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  • Obama Is No Kennedy: Redefines NASA's Mission As Global Warming

    Today, the Orlando Sentinel reports that President Obama will introduce a budget next week which will cut future exploration funding from NASA, including the planned missions to the Moon and Mars set in motion following the Columbia disaster.  On first glance, this may appear to be a budget cutting move to fall in line with the drop-in-a-bucket spending freeze Obama has proposed. But it isn’t.  In fact, NASA’s budget is increasing.  So if NASA’s budget is increasing, why are exploration plans being put on hold? Obama is halting America’s exploration of the unknown so we can explore…global warming.

    According the Sentinel: “…the White House will direct NASA to concentrate on Earth-science projects — principally, researching and monitoring climate change.” NASA will reportedly receive a budget increase of $200-$300 million over its current $18.7 billion budget.

    But for the first time in his administration, government money does not actually equate to government jobs. “One administration official said the budget will send a message that it’s time members of Congress recognize that NASA can’t design space programs to create jobs in their districts. ‘That’s the view of the president,’ the official said.” So this is actually a jobs-cutting outlay.

    President Obama spent the better part of 2009 growing the size of government despite record job losses in the private sector. While unemployment rose above 10%, the number of federal, state and local government union employees rose by 64,000 in 2009. The view of the President, as demonstrated by his actions, is that the government is precisely designed to create jobs in member’s districts. So is the real reason for this shift in focus?

    The real reason is that liberals have long viewed NASA as a global warming research entity rather than the exploration agency that President John F. Kennedy ably set on a course for the stars. And this is despite the recent discoveries that NASA’s global warming leaders, such as James Hansen, may have been manipulating data to suit their political needs for some time. While exploration enthusiasts wanted to see rockets lift for the heavens, environmentalists wanted to see satellites watching ice caps.  President Obama will most likely face stiff congressional opposition from both sides of the aisle if he continues on this path towards charging NASA with a purely Earth science mission.

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    22 Responses to Obama Is No Kennedy: Redefines NASA's Mission As Global Warming

    1. Norman A Davis says:

      This really saddens me. I am 64 and grew up watching the US lead space exploration. I really hate what Barack Obama's "Progressive Agenda" is doing to our country. I wonder if we will ever recover from the damage he is doing to the US.

    2. ricp, Buffalo,NY says:

      The Apollo moon project was by far the greatest ROI for a government funded undertaking since Queen Isabella staked Columbus on his attempt to circumnavigate the globe! If Mr. Obama had any sense of how to spend our tax dollars he'd be pushing Constellation and Ares I & V as hard as he could!

      Of course that would assume he wants the American economy to grow and prosper and not head to the toilet like his mentors have trained him to do!

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      it seems as if people have lost their freedom AND OPPORTUNITIES of choice to work and do what they want freely, w/out government intervention?

      like Jesse Jackson complaining there wasn't enough "black" people in race car driving. Well, maybe THEY DON'T WANT TO! NOBODY IN THE INDUSTRY SUGGEST "BLACK" PEOPLE ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS INSTITUTION! or anyone else that has skin color. No one needs Jesse Jackson's hand to hold.

    4. Teflon Ron says:

      Global Warming, the budget hinges on propagating the new Soviet party line.

    5. Bradley, UT says:

      A complete waste of NASA's resources.

    6. mike oregon says:

      demi just lost my vote!!

    7. Mmorano says:

      Your historical understanding is still rotten. Bush only wanted to go to the Moon and Mars for votes to let you swine ruin this country. Mission accomplished.

    8. Tucci78, NJ says:

      It is not sufficient that NASA discontinue its activities in space exploration. To address the damages done to the U.S. economy by this agency's suppression of private sector exploitation of potential extraterrestrial industrialization and resource exploitation, both statutory and regulatory obstructions designed and used to prevent Americans from moving into space must be repealed and repudiated.

      Capital and expertise have long been available for industrial development in the microgravity environment outside the Earth's atmosphere, and it is not only no longer necessary for NASA to forcibly monopolize this "high frontier" but dangerous to the nation's prosperity and prospects for scientific and economic advancement.

      The bureaucrats and politicians must get out of the way. The private citizen can and will do it better.

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    10. R. Burgos, Chapel Hi says:

      I'm all for Obama and fighting Stepford republicans and deadly dumb corporations and banks but this NASA thing looks myopic. It is naive to think humans will not stop warming the planet. Our only hope is going to other planets. Once humans learn to live in the harsh conditions of the Moon, Mars, Europa, the Belt, etc, they may be able to figure out a way to live on a watery grave sea world Earth dotted with tropical islands in Antarctica.

    11. Ben of Houston says:

      I am not opposed to cutting the Moon and Mars missions. Sounds odd from a scientist, but there is really very little benefit for those missions versus the insane costs involved.

      The primary problem is that the politicians are dictating NASA's mission beyond the omnipresent "there's not enough money for that" complaint.

      Mr. Burgos, CO2 cannot and will not turn the world into a "watery grave", even the worst case scenarios of the IPCC include increased average rainfall and plant growth. Venusification is quite frankly, impossible. The melting of Antarctica is similarly impossible (the continent is vaguely bowl-shaped at -50 degrees. 5F of warming will have little to no effect on the ice sheets. They cannot melt, and they will not "slip off" as some misinformed politicians have said because the center of the continent is lower than the outer rims). Worst case-we lose a lot of low-lying areas such as Venice, Indonesia, and Florida, and we need to fully utilize our deliberatly underused agricultural capacity to feed everyone.

      Finally, living in microgravity and vacuums has little to nothing to do with living in high-pressure watery environs or on floating cities. You might as well study caligraphy in order to master swordsmanship. It sounds good in Hollywood, but doesn't work in real life.

    12. Co2 Jones says:

      This reminds me of the many times when Bush was making some ridiculous claim and you knew even as he said it that it was a total lie, an insult to your intelligence, and the truth involved some devious plan for a few people to get rich at the expense of the suffering of many innocent and unwitting victims.

      Climate change is a fraud. Here in the US that fraud has been functionally executed by NASA data and well known conmen within NASA. This fraud has been exposed many times over and the clear unfettered descriptions of the nature of the fraud and how it was perpetrated is widely available. Yet here is Obama, acting as if this well publicized reality is completely unknown to him, and ready to double down on more of the same. This of course leads to only two possible conclusions: Obama and his administration are either completely and utterly inept, or they are gainfully invested in perpetuating this same fraud inevitably.

      The incredible technological progress we've seen in the past 40 years has been wholly attributable to space race technologies. Denying this is a farsical and comedic ignorance to the past 40 years of reality. Not something you want to see from your apparently dead-serious president. Instead he is going to focus space funding on a fabricated "problem" and scientifically bankrupt "solutions", that will be nothing more than cash giveaways to special interests. It is a SCIENTIFIC FACT that windmills and solar panels cannot give back more energy than went into making them. This will be true until we discover some new unknown set of scientific laws. If you can prove otherwise then there is a Nobel Prize in it for you. You can doubletalk people but not the realities of science. This will become exceedingly clear in a short time should this plan be put into practice. At that point I can only hope that this proves to be the embarassment for NASA and Obama that it rightfully should be. You can BS Americans up to a point, but start playing funny business with their money and you're gonna feel the pain. Obama is only president because we weren't as dumb as the Bush Administration took us to be. What does he think will come of him playing us for such suckers? Nothing but shared suffering after another once-noble pursuit is ruined by politics and greed…

    13. Brandon, DFW, TX says:

      I'm wondering what Stephen Hawking thinks of Obama's NASA directive, after hailing him for his stance on stem-cell research.

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    16. BRUCE CHRYSTAL says:

      1st off I would like to know why NASA has a climate department in their organization. Isn't that NOAA's job?? Doesn't it bother anyone that money allocated to NASA has been used for such purposes considering they are suppose to be a SPACE agency? Ya know the place were air doesn't exist so there as no such thing as weather.

      Now given Obama's "goal" more money would be allocated for studying climate change. Hmm if one is a global warming skeptic I think that might look just a tad odd don't you? Be that as it may if the government wants to privatize space exploration merge the sections of NASA currently dong climate type work in with a NOAA and get rid of a whole bunch of federal employee's doing duplicate work… now having said that I know that never happens but it was just a passing thought.

      I too was a huge fan of the space exploration projects in the 60 's but now considering the cost over runs, accidents, and over all incompetence of the NASA bureaucracy it's time to disband it. Maybe going private isn't such a great idea but it may be the lessor of 2 evils.

      At least the pres couldn't use a federal agency obtaining tax payer dollars for space exploration to support his climate change agenda. Make him do it the "old fashion way"….. Propose a new agency that has whatever he's up to as his specific goal then sell it to the American people. Yeah I know stupid stupid stupid….

    17. Scott, Madison WI says:

      There's a very simple explanation for Obama's hostility to the moon and mars projects. They were proposed by Bush. It wouldn't be the first or only time Obama and his minions have taken a policy position simply because Bush's policy was the opposite (e.g., any Obama foreign policy position). It's childish and immature, but that describes our man-child president precisely and his most loyal supporters (they've shown no signs of recovering from Bush Derangement Syndrome). He's petulant and petty, as are his most ardent and radical supporters.

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    21. The Coalition to Sav says:

      If you are outraged that the administration is killing the space program, join the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration and help pressure Congress to:

      1. Save the space shuttles. Each was designed for 100 launches, none have exceeded 38 launches.

      2. Save the space station. The failure of the cooling system this month on the station is the warning that without the shuttles to bring replacements, a critical failure of a large component which a single shuttle flight could replace could endanger the station. We spent $100 billion to build it, don't risk it by scrapping the shuttles.

      3. Save the Constellation rockets which will take America to the Moon, Mars and beyond!

      3. Adopt our bold timetable to go to the Moon and asteroids in this decade, and to Mars by 2022 or no later than 2025.

      Without a grassroots campaign, the space program will be killed, and Russia and China will seize the opportunity to become the technological masters of the world. It will be other nations, not America, who will accomplish these great achievements, who will attract tech investments and gain high-tech jobs; and it will be the US that decends to the status a second-rate economic and military power in the world. Let's change the game!

      Check out our website, sign up and share it with your friends!

      The Coalition is a project of The Conservative Caucus, http://www.ConservativeUSA.org

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