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  • Reaction Roundup: Heritage Responds To The State Of The Union

    Heritage members and fans are discussing President Barack Obama’s State of the Unions address at Twitter and Facebook right now. And here are just some of our experts immediate reactions to parts of the speech:

    State of the Economy
    President Obama inherited a global recession and a global financial meltdown. So far, his enacted policies have had no beneficial effect as the 10 percent unemployment demonstrates in spades, and his threatened policies remain perhaps the greatest barrier to a strong economy. The economy will recover, and appears to have started to do so, thanks to the inherent strengths of the American economic system and the energy and hard work of American families and American businesses.

    The President now says he is focused intently on getting the economy to create jobs, but his announced policies say otherwise. Altogether, they are little more than a series of benign sounding talking points substituting for serious action, similar in quality and nature to the proposals already advancing in the House and the Senate.
    - J.D. Foster

    President Obama is right to focus intensely on the economy and jobs. When he took office, the unemployment rate was 7.7 percent. One year and $1.4 trillion later (total deficit spending from February, 2009 to December, 2009), the unemployment rate stands at 10 percent, and 3.4 million jobs have been lost.

    In addition to his ineffectual fiscal stimulus, Obama has proposed a variety of policies sharing the unified characteristic of being anti-jobs. He proposed higher tax rates on investment and small businesses. He proposed an immensely expensive and unpopular health care reform. He proposed massive additional taxes through cap and trade. It is fair to say the policies of Obama and his congressional allies, through the uncertainties and threats they make toward the producers in the American economy, are the single greatest impediment to economic recovery we now face.

    Obama should remember to “First, do no harm.” In that spirit he should remove government barriers to hiring. An executive order suspending the Davis-Bacon Act, for example, would create 160,000 new construction jobs in 2010.

    Then Obama should press for policies that will encourage investment and entrepreneurship – the activities that create lasting jobs and will bring unemployment down. His capital gains tax cut for small businesses is a step in the right direction, although he should apply it to all businesses. Tort reforms that make it more difficult for trial lawyers to extract multi-million dollar jackpots from productive businesses would also spur business investment and hiring.
    -J.D. Foster

    “Clean Energy” Jobs
    The President apparently has dropped the term “green jobs” and instead has adopted the new term “clean energy” jobs. New words, same failed ideas.

    Spain provides a case in point.  With a world-leading quantity of both wind and solar electricity (both highly subsidized), Spain’s green-job creation should be second to none.  However a study by Spanish economist Dr. Gabriel Calzada found 2.2 conventional jobs were destroyed for each green job created.  This finding is consistent with Spain’s overall employment situation.  At 19.4 percent, Spain’s latest unemployment rate is nearly double that of not only the United States (10.0 percent) but it is also nearly double the rate for Spain’s European neighbors, France (10.0 percent) and Portugal (9.8 percent).

    Budget-busting subsidies and ham-fisted regulations will not help end the recession.  Instead, they will shrink economic activity and prolong the recovery.
    -David Kreutzer

    New Hire Tax Credit
    The tax credit for new hires is another recycled idea from Washington. Last tried in the 1970’s, the tax credit proved to be a windfall for big businesses that were planning to hire anyway. Small businesses, the engine of job growth, did not use the tax credit largely because they were unaware of it and did not understand how to take advantage of the credit.

    The small credit does not offset the larger tax increases that the government is threatening to impose through the health care plan and the potential expiration of the Bush tax cuts. The jobs tax credit proposal will likely also delay hiring since businesses that understand the tax credit now face an incentive to postpone hiring decisions to take advantage of the tax credit. Extending the Bush tax cuts and undoing the heavy taxes in the health care legislation is a better step to job creation than this tax credit.
    - Rea Hederman

    The Bank Tax
    President Obama tonight called for a new tax on banks and other large financial institutions, “a modest fee,” he said, “to pay back the taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need.” That sounds great, but in truth, the new tax would do nothing of the kind. Mr. Obama knows that almost every major bank has paid back their bailout funds, with interest. Taxpayers made substantial profits on those repayments.

    On the other hand, most of the companies that still owe billions to taxpayers, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and auto firms GM and Chrysler would not be subject to the tax. In short, Mr. Obama would tax those that have paid back taxpayers, and exempt those who have not.

    Mr. Obama also calls for “serious financial reform,” to “guard against the financial recklessness that nearly brought down our entire economy.” Again, that’s a nice sentiment, but most of his proposed reforms would do little or nothing of the kind. In fact, major parts of his proposals would only guarantee additional future bailouts, by treating some companies as “too big to fail,” and creating a resolution process for troubled financials that is so open-ended that it could be used in almost any situation. The better choice, ignored by the President in his speech, would be to amend U.S. bankruptcy law to create an open, expedited bankruptcy process in which an impartial court would oversee the restructuring or closure of large and complex financial firms.
    - James Gattuso and David John

    Health Care
    Despite overwhelming public opposition, the President in his State of the Union restated his commitment to flawed health care legislation that would transfer more power and decisions to Washington and away from patients and families.

    These flawed bills would nullify the President’s numerous promises, ranging from allowing Americans to keep their existing coverage to protecting middle class Americans from tax increases. Indeed, the congressional health care legislation would break his pledges for fixing the economy, bringing down deficits, and creating jobs. In fact, the health care bills would cost in excess of $2 Trillion over the next 10 years and increase, not decrease, health care spending. Moreover, projections show the bill, when taken in its entirety, would add billions to the already staggering federal deficit and record government debt. Finally, the bills’ taxes and mandates would weaken the economy and lead to fewer jobs.

    All fair-minded Americans, regardless of their political views, have been appalled by process. This includes blatant special interest politics at the expense of taxpayers, including backroom schemes to exempt some groups from provisions of the bill while forcing the rest of Americans to pick up the tab. The subsequent decline in public trust has been aggravated by the cavalier violation of the President’s numerous and highly publicized pledges to guarantee transparency, including C-Span coverage of congressional negotiations.

    Instead of overhauling one sixth of the US economy, Congress should stop, and take a step by step approach to increase competition, expand personal choices, and reduce costs for businesses, individuals and families. By reaching out to congressional conservatives, the President could achieve common sense reforms and improve the efficiency of health insurance markets and deliver better value for Americans’ health care dollars.
    - Bob Moffit and Nina Owcharenko

    The Spending “Freeze”
    Obama’s spending freeze would apply to a narrow sliver of spending (somewhere around 1/8th of total spending) and at best, savings would be less than one percent of the total budget. Moreover, it explicitly exempts the very entitlement programs driving future deficits. At a time when the deficit is $1.4 trillion and we face a sea of even worse red ink as far as the eye can see, such a freeze is tantamount to bailing out – forgive the double entendre – the Titanic with a dixiecup. And it would start next year, conveniently after the elections. Freezing spending is the right idea, but this freeze falls short of real action.

    This freeze would not be applied across the board, but rather some functions like so-called investment in job creation would increase and other functions like Judiciary (a core constitutional function of government) would receive cuts. This is a normal part of budget writing, setting priorities and making trade-offs. But it’s hardly a freeze. If Obama is serious, he should start with a freeze right now in the form of a rescissions package and demand Congress act on it in an expedited fashion.

    If the President is serious about righting the fiscal ship, he needs batten down the hatches and take far tougher actions, like cancelling TARP, ending the stimulus program, and turning his attention to the tsunami of entitlement programs that threaten swamp our economy.

    His proposed entitlement commission would have no teeth to tackle surging entitlement spending. It is a hollow gesture, designed to buy time for Congress to kick the can down the road again in an election year so they can pass another huge budget filled with new spending while his Commission dithers away behind closed doors. If he truly refuses to pass this problem along to another generations of America, he should to tell Americans the true cost of entitlement programs ($43 trillion in excess costs) and put these programs on a hard budget with trade-offs across all priorities – not just a narrow sliver of the budget. That’s how budgeting works.
    -Alison Fraser

    Automatic IRAs
    In all the soaring rhetoric and misguided policy proposals in President Obama’s State-of-the-Union address, one,  the Automatic IRA, is a simple, easy to understand way to increase Americans’ retirement security.

    Almost half of all US workers are employed by companies that don’t offer any sort of pension or retirement saving plan.  Social Security benefits alone are not high enough for a comfortable retirement, and the programs financial problems means that even those benefits could be lower.  Unless workers can save for their own retirement from the day they first enter the workforce until they retire, either they face retirement poverty, or will need to rely upon yet another new government program.

    The Automatic IRA allows workers to save some of their own money in a simple, low cost savings plan.  Employers would deduct the contributions and send it on to a private sector funds manager just as they now deduct federal taxes from the workers and send it to the Treasury.  Investment choices will include a no-cost government bond for new savers to use until they build up enough money to transfer into privately managed funds.  Because an IRA is personal savings, employers would not be required – or even allowed – to match these savings.

    The Automatic IRA has wide bipartisan support from the left and right, and was endorsed in 2008 by both the McCain and Obama campaigns.  It is a simple, practical solution to a serious problem.
    - David John

    President Obama was right to speak tonight about the urgent need to reform and improve American education. But the President is choosing the wrong responses, following failed paths that will put our country deeper in debt, expand dependence on government, and increase burdens on taxpayers — all while rejecting some of the most promising reforms.

    A year ago, President Obama stated that his administration would
    use only one test to decide which programs to fund — whether or not they worked. But his administration has consistently broken that promise. For starters, President Obama allowed Congress to end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, which has proven to be one of the most effective federal education initiatives in history, improving low-income students’ academic achievement. And he pushed Congress to create a new $8 billion preschool program, while his administration buried a report showing that the federal Head Start program was a colossal failure.

    If the President is serious about his commitment to education reform and fiscal discipline, he should press Congress to completely overall the
    federal role in K-12 and early childhood education by terminating ineffective programs and reforming remaining ones to empower parents and local leaders use our precious tax dollars to best meet children’s needs.

    The President also talked about the need to address the important problem of college affordability. But decades of experience have shown that his costly solution — increasing federal subsidies and placing more of the burden for paying college on taxpayers — hasn’t addressed the root problem of out-of-control college costs. Rather than increasing the burden on taxpayers and growing the deficit, federal and state policymakers should focus on reforming higher education to improve efficiency to lower costs.

    That’s the right way to improve college access while reducing the burden on taxpayers.
    - Dan Lips

    War on Terror
    More than 40 minutes into his State of the Union speech, Obama mentioned terrorism. If you weren’t listening carefully, you might have missed it. It was all about 10 sentences.

    This isn’t surprising. Obama has at times in the past year seemed reluctant to embrace the responsibility of defending the nation against acts of terrorism. Thus far, President Obama has only given one speech on the war on terrorism in his time in office. He pledged early on to close down Guantanamo Bay and prosecute terrorists in civil courts. And at the same time, he has limited the tools of the CIA and done everything he can to distance himself from Bush era counterterrorism policies, remaining almost silent on reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act, provisions which he is said to support.

    These actions are of course cracking under the weight of the national security threats facing the nation. And this lack of enthusiasm for his national security responsibilities has caught the attention of the American public. The Christmas Day plot was a reminder to all of what can happen if an Administration fails in this duty. Americans are asking—will President Obama take the steps necessary to defend the United States against its enemies?

    Tonight’s speech was light on rhetoric— and even lighter on substance when it comes to terrorism. What the public expects is for President Obama to be a President engaged in terrorism and ready to do what is necessary to stop attacks. This isn’t an easy job; it’s a no-excuse, 24-7-365 commitment, but it is absolutely necessary.
    - Jena McNeill

    Child Care Tax Credit
    President Obama’s State of the Union proposals tonight to expand the Child and Dependent Care Credit by increasing its size for middle-income Americans goes about tax relief for a limited number of U.S. families in a thoroughly unacceptable way.

    The credit discriminates among families with comparable incomes and work effort – simply on the basis of their decision to use or not to use paid day care providers. President Obama’s proposal is similar to one advanced in 1998 by President Clinton, and similar criticisms apply.

    The Obama Administration proposal raises the value of the child care tax credit to 35% of allowable day care expenses for families making less than $85,000 a year (with smaller increases for families making from $85,000 to $115,000 per year).

    To qualify, parents must pay someone else to care for their children. Parents who make different arrangements in order to maximize the amount of time they can spend with their children are left behind by the Obama proposals. These include families where one parent works full-time and the other works part- or full-time at a different time of day (split shifts) or on weekends, as well as families where one parent foregoes wage income entirely in order to stay home and raise the children.

    The diversity of child care arrangements among U.S. families is great. Tax relief for families with children is a need that can be addressed in many ways as well, but whatever way is chosen should be equitable to all families and treat all work-family time options similarly. The Child and Dependent Care Credit fails this key test, and expanding it only aggravates the failure.
    - Chuck Donovan

    Defense Spending
    For a speech well over an hour in length, it was hard not to notice the breezy and brief reference to military needs. The President spoke for only a moment about the need to provide the U.S. military the resources it needs during war and support when forces return home.

    Both priorities are incredibly important to sustaining the long-term health of the America’s Armed Forces. However, the President made no mention of his long-term commitment to the military and the urgent demand to give our men and women in uniform a capable array of next-generation systems to defeat any threat in the future, as well as those threats in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

    Not including defense spending as part of the President’s domestic discretionary spending freeze is important given ongoing wartime requirements. Yet the President’s 10-year budget plan would dramatically cut defense spending in real terms and as a percentage of the economy.

    Providing for the common defense of the American people is the first job of government, not the second, third, fourth or even last responsibility.

    When the President’s budget is released to Capitol Hill next week, members of Congress should demand robust resources and spending levels for the military until victory is achieved in combat operations overseas and for several years thereafter to rebuild the force strained by war and coming off a decade of underinvestment.
    - Mackenzie Eaglen

    The war in Afghanistan deserved more attention than the one paragraph it was allotted in the speech. Not only is it a crucial theater in the war against al-Qaeda, but the President himself spent a good deal of time in his first year in the White House on two separate policy reviews that produced two major decisions to commit more troops to that struggle. Success in Afghanistan requires the long term support of the American people. This cannot be taken for granted.

    The President missed an important opportunity to shore up wavering public support for his Afghanistan policy by explaining how his strategy can bring success, appealing for steadfast public support, and underscoring the huge potential costs of failure in Afghanistan. His emphasis on U.S. troops beginning to pull out in 2011 undercuts the overall U.S. strategy by signaling to our enemies that we are anxious to withdraw. Wars are won by demonstrating resolve and commitment, not by telling our enemies that our patience for the fight is limited.
    - Lisa Curtis

    President Obama in his State of the Union address reiterated again that he wants to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year. He says we can’t afford to. This is nothing new. He has reiterated his desire to raise taxes on high-earners time and again since he began campaigning for the presidency.

    But the president’s insistence to raise taxes on high-earners conflicts with his also oft-repeated pledge that he won’t raise taxes during a time of recession. So which is it? If taxes shouldn’t be raised in a recession why is it alright to raise them on high earners?

    The answer is it isn’t. Raising taxes on anyone in a recession is a mistake. Even if we are in the nascent stages of a recovery, now is not the right time to burden the fragile economy with higher taxes. Higher taxes on those making over $250,000 will not only hurt those high-earners, it will hurt those that make much less because there will be fewer jobs and lower wages as a result.

    Congress and President Obama should extend the 2001 and 2003 for all taxpayers. The economy can’t afford to do otherwise.
    - Curtis Dubay

    On Inherited Budgets and Earmarks
    The President’s claim that the long-term trillion-dollar budget deficits are “the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program” is clearly misleading. While these factors contributed to turning earlier surpluses into deficits, the budget deficit still stood at just $162 billion when the recession began in late 2007. The larger subsequent deficits have been driven by the recession, the financial bailouts, the President’s stimulus bill, and large discretionary spending hikes enacted by a Democratic Congress. Once the recession ends and its costs wind down, budget projections show permanent trillion-dollar deficits driven by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid growth, as well as the higher discretionary spending baseline, and growing net interest costs on this large debt – not even counting the President’s expensive proposals. While President Bush certainly spent too much, it’s not okay Obama would more than double down.

    President Obama’s proposal to post all earmark requests on a single website is strong. Yet the President who promised to “slash earmarks to no greater than 1994 levels” – 1,318 earmarks at a cost of $7.8 billion – just signed into law approximately 10,642 earmarks at a cost of $15.4 billion. He clearly has a long ways to go keep this pledge.
    - Brian Riedl

    On the Constitution
    The former law school lecturer left much to be desired concerning legal issues in his State of the Union address.

    First, in addressing the White House’s signature proposal to date, the President failed to give any assurances that he will expend any effort to force Congress to address the serious constitutional failures of the health care mandates in the existing versions of the legislation.

    Second, the President ridiculed the Supreme Court’s decision last week in Citizen’s United as opening “the floodgates for special interest.” Contrary to the President’s characterization, the decision properly rejected the idea that the government can decide who gets to speak and ban some from speaking at all, particularly those doing their speaking through associations of members who share their beliefs. Amazingly, he urged Congress to “right this wrong” – amazing because the “wrong” is First Amendment protection of speech rights.

    Third, the President claimed that his administration “has a Civil Rights Division that is once again prosecuting civil rights violations and employment discrimination.” This will come as news to anyone who has followed the Justice Department’s shenanigans in the New Black Panther Party case, one in which the Civil Rights Division chose not to obtain a default judgment to which it was entitled in an open-and-shut case against individuals caught on tape intimidating voters. Rather than prosecuting civil rights violations, the Obama Justice Department is seeking to evade subpoenas from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which is investigating the incident. If Obama is serious about showing that his Civil Right division follows and enforces the law, he should begin by fully complying with the Civil Rights Commission’s investigation.
    - Robert Alt

    President Obama used his State of the Union address to continue promoting his clean energy and green jobs agenda. His calls for new nuclear power, offshore oil and gas exploration, and other new energy technologies are certainly welcome. The problem is that his program of subsidies, special tax treatment, and government support will not work.

    While government programs can create jobs in specific sectors, the President ignores the evidence that these programs end up killing more jobs than they create. Spain has already gone down this road and its experience should give the President caution. Between 2000 and 2008, the Spanish government spent $36 billion in taxpayers money on wind, solar and mini-hydro development. Each green job created cost on average $758,471.

    And that is not all. Dr. Gabriel Calzada of the King Juan Carlos University in Spain found that, for every green job created, 2.2 jobs in other sectors were destroyed. While correlation does not imply causation, keep in mind the country’s unemployment rate is currently at 19.4%. This result is predictable because government programs do not yield commercially viable products. Indeed, they stifle the entrepreneurial activities that drive technological innovation in a free market place.

    That is why the President should forge a new path for the United States that relies more on free enterprise and less on Washington handouts. If the President believes that the nation needs more nuclear power, then he should reform the regulatory system that continues to stifle progress in the industry. If he believes that we need to gain access to our domestic energy resource by drilling in our offshore waters, then he should lift the ban on those activities. And finally, if he truly wants to see wind and solar power to be commercially viable, then he must stop subsidizing those activities.
    - Jack Spencer

    Arms Control
    President Obama alluded in his speech to the threat of nuclear weapons and his commitment to defending the United States. If only his policies matched the security challenges facing the nation.

    First and foremost, he has yet to propose the establishment of a strategic posture that seeks to protect and defend the people, territory, institutions and infrastructure of the United States against strategic attack. He cut the missile defense budget in his first year by roughly 15 percent. He has demanded that the number of interceptors in Alaska and California to provide such a defense be reduced from 44 to 30. President Obama then terminated agreements with the Czech Republic and Poland to field defense facilities in both countries capable of protecting the United States and Europe against long-range missile attacks, particularly against those that are likely to be fielded by Iran. This is not the kind of protect and defend strategy that will effectively address the threats posed by world that is becoming proliferated with nuclear weapons

    On the arms control front, President Obama’s policy of seeking a world without nuclear weapons provides virtually no guidance on how the United States will maintain its security as it goes down the disarmament path, given that Iran and North Korea are moving in the opposition direction and China and Russia are modernizing their nuclear forces. The nation’s nuclear weapons infrastructure continues to atrophy as the overall size of the force continues to shrink. He has pursued a new ambitious arms control agenda with Russia incompetently by setting an unrealistic deadline for the negotiations and failing to meet it.

    It is all but impossible to avoid concluding that President Obama’s strategic policies are seeking to make American weakness a virtue. Such weakness will not be a virtue, but a danger to the security of the American people, America’s allies and ultimately world peace. If he continues down his present path regarding these issues, one wonders when and under what circumstances a dangerous world will remind him of this fact.
    - Baker Spring

    Public Diplomacy
    In a speech that focused closely on President Obama’s domestic agenda, an hour into his first State of the Union address to Congress, the president got around to the issue of foreign affairs, terrorism and U.S. foreign military engagements. Many around the world have expressed concern that a US administration so focused on domestic priorities and troubles as the current one will be too inward-looking to be deeply engaged in the world. Judging by its placement in his list of priorities, foreign affairs did seem like an afterthought, briefly addressed.

    Still, there were assertions of American leadership and a reach for ideas that seemed to be somewhat of a departure for this self-avowedly pragmatic president. “America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity,” Obama stated. “American ideas are its greatest source of strength.” And rather than naively reach out to the regimes of Iran and North Korea, the president emphasized their growing isolation, somewhat optimistically holding out the promise of tighter sanctions on Iran. In that sense, the speech reflected some of the hard earned experience of the past year.

    In other areas, the speech seemed almost out of touch with reality. The United States has not, as asserted, become a leading nation on climate change — much to the dismay of the Europeans. In Afghanistan, allied nations are hardly coming together to support the president’s surge — indeed French President Nicolas Sarkozy very publicly stated this week that he would not be contributing any more troops to the endeavor, this on the eve of the Afghanistan conference in London. And the fight on terrorism has not, as stated, been advanced by the Obama administration — quite the reverse as the nation has become more vulnerable. Nor has the administration distinguished itself by its support for human rights in Iran — in fact it missed a critical moment to get involved during last summer’s uprisings against the Iranian regime. As for the president’s aspiration to control nuclear materials around the world, a goal to be reached through an international conference — that horse has left the barn a long time ago.

    The Obama administrations record for its first year is so thin that improvement will not be hard to come by. Yet, the American leadership that the world needs to see is not likely to become reality before the president speaks again next January.
    - Helle Dale

    Economic Freedom
    In his State of the Union address tonight, President Obama signaled no retreat from the big-government extravaganza of his first year in office. The three year “spending freeze” that he articulated is only a blip in the midst of a panoply of interventionist policies that would further restrain our economic freedom. Consider the followings. President Obama’s proposed “freeze” will not start until 2011, will only apply to only about one eighth of $3.5 trillion budget, and will not be relevant to any of the unspent $862 billion stimulus plan, his health care plan or the House of Representatives’ additional $156 billion stimulus plan.

    The shortcomings of Obama’s first year economic policies have vividly reminded many Americans that government stimulus and big government can neither create more opportunity for people nor manufacture enduring prosperity. Unfortunately, rather than recognizing it is time for real “change” and a new approach, President Obama tonight eloquently asked us for more patience with his big government policies and renewed his own allegiance to an ineffective course of policy action. His words, rather than reassuring, have reminded us that our economic freedom is in greater peril than ever.

    As the Index of Economic Freedom, an annual independent study by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, has documented, policy choices do matter in determining economic vitality. Unfortunately, America’s economic freedom has been falling–dramatically. While many countries around the world continue on the path of increasing competitiveness and flexibility, the United States is, in many respects, moving in the opposite direction, simultaneously burdening its economy with increasing government spending, uncompetitive tax rates, and barriers to trade and investment that stifle entrepreneurship and dynamic growth. As President Obama stated, “It’s time to get serious about fixing the problems that are hampering our growth.” Unfortunately, many of those problems are caused by government itself, under Obama’s leadership. Many small and large firms are currently postponing spending decisions and projects while they try to discern government’s latest intentions. Others are put off by anti-business rhetoric that demonizes those whose profit-seeking is the very foundation of investment and job creation.

    It’s time to get government out of the way and let the American people get on with the business of building a better future.
    - Ambassador Terry Miller

    NATO and Afghanistan
    During the Presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama stated that Afghanistan would be his primary focus in America’s battle against terrorism, and that he would rally the international ISAF coalition to recommit to the fight there. In the 12 months since his election, he has ordered 30,000 additional combat troops into Afghanistan, confirmed $2.7 billion in non-military aid from his 2010 budget and maintained broad bipartisan support for the war effort, despite huge tensions over domestic issues such as health care reform. However, he has been wildly unsuccessful in rallying additional international commitment to mission, save the same countries who have long shouldered a disproportionate share of the burden such as the UK. Several European members of NATO including France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Turkey continue to shortchange the mission in Afghanistan, under-resourcing operations and restricting their troops with nightmare caveats.

    During his address to the nation, President Obama stated, “In Afghanistan, we are increasing our troops and training Afghan Security Forces so they can begin to take the lead in July of 2011, and our troops can begin to come home. We will reward good governance, reduce corruption, and support the rights of all Afghans – men and women alike. We are joined by allies and partners who have increased their own commitment, and who will come together tomorrow in London to reaffirm our common purpose.” In order to reach NATO’s goal of handing over security, judicial, and economic responsibilities to the central and local government of Afghanistan, President Obama must first restore stability to Afghanistan. And he will need his Continental partners to support him in doing so. He must rally diplomatic support for the mission at a heads-of-state level, and demonstrate once-and-for-all, that ISAF has the strength, resolve, and staying power to win this war – without arbitrary withdrawal timelines.
    - Sally McNamara

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    97 Responses to Reaction Roundup: Heritage Responds To The State Of The Union

    1. Robert M, NY says:

      You guys are the problem, not the solution. Try being Americans for a change.

    2. Joseph, UT says:

      QUOTE: Then Obama should press for policies that will encourage investment and entrepreneurship – the activities that create lasting jobs and will bring employment down.

      I believe the word you were looking for is "unemployment" NOT "employment"

    3. Joannie Moore, Burnsville, MN says:

      My response to President Obama’s speech was that he came across as both condescending and disingenuous. He chided Congress for treating every day as election day, yet he has been guilty of such all year. He spoke of “us” exporting more in the coming year and threatening other countries to “follow the rules”…yet he is referring to big government, not business or capitalism.

      He spoke of freezing spending on some parts of the budget, but we know that in the past year, those areas were already overly well-funded: so he is being deceptive. He spoke of earmarks, leaving a carrot ouit there to put the earmarks on one website for everyone to view. I doubt that will happen. Why didn’t he say: no earmarks?

      He spoke of transparency, implying that he has been when we have observed him meeting behind closed doors with his chosen focus groups of union members , SEIU, and other hand chosen beneficiaries. He gave special treatment to those groups.

      He said that his race/hate commission is up and running…my opinion is that he will use that extensively in the coming years against any opposition to his plans.

      He did not listen to the people. He is still going full steam ahead (doubling down) on his cap and trade, education and health plans. He changed the stimulus plan to jobs plan. He is stubbornly rooted to his plans.

      President Obama did mention nuclear plants and off shore drilling. I don’t believe that he is serious.

      President Obama offered to work with both parties to solve health care issues…he was condescending in his offer. I know from past experience, that he will not be available.

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    6. Troy Feeney, WPB FL says:

      These so called “expert[s] immediate reactions” posted above exemplify why it is so difficult to achieve any substantial progress in this country. We, the public are tired of all of the criticism. Why do we insist upon pointing fingers? Some say the “speech was a classic example of the President’s ability to convey, in a very eloquent way, an essentially meaningless message.” But let us be objective for once in our life. Use “common sense” and try to eliminate the partisan nature of our officials, “experts”, and media outlets. It’s so tiring to hear a constant battle between supporters and opposers. It causes a loss of confidence and faith in the people of this country and Obama stressed this message. Realize the President will be in office for at least 3 more years – regardless of whether your like or dislike him, agree or disagree with his ideals and plans for the future, America needs to act to secure our future. Either jump on this ban wagon or get out of the way. I for one won’t allow you to bring us down with negativity, neither will Obama. United, as in our name – this country will prevail – it’s as simple as that.

    7. Sakura, Philadelphia,PA says:

      I listened to the entire speech and thought that our President was on point about alot of things, especially on “people losing trust” in our government and about “voter frustrations”. He knows that the people, WE people, are angry, disheartened and tired of the games that both parties play and the corporations that have way too much power. I support all of his points, especially the ones on allowing gays into the military, reversing the Supreme Court decision that allowed special interest and monies for campaigns from corporations, and the health care reform. We have to remember that not every change can be done overnight, as is the general expectation that we have of him. The President has explained time and time again, that change requires more than 1 person. Changes requires many people, as our ancestors and past generations have come together, regardless of the issues at hand, to make the future brighter for our generation and many more to come. The President is not “naive” as he has mentioned. He knows what is going on and revamping his plans and ideals and trying and sometimes getting them into effect. But what we have to realize is that he is only one man. He is human. There are going to be times where he makes mistakes and we don’t always agree with him, but don’t we all fall short sometimes?

      Yes he may have come off as condescending, but haven’t those in opposition, even his own party come off the same way? Didn’t anyone watch the reaction of the Republican party? There were some snide remarks, barely audible, whispered into the ears of others. Even the President remarked that “we cannot continue to point fingers and play the blame game.” Did he not look at his own party and say “its time for us to address problematic issues, not turning and running away from them”?

      We always have to remember it took 8 years, EIGHT YEARS, for the economy and the country to divide and crumble. It is going to take time, to fix everything, starting now. The President is doing the best that he can with the power that he has. It is up to us as a country, as citizens, to come together as well, and make the changes that we want to see, the changes that he originally promised and is trying to bring forth, happen.

    8. Jude Richardson says:

      I agree with Joannie’s points. As for Troy and Sakura’s rubber stamp approval of the president I strongly disagree. “State of the Union”? SameO, SameO

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    10. Jack Hansen RN-BC, F says:

      The President is not listening to Americans whom he believes he rules. He does not want to give up on ObamaCare. He stated, "…not when we are this close." He is disappointed it was not slipped down the throats of the public to be digested at a later date. Nothing unites a country like a common cause – Way to go Massachusetts – The good Americans of that state make a statement, neither Democrat nor Republican, that the President chooses to ignore and vows to fight to get his way, not the American people's. President Obama refers to himself, in the first person, way too many times. His swagger and insincere broad smile does not conjure confidence but mistrust. How can anyone take him seriously when he talks about lack of trust in the government when he is on record for breaking so many promises he made during his campaign. It is as though he is not part of the government and he blames the government for not delivering on his promises. His policies are in contradiction to our freedoms and liberty. His words do not match his actions. He compares America to European and Asian countries and implies we should be more like them in order to be competitive with them. He proposes a freeze while proposing a stimulus but calls it a jobs bill. He admonishes the Supreme Court for not agreeing with him; once again, exposing his arrogance and disrespect for our governmental structure. It is hard to support a person who believes he knows best regardless of opinions and opposition by others.

    11. Roger Hegland, Alexa says:

      Why did I think "You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time" as I listened to this litany of mistruths!! POTUS has been exposed for who he really is and cannot whitewash the fence anymore. What a disappointment. He has shown a fundamental misunderstanding of why this Republic was constituted. He may have been a Constitutional professor, but that does not mean he taught it as an exceptional document for an exceptional nation.

    12. Terry Wright says:

      Mr. Obama's claim of having, "transparency and openess" in Congressional debates on issues at hand is utterly ridiculous after having select leaders of the Democratic party meet with him behind close doors on the health care bill. There was nothing posted on the internet about the proposals for the public to read concerning the effects the bill might have on the American people after the meeting. So much for transparency. In addition, it is doubtful that many of the Congressional members or Senators even read the 2,075 pages of this bill that was laden with earmarks. He failed to mention that Nebraska, Louisiana and Arkansas only voted favorably on the bill after being "bribed" by the Democratic party in power.

    13. Ken Tampa fl. says:

      I have never seen such a unprofesional speach in all my days! This president does not respect the American people nor does he respect our constiution. He needs to resign! We may have 3 more years of this President but we better not give in to him! Once he's out of office we will put good leaders in that will be great leaders.We had to survive Jimmy Carter and we got Ronald Regan. This too shall pass, however let's not give the farm away as we travel down the road.

    14. Harry, Illinois says:

      All he did was double down on his agenda. He hasn't moved and inch closer to the center. He's still out in Left Field Sitting in the stands. He's using the Massachusetts election as a crutch to force the Replubicans to bend to his policies.

      I enjoyed watching Joe Biden Bobble his head thru out the speech. Maybe they will come out with a Bobble Head Joe doll which we could all put on our desk or dashboards for a much need laugh from time to time. He may not be a great VP but he sure is funny. Even Obama amuses himself by using the VP as humor whenever the moment presents itself.

      I wonder what the Speaker was telling Joe close to the end of Obama's speech. She really seemed a little agitated about whatever it was that Obama said at that moment.

    15. Gary Jacques, Rancoc says:

      My question is (and I'll make this easy for the idiots) what would you say if Justice Roberts, during a Supreme Court session with Obama in attendance, turned and said…"Oh by the way Mr. President the legislation you signed last week was wrong and I will need (looking around to the other justices) my colleagues to help fix that." That is exactly what happened to the Supreme Court in front of the whole world last night. Not to mention that it was just bad form and something you would expect from a member of town council, not a President. If you don’t understand that as a problem, then you are constitutionally illiterate.

    16. Joyce Sickels Spring says:

      Obama is living in a progressive, Socialism state of mind! He is an in-experienced far left winged joke to this great Country! All I can say is keep watching Fox news, get history educated by watching Glen Beck and attend as many town hall meetings and Tea Parties you can and lets get to work on getting OUR COUNTRY BACK! I don't even like over half of the Republican Party that are in office! I don't know how I'll vote in the next election, unless Republicans really truly get good leadership on the ballot this time around we're doomed to failure. John McCain is too left winged for alot of Republicans and Michael Steele and the other Republican leaders had better really wake up! No more of alot of bad things in our country! Run the Countries business like you would a household, NO waste…..For the people by the people! Still very disapointed in Ohio….

    17. DP San Antonio says:

      It's true the people have lost trust in government. When you have lying fools in power, like Barack Obama, how could you not.

      This guy doesn't get it, never has & never will. It's his way (leftist agenda) or the highway.

      He might have been a great law professor, but he knows nothing of running a business to create jobs or stimulating the economy. Admit it; you guys voted for the wrong guy! Now we are stuck with him for another three years. Yeah, I'm excited about that.

    18. Mary, Cleveland says:

      After EIGHT YEARS I did not realize our economy and country has "crumbled" and been "divided." Economies in many other countries are worse off than us.

      However, I have witnessed division with health care issue, where President Obama has caused division in our country. Look at the townhall meetings last August. Most people that showed at the meetings opposed Obamacare. They would stand on one side of a street. While the ones who supported Obamacare, came in buses, wearing purple shirts, carrying professionally made signs and on top of it being paid at least $11/hour by groups such as the SIEU stood on the other side of a street. Then there is the AMA, who supported Obamacare because of the sweetheart kickback deals they would get. Yet, only 20% of the doctors belong to the AMA and moreover, most American doctors oppose Obamacare, including 18 medical specialty groups (Wall Street Journal 12/23/09).

      If there is a government takeover of our health care (and God help us), there will be so much work that would have to be done to undue the great amount of damage that the government would cause.

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      Where to begin? Yes, Mr. President, we understand that all problems on earth are George Bush's doing; you have managed to keep that in the forefront of our minds for the past year. That $800 billion 'Stimulus' bill must have been written and signed by Bush.

      With a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a majority in the House, you arre quite right to blame the Republicans for failure to pass the legislation you wanted. Bush must have gotten to your fellow Democrats and put them under a spell. You identify the Republicans as the "party of nope" saying "you can't lead by being against everything". Well, let's take a closer look at that statement. What have you and the Democrat party been saying about Republican amendments to proposed health care reform legislation; enforcing the laws on illegal immigration; reducing taxes on businesses and capital gains; increasing military spending; about keeping Gitmo open; trying terrorists and enemy combatants in military tribunals; building new nuclear power plants and authorizing off-shore oil exploration; prohibitions of government takeovers of private sector business; and support of the Second Amendment of the Constitution? THE RECORD WILL SHOW THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN THE "PARTY OF NOPE".

      Especially amusing were President Obama's about taking on the "Washington establishment". He and his Democrat majority ARE THE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT. Equally amusing were his calls to both Democrats and Republicans to cut 'earmarks' from proposed legislation, considering his immediate signing of the 'Stimulus" bill which included nearly 9,000 earmarks, costing taxpayers billions of dollars. Perhaps he would have known this if he had bothered to read the legislation he so quickly signed into law.

      The President was very concerned abount unemployment and signed into law the $800 billion dollar 'Stimulus' bill in early 2008. Since that time, unemployment only grew from 7% to 10%. Now he wants a "Jobs Bill", but unless that bill contains tax cuts for businesses and individuals and on capital gains, unemployment will not be reduced. Another $80 or $100 billion 'Stimulus/Jobs' bill will be no more successful than the first one. What do they call it when you keep doing the same thing and expect different results?

      All in all, the State of the Union speech was a other canpaign speech and was unnecessary; everyone knows that state of the union.

      The President's comments on the recent Supreme Court decision allowing campaign contributions from both for profit corporations and non-for-profit organizations were an attack on the Court. Odd, he didn't seem to mind getting campaign contributions from SEIU, ACORN, General Electric and other lobbying groups.

    20. rich reitz says:

      There is only ONE, seemingly undiscussable thing that will revive the economy and this country – a high protective tariff on foreign goods. This is the golden arrow into the heart of the globalists. Mills and factories in this country would revive in a matter of months.

    21. Fred Newtz, Houston, says:

      The Governor of Virginia said it all. If this president wants to work with Republicans then he must accept Republican ideas. This, as indicated in some of the above remarks, will never occur. The far left and this president believe they know what is right for the country and will do anything and everything to promote an agenda that is socialist as well as Marxist in scope. Government is not the answer as history has shown.

    22. Liz From CT says:

      I did not get beyond the first article, the first paragraph, "10 percent unemployment".

      This 10% figure is not accurate by omission. My son has been looking for a job since last August, here in eastern CT without success and unemployment in his age group was last I heard, 28%. These are young people entering the job force who are not a part of the statistics.

      Then there are older women who are trying to return to the work force, such as myself, who are also not included in the statistics. That makes two out of three unemployed in our family alone.

    23. Normca says:

      Just words – his actions have not, except his pension to point finger himself, turn into positives. The unions that own him and his party will not permit real improvements in education. The other owners; environmentalists won't allow off shore drilling, which here in LA LA land would, in the future, aid our economy [if the party in power did not spend it all first]. Its like the spending freeze that like everything else, "want it on my desk tomorrow" but wait to a year to implement it. Its like using a spoon when a bucket is needed. He has told the enemy "I am soft". Look at North Korea; they got the message, look at France – their not willing to follow Barry, as Barry told them when his 1/4 hearted commitment ends. The esteemed president blames the congress, who gave Card Blanche to write all of his so called signature issues. Barry O is a failure, but I do not give a wit about him personally; 10% plus effectively 17% unemployment, more uncertainty for businesses, threats to squelch investment by job creators – its just more of the same. He blamed Washington and Bush. Does he take responsibility for his own actions ? Can we fire the teleprompter – No, give him a Republican controlled congress [a real majority, without the Main Girls, Voinavich, Lott, Frist or Specter; as Bush's so called majority faced, in January 2011. And tell the MSM & Co to take a walk with their legs tingling and sick minds.

    24. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      President Obama is young and educated. Someday he'll find a job that he's good at.

    25. Michael Willis says:

      When I read "We, the public are tired of all of the criticism." I have to wonder what makes this person think they have the right to speak for anyone but themselves? My reply to them is to buckle their seatbelt because its just getting started. I think President Obama showed his true self last night, arrogant, defiant, combative, clueless.

    26. Michael Willis, Edmo says:

      When I read “We, the public are tired of all of the criticism.” I have to wonder what makes this person think they have the right to speak for anyone but themselves? My reply to them is to buckle their seatbelt because its just getting started. I think President Obama showed his true self last night, arrogant, defiant, combative, clueless.

    27. Marcia Oregon says:

      The one area I believed the President could improve was education. Unfortunately he is going down the same old rocky road that liberals

      have trod for generations-throwing money at programs that are not

      proven empirically to work like school choice and competition, increasing

      the rigor of curriculum and academic expectations.

      Parents want choice and high academic standards but Obama's liberal ally, the teacher's union, does not.

      Able parents cope with slumping educational stantdards by

      moving out of bad school districts or homeschooling. Other unempowered parents will see their school system decay and decline from the strides made with No Child Left Behind.

    28. Russell Miller, Mary says:

      Perhaps a Heritage writer can confirm my facts here.

      Obama's estimated annual budge deficit stands at $1.8 Trillion, they are putting out a figure of 1.3 now, which seems to be budget gimmickry.

      So, Obama markets a freeze, but this plan is anything but a freeze. He is calling for $ 250 Billion over 3 years of spending cuts with a 1 year delay. That is approximately $83 Billion of spending cuts per year for 3 years.

      However, at the same time he is adding jobs stimulus of an additional $83 Billion for his "jobs" program. This is in addition to the former porkulus stumulus of over $800 Billion. Further, there is still about $400 Billion obligated but unspent of the original stimulus.

      I tried to explain this "freeze" to my 13 year old yesterday. I stood him in front of the refrigerator and opened both doors. I advised him that the fridge represented 1.8 Trillion dollars of annual budget deficit, the difference between out revenues coming in and our outlays going out.

      Then I said Pres. Obama is proposing to "freeze" spending of 83 Billion dollars per year for 3 years. So I take out gallon of milk and a tub of butter. This represents a rough approximation of the percentage cut in spending to the overal deficit. Then I say we will spend 83 Billion additional on a jobs stimulus. So, I put the milk and butter back in the fridge.

      He understood the gimmickry of the spending "freeze" quite well. But we weren't done, I told him that the spending cut plan wouldn't take place until next year. So we now have to drive out and buy more milk and butter to put in the fridge. The cost of the gass represents the interest on the debt.

      Russell Miller

      Seriosly comtemplating running for Mikulski's Senate seat if Ehrlich or another high profile Republican doesn't run.

    29. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Troy Feeney's blind – and deaf – adherence to Obama is sad. He has a golden opportunity to LEARN; here he is in the midst of Heritage Foundation's explanation of reality. It is always a challenge when the politically correct are confronted by reality.

      Thanks, Heritage, for giving Troy and others the opportunity.

    30. Dominique says:

      Excellent, Excellent overview of the State of the Union. Thank you for such an in-depth analysis!

    31. Bob Martin, King Cit says:

      Regarding jobs, unfortunately I haven't heard enough from the Conservative faction that government jobs "just don't cut it!" Only productive jobs that actually create something besides massive bureaucracy should count. One way to accomplish this is by continuing the current abolishment of the "Death Tax." 5 million jobs could be created by not taking business away from family members when "Dad or Mom" dies. I would like to see the Heritage Foundation carry that message more inside the Beltway.

    32. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      Again smoke and mirrors, I have never seen a President so wrapped up in himself, he is aragant and deaf to what the peole of this country are wanting. We need jobs, non union and non gov't. jobs, need to curb immigration and enforce laws when it comes to employing them. To many are soft on immigration and as a result we are overrun with illegals who are taking jobs from americans. We do not need more goverment in our lives we need to curb it, State AG's need to stand up for state rights as listed under the Constitution and force Washington back to the roll intended. We can assure this happens by being vigilant to what is going on behind those closed doors in D.C. and letting members of Congress know our displeasure and VOTING come Nov. 2 , 2010. Remind these people they work for us "WE THE PEOPLE" and that youi vote and will vote them out, regardless of party.

    33. Lani Piett says:

      In January 2008 every employee at this company was told they would have a 10% (or more for some) pay cut, indefinitely!

      I am thankful to still have a job but want to know…when are government employees going to take a pay cut?

    34. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      As in the campaign, the president speech included many words and promises appealing to ‘Main Street,’ the problem is that the history of his year in office is one of pushing far left programs. To mention a few… the union card check program, the ‘big government’ healthcare plans, and an increasingly global foreign policy. That is why he has faced some unexpectedly stiff opposition in the country.

    35. Michelle Erickson, W says:

      President Obama blew his biggest chance of regaining the support of the Independents he's lost over his first year.

      -During the part about how Washington has to change and work together he had an opportunity to point the finger at his own party's leadership and acknowledge the unacceptable way the health care bill was advanced. Instead,he lobbed thinly veiled criticisms at everyone else – Republicans, past Administrations, and (most disgustingly) the Supreme Court while Nancy Pelosi smirked in the background. He came across as a whiny child.

      -Anyone who understands that the purpose of the Amendments are to limit what Government can do, not what the people can do, were appalled that the man whose job it is to uphold our Constitution either doesn't understand it or doesn't care. His disrespect was unforgivable. His narcissism disturbing.

      -The speech was condescending. It contained the empty Rah Rah of a High School cheerleading squad instead of laying out a clear mission and execution plan.

      - My favorite part was when he said that he hadn't done a good enough job explaining health care. It's laughable that someone decided that if he could speak more slowly for us poor, stupid citizens we would be on his side. Someone should explain to him that we heard him just fine but don't blindly believe every word he says. We've actually been following the bill and the process better than many of our representatives. We have been reading the scores of independent studies that do not concur with rosy picture. We understand perfectly, Mr. President, and we reject this bill.

      The speech was a political hack job and whoever wrote it should be fired for assuming that the American public would not notice the hypocrisy and inconsistencies.

    36. Jim San Antonio Texa says:

      A small thing, but important I think. In the gallery next to Michelle Obama were seated two of the heroes of the Ft Hood massacre – the two civilian police officers that responded and brought Maj. Hasan down. Obviously they were invited guests (although there was that couple at the White House dinner hmmm). Unless I missed it they were never recognised or introduced. Over and above being an incredible insult to them personally, I think it says a lot about the importance he places on the "war on terrorism."

    37. Ruben Trevino, Clover, SC says:

      It is beyond me to understand how blind Obama supporters are to his administration’s blatant suppression of Republican input to the health care debate and any other national issue…and also to the rather obvious disenchantment of most voters resulting from the spectacle of Democratic closed-door wheeling and dealing. Perhaps they will finally get the message this November.

    38. Larry, Warren Oh says:

      It would appear that we were subjected to the State of the Obama agenda as opposed to the state of OUR Union. The Blame-Bush game continues, it was a repeat of last year as well as proof that this administration will not change it tactics and will not lead us into a free-market recovery. Same-Old Same-Old.

      Great analysis; just stating the facts. This administration has no legs to stand on and it was plain to see they are not capable of dealing with the issues that face all Americans.

    39. wade howard philadelphia says:

      If “powers to be” would act as if the Govt balance sheet were their own that the IRS will audit things would be much different. Also this administration is engaging in cyber bulling and lying to us about the truth

    40. BobPDX says:

      This president is on a mission to Socialize the United States of America. Do you know what that means? It means that the free market is gone, small business is wiped out, and we get a 32% increase in our federal taxes to begin with…if he get’s his way.

      The tranparency of his lying big and lying often is simply amazing to watch.

      I do not care what he says because I know what he is after and it is our great nation he is after.

      He has three years left, my hope is that the rest of America will follow the historic example made by the citizens of Massachusetts last Tuesday, where his plan to socialize America got a good dose of Democracy.

    41. Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness says:

      Excellent work, but I hope that Heritage will comment on President Obama’s call for passage of an LGBT Law that would impose the burdens of an intolerant lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered agenda on the military. The new LGBT Law would mandate”zero tolerance” of dissent for any reason. In the military, denied promotions end careers. The AVF would lose of thousands of good people, starting with chaplains from most major faiths. This is a major national defense issue that should be addressed. The game is on and everyone who supports the military needs to be on the field.

      Elaine Donnelly, President, the Center for Military Readiness, http://www.cmrlink.org

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    43. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      For those of you who support the President's domestic and economic policies, please explain how encouraging personal irresponsibility and spending us into bankruptcy are going to put this country back on the road to prosperity. If the train he is driving had a chance of setting us back on the right path, I'd jump on board, but his policies are 180 degrees out phase with what should be done. I ain't jumping on the train as he drives it over the cliff. His misguided ideals must be stopped before he bankrupts the next generations.

    44. Kate, Nebraska says:

      It's remarkable that not a single person or expert's comments on this site have pointed out that the economic collapse, massive government spending (hello, two never-ending wars!), and health care expansion (hello, Medicare!) began under Bush.

    45. Mark Ruehle says:

      To Troy Feeney:

      I wish we could get out of the way of the "ban wagon". Unfortunately we are all stuck on the same wagon as you, and many of us believe this is headed for an economic and cultural cliff. So please understand if we criticize these policies; we all have a stake in the results.

      Mark R., Lansing, MI

    46. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Rich Reitz, you would be perfect as Mr. Obama's trade Czar. Yes, indeed, a high protective tariff on foreign goods is just exactly the thing we need to ignite a global trade war and turn this li'l ol' recession into a gen -u-wine depression. Smoot-Hawley worked so well, we just must try it again. Rahm Emannuel would have a sure-nuff crisis to exploit, then. And this tariff would fit in seamlessly with all of his other policies. A master-stroke, indeed, sir.

    47. DANIEL CABRERA, MERR says:



      This is my take;


      WE,THE PEOPLE know the drill already BUT NOW,..we are informed all the time in everything possible crucial to be known and understood.So we are quite reluctant to swallow blindly anything and or everything presented as the case once was.

      Mr Obama , and the rests of 'THE BAND OF CORRUPTED WASHINGTONIANS' (to coin another term for them) should know and understand, by now, that AMERICAN ARE SMART, NOT LIKE SHEEPS WITHOUT REASONING.

      Lets take this for example;

      'CUT TAXES' or' TAX ENCOURAGEMENTS' for small bussiness…'so the jobs creation will come into place'

      Well, that was said over and over by republicans, right?… but it will not take place for is another 'smart tactic'…(let's put it that way) for te aproach is basically a 'second stimuls' already on track…correct on that one?..Interestred?…do your own home work then.

      Another point; – CUT SPENDING ….suggested on NATIONAL DEFENSE TOO? (Pelosi..and others)

      Well, well, well, they already are doing this with THE CUT ON DEFENSE CONTRACTS FOR F22 / F-35 (sister wing) DEFENSE AIR UNITS …as part of their 'program' -(intention) – to decimate our national security.



      Originally experts in The Air Force tagged The F-22 (twin engine air defense tactical unit – fourh and fifth generation) as highly effective for the next incoming 25 years for Air Defense Superiority ,…. along with the F-35 (single engine) as correlated tactical factor to take enemy nuclear posts.


      THIEF/CROOK BARNEY FRANK ENUNCIATED THAT;"… we do not need the F-22,… for Russia is not a threat any longer…we are friends…" ,… WHO THE BLAZES IS GOING TO SWALLOW THAT ONE?.


      "…F-22 Has Major Shortcomings

      Confidential Pentagon tests reveal reliability problems with the high-priced fighter jet.

      R. Jeffrey Smith …"

      Another item; – Obama suggests to open a repeal/bill to counter act the Supreme Court decision about funding to candidates by large corporations and private sector as they see fit. Judge Alito is not quite in favour of this.

      But why Mr obama see this this disturbing?…WHY!

      Actually, he got GREAT BENEFITS of this practice for his presidential campaing, from large organizations and private sectors such as ACORN, SEIU, etc…all this…let's' say,… (under-the-table),…and the response to this by his acolades and surrogates was…"HE OUTSMARTED McCAIN…"…they did not say ILLEGAL nor FRAUDULENT…but that is/was the case.

      In addition to this?…there is something else;

      Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

      Monday, 29 Sep 2008 09:23 PM


      Maureen Dowd / Obama's Foreign Fundraising

      By David Emery, About.com Guide

      Netlore Archive: Phony op-ed column attributed to New York Times writer Maureen Dowd claims Barack Obama has accepted campaign donations from foreign countries including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

      And this is marked as 'false'…and everyone suspect WHO are the ones calling this as 'false'…right?



      ELECTION 2008

      Illegal Obama donors: Middle Eastern Arabs

      Gazan brothers' illicit contributions listed in government campaign filings


      Posted: August 04, 2008

      11:17 am Eastern

      By Aaron Klein

      © 2010 WorldNetDaily

      JERUSALEM – Palestinian brothers inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama's campaign.



      Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG

      March 17, 3:01 PMRight Side Politics ExaminerDan Spencer


      And this,- whether somes may like it or not,- THESE PRACTICES, are quite compatible with individuals form the CHICAGO MAFIA-STYLE CORRUPTED POLITICAL ATMOSPHERE FROM WHERE OBAMA AND MANY OF HIS ASSOCIATES COME FROM…is it not?

      And there is no need to point out the BUSH BLAMING LINES…correct on this one too?


      Opinions welcome.

      Daniel Cabrera


    48. John, Billings Mt says:

      Mr. Obama continues to campaign for the Presidency. He continues to oppose the concept of representative government. Although he covered alot of ground, his feet did not touch it. His attitude continues to be:' If I want your opinion, I will give it to you." Failing to grasp the concept of the Tenth Amendment, and it's relationship to his actions, may leave the States little choice. The body language of some of the Supreme Court Justices, and the Joint Chief's spoke volumes during his speech. Sadly, he still holds the belief that we can't live without him.

    49. Charles N.Y. says:

      OBAMA. Want real change? 10 Ways to accomplish it.1.Destroy Iran's uranium plants before they kill us all.2. Execute all apprehended terrorist and stop wasting our money on trials.3.Use our military to protect us within our own borders.4. Immmediately start drilling for oil in our own country.5.Shut down the left wing liberals and their lobbying lawyers power,along with all the enviornmentalist activist.6. Give true worthwhile long term incentives to small business.7.Replace the current tax system with a progressive layered tax system . 8. Actually prosecute and jail all corrupt politicians.9. Round up all the illegal aliens,put them on planes and drop them off in the middle east.10.Keep government out of private business and our personal lives and have them do their jobs,which is to protect and serve "WE THE PEOPLE" as our founding fathers intended.

    50. A Tennessee Farmer says:


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    52. Harry, Illinois says:

      If your sick and tired of what is going on which by the way appears that everyone that has posted with comments so far is; I suggest that you go to;


      and sign up for Congressional Term Limits. If enough people will go to this site and sign up, we might be able to have a Contstituional Ammendment by 2012 in order to start restoring honest and responsible government. This bill is being sponsored by some responsible Representatives who see what is going on and are trying to help us help ourselves if we will only take advantage of the situration. If not, we can only blame ourselves for what happens later. U have to ask the question, do you want CHANGE, or are you satisufied with the STATUS QUO???. It's up to you to act now.

    53. Charles N.Y. says:

      TO: Lani Piett

      When there is peace in the middle east.

    54. Pingback: Reaction to the State of the Union Address

    55. Sharon Manning, SC says:

      Just some firsthand comments regarding socialized medicine to consider:

      First of all, it is whole different ballgame in understanding what really goes on in a foreign country when you go there as a simple, lowly missionary who lives with and among the common people and those who go there on business or as governmental representatives and get treated with kid gloves and are deliberately given an inflated and false view of what that country is like. Nationalism demands that you show the superiority of your country, lifestyle, and structures. In Romania during the reign of Ceaucescu, I've been told from Romanian sources that they actually emptied whole cities and apartment buildings and filled the city with propoganda people chanting the name of Ceaucescu and applauding loudly as he passed by while video taping was being made to show to the outside world how the people loved him and that all was well in Romania during times of horrible human rights violations and abuses of all kinds. We are so quick to believe every lie that we are told, especially by foreign sources.

      As a missionary of 10 years in Europe and Eastern Europe, I've seen and experienced first hand what socialized medicine and government control of healthcare decisions boils down to. Having firsthand experiences of medical treatment and hospitalization of myself or my children in Germany, Hungary, and Romania I can assure anyone who is imagines it to be eutopia to think again.

      In Germany, after a harrowing experience with a drunken doctor on call after hours when my doctor was not available, I was outraged at what transpired. I had a heart-to-heart with my doctor upon his return, wanting to know who to contact to report the episode. My doctor frankly told me that there was a high instance of drug and alcohol abuse in Germany due to socialized medicine. He went on to explain that each doctor was alloted so much money for his village/town, as the government decided. If a doctor happened to have two or three cancer patients or patients with other severe illnesses that would drain large amounts of money from thier meager funding, they would run out of their alloted resources. If they went over this allotment, they would have to pay the differenct out of their own pockets. The only other alternative was to deny their patients the treatment they needed and take them through one worthless (but inexpensive) treatment after another–placebo effect–and watch them suffer and often die. Doctors with a conscience subsequently ended up trying to ease their guilty consciences and remorse through drug and alcohol abuse.

      In Romania their xray equipment was from WWII, they used no protection, there were hundreds per day who needed xrays and only a few pieces of equipment so just getting even a poor xray was a monumental task. The hospitals were absolutley unimaginable, you had to bring your own bedding and food, and in the middle of the winter during the regular flu, etc., epidemics, many of the doctors would take off and leave during that time because they had no medicine or necessary supplies and the hospitals would practically shut down.

      As for free medical care, good or bad, it is also non-existent. From Germany to Romania, if you want to get treated properly and promptly you have to buy supplemental insurance or, as in Romania, bribe the medical personnel—often with the equivilent of several months' pay. It is irrelevant how sick you are or how urgent your need is, if you have a hangnail and money in your pocket you get treated and the poor village woman with a household to take care of who is dying of cancer or needs an operation is ignored and left to suffer and/or die.

      Of course, those who had the right connections and/or were in favor with the powers that be got preferential treatment and those who had no connections or were not in favor with the powers that be got last priority or no treatment at all.

      I could go on for hours, but you get at least a small inkling of the reality of it all. And as an American–a foreigner from the West–the things our family experienced could in no way compare to the way the nationals were treated, though I heard many, many firsthand accounts from friends and medical personnel.

      If this bill passes, the whole face of this country will change…even worse than it already has changed…and certainly more so than anyone can even imagine.

    56. A Responsible Americ says:

      Obama came across last night like a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar; both chastened and defiant yet cocksure of his ability to cajole or outright bully his way out of being responsible for the consequences of his actions.

      He now owns the state of this great nation, yet he bitterly clings to the "blame Bush" rhetoric and his words were, for the most part, flat-out lies. Consider his touting tax cuts. True tax cuts keep money in the hands of the people. The majority of working Americans have noticed by now that more federal taxes are coming out of their paychecks starting this month, effectively "loaning" the federal government more of their hard-earned money. Credits on next year's tax returns are yet again more loans to the federal government.

      He chided the banks that were forced to borrow money from the government then paid it back with interest, claiming they do not deserve to operate profitably. He raged against policies that created the "financial crisis" he inheirited, forgetting that he was supposed to have been serving in the Senate when those policies and "reckless spending" were happening. Yet there was no indignation at the auto companies and unions, who will NEVER pay back their billions of dollars in loans to the American people.

      Others have already pointed out the hypocrisy of the earmark problem and continuing to talk about health care "reform" as if Americans are just too stupid to understand it if he, himself, doesn't explain it.

      It demonstrated a complete lack of class to get right in the faces of the Justices of the Supreme Court and angrily declare he would find a way to circumvent their decision on McCain-Feingold. I swear it was like watching a little third-world dictator having a temper tantrum. Is there any wonder left that nothing of his alleged writings from his time at Harvard have been allowed to see the light of day? He showed such utter disregard for if not outright lack of understanding of the Constitution. But then, he does this with just about everything….

      In any other situation it would simply be said that this man is an embarrassment. That he is the president of the United States makes him dangerous.

    57. debby says:

      As I listened to the State of the Union speech, I thought I was listening to a campaign speech from 2008. This is 2010 and Obama has been our president for a year. As a speech by a US President, it was inept, inaccurate, condescending, and rude. It lacked total credibility on financial policy/facts and basically ignored our problems overseas.

      I want a President who leads (and leads ALL Americans), who speaks the truth, who will listen to the American public (and not lecture us or tell us we just don’t understand you), who does not blame everyone but himself for the country’s problems, and who will adjust policy to the current situations. Most important, I want a President who will succeed at being a good President. Unfortunately, if the State of the Union is any indication of Obama's intentions, I don’t see this occurring.

    58. Steve, Des Moines says:

      I was appalled by the President's attack on the Congress' guests from the Supreme Court. He knowingly attacked a branch of our government that has no involvement in policy discussions and has a sphere of influence limited to the cases brought before it. Justices have no medium, ability, or desire to involve themselves in political discussions that would jeopardize their impartial interpretations of the law down the road. Obama was bullying the Supreme Court and it was reprehensible, regardless of a person's opinion on the Court's decision on the issue. Time after time the President shows me that his arrogance and disregard for the Constitution knows no bounds.

    59. Debi- Truman, MN says:

      I find it simply amazing how gullible people still are after watching Obama's past year of campaigning verses governing!! Even his speech last night as a campaign speech. If he thinks he can keep us all swooning over his many sweet, empty words that have no action or effective results to back them up, he is in for a very rude awakening. No one will bail out a total fool. He will eventually loose his crooning base and be left all alone. Wake up America! We don't want our government running our lives for us. We all need to be reponsible for our own lives and actions instead of looking for hand outs and bail outs because we made a bad choice. Fess up to it and do what you need to do to fix it and move on. After all this is America we live in and we can make a difference if we will only try!!!

    60. David Killion says:

      Not for publication, only a report of a noticed apparent typo: Curtis Dubay's section on Taxes says "He says we can’t afford to." while the sense suggests the insertion of a missing word "not" before "to."

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    62. jim, allentown,pa says:

      this president lies like a dictator,and seems to be an egomaniac.i wish congress would impeach him due to his failure to defend the U.S. Constitution.

    63. Mike, Utah says:

      I was stunned, shocked, appalled, and embarrassed at that speech yesterday. I could not believe that Pres. Obama was speaking to the American people the way he was.

      Here he is, talking about bipartisanship–when he has been anything but bipartisan (e.g. plowing ahead with health care, cap and trade, etc. without listening to Republicans or some within his party for that matter).

      Here he is, talking about transparency and accountability–when he has been anything but transparent and accountable (e.g. Health Care not on CSPAN, $1.4 Trillion Budget, $14 Trillion national deficit, $105 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, no clear reform plan for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid).

      How about instead of freezing one-eighth of the deficit and less than 1 percent of your budget (conveniently after the 2010 elections), how about drastic tax cuts, eliminating all unnecessary government entitities, and freeing up money for Americans to spend to get this economy going? How about sticking to your guns by not proposing "stimulus plans" of $787 billion and $30 billion, and then going after the banks you bailed out (most of them didn't want your money to begin with) and now have paid you back? How about not using the people's money frivolously to begin with?

      That's not just how budgeting works…that's how the United States of America, one nation, under God–we the people–work.

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    66. Jon, Anderson, India says:

      Obama truely appears to hate the "United States of America". If he wants to be a leader of a socialist country he should move to one. We are Americans, "home of the free and land of the brave". Please continue to fight America, this man wants to take our freedom from us.

      My wife and I visited my 95 year old grandfather in the nursing home on his birthday, Tuesday Jan 26, and he was watching "Fox News". I about passed out. He worked for General Motors for more than 30 years and was a Union leader. He has been a die hard Democrate all of his life. He now watches Glenn Beck to get what he says is the truth about what is now taking place in our great country. He thinks Obama is worse than an incurable illness. I think that says it all. I pray to God our country can stay "Free" and not suffer ill reversible damage to our Constitution and our way of life.

    67. Pingback: Reaction Roundup: Heritage Responds To The State Of The Union

    68. Christie, Eden Prair says:

      To quote a great man: "The solution to our problem is not the government. The government IS the problem." 'nuff said.

    69. Steven, Sublimity says:

      pResident obama is to arrogant and to proud to even know that what he says is a whole lotta misspeak…as in lies. Also, hey obama, enough with the blame Bush for everything, give it up already. He will not listen to any others but his inner circle of Washington elites, czars, union thugs, Chicago politicos, mentors Alinsky and Cloward/ Piven, and, you get the pattern here. His take on the US Constitution, is what Constitution, it only gets in the way of his progressive agenda. And as to We the People? He will not see the writing on the wall for we are to dumb and to angry to know any better. Obama needs to resign or get impeached, and that includes his entire administration too. We the People do not need a puppet king or a community organizer telling us what to do or pretending to lead us.

    70. Merry, Missouri says:

      It truly annoys me when he (Obama) keeps saying "He will fight to get the American people Healthcare"…HE wants US to believe that WE WANT it…when in reality..He is actually saying "I GOT to HAVE Control Over the Healthcare Industry too!"…Its all about CONTROL! CONTROL! CONTROL!…big Government…you cannot do without me…CONTROL!

      Looks to me too many people are giving away to the craving needs of a president desparately wanting to be a dictator…but! Of course NOT! Remember his words…. He is "fighting for US" ……PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA! This man is evil. I truly believe he does not care about any Americans….just those who he can (buy or threathen) to achieve his own goals. Nothingelse matters to Barack; since he is not listening to WE THE PEOPLE.

    71. Melissa, Texas says:

      Obama isn't qualified to play "mayor" in a game of Sim City much less be President.

    72. pat shannahan-bridge says:

      i'm gonna try & keep this short & to the point.that whole speech was completely transparent(a word i now really cant stand)i heard many contradictions,lies &well,plain outright bs.i dont know if this man is intentionally aiming for failure of america in both economic & general terms or if he is just a moron.spend spend spend,waste & waste some more,screw the public out of as much money& freedom as possible.i am disabled & on ss,as well as medicare.ever since he took office life has been on free fall quality-wise.prices are going up ,yet a cost of living increase was denied.my out of pocket health care cost have skyrocketed…i am thousands of dollars below the poverty level,something i have no control over.unlike a regular job where you can put in more hours or find a 2nd,my income is fixed.i did not choose to become disabled,but the government sure as hell treats me as such.i cant even get back pay owed to me because i will be over my 2k asset limit.even if i had surplus funds at the end of the month to save for a rainy day or dare i choose to live in a house i cant.for something i had no role or choice in,it's pretty harsh to have my already difficult life further crushed by this jerks policies.this is saying"yes you are handicapped & you have a difficult life,but we are gonna stick it to you & prohibit you from having any sort of quality in your life."i am forced to scrape by with the bare minimum,leaving no extra to allow for amenities like entertainment or a vacation.i cant save for even a dignified burial when i die because that is held against me as a asset.think about it….2 grand.that adds up pretty quick.if i were to be audited by the govt & say i had 600 cash a tv worth 800 & another 600 in jewelery or tools,anything of value.that is all i am allowed to possess .anymore & i am penalized until the difference is made up.

      there goes the pursuit of life,liberty & happiness guaranteed to all americans ion the constitution..

      you may ask what the hell does my meaningless life & problems have to do with the speech.alot actually.there are many out there in the same or worse situation than i,these new policies & cuts directly affect us.

      can you live off say 8 k a year &live with under 2k in property at all times?well i do & these new bills are further cutting & stabbing away at our joke known as income.

      make no mistake this moron of a president(under legal standard to hold office he does not meet,so acting pres is a better title) is the same as dubya just with a few differences.bush was aiming for absolute power in the form of dictatorship,obama thru socialism & poverty

    73. Charlie Shipp says:

      The analysis is excellent and we will review it all in detail.

      To Troy (2nd comment) Is telling the Truth not helping America?

    74. William Fabrizio, Ma says:

      As I read the Heritage response to the State of the Union address I was struck by the fact that on every issue the president could not have proposed a policy more detrimental to the long term success and interests of America. Each day we see the Administration propose programs and policies which individually make no sense for America. However, it is not until we see a summation of all those policies resulting from a comprehensive speech that we realize the far ranging destruction for our country and way of life that these programs will cause. How could we have voted such a man into office?

    75. michael sessa says:

      I blame the voters. Obama let everyone know he was a Marxist with his apology tour to France an Germany during his campaign, apolagizing for us. He failed to remind them of the blood lost by our men keeping Europe free from Hitler. Again in 61, The Berlin Crisis, we were there. He told Germans he was a "citizen of the world", not US. Snubs our men in the hospitol in Germany as Pentagon said no cameras in hospitol. Barry loves to smile at the camea. Gives Queen Elizabeth a copy of his speeches on an Ipod. Ego, ego, ego. Universal health care is communism. Look up socialism and Websters will tell you it is communism. Karl Marx stared the share and share alike,retribution of wealth. We also saw and heard what he told Joe the Plumber. Don't forget his Muslim background and his friends, Ayes (which he was caught lying about their friendship. In Audacity of Hope he mentions Marshall Davis, a mentor who he loved like a father, belonged to CommunistUSA. Coming from Chicago pollitics is like saying you were in the Mafia, but did nothing wrong. It doesn't work that way. He let everyone know he was going to raise taxes, told ACORN at one campaign speech he was 5days away from fundamentally changing America and the ACORN people would have a place in his administraion. He would have a militaray just as strong as the one we have but a domestic one. ACORN were to be his thugs, soldiers. I blame my fellow Americans for throwing their fredom away and the rest of us have to suffer. No respect what our founding fathers said about the Constitution, or the blood our forfathers lost for our fredom. O hates the military, voted in 07 against Congress giving money to our troops abroad. He didn't caare if they starved to death. He is an egomanic, who had Marxist, anti-American professors for cohorts and even said so. Don't forget Rev. Wright and his hate for America and whites and ditto for the wife. Mike Pa.

    76. Robert , Mississippi says:

      Interesting Obama choose national prime time television to denounce the Supreme Court. In his view it is terrible for an business to make a campaign contribution yet is perfectly ok for his Union buddies to pad his coffer.

      There was a show on television called Lost in Space. That about sums it up, Obama lost in outer space somewhere.

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    78. Charles N.Y. says:

      Anyone familiar with the Nostradamus effect? There is a remarkable resemblance to the third Anti Christ. We may very well be on our way to armagedoen if Obama remains in office. I don't see why this satanic ego maniac can not be impeached.

    79. John Valentine Steve says:

      When will you and others in the power "to print and be read", hold this ass Obama, feet to the fire. He is doing exactly what he wants to do and faster than any one can believe. That is TO DESTROY AMERICA AS FAST AS HE CAN". You all talk about what he needs to do, how to do it and when to do it……this is not a man that will or has the capacity to change. He has out smarted all of you!!!

      He will leave this country in shambles, that is his goal, whether it is for the so called poor class, blacks and hispanics, to get "even", in his mind (as well as all of those he has appointed-read their bio's), or most likely, the upbringing he has, which is Marxist. He will and is going to bring America down.

      He does not care if he destroys the Democratic party, is found to be impeached, or is a one and done term guy, his goals are being met…..This is planned, deliberate and is a bloodless coup that will shake the world!!! This is on purpose!!

    80. Pingback: Can America Survive Obamanomics and Remain a Capitalist Society? « A Nation ADrift-Why?

    81. Jim, Anchorage AK says:

      If open homosexuality is permitted in the military, it could lead to cost saving. Right now we have separate showers, restrooms etc. for men and women. I assume this is to protect privacy. To prevent men from ogling naked women and women from ogling naked men.

      It seems to follow, logically, that a male homosexual would find a group of naked men showering as entertaining as a male heterosexual would a group of naked women showering. It would obviously be discriminatory to have a third set of showers for homosexual men (and a fourth for homosexual women) so the obvious solution is to have one shower where everyone can ogle whomever he or she chooses.

      Another way to look at it is to ask whether it is any different to force heterosexual men and women to shower with others of the same sex who will view them as sex objects that to force heterosexual men and women to shower with each other?

      If I were an openly gay man I certainly wouldn't want to go into combat if a heterosexual I had looked at, in the shower, the way hetero men sometimes look at women in bikinis on the beach, was behind me with a rifle.

      It might be held that women, even armed women, don't go arond shooting men who make unwanted passes at them so why would men act any differnt? In my experience it seems that men often react differently to certain things than women do. I see a potential for huge problems if 'Don't ask, don't tell is dropped.'

      We have a long history of keeping known sexual oppostes separated in certain sitations. The only time this rules was violated was when we did not know sexual opposites were sexual opposites. Now we are proposing not separating some sexual opposites in those situations. It wil be interesting to see how it works out.

    82. Joseph, Illinois says:

      You can not blame Bush for the economic problems that we are facing. Bush was a miser compared to the spendthrift Obama.

    83. Ken says:

      In addition to all the lies etc. in the BO state of O speech using "I" over 90 times he has today (or yesterday) given NASA instructions to cease space work and work on monitoring "global warming." That will sure keep us #1 in space. Wonder who will be the lying person at NASA to bring us the news that Global warming is threatening us NOW! Doesn't this lot (BO) know that Global warming has now been thoroughly debunked as a fraud to socialize our country and enrich Gore?

      Not once has BO made a right decision. Everything he has advocated has been to the detriment of our country!

    84. James klink,Finleyvi says:

      the president was and is a Law proffessor. His approch of solving problems does not work i am 83 and with experience with a large company. the executives tried the same methods-and abandened them. creative meetings with recording all ideas resulted in no action by the business or engineering. So we went to individual assignments and alloted time and money .

      The jobs problem requires the same action

    85. Steve, Roswell GA says:

      To him it's "Either jump on this ban wagon or get out of the way…. – it’s as simple as that."

      No dissent, no questioning, no actual FACT checking for him. Just jump on and enjoy the ride. Don't worry where the wagon is going. No concerns about financial ruin (both personally and nationally.) No problems with turning over our Health Care to the same folks that mismanaged Katrina, the US Post Office, the Ft. Hood terrorist, the hot pants bomber terrorist, border patrol, bankrupting Medicare and Social Security, etc. I'm sure by now – and with Obama's years of experience guidance, they're learned their lessons.

      Troy is the modern day Alfred E. Neuman, with his, "What, me worry?" mentality. We can either learn from the examples of those failed policies in the past, or we can be the example for those in the future who chose to learn from our mistakes.

      We simply can't afford this guys committed socialism.

    86. Ray Jones, Tennessee says:

      Since Obama has stated his intention to redouble his efforts to pass unwanted Health Care Reform, and to pass job and economy killing taxes (Cap & Trade) and other measures that the people do not want, …. then We the People need to triple our opposition and outcry against his policies. And we need to win this War of Wills….. so that the Will of the People prevails.

    87. Chris, California says:

      This is an excellent follow-up to a miss-leading, contradictory, and inaccurate address to the nation. I was more interested in the Republican response, which lifted my spirits and gave me hope.

      Personally, it made me nauseous to think that there are people watching who believed what he was saying. I can only hope those who did were limited to those in the House (they certainly got their exercise for the day jumping up and clapping wildly for nearly two hours).

      Since he was elected, I have always felt Mr. Obama is a very mean-spirited individual. He demonstrated that well in his address. It was also another example that he has a Socialist agenda and is going to forge ahead as the nation continues to struggle. As with FDR, the Obama Administration will drag out the Recession until they are voted out of office.

    88. Susan Grant, Frankli says:

      It is interesting to read all the comments about 10% unemployment rate under Mr. Obama, when in fact, he and his administration have been 'averaging' the nationwide numbers to get to 10%. The actual figure is 17% unemployment. It seems The Big Zero's list of talents extends to, accomplished LIAR, able to read teleprompter, campaigns for candidates and then the candidates LOSE. What a guy! Can't be trusted and thinks we are all uneducated and uninformed to figure out that he IS AN ACCOMPLISHED LIAR.Sorry role model for the younger generation, right????? YES!

    89. Phil, Bedford, TX says:

      I'll give the guy audacity. Used campaign rhetoric that got him elected. Choreographed well with bobble head Biden and deer-in-the-headlights Pelosi in the background. Speech a little conflicted. Some contradictions. Blamed Washington, cynics, Wall Street, Dems, Repubs, Bush, himself because he knew it wasn't going to be easy. What an excuse. That means he is not giving up. Nuclear power, offshore drilling and gays in the military meant to seek agreement and throw everyone off. A little bit for everybody. Muddied the waters but still defiant because he is convinced what he does is right regardless of what the American people want. Sign of a true leftist leader. Still don't understand how the focus is now jobs and the economy while heath care remains on the agenda. How will adding more people and bureaucracy to health care cost less and lower the deficit? That's a lie. Still claiming he saved 2 million jobs. That's a statement, not a fact. Speech longer than it should have been. Challenged Repubs and reached out to his base regarding Iraq withdrawal. Surprisingly arrogant speech. Good empty rhetoric but he still doesn't get it because it is not in his background. It's still all about him. Throughout it all, he was still spending OPM through government control of the economy. The body language in the audience was telling. Those who didn't take home economics and can't balance a checkbook were wildly giddy. Taking a shot at SCOTUS in the speech and asking for Congressional action was bad form. It questions his belief in the separation of powers relative to his own. Then again, he doesn't know any better. Clearly and without precedent, Obama is a legend in his own mind. In other words, a narcissist with a lot of conflicted and unresolved baggage. If political correctness didn't stand in the way, he would have been found out sooner and not have been elected, if not nominated. Hope and change my a**. More like hype and chicanery from the south side of Chicago. But he is being found out. More and more folks will begin to open their windows and shout out "I will not take it any more". The message will be loud, clear and resolute this November.

    90. Ralph Miller; WindGa says:

      I'm a 52 year old laid off truck driver. I've been a Republican all my life. I read more books in the last six months than in my whole life. I watch Glenn Beck every night. I am no longer a Republican. I'm a Conservative. Barrack Obama did do one good thing, he woke up the USA. The progressives all have to go. Republicans and Democrats. You can not be a conservative and a progressive or a liberal and a progressive. Two years ago, I had no idea what progressives were,I thought it was my car insurance. I've, we've come a long way. Progressives don't believe in The Constitution, as it is written. So how can you put your hand on the Bible to up hold The Constitution. That says it all. It's a lie, like " I did not have sexual relationship with that woman," and was not impeached. And he's still a lawyer. It's been sad times, no morals left. I had little hope until 9/12 it was great. We will win this fight. Progessives are Toxic will infect all. All of them have to go. WE OWN THE DOME! GOD BLESS THE USA!

      Ralph Miller

    91. webmon, Houston says:

      To Mr. Troy Feeney and others who share his point of view … which he so eloquently offered (reading in part),

      “Realize the President will be in office for at least 3 more years – regardless of whether your (sic) like or dislike him, agree or disagree with his ideals and plans for the future, America needs to act to secure our future. Either jump on this ban wagon or get out of the way. I for one won’t allow you to bring us down with negativity, neither will Obama. United, as in our name – this country will prevail – it’s as simple as that.”

      Given that public debate is the cornerstone of democracy, why is that you propose we dispense with a spirited discourse? Are you lacking facts with which to support your argument or is it that democracy is not what you seek to defend?

      Kind sir, the reason that so many oppose the president’s “ideals” is because they are contrary to our country’s constitution, not to mention that history has demonstrated that many of the solutions he proposes have proven to be abject failures. I for one will most certainly not be getting on his "ban wagon".

    92. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      The president "talks" a lot, but his "Actions" speak louder then his "words" (which is all they are at this point.) I've given up on beliving he is anything more then an Elitist who's agenda and policies are suspect. Those who "blindly" belive he is "genuine" need to separate the man (his personality) from his policies and ask if this was anyone else would you really feel the same way. When a president decides to attack the american people who have an opposing point of view, rather then acknolege and accept the differences there is a definite problem in the perspective this president has.

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    94. John says:

      At least he's better than Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld.

    95. vesey says:

      I have yet to figure out how you can get out of debt by spending more money………

    96. Pingback: Seeing through the State of the Union Address

    97. Nancy, Mission Hills says:

      why are you posting a January 27 article on March 16? are you that behind on the news? You have been highly recommended, so I am confused. as an old english major, I cannot stand to not use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.

      when i tried to submit this comment, the message was: "you are submitting this comment too quickly." what does that mean?

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