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  • Media Continues to Ignore Head Start’s Failing Evaluation

    Credit the Pittsburgh Tribune Review for being one of the nation’s first newspapers to editorialize about last month’s national Head Start evaluation, which found that the program provided children with zero lasting benefits.

    They editors write: “That it took the feds more than 40 years for a proper analysis suggests it’s the spending that matters, not results. And yet Congress is moving ahead to increase early childhood education programs with $8 billion in new spending. Mr. Obama has said, repeatedly, that federal programs without benefit should be dumped. Well, Mr. President, here’s one.”

    Yet most national media outlets continue to ignore this story. The evaluation—the most rigorous evaluation of one of the nation’s largest and long-standing “war on poverty” education programs which has received $167 billion since 1965—has still not been covered by the USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal.

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    15 Responses to Media Continues to Ignore Head Start’s Failing Evaluation

    1. david anto says:

      Is it being disregarded that Obama's largest supportor, George Soros, who has a large interest in overseas gas development, that domsetic natural gas development has been deemphasized. There was no mention in the Presidential address of the use of natural gas; only "clean coal", an oxymoron, was discussed. Soros would lose if our massive natural gas industry takes off; nat. gas. is obviously our most plentiful and available source of energy; the pursuit and development of the use of this fuel would create many jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil. Soro's would like to delay local exploration and development. Obamas total lack of discussion of this option is glaring.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      How sad is it, that this man steals from others, to throw billions of money into the responsibilities of other people. And it fails! while he throws away, what works.

      Instead of human dignity, he feeds human weakness.

    3. Becky, Columbus Ohio says:

      If you are familiar at all with the program, and understand what the article said, you would have understood that the Head Start programs are not failing but the school districts are failing the children after their first year in the districts. I would recommend that you go to your local Head Start program and volunteer for a day and learn about the program.

    4. Al says:

      The papers of the Harvard symposium's review of John Coleman's statistics on what caused kids in school to learn "On Equality of Educational Opportunity",

      found that "When the performance of a kid in school is adjusted for the educational and cultural levels of his parents, there was nothing left for the school to affect.

      That means that school house money is not a factor in learning.

    5. Devin, Iowa says:

      I am a conservative and usually agree with what I read here, but this article seems incomplete. How has it failed? Please substantiate your claims.

    6. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Becky – I read the article that talked about the results – not the editorial. The bottom line was that the kids that went to Head Start and those that did not had no discernible difference – academically – by the time they had completed the 1st Grade. I'm not sure you can leap to the conclusion that Head Start is a complete failure, but you can certainly make a strong case that it does not provide a lasting benefit to the children involved in the program.

      Perhaps, it is the fault of the classrooms and teachers defaulting their learning pace to the dumbest kids in the room . . . but, that is another argument entirely.

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Becky and Devin – This article is very much to the point and complete. Whether the "failure" is in the program or the schools district, it's still a FAILURE! Obama wants to fool us yet again by suggesting more money will help childern learn. That's throwing money down a rat hole. But Obama don't care. His plan is to

      destroy our ecomony and at the same time keep the childern stupid so they will vote Democrat when they reach voting age.

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    9. Chris, Springfield, says:

      In response to Becky's comment, it seems doubtful that the public school system somehow un-educates Head Start kids more than the non-Head Start kids to make them equivalently educated. If the principle behind Head Start was to make them better students in school, wouldn't the expected outcome be that regardless of the quality of the school, the Head Start kids would perform better than the non-Head Start kids that were part of the study?

      You do make an important observation, though, and that is that our school systems are failing our children in the inner-cities. That's why I'm surprised the Obama administration is proposing to undo many of the provisions of 'No Child Left Behind' that set benchmarks to be achieved. While not perfect, NCLB was an effort to provide incentives to states to raise the bar. It was good in that it allowed states to self govern. Some chose to achieve to higher standards. Others lowered the bar to become eligible for federal money. Obama's plan undoes a lot of that progress to the pleasure of teacher's unions. He's giving more money to a failing system that he's enabling to fail further.

    10. Robert Magill says:

      I think the goal of this Administration and the Progressives in general is to keep producing poorly educated , (as Obama says), "folks", to propagate an ever growing class of people totally dependent upon government. What better way to build an ever increasing voter base?

      There can't be any other reason to continue the stupid education policies we have. Personally, my heart goes out to all those young kids in Washington DC that lost their vouchers. Hey, they probably would have grown up having actually learned something. Shame on the Teacher's Unions, Shame on the United States Government. Shame on Obama.

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      You don't truly believe that Mr. Obama is concerned with facts, do you?

      His agenda is spending and what is more appealing than spending a lot of money on Education? Will the kids be $8 billion dollars smarter? No, of course not, but the taxpayers will be $8 billion dollars poorer.

      There may be a silver lining to all of this. We can declare bankruptcy and stiff China out of all we owe them. Maybe then, they can be convinced to bailout the U.S.

    12. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      This was another one of Woodrow Wilson's creations. Control of the Media. Prior to Wilson, the main mas of media reported the facts. During Wilsons Reign, the Media was manipulated into reporting opinion, which has lasted through this day. Remember, Wilson created the idealism of Progressive. He is Obama's Hero. Most politicians now call themselves Progressive.

      Read the history of Woodrow Wilson, and everything being done, becomes very clear. Once informed, we are not ignorant and can no longer be manipulated by Congress, the President , nor the Press.

    13. Bridgette in Birming says:

      I think that the teachers in the Head Start classrooms are the problem. Head Start likes to hire women from the neighborhoods where the schools are located. The teachers are supposed to be able to "connect" socially with the parents so what better way to do that than by hiring right from the area where the school is located? The problem with this is that the women in these neighborhoods tend to be single parents with dismal home lives. Head Start classrooms tend to be led by single African-American females with two or more troubled children. The deadbeat dads and live-in boyfriends of these women are often emotionally and physically abusive. The dismal home lives and damaged emotional states of these women are often reflected in their teaching style. They can be stern, controlling, harsh, and emotionally punishing with these young children. These Head Start teachers may even make unofficial "home visits" to the child's residence after school hours so that they can supervise the spanking of their student. Or the teacher may spank the kid herself at the parent's request. Then the teacher will remind the kid the next morning about their little "home visit" just in case the child decides to "act up" again.

      It's time we required Head Start teachers to have batchelor degrees. Head Start should change the way they recruit qualified teaching staff. The priority in hiring staff for the classrooms shouldn't be given to the single welfare moms who live in the 'hood where the school is located.

    14. Brenda Parker, Michi says:

      I am disgusted that only select media are covering this abomination. I've personally watched a very disturbing scenerio with this program and it's fraud for the last year. Thanks to USA Today I have been able to finally put my complaint to the proper authorities as no one else knew where to direct me or simply chose not to. These folks care nothing about the children in it's care…it's all about the money and enrollment numbers needed to net that money. What a joke this whole thing is. I can of course only speak from my experience, but the news article seems to lean to a bigger story. I would think that if they cannot meet enrollment needs for their grants that would say some pretty good things about our communities.

    15. Sarah, Westland, Mi says:

      I am a former head start teacher. They fired me over something someone else did. I can tell you from experience that yes, most the teachers do not care. They are there for the bnefits and pay. All the staff cares about is that enrollment so they can get that money. I had a lot of teaching parteners who had the chance would leave the room for a long break and would not interact with the children. I would not take that those extra breaks because the children learn from us. But if the teachers knew someone was coming out to observe them, they do what they are suppose to do. I had my last partener was reading her own personal books with kids in the room, on her cell phone or doing paper work. Never interacting with the children. We were not allow to have graduation stuff for the kids at the end of the year, which is sad! Even though I got fired, I am glad I am away from all the lies going around. That is why head start is failing.

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