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  • Fighting the Nuclear Option

    With the victory of Senator-elect Scott Brown (R-MA), Democrats are turning to a secret “Nuclear Option” to push ObamaCare through the Senate and avoid a Republican filibuster. Now it appears, though, that Republicans have a procedural tactic of their own to fight back.

    The Hill reports today that “Republicans say they have found a loophole in the budget reconciliation process that could allow them to offer an indefinite number of amendments. Though it has never been done, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) says he’s prepared to test the Senate’s stamina to block the Democrats from using the process to expedite changes to the healthcare bill. Experts on Senate procedural rules, from both parties, note that such a filibuster is possible.” A close reading of the rules allows for unlimited numbers of amendments to a reconciliation package after debate is complete.

    The DeMint tactic is in response to the liberal’s new secret plan to use reconciliation – the Nuclear Option – to force parts of ObamaCare through the Senate with a simple majority vote, thereby avoiding the filibuster rule. House leaders would pass the Senate-passed ObamaCare bill after the reconciliation measure passes the Senate. The reconciliation measure will carry all the changes to the Senate passed ObamaCare bill necessary to get a bill to the President’s desk. It is very confusing, but the bottom line is that the secret plan includes two bills that add up to ObamaCare.

    Liberals in Congress need to change the rules of the game to avoid using the regular rules of engagement in the Senate after the victory of Senator-elect Scott Brown (R-MA) to the Senate. They have come up with a controversial plan that allows them to change the rules of the game. The Democrat Caucus does not have 60 votes to pass legislation through the Senate with the power to block amendments and debate, so they need to resort to special budget rules of reconciliation.

    The left is angry that anybody would dare to fight back against these strong arm tactics of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev). Jon Walker at FireDogLake argues for the left to toss the rules of the game out of the window. Walker rants that “Reid has the power to call a point of order and with the help of the Chair of the Senate, VP Joe Biden, and fifty members, put an end to this nonsense. Changing the rules mid-session is an extreme measure, but extreme obstructionism calls for extreme solutions.” The left will not rest until they have gutted the rules of the Senate and have passed an ObamaCare bill that even the people of liberal Massachusetts have soundly rejected.

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    22 Responses to Fighting the Nuclear Option

    1. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      I'm disappointed in the Democrats lack of backbone. They are running with tails between the legs based off of one election that is equal to .0018% of Congress. 1 seat out of 535 and they are ready to run from the convictions they had and go strictly off of polling.

      In my opinion, they should use reconciliation to pass what they were put in office to pass – meaningful health reform. The idea that most of them voted for it last year and now several are scared to vote for it makes me sick. We don't need Members like them and I hoep they get voted out in November.

      Congress must stop being reactive to everything. They must be proactive and work to address the problems before they are too late. Whether it is terrorism, health reform, economy, etc…They must use some foresight and see what issues lay ahead.

      I'm also very disappointed in the Republican actions and how they have been trying to block all legisaltion since early last year. They are simply looking to score poltical victories instead of what is best for the country and come November, or 2012, when they win back the majority, the Dems will likley do the same and we'll never get anything done – we'll just end up with our broken health system, a damaged economy and our politicians will continue to beat each other up instead of work with each other.

    2. EJM, Geneva says:

      The foolishness and fanaticism of the left is truly amazing. They are impervious to facts and reason of any kind. Anything that can be passed by strong-arm tactics can be repealed by the same 51 vote "reconciliation" after they lose their majority. The use of such tactics or even the threat of using them is only hastening that day.

    3. Matt, Wyoming says:

      Hope the Liberals use reconciliation. We will have a backlash against the Democrats in Congress, that will destroy the party as we know it. Then, we non-Democrats are in charge of Congress, we revoke the law with a simple majority. Everything this Congress does can be undone with a simple majority with the next Congress, which isn't that far away.

    4. John, Mississippi says:

      Reconciliation is NOT the 'nuclear option'.

    5. Danny, Texas says:

      Does Reid even have 50 votes for the nuclear option in the Senate? It would be nice if someone would list each Senator and the likelihood of them voting in this manner. That way, the voters could then begin contacting them. For I am afraid the Obama/Reid/Pelosi tactic of silent stealth to get this thing through is working while those opposed think it has just gone away.

    6. Bunker Bravo Charlie says:

      No need to go nuclear, conventional weapons have worked quite nicely so far.

    7. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      I'm sorry EJM – but facts and reason are on the side fo the left in the health reform argument. The far right has been using Frank Luntz's talking points since April of 2009 – they did not even know what was going to be in any of the 5 reform bills going through committee, but they knew if they can delay such a large piece of legisaltion, they had a good chance to kill it.

      It is nothing more than an attempt to score political wins on the backs of the American people. Sadly, most Americans and most on the far right have no idea they are doing nothing but regurgitation Frank's talking points and what worse is most of these people would be the ones to benefit most.

      Facts are a stubborn thing. 4 trillion dollars of Bush tax cuts – 7 trillion in GOP Medcare bill – record job losses in Bush economy. It's too bad the right refuses to ackowledge their actions put our country on the edge.

    8. dlo says:

      Does anyone else think this quote is hilarious? If you told me this was a peter griffin quote, I would never doubt it.

      Changing the rules mid-session is an extreme measure, but extreme obstructionism calls for extreme solutions.”

    9. JRH, Texas says:

      "I’m sorry EJM – but facts and reason are on the side fo [sic] the left in the health reform argument."

      Conclusory statement. No support.

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    12. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Kevin – you really need to study history and stop bashing Bush. Space does not permit an extensive review but for my money I look back to the Carter administration and part of the Reagan tax package as the start of our economic peril. The notion that all people should own a home whether they can afford it or not and the loss of the consumer interest deduction created the perfect storm. The more governement intervenes the more problems seem to be created, We all agree Bush was not a "rocket scientist" as President but to blame him for our problems without including the Democrats "failed" social agendas is disingenuous.

    13. Texas Dar says:

      Everybody needs to do some home work here. There is no 2 party one goverment, and hasent been for almost 100 years now. No mater who is in at this point the game is the same. If you take the time to watch The Obama Depetion and Fall of the Rebublic, they are on Google.

      It is "The Fed" or "The IMF" that is running the show. Makes no differance whos warmming the seat, the do what they are told. Its all one big secert show for the "Sheeple" out here that dont know anybetter. Listen very closely to what Jessy Ventura tells "Willie Nelson" on willies tour bus, back it up and play it agin, "please"……….

      Heres my point, is "The Wizzered of O-Bama Oz" running the show, or could it be the cazr's standing right behind him. They answer ONLY to Him. Wait………………is it the other way around…?

      It dose not pay to bash either side, they are all just pupptes dangling from strings behing the "Black Curtain" ! What happened was planed way back in 1970, and the date to take down the working middle man was for 2008-2009.

      Its working like a charm, aint it….? No jobe will ever come back. Everything that was forced to close, is gone for ever. I bet health care willl pass in the middle of the night on a Saterday.

      The next 3 years will be just like the first one. The secert 12 will do what they are told by the ones in charge. The American People will revolt and "Martial Law" will be called.

      It will make the last one in the 30's look like a vacation. Everything the news media is telling us and showing us is just to keep all of you in the dark to as whats realy going on just below the surface.

      You will want enought to surive for 6 MO. "Food-Water-Ammo" will be the new money. Its all one big joke, and the people fell for it.

      By voteing them all out the next two times will only make it that much harder for "The Feds" to control things, but they will. Trust me, once in office the bunch of them are like a Junkie with a coffey table full of everything they could ask for getting high. Ol Teddie Kenaedy was thier best costomer.

      By us showing how mad we are at both sides, only shows them how good they are doing at scamming the American People. Its the Greatest Show on Earth……..? & We Were Suckered Right In !

    14. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      It's hard for me not to bash what happened in 2001-2003. The policies that were enacted through reconciliation, which was the first time the recon rules were ever used in history for legislation that did not reduce the deficit, are a major factor of the current economic problems. The tax cuts of 01 and 03 and the unfunded mandate created by 2003 Medicare bill caused a huge hit. Throw on costs of the 2 wars – and those 5 pieces are a massive hit to fiscal stability.

      If we are talking about fiscal responsibility, the Republicans have been speaking of this for the last 16 months, but I don't think have a leg to stand on. They are the ones who got rid of pay-go rules which had previously helped this country get into a surplus. Getting rid of pay-go was reckless.

      And right now, federal revenues are at the lowest percent of GDP in decades – less incoem tax, less payroll tax, less sales tax and less property tax due to decreased home values – and the GOP continues to call for more tax cuts. You even have Dems like Lincoln and Cantwell thinking that a lower estate tax will create jobs. I have tough time seeing how estate tax will affect job situation.

      The single biggest factor that will affect our fiscal future is skyrocketing health costs. Killing health reform will just put this on the back burner for another decade since no politicians will want to mess with legisaltion so large and so controversial. I commend the Democrats for takign on such a difficult task instead of punting it down the road and letting the problem getting worse and worse.

      The Repubs haev been disingenous when they speak on effect of the recovery package, which was 1/3rd tax cits, 1/3 aid to state adn 1/3 infrastructure. They say it has hurt the country, when vast majority of top economists state it pulled the country back from the brink of collapse.

      The Dow droping 260 today scares me. It had increased 60% since the recovery package passed, but the last two weeks saw drop of abotu 700 points. Not good – hopefully that turns back around.

    15. Sherry, Illinois says:


      What is it you don't understand about our American representative system? Our elected senators and congressmen were put into office to do our bidding. I did not elect someone to do what "he/she wants." Simply because most people were apathetic and eager for a handout when Obama and the democrats were put into office doesn't mean the people can't change their minds and thus the direction of government.

      It is pure arrogance when national polls indicate the majority of Americans do not want this big government takeover of healthcare, that Obama, Pelosi and Reid continue to ignore the people. It is a true testament to their characters the sneaky, underhanded manner in which they may try to go agaiinst the will of the people.

      We the people tell the government what to do and we're saying stop spending, stay out of healthcare and start cutting the huge government bureaucracy where the largest union is that of government employees that make salaries 20% greater than those of us who are lucky enough to still have a job.

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    17. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Simply explain to America that a Piper Cub, with 100# of Cintex flying over the cooling throat of a Nuclear power plant, and dropping the explsive down the throat, will creat the, China Syndrome. And thus opening all the aquafirs to the radioactive materials and the resultant steam would be carried by the prevailing winds for hundreds of miles for several decades.

      This is the reasoning that all Nuclear Plants were halted the first time in the 1070's.

      It still applies today.

    18. duelles, santa fe says:

      kevin habib is on the losing team. the loss occurs throughout the game, not just on the last play. The liberal, progressive, socialist coalition is not firm, strong or commited enough to withstand the onslaught of truth. I'm not kidding.

      Yammering about whose administration was worse is intellectually childish and a cop out. Congress – both parties – have voted us into this deficit/debt mess. Both parties will have to vote us out of it. The president is truly irrelevant in the process except as a rallying point. Rally 'round Obama if you must. I will not feel your pain.

      The FED needs to be controlled. Their poistion of free money and fractional banking must end. The politicial use of the FED is a much a crime as is the FEDs very existance.

    19. Paul Riker, Florida says:

      Any congressman or senator that would support such measures will face a excellent chance of being thrown out of office and replaced with a person with integrity and love of our republic.

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