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  • Video: Why The Tea Party Is Great For America

    On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd discussed an NBC poll that shows 70% of Americans say government isn’t working and commented that because of the “Tea Party crowd,” Republicans can no longer “go home and sell a piece of of pork that they got from Washington.” That’s a good thing.

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    In the above video, Todd notes:

    The message of the Tea Party saying that government doesn’t work … and we have to shrink the size of government is tapping into what we were just discussing before which is this … I want to go to something E.J. said about the Republican Party. I think the most striking thing about the minority party today is that a Republican can’t go home, and it is mostly because of this Tea Party crowd, can not go home and sell a piece a pork that they got from Washington. It is now … when you bring home something, saying “Hey I brought federal dollars home to this,” you are on the defensive.”

    Why is this such a sea change for the country? And why is this change such a positive development? First, in his book Government’s End: Why Washington Stopped Working, Jonathan Rauch explained why the current pro-pork way Washington works is so entrenched:

    In The Logic of Collective Action, Olson showed that the free rider problem applies to private collective projects no less than to government. The bigger the class of people who benefit from collective action, the weaker the incentive for any particular beneficiary to join or organize, and thus the less likely that a group will coalesce. “In short,” wrote Olson, “the larger the group, the less it will further common interests.”

    If that is true, the implications are unsettling. “Since relatively small groups will frequently be able to voluntarily to organize and act in support of their common interests,” Olson went on, “and since large groups normally will not be able to do so, the outcome of the political struggle among the various groups will not be symmetrical.” In other words, small, narrow groups have a permanent and inherent advantage, and “offer triumph over the numerically superior forces because the former are generally organized and active while the latter are normally unorganized and inactive.”

    Rauch ends up taking a fatalistic view of whether Americans can ever overcome these forces. He concedes:  “What you see now in Washington is basically what you will get for a very long time to come, even though many people, in fact probably a majority of people, may both wish and vote for something different.”

    But if Todd’s assessment of how the Tea Party is already changing behavior in Washington is right, and if incumbents are beginning to see (like Sen. Ben Nelson now does) that winning narrow loopholes and subsidies for your state will actually hurt, not help, you at the polls, then maybe there is hope for our republic yet.

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    9 Responses to Video: Why The Tea Party Is Great For America

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Just more of the indoctrinated left who can't think beyond what they are trained to think. Wasted minds! Because of their indoctrination, unable or unacceptable of truth and reality!

    2. clay barham, Oregon says:

      The Tea Party Movement is an American tradition. It comes from a tradition of local home rule, and individual interests were more important than are community interests. That led to a more involved citizen, through town hall meetings and even vigilante movements. The Tea Party Movement is but an extension of these American traditions and perfectly correct. It is what the elite few who want to rule the many, as the current Democrat Party and many old-line Republicans, would oppose. The differences are cited in the Changing Face of Democrats, Our Libertarian Roots Lost, on Amazon and claysamerica.com.

    3. Bill P. Foxboro, Ma says:

      My hope and my opinion is that people recognize that limited governmentt and free markets create and expand our standard of living. Government can do one of two things, get in the way or get out of the way. The perceptions of polls that their job is to bring home the pork, is not acceptable anymore, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

      Most of what Washington claims is their responsibility has been usruped from the states, where people have more control.

    4. philip says:

      The tea party is the american people from all walks of life telling the present goverment that it'.s enough. That the people want control of their lives,and the goverment as granted by the constitution of the united states of america we wamt our voices heard . We donot want to be labled or called names. Tea partyers are american hard working free people freedom loving americains who stand for freedom and excerise their vote if you decide not to lissen you will hear our voice at the polls.

    5. Jennifer, Washington says:

      it's too bad this videoclip is not captioned. How are 30 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans going to learn about the Tea party agenda when you keep leaving them out.

      You know the original TV version was captioned. Why didn't you pass throug the captions.

      Also, captions help people for whom English is a second language and captions generally help people understand what is said, especially when they talk so fast.

    6. Greg Litchfield says:

      Dear Mr.Carroll:

      Please consider doing an article on GOOOH, which stands for Get Out Of Our House. It is a movement to run alternate candidates against all House of Representative members in 2010. Yes, a very ambitious goal, but one most of the disgruntled 70% may support. You can check it out at GOOOH.com.

      Thanks for considering this suggestion.

      Yours Truly

      Greg L.

    7. harv, Pa says:

      In order to fix something that is broken you don't wait till it completely falls apart before acting, This country is broken and now is not the time to dawdle. We can only survive this threat against our country by taking action to root out the oppressors, all involved who want nothing more than to destroy it and you know who they are. Hopefully the lawsuit in federal court will bring this about.

    8. Lovenguth says:

      Pasen la Voz

      The TEA political Party is quite alive in America

      The only state which has an official registered TEA political party is Florida. The American citizens of Florida will then have the opportunity to show the seriousness of their commitment. The current professional politicians of the Republican and Democrat party have destroyed the St. Johns River and Florida waterways; big oil gets the Gulf of Mexico.

      On November 2, 2010, the date of the Florida 2010 Election, Florida citizens from whatever party they are registered to vote will be an indication of how the TEA movement is doing. Thousands of active duty and military veterans from every service have remained quiet, and are quite tired of both the Republican and Democrat corporation financed elections. The 30 second commercials do not fool them.

      Thus far the TEA movement has been a "Pass the Word" effort with some media writing about its pros and cons, its importance, its efforts, profiteering, etc. In the late evening hours of November 2, 2010 the voting results in Florida will determine just how serious the Tea movement is, at least in Florida, and not until then. Pasen la Voz

      Jorge Lovenguth – Florida 2010 United States Senator Candidate TEA political Party

    9. Les Stewart, South C says:

      The Tea party that is registered in FL is not part of the true Tea Party Patriots. It was registered by a big time democrat lawyer trying to block the real tea parties.

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