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  • Pelosi Wrong On Defense Spending

    POLITCO reported yesterday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to freeze defense spending too. “Everybody has to make a sacrifice,” the San Francisco Democrat said in an interview conducted as part of POLITICO’s “Inside Obama’s Washington” video series. “If you’re asking everybody else in the country who has an interaction with the federal government – and that means our states and cities and all the rest, too – to cut back, then I think we have to subject every federal dollar to the very harshest scrutiny.”

    If the speaker were really concerned about fiscal responsibility, a dubious assumption, that might make sense except for a few points.

    First, defense is not just another thing government funds. It is the first obligation of government cited in the Constitution. It is Washington’s job to “provide for the common defense.”

    Second, we are a nation at war. Thus, the speaker would arbitrarily freeze defense spending even if that means our men and women would be denied the resources they need to make the nation safe and come back alive.

    Third, the President is already cutting the core defense budget. That started with the FY2010 budget….and even if nothing is done Obama’s cuts to defense will grow in the out years. The Congressional Budget Office projects that the average Pentagon budget for the period covering fiscal years 2011 through 2028 will be $50 billion less in real dollars than its current estimate for this fiscal year. Obama is already cutting the defense budget, both in real dollar terms and as a percent of the economy. A freeze would mean a double cut for defense.

    Where did madam speaker learn her math?

    The Heritage Foundation has released a chart book examining the state of the U.S. military. If the speaker wants the real facts on defense spending she should look there.

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    6 Responses to Pelosi Wrong On Defense Spending

    1. Carrie Rostollan, Au says:

      I believe you have an error in your article.

      Shouldn't this paragraph read, "Second, we are a nation at war. Thus, the *speaker* would arbitrarily freeze defense spending even if that means our men and women would be denied the resources they need to make the nation safe and come back alive."

    2. David Endsley, Houst says:

      Actually we are NOT a nation at war. Only Congress has the authority to declare war and such a declaration has not been made. If you are referring to the so-called "war on terrorism", that phrase simply doesn't make sense. A nation wars against a nation. A people wars against a people. How can you war against an ideology? It certainly isn't with guns.

      Don't get me wrong here, I'm not against guns and I'm all for keeping this nation safe. But establishing military bases around the world in other countries and invading other sovereign nations is not keep this country safe. Defense starts at home around the borders of our country. The currently policy isn't about keeping this nation safe. It's about building and maintaining an empire.

      Think about it. Would we tolerate it if China, Russia, or some other country decided to build military bases within our borders? We would not. So why do we presume that other nations like it when we build bases in their countries and tell them how to run their country.

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    4. gary knight Millbroo says:

      this woman is the ditziest and brain dead of them all, she might think differently if she saw her family beheaded and butchered, by the same enemy she is trying to protect. I doubt she has no one in her family serving the country. A friend of mine worked with her daughter and the apple did not fall far from the tree. How much longer do we have to put up with the human filth in the positions of "leadership". They should be institutionalized..BTW, nice article, Jim…

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