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  • Immigration Amnesty Bill—Will it Rise From Grave?

    In another affirmation of the truism, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” President Obama’s base has noticed that his promise to push through an amnesty bill looks pretty hollow. “Thirty-seven words,” writes Ruben Navarrette Jr for CNN, “In this week’s State of the Union address — which was more than 7,000 words long and lasted longer than an hour — all President Obama devoted to the issue of immigration reform was 37 measly words.”

    Ruben is right. Something is afoot.

    The White House commitment to amnesty is anemic.

    Loss of appetite for amnesty does not end with Obama. The President expects the Congress to lead. Speaker Pelosi has already said the House won’t take up the bill unless the Senate passes it. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY has so little confidence in his bill that he would not bring it to the floor before Christmas out fear members would be savaged over the proposed legislation during the holiday break. The best guess is that they will throw something on the floor this spring, watch it die a quick death, and then claim: they tried.

    Apparently, not everyone on the left thinks that is a good idea. Topping the list is Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos. He wrote a commentary for The Hill arguing the best way for the progressive cause to regain momentum is to push through a massive amnesty bill. He is dead wrong.

    There are three reasons amnesty is not likely to happen—reasons that explain why Obama should rightly have a limited appetite for anything related to immigration reform.

    1. The bill is a really bad idea. An amnesty bill won’t solve the problem of illegal immigration. It will just make it worse. We know that for a fact. That is exactly what happened in 1986.

    2. The notion that this is a winnable issue for the Congress is, pardon me, laughable. Pelosi can get any bill she wants passed in the House. All she needs is 218 votes. The Democrats control 256. She won’t move on immigration because she knows members will get hammered by the American people for endorsing amnesty.

    3. It is wrong to frame immigration reform as a left-right issue and assert that liberals want to solve the problem and conservatives do not. The Heritage Foundation, for example, has been a strong proponent of honest and sensible reforms.

    No, Obama will walk away from amnesty because politically it’s a loser for him.

    Sadly, the issue will only get solved when the White House quits playing politics with immigration and adopts the security, enforcement, citizenship, and workplace reforms needed to get employers the workers they need; protect US sovereignty and security; respect the rule of law; and address the issue of those unlawfully here in a rationale and compassionate manner.

    Massive amnesty is not practical, rationale, compassionate, or fair. It’s a bad place to start.

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    39 Responses to Immigration Amnesty Bill—Will it Rise From Grave?

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    2. Brittancus, Indianap says:

      September 11, 2001 should have been the fulcrum to seal the borders tight? Instead of roll playing by our government and not pandering to Wall Street and the open border agenda. The National Guard should have been stationed along our national fronts and not sent to some far distant country? The previous administrations along with the latest groups in Washington, preferred to put American lives in Jeopardy. Just as always campaign contributions come first, disregarding the "Rule of Law." and restricting access to our nation. September 11, should have been the turning point when instead of building a one-fence system, its original planning should have commenced under the guidance Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Ca). His initial design should never have been compromised by political collusion with the parasite business organizations. The construction of two separate fences, with open location between the rows for the rapid movement of US Border Patrol and the National Guard for picketing in between.

      We now need a commitment from those in power to enforcing our immigration laws. But as usual American safety comes–LAST–behind the unceasing lines of illegal aliens and their families. As Usual its left for taxpayers to forfeit extra taxes to pay the financial tab for supporting the millions of illegal immigrants, when it should be the–BUSINESS–partnership with rogue politicians and the National business organizations that–SHOULD BE DEMANDED–to pay for their upkeep? After all the ordinary man/women in the street, never welcomed them here? All border states live on the edge of a smoldering volcano, ready to erupt at any time. California is broke, followed by Arizona in a close race to insolvency.Whereas Arizona has just past harsh laws to stop illegal aliens taking legal residents jobs and the sponging mechanism of welfare entitlements. But the California Liberals in Sacramento cannot justify in saving their State from financial crisis caused partly by the illegal immigration invasion. Partly by unparalleled incompetence. Perhaps the California governor is correct, even though is critics say no, to building prisons in Mexico. It would rid California of dangerous gangs that have permeated the State and elsewhere, like a toilet that hasn't been flushed for years? Illegal immigrants from South of the border, would think twice in criminal acts and being deported, as American prisons are like halfway house to the inmates compared to what awaits them South of the fence? For a short time Washington did enforce the border with the National Guard, but since have employed them in the Middle East.

      Now America security is at stake, by cultivating free trade with Mexico with the free movement of goods. This is not limited to border security, but our shipping container ports that are not sufficiently guarded either from some murdering religious zealot smuggling in a nuclear devise. Our legislators are deliberately ignoring the chance of dangerous incursions by foreign nationals with those murdering intentions. Once the twin towers fell, politicians should have enforced our Northern and Southern borders, to even rescinding The Posse Comitatus Act, by a vote of Congress and placing our regular military on the thin national line. In our immediate future, when terrorists attack our nation–this is When and not If? The ultimate blame will be with pariah business organizations, many unions, faith groups with the leaders usurping of US Immigration law from the Vatican, open border organizations and anti-American groups as with La Raza. El Quada planned the monstrous nightmare in New York for many years, as they will again–biding their time. Their patience is unnerving, because they will wait until our guard is down. They are very aware that some politicians will sacrifice Americans in the name of free trade and gorging on imported cheap goods, while our own exports remain stagnant.

      Now we hear that Ben laden is making inquiries of Weapons of Mass Destruction around the world. Likely he is looking to Russia–the old Soviet Union, where many WMD's have remain unaccounted for in military inventories. Politicians like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano have left us wide open to a terrorist attack, because of massive underfunding of the border walls and immigration as a whole. E-Verify which can in the majority of cases identify illegal immigrants. 287 (G) giving our police forces the right to question any suspicious individual and detain them for ICE. The fact that drug dealers in Mexico are collaborating with foreign combatants, to infiltrate the United States. Zeta's are paramilitary recruited from the Mexican army to work with the drug king pins, as enforcers against other cartels. However, now the have moved into the narcotics battle in major cities, but are also involved in human trafficking and other obnoxious crimes.

      Yet our border remains very flimsy against any assault upon this sovereign country. Even Mexico has Federal troops on the border with Guatemala and Belize and anybody desperate enough to illegally enter are thrown into prison or disappear without a trace. Only voting against incumbents and those who believe in enforcing immigration laws should ever reach Washington. We have had to many years lawmakers who have catered to the wealthy Robber–corporate–interest–Barons, who believe its their right to cheat the American people.Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asked for your Senator or Congressman. In addition bombard your State Representatives to enforce state laws. NO MORE AMNESTIES, MAKE E-VERIFY PERMANENT , FULLY FUND 287 (G) FOR LOCAL POLICE AND RESUME EXPANDED ICE RAIDS. Learn more at NUMBERSUSA dot com, JudicialWatch dot org and Americanpatrol dot com

      Latest Immigration News:

      San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sun

      Cost of teaching English learning students in SB County $34M

      San Bernardino County public schools are spending more than $34 million in state and federal money this school year to educate English learners, a group whose population has doubled since 1995. — That amount doesn't include additional funding for services and programs available to English learners as well as other students.

      Salt Lake Tribune:

      Gaps on the border: US agencies at odds

      After a 20-minute drive into a federally protected stretch in Arizona, retired Forest Service employee Mark South points to an aging, four-strand barbed-wire fence separating the United States from its southern neighbor. — "See that fence? That's Mexico," South says… [Much of what the Tribune is claiming is a fence isn't a fence at all.

    3. Dennis Social Circle says:

      I have no problem with people entering this country, they need to follow the laws, then become an active part of society. They must learn our language, ENGLISH, then work to improve their lives. We have to many thay refuse to become an actve part of the American society, they want to spleter off in to little groups to be treated as special. That is not what made this country, hard work, pride in the country, moral values, and a willingness to be a productive part of society made this country.

      We do not need amneisty for all the illegals, they need to be sent back where they came from, our borders must be secured and then let only those that have complied with the laws of the land enter.

    4. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      I agree with Dennis, We have laws, you take a number and wait until it's your term. The only reason to push for Amnesty is so that they can register these "New citizens" to vote and instruct them to vote for Dems. as they were the ones who let them stay. My grandparents and father came here legally, they spoke ENGLISH. When they came here before Ellis Island, they had to show they were able to support themselves and speak English and know a little about this country. They also signed that they would NEVER be a burden to society. They became citizens, my grandfather wasa baker and he and his son in law ran a Danish Bakery in Fords N.J., my uncle cxontinued it until he retired, they lived the American dream, they worked for it.

    5. veola Dunn says:

      Help! here is the scoop. We have friends from new york. they came to the us with educational visas. the visas have expired. This family has two minor children both born in new york. the children are ages 12 and 3. what can we do to help them get amnesty. They have been in the us 12 yrs plus,have a home and good jobs. Please provide info for this couple and two children who desperately wants to stay in the united states permanently. Thank you

    6. Norma in Nebraska says:

      I agree with Dennis that the current illegals need to be SHOWN that we have laws for a reason, and if they want to be Americans there is a procedure to follow. We MUST quit rewarding people living in our country for UNLAWFUL behavior so we need to send them back where they come from. And then we need to do what no one in Washington seems to be able to solve . . . CLOSE THE BORDER permanently.

      Just a thought . . . . if Obama gives the current group of illegals amnesty, then his problem with his statement regarding the health care bill is solved – we won't be insuring illegals because there won't be any!!!!

      As Glenn Beck says, we have to be aware of what is going on with the right hand when the left hand is holding our attention . . . . I don't believe for one minute that this issue is dead or near death – they are just looking for a way to "think outside the box" to get the job done. Careful America, we may be on the verge of having a whole new class of Americans, The Class of 2010!!!

    7. GS, Rochester, ny says:

      What influences have changed USA control of illegal immigration to implicit allowance? Who or which groups have the most to gain? An answer of creeping strength is given at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHKGOcUyQ-M
      Then politically incorrect discussion is discouraged, seemingly to mask these changes.

    8. Cujo47 from Texas says:

      I agree with Norma, we had better be watching. They will try again when they think we are not paying attention. But there is going to be one Hell of a fight. I do not think they can win.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Don't be fooled. This "Amnesty Bill" will never die as long as the Dems have

      a chance to make "instant Democrat voters" out of illegals. In addition, these

      instant citizens will overwhelm the welfare system, thus our economical system,

      just as the anarchist planed in the '60's.

    10. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The first agenda item is to get rid of the "press one for English, press two for Spanish" at my ATM. I agree with Dennis. As the saying states "When in Rome….." Our "politcal correctness" only adds to the problem. The tenets of the Frankfurt School have long reaching arms. We must insist English is our national language. We have been though of as a "melting pot." Now, we have little islands of ethnic groups complaining about loss of their heritage. 'Aliens" must embrace our culture and be good, productive legal citizens otherwise they must be sent back to their country of origin.

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      There are legal ways to obtain citizenship in the United States, but blanket amnesty should not be one of them.

      We don't argue for blanket amnesty for other law breakers, just because they have managed to avoid apprehension and prosecution for a specified period of time? It should not be any different for those who are in this country illegally.

      The old arguement that illegals will do the jobs that legal American resident won't do doesn't hold water. There are millions of people in this country who are unemployed and who would take any job someone offered.

      Blanket amnest will only add to the current unbearable tax burden Americans are saddled with. Blanket amnesty will only make it attractive for more illegals to enter the U.S.; all they will have to do is hide out a few years until another politician looking for votes promises another amnesty.

      Poor people in Mexico, and indeed, the rest of the world are to be pitied. But they are not the responsibility of the American taxpayers, who struggle to support themselves and their families. I would encourage anyone in this country who wants to help the world's poor do so through charitable contributions to the International Red Cross. But I strenuously resist any attempts of our government to make support of the world's poor the responsibility of the American public, and that's exactly what blanket amnesty does.

    12. Pete in NC says:

      Don't ever turn your backs or close your eyes on this. They are just laying low until our attention gets distracted from this subject onto another issue.

    13. Murph in Seattle says:

      I recently visited a military base where I had to show proof of identification, car registration and state my purpose for the visit. There were armed solidiers at the gate. I assure you, no one is allowed to enter our military bases without clearing security. And rightfully so. Why don't we have the military, or at the very least, follow military procedures at our borders? To offer amnesty to those who have entered this great country of ours illegally is an outrage, pure and simple. Enough with the political correctness. By the way, while at Washington state's Department of Licensing offices two weeks ago. I observed a Muslim woman, with her head completely covered, be allowed to have her photo taken that way for her driver's license. All others, men and women, were required to remove their hats before their photo could be taken. How can law enforcement identify people using hair color, among with the rest of the subjects characteristics when some people are allowed to cover their heads?

    14. Carol says:

      People forget what happened with amnesty during the former president Reagan years. Way more people then expected flooded into this country. And the same thing would happen again. Only this time we are in a different situation with millions of Americans across this nation out of work. So what are we going to do? Import more people to stand on a street corner with a card board sign and tin cup begging for money because there are no jobs? This will only increase the crime rate. Plus are streets are so crowded with traffic now we can hardly get around. And with 3 and 4 families living toghether in one house with bumper to bumper cars parked in neighborhoods. And bad enough now you have to wait all day to see a doctor or dentist. And wait till you stand in line at the DMV office. Just wait till more people flood into our country. And don't forget we have a water shortage in some states. Let's solve some of our problems first, before we even think about an amnesty.

    15. Carol, AZ says:

      They may stand in line at DMV and all other lines…after all, ,they are not stupid.

      They get free health care,all granted under the 1986 free health bill, "at any public hospital "which we all pay for.

      Can you do that when you stand in line? .

      Also, realize as they are standing in line for the ability to drive , and granted this privilege, here illegally.

      Do you ever wonder about car Ins coverage? .

      Do you think perhaps that why "all of us are requird to pay for "no fault " on our car Ins.?

      Or have you never questioned it?

      Thank about this since itt's another "don't ask, don't tell" issue never openingly discussed..

      So my advisecoming form a Border state is to fly over TX, AZ, N.MX. and Ca given the choice.

      I'm certainly not against any ethnity nor immigration.

      I'm against the lies about this out-of-control problem on every level within our country and also seeing 10,000 Americans losing their jobs, each week who's Social Security pay roll payments deductions are paying for all entitlement costs which is now needed to go to the thousands of hard working American family who are losing their homes, and the life style they work so hard to build as legal residence of the our counrty. .

      The bravest non-legal AREe the one's who volunteer to defend our country and given citizenship after a specific time for doing so.and that is also something to think about. .

    16. Deb, IL says:

      I will never understand how so many politicians are all for giving citizenship (a great honor) to millions of people who have broken so many laws and continue to do so on a daily basis. What justification can they give? America is a nation of laws and its citizens are expected to obey them or face punishment. So if Americans must obey laws then why should illegal aliens get away with all the crimes they commit with no consequences, better yet – rewarded for their crimes. Obama keeps talking about the "rule of law" and "playing by the rules" but wants to let millions skirt our laws and reap the benefits of this great nation, even his illegal Auntie.

      Yes, this country was built by immigrants but they respected this country, played by the rules by applying for citizenship and doing everything required by our government. The illegals think that just because they were able to cross a border they are "entitled" to everything this nation has to offer. This includes welfare, food stamps and education for their anchors, free healthcare by loading up our ER's, driving and working without being eligible or having insurance and all the other perks they will mooch.

      Scuzzy politicians who pander for votes and money will try to sneak through amnesty in other ways, such as the Dream Act. I do not want millions of criminals given a free pass to citizenship when they have done nothing to show they are eligible, responsible and deserving of citizenship.

      We have laws for a reason and politicians and the administration that refuse to enforce those laws make this country less safe and the American people less trusting of them.

    17. Luis says:

      I agree with some of the suggestions like learning to speak English and learning a little USA history but ab Amnesty is necessary at least for kids or younng adults that have been in this country since they been young. If you think about it, it wasn't their fault to end up here.

    18. Alejandra Torres, WI says:

      What i think is that all of you are forgetting where you came from. When you came to this land you kicked out the people who lived here and who do you think you are to make laws in a land that wasn't yours to begin with. When all of your great great grandparents came here they did it illegally or did you see them get a visa or a passport… No because you think you can go anywherer you want but when someone tried to do the same thing you get angy. Plus rember the right of speech religion and all that, well when you say we can only speak "your language" you are making your ancestors angry because they came here for freedom and thats is exactly why other people are coming here now.

    19. heather says:

      I as a american am just sickened with my own people!!My husband is illegal he was brought here as a little child not knowing or haveing a choice. he has paid his taxes social security everything and he get nothing!! He doesnt want anything. H e simply wants to be left alone. What makes us Americans think we are so damn good? They only come here to take care of there families!! Let me ask you what would you do for your family?? i bet anything.He doesnt send money back to mexico. he speaks english perfectly. If it wasnt for the color of his skin you would never even know!! Where did we come from?? did we get permission to be here?? You people who are so against this just think. Who are you?? Where did your family come from? we are all gods people we are all created EQUAL. stop being so mean. Its not going to effect you at all.

    20. Brian Priest says:

      Many illegal aliens in the construction industry,don't pay any income taxes.I too work in this industry.If I dont' pay mine, I go to jail or get my property siezed or my wages garnished.I could work cheaper too if I didnt' have this tax liability.

      To make matters worse many illegals and their families use our generous social programs that they didnt' help fund.This is the taxpayer subsidising cheap labor.How long can social progams exist with more users than payers?

      Also, the security risk and criminals coming thru the border unchecked pose a risk to American citizens,as well as other illegal aliens.I don't blame them for coming,just adhere to the same laws that we do.Mexico doesnt' allow the reverse now do they?Both the communist party usa and the chamber of commerce agree with an ammnesty bill and an open border.Is that some strange bed-fellows or what?When you have to pay taxes and healthcare premiums you won't work for six bucks an hour, you won't be able to.

    21. Carol, AZ says:

      Heather ,

      I just wondering If your husband is so proud of being here, why hasn't he become a citizen of this great country you say he is so proud of?

      If you are so sickened by all the comment spoken here maybe you should convince him to "man up" and be accounted for, legally so he can live freely and openingly and at that time understand the meaning of a living in a Democracy .

    22. Troy, MN says:

      Our current immigration laws are too restrictive towards the people who are qualified and college educated and happen to be from Mexico. I have a friend who has a Masters degree and an MBA and is a mexican citizen and wants to move here. But he can't because the current laws are inadequate.

      Meanwhile we have hundreds of thousands of refugees from africa we are financially supporting with our social security, state and local funds and of course the churches that think they are doing something great. We will financially support the majority of these people for the rest of their lives and that seems to be ok. But my friend who would actually contribute to this country is the one who can't come. Whats wrong with this picture?

    23. freedom ca. says:

      we are just only human being,as i know united state is a model and mother country,helping some other country even they dont needs helps.but the problem her is illigal immigrants helping american make money.for example social secuity service they know alot of illigal immigrants paying alot of taxes.even they dont get anything for refund.so guys who are doing illigal jobs?so the american they are steeling from people of illigal workers.hope someday america realize that the best thing to do is unity…………….

    24. EC says:

      All that needs to be said is at http://www.americagonestupid.com by clicking on the words amnesty 101. This person has hit the nail on the head but the socialist like Obama and his klan of tyrants are just suckasses catering to the less than fortunate on the backs of the working class tax payers. We have 20,000,000 criminals in this country sucking us dry aka ( illegal aliens). It is time for deportation, elemination and closure of ALL points of entry into this country for decades to come.

    25. Donna, Winchester, V says:

      In response to Heather, my daughter's husband is illegal. He, his mother, his brother & his sister have been in Miami illegally for 18 years. They live better than most Americans. My daughter was suckered into marrying this guy for "love", but all he was after was a free pass. Of course, he was also in a rush to have that anchor baby. Now he treats my daughter like crap. His father lives in Spain & Venezuala, and sends them money. They have all admittedly married an American to stay in this country. The children grew up here, so they can speak English, but they refuse to speak it. The mother refuses to even learn English. She was recently arrested & jailed for driving her Mercedes without a license or registration. But she is still here. If you want them to live in OUR country, they should learn & SPEAK our language, follow our laws and become a productive part of our society. Don't try to drag the society you are leaving over here and try to cram it down our throats. I lived and worked in Miami for 8 years. We hired qualified people of different ethnic backgrounds who could speak English. English was the common thread in manufacturing, yet the Latinos refused to speak English, and our Cuban HR manager said there was nothing that could be done. If she had bothered to research, that is the one time the EEOC would have supported our case, because it was in the best interest of the company. Half the time, you didn't know what was going on, or what was being said. Their solution was to wear down the white people and get rid of them. The Progressives and their visions of euphoria make me sick. If they succeed, you will see the decline of the greatest civilization on earth, and it will be too late to say I told you so.

    26. Donald Randall Aiken says:

      We have millions of illegal immigrants now in our country. None have passed the

      naturalization literacy test or have been medically tested to make certain they are not carriers of contagious diseases. Their first contact with our country has been to show a total disrespect for our laws requiring lawful entry by sneaking across the border in tunnels, or overland or water or any of 100 different ways to get into our country and avoid the necessary testing and paperwork required to become a legal citizen. Giving them amnesty for their crime itself is absurd but then to allow them 9 years to even learn our language should make all citizens of our country question the sanity of our members of Congress (who I might add are actually our EMPLOYEES) yet they have the supreme authority to award themselves raises at any time (even when hard times eliminate COLA for those of us on SSI as occurred this year). I might also add that this same out-of-control group of our employees also have the supreme authority to institute term limits for themselves which is similar to putting the rabbits in charge of the garden.

    27. Bill riverside ca says:

      I have been blogging for days while watching the percentage of support for the Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill. The blogs are running 10-20 in favor of it. Liberals are on the run, and thank God somebody did something, because the Chosen One won't enforce the border and neither will his minion, Janet Napolitano. Please, God, let this anger continue into November so as to unseat the liberal majority in Congress. They've lost their minds and have stopped listening to the majority of Americans who are fed up with with their special interest liberalism and political correctness. Everyone I talk to and email is angry, angry, angry, and it won't stop until we're sure that the insanity of a "who cares?" policy toward our southern border is reversed. I'm sick of American government. I'm sick of the Al Sharpton's and the Nancy Pelosi's, and the Barack Obamas. Please God, give me back my country from the hand-wringing, America-hating, Moslem-apoligizers, and San Francisco sodomites.

    28. rbjlove, Conroe Texa says:

      It is easy for the American People to see the negative part of “illegal” immigration, but a little harder to accept and see the positive contribution they make towards our country. Yes, we need to focus on tightening border security and deport the criminals, I fully support that, but why deport the people who work hard and believe in prosperity though their own efforts? I believe all people have the right to pursue a better future for their children; if they are not hurting anybody, let them pay taxes and contribute to our economy legally since their doing it illegally now.

      We’re a nation of immigrants; if we were not the ones who immigrate to this country, then, our ancestors did; just because there was no immigration law back then or just because they were white does not make it legal. There is no illegal creature in the eyes of God for we are all sinners; God has blessed America for a reason. We give the image of “America, land of the free!”. What right do we have to deny them that? Shouldn’t everyone have the right to pursue happiness, freedom and equality? I, along with many others believe so.

      We want cheaper goods and services, but we do not want the people who provide them to us; it’s not their fault we have less jobs. The reasons people have lost their jobs is because companies have had to cut down on cost, move to other countries for cheaper labor and less taxation, or shut down completely because they cannot legally provide cheaper goods and services with highly paid employees. To be honest, we do not need to blind ourselves to the fact that there are some people out there that would much rather stay home and get the Government to help them than work at a low paying job. Maybe they have too much pride? Or maybe they’re too lazy to work? The immigration reform will help the small businesses that need employees that really want to work and are willing to work for less, these small businesses are the heart of our economy and they are struggling right now.

      If blaming other make you feel better about yourself, go ahead, all I know is that you do not fix problems by blaming others. With that, you just become a foolish, ignorant, person with hatred in your heart. “Please God forgive their ignorance and protect us from Evil!” Instead of focusing on all the bad, it’s time for an American solution that combines fairness, accountability, dignity, and getting things done. My belief is that now is the time to stand up to these racists, extremists who want to expel our hard working immigrants from our country. It’s time to fight for a practical immigration solution rooted in the restoration of the rule of law, earned citizenship, united families, and fair treatment of workers. These extremist enjoy having cheaper goods and services but they don’t want the people who provide them. I guess they love everything made in China because they have slaves without having to deal with them.

      People for the immigration reform are neither Republican nor Democrat, they are people who feel the love of God in their hearts and believe in fairness and people’s rights. Although President Obama was not my favorite President, he will be if he passes the Immigrations Reform without Republican support, like he did with the Health Care Reform. We need the Immigration Reform to stop this evil “witch hunt” and prevent other States from becoming racists like Arizona. It is shameful the image that Arizona is giving to the world, they dishonor the meaning of “The Melting Pot” “America Land of The Free”. Protect your border but don’t profile people with that lame excuse.

      Our Latino younger generation is suffering because the government is taking their parents away from them. ICE is tearing our families apart! We don’t want our kids to grow up with hatred in their heart and resentment toward their own country; we want them to be law-abiding citizens that believe in the “American Dream” not in the “American Nightmare”. These kids may be defenseless now for not being able to vote, but there is a lot of Latinos that will do it for them.

      My family use to be Republican, but this year we have decided to be independents. I have voted Republican since I was able to vote; I was a Republican because of Reagan, Bush and McCain, they are true Republicans that made me feel proud of being Conservative Republican; now, I feel sad to see that the party that I used to feel connected to, that I used to defend from my friends and family members that are Democrats; that Party makes me feel rejected now.

      What the Republican Party is doing is giving away the support they had from the Latino Community and the Democrats are gladly welcoming them. I agree with the Republican Party in very other issue except Immigration, because I know that not all immigrants are criminals like they are trying to portray them.

      I used to listen to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity every day at the office, but it became so painful to listen to them that I had to quit for my own good. Now I listen to the Spanish Radio.

      God Bless America!

    29. David A Minnesota says:

      I belive the Democrats made this bill in such a way to make the Republicans look bad. They're trying to make themselves look like the good guys and the Republicans like the bad guys. i guess it doesn't really matter because judgement day is upon us all…this is the end and we should all be getting ready for the end which is very near.

    30. Pedro, Winchester says:

      hi ya,ll

    31. BRUCE - ARIZONA says:

      No Amnesty of any kind! There is only one road to citizenship .

      Apply the same way all immigrants have done in the past and future.

    32. Luz M. Castillo, Bro says:

      Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Such animosity. Such escalating hatred…even blaming poor choices of their children on another country. I didn't read too many productive suggestions. Mostly hostile reactions. I wonder at what age or at what time in each individuals lives did the negative thoughts begin to form. As Franklin D. Roosevelt put it , we are "members of a human community". We are all entitled to respect and courtesy. By what "standard" are we gauging? The "redneck" from Virginia? Is our reference point the inbred product from accepted incest in Arkansas? Or the "good ol' boy" from Texas? Yes, america has many blemishes and now we are so threatened from illegal imigrants. Are we prepared to stop contributing to unpatriotic businesses? Shall we start with "Made in China"? How about our handy little gadjits and toys from electronic imports. I am just a little mex'can girl from down south Texas. My dad retired after a committed and loyal 20 years of Air Force to defend this country. My son is in Iraq honoring his pledge to protect this nation against foreign And domestic enemies. My mother became a citizen to this country. Not for it's entitlements, but because she embraced the freedom and respect it had to offer. A sophisticated government and people of good will. Or so it used to be. I am a third generation Republican. My children are Republicans because we believe in conservative standards. Let's stop making hateful remarks ard start praying for our leaders to come to a decision. I challenge our leaders to start putting ideas on the table for the public to respond to. Listen to our input and suggestions. Weigh the outcomes. After all, we are a democracy. That is what makes us the land of dreams and promises. As for the third world countries from which our aliens escaped from, what are you doing to discourage your people from leaving? Why are they leaving? What can you do for your people to make them want to stay and develop your nation? Like my daddy used to say, "You stay in your yard and I'll stay in mine". He also used to say "Come on over neighbor and grab a plate. There's plenty of it". And there was. Mama made fantastic frijoles and arroz. But she was mostly noted for her "Yankee(baked) beans" God Blessed this country. I hope you all remember to do the same.

    33. Ki11ycat, CA says:

      Hello Readers,

      One who has worked very hard to obtained his status in the country do agree that amnesty is not right for the country, not fair for its citizens, and ultimately a slap on the faces of legal immigrants like myself.

      I am just going to state my opinions and my experiences. Yes illegal immigration is a huge thing and burden to this country it needs to be addressed and enforced. Though you need to look outside the box and realize that in the past fiscal years the DHS that‘s Department of Homeland and Security spent roughly 11Billion dollars on security but most of that money was spent on defense contracts and funding the war over sea’s. You should be asking why the Border Patrol did not get a bigger cut? The government has other interests more important interests than immigration. You think politicians will truly care for us the people no way it used to though we live in a different time where corporations are richer than countries where a single man has more money than a small country and where corporations choose which politicians to back financially to get their bills passed and so on and so on. The all mighty dollar is what is in play and until politicians change their way of thinking we will have many national crisis.

      In this case immigration considering that the US is in huge debt and going deeper and deeper into debt some groups will point a finger in this case immigration. Can you go back into history and recall the events of Germany? I am not saying were being racist all race aside most groups will point out the obvious (illegal immigration) because questioning the war on terror might condemn you. Though in reality immigration is just coming out more and more do to the monetary issues our government is having. (I just wanted to share with you some internal information with you the readers so you can read more on our government issues and question why and educate yourself more). I cannot share anymore do to the fact that it might cost me my job.

      Now dealing with immigration I would have to say I am against amnesty but pro immigration. Which means if you truly came here legally at some point but now are not; it just means you are out of status and you have to re adjust your status. Yes there is a very long wait to re adjust if your doing this the legal way but its doable and you will have to pay fines and in the mean time you can apply for a work permit while the case is pending. Again I am speaking for those who came here legally at some point and this is where I stand for pro immigration. Why because most of the people who came here legally are not very educated on immigration laws and immigration lawyers have gotten a bad rep for over charging. In theory where I stand is where immigration law stands to begin with(No need for immigration reform on paths to become resident just stricter law to enforce federal laws) thus out of status immigrants are not the issue here but instead it is the one who willingly commit a felony by crossing the border and not being inspected by a border patrol agent. These are your true illegal immigrants because they are not protected in any way and I personally believe they should be considered enemy of the state. Some come here with good intent but in all reality the ones who illegally cross are the undesirables of Mexico or southern countries. These are the people who don’t pay taxes, contribute to society and so on and so on. Why? They are non educated they are peasants, farmers trying to get a quick buck to send back home or drug dealers. With that said you see where I stand I am not basing my opinions of race or religion but merely the facts that if you crossed the border illegally you must be processed, cataloged and deported and if you ever plan to come back you must wait the mandated 10 year ban from ever entering the US and try to come here legally that is if you did not commit a crime in the US already otherwise you are banned forever. So you see our immigration laws are strict we just need to enforce them. I truly believe what Arizona is doing is for the best so long as they are no racially profiling. Then again if you are legal WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE IF THEY PULL YOU OVER AND ASK FOR PROVE! Your legal show your id and presto go on about your business. Hell like others have said The DHS mandates that all legal residents must carry on them their green cards technically the I-551 at all times and must show it when asked by any peace officer.

      What needs to be done is to educate those where processed by an immigration officer at some point and encourage them to re adjust their status maybe waive a fine or two so they are encouraged to come out of the shadows and legally become part of the USA once again. All this must be done in a time frame and with a cap. At the same time increase funding for border patrol and start using our National guard to do more of the heavy work on our border since they have combat training they can deal with those pesky drug lords. ( hell if I crossed the border and saw a man in military uniform with a huge gun I would be less likely to cross again I think our border patrol officers are not intimidating enough). Secure our borders and once and for all close our borders. Then and only then I think we should implement the Save ID act forcing all states to accept a federal Identification Card so when any type of peace officer request papers all you do is show your Fed ID scan it and your good to go no fuzz no mess.

      Will see what our failed president Obama will do yes I see him as a failed President already pre mature opinion but only time will change my opinion or make it fact. With that said thanks for reading and best of luck on the voting booths. Oh one more thing cut me some slack I typed all this at 4am so you might find some grammar flaws on my post.



    34. Ruth Beard, Ashevill says:

      Just questions: If illegals are taking our jobs, why are we not arresting and punishing those who hire them? Would not that stop a gret deal of illegal immigration and the taking of our money now and later? Why are not those who are born here not given dual citizenship; and when of legal age must either apply and accept American Citizenship, Dual Citizenship, or return to the other country of their citizenship? Why are we not requiring English to be taken and thus spoken, in even elementary grades? (Or is it only the adults who do not learn English?) Or why not establish one universal language but must have many years to establish, accept, and learn?

      Yes, we need laws – humane laws – reasonable laws, finanacial support from all, with exceptions for disabled, etc, same as Americans, and civilized treatment from and for all peoples.

    35. nick says:

      if some ones comes to your house and will not learn to speak leave him by the road side. what language do you want him to speak if he has no formal education where do you expect them to learn the english?

    36. Josh says:

      But allowing Walmart use these workers so you can get cheap strawberries is fair? Give me a break.

      I'd say 12 million people having to pay $5,000 fines is a good price to apy for amnesty, especially as we need the money right now. You do the maths. Are you willing to pick strawberries from dusk till dawn? no, do you see illegal immigrants flipping burgers in McDonald's? The reason we are in this mess is because of us, the American people, and the current immigration system. Did you know it costs nigh on 35,000 just to earn the right to live here? Why do you think there is an Illegal problem?

    37. ruben says:

      I remember the last amnesty bill. My family benefitted from it in 1987. We came to the states in 1972. There was a window by which you must have entered the States. I know of family that only arrived here in 1986 way past the window and through fake documents obtained green cards as we did. Many of Los Angeles neighborhoods were still very white in '73 so we had so assimilation was mandatory. The people who arrived here in 1986 did have to struggle as much. I can't imagine the government would be any better at verifying document this time around!! Many of the newcomers don't care to be Americans they more interested in having a "pass" to enter and visit Mexico as they please. It wasn't like that , at least not as bad in the past.

    38. Pingback: Illegal Alien News Update

    39. Mark, California says:

      We all have to look at the bigger picture & also be more technical. For my observation, not all immigrants doesn't know how to speak English. It so happens that the people who never learned to speak English are the uneducated once, we also have to consider and recognize that there are still a lot number of people who came here in United States are well educated and well informed about English and the American culture. Some people had some issues and technicalities for them not to be granted a path towards Citizenship. We should all consider atleast an Amnesty (Immigration Reform), because I believe that majority of the people who came here has a good intention and reason to live a prosperous and honest life and most of all a second chance in life. America is free! "Land of the Free". If we grant Amnesty now, the more law abiding people (immigrants & citizens) will be able to pay taxes, produce more jobs and less crimes commited by most illegal immigrants. Remember that our forefathers are also immgrants too. Lets not forget to look back where we came from.

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