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  • New Year, Same Story: Global Warming Dead Last on America's Priority List

    The wheels have been falling off the global warming bandwagon well before Climategate and the recent hole-poking of the much trumpeted Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report. In a national survey last January by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, global warming ranked 20th out of 20 as far as top priorities for 2009. Only 30% of Americans felt global warming should be a top priority while 85% rated the economy as a top priority. It’s 2010 and not much has changed except that global warming is even less of a priority:

    Dealing with global warming ranks at the bottom of the public’s list of priorities; just 28% consider this a top priority, the lowest measure for any issue tested in the survey. Since 2007, when the item was first included on the priorities list, dealing with global warming has consistently ranked at or near the bottom. Even so, the percentage that now says addressing global warming should be a top priority has fallen 10 points from 2007, when 38% considered it a top priority.”

    The economy and jobs rank numbers one and two, respectively. To paraphrase Heritage Senior Policy Analyst Ben Lieberman, why would Congress attempt to address number 20 with a cap and trade system at the expense of numbers 1 and 2? The Boxer-Kerry Senate cap and trade bill would reduce economic activity (GDP) by $9.9 trillion from 2012-2035. Job losses would exceed 2.5 million by 2031. And cap and trade wouldn’t even tackle number 20 as it would have a negligible effect on the global temperature.

    Although it’s highly unlikely President Obama would sign into law a cap and trade bill this year, there is a good chance an energy bill will reach his desk. Energy ranks 11th on America’s 2010 priority list — falling from 6th a year ago. Gasoline prices continue to rise as global demand increases but Americans are still living in a recessionary environment. Congress’s push for renewable energy mandates will only result in pricier energy. Instead, Congress should send clear market signals to the energy industry and peel back unnecessary regulations that prevent drilling for oil, building new nuclear plants and construction of renewable energy sources.

    Putting in place an unwavering regulatory environment will do more for the economy, jobs and energy than Congressional planning to tackle these issues. It was economist Milton Friedman who said, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” The same could be said for energy.

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    3 Responses to New Year, Same Story: Global Warming Dead Last on America's Priority List

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      YEP! Jobs that have no government influence! private sector jobs, now! America's natural resources, ONLY!

    2. Mr. Xyz says:

      Glaciergate–A relatively tame Hitler parody video

      "As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of "Glaciergate"."

      Glaciergate: Hitler's Last Straw


    3. John A. Jauregui says:

      These are not mistakes. This is organized propaganda funded with tax-payer money. Are you angry about this obvious RICO Act fraud and the national media's complicity in the cover-up, misinformation, reframing and misdirection of the issue and the related “carbon derivatives” market Obama’s Administration is spinning up? Take responsibility and take action. STOP all donations to the political party(s) responsible for this fraud. STOP donations to all environmental groups which funded this Global Warming propaganda campaign with our money, especially The World Wildlife Fund. They have violated the public trust. KEEP donations local, close to home. MAKE donations to Oklahoma’s Senator Inhofe, the only politician to stand firmly against this obvious government/media coordinated information operation (propaganda) targeted at its own people. People that government leaders and employees are sworn to protect. WRITE your state and federal representatives demanding wall to wall investigations of government sponsored propaganda campaigns and demand indictments of those responsible. WRITE your state and federal Attorneys General demanding Al Gore and others conducting Global Warming/Climate Change racketeering and mail fraud operations be brought to justice, indicted, tried, convicted and jailed. Carbon is the stuff of life. He (Obama) who controls carbon, especially CO2, controls the world. Think of the consequences if you do nothing! For one, the UK is becoming the poster child for George Orwell’s “1984” and the US government’s sponsorship of this worldwide Global Warming propaganda campaign puts it in a class with the failed Soviet Union’s relentless violation of the basic human right to truthful government generated information. Given ClimateGate’s burgeoning revelations of outrageous government misconduct and massive covert misinformation, what are the chances that this Administration’s National Health Care sales campaign is anywhere near the truth?
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bdneX1djD http://www.kusi.com/weather/colemanscorner/815592

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