 2000 mile border with the USA the brunt of this

      has fallen on the USA, aided and abetted by Criminal Employers who

      privatize their profits at the expense of the Tax paying U.S Citizen and

      politicians who pander to Ethnocentric based groups who push their

      Race(La Raza,etc.)over the U.S. Law,the facts and the Sovereignty

      of the USA!!!

      #1 Secure the Borders

      #2 Enforce Laws on the Books

      #3 Attrition will result in self deportation!


    6. Charles N.Y. says:

      Once again the problem is the liberals. What is wrong with these people? Don't they get it. Their agenda and views on every issue is what's destroying this nation. The criminals have more rights than the upholding citizens. The illegals get free medical treatment through emergency room walk in's.These third world loosers bring nothing to the table and most do not assimilate into american culture, we have to change to accomodate them,learn their language, teach their heritage and cater to them. When our ancestors came here from Europe,they first kissed the ground and were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work and be free.They were required to first pass through Ellis Island free of infection and disese, they were skilled laborors such as masons,carpenters,scuplturers,seamstresses,welders,ship builders and the list goes on. Today these third world immigrants come here for entitlements,hand outs, drug trafficing etc… Yeah, I know there are a handfull who contribute to this society but most just mooch off of us. The first thing they learn is how to screw America and take advantage of every government entitlement program and make it a way of life,then turn around and bad mouth this country and blame us for keeping them in poverty. Just look who fills our jails, it's not the average hard working american.Why don't we force all the liberals to support them. Enough is enough already, it wont be long before our third and fourth generation american children will be forced to live a life of misery and be taxed up the ying yang just to support these loosers. I have a 25 year old son who can't get school grants,find a decent paying job with benifits,who probably will never be able to afford to get married or buy a home. All because of the liberals and their pitty everyone attitude. Wow! our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves and kicking themselves for what our modern day government is doing to "WE THE PEOPLE".

    7. John B. San Diego says:

      Think of the number pressing priorities for our federal government as current situation exists; National Security with no doubt #1; Putting Americans back to work A.S.A.P. #2.

      The current Administration's policies on illegal immigration enforcement are cognizant of neither of these two top priorities.

      Costs to individual states particularly Border States has proved devastating for the purposes of balancing states’ budgets.

      The Federal Gov. is derelict in this regard; states should not suffer for the lack of will to follow written law on the part of the Fed.Gov.

      With regard to amnesty we tried that, all that is accomplished by granting amnesty is another flood of illegal immigration read the history yourself.

      What about damage to Social Security, fraudulent SS #'s because of those false SS #”s false documentation and The Census #'s skewed in who knows what direction?

      Lastly sleeper cells if we don't go after those here illegally on a case by case basis the likelihood of being attacked from within is raised to high %’s Sept.11,2001 is a good example of being attacked from within.

      I could go into the sworn oath of office part but that would take two weeks.

      I know, most illegal aliens are not terrorists it only takes ONE Terrorist to ruin your day

    8. Johnny P, Los Angele says:

      Legalizing is not amnesty. Amnesty means forgiveness; legalizing goes through a process that charges each and every undocumented immigrant with fines and fees.

      When you break the law, let's say, skipping a red light, you receive a fine. When you pay, you are acting under the rule of law. That's not amnesty for you; amnesty will be forgiveness and not having to pay anything. When you pay, you are doing what you have to do to emend your mistake.

      I'm not saying that I support or not support the initiative; just clarifying the difference between legalization and amnesty.

    9. John B. San Diego says:

      Hey I know Atlanta…why don't we just legalize armed bank robbery, we could save lots of money in the court system and correctional facilities. Plus; the robbers says they was modern day "RobinHood's" they was go'in to give da give most of da dollars to the poor people..YEAH. Oh don't forget the poor drug dealers they desevres a break too, wow now were realy clean'in out da prisons.

      How about those white collar crime guys they never really hurt no one! Let them go too.

      Either we are "A Nation of Laws" ….OR….. we cherry pick our enforcement,do ya get-it

    10. Dennis, Florida says:

      Ozzy6900 on February 5th, 2010 at 11:00am said:

      Legalizing the illegals IS amnesty!

      Wrong. They'll have to pay fines. Or when you get a traffic ticket, and pay the fine, is that amnesty ? Because the goverment HAVE forgiven your violation ?

      And being in the USA isn't felony. They aren't criminals.

      Oh, and you can't put all of them on a bus and deport them back to Mexico… they're form all over the world. No bus can cross the ocean….

      Another thing. GREEN CARD isn't CITIZENSHIP. Y'all have to understand…

      Green card is work permit, which allows the holder work in the USA, but can't vote or get any kind of goverment help ( food stamp, medicare, etc ). The green card holder can apply for citizenship after 5 years. They have to take an English test, American history test, etc.

      Illegals could apply for green card after 6 years. So they could apply for citizenship after 11 years !

    11. Dennis, Florida says:

      Charles N.Y. !

      Why would you think every illegal is drug dealer, criminal, etc ? Why would you think illegals wouldn't kiss the ground when they got here ? Do you know any illegals ? Or you're just happy you can eat out, because illegals produce cheap food, work in the laundry washing table cloth, washing the dishes so you don't have to eat form paper plate…your son can't get a job ? Is it because of the illegals ? Or because you didn't make him study enough to go to college, and get a decent job ?

      Only illegals sells drugs ? Drugs were here long before illegals. Italians sold it, then blacks, etc… but you can stop illegals selling drogs.. it's easy… STOP BUYING IT AMERICANS ! How about that ? Oh, nevermind, it's easier blame the illegals…

    12. John B. San Diego says:

      Listen, I apologize to Heritage and Alex in Atlanta. Don't post my last comment if heritage sees fit to do so. What I must say is National Security, Sovereignty and jobs for Americans are a very emotionally charged issue at the present time.

      I will ask Alex if he or she thinks illegal immigrants come to America in hope of escaping repression and lack of opportunity in which ever country they illegally immigrated from. If so why would immigrants legal or illegal want to contribute to demise of America their one hope of escape from the lack of opportunity they abandoned?

      Because illegal immigration regardless of intention is doing a tremendous amount of damage Alex.

      I said earlier that those here illegally should be sought out case by case, I meant just that! For many different reasons they should be evaluated case by case.

      First and foremost Alex America's Sovereignty protects us all legal or illegal.

      Do you think for one moment terrorists are going to discern whether they are murdering illegal aliens or true Americans, I think not? Alex do you think the terrorists will sort us by male or female; young or old conservative or liberal, you answer that for yourself.

      This is much bigger Alex than you or I.

    13. Roger Butts, West pa says:

      Speaker Pelosi has been sitting on the SAVE ACT for two years. She will not allow a vote because it would win overwhelmingly! And, E-verify must be made a requirement for all employers. NO JOBS–NO illegal Immigrants.

      They snuck into this country they can sneak out. Reagan tried AMNESTY—Look what it got us—a lawless Nation of NO LAWS. Illegal Immigrants have the biggest Lobby in the USA. Employers' can't live without their cheap labor. They know they are illegal—first clue—No Habla English.

      FYI, they are taking jobs of the 12,000,000 Legal Americans who are unemployed. Jeb Bush, Chuck Schumer and Lindsay Graham are behind the upcoming big push for Amnesty. ( Unlike Michelle) For the first time in my life I am no longer proud of this county. $$$$$ and votes for President Obama are all that counts!

      Keep it up Tea Party!!! Perhaps we can bring back LEGAL immigration and once again become "A NATION OF LAWS"

    14. Dennis, Florida says:

      Charles N.Y. !

      Why would you think every illegal is drug dealer, criminal, etc ? Why would you think illegals wouldn't kiss the ground when they got here ? Do you know any illegals ? Or you're just happy you can eat out, because illegals produce cheap food, work in the laundry washing table cloth, washing the dishes so you don't have to eat form paper plate…your son can't get a job ? Is it because of the illegals ? Or because you didn't make him study enough to go to college, and get a decent job ?

      Only illegals sells drugs ? Drugs were here long before illegals…. but you can stop illegals selling drogs.. it's easy… STOP BUYING IT AMERICANS ! How about that ? Oh, nevermind, it's easier blame the illegals…

    15. Steve says:

      Dey Turk Ur Job!

    16. Sheron Evans, Virgin says:

      It seems to me that one thing that could be done immediately, if only as a temporary measure, is to pass legislation to be in place for a set period of time, that will not allow those that are here illegally to get work here in this country, until our economy and job situation is better. Even if many our citizens do not want to do some of the work that illegals do, when you are out of work, no money, no more unemployment, it would be better than starving. I think those who are already citizens of this country should have first choice.

    17. Ann, Miami says:

      So, according to you article you should be out of this country too. Italians came to US on ships, often without papers and stayed. Are we going to act like Hitler, Gestapo or Stalin and cleansing our nation? It's our fault that those people are here in the first place. It was all OK when economy was strong, we payed them very little for a lot of work for years, and now they are scape goats because economy is bad…We brought them here, they have been living here for years, they contribute to economy and I think that we should legalize them. Also, many of the people have husbands or wives who are citizens or legal permanent residents and it would be inhumane to separate them. I think that someone should accuse this country of human rights violation, because that's what it is, we took advantage of those people and now we bully them. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens who act that way. Disgusting!

    18. Yliya,Florida says:

      You are totally wrong, James.

    19. Housam Jarrar says:

      I used to feel strongly against any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants,but things sure do change and so did I.I spend the better part of 4 years until I got my permanent residence (Green Card) through my employer and I felt that people who broke the law should not be rewarded for doing so,however,I am reminded of what I love about America and the American spirit,and what I believe is the righteousness of America in all its causes.righteousness means putting yourself in someone Else's shoes and doing what is morally right.If you lived in a squatter for most of your life and the only hope for a better life for you and your family was to enter a foreign country illegally for a chance for a better life,would you do it??????if you answered no then your a liar.A statue of liberty inscription summarizes what makes America great:"Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    20. An Independent Tone says:

      You can use whatever phraseology you prefer, but rewarding unlawful behavior with permanent resident status which leads to naturalization is not the manner which we should be encouraging new immigrants to flock to our country. We should deny those who violated the law to come here and who likely committed a felony by utilizing a social security number that was not issued to them by the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration; no matter what the individual was using the SSN for, doing so is a felony outlined in 42 U.S.C. Section 408(a)(7)(B) among other closely related laws. We should focus on changing our immigration system from a family focused system where the primary intent is family unity to a system that seeks out those highly skilled individuals from other countries who will most benefit the American economy and American companies. Bring as many highly skilled law abiding foreigners in as you like. We are going to need every advantage we can get to compete with China in the next 100 years. So if you don't want to call it amnesty, then don't; but what it's not is beneficial to the prosperity of the United States to openly accept low skilled, low paid individuals who lack a level of respect for our laws or our current immigration system. They may just be trying to provide for their families in their home countries, and I'm not saying that I wouldn't do the same thing if I were in their position. What I am saying is this behavior should not be rewarded with the gift that should be going to those who are willing to abide by the rule of law.

    21. 4568 says:

      Law and 'sovereignty', and human value last. Like your war in Iraq respected others sovereignty. No, you quickly rationalized your invasion, and now your base bemoans innocent workers 'invading' the US. Ridiculous. But those are real people. It's very easy for a conservative to sit with a pen and cross out 'human value', or 'empathy' from the equation. If they don't really exist within, it's even easier to do, but it's foolish to think it actually somehow erases their realities. But that's the point of being conservative. It's to be 'bold' not to look fully at reality, but just or mainly at the things that are convenient to themselves. And apparently it's no matter what's at stake. Never mind kids who've had time to fully grow up in the US while nothing was seriously done, and now these jokes speak of deporting their parents. And what 'amnesty'. Has not even this author read of stories of exploitation and tough work. How much do people have to be used before they've earned any mercy from these conservative wolves. At least cut the vulnerable some slack. Families, kids, elderly. But no, it's all about 'sovereignty' , bah…

    22. Jane, Riverton says:

      First off, thanks to those of you who explained the difference between legalization and amnesty. Paying a fine and living on conditional terms are NOT a full pardon, which is what amnesty is (according to Merriam Webster). So, let's allow and push for legalization, as opposed to the alternative (doing nothing) a windfall. Rounding "them" up and sending them home is completely illogical and ridiculous. How much do you think that would cost tax-payers, not to mention the time it would take? Yes, the enforcement only approaches are thought to root "self-deportation", but let’s snap into reality…no one is leaving. Let's bring them to the same table that we, the rest of the hard-working Americans, sit at and hold them to the same standards and obligations.

    23. Bobbie Jay says:

      There should be no green cards allowed when unemployment exists with the legal immigrants and American born. And if the ANSWER IS NO, that fits into anything that eliminates being taken advantage of or that ensures fair expectations, then NO IT IS!

      Illegals know they're illegal so they obviously know there's a legal way. Americans have a right to expect all immigrants to take the proper steps to come in legally and without inflicting their personal burdens to the legal population of the independent.

    24. si SF says:

      "Soooo, what should we do with the 20+ million illegals that are here and already working? How can we deport them?"

      Your question implies it would be too difficult to deport 20 million illegal aliens.

      The fact of the matter is it would be a tremendous amount of work to process these folks regardless of whether it is done for amnesty or for deportation. Much of the processing is the same in both cases: the individuals would have to be identified, fingerprinted, have their backgrounds examined, etc. Only the final steps are different (i.e. pay a token fine and get a free pass to life in the USA, or get a one-way ticket back to their place of origin).

      Obviously the illegals will co-operate in one case and not in the other, but that doesn't really matter either. As long as the government continues cracking down on illegal employment with programs like EVerify and social security no-match letters, the illegal population will steadily decline.

    25. Wally, LA says:

      "Green card is work permit"

      No, it's not. You can work legally in the US without the GC. The GC gives you the right to a permanent residence in the US. It allows you to work in the US too, but you can work legally in the US without the GC.

    26. si SF says:

      Oh my God Denise, legalizing the illegals isn't amnesty because they'll have to pay a fine? Are you for real?

      I am a LEGAL immigrant to the U.S. and I pay more than the proposed fine in bureaucratic fees every year just to keep my travel documents and temporary work authorization up-to-date while my green card application is pending. I would gladly pay that stupid fine in exchange for a green card – it would actually save me money!

      A fine is no punishment whatsoever. It is amnesty, pure and simple.

    27. Estoban - Phoenix, A says:

      Legalizing illegal aliens is amnesty! The 60% of illegal aliens that steal across our borders have committed a crime punishable with jail time, fine and deportation. The visa overstayers have committed a civil offense punishable with fine and deportation. One hundred percent of illegal aliens have broken our laws carrying a punishment of deportation. If they are not deported, they have been given amnesty. This does not even consider the millions of illegal alien felons that have lied on I-9 forms, used stolen Social Security numbers and /or fraudulent documents to get 8 million jobs here.

    28. Jessi says:

      I don't agree with this statement. The media makes u believe that all these illegals are Spanish. They come from all around the world. Alot of Europeans are here illegally from Ireland as well. It is very difficult to even get a visiting visa here. These are people who want to go to school and be part of the working class. These are hard working people who don't want a hand out. I'm American and have been giving the opertunity to get educated which I did and I'm successful but there are sad to say lazy Americans leaching off the system because they want a free handout. What I believe the illegals here should be given the oppurtunity here to be her if they maintain a job and don't depend on our government they can stay but if they try to leach they have to leave. We have to remember there is alot of illegals that came here as children, teenagers in hope for a dream that was handed to us Americans. They wanted the oppurtunity To succed which they don't have that in europe. Then they come here seize oppurtunity have a family here and small minded people want to tear a little girl from her father cuz her father was desperate as a teenager for his dream to go to school in American and become successful instead of living in poverty and no future for his family. He gave his daughter hope, oppurtunity, and a future. So think America, think.

    29. Douglas Ellice, Mary says:

      I believe that there are three immigration problems, not one; that legislation to ameliorate one problem will not necessarily do anything about the other two; and that there is nothing wrong with tackling them separately.

      Here in Washington, DC, one of the easiest political attacks on any proposal is that "it doesn't solve the real problem.” To wield this blade, you first redefine "the real problem" as a much broader one, then hold up the other fellow's proposal to point out all the things it won't fix. In this debate, we hear "amnesty won't solve the border security crisis,” or "fences won't solve the problem of 12 million people living in the shadows.” True. So what? Making the improvements we can in each of the three areas is still worth doing – and will at least reduce the other two problems.

      The three related but separable immigration problems are:

      • our long land and sea borders leak, and people easily enter in large numbers outside of the law;

      • our economy needs more foreign labor than the current immigration law admits; and

      • there are millions of people currently in the country illegally.

      The border problem is very hard; the labor problem is less hard; and the question of what to do with those already here can be tackled last because, well, why not?

      The border: No country "controls" its border; they just do the best they can. People and goods are smuggled in or out of every nation on Earth. Our immigration problem is not a border control problem, and it cannot be solved at the border. There are too many planes, too many shipping containers, too many miles of fence or coastline, and too many people entering legally and then remaining illegally, for us to ever say we truly control our border. We can and should do more to manage the flow of people and goods in and out of the United States, even though better border control will do little to resolve the other two issues – the economic case for more imported labor, and the mass of illegals already here. One more thing about border control: not all of the people sneaking into America are noble, hard-working, and otherwise honest Mexican manual laborers. All sorts of people from all over the world are sneaking in. We must stop what we can.

      Labor: When the former President spoke dreamily of a program "to match every willing foreign worker with a willing U.S. employer", he probably had Mexico in mind, but 300 million Chinese people started packing their suitcases. If there were no controls on the admission of foreign labor, almost every American soon would be unemployed. That being said, America needs some foreign labor, both skilled and unskilled. But we should always be weary of arguments that "the economy" needs one thing or another – "the economy" is much too broad a term to be useful. Does "the economy" mean employers, but not employees, customers, or investors? What is good for some of our pocketbooks is usually not so good for others', and what benefits employers might not benefit employees, or taxpayers.

      We have always recognized the need for some foreign labor, and we have a dozen or more existing "guest worker programs.” I am deeply skeptical that we need any new programs, unless the new one is really just an amnesty, which has little to do with work at all. Existing law provides for several employment-based nonimmigrant visa categories (true "guest workers") such as E, H, J, L, O, and P. Much of our need for labor could be met by dramatically expanding the paltry numbers of people we currently permit to use these visas. We also have in current law several employment-based immigrant visa categories, in which needed workers are admitted directly to permanent resident status. Immigrant workers are a far superior solution to our labor needs than nonimmigrant workers, if for no other reason than that the so-called visitors almost never want to leave anyway when their time is up, and just go underground. Why bother?

      Instead of a complicated new "he says guest worker, she says amnesty" program, we could much more easily increase the caps on the existing programs ten or twenty-fold. The economy has no legitimate need that cannot be met simply by increasing dramatically the numbers of visas available in the programs already in existence. One more thing: untold numbers – surely hundreds of thousands – of would-be residents are already stacked a mile high in the many backlogged family-based immigrant visa categories. These spouses and children of permanent residents, these brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens, all have a far higher moral claim on a place at the American table than any of the people who would benefit from a new guest worker program. And it would be a disgrace for Congress to offer legal status to those who have already broken into our country before making room for those who have waited in line. Let them in, and let them work!

      The millions already here: No border control system or fence, no work visa regime no matter how expansive, will ever keep out of the United States all of the millions of people whose lives would be improved if they could sneak in. I dismiss out of hand all current amnesty proposals for two practical, not punitive reasons. First, if you amnestied every single illegal here right now, how many minutes would pass before the first NEW illegal alien forded a southern river, walked through a northern forest, or overstayed a tourist visa? And when the day comes – and it will – that we wake up with ANOTHER 10 million illegals in the country, what then? Second, there is absolutely no reliable way to parse the people already here. Any distinction between those here many years and those here only weeks will be obliterated by counterfeit documents. Especially because they are illegals, there is little reliable evidence of when they came, or what they've been doing while they're here. The failed 1986 amnesty generated a flood of phony documents to enable people to "prove" that they had been in the U.S. the required amount of time to qualify. Even the people who truly HAD been here long enough to qualify often needed phony documents, because they had no genuine documents to prove their eligibility. No matter how hard the legislators try, there is no qualifying requirement an amnesty law can impose that will not be massively faked. Some of these people risked life and limb to get here, and they will not permit themselves to be defined out of permanent residence on any technicality.

      We must make it less attractive in the future to be an illegal alien in the United States. We must make it harder to find work, harder to drive a car, harder to obtain the many benefits of civil society. All but a handful of the people who have already come illegally did so not because they are bad, but because life here is good. We educate their children for free, provide some health care at no cost, and through non-enforcement of our laws give them access to jobs, bank accounts, and housing – while all the time forbidding our police or civic institutions to even ASK them about their status. We take the status quo for granted, but there are other countries where only citizens or person admitted lawfully can buy property, execute contracts, enroll in school, or open bank accounts. The nation that put a man on the moon can develop an electronic, real-time employment verification system. The merchants who can verify my credit card in 5 seconds should be able to verify a job applicant's social security card in 10.

      So what to do with the illegals already here? Let them be. As we make it harder for them to flourish here, they will leave – or they won't. That is their problem, not America's. America has large problems of its own: to develop a functional system to provide adequate legal foreign labor, to secure the American workplace and our public institutions from persons here illegally, to admit the disgracefully long queues of relatives of people here legally, and to tighten America's borders to reduce the future influx of more illegals. The illegals already here endure little suffering beyond what they chose to endure when they broke in. Ignore them, at least until we have a firm grip on the other issues.

    30. Garry, NJ says:

      Lets face it. Immigration Reform will be no less than a boon for US at this time. Getting fines and legalizing them will help economy. Most of them will open up new business which would require employment. Also, government will receive more tax from these people which they are sending back home or are saving. Its pure economics people, government gets more cash from them, cash which they can use to help small businesses and increase funding.

      Illegals don't just take up space, lets look at ourselves, our history. Columbus didn't had green card when he came here, and he wasn't nice to those who were living on this land before he came here.

    31. Bradwhg says:

      So if legalization is not amnesty, what its it? If a carjacker steals your car, does he get to pay a fine and keep your car? Do bank robbers get to keep their loot after doing jail time? Illegal aliens steal by their very presence, jobs housing and other resources that are supposed to be reserved for American citizens and legal immigrants. That theft not only affects current legal residents and natives, but future generations as well.

      Population increase is the single largest threat to mankind and this nation. For every new person added to this country 12 acres of undeveloped land is developed. Do the math. We allow over a million legal immigrants each and every year. Each and everyone will take 12 acres of land and associated resources. Their children will each take 12 acres of land and associated resources. This is not the 1880s. Water is at a premium now in many south western states. What about our children and grandchildren? Census predictions indicate at current rates our population could increase by 140 million people in 40 years or less.

      The 12 million illegal alien number has been around for more then a few years. It is patently incorrect. Border Patrol officers laugh at the number. They figure for every illegal alien they catch, anywhere between 5-10 get by. More math indicates the number could be as high as 60 million if you include visa over stays.

      Can they all be deported? The short answer is yes, but the political will is not there. Eisenhower with a fraction of the resources available today deported or forced the removal of over a million illegal aliens.

      The best solution is self deportation because of attrition. Make it impossible for illegal aliens to get a job and find housing and they will leave on their own.

      Paying a fine is a joke. The Gutierrez Amnesty Bill says US legality is only worth $500.00. What a deal! Did our fathers, grandfathers and family before us defend this country, so that it's resources, values could be sold for 500 bucks? I think not!

    32. Bradwhg says:

      Dennis, as I am sure you well know, green card holders can have children, which enables them to seek a variety of social and economic benefits. Those benefits go to the entire family. As for voting, take a trip to the South West border region during the next election and honestly report what you observe. I can tell you from my observations that illegal aliens do vote. And for information purposes some cities in Ca allow illegal aliens to vote in local school board elections.

      Comparing a traffic ticket to stealing jobs and resources is like comparing apples to oranges. I guess it shows just how little some value what our country has to offer. And what do you say to all those legal immigrants that have followed the rules and actually value our system of law?

      Take a bit of time and research how well current immigration laws are enforced, including visas and green cards. It is not as simple as giving willing workers a green card. Check out how many illegal aliens actually fulfilled the requirements of the 1986 amnesty? Also did you know that there are still people being processed from 1986? Any requirements of background checks, criminality or fraud with any new CIR legislation would be superficial at best and totally unenforceable at worst.

      Currently unemployment is by some estimates at over 15%. Eight million illegal aliens are currently employed. Unemployment could easily be cut by a 1/3 by forcing those not authorized to work to leave. Agricultural interests already have a legal path to import seasonal workers. It is called the H-2A. Most do not use the program because they are required to be responsible for their employees. Of the dumbed down number of 12 million, how many are actually employed in agriculture? In the mid 1990s the US agricultural department did a study on labor. At any given time there were a half a million more farm workers then farm jobs. Where did those 500,000 workers go? Into those construction, service and manufacturing jobs. What happened to the American workers that were displaced? While the illegal aliens moved up a bit on the economic ladder, the American middle class workers fell. So what was the net result? A loss of middle class, because the illegals were working for below middle class wages.

    33. Ivan Tampa says:

      A comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. We can't let angry old white racists hold hostage a much needed reform of outdated and unworkable laws. The rest is racism: Billy Bob needs a new person to blame; since hating on blacks is no longer an option (heck, they even play on Billy Bob's favorite NFL team), newly arrived immigrans are a convenient victim. Funny, just a century ago the slogan was "no dogs or Irish allowed"…history repeats itself. But, history also teaches us that a comprehensive immigration reform is inevitable, it is a matter of when, not if. While at it, we should seriously consider deporting back in time to pre-Civil War South "gems" such as Senators Sessions, Vitter (the one w/ the prostitutes), DeMint. Talk about the South, racism, and stereotypes…

    34. sera, new york says:

      Dennis, Florida- YOU ROCK!

      This people talk out of their..whatever..they do not do any research or don't know anything about greencard or the process of getting a citizenship.

      These illegal immigrants are already living in this country. doesnt matter if you will give them the papers or not. However, if you give them their permit to stay here legally, they will start to pay their taxes which is going to help your economy! Think logically! and when it comes to take jobs from Americans, they are already taken! They get paid under table without you knowing it.

      Think why your great-grandfathers came to this country. they came here to have a better life. These people are doing the same thing. Do you think they enjoy staying here illegally? Some of them do not see their families, friends for yeaarrrs!

      You should be proud that these people are trying to become one of you guys. They are willing to leave their countries to be here. Can't you see the sacrifice there? Try to put yourselves in their shoes and do not tell me that "I would try to do anything to get legalized" because there is no way! research on that! other than getting married, there is no other way! Some of these people were brought here without their will when they were infants. Can you imagine when you reach the age of 16, your parents tell you that you cant get a license like your other friends because you don't have the papers? What would you do? Would you pack and move to a country you never been to? if you say yes, you are a liar!

      I want to end with a beautiful quote from White Stripes in Icky Thump "Why don't you kick yourself out, you are an immigrant, too!" oh yeaaaa

    35. Languid Sorrow says:

      @ Alex, Atlanta

      By enforcing laws that block illegals from participating in our society, illegals will be rendered unable to live here, and will go home on their own. Note, they all have home countries to return to, they didn't just spring up from our soil.

      In my state they have as of last year enacted much stricter conditions for getting a driver's license, you must show a passport or birth certificate, plus three other proofs of identity, and either a valid SS# card, or IRS documents with your SS# on it, all of which is verified as true and valid before you get the license.

      This is wonderfully effective at blocking out illegal trespassers from a huge swath of participating in a country in which they have no right to reside.

      There are many other such steps that are powerfully effective, such as 'no match' letters, wherein foreign criminals caught using a fake SS# for employment are found out as soon as they are hired, and companies are forced to either find out why the numbers don't match the name, or fire the worker. Of course Leftist elements are currently blocking this common sense step for no reason other than to abet criminality.

      Then there's E-Verify, the superb program which checks in seconds whether the applicant has the legal right to work in the US. Apply that to all employees across the US, and the illegal Mexicans (plus numerous other illegals) will be choking the road back to Mexico, as it will be the only place they can legally and practically reside.

      Which is as it should be, and now with this collapsed economy, it is very much sooner to happen, rather than later. And if you think an Amnesty could pass now or anytime in the next 10 years with this economy, then I have a nice bridge to sell you, with a great view of downtown New York City.

    36. Larry, OH says:

      Green Card is a prison card (read on http://www.unitefamilies.org)
      There are talks about illegal immigrants and legalizing them, but no one is paying attention to those who are legal, play by the rules, pay taxes, invent drugs saves lives of millions, and yet treated as hostage.

      Humans are territorial, they find a fertile land, occupy it or forcibly take it away, and then don't feel good about anyone else entering that land. Immigration is not about race, it is just human basic instinct. Europeans killed Indians, stole land from Latin Americans, and brought labor from Africa, but now they hold the rights to this land and don't want anyone else come over. I would like to know what percentage of recent immigrants to the US (of any race), who have been thorough the hardship to obtain Anerican citizenship are opposed to immigration. But a line has to be drawn and you don't want your land turn into a third world.

      I would personally vote for stronger law enforcement than enacting idiotic laws that separate familes. Why even let illegal cross the border. Why even employ those who come over on tourist visa and never leave the country. I am sure President Obama wouldn't enjoy the fact that when he walks to his home from oval office, he has no children and wife, as they are waiting for their visas in Kenya, or simply cannot come over to the US. If we have let people in, let them work, and enjoyed cheap labor, but now we want to treat them as slaves, then there are millions who find it very right to do. The same way they felt to buy and sell labor from Africa back in the old days.

    37. Truth says:

      Human nature is to look at the the negative, many do 9 out of 10 do it, its their HABIT, They do not stop to go to the mirror and blame the person they see in the mirror for their woes. The person that stops to look in the mirror and sees the ugliness in themselves are the only ones that can then take action and change their pathetic life's and stop blaming others for their misery.

      STOP BLAMING POOR MIGRANTS FOR YOUR OWN LAZINESS AND INACTION. THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS 'ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT OR ALIEN" IN BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY, Guess what you did not even know that there is a law dictionary, let alone read a Immigration law book ??'

      A person that entered without a visa is called EWI by law, entry without inspection, which is a misdemeanor not a federal crime and is judged in civil court.

      a person that overstayed their visa is called OUT OF STATUS. which is also a misdemeanor and NOT A FEDERAL CRIME. this is also judged in civil court, the same as you would break your neighbors fence unintentionally and would be sued in CIVIL COURT. AT LEAST NOW YOU ARE MORE EDUCATED ON THE SUBJECT, AND MAYBE WONT SHOW YOUR IGNORANCE ON THE SUBJECT.


      US economy largely unaffected by illegal immigration

      Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.03.2009

      WASHINGTON — A study released Wednesday concludes that illegal-immigrant workers do not drain jobs or tax dollars and have a neutral impact on the U.S. economy.

      Because illegal immigrants occupy a small share of the work force — about 5 percent — and work low-skilled jobs at lower wages than other workers, their overall influence on the economy is trivial, according to the report, sponsored by the Migration Policy Institute, a pro-immigration think tank in Washington.

      "The fate of the U.S. economy does not rest on what we do on illegal immigration," said Gordon H. Hanson, author of the report and economics professor at the University of California-San Diego.

      Illegal immigrants contribute a tiny 0.03 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, with that gain going to employers who save money on cheap labor, the report says, while their cost to the economy is 0.10 percent of GDP, which mainly comes from public education and publicly funded emergency health care.

      The net impact at minus 0.07 percent of GDP means that illegal immigrants have an essentially neutral effect on the economy, Hanson said.

      The report does not factor in the spending or entrepreneurship that illegal immigrants contribute to the economy, said Marc Rosenblum, senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute.

      Where illegal immigrants do have a substantial impact, Hanson added, is in specific labor-intensive and low-skilled industries such as agriculture, construction, hospitality and cleaning services, where the share of native-born workers has dropped precipitously.

      Because the U.S. has dramatically raised the education level of its adult population in the last 50 years — going from about 50 percent of all working-age adults without a high school diploma in 1960 to just 8 percent today — the native-born, low-skilled work force has shrunk, while employers continue to require low-skilled workers.

      This leaves room for illegal immigrants to take such jobs at a low cost, the report says.

      Illegal immigrants now account for 20 percent of working-age adults in the U.S. who don't have a high school degree.

      While the influx of illegal immigrants is one of the factors keeping low-skilled wages stagnant, the biggest losers in the current system are legal low-wage workers, both native and foreign born, who compete with the illegal immigrants, Rosenblum said.

      Meanwhile, employers reap higher profits because of lower labor costs and more productive businesses.

      The solution to this imbalance, proposed by the Migration Policy Institute, is to provide more visas and legal channels for unskilled workers to enter the U.S.

      Today, low-skilled workers must have a green card — effectively requiring them to have close family members in the U.S. — or obtain a temporary work visa.

      "We really need to approach migration control comprehensively by both strengthening enforcements and creating legalization mechanisms that will control the unauthorized population and improve the economic outputs that we get from immigration," Rosenblum said."

    38. Carol, AZ says:

      The protection from all aspects of fraud listed above by most who have written about this problem do understand , the fleecing of America on ALL levels.

      Let understand this….., America is broke and can not pay it's bills.

      Recently written, that we will be in the "red for at least two years."

      The only way this problem will be corrected is IF,

      each state passes State Laws , for the protection of State's Rights.

      The message from D.C is loud and clear.

      The Federal Gov't will never solve , or even address this problem.with our current leadership.

      The current leadership has openingly been duplicious regarding this problem.

      The budget for our Border Security has been recently cut.

      The search engineen E-Vertify was voted on, and passed four times by both Dems and Reps

      I watched the sessions on C-SPAN.

      It was blocked for passage behind close door session by our current administration and Homeland Security. (no reason given)

      One of the major tenats of this legislation was to MATCH ALL verification for SSI payments , Social .Security payments , , criminal background checks from the country of origin, and any legal vertifications for ALL legal access for all entitlements and for hiring. ..

      Sadly this kind of fiscal accountability will never happen under our current leadership.

      It is true that a few States realizing the Federal GOV'T ignoring this problem, have passed their own laws for protection against this fraud on all levels.

      I do not care about the slicing and dicing of "ethnic origin.",

      Or the reasons someone came here and made it across the open accesses of our borders .

      Here in AZ we have two thousands miles of border range. TX even more.

      But all must understand ,this is a highly organized system of moving "human flesh for profit," reinforced for the greed of American business on all levels:

      When human trafficing is dicussed , this is the # 1 law broken.

      Jobs in the private sectors, county's, state's, and federal sectors are taken away from Americans . ..

      The only way this will change is passing laws by state by state mandate forced for vote, in Nov, 2010, and also deciding at that time "who" will best represent your state on this issue.

    39. John B. San Diego says:

      Unspeakably and tremendously unfair, prejudiced and bias is the thought or action of placing "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" on the same page as "Natural Born Citizens of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS" or those "NATURALIZED CITIZENS WHOM FOLLOWED THE LAWS". Illegal Immigrants are Criminals and should be treated as such!

      What of those individuals who waited their time and paid legal fees and endured family hardships to follow the process "LEGALLY" What is the incentive to be a law abiding person, in becoming a “Legal Naturalized Citizen”

      Is this just going to be a ”Free For All?”; use your heads you bleeding hearts. If you were rewarded for illegal activity in the past there is no recidivism, you simply continue on your lawless path expecting further rewards!

      Deporting all illegal aliens is not necessarily a good or viable answer

      This issue does become a National Security Issue and should be given priority as just that.

      Staff up D.H.S. and start today case by case, it may take as long as this senselessness has been going on” Decades" just get it done. Restrict visas and work permits until we sort this mess. If you want to help someone help DHS!

      The alternative is lawlessness, anarchy, and disrespect at the mere mention of the "Rule of Law" who knows where we end up as a nation after that.

      "Common Sense" created and protects this country;” Not Bleeding Hearts"

      Tough but true and "THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS!"

    40. John B. San Diego says:

      Some advocate for forgiveness as I see the posts here. I will ask again why would anyone come to the U.S. to escape their country and aspire to prosper, when the very actions they take are bringing this nation down.

      We "AMERICA" will turn into the same third world scourge you sought to leave.

      Unless that is your objective to take us down?

      Now do you understand? We don't hate you we just will not allow you to take us down! And further prove to me what illegal aliens have done is not taking us down!

    41. BAZ987, ALABAMA says:

      One huge immigration policy that has kept America diverse throughout the decades is having quotas from seven different regions. This is to keep our soverign nationality. It has been well documented that the majority of Illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Same as in the 1986 "amnesty". Substitute African, Chinese or French for Mexican for what I'm about to say. There are millions of Mexcians that have become citizens and also millions of Mexicans that are illegal. Part of our citizenship oath is to give up allegiance to another country. In millions of cases, this hasn't happened. To have so many millions of people from a foreign in our country is a threat to our soverigny. Seen the many Mexcian flags being displayed during immigartion rallies?. Seen the Mexcian flags being displayed, along with the American flag in schools in Texas? We are losing our diversity by allowing millions of Mexicans in when we allow only a relatively few from other countries. Some people will call this racial. I ask you this : How come some Mexicans can talk "bad" about Americans and it's not racial? Because of our diversity. Someone from Mexico has a problem with America, he says Americans. If someone has a problem with Mexico, he says Mexican. This doesn't mean he's racist. Again, If all these millions were Chinese, African etc. you would have howling coming from Organizations that are currently pulling for open borders.

    42. sunny says:

      To all the people who want to kick the "illegals" out, guess what? that isn't going to happen because this government wants its cheap workers. its the only way that our food prices stay down. you say that undocumented people are taking up jobs. well they don't see you taking those jobs for the same pay. do you want to work on the fields for a few dollars a day? i didn't think so.

      undocumented immigrants cannot be sent back so there is only one option, let them stay! make them pay fines but let them stay.

      if they become legalized, they will pay taxes and make more jobs and help our nation come out of debt.

      the truth is that most of the undocumented people are not hard-core criminals or drug dealers! only a very small percentage are. so please don't profile all undocumented people as drug dealers and robbers. most are just common people who want nothing more than to bring some food on the table for their family.

    43. Carol Gacioch Pinebl says:

      I have one suggestion to ease the illegal immigrants from staying. When a woman is pregnant and enters the US to have the baby, fine, have it here, but the baby will not be a U.S. citizen. Then there would be no problem of separating a mother from her child because the mother is an illegal so the baby would be also! How simple is that????

      My second suggestion is to quit babying the Spanish speaking by having English and Spanish on every printable surface, e.g. on phone menus, answering services, grocieries, street signs, magazines, billboards etc etc etc. I speak ENGLISH. They didn't put Italian on everything when my ancestors came over here so why do we cater to these people?????? If they want to be here then let them learn English! Why should we have to learn Spanish.???

    44. Phil says:

      If you google search for per capita GDP and per capita income

      you find about 100 countries that are worse off than mexico.

      Mexico is relatively wealthy. Don't all those other countries

      deserve to send about a million immigrants a year each.

    45. Phil says:

      Making illegal immigrants work in the fields for a few dollars a day

      is a violation of the minimum wage law. What they don't collect

      in pay they get in welfare and free medical care.

      Their employers should be required to pay minimum wage

      and pay for health insurance.

    46. Wilmer, NY says:

      I have seen to many comments, and it seem to me that all of us are forgetting our very beginning, since the first one who came here to open the doors for all of our ancestors, killing the American Indians and stolen their land, raping their women and killing their children; then after, when grand-grand parents came they may suffer having a hard work to get a place to stay on.

      Now reading all this B.S. trying to make themself believe that you are the beginning and end of history, blindding themself to admit that we all are immigrants and once a man who gave us his last name came here to take (God knows how and why) a place that did not belong to him.

      So, what I believe is that we can not ignore our history neither avoid the future, coz' the same right that our people felt once to get a place for them and their sons, have any one else, no matter the race, origen or time in history, because this is a human race need called survival.

      I'm not saying that they are not breaking the laws, but I'm sure that they haven't had the opportunity to make it right as the law request.

      I believe in our law system, justice and the truth, so whoever in charge of it will do the right thing.

      My question is for those who suggest avoid the right to be an american born to the sons of parents with ilegal residents status, is the following:

      Are you as decendant of a immigrant willing to refuse the right to american, because I don't think that your ancestors came here with a green card…?!

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