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  • So Why Isn’t Venezuela on the State Sponsor of Terror List?

    In a recent letter to Speaker Pelosi, President Obama stated that North Korea does not fit the criteria for being listed as a state sponsor of terrorism, which would automatically impose sanctions.  That leaves four countries on the list: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria.  But given testimony this week from Director of National Intelligence Denis Blair to the U.S. Senate, we have to wonder, why not Venezuela?

    Blair pointed out that its authoritarian president Hugo Chavez, which called Colombia’s Defense Cooperation agreement with the U.S. “a declaration of war against Venezuela,” continues offering covert support to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which the U.S. Department of State lists as a terrorist organization. The FARC has killed and kidnapped Americans as well as killed innocent Colombians with its terror attacks.  Chavez is also pursuing closer ties with all four of the state sponsors of terrorism, and could well turn Caracas into a Mecca for terror wannabees in the Americas. For these and other reasons, it is past time to put Venezuela on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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    6 Responses to So Why Isn’t Venezuela on the State Sponsor of Terror List?

    1. Tolomeo says:

      The real and biggests terrorists in this world are the USA and Israel. The USA whose war budget keeps growing year after year has no money to feed and provide health care for it's people because the lobbies that run the politicians and that own the weapon factories don't give a hoop about the American people….do you know why? they are jewish billionaires who don't care about the American citizens, Americans it is time for a revolution! kick the zionists out of your country…it is time to get your country back. Obama is run by wall street and zionists like rahm emmauel, you are doom!

      The reason why US politicians don't like Chavez is because he doesn't allow US transnationals to steal our oil!

    2. luke weyland, Sydney says:

      There is only one nation that should be on the State Sponsor of Terror List – United States of America.

    3. David Borokbank, Spo says:

      Very interesting information indeed. Thanks, Ray Walser. From the perspective of a growing number of people around the world, it is well past time to put the U.S. on a list of state sponsors of terror. However, only the U.S. gets to create and then act with unilateral military, economic and covert power on the targets of its list. As a former State Department Foreign Service Officer, US Military Academy visiting professor and Heritage Foundation analyst your conservative credentials are well established and you are clearly in a position to be amply aware of the nature of U.S. overt and covert activities against not just Venezuela but half a dozen or more Latin American countries. Just a few additional thoughts to add to the mix: U.S. intervention in Venezuela (as well as Bolivia, Ecuador, and several other countries in South and Central America) is well documented and includes the direct involvement of the U.S. Embassy, USAID, the CIA, and other U.S. government agencies, not to mention U.S. government funded firms, foundations and NGOs, all of which is well documented by U.S.-Venezuelan attorney Eva Gollinger and CIA defector Phillip Agee's 2005 analysis of four USAID contracts with Republican and Democratic Party foundations in Venezuela, among many other sources. The nature of your writing here but more particularly at places like the National Review (where you wrote a piece referring repeatedly to Honduran President Manuel Zelaya as "Mad Mel") suggest an ideologue, and perhaps one with a chip on his shoulder over the turn of politics in Central America since your days in the U.S. Embassies in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. David Brookbank

    4. Randy,SA TX says:

      its called terrorism when ''they"' do it. and its called counter terrorism when ''we'' do it.

    5. RHRT, Moopark, CA. says:

      Thanks Ray. I agree with your perspective. Although it was a mistake for Bush to remove NK from the list, as it was purely a way of getting NK to play ball, again.

      Mr. Borokbank, it's painfully obvious of your socialist stance. Perhaps you should move to Venezuela and become a citizen. You would be much happier there, than here. Please don't respond, as your ilk are becoming passe faster than you know.

      I doubt the author will even respond to your stance, as folk like you can't bring anything to the party, other than more liberal drivel and no constructive solutions.

    6. Alfonso Fontenla Net says:

      Who said´s that Chavez helps FARC´S? – That is very manipulated… We cant read this kind of notice, we get stupid…

      The goverment of Colombia Supports The "Alcones Negros" and anothers groups of paramilitarism, that have the same "modus operandum" or worst that the Farcs, so?

      Nobody talk about that?

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