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  • Morning Bell: President Obama Is Right, We Have A Spending Problem

    Tonight in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama is expected to propose a “freeze” on government spending. Obama’s spending “freeze” will only last three years, will not start until 2011, will only apply to a $447 billion slice of the federal government’s $3.5 trillion budget, and will not apply to any of the unspent $862 billion stimulus plan, his health care plan or the House of Representatives’ additional $156 billion stimulus plan. Despite all the loopholes, time limits and procrastination, the President should still be commended for beginning to acknowledge reality. And as a new report issued yesterday by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shows, the reality is this: the U.S. government has an insatiable spending problem.

    The CBO’s summary of the report is bad enough: “Under current law, the federal fiscal outlook beyond this year is daunting … accumulating deficits will push federal debt held by the public to significantly higher levels. At the end of 2009, debt held by the public was $7.5 trillion, or 54% of GDP; by the end of 2020, debt is projected to climb to $15 trillion, or 67% of GDP.” But as bad as those numbers are, our fiscal health is actually worse. The CBO is forced by Congress to make a number of unrealistic assumptions about future revenue and spending changes. But their report makes up for this by including alternative projections that make more realistic assumptions. Heritage fellow Brian Riedl crunched those numbers and found:

    • The public debt — $7.5 trillion at the end of 2009 — is projected to triple to $22.1 trillion by 2020.
    • Over what would be President Obama’s eight years in office if re-elected, baseline budget deficits are projected to total $9.7 trillion — nearly triple the $3.3 trillion in deficits accumulated by President George W. Bush.
    • By 2020, the budget forecasts a $1.9 trillion annual budget deficit, a public debt of 98 percent of GDP and annual net interest spending surpassing $1 trillion.

    Our country simply cannot afford to be spending $1 trillion in net interest in 2020. So what is the driving force behind these unsustainable deficits? Unprecedented rises in government spending. More Riedl numbers:

    • Since World War II, federal spending has generally remained between 18 and 22 percent of GDP. During the Bush Administration, spending increased from 18.4 to 20.9 percent of GDP.
    • Discretionary spending has increased 25 percent in three years — not even counting the $311 billion in discretionary stimulus spending and approximately $150 billion in annual spending on the global war against terrorists.
    • In 2009, federal spending reached 24.7 percent of GDP — the highest level in American history outside of World War II. Non-defense spending reached an all-time record of 20.1 percent of GDP.

    Comparing our government’s prolific spending habits with the decline in revenues from the recession, Riedl concludes: “Between 2010 and 2020, recession-depleted revenues are projected to gradually rebound to 17.6 percent of GDP (slightly below the 18.3 historical average). Spending is projected expand to 25.9 percent of GDP — well above 20.7 historical average. Compared to those averages, 88 percent of all additional deficits by 2020 come from additional spending (5.2 percent of GDP above average), and only 12 percent comes from low revenues (0.7 percent of GDP below average).”

    So 88% of all of our crippling debt problems come from our government’s inability to control its spending habits. Put in this light, President Obama’s spending “freeze” is just a drop in the bucket. A credible commitment to reduce government spending would go much farther. For starters, the remaining TARP and stimulus funds should both be rescinded. Next, instead of the President’s fungible “aggregate” spending freeze, tough hard spending caps should be enacted. Finally, Congress should disclose the massive unfunded obligations of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; put those programs on long-term budgets; and enact the necessary entitlement and programmatic reforms that can keep government within those limits.

    Quick Hits:

    • Due to the fact that President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus failed to stem job losses, the Congressional Budget Office now says the scheme will cost American taxpayers $862 billion, thanks to a higher than expected unemployment benefits total.
    • Sens. Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) say they won’t support a deal with the House to pass selective parts of their health care bill through the Senate using reconciliation, and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) says Congress should start over entirely.
    • The leaders of the 9/11 Commission — former-New Jersey Gov. Thomas Keane (R) and former-Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-IN) — told a Senate panel Tuesday the Obama administration mishandled the interrogation of the failed Christmas Day airline bomber.
    • Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and Jim Webb (D-VA) signed on to a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder condemning the Obama administration’s decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court.
    • According to a new congressional report, the United States is still unprepared to respond to the threat of large-scale bioterrorism.
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    66 Responses to Morning Bell: President Obama Is Right, We Have A Spending Problem

    1. Mike Baker - McKinne says:

      An addict has an uncanny and superior ability to manipulate people and any system to support their addiction….kicking the addiction is a painful and difficult process……Congress has a massive addiction problem spending money that does not belong to them but belongs to the American people….America wake up and boot the addicts out at all levels of government and take our country back….

    2. John Seaman Peoria, says:

      Why don't you say something about those Republican Senators who voted against the Conrad/Gregg bill? A bi-partisan commission to reduce the deficit is the only way it is going to get done. It will require both spending cuts and new taxes!

    3. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Hi, I'm Barack and I'm a spendoholic.

    4. RB, Virginia says:

      Charles Krauthammer was on O"Reilly last night and has some informed comments on the "spending and freeze" situation. It is interesting and worth a look. You will need to go to http://www.foxnews.com/oreilly/ and then look on the opening page for the video to watch the segment @:


      Charles Krauthammer on chaos inside Obama administration

    5. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      I do not TRUST Barry S aka BHO in any traditional sense of the word. He speaks with a forked tongue, is deceptive, and ignorant when it comes to money and economics or American virtues. He is not one of us. He is from alien cultures, Indonesia and Kenya and Chicago.

      Beware of this Man and the Democrats.

      Longdrycreek Ranch

      Texas Panhandle

    6. susan neal, Irving t says:

      Why in the world would we need another stimulus when Obama's first one was so successful!; what happened to all of those jobs it was supposed to yield? If it worked so well, why would you need another one? This admin is insane; calling for a spending freeze while jacking up the debt another 1.9 trillion dollars and exempting medicare, social security, etc from those cuts; how about setting the example and take those leftover unspent stimulus dollars and the tarp funds and use them to pay down the national debt instead of creating yet another government entitlement program; now that would be a new idea that would actually work; of course, it won't be done because blaming others is so much easier than accepting any blame; if obama really was serious about jobs, why does he not have people with successful business backgrounds on his advisory committees; this admin is CLUELESS or else how can you explain Obama continuing on bashing Capitalism and the Free Market and trashing Big Banks who are successful and who have paid back tarp with interest while exempting unions and special interest groups; obama is the most anti-business and anti-american and anti-prosperity president we have ever had; he bashes wall street and the banks but fails to mention the CORRUPTION OF FANNIE AND FREDDIE BY BARNEY FRANK, CHRIS DODD, FRANKLIN RAINES, JIM JOHNSON, MAXINE WATERS, WHILE ACCEPTING BIG BUCKS FROM THESE DEMOCRAT SLUSH FUND DERIVATIVES; WHAT A HYPOCRIT!

    7. Judy, Georgia says:

      It seems odd to me that Obama is receiving a presidential salary from our tax dollars, yet all of us seem to have to give him our free advice as to how to hear what the American people are saying, how to stop what seems to be a deliberate spending into oblivion spending spree hell-bent on destroying our free economy, as we have to waste hours telling him on all fronts to wise up and help straighten out the mess and rid us of the chaos he is using to destroy our precious country, as we plead with him on all fronts, wasting our time and money, begging him to "give us back" our America and our unique Free Enterprise system, as well as our freedom of religion and the Judaeo-Christian values that represent the majority of U.S. citiznes and have attracted other people fleeing from tyranny, socialism and communism, who we have welcomed with open arms, yet now they find themselves in this country going down the tubes of the very same socialist/communistic/nazi-like governments they have fled, being led by Obama and his triumverate of Pelosi, Reid and himself. Do we have time or money for this? No. Must we take time to stop this road to tyranny he is leading us on? Yes.

      Let's start first with his so-called promise of transparency by calling upon him to stop hiding his school and true long-form birth certificate information to prove he is even eligible as a natural born citizen as required by our precious constitution. Then we can argue that he, Pelosi, Reid, et al, are seeking to further subvert our constitution and wiggle out of following it by their attempt to force govt run healthcare on citizens who do not want it, as well as other roads he is planning on pursuing re illegal immigration and benefit opportunities for illegals, as he hurts our own legal citizens by apparently deliberately seeking to bankrupt our country by out of control spending and competing with Hugo Chavez-like taking over of banks, car companies, attempts to subvert our free press, suspect ordinary citizens, our vets and anyone who disagrees with him. He needs to stop pandering to the far left, that do not represent the majority of citizens in this country, and in fact are far from it.

    8. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      What a joke!! He IS the spending problem!! Trillions in profligate spending and unsustainable national debt which is not helping, but ruining, our economy. He talks about what he inherited (the immature “Blame Bush” mentality), but he has quadrupled Bush's largest budget deficit in one year!! Can anyone imagine what would happen to a CEO in a private sector corporation who, in one year, put his company on the verge of bankruptcy….and just blamed it all on the previous CEO?? This type of CEO would've gotten the pink slip in less than a year!! Unfortunately for us, unless there are legal grounds and enough congressional votes to impeach, we'll have to wait almost 3 more years to give BHO the pink slip!!

    9. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Considering the size of the deficit and public debt this little spending freeze proposed only amounts to a joke. Unless he is trying to destroy this country purposefully, anyone with any sense could see that more is needed than this.

    10. Thomas Landry says:

      I watched a TV program where Republican Senators were telling us how bad the debt really was. One illustration was a Senator, speaking to school kids asked them "how high do you think a stack of newly printed $1000 bills would be, for a million dollars", after a lot of guessing, the answer was "4 inches" high.

      Then he asked them how high would the stack be for a Trillion dollars. Guesses ranged from 12" to 20' to a mile. The answer was "64 miles".

      I'm not a school kid, but maybe it takes this elementary type of education to let the public realize what a disaster the democrats and the administration have created. They have wrecked havok on this nation. Nothing in our history equals it. If we don't get a balanced budget admendment, like yesterday, we will go totally bankrupt.

    11. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      I doubt if the spending cuts Obama will actually allow would be enough to pay for the salaries of the 11 personal servants assigned to maintain Michelle's impeccable public appearance and her new wardrobe.

    12. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Many "Americans" think you can put a crown on a pig and that crown automatically bestows miraculous powers of leadership…NOT! We have a "community agitator" for a president, nice enough guy "on the surface", Marxist underneath, good reader of the teleprompter and like Clinton a good talker(hey , most CON-MEN are good talkers..MADOFF anyone?!). Any street thug can aspire to the position of AGITATOR, but bestow the mantle of president on them and…you still have a community agitator! NO MORE NO LESS! Unless you are a freak in Hollywood and believe 16 yr old girls make great moms and will have a wonderful life and the real terrorists are right wing Christians! Brain-power in this country is at an ALL TIME LOW! HERITAGE SHOULD BE MANDATORY READING IN HIGH SCHOOL TO EQUALIZE THE BRAINWASHING OF THE LUNATIC LIBERALS!!! Then maybe we will elect people to public office who have EXPERIENCE and are willing to LISTEN to the " PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE", NOT THE ONES STANDING ON STREET CORNERS WITH THEIR HANDS OUT!.

    13. Mike, Chicago says:

      With the majority of the government's mostly unrestrained spending going to the military to fund two illegal wars, this is not a good time to remember Cheney's comment on how Regan proved that deficits don't cause damage. But rather a good time to reduce the power of the Military Industrial Complex that Ike warned about before it destroys what's left of the country.

    14. DIANE MCVEY SCOTCH P says:


    15. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If everybody who post on here would take their own advice, we would have solved this Yesterday. Well, I have a new Goal, to just make so much money that I can afford to live in Obamalot's brave now world. I am going to make one dollar per month from 1% of the people who use the internet. anybody who wants to join me in this, contact me at ww77651@aol.com. and I will leave the politics to Rush, Glenn Bill and Hannity, as they have figured out how to make it pay, something I have not. But I have figured out how to make the net pay, With a whole lot of help.this is a new wave, set to rival goggle, and China is the future.

    16. john Arizona says:

      Perhaps if congresses retirement plan was scuttled, and the congress people were put on social security, that problem would get fixed in a hurry. Because they have their own special "elitist" plan, when the rest of us have to worry about social security solvency, this will never happen.

    17. Bill Stafford says:

      Phony President with a Counterfeit education!!

    18. Joan Sarasota says:

      Obama is going to try pulling another fast one on the American people. When is he going to wake up to the fact that most of us now see him as a slight of hand crook. If he is so smart why doesn't he get that.

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      It seems Massachusetts has gotten Mr. Obama's attention. Under attack from his own base for failing to live up to his promises to them, Mr. Obama finds himself under attack from the independents who voted him into office for the same reasons. Add to this number of conservatives who were against his policies from the beginning, who are now saying "I told you so", and there you have the reason for Mr. Obama's new found direction. Of course Mr. Obama will attempt to explain how his comments tonight are really not a departure from what he has always maintained, i.e., that his most pressing concern is for a return to full employment, fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget.

      Tonight's State of the Union message will, I believe, begin with a dreary recitation of the problems he 'inherited'. It will most likely be followed with a list of his administrations accomplishments, touting the return of the stock market, the number of jobs, new and "saved", that were the result of his Stimulus bill. Failure to produce meaningful health care reform will be blamed on the misinformation and disinformation spread by Republican opposition. It will undoubtedly end with a call for a return to fiscal responsibility, challenging Republicans to join him in passing new legislation that will increase taxes to pay down the deficit and pay for the the legislation that his Democrat majority has already passed. Nice gambit, don't you think?

      Since Republicans are always preaching "fiscal responsibility", Mr. Obama will challenge his opposition to put our money where his mouth is, by supporting new and higher taxes. If Republican's balk at tax increases, he can accuse them of being phonies. I suspect that Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod would be the authors of this strategy.

      I'd be willing to bet dollars to donut holes that Mr. Obama's speech will contain nothing about cutting taxes on business, on individuals, or on capital gains. It will contain nothing about strengthening Illegal Immigration laws. It will contain nothing about strengthening our national defense, homeland security or improved airline safety. It will contain nothing about the NYC criminal trial of KSM or why Attorney General Eric Holder dropped charges of voter intimidation on the Black Panthers stationed in front of a Philadelphia voting place.

      Whatever Mr. Obama says tonight, no matter how well he turns his phrases and no matter how sincere he appears, will be completely irrelevant. I, for one, no longer believe anything Mr. Obama says. He has lost all credibility with me and I'm sure with many of his former supporters.

      "My administration will be the most trasparent of any previous administrations";

      "We will post all proposed legislation on the internet for five days, giving the people a chance to see it before we act on it";

      "I will sign no legislation into law containing 'earmarks'";

      "We will gather all parties to health care reform, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, representatives of the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and of government at a round table and put it all on C-SPAN, so the American people can see who is representing their interests";

      and "I will not bring any lobbyists into my administration".

      Those who are still pro Obama can say that these aren't lies, but merely promises he hasn't been able to fulfill yet. I take a different view; when you make commitments and don't keep them, intentionally or otherwise, you are simply not credible. My advice to any and all listening to the speach tonight is to forget about what he says and watch what he does.

    20. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      We do, indeed, have a spending problem – reduce spending. If we use a freeze then freeze at the 2007 level. Geo Bush's 300B deficit level was too much so now we are going to freeze at the 1T level? To me Obama's plan indicates that he intends to move ahead with his progressive agenda but thinks he can deceive us into thinking he has heard the people and will reform by talking about a freeze (after he has raised the spending levels of course). The President's biggest problem is that his policies will not improve the economy. He can blame Bush all he wants for last year but the people realize that he is not going to improve the economy but continue his failed policies toward a new progressive government.

    21. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The dems and congress have all lost their common sence. I am just an old Southern Boy, but have enough sence to know that I can not spend more than I make, at least not for long. I wonder how the American people will pay back to China what we owe now. Interest rates on home loans will soon pass waht they were due to the carter era, 16% will be the low rate. We as voters must hold congress accountable for this mess and vote in 2010.

    22. Ed-Sugar Land says:

      This guy (obama) must really think we are lame ducks. talking about the freeze on spending, he has already over spent his welcome as our Commender and Chief. We are so far in debt now that we will never see daylight without debt. It is to bad that we have to wait three years before we can get this nut out of office. He doesn't know how to run this Country. He should resign or we the people should everything to make him look real bad. Let us join the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hennity band wagon and run this bunch on sorry individuals out of the office.

    23. William Jolliffe, LO says:

      Congratulations on drawing attention to the Obama administration's failings. I trust conservative minds will think long & hard how to curtail federal debt and spending, so as to regain BOTH Congress and the presidency (we all know the Republican revolution of 1994 was not followed by victory for the White House in 1996). I look forward to hearing of the Republican congressional and presidential landslides of 2010 and 2012 ! Perhaps President Palin should commit to a single term in office, so as to effect the necessary fiscal retrenchment after 2012 without affecting Republican chances in 2016 ?

      I hope the GOP will consider reforming the laws about campaign finance, so concerned foreigners can give small donations ? It was said in 2008, how much the rest of the world wanted to see a black US president. However those of us concerned that President Obama would be disastrous (eg that the ending of the Mexico City policy would not help the world's babies), had no direct say. Perhaps it would be possible to set a ceiling of say $1,000 per individual, to make sure the support was only nominal.

      All good wishes.

      In defence of life,

      William Jolliffe, LONDON, UK

    24. toledofan says:

      This administrations ideology is so intrenched to the far left that these guys can't or won't ever agree to real spending cuts; it's in their genes to spend and grow. They haven't been taught any other way and no matter the real world examples, it doesn't matter; they just are smarter, far more intelligent and willing to spend your money before they spend theirs. Tonights address will be more stump speech rhetoric, little if any substance, more of the same old stuff we've been hearing for the past year and. I'm sure Bush will be blamed for what's going on today. We'll be told the government has to take over healthcare and we aren't going to hit the reset button. So, hang on the second leg of the ride is about to begin.

    25. Frank25 Colorado says:

      Mike in Chicago. You are part of the problem with your thinking. 191 countries make up U.N. that issued the Resolutions authorizing force to be used to move Saddam and his military back to Iraq when he invaded Kuwait. Happens that U.S. and England apply most of the muscle for U.N. while rest of the countries kibitz with some suppying arms and manpower. Did you ever stop and think that our military consumes only 4% of GNP, and a lot of U.S. citizens manufacture equipment, repair that equipment, and other war materials needed by our forces. They pay taxes on that, and give you the freedom to shoot off your lip. Do you have a job producing any of that equipment or supplies? If so, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. And just who decides what is a legal war, versus illegal war. To the Germans in the 1930s and 1940s, Hitler was very legal under their laws. I am unaffiliated voter and am upset that Republicans joined Democrats in spending too much in Bush years, but how do you like "hope" and "change" now. I offer this, hoping you restudy your position.

    26. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Regardless of what Obama reads from his teleprompter tonight it's pointless.

      It will be just more lies, distortions, and deception. Doesn't everyone get it yet?

      Do they not know who and what Obama is? He lied to get elected (added by the left wing media), and has not read one honest statement since. We all had better reconize Obama will read anything he has too so the people will continue to be fooled in order for him to force his socialist agenda down our throats.

    27. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Words are cheap. Action is expensive and painful. Votes are lost, people who are on the government 'take' and payroll will be angered. Congress is gutless. The solution is simple but very painful. Reduce the government budget by at least 10% today. Reduce the government payroll, in addition, by 10%.today. Keep taxes low and eliminate capital gains and inheritence taxes. Cut the departments of Energy and Education. Eliminate many rules, regulations and laws that restrict or prevent the private sector from doing it's job of starting new businesses and creating jobs. Quit rewarding failure and penalizing success. Government, you are the problem. Get out of the way and ler the private sector run.

    28. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Let's give thanx to the DEMOCRATS for the booming CARDBOARD industry! I have never seen so many YOUNG PEOPLE WITH CARDBOARD SIGNS STANDING ON EVERY STREET CORNER! Look out! These same DEMS are going to start taxing those SIGNS! Like the AIR we breath and your carbon footprint, all taxable according to the ELITIST DEMS! And great news for you environmental/global warming whackos; the democrats have the solution for better water! They will tax water at $25 per gallon, thereby insuring we always have plenty of it! Aren't you happy?!

    29. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      well, well, Now he's going to the other side of the fence. We all should know by now that he doesn't like being hated…. he's a celebrity and wants everyone to love what he does, how he does it and when he does it while all the time he's NPelEVER in the Oval Office! Tonite he's going to do his drilling into everyone again and again and again. MAXIST tacktick IF YOU SAY IT ENOUGH ALL THESE DUMMIES OUT THERE IN THE U.S.A. WILL BELIEVE IT FINALLY.

      I hope and pray NO ONE WATCHES but all the idiots that voted this guy in will of course. What?, he just woke up from his vacation in Hawaii and got it–you know , the one that costed all of us $4100.00 A DAY!!!

      So, now he's going to pretend to be a conservative??? HE'S A JOKE

      All the rest of the people in charge should be impeached NOW … As long as their pocket books aren't drained—-they don't care…. THEIR IN POWER and that's what it's all about. I truly believe that Pelosi and Reid and others thought by getting Obama electied THEY COULD PUSH THROUGH AND DO ANYTHING TO ALL OF US BECAUSE OBAMA IS BLACK AND NO ONE WOULD STAND UP FOR EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY AND WOULD JUST LOOK THE OTHER WAY AND SO—-OH WELL. NO WAY!!!!!!!!


      Someone sent me an e-mail this morning about all the illegels in Calif. that get paid cash and pay no taxes…..I know for a fact that was how contractors were able to get the big bucks for the houses because they paid these people cash to do jobs and didn't have to turn it in etc………..and so much of this goes on.


      I had family members that use to live in Alburquerque, N.M. and couldn't wait to get out of there because schooling wasn't a big deal to the mexican there and most never went beyond nineth grade and gangs there were huge from all the ones coming across the boarders………it got really bad there and they got out because of having kids and wanting them to get a good education etc…….also fiering for their own lives and property…….




    30. Rubicon, Southcentra says:

      "President Obama is Right, 'WE' Have a Spending Problem."

      Really!!! President Obama is right huh? The American public, you know… those middle America stupid people who have no intelligence & are really rubs, have been screaming this out loud for the last five to ten years! The Tea Party people are really (giggle, giggle, giggle) Tea Baggers, heh heh heh heh. Just ask the folks over at MSNBC. Of course you will have to wait for Keith Olbermann & the other sycophants over there to wipe the ranting & raving froth off their mouths & shut up before you can ask them.

      But middle America is dumb. They don't know anything. They need to, how shall I say it, "Shut up & sit down because I don't have time to deal with them, I'm fixing the mess left to me." A mess that in a year has been tripled, but hey, we should not count the mess created to 'save us.'

      If President Obama is 'right' about anything, its that he has finally begun to recognize his brilliance & the brilliance of his advisor's, is less than stellar & that he needs to dump many of these folks & actually hire people who have run businesses & have some real world experience. You cannot 'redistribute' any wealth, if everyone is broke! And only capitalism & a profit generating business environment will provide any of us with wealth!

      Socialism & the current socialist experiment are failures… abysmal failures.

      Lets get back to building a strong America, capable of defending itself & ready to take out any who try to destroy us, even if they are from within!

    31. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Nothing this administration comes up with as the answer to the chaos they have already created will work. It's merely 'feel good' bandaids for the uninitiated public.

      The only solution to the triple mess that equates to a trillion plus debt and worse, is to replace the clowns who created it with some more Scott Brown types, ASAP. Then they can dump this administration's program that is rapidly bringing this nation to financial ruin and us into slavery to support their gargantuan dictatorship government.

      Just maybe it's not to late for a previously sleeping constituency to awaken and get back on track with a constitutionally ordained government for, by and of the people.

    32. Jack, Houston says:

      Notice foreign aid is exempt from the freeze…. It should be America/Americans First.

      Most of the other countries of the world have been mooches/leaches since WWII. Now we are at a point where we are struggling and like leaches (through United Nations Leach Organization) are trying everything they can to suck us dry.

    33. Rob Sanderson, Utah says:

      From the discussions I have had with Congressional and other leaders, I have concluded that because of the deficits, unemployment and the threats to the nations security I might not have the support of the American people that I would consider necessary to back my Marxist Socialist decisions.

      Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective after my speech tonight.

    34. Brian Tuttle, Dayton says:

      How do these spending/GDP metrics compare to other banana republics?

    35. Sue From Detroit says:

      Kick the spending habit. What a Joke! the problem is the government does not earn the money it spends.

    36. Howard Wolf, Lake Fo says:

      How well I remember that mocking laugh that followed Barack Obama's comment:"What else is a stimulus bill, but a spending bill."

    37. John, Washington sta says:

      We the People don't have a spending problem. The current occupant of the white house and his cohorts in Congress have the spending problem and have had one for many years. To blame it on the American public is not a correct assessment of the situation. The current occupant in the white house and his consituents need to learn the meaning of thrift.

    38. Jackie- BelAir,MD says:

      The democrats have always banked on the fact that the American people are ignorant to the facts and what the dems are up to; and it's, for the most part, worked. Morally, we could still keep killing babies, promoting homosexuality, leaving false information in our children's textbooks, etc.,etc..But now, the dems have messed with our pocketbooks, and insulted our intelligence, and now people are getting informed. If there are any moral democrats, they need to switch parties, and then the rest of them need to be voted out!! "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". We need term limits, definitely rescind Tarp and the stimulus, and start spending only within our means! I've been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, struggling financially to boot; and I know first-hand that you can't waste money like this!

    39. Jim - Utah says:

      Maybe we should allow this speech to the House tonight to be more like a presentation to the House of Commons. There, if someone doesn't like what they hear, they speak up and are heard, without feeling they are out of order. This imposter needs immediate and direct feedback from those willing to stand out in this cowardly Congress!

    40. SAMUEL says:

      If Obammmbba Romba was serious about the debt, he would have put the freeze on for today. Why wait until 2011 to freeze?

      Now I will say this, Bush was as responsible as Obambba is now. Put all of Congress and the Senators in the same mold.

      If we had not been involved in war the last thrity to forty years. Why do we need to keep the world safe? We are tired of all the spending going to foreign countries.

      We have forty thousand men and women looking for one man. If it's the oil then do something about our transportation in AMERICA. Force all large cities to use mass transit. Use buses in rural areas to get people to work. They did this in WORLD WAR 11.




    41. Ron Derry NH says:

      Obama said a lot of untruths to get elected so I am sure the State of the Union will be cloaked in the same garb.

      Obama has reached that point in office where his last leg has been spent and he must invent something in the line of sympathy before he is driven out on the Donkey he came in on, but he is not the only problem. His band of Mules are starting to face re-election problems of their own and may have to spread the truth even thinner just to remain his allies on the road to socialism.

      I would much rather prefer he decides to run this country and not into the ground, but I feel he has accomplices in the Congress that have been duplicitous in their behavior also and are in need of a reminder whose country this is.

      I'm thinking Obama has reached that phase. like a school boy of chronic lying, where the only people believing him are his bedfellows and they are wondering at the same time when the principle is going to summon them to the office………….as a reminder that will be November.

    42. Taliesin319, Brigant says:

      Double speak is best accomodated

      by teleprompted delivery. The people of the United states have

      become " Snowball " the good horse in depicted in " Animal Farm ".

      The one who is worked to death. Our greatest danger is to allow ourselves to ever believe even one more inane comment from this

      prince of liars. Every American should critique his message and send it straight to the White House. Forget the pink slips make your message

      personal and clear. God save America and bless her.

    43. Sandy McCravy Dallas says:

      I agree with your article. It continues to amaze me however that no one ever talks about the fact that Congress continues to get their raises. What was with the deal when Mrs. Pelosi and several others (Didn't it take three planes?) went to Copenhaggen as a nice trip. Congress men and women have an excellent retirement. They have their own health care. I am also concerned that there are how many "CZARS" that have a fabulous salary and not even elected? Plus Mrs. Obama has how many people on staff, when all other President's wives only had a few. There is something very wrong with this picture.

      Thank you for allowing me to suggest some things I am interested in knowing.

    44. David Creighton says:

      His spending freeze is a ruse. He's only freezing those areas of government which got an average 25% increase this last year. He's trying to make people believe he's doing something when he isn't.

    45. David Creighton, Fre says:

      Obama's spending freeze in a ruse. He's only halting increases on departments and programs which received an average increase of 25% during the last year.

    46. Southern Illinois says:

      How about if he goes back to his birth place?

    47. BOOTumALL Taylor, Mi says:

      Congress, take a pay cut, cut your staffs, eliminate all unnecessary travel. REDUCE budgets of all programs, yes even the military. Close overseas bases or at a minimum reduce soldierpower. Cut Foreign aid. Any good CEO would start here. The public trough is empty!

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    49. Linda, OH says:

      Has anyone seen the Christmas Story email going around that shows Ralphie finding something in the mailbox and removing it and he states "Finally! My Obama bulls__t ring!!" That pretty well sums up what his speech will be like tonight….a whole bunch of B.S. So my husband went & checked our mailbox and our decoder rings were not there! :( Okay, while comment is not serious, I thought during all this seriousness we needed a little humor!!! Don't we? We may not be laughing after this speech is over. No doubt it will not be funny. I know we will be yelling at him with much vigor!!!! I hope this isn't considered profanity above because it was a quote.

    50. Stan Tsai, OCA-DC says:

      To create jobs fast: Part-timed the over-aged workers in the government agencies

      We need a new legislation to part-time the over-aged workers (70+) in the government agencies and schools. The law prohibits the agencies to retire out-dated workers, and make the governments in-efficient. Most of those over-aged workers are not short of money, they just scare to retire and die early. Part-timed the over-aged workers will make rooms for agencies to hire new, skilled and inexpensive workers, who need money to support their families desperately. This will make government agencies more lean and efficient. New legislation should allow agencies to part-time the over-aged workers, not fired. Thus, the experiences can be passed over without interruption, and the over-aged workers can find adjustment activities between work and retirement.

    51. Marcia Crowley, Mass says:

      nearly triple the $3.3 trillion in deficits accumulated by President George W. Bush. "

      Considering that Bush not only took Clinton's $3 trillion in surpluses and spent it fast, and has put a lot of the cost of the war on Iraq, that was based on lies, and thus has in fact left us more than $11 trillion in new US debt, your claims about George W. Bush are wrong.

      Check this chart:

      In fact Reagan, Bush I and Bush II together have been the only three presidents since the end of WWII who have left us with ANY new US debt.

      And the amount of new US together of those three presidents is $15 trillion.

      Add in our huge losses from the so-called "free trade" and that ads more trillions.

      Our manufacturing capablity was almost destroyed as the jobs of a million American went to other countries, mostly China. We were pretty much rquired to buy from them but had little to sell to them.

      During Bush II, there were never enough jobs for those who came into the labor force. Such would-be workers are not counted as "unemployed" and that kept Bush II's job losses looking as if there were a fewer unemployed than there really were.

    52. Marcia Crowley, Mass says:

      Forgot the chart!

      Here it is:


    53. Marcia Crowley, Mass says:

      Stan Tsai, OCA-DC on January 27th, 2010 at 9:29am said:

      To create jobs fast: Part-timed the over-aged workers in the government agencies

      What would be better is to fire all the corporate officers who helped collapse the economy. All those bankers, mortgage company corporates, and credit card companies. And find better ones who won't kill their own companies out of ignorance and self-dealing.

    54. Marcia Crowley, Mass says:

      SAMUEL on January 27th, 2010 at 9:29am said:

      " If it’s the oil then do something about our transportation in AMERICA. Force all large cities to use mass transit. Use buses in rural areas to get people to work. They did this in WORLD WAR 11. "

      The Democrats, including Obama have been trying to do that, but the Republicans say NO to any public transportation. Because it would cut into the megarrich corporate officers' huge piles of gold they have already.

      In fact itwas the oil companies that bought most of the public transportation back a very long time ago, and then destroyed them so that people would have to buy cars.

    55. clay barham, Oregon says:

      Yes, we have a spending problem because we are spending money beyond the limits of the Federal Constitution. Unless the congress and the courts are now more important than the Constitution, we need to back off and shove all the new acquired responsibilities back to the states and let them wrestle with them, closer to the people who can rise up. The Tea Party Movement is an American tradition. It comes from a tradition of local home rule, and individual interests were more important than are community interests. That led to a more involved citizen, through town hall meetings and even vigilante movements. The Tea Party Movement is but an extension of these American traditions and perfectly correct. It is what the elite few who want to rule the many, as the current Democrat Party and many old-line Republicans, would oppose. The differences are cited in the Changing Face of Democrats, Our Libertarian Roots Lost, on Amazon and claysamerica.com.

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    57. Kevin Naughton says:

      President Obama and the Democrats play a small role in the current budget deficit. Since the 16th and 17th amendment ratification money and power has gone unanswered by the states. It will take multiple states to exercise true Federalism in order to make Washington D.C. relinquish money and power. The 10th Amendment was put into the bill of rights by our founding fathers for a reason.

    58. Ken Wade,Nevada says:

      The Heritage Foundation had better get off it`s butt and start putting the pressure on the the President and his cronnie`s to get the country back to work.Your own motto"The Heritage Foundation

      Leadership for America Our Vision,

      Building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish"Common sense has gone out the window even with some of the organisations as well as your`s.You are losing focas on what we really need ( JOB`S ).Building Nuclear Power plants,Clean Coal,Natural Gas wells,Solar etc.Above all Small business and cutting large tax`s on big business so they will stay in the US.The bigges`t one is the Unions of this country.We needed them when we had sweat shops in the 20`s and 30`s but now or President is using them for his own S/S Army as power and they are getting their palms filled under the table.Start saying it how it really is or I`m going to opt out of the Heritage Foundation as well as a lot of other people.I`m getting sick of this pussy footing crap and so called Foundation`s that all they want is contributions to get their own pockets filled.This may sound stupid but you people out there take a look at what is going on around you.I caught one right here in Reno that is nothing but an ACORN rip off for a Dentistry.Several women who set up a scam with a large grant.

      Job`s would cure a lot of our problems.It all started with Barney Frank,with Freddie and Chris Dodd with Fanny and their hook-up with HUD and Acorn.They made loans to people that new they couldn`t afford the home,but did it anyway.People seem to forget they voted the Congress and Senate to the Democrats in 2006 and that`s when all this started.Now we have lost job`s for roofer`s, electricians,dry wall,concrete,framers,etc.As the guy on the radio used to say"WAKE UP AMERICA".

    59. David Kuhns, Dayton OH says:

      There is only one way to say it, Obama is a liar and a fraud. Thank God for #41. Conservatives must take back the House and Senate in November

    60. DR - Orlando, FL says:

      @Marcia – The criminals who ran our country into the ground are now Mr. Obama's economic advisors! Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and the Democratic Congress. That's who ran us into the ground! Princesss Nancy, Prince Reid, Barney Frank, Rangel and Dodd are just a few. They should all be in jail! Holder and Obama need to be in jail for treason – it's called aiding and abetting the enemy – for what they have done to the CIA agents and the coddling they are doing to the terrorist!

    61. nell bradley loisian says:

      I think obama is not qualified to be our president. He has not a clue what is going on in this country. He only wants to try to organize us as he sees fit. He only knows what he wants and could care less what we the people want and need. It is up to us the people to take this country back any way we can—be it by elections or in the streets as they did for civil rights. It's now or never.

    62. nell bradley monroe, says:

      I don't fill that obama understands what we the people need and the problems we are having, and he could care less so long as he pushes his wants on us as share the wealth and other socialist things on us. he is trying to change the consitution with all he does. we the people must take this country back with the electios or in the streets as they did in the civil rights era.

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    64. Linda,Ohio says:

      How do we get this information and a deeper understanding of this information to John Q. Public/taxpayer so that the People of this nation realize how important it is to elect Congressmen and women, Senators and Presidents and Vice Presidents who have solid ideas on how to work toward the balancing of the budget as we, ourselves as individuals must work on constantly?

    65. Ray Texas says:

      spend… Spend… SPEND… S P E N D… S P E N D… and S P E N D… it's a beautiful thing…. what we really need to do is S P E N D….. great….

      By the way…. can anyone loan me $ 150 K….. I need to pay my taxes for last year…. that's 2008…. not 2009…. I'll worry about those next year….

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