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  • Maybe Closing Gitmo is not in the Cards

    Politico reported yesterday that “The second-ranking House Democrat signaled Tuesday that the White House is reconsidering a plan to move Guantanamo detainees to a prison in northwest Illinois … Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said he agrees that the Obama administration should reassess the plan to move terrorist suspects from the Cuba military base to Thomson Correctional Facility in the state’s northwest corner.”

    If Hoyer is sincere and his assessment of the White House is accurate … well, that it is almost too much to hope for. Could the president actually be thinking about implementing a rational policy for detention, trials, and interrogation, rejecting wrongheaded initiatives that were formulated mostly to make happy talk to the left wing?

    Okay, perhaps, the “happy talk” crack is bit harsh, but lets be honest—the reality is Obama’s “strategy has unraveled faster than an old sock.”

    Republicans, however, should do anything but gloat.

    Political posturing on this issue is just making us less safe … and it gets worse everyday. Yesterday found the FBI gleefully reporting that they had the crotch-bomber talking. It is hard to believe anything but that this information came out to counter criticisms of the Administration for not turning him over to CIA interrogators. The problem is that I am sure al Qaeda appreciates knowing that the suspect is talking. The fact that he may be telling US investigators secrets is useful information to the enemy—thanks for sharing, FBI.

    It is past time for politicians in Washington to stop the insanity. Playing politics with these policies is compromising our national security and making a mockery of the rule of law.

    This is the perfect issue and the perfect time for the White House and the Congress to sit down and craft a true bipartisan plan. Here is why:

    1) Clearly this is the best interest of the nation. If there is one issue where policy should trump politics, this is it.

    2) We know what the realistic options are.

    This is the test for the left-wing, the right-wing, and the West Wing. If they can’t do this … what else matters?

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    14 Responses to Maybe Closing Gitmo is not in the Cards

    1. Linda Mayberry Payet says:

      My husband and I are 100% with you! Also, we are VERY much against the trial of the Ft. Hood jihadist being tried in Any court other than Military! Thanks for your good work. Linda and Dan Mayberry

    2. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Mr. Carafano, you still don't get it. Obama is an IDEOLOGUE! He will not change.

      He has already implied he is a one term president. This is his (and the socialist)

      only chance to "transform" this nation. This Gitmo matter is just another "slight of hand" by Obama to distract us from his real agenda. He wants us to think he is incompetent. No! HE'S DEVIANT! The FBI's statement concerning the crotch-bomber is (as we all know) is just another distraction. What exactly is the bomber "talking" about? The Superbowl, the food, the weather, WHAT? Is he actually providing accurate info, or is the FBI covering Obama rear-end that Obama ordered. This nation is is real trouble, from our safty through our

      economy. 2014 will be too late. Even November 2010 may be too late.

    3. BAMorris, Raleigh, N says:

      It is atrocious that these terrorists have not already been tried. It seems this administration is fumbling around and hoping that the terrorists will die of old age and solve their political problems.

      I find it hard to believe so many highly educated people seem so devoid of any common sense. It is pretty obvious to me that the current policies are not going to enhance our ability to protect ourselves from these Jihadist.extremist. Why haven't we heard any information about Major Hasan? It sticks in my craw to even refer to him as "Major" much less knowing that we paid for his education and allowed him to spew his rhetoric for so long without reining him in.

      Our leaders better start leading or get the heck out of the way before it is too late.

    4. NorsU, El Paso,Tx says:

      I believe that we should house all the Gitmo detainees in Alcatraz Prison, that is the darkest, dampest, worst hell hole that I have ever visited. Put Madame Pelosi in charge of the place since it is right off her coast line and that will get her out of Congress and keep her out of trouble. She can drink all day if she wants to, no one will care and she can't charge her liquor tab to the tax payers.

    5. Drew Page, IL says:

      Mr. Obama seems to have been set on giving enemy combatants and terrorists rights under the U.S. Constitution and our criminal code. Why?

      The United States are at war with Islamic terrorists who have killed 3,000 innocent civilians on 9/11. These terrorists have been indentified as being part of a network called al Quaeda, headed by a man know as Osama Bin Laden. These terrorists have an agenda which includes removal of any U.S. presence in the Middle East and the elimination of the State of Isreal. Until their goals are reached, the U.S. and its citizens will continue to be targets of these Islamist extremists/terrorists. Our Armed Forces have been actively engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. Many have been killed and many more wounded in this engagement. With or without a Congressional Declaration, no sane person would believe that the United States is not AT WAR.

      Enemy combatants who are not in uniform can be considered spies and can be treated as such under the Geneva Convention. Any American who actively aides and abets an enemy during a time of war is guilty of treason. We have laws on the books that allow military tribunals to handle enemy combatants, in or out of uniform, and to handle traitors.

      Why is President Obama more concerned with the rights of enemy combatants, enemy spies and traitors who are in support of our enemies than with the rights of U.S. citizens who do not fall into these categories? Why was Mr. Obama's first reaction to the fort Hood massacre a pronouncement that this was the work of a mentaly unbalanced "extremeist"? Same question on his initial reaction to the Christmas Day crotch bomber, again refered to as "an ISOLATED extremist". Despite his admission that he was working with al Quaeda in Saudi Araibia, and al Quaeda's claim of responsibility for the attempt, hailing the attempted bomber as their hero, Mr. Obama was more concerned that this terrorist be given Miranda rights and a lawyer than with finding out who he was recruited by and what other attempts were going to be made to attack U.s. citizens. These initial reactions of Mr. Obama are very telling.

      I think that most of us would agree that not all Muslims are terrorists. I also think that people would agree that most foreign terrorists are Muslim. Any Americans that have joined with these Muslim terrorists to perpetuate their terror tactics deserve tha same fate any any other ememy combatant. In fact they deserve worse, not only are they enemies, but traitors to the own country.

    6. Laura Rosko-Holden/E says:

      So much has been said about Obama's lack of experience. My outrage comes from the fact that this President took OVER 24 hrs. to address HIS country about what every news organization was calling a terrorist attack. THEN, he refers to the terrorist as an "ALLEGED SUSPECT!!!!" To add further insult to injury, the "Commander in Chief" REMAINS IN HAWAII !!!. For days on end!!! Rather than leave IMMEDIATELY back to Washington to get up to the minute briefings from his Chiefs of staff. At least Clinton kept waffling and changed his positions to be what is now known as "politically correct" Obama is dangerously blinded by his deep convictions. Lets not forget— he quit attending his MUSLIM house of faith for POLITICAL GAIN.

    7. James L. Campbell (T says:

      The Gitmo installation was built and then utilized after a careful consideration of the constituional and international law issues that were involved and to provide maximum security for the citizens of this Nation.

      My understanding is that the detainees at gitmo are in a grey area, they are imprisioned as captives in an undeclared war and therefor issues that might be resolved by the Geneva convention cannot be resolved and that if they are brought onto US soil, at least some feel, the Constituional protections that apply to US Citizens would apply to these detainees.

      These questions were addressed and are resolved by the facility at GITMO and for this reason it should be retained. This war, fight, or what ever you want to call it is far from over and GITMO or its equivalent will be needed for many more years.

      Perhaps President Obama can get himself out of the box that he has placed himself in by his now followed up campaign promise to close GITMO but I doubt that he has either the courage or the intelligence to do so.

      James L. Campbell

    8. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      Obama has the Pre-9/11 mentality,President Clinton did the same exact thing,treat the terrorist as common criminals.He is playing Politics [Obama] with our national security.He is moving the trial of KSM out of New York because of what happened in the Mass.Election.He has seen the handwriting on the wall and thinks he can correct some of his policies and keep his party of leftist in power after 2010 & 2012,Obama can care less of the American people,his actions speak louder than words.He is still going to cost a lot of American lives,because of his handling of the Islamic terrorist.

    9. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      GITMO is on American soil, on a US Military base, where Military trials must take place. Someone's comment said that they couldn't understand how highly educated people could make the kinds of mistakes that are being made.

      To these people, who call themselves Progressives, these are not mistakes, they are agendas.

      Read the History of the Past President Woodrow Wilson, and you will see just how frightening a man he was, and he coined the phrase Progressive.

      He believed in Eugenics. He brought back segregation in the Military.

      He believed that only the most intelligent, and most highly educated should run this Nation. He believed that our Declaration, our Bill of Rights and our Constitution were antiquated and meaningless. He used Germany as a role model for America.

      He is Obama's role model according to Obama. Several of our Congress have openly stated that they are Progressive.

      Read your history and be informed, become aware of agenda, before the "We the People" no longer have a meaning.

    10. T Hunter, Indonesia says:

      comment – "we are VERY much against the trial of the Ft. Hood jihadist being tried in Any court other than Military!"

      so you are in favor of not trying him for his criminal acts like the lowlife he is, but instead want to pander to the "jihadi warrior" image that these guys so desperately seek ?

      How long does it take to sink in with you people? Islamist terorists are criminals – no better than your neighbourhood drug-dealer – and the whole Gitmo "special treatment" actually supports terrorists' warped world-view and self-image. Showing them as they actually are, common scum that people all over the world, no matter their background or religion, can despise, would be a big step forward – and away from the whole GWOT nonsense.

    11. C. M. Graff. Sarasot says:

      Yes, there is entirely too much talk by all! Everyone is crowing about their (imagined) cleverness, and in the meantime we are furnishing valuable information, whether facts or attitudes, to our opponents.

    12. Andrew Miller Rockaw says:

      From what I have read, the FBI should not be held responsible for revealing to the media that the Christmas Day "crotch-bomber" is (was) cooperating with authorities. Upon the FBI's required reporting of the cooperation to the Senate Intelligence Committee, it was the White House who arranged the press conference for the purposes of "contextualizing" the cooperation to reporters, according to Press Secretary Gibbs…huh?

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