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  • Budget 2011: Education Spending Skyrockets

    The President’s FY2011 budget request calls for significant increases in education spending and, as promised, the Department of Education is exempt from Obama’s so-called spending freeze.

    At a briefing today at the Department of Education, words such as “historic” and “bold” were used to describe the President’s budget. Secretary Duncan stated that the FY2011 budget represents “one of the largest increases” in education spending, which the president “sees as the key to our economic future”.

    But is more spending on education the key to economic prosperity? For that matter, is it even the key to raising academic achievement?

    Since 1985, inflation-adjusted federal spending on K-12 education has increased 138 percent. Yet, indicators of educational improvement such as increases in academic achievement and graduation rates have remained flat.

    Despite the evidence that more spending is not the answer to increasing academic achievement, Assistant Secretary for Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development Carmel Martin noted during the briefing that discretionary funding for the Department of Education will increase 10 percent under the president’s proposed budget, raising total discretionary spending to $50.7 billion.

    Included in this “historic” spending increase is $3 billion for ESEA programs, $173 billion in college loans and grants, and $9.3 billion for a new preschool program created in the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA), which has passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate.

    The budget increase also includes a $1 billion reserve fund for the Department of Education, contingent upon successful reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). But those of us who’ve taught in the classroom know that you don’t give students extra credit for simply doing their assignments. That’s why the administration’s proposed $1 billion incentive for Congress to complete a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is puzzling. After all, it’s Congress’s job to complete legislative assignments such as ESEA, which has been due for reauthorization since 2008. It’s also a little strange for the White House to be proposing an extra $1 billion as an incentive, since the Congress holds the power of the purse and could choose to increase funding for ESEA itself.

    Perhaps the president feels that this is the increase that will finally solve the problems facing American education. When it’s all said and done, the president’s Fy2011 budget for the Department of Education tops $77 billion. This includes $50 billion in discretionary spending, $1 billion for successful ESEA reauthorization, and $35 billion for Pell grants, which became mandatory in 2010. The budget increase comes on top of last year’s $100 billion infusion of “stimulus” cash into the Department of Education’s coffer. Unfortunately, the sacred cow of education spending has been spared of the spending freeze.

    Rather than calling for “historic” increases in federal spending or gimmicks like this $1 billion ESEA reauthorization incentive, Congress and the administration should focus on streamlining and reforming federal education programs in 2010 to better serve students and taxpayers.

    Click here for more analysis on the 2011 Budget.

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    28 Responses to Budget 2011: Education Spending Skyrockets

    1. kaydell,Brigham City says:

      Even though the increased spending, the test scores of US students fare poorly with other countries. We are not in the top ten with the subjects such as georgraphy, math, and science. We have a lower graduation rate.

      When compared to European countries by the age of 21 the citizens by the age of 21 either a journeyman's card in a trade or equivalent to a 5 yr college degree.

      It is my opinion that when the Federal Government took over the Education for the states because of subsidies, and money and all the regualtion and etc they required it was a dumbing down of the public schools.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      Educational Standards have decreased. So should the pay. Children are taught to think collectively which eliminates personal achievement which should eliminate increase pay. There is absolutely no reason for children to be exploited for government greed as more money has shown no improvement. Government education is destroying the individual minds of the youth of America.

    3. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      I taught for nearly ten years. Why is it that rational thinking breaks down to nothing more than magical thinking when it comes to education as per the ridiculous outcome by spending fortunes in teaching? Magical thinking masks the difficult reality, facing certain truths that we have for decades been forced to NOT to think about.

      Look at it this way, if given Special Education children, do not expect rocket scientists from them no matter how much you spend! Do not think for a moment that all Special Education children are in such special classes. No. They are everywhere amongst the mainstream classroom.

      Given a 1950's American class of students, you could spend vastly less and get incredible results. Problem is that we as a nation have spent decades at repopulating the country with those wheezing to breath free all at the bequest of Big Business, those wanting cheap manual labor and those like Teddy Kennedy who wanted to break the back of the America that the so called "Greatest Generation" fought for.

      You can put all the lipstick you want on this "pig" and it is NOT going to be anything other than the pork you have to work with.

      No, best go back to magical thinking if you want restful sleeping.

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    5. Victor Fryling, Napl says:

      Our government always thinks that money is the answer to poor quality education. Yet in the school districts with the highest investment per student, we get the poorest results. The missing piece of the quality equation is teacher and administrater performance evaluation. Unions will not allow this.

      Until the voters of this country require their Representatives to put aside special interest union groups in favor of creating measured result standards for educators, America will not solve this problem. Progressives want to stress school indoctrination, rather than quality education. Indoctrination goals are being met by school educators in grade schools and high schools.

      American citizens need to take back their country through the election process, to create school vouchers to empower parents to select a school for their children that stress quality education. This competition will fix the quality education problem at lower costs. Otherwise politicians will continue to use our money to wastefully increase education expenditures without results.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      How much of Obama's proposed increases of spending on education is going to the various teacher's unions? How much is going to the "preschool" programs

      that are nothing but another welfare program we pay for? It's just more of our money thrown down a rat hole. Just look at what Obama is doing each and every day to destroy our economy by spending us into oblivion.

    7. Tim Az says:

      I think you should ask yourself how much teacher unions may benefit from this? As for the billion dollar incentive that's just removing power from congress. They will set aside money everywhere they can to avoid spending cuts should conservatives take control of congress in the 2010 correction. They are simpley socking away money to maintain the largess of govt. Mao-Bama has created in less than a year. They may also need to buy votes in the future depending on the makeup of the congress and senate after the 2010 correction.

    8. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      Would someone Please tell mke how private schools, ie; parochial, can educate a student for less than public schools? There is so much waste, there are so many people being paid to do one job, as with anything the goverment does. Why does one person have to sharpen the pencil another hold it and th third plug in the sharpener? The one thing I notice in cutting spending, no one shows the

      duplicity in jobs or the unnecessary ones. In the federal gov't. there is the same waste, they keep hiring, this money would be better off in private sector.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Two issues come to mind:

      1) IQ regardless of how it is measured IQ has an inherited component. My research of the literature suggests IQ is about 80% genetic and 20% environmental. All the money in the world will not change a persons DNA.

      2) the government NEVER "gives" away money without strings attached. Be very wary of the fine print.

      Politcal correctness will squash any effort to bring point 1) to light.

    10. Drew Page, IL says:

      Arne Duncan was in charge of the Chicago Public Schools before joi9ning the Obama team. The spending per pupil in the City of Chicago is higher than per pupil spending in many of the wealthier Chicago suburbs, and the Chicago Public Schools are, with few exceptions, a disaster.

      I would agree with Secretary Duncan's assessment, that Obama's budget for education is historic. There has never been one higher. Bold? Well, it does take guts to try and put this over on the American public. Depending on where you live, unemployment may be 10% or 20%, but if you in one of those percentages, unemployment is 100%.

      It is clear that Mr. Obama and his supporters did not get the message sent from Massachusetts. He will keep spending money we don't have as long as he's allowed to do so. After increasing discretionary spending by 85%, he proposed to limit it for the next three years and then exempts most government spending from the limit.

      The grownups have got to step up and take the check book away from this guy before he bankrupts the country.

    11. RennyG Maryland says:


    12. RennyG Maryland says:

      "AGAIN, UNIONS!!"

    13. malinda says:

      Let's cut any additional funding to education and spend our time focusing on improving what we have! It doesn't take any more money to insist on higher standards and expect teachers, parents and students to step up to these standards. If we are just supplying babysitting for kids who don't want to learn and parents who make excuses and teachers who are so overwhelmed with dealing with behavior issues that they don't have time to teach then we should be able to do that very cheaply. Let's raise the standards for everyone and expect everyone to do all they can to meet the bar! Education is not a right it is a privledge!

    14. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      How pathetic! Only Ben C. out of Ann Arbor, Michigan , "got it". It seems that the rest here fall into magical comfy, happy thinking, the Alice in Wonderland mind frame that if you apply enough magical thinking then… . We are doomed then!

      Take all the "pigs" and slap the most hideously expensive lipstick as possible on them and you will have "ROCKET SCIENTISTS" eventually??? But that is sooo, untrue! If you wanted a brain surgeon then you would look for the most, ah, "affirmative" action types!!!??? Of course NOT! Of course not! But this is what we expect from our magical image of America. The Red Communist Chinese can make everything and we can suffer our fools here and wish for more of them. Idiocy! I think that was made into a film. Watch it, Idiocracy. He did Office Space, Mike Judge.

      Juvenal of Rome humorously spelled out the demise of his long century decayed laden country, centuries before it's fall. Take a long glass of wine but know that we are just around the corner like the Soviet Union.

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    16. J R Cleveland TN says:

      Lived in the greater Chicago area in the 90's. Big MESS about education and pupils being graduated who could not read in Headlines of local Newspapers and TV.. Came to find out that a big percentage of the TEACHERS could not read either. Big Unions to the DEFENSE!! No teachers fired or reprimanded. IN to the rescue. Bill Clinton and His Dept of Education throws MILLIONS at the problem. NEW CENTURY, NEW DEMOCRATIC System — Protect UNions and teachers at all Costs. OBAMA ED Dept throws more money at the Problem. UNIONS Happy. Teachers happy. Can they read yet? Children still cannot read!

      But OBAMA is giving us HOPE AND CHANGE….. DUH?

    17. Ron 8200 says:

      With Obama cuts we will not need Rocket Scientists Nasa budget cuts. Public control without competition always leads to poor results, Amtrack, Post Office, DMV, are examples. Dept of Energy was created to cut imports and reliance on foreign oil that is really working out. Dept of Education has grown every year, do children today receive a better education? Cost of Education has increased at double the rate of inflation. College education now depends on how much money you can borrow. Try starting a career $100K in debt. How many jobs can you create starting from a 100K hole. We need responsible government.

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    19. John Lankford, Roswe says:

      Education is a local concern. Keep the monet at home. Eliminate the U.S. Dept of Education. This department seems to focus on more paper work and not on educational achievement. Charter schools and local control with parental participation are probably the best methods for educational improvement that has been demonstrated thus far. We do not need more people in Washington telling the local communities what is best for local schools.

      We have suffered enough from the Washington mentality of more taxes, higher pay for the elected officials and bureaucrats translates to better education! This system contributes to Washington growth and educational decline.

      Eliminate the department out and the sooner the better!

    20. Jeff- York PA says:

      The "model" is broken is under statement. Politicians can't look beyond getting votes, rather then results.

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    22. Old Nick - Anchorage says:

      Eliminate the department.

      Lay off at least 99% of their 5,000 employees.

      Select 2 or 3 employees to take the the repayment of prior student loans over to the Treasury Department.

      Send each state $100 million per congressional district in the first year as a transition assist. Send territories smaller amounts based on their populations. Reduce the transition payments by 25% of the original amount for the 4 years it takes to get to zero.

      Repeal all federal education laws.

      Let private industry carry on data collection if they wish. The old data bases, programs should be placed on an open website maintained by the Census bureau.

      Instruct the administration and the Courts that the education of our population is not the business of the federal government except to meet the specific needs of the Defense Department and the State department.

      • Gregor says:

        Agreed. The Dept. of Education has nothing to do with actual education. Massive waste of money for no results.

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    25. BillSaidIt Ca. says:

      eliminate the DOE save the schools by dividing that money directly to the students letting them purchase their schooling directly to the school their attending

      the budget you see on their Special to be seen by the public website is only what is to be left over to pay the 5,000 employees their budget is well over 185 Billion

      165 Billion in payouts for loans and 20 billion cash on hand the loans have interrest and most never get paid back (making it defisit)

      Every president except Obama has tried to eliminate the DOE cancer on the taxpayer

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