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  • Monthly Archives: February 2010

    What Transparency Looks Like to the Obama White House

    Things that are transparent: Saran Wrap, glass, water. Things that aren’t transparent: brick walls, mountains, the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Or so it would seem, if you take a look at the CEQ’s response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request issued by the U.S. Chamber … More

    Pentagon Report Underscores Urgent Need for More Taiwan Arms

    With the public release of a US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report on Taiwan’s air power, there is now a public US government assessment of Taiwan’s ability to fend off Chinese attack. And while the report does not directly state how well Taiwan would do against the PLA, there is little … More

    Pull Your Weight, Europe

    European leaders were shocked this week when Defense Secretary Robert Gates told a NATO audience that the alliance faces a “crisis” because the continent has largely demilitarized. Why the surprise — have they been in a coma? Europe’s free defense ride — thanks to the rock-solid US security guarantee within … More

    Vice-President Biden Misses a Chance to Help the Middle Class

    Vice-President Biden recently released the report of his task force on how to help the middle class. While there are a few excellent recommendations, most of the report focuses on failed policy prescriptions of the past. An early indication on the biased nature of the report is the early admission … More

    Video: The Four-Minute Guide to the Seven-Hour Summit

    Yesterday’s healthcare summit may well come to be seen as an important turning point in the healthcare debate. While the future of healthcare reform remains in doubt, the debate yesterday helped demonstrate to the American people the sharp differences in ideology that form the gap between liberal and conservative solutions to our current healthcare problems.

    For those who did not watch all seven hours, we have compiled the day’s highlights in to one video. More

    Video: Obamacare is Entitlement Expansion, not Entitlement Reform

    One of the best kept dirty little secrets of Obamacare is that over half of the health insurance expansion obtained by Americans through the bill is accomplished by putting them on the welfare program Medicaid. Rep. Pete Roskam (R-IL) not only made this point yesterday, but also highlighted a great … More

    Cautious Optimism in Sudan

    While candidate Obama spoke out fiercely against genocide in Darfur, President Obama extended a hand to the architects of the killing in Khartoum.  The Administration’s policy review on Sudan, completed late last year, promised a new strategy of engagement with Sudan, spearheaded by Sudanese envoy, General Scott Gration. For the … More

    Video: Reconciliation Maneuvers Around the Will of the People

    In yesterday’s White House health care summit, Americans heard some talk of “reconciliation” being used to pass health care through Congress, but the true purpose and history of the procedure is likely something of a mystery to most folks, except for a few inside-the-beltway wonks. In this video, Heritage’s Director … More

    A Post-Health Summit Warning: Is Incremental Control Next for Obamacare?

    In the wake of the White House’s health care summit, reconciliation is still seen as the likely route that congressional leaders and their liberal allies will take to jam Obamacare through Congress. Congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama already are using the summit as a public relations vehicle to help … More

    Obama’s Green Jobs Plan: Losing Jobs through Efficiency and Inefficiency

    Green jobs have been the foundation to any of President Obama’s jobs speeches. “Building a robust clean energy sector is how we will create the jobs of the future,” he said in a speech last month. We’ve long argued that subsidizing jobs comes at the expense of others and will … More