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  • Morning Bell: The State of Our Union

    The President of the United States tomorrow will inform the Congress on the State of our Union, as he is constitutionally mandated to do. The past 12 months have seen our country head down a dangerous course, and The Heritage Foundation can only hope that the President will use this time of reflection, coming on the heels of a stunning electoral loss, to change direction.

    You must recognize, Mr. President, that the State of the Union is not good. You need a new approach and fresh domestic and foreign policies. The caps on spending which reports last night said you were considering are but an exceedingly modest first step, and the devil is in the details. The caps will do virtually nothing to improve the nation’s fiscal health unless you tackle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Shifting tactics and stoking populism will be both cynical and condescending to the voters, who will see through this strategy. Mr. President, it’s the policies you need to change, not the spin.

    In 2008, you promised economic recovery and sound financing. You promised to keep our country safe. You also promised bipartisanship.

    Instead, our nation is enduring high unemployment and slow growth, due to surging spending and government borrowing. Bailouts and a pork-ridden “stimulus” bill will not get our country back on track. High unemployment comes primarily from the lack of job creation, rather than job destruction. Our research shows that your Administration’s policies have created uncertainties that have hindered risk-taking by entrepreneurs.

    And now, faced with difficulties, instead of changing course you are doubling down and promising increased regulation. The challenges you have faced in one year in office—tea parties, town halls, three tough electoral losses—should have made you rethink your policies. Americans have always preferred limited government over the expansionist kind, lower—not higher—taxes, rational policies, not punitive ones. Your advisors are misreading the public, and economic reality, if they think increased red tape and government control will cure any of our ills.

    The Index of Economic Freedom, which The Heritage Foundation publishes annually alongside The Wall Street Journal, tells the story. This year, for the first time since we started publication of the Index, the United States has fallen from the top tier “free” category. Yes, about half of this fall came because of decisions taken by your predecessor, but your policies have dramatically accelerated this descent. And our Index, issued last week on the anniversary of your inauguration, does not even take account of the second half of your year in office.

    Your signature health care reform initiative has been a colossal missed opportunity. It is now in free fall, while insurance and health costs continue to climb.

    This was a year that should have been spent working on lowering the barriers to jobs creation. But expansionist policies have crowded out investment and are killing the great American job machine.
    In foreign policy, your year in office has left the world a more troubled place. A President has to lead in the world as it is, not as he wishes it to be.

    Just as creating jobs should get all your attention domestically, battling terrorism should be Job One in foreign policy. The massacre at Fort Hood and the attempted Christmas Day bombing should have been wake-up calls for Washington. Our country is not using all the tools in the tool kit to protect Americans from terrorism. Even worse, your Administration seems ambivalent over the fact that the legal authority for key investigative methods granted under the Patriot Act is about to expire.

    Abroad, we simply don’t know when Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon. You seem to have thrown all your chips with an entity that does not exist—the International Community—waiting for it to impose sanctions on Iran and turn the spotlight on its horrific human rights record. This fits with your view that the Berlin Wall fell because “the world came together as one,” but just like that was bad history, your view of the present is also borderline mythical.

    So right now the world has the impression that America is distracted, unable, or unwilling to lead or vigorously defend its interests. That was painfully apparent in your Administration’s decision to walk away from our missile defense commitments to Poland and the Czech Republic. The time for missile defense is now, not after a threat emerges.

    Mr. President, several policy areas cry out for your attention.

    Domestically, you need to show the American people the full long-term obligations of the government in your annual budget, just as the government forces private corporations to do. Bring transparency to Washington by showing the long-term debt picture on your budget.

    Then you and the leaders of both parties should lay out the options for fixing the deficit crisis and conduct a national conversation on what action to take. Trust the people to help make decisions. And press Congress to put Medicare and Social Security on a 30-year budget, to give seniors certainty while forcing the tough decisions necessary to give our children a financial future.

    Get the economy moving again. You need to give main street businesses and banks—our real job creators—some certainty by eliminating the threat of higher taxes, spiraling debt, and suffocating regulation. Make the tax cuts on the books permanent, to encourage more saving and investment.

    Urge Congress to reform the bankruptcy laws so that supposedly “too big to fail” companies can be restructured in an orderly way rather than bailed out or regulated to a slow death. Denationalize General Motors. And please, end the TARP bailout slush fund.

    On health care, you can get real reform back on track by doing what you should have done on day one: genuinely reach across the aisle as you promised your voters last November. If you proceed in this manner, you will be able to move forward with bipartisan tax reforms that provide adequate tax relief for those who have reasonable coverage today, while extending help to those taxpayers who currently do not have coverage.

    Rather than trying to pass a huge health care bill that runs everything from Washington, it is time to downsize the legislation drastically and to give states much greater freedom and encouragement to put into place innovative approaches that will work best for them. The solution for Massachusetts or Vermont will be different than that for Colorado or Texas.

    States need to be able to negotiate major changes in statutory programs, like Medicaid, as part of a plan to increase coverage. It should be states that set up insurance exchanges, reinsurance pools or other ways to make affordable insurance available to everyone. And if Americans in one state want to buy health insurance from another state, nothing should stop them.

    In foreign policy, please stop giving captured terrorists the same constitutional rights as Americans. We should be turning over captured terrorists to Military Commissions for trial after our intelligence services have interrogated them.

    America should be strong in deeds as well as in words. That is not possible without a strong national defense. We must make an irrevocable commitment to recapitalizing the U.S. military, an effort that would require another $50 billion a year to buy the new equipment and maintain the capabilities our men and women under arms need to defend us.

    We need a new vision. We need to keep Americans safe. And we need to reverse the decline of American leadership and influence in the world. Our freedom and security are at stake unless we reverse the decline of American fortunes in the world.

    Afghanistan is a war that must be won. Winning is more important than any deadline for withdrawal. Announce that the United States won’t quit until the job is done.

    Mr. President, let’s recommit to expanding free trade and making America more competitive in the world. We need to make America the freest economy in the world, in order to have more economic growth, prosperity, and jobs. You should recalibrate the top tax rate on U.S. corporate profits so that it is no higher than the average of the top rates that prevail in our 30 largest trading partners.

    We also need to recommit ourselves to our friends and allies. You have not done a good job supporting our friends. Instead, we engage our enemies and get a clenched fist in return. We should re-dedicate ourselves to the proposition that America is a beacon of freedom for free peoples of the world, and that being true to that proposition means supporting free peoples, not coddling or giving comfort to dictators.

    Be a war President 24-7-365. Commit yourself to helping, rather than hurting, our economy 24-7-365. Every moment of every day you should be working to defend the nation; protect our liberties; and promote American prosperity. Your resolve must not waver. Your commitment should not falter.
    If you devote all your attention to letting our private sector create jobs at home and achieving victory overseas, we will enthusiastically support your efforts, and the State of the Union in 2011 will be far better.

    By Edwin J. Feulner, President of The Heritage Foundation

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, only 30% of U.S. voters say the country is heading in the right direction.
    • For the first time in 15 years, welfare rolls rose in 2009 and the number of people receiving food stamps and unemployment insurance also spiked.
    • According to the latest CNN poll, nearly three out of four Americans believe that at least half of the money spent in the President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan has been wasted.
    • The chairman and ranking Republican of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME), sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday urging the Obama administration to transfer the Christmas Day bomber into military custody.
    • A new report by the former senior CIA official who led the agency’s hunt for weapons of mass destruction warns that al-Qaeda has not abandoned its goal of attacking the United States with a chemical, biological or even nuclear weapon.
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    137 Responses to Morning Bell: The State of Our Union

    1. SB Owner Springfield says:

      Couldn't agree more with your assessments. Too bad your recommendations will fall upon deaf ears.

      The president and his administration are leftist ideologues . Their's is a mission to remake America. Take control of health care, energy, and financial institutions. They falsely believe in a socialist utopia of which they desire to be the ruling class.

      The odds Obama or his socialist czars will change direction, are the same as the Mississippi river changing directions and flowing north.

    2. United States says:

      1. Where's the birth certificate? if husseins lips are moving, he's lying.

      2. get rid of bernanke, see #1.

      3. send the illegals home, build the fence like it was funded.

      4. take social security deposits out of general funds now, like it was originally meant to be.

      5. leave our guns alone and start selling ammo again.

      6. make bushes tax breaks permanent.

      7. leave our health care alone. you want it cheaper, stop paying for people who have no insurance. life is about choices and conseguences, not hand outs.

      8. QUIT doing UNCONSTITUTIONAL things in congress.

      these are the issues us Americans want to hear about. write about them, talk about them, make them the issues.

    3. Jim, Orange park Flo says:

      A great letter; too bad that Obama will never read it. The truth hurts.

    4. Greg Vail, AZ says:

      The president needs to be more honest with the American public. So far, his public information team has been asleep. They are reporting what we already know to be half truths, misdirections, or out right lies. This must stop.

    5. p scott, n.wales, pa says:

      Excellent editorial. You captured Obama's year perfectly and I only wish he would read this and reflect.

    6. Bill S. says:

      Why have you gone to such small print on your Morning Bell…these old eyes suffer!

      Thanks for the good work, keep it coming!

    7. Lebo, Melbourne, Flo says:

      I hate to be the one to tell you'all this but if you are expecting anything other than lies, Damn lies from this President, you are in for a rude awakening.

      Why would anyone expect anything other than lies from this President? The man is a left-wing pathological liar, and simply cannot help himself.

      This Congress (With few exceptions) and this President and his appointed ones are the single greatest threat this great nation has ever faced. They all need to be voted out of office.

    8. Jim Delaney says:

      Right on, Mr. Feulner. Like so many other Americans, I am convinced that this narcissistic, party-first, neo-Marxist Prez is utterly incapable of either honestly or competently governing from a common sense, America-first centrist position. The me-first, self-destructive Progressive hold on Obama and his allies in Congress is, I'm afraid, insuperable. Though buoyed by the likelihood that he's but a one-termer, we still have 3 more breathtakingly naive and tempestuous years of incompetent and shortsighted governance to contend with. Until his defeat in 2012, we can only pray that we will be safe 'til then. In the meantime, the only hope for America is November 2nd. Thank God for Heritage and the Tea Partiers for trying to keep us all on track.

    9. D-rail says:

      Why should he listen? Everything here runs contrary to what he represents and those who pull the strings

    10. Dusty says:

      We should be feeding other nation right while we have some many problem here at home. So we can show the world how sorry we are fo feeding and protecting them. But we get no thanks for the money we have sent or the blood our countrymen and women have shed to feed and protect the world. All we get is another wave of gutless politican to try and undermine this country. Where would the world be without America?

    11. Mike Baker - McKinne says:

      The President lacks credibility and this has been voted on by New Jersey, Virginia, and the latest and loudest Massachusetts. The President's words have proven to be hollow when bench marked to his actions this past year. So why will the American voters believe his words Wednesday….not likely…..he needs to back up anything he says with changes in his administration, his message to Congress including real veto's, and to the business community…..jobs will not be created in an environment of governmental uncertainty and with the current strain of unknown regulation for health care, cap and trade, and financial regulations do not expect jobs to return.

    12. Kathryn S, Oklahoma says:

      WOW! Right on target. Hopefully Obama's advisors will pass this along to him. I'm sure one of his czars is monitoring everything the Heritage Foundation does and says. Have you considered running for President?

    13. Susie C, IN says:

      wow. that's all I can say…..you have once again struck the home run.

    14. Sanford Trado, Hudso says:

      Well done! The issues outlined and presented provide great outline for a state of the union. The question is will the liberals hear what you have said? More importantly will President Obama put aside his pride before his fall?

    15. KB Hahn, PA says:

      It brings tears to my eyes to read this, because it so deftly addresses every pressing need in our nation, and because we all know that Obama will march with great resolution, deliberation, and determination, in precisely the opposite direction, on every item brought forth in your excellent editorial. Oh, how that huge grin makes the blood in my veins run so very cold. All the world's terrorists gathered into one group do not represent the threat to our country that this outrageously dishonest hack represents.

    16. Gary, Central PA says:

      For the record, I believe that appealing to Barack Hussein Obama is like talking to a stone because Obama is a communist ideologue with the sorry state of the nation all a part of his grandiose plan for his despotic rule of us all!

      The cold emotionless tone with which he speaks the lines given to him on the TOTUS (The Teleprompter of the United States) by his Marxist socialists handlers, read the Soros crowd, show his true tyrannical colors!

      Accordingly, we had better hope and pray that Obama will be politically destroyed via a sea change in the November 2010 elections; else our country will be. There are NO OTHER OPTIONS!

      You cannot work with a delusional narcissistic all-controlling megalomaniac in that such people are very dangerous given that they live to be begged to by intentionally creating an atmosphere of the fear of crossing them.

      Anyone who can't see that seminal truth after Obama's first year in remaking our country into his warped image is in denial!

    17. Dave D, Cincinnati says:

      Like many have already stated, exceedingly well said but sadly never to reach or more likely, never to be even considered by the current administration.

      Well reasoned, well stated, and logical expression of free speech matters not to the perpetual propaganda machine, especially when offered in such a non obtrusive manner.

      Perhaps this message needs a forum more in line with out twittering, camera obsessed president.

      I for one would gladly contribute to an effort if it takes shape.

    18. Mike , Chesapeake, V says:

      This administration sees the various crises afflicting our nation as a once in a lifetime opportunity for a hard push toward socialism. They will pay lip service to the concerns you mention but the main goal is to increase the size and influence of the federal government. To further their goals of big government intervention in our society it is in their best interest to prolong any crises putting more and more programs and regulations in place to "fix" the problems. Their mantra is "only the federal government (not the private sector), has the ability to remedy the country's ills.

    19. Don Ballew Elk City, says:

      I don't know if this is true, but it was news yesterday. Treasury loaned banks to bail them out at 5% interest. They paid it back.

      Yesterday the news said the same banks are loaning to the treasury at 29%.

      Would like for the Morning Bell or whatever, to check out this. DAB

    20. JOHN E. DEAN PHOENIX says:





    21. USAHawk, Land of Lin says:

      Mr. Feulner has delivered an accurate assessment that we are less free, less prosperous, and less safe after the first year. The good news for us is that more of his agenda was not enacted, in spite of the large majorities his party holds in Congress. Mr. President, keep the pressure on for your 'change'- not enough people get the danger you re[resent to our way of life.

    22. Brad, Allen Texas says:

      I know this will be painful but if he does not correct course then it will be a long long time before they will have a chance to regain any power in Washington. Look how long it took from the Carter years. People are now reminded that liberals are not for Freedom and the people have been reminded. Socialism and liberalism is like drug addiction and alcoholism it cannot be cured it can only be in a state of recovery when the pressure gets to much to handle the chance of relapse great. When liberals get power they cannot help themselves they have to assert it. Any major change in course will just be temporary until the next election. They will lie, and cheat to stay where they are. Conservatives must stay the course, pick off seats little by little. If they change course and do it our way they will claim it was them and assure a re-election of Obama. We must continue to expose him and the liberals for what they are, an incurable disease.

    23. Backliner says:

      A great article and advice. Unfortunately he'll never give it a second thought. His ideology supersedes everything including his country.

    24. Martin E. Weinstein, says:

      I will be astounded if President Obama follows this excellent advice. He is a left-wing, nanny state, multicultural ideologue who disguises himself in conservative suits and a short haircut. It is already clear that his basic strategy for the 2010 election is to wage class warfare.

    25. Mary.... WI says:

      Excellent Mr Feulner! Perhaps it can be sneeked on Obama's teleprompters for tomorrow night's state of the union address. It will probably be the only way the president and this administration will read it…..not that they really care.

    26. John Pummell, Alexan says:

      Excellent commentary, Mr. Feulner. You have expressed–and with great clarity–most of what is on my mind these days. I find it hard to believe–if one can believe the polls–that 88% of Democrats still support our President! What on earth are they thinking? Or perhaps I should ask: What on earth are they drinking?

    27. philip hilliker says:

      The presdent has an agenda and it's not for america or it's people it is about his power to change to a socialist goverment .The american people will call him out for their right to fredom .

    28. Rick Budny, Niles, M says:

      Good Job Ed, keep up the good work!!!!!!


    29. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Sir, instead of putting Medicare & Social Security on a 30-year budget, how about phasing them out in an orderly manner? These are NOT the business of the federal government. It is distressing to see that the Heritage Foundation does not seem to grasp the concept of enumerated powers!

      In Federalist No. 45 (9th para), Madison said:

      "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people…."

      Madison said it again in Federalist No. 39 (3rd para from end):

      "…the proposed government cannot be deemed a national one; since its jurisdiction extends to certain enumerated objects only, and leaves to the several States a residuary and inviolable sovereignity over all other objects….”

      In Federalist No. 14 (8th para), Madison said:

      " … the general [federal] government is not to be charged with the whole power of making and administering laws. Its jurisdiction is limited to certain enumerated objects…"

      In Federalist No. 27 (last para), Hamilton said:

      "…It merits particular attention in this place, that the laws of the Confederacy [the federal government], as to the ENUMERATED and LEGITIMATE objects of its jurisdiction, will become the SUPREME LAW of the land…Thus the legislatures, courts, and magistrates, of the respective members, will be incorporated into the operations of the national government AS FAR AS ITS JUST AND CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY EXTENDS…"[caps in original]

      So how does Heritage Foundation justify the federal government's involvement in social programs? It is not authorized in the Constitution. WE NEED YOU ON THE SIDE OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT! I hope you will think about this and reconsider!

    30. Marion Leigon Ashevi says:

      Mr. Feulner: You have beautifully and perfectly expressed what is in the hearts of all Americans. Continued activism on our part will certainly bring hoped for change, as has been proven in Massachusetts!

    31. Janet, Pennsylvania says:

      Absolutely on target! Too bad this "it's all about me" President won't get this message. Besides, even if he promised to do anything mentioned in this editorial, would you believe this liar?

    32. Karen E. Nassau, NY says:

      A clear, concise, statement of the state of the union. Thank you. And if you would like to run for president, I'll vote for you. You really care for this nation whereas this president obviously disdains everything America stands for and it's constitution.

    33. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Is Ed Feulner (and thus the Foundry) that naive to believe Obama and his extream left lackeys can or will change course and move right to mirror the American public? NOT A CHANCE!. We must understand Obama's ideology

      is such that it is impossible for him to move away from his Marxist vision for this nation. Obama may "appear" to "moderate", but that is just another ploy to again

      deceive us. As this farce is playing out, Peloci and Reid are, at this minute, again behing closed doors planning to shove Obamacare down our throats. These people will not listen or reconize the will of the American people. They will not stop! For anyone, including Ed Feuler and the Fourdry, to think otherwise is a foolist mistake.

    34. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      If I was President, and was giving the State of the Union Address, I'd say the following: Good evening, Madam Speaker, Mr. President, my fellow Americans, the

      state of the Union is terrible. If it wasn't, I'd be lying to you. I made a mistake. I thought that the stimulus would work. It didn't. For that, I'm sorry. But that's just me.

      Obama would NEVER admit he's wrong. He'd just go in with Tommy Guns blazing

      and whack the health care system as we know it. Why? Because it's the Chicago Way——Al Capone, Big Jim Thompson, Johnny Torio, Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan, and APORN, I mean ACORN. Michael Dukakis said it in 1988 when referring

      to the Iran-Contra Scandal. "The fish rots from the head." The fish is rotting from the

      head. Can the Obama Gang even smell it?

    35. toledofan says:

      Excellent analysis and commentary. You guys are right on the money. I fear that it's going to be more of the same 'smoke and mirrors' and nothing really serious about fixing the economy or defeating the terrorists. I think that the only way for us to gain some ground is going to be with the mid term elections. The arrogance of this administration is just amazing and their ideology won't let them change course. Damn the torpedos and full speed ahead.

    36. Chris - Longmont, CO says:

      My prediction – is that many of these points, so well articulated by Mr. Feulner, will be touched-on in tonight's address – as though Obama understood them first – and is first-handedly informing the nation. However, his empty promise regarding bipartisanship will stand as the example-pattern for each point he touches-on this evening. A postively un-American president. Do we need to restore HUAC?

    37. Francisco, Bandera, says:

      An excellent editorial. With the change in Massachusetts and hopefully in other

      states "maybe" we can get this distructive trend turned around. I don't remember

      who said, "this country will never fall from the outside, it will fall from within".

      At the rate we and I say we, cause a lot of "us" voted for this administration, are

      going, thats where we're headed. Let's stop patting ourselves on the back and

      take action to vote out and change the destruction of our country. Things are not

      getting better, they are getting worst.

    38. Ocala,fl says:

      Lets be honest here. Obama is not astute enough to HEED HERITAGE, much less read it. He is an ALINSKYITE listening to socialist BUFFOONS like Axlerod and Emanuel. You wonder why this country is in a death spiral? Democrat goals are obvious: punish the producers; raise taxes and entitlements;bring in hordes of illegals to get their VOTES;destroy the middle class to make everyone dependent on the democrats;raise their own pay(seen any of these crooks suffering lately?);just continue to blame Bush cause the libs believe any lie or spin uttered by the media.Dear Mr Obama: we the people refuse to allow you to use our tax dollars in your mindless attempt to TRY TERRORISTS IN THIS COUNTRY IN A CIVILIAN COURT! WE ARE AT WAR and we request you ACKNOWLEDGE this fact. Why is it that YOU and your lamebrain Attorney General are not cognizant of this situation. You took an oath to PROTECT AMERICA…not DESTROY IT. Millions of us will ignore your "its all about me" speech as we have learned quickly who you really are.

    39. DJ Filak Bisbee Az says:

      Some one should print this article, extra large print, and parade it in front of the White House, post it in ALL newspapers across the land(which they, the editors of liberal news, will NOT do), and post it on billboards, bulletin boards, and anywhere else it can be posted,. Great article that's to the point and TRUE!!!

    40. navarre, Fl. says:

      We appreciate your diligence and purpose in all the work that you do at Heritage Foundation. Your message is true and I hope will resonate in the hearts of all Americans who desire to see our nation as a God-fearing and blessed country.

      Please continue to inform us with truth and honest reporting. We are priviledged to have your emails, and our prayers are with you as you continue to fight for fredom.


      M & B

    41. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      The conclusions are very accurate and the recommendations are spot on. If this administration and congressional majority is so tone deaf that it can't recognize when it's commiting political suicide, We'll be glad to throw them out in November and in 2012. Hopefully they won't do permanent damage before then.

    42. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Dr. Feulner,

      I am sorry that you are so mistaken. You are taking the tack that Mr. Obama is a rational person with the best interests of the United States of America at heart. You could NOT be more wrong! This serial Liar-in-Chief has fraudulently been sworn in to the Oval Office bearing the sole purpose to totally throw out our Constitutional form of government and replace it with his Marxist-warped view of how HE and his fellow terrorist loving sociopaths THINK it should be, the Constitution be damned. After all the fact that this non-natural born citizen has been permitted to occupy the White House for a year in DIRECT contravention of the Constitution gives him fair rein to believe he can continue to get away with our destruction with impunity.

      A truly sad and DANGEROUS state of affairs.

    43. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      He promised to REMAKE AMERICA into a SOCIALIST STATE. He is doing EXACTLY WHAT HE PROMISED. You idiots put him in office, and you continue to listen to the lies and spin of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA who also WITHHOLD THE TRUTH, without an appropriate revolution against these commies in media and HOLLYWOOD. So what else would you expect? Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot, HO CHI MIN, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Obama…always about THEM! While they CLAIM to be for the people, then put them against the wall…millions killed…way to go libs…you folks have killed more people than any other "group/country". Why? Because people mean NOTHING to Marxists/Commies/Socialists. Control the population, keep them slaves, then shoot the ones who protest. End of story.

    44. JFBeck says:

      So what do we do with a lier at such levels never seen before. I am totally convinced that this puppet is beholdened to the strings behind the teleprompter.

      All this rabble rouser has is his slick smile to decieve.

      First step. We have voting records on the five key budgetary votes. We are running out of time to file Repbulican / Tea Party candidates to challege every Dem seat in the house and all 18 Senate seats up.

      Taking the house is key. From 2011 until election night 2012, offer every commons sense alternative to the Obama socialist mission on the top 3 issues, one simple message on every possible media forum except the MSM.

      Every house seat must be percieved as in play for a kick out in Nov10.

    45. E.Kingdom says:

      I'm concerned that not a single comment from the public seemed to realize that

      the actions and policy of Mr.O are not his, but those of his controllers, the mob,

      Chicago machine, and the union, It is my opinion that Mr. O does not have the

      intellect to formulate or execute such Marxist policies. He can read and repeat the teleprompter, and that's about it for Mr wonderful.

    46. RONALD BOGGS, COOKEV says:




    47. Cody, Indiana says:

      Ed, wonderful commentary. if Obama was smart and actually cared about hard-working Americans, he would elicit Mitch Daniels (Gov. of IN) as an advisor. Indiana is one of the only states in the U.S. that is prospering, while 90% are failing. WHY? Because Indiana has one of the lowest corporate AND personal income tax rates in the country. Indiana does everything it needs to do to attract and KEEP jobs. To our south – KENTUCKY. With some of the highest corporate and personal income tax rates in the country. KY is completely bankrupt. Moral of the story: HE IS TRYING TO RUN OUR COUNTRY LIKE THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS RUN KENTUCKY AND SEE WHERE IT HAS GOTTEN THEM.

    48. Tami, Culleoka, TN says:

      Your article on the State of the Union was fabulous. I couldn't agree more with what you had to say. Let's just hope and pray that the president will also.

    49. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Well, I think if we will get together with our friends and neighbors and agree on a candidate, ignore all the professional politicians, we might save ourselves

    50. Roger Rice says:

      EXCELLENT Article; it would be great if the administration would pass this around to all his advisors

    51. James Thompson - Goo says:

      Earlier this month, THE MORNING BELL report changed its print size and format. Now the print size is too small and faint for my older eyes. Can you increase the font size from 7 to 10 or 12 please.

    52. Ron Ridenour says:

      This president could have accomplished great things for this country but lost the opportunity when he arrived "inside the beltway". The aying has again been proven true,"power corrupts ans absolute power absolutely corrupts".

      Is there any hope that the trial to force disclosure of birth will ever happen?

      Ron Ridenour

    53. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      The condition of our Nation is in a very, very dangerous and unstable situation. The Nation is deep in debt, is on the brink of bankruptcy and is like a rudderless ship trying to stay afloat in high winds and turbulent seas. And the reason for this imminent danger is the incompetence and ignorance of the Captain, whose name is Obama. Adding to that serious condition is the fact that his crew is just as ignorant and incompetent. It will take a miracle to see us through these difficult times. Please pray for that miracle.

    54. bjcass-- charlotte,n says:

      BRAVO!…This piece should be read by every elected official in Washington,DC.It wouldn`t hurt if it was required reading in every college and university in America.

    55. Mary Kay Andrews, OK says:

      What a great article. It's too bad that it is preaching to the choir . . .

    56. Tom, Houston, Texas says:

      We won't get an honest assessment of the state of the union – the man only tells people what they want to hear. He is a liar and the only reason he is the President is because he is a very good liar. Watching the address will be a waste of time.

    57. Patricia, Rathdrum, says:


    58. Evan, Anchorage says:

      One reform for federal spending is to increase the requirement of local funds per federal funds on projects. The 90% federal to 10% local is way too easy for states to think of it as free money.

    59. Dennis Social Circle says:

      Thyis administration promised the American people a new world, he just failed to say what kind of world. What we see now is one made of falsehoods, hidden agendas, bigger "guvernment", more free programs, a national debt that is impossible, bigger "guvernment", and a leader that feels we as Ameicans should tell the world we are and have been wrong. We have people in Congress that thumb their noses at the Constitution, at the voters of the country, and are willling to go to any lenghts to get their way. They have comvinced themselves they know all the answers to all the questions and have the ability to make all the decisions. They are living in a dream world all their own.

      I f this country is to be saved from itself we the people must take back controll, the people that are put in office must be made to understand they work for us, they are only there besause us, and that we do not just exist for them to use as they see fit.

      This country needs more jobs, less taxes and regulation, more businesses to generate the jobs needed. We do not need more debt, another stimilus package nor more take over of the so called institutions that are to big to fail, in short less "guvernment" not more and bigger.

    60. Ken Wade,Nevada says:

      This thing told me I am going to fast" slow down".So I guess my comment didn`t get posted.Well that`s the last time for me.When are you people going to get it right and tell the truth and use common sense.This whole internet is full of everyone with nothing but stupid opinion`s and not really what has happened.I`m typing this as slow as I can.

    61. Marty Ramos says:

      Excellent, Mr. Feulner! Let's hope he reads it.

    62. Vince Rinchiuso, Tex says:

      We dont need to know what the president is going to say,propose agendize. We already know SO DONT FORGET IT-dont forget what already happened and think -"Oh-he is a "chang"ed man and now he is going to do it the American peoples and Constitutional way. Except for almost collapsing America totally -he has lost so far -he is now like the bully who is afraid to confront someone as big as he so he is "attacking" someone smaller-someone who he thinks he can control and show in a facade that he still has the power to "beat". He is only choosing "winnable" battles with the banks now to so called "build" back his superiority or power -he thinks. Dont be fooled by this. "They" still have an "AGENDA" and they will still try to put it across by throwing a few "biscuits" your way.American people have their eyes open now so keep them open. When a man burglarizes your house when you are gone and you know who this man is-dont hire him to mow your grass while you are gone-just give him the rewards he deserves. The American people are putting America back in the palm of their own hand-KEEP IT THERE !!!

    63. Damon S. McClure, Le says:

      This is a great article but……..President Obama, is a chameleon. He will change his words (“appearance”) so the American people will not see him, for who he really is. Nor, is he interested in ideas that will benefit this country or make it strong. And not his Anti-American, share the wealth agenda. He, in his eyes receives a solid (B). And if we could read his mind, he is right on track with destroying this country. And capitalism as we know it. We as conservatives need to make sure the American people see him for who he is. The Emperors wardrobe needs to be exposed.

    64. Debbie Bend, OR says:

      I think its time we take action and SHUT THIS GOVERNMENT DOWN !!! We cannot go on spending another 3 years like this. At this rate he will bankrupt this nation so he can usher in the "New World Government". If you read the Cloward & Piven strategy which is Obama's playbook you will find that you have to collaspe the economy first in order to usher in Socialism.

    65. George Haksch, Rockv says:

      Aw,comon! The President, and most of his administration are dyed-in-wool Marxists!

      Remember what Lenin said, and the Communists are consistently applying: " One step backward, then two steps forward!"—That's how they advance, unnoticed by the Masses!

    66. Sue Tipping says:

      Yes, it is a wonderful article. The President, however, will not even admit that I, as a commoner, have the intellect to understand the country's problems let alone read an article and comprehending the article. In elitist terms, "I am too dumb to understand". Crap. A President who ignores our enemies and attempts dialogue with them is ineffective. War means death and we need to kill more of them than they kill of us. That is the nature of war. Now, Mr. President, go do it.

    67. G Russell Sutherland says:

      Reagan's first inaugual address said it best "In the present situation, goverment is the problem, not the solution !"

    68. Ron Derry NH says:

      In light of members of the Democrat party and Obama's administrations remarks that the election of an independent to the Ma senate as being supportive of his cause and not against it tells me two things.

      Obama will most likely give a nicely carved rhetorically embellished well spoken speech, that will sound as if he is on top of things and then quietly without fanfare return to the business of destroying capitalism as taught to him from his superiors; his Marxists professors and the Democrat leadership (If you can call it that).

      If you have been paying attention to what the Democrats have been saying , especially up here in Ma, is that they haven't got any desire to stop what they think is the true righteous dictation of liberal policies into the American system and it is that they have only failed at keeping people believing they are the righteous ones.

      The righteous one will address that with a fine speech; I am confident of that.

      Don't be so optimistic as to think that he or the Democrats have any desire to stop laying waste our economic freedoms to ensnare us to their 40 year old desires of socialism…at least not yet any way. The comments by Democrat party members about Senator Brown's victory as a unforeseen wave and part of the tea bagger's movement assures me they are still clueless.

    69. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      If the President spent more time listening to the people and less time reading his prompter he might turn into a real leader. Even George Bush surrounded himself with people with good business experience. Obama doesn't have a single real business advisor around him, only idealalogs. Too bad for all us truck and gun owners. Soon all we will have left is our Bibles.

    70. tina yreka,calif says:

      There is nothing at this point,Obama could say to change my mind about him.He has done the United States more harm in 1 year then any President in history. To think every person he has appointed is either a conflict of interest or a left wing radical and they are busy every moment in furthering his agenda is down right scary.[Its also constitutionally mandated he give his proof of citizenship] isn't it????? and whatever other documents we the people want to see-isn't it???

    71. Jeff Swanson, Metoli says:

      I hope a copy of this letter was sent to the President. I doubt he would read it, but one can always hope. Obama's biggest problem is that he thinks he's above the American people.

    72. Don, NC says:

      This is a great conservative piece but does the author or anyone at The Heritage believe that Obama is paying attention or even cares about the substance and logic of these arguments?

      Obama and those that surround him in the administration and on his periphery DO NOT LIKE AMERICA, believe it must be "transformed" and that they and only they have the solution, one that they are determined to implement no matter what. Obama cares little for what the people want including those who voted for him.

      This is a man on a mission who, in my humble opinion, sees himself as another Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro, a man who operates above the fray and oblivious to the clamorings emanating from the common folk and, most especially, his opposition. At a recent Ohio town hall get together with his followers he derisively says of his critics, "you know what they do."

      The Heritage Foundation and all on the same page are who Obama is dismissing as "they," those unworthy of any consideration concerning his future agenda. Mr. Feulner is preaching to an increasingly frustrated and deeply concerned choir. How do we put the brakes on this guy, stop his agenda in its tracks and reconstitute the U.S. Congress before America goes off the cliff?

      Massachusetts was a victory of sorts but the Obama spin machine is already in gear and apparently health care and who knows what else are still lurking on the immediate horizon. We need a growing and persistent "Tea Party Express" on steroids and don't look for anything more from Wednesdays SOTU address except perhaps thin coat of lipstick on a very fat and grimy pig.

    73. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      Our proudly progressive president and national leader of those attempting to bankrupt and destroy our economy has spent the last year apologizing to everyone abroad for U.S. capitalistic Judeo Christians racist war mongers and all we have done to (for) the world.

      Now is his chance to apologize to U.S. for lying about no earmarks, fiscal responsibility, and transparency in government. Also we’d like at least an acknowledgement that he did not keep his promise to hold unemployment below 8% and his pledge to work in a nonpartisan fashion. And yes we heard him say that he had no interest in “running car companies” or banks but we thought that included owning and controlling them also. Silly us, we “misunderstood” him but we are beginning to pick up on his liberal language so we would advise him to be even more attentive to his choice of words i.e. the stupid cops in Cambridge and after the Fort Hood Jihad massacre “don’t jump to conclusions”

      or describing terrorists operating within our boarders as domestic criminals.

      If, as a prodigal son, he wishes to come back into the fold as a patriotic American (even though he believes we are no longer Christian nation, 20 years with Jeremiah Wright can do that to you) and decides he wants to actually help us regain a vigorous economy within the free enterprise system we are well known for our willingness to forgive. See:

      Bill Clinton.

      “We the people” is more than a slogan and Obama needs to get that through his enlarged arrogant ego. So if he wants to maintain his perch at the top of the political ladder his words of wisdom tomorrow night will have to take on a tone of atonement and not anoint his personal political agenda with phony phrases we have learned to interpret properly but instead (and as he often says “let me be very clear”) praise the will of the American people for their good judgment in alerting him to his shortcomings and helping him understand the words we LIVE by like “We the people of the United States of America ……..In God We Trust…..We hold these truths to be self evident……all enemies foreign and domestic….. (And especially at the cost of our very lives and fortunes)….this government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

    74. tina yreka,calif says:

      There is nothing at this point,Obama could say to change my mind about him.He has done the United States more harm in 1 year then any President in history. To think every person he has appointed is either a conflict of interest or a left wing radical and they are busy every moment in furthering his agenda is down right scary.[Its also constitutionally mandated he give his proof of citizenship] isn't it????? and whatever other documents we the people want to see-isn't it???

    75. Randy Knotts, Chicag says:

      Great position article. Noting the intent of our forefathers creation of the United States, there is no more an accurate depiction of our nations charter in light of our current US and worldwide condition. How refreshing to read and article that doesn't spin or colorize that original intent.

      I don't believe we will see traces of this in tonights State of the Union address…I hope I am wrong.

    76. Sue From Detroit says:

      The Obama adminstration is following the Cloward and Piven strategy. They want this mess. They want to destroy our country. They hate American Capitalism. What I find amazing as that Axilrod(probably missspelled his name) and Obama and George Seros underestimates the intelligence of the average American. They think we are dumb sheep who will go along with their government socialism. Presently, they plans are exposed and they keep fooling themselves and lieing to us that all is fine. I believe Obama is just the front guy to this Mafia group. Obama is not calling the shots.

    77. Bill Brownfield, Bev says:

      Feulner For President in 2012

    78. KenMas AZ says:

      Outstanding Column !! However, it will not be seen in the right places. This is what a Country gets when it hires an inexperienced community organizer to manage the most complex nation on the planet.

    79. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Even though Mr. Feulner rendered an authoritatively accurate report it will fall on deaf ears at the WH. The alleged alien that the voting public was duped into electing into the highest office in the land is far too ARROGANT to admit his shortcomings relative to his ability to lead and govern and that his entire approach was absolutely a mistake.

      After all, are you aware of any past President who refused to provide his original birth certificate (but presented a statement of live birth) and then went the extra mile to legally seal his academic records? What would be revealed in his school transcripts (or other records) that could be so damaging? Perhaps who he paid to take his Spanish exam (like Teddy Kennedy did and got caught) or maybe the fact that he was admitted as a foreign student?

      The President and his corrupted staff along with the well known list of Progressives in the house and senate may read but not internalize Mr. Feulner’s article in anything but with an un-American spin to it. The President may touch on some of the topics Mr. Feulner wrote about, however, the contents of his remarks will be his usually narcissistic statements about how well he has done with the situation considering the mess Bush left him.

      Obama has refused to accept that he took the highest elected office of a country at war with terror. Instead he has committed his unseemly team of (yet to be convicted felons) to aggressively prosecuting a war on AMERICA. He has attacked everything American from the Christian faith of our founding fathers to our national security and, most easily measureable, our prosperity!

      He has partnered with an incredibly small but nefarious group of insidious people collectively known as ACORN & SEIU to develop and flesh out his concept of remaking America and then used (exploited) them as the thugs there are to force his unwanted policies onto the public. And we have not even begun to see the subterfuge of these allegedly criminal organizations as they have not yet been fully exposed by the law enforcement agencies who could fully investigate as well as follow the trail of money to countless un-American (as well as) most likely, illegal activities.

      Any statement, policy, press conference, legislative bill in the making and speech by Obama and his Pirates on the Potomac associates should be immediately labeled as a lie based upon their collective historical precedent. I personally believe nothing Obama has said since he began his presidential campaign (which he still thinks he is on). The same goes for Axelrod, Emmanuel, Pelosi, Reid, Franks, Hoyer, Schumer, Backus, Waxman, Feinstein, Boxer, Kerry, Dodd, Specter, any of the Clinton family, Plouffe, Sebelius, Holder, Geitner, Napolitano, all of his appointed but not vetted Czars and far too many others to list by name here. Obama’s words uttered in public, like the aforementioned list of the Pirate Crew, do not mean what he says and are in direct opposition to his actions. Just ask Joe Wilson. If you want to know what Obama truly thinks about anything simply go back and research articles, speeches and interviews he did candidly prior to running for the office he now holds.

      In conclusion, he will not render a speech containing the whole truth, and nothing but the truth at his State of the Union address. If you want to see and hear the accurate state of our great nation, then tune into Michelle Bachman’s reply to the Obama’s lie fest.

    80. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      You folks are right on the mark. This administration, as so many have pointed out, will have non of it. They are out to fundamentally change our country and staying on top of these people, not allowing our representatives to breath, is one of many ways to slow these people until November 2010 and thereafter. Both Democrats and Republicans need to go. Those that take their place must understand the major issues confronting this country and act to correct them. Those in Washington will understand that we don't want a reduction in the growth of government we want drastic cuts necessary to pull us out of this mess. We need serious cuts in Social Security and Medicare. They can start with the estimated 70 to 120 billion dollars a year in fraud. Elimination of the IRS. If we go to a flat tax for individuals and corporations we have no need for the IRS and tax lawyers. Real Health care reform, elimination of the Federal Reserve, Dept. of ED, EPA and others. If we don't do this we are going down the tubes.

    81. Da Dog says:

      Here! Here!

      A brilliant piece!

      As a veteran in the study of psychology I see little change from Obama. His childhood, upbringing and “education” have limited his perceptive abilities. He is one sick puppy suffering from a deffective contact with reality, or perhaps a fundamental derangement. Nothing this individual does would surprise me.

    82. Dan Aurora, Colorado says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately Obama’s agenda is in the direction of a dreamed of ‘International Community’ populated and controlled by socialists such as himself and his ilk in the UN and European Union.

      Note the ‘dumbing down’ and indoctrination-style of our education ‘system.’ and the control given to unelected or even congressionally approved Czars, shouldn’t they actually be called Commissars in his political scheme of things?

      The ‘leadership’ in congress and in the White House does not have the America that I grew up in as their model. Their model is from Marx and moving further left…

    83. Jim - Utah says:

      Excellent article sir, however (your last paragraph), I just can't bring myself to support this imposter, even if he promises to change his current path. From past performances (or lack of), he cannot and should not be trusted with the presidency of the United States.

    84. MJ, Alamo, CA says:

      Excellent morning Bell! I hope someone close to BHO will read this and perhaps share some of it with him. Not sure he would understand much of it due to his elitist education and ideology. So when might Mr. Fuelner run for President?

    85. ROBERT BURY, OREOGN says:


    86. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Great column. I am not so sure I relish being the world's police force but I adamantly support a strong national defense. We shouldn't and don't start the fight, but sure as heck will end it. Along with "ear marks" the entitlement era needs to end. IF conservatives ever are in a postion to challenge entitlement programs as uunconstituional I sure hopes it happens. A lot of circular reasoning occurs in Wahsington and it is time it ends.

    87. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Although some of the comments, observations, and statements, presented in an imaginary conversation format addressed to Obama in the article at hand, "The State of Our Union", may be fitting and factually accurate and correct, the overwhelming evidence of the situation caused by the actions and course set by the Obama gang in their rush to grab and destroy the power, freedoms, resources, and security of us, the people, and our country, the United States of America, makes both such comments, etc, and any remedial suggestions and advice to the Obama gang, an exercise in futility and wishful thinking, as also demonstrated by the words and actions of Obama and his Comrades.

      What, you actually expect a bunch of power and money-grabbing statist so-called "Progressives", such as Obama, to actually, in their actions, swerve at all from their rushing us with their Marxist based freedom-destroying power and money-grabbing attitudes, agenda, and goal?

      Obama and his Comrades have indeed already shown and proven any such expectation to be futile wishful thinking against them and their Leftist statist agenda.

      In fact, if there is any doubt or question remaining that Obama is a Marxist Communist/Socialist, any doubt or question should be eliminated by not only what Obama himself has said and done, such as: (Quoting Obama) "I went out of my way to associate with Marxist professors…", but also by those whom he surrounds himself with (again quoting Obama) "If anyone wants to know who I am, just look at who I surround myself with".

      And who does Obama surround himself with? Marxist Communist/Socialist statists, all of whom prove themselves as such through their actions and some of whom have been and are blatantly so enough to each declare themselves a "Socialist", or "Communist" (such as, but not limited to, Van Jones [who is still effectively placed and involved in implementing his and their shared Leftist statist agenda]), and even hold and declare another one, Mao, as a favorite, as Anita Dunn has done.

      The bottom line is we, the people, our freedoms, resources, and security, and that of both our country, the United States of America, and the world, cannot afford the consequences of power and money-grabbing statists, such as Obama, so it's time to stop indulging in the kind gullibility and wishful thinking which such statists, including Obama, have repeatedly counted on and been empowered by to this day, and finally stand and fight to protect and defend what we have, including the Constitution of the United States, as written, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and insist that the politicians do the same or else we, the people, will cause their unemployment for a change!

    88. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I guess my comments got scrubbed this morning, so will try again:

      Dr. Feulner, you are wasting your time. This serial liar, terrorist loving, Marxist who is INELIGIBLE for the office of POTUS as his (claimed) father was a British sunject; knows full well what he is doing. His plan is to destroy the nation our Founding Fathers left us and re-make it in his "redistributionist" world view. Our Constitution and rule of law are mere impediments to be ignored in HIS rush to achieve as much of his agenda as possible before some PATRIOTS arise and arrest, indict, try, convict and JAIL this fraud for treason! This man is a far worse and more of a clear and present danger than ANY Islamist jihadist at this moment.

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    90. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I will not watch his lying speech, he says what he thinks people want to hear. He has one object in mind, to ruin this country, push it into Socialism, then he will go on and try to rule the world, He is aragont, yes he got elected on lies, worse of all he never said HOW he was going to accomplish all these things and NOONE ever questioned him, they followed like sheep to slaughter. I listen to Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, callers are saying everyday that they voted for Him and now were disillusioned and were joining the conservative side. To bad they didn't listen before they voted, but then he used his charm and ability to read his speeches from telepromters with inthusieasm{sic) Lets not lose sight of the goal NOV.2, 2010 maybe then we can get someone to actually put these guys where they belong, IN FEDERAL PRISON, covicted of Treason.

    91. ginna w., bedminster says:

      Dear Mr. Feulner,

      A standing ovation to you for a scholarly, precise assessment of our state of affairs in this great country and what we should do going forward. Obama cannot be trusted, and I feel as though some adjunct, behind the scenes power is also pulling the strings of his presidency. We, the people, need to make rational, thoughtful decisions at the polling places this year and vote the progressives out of office. Obama was, as always will be a radical leftist and will continue his insidious

    92. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      It is said that Socrates made the statement that he ws the wisest man in Athens. When asked on wht grounds he made such a claim, he replied that he was the wisest man because he realized that his wisdom was worthless. It is for certain that there are no "wise men" in the White House or in the Congress. Their track record throughout my lifetime has been deplorable. A Persian proverb says in part, "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him." In light of the track record of this President's (staff and advisors included) first year in office, I would have to agree with the Persian proverb. When will we get it through our thick heads – and hardened hearts – that "Washington is for Washington?" The American poeple need to return to the "only wise and true GOD" upon whose sacred WORD this nation was founded. HE, alone, can be trusted to fulfill HIS Word and to lead His people aright. We know this! It is stamped on our currency; but in our heart of heart we will not repent and return unto HIM! So, are we any wiser than our current leaders?

    93. ginna w., bedminster says:

      Dear Mr. Feulner,

      A standing ovation to you for your scholarly, precise assessment of the state of affairs of our great country. We, the people, reject Obama's leftist agenda, and will reject those who are behind the scenes pulling the strings of his presidency.

      He did not sit with Ayers, Wright and others all those years for nothing. Unfortunately, Obama's incredible hubris prevents him from realizing the absolute repudiation of his agenda, evidenced by the election of Scott Brown. We will continue to rise up and defeat the progressives at the polls. We, the American people have the Founders' spirit within us, and will not have Obama ruin our country and all it stands for.

    94. SAMUEL says:

      A VENEZUELA dictator was voted into office. And a Haiti regime behind the scheme.

      We do not have smarts in WASHINGTON. We have to vote all out of office. Put in term limits. We need guts in Washington. Send in another Andrew Jackson. Shut down half of government. Stop the union schools and union post office. Stop sending billions to foreign countries. Stop all the lawyers from giving people social security that can work. If you can sit or walk, you can work

      Next put the bankers in jail. They are crooks. WHITE COLLAR CROOKS. THROW THEY IN JAIL. FANNIE AND FREEDIE leaders should be in the cell next door.

      Then the next ones that should be in jail are the compaines that took our jobs to CHINA, cheap labor and zero restrictions. WE CAN THANK OUR POLITICIANS FOR ALL THE REGULATIONS ON OUR INDUSTRIES.


      We need smart leaders in WASHINGTON that is for AMERICAN people.

    95. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Third attempt:

      Obama won't listen, Why should he, he's doing just what he told us he'd do. That is if you READ ABOUT him instead of listening to his "Hope and Change" baloney. Muslims REVERE lying to Infidels, folks! The man is just doin' what comes naturally! His goal is to remake this nation to his "redistribution" model; NOT in the Constitutional form left by our Founding Fathers. The fact that our compliant Congress and Judiciary REFUSE to honor that Constitution just serves to aid and abet this well oraganized and financed TREASON!

    96. ella quinn,kinston,n says:

      This sounds like a presidents speech.Keep it coming.I wish all america could read this.

    97. Bobbie Jay says:

      truly a clear assessment! Thank you, Mr. Feulner.

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    99. T-Bone, San Diego says:

      Vote Ed Feulner for President! This article is right on the money. Obama is either a complete mute… or a completely corrupt scoundrel!

    100. T-Bone, San Diego says:

      Vote Ed Feulner for President! This article is right on the money. Is Obama the court jester… or a completely corrupt scoundrel! How can he be so blind and short-sighted? Truly AMAZING!

    101. William (Bill) Conan says:

      I'm in strong agreement with your assessment, sir. However, it appears that you have failed to realize that the President's agenda over the last 12+ months are a direct result of the advice provided to him by "those whom I associate with". The President has surrounded himself with advisors and czars who are strong advocates of a Socialist society where big government is the only answer to any problems our country faces. This is a thesis that I would have expected you to have incorporated into your remarks at some point or another. The Socialist movement explains many issues created by the President's policies. Thank you for this opportunity.

    102. Robert Phillips, Cle says:

      Thanks for the platform by which to express our opinions. (What's with the small print? Surely you could do better.)

      You know Obama will never read or hear what you've written, excellent and well written as it is. His advisors and the mainstream press will see to it that he doen't..

      How about offering some suggestions as to how we, the American people, who pay the bills and believe in the Constitution, can expose Obama and his minions for what they really are. Call a spade a spade!

    103. Nancy Jones Encino, says:

      Well said I hope the man that sometimes occupies the white house heeds your advise.

    104. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Mr Fuelner: A very fitting lecture to the Man-Child currently serving as POTUS. I seriously doubt if it will be read by him or in any way responded to.

      The hubris and arrogance of BHO will, as time goes by, become a template for this type of behavior. The only thing missing is the gnawing on the carpet. "….in 2010 you will have me….." unbelievable.

      PC is Thought Control


      PS, a really great synopsis of our current national situation along with suggested fixes and directions. Well Done.

    105. Bo, North Carolina says:

      No where does it state that this address be televised. It is time to stop insulting the American taxpayers intelligence and give this speech to Congress behind closed doors. Besides being good at that, he will maybe get it across to the lawmakers what the state of this union is. We, the people, already know,and we will give our state of the union address in November.

    106. Pablo, Palm Coast, F says:

      Obama is single minded about turning the U.S. into the next 3rd world country. His goal, to create chaos, uncertainty and gain to control the financial system. These are perquisites for his of his intent to impose full fledged Socialism upon us.

      Saul Alinsky, Obama's long-time role model is no doubt wildly applauding his disciple from the nether regions. Obama's continual display of disrespect for our country and flag speak volumes about him, while the Sheeple sleep.

    107. Judy, MA says:

      The American people are seeing and hearing what is going on with this President. We the people do not want their agenda and we stand together to destroy their ideals before they destroy us. This Prez will go down in history as the worst most hated one ever. Does he want his grandchildren to read that in the history books? I think not. Obama you can change course. I guess you need to be true to yourself. Take a good look in the mirror.

    108. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Are you interested?

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    110. donna schratwieser says:

      a letter well written and still with great respect for the office — i'm offended by the leftist policies of our President and Congress but i also believe we (my conservative friends) are pushing it a bit to far when writing and speaking in harsh tones (some even mocking and cursing) about the President. I share your concerns that you noted in your letter, thank you.

    111. ann kitay, fulton tx says:

      where was this good advice before this character was so blindly elected? why did no one question our girl, Hillary, stepping aside to let him sail on? why did no one actually wonder what hope and change he was yapping about with that smug expression and steely eyes? whay did no one question the style of art work on his posters – pure Soviet style? Why do we expect respect from someone who doesn't even respect himself? Didn't your momma ever tell/warn you that you would be judged by the company you keep? I respect those at Heritage; however why wait until the horse is out of the barn to sound the alarm!

    112. norm corbett,modesto says:

      I do not understand why he has not been impeached yet,or proceedings being started,the demoncrat party and hussien have lied to us over and over again.We are going down the wrong pass.On everything

    113. Casey, Baltimore says:

      While I agree with most of what you say, I think appealing to the president is a waste of time. His 1st year he has done exactly what he wanted to do, so why should he shift gears now? Sure Obama is sad he couldn't take over healthcare quickly and easily, but otherwise, he is forwarding the 'progressive' agenda quite skillfully. We are better off building a grassroots coalition of political power than hoping to change the minds of the elites currently in gov't.

    114. Jack Schmit, Bloomin says:

      A clear and concise overview of the state of our union. I look forward to compare and contrast the President's remarks tonight to see if his view of our world remotely compares to the excellent insights you provided. I don't have much hope for that, but I find great encouragement that many in our country are waking up to the path this country is on and are determined to stop the slide. Our founders provided a peace means to change those who fail to represent us but we must right the failed course that we are on. Thank you all at the Heritage Foundation for all you do to keep every American grounded in the founding principles that continue to make America a beacon to all who seek to be free.

    115. Patricia Reyes, Veni says:

      Thank you Mr. Fuelner, it is so nice to hear common sense is still alive in the United States of America. Unfortunately I don't think we will hear it from our presidents State of the Union speech tonight. God Bless The Heritage Foundation.

    116. E Smith says:

      The problem we have to face is that all this ruinaton of our nation is intentional and Obama 's mind has one goal – to ruin us – and he doesn't care about the polls – as long as people are standing by in shock, or getting angry..or nicely trying to plead with with him to change course – he does not care…he will use every moment he does have in office to bring us down as rapidly as possible – he is laughing all the way..

      It's like we are the orchestra playing while the Titanic sinks…why can't we impeach – why can't we be more aggressive NOW before it's too late? We are all being too nice – 'just words' – why can't the Republicans/conservatives…anyone start getting way more aggressive to get this guy out of office?! Where are the real men/women who will do this?

    117. Harry, Illinois says:

      We'll never get anywhere with this Administration and Congressional Leadership. Transparency and Honesty are just words to them. They are clueless and Rudderless and cannot distinquish the truth from reality. It's going to be a long 3 years from here. All they're trying to do is re-massage the facts and hope that the rescipe works. It's going to be a rocky road for the next 3 years. The then Senator Obama and his close advisers Axelrod, Emmanuel Jarett etc. have to wake up to the fact that they may have been able to fool a single state on a regualar basis but they can't fool the whole country.

    118. John R Warner says:







    119. Bill Baker, Greenvil says:

      Because of a weak stomach, I will not watch the Obama tragedy unfold on Tv as he lies to the public as he must do by law. How can you or any group of educated people expect this muslim man to do anything to help a country most muslims want to destroy. Sure he was elected by foolish Americans that are easily fooled or just want to live off productive people by being a liberal democrat government dependent person. Sure many voted because of skin color, mostly blacks and young foolish whites but his promises were lies and look at what he has done with his socialist agenda and his NAZI tactics, are you people so blind or are you foolish and don't care. Obama should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes against freedom and America. I will speak out againt his crotch salutes, his degrading the pledge of allegiance, his comments about christians, his respect for terrorist countries, his lack of morals, his refusal to deny that he was born in a foreign country, his criminal allies in Chicago, his take over of banking, his takeover of major companies, his union cronies, his horrible spending our kids future, his attempt to kill older people with his awful health plan, his love for the terrorist and desire to release them in America….Hitler was bad, but compared to Obama, he was a boy scout. America elected the ANTI-CHRIST……stay as you are now and say goodbye to freedom and our country.

    120. Jeff Schneider says:

      This is the best encapsulation of what the President and the country should focus on.

      What would it take for this article to be included in this Sunday's newapapers across the country? Try to raise the funds to see that it happens. Express the amount as a percentage of The Heritage Foundation's last year's donations. I will pledge up to 25% of my donation.

    121. Jeff Schneider, Fort says:

      This is the best encapsulation of the path that the Presodent and the country should follow.

      What would it take for this article to be included in this Sunday's newspapers across the country — printed in color with the Foundation's logo and perhaps a set of key graphs, tables and legislative initiatives? Express the cost as a percentage of last year's Heritage Foundation's contributions and give the membership an opportunity to support the project.

    122. PAUL KRESSIN, LOS AL says:

      1) Your article is good but doesn’t address the very real and pressing constitutional issues that have been raised by the policies of this administration and Congress. Just to name a few, most of the spending bills proposed, passed and signed by this president do not fit the limits of Federal power as outlined in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. I think it is time the Heritage Foundation starts citing this passage in its defense of its positions.

      2) The tax code is anti-jobs, anti-business, and anti-U.S. Citizen because it is too complex. If I had to describe it I would say it was written by a psychotic on the verge of total insanity, Article I, Section 8 says, on taxation that "The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, . . ." but places the caveat on this power by saying, ". . . but ALL (my emphasis) duties, Imposts, and Excises SHALL be UNIFORM throughout the Untied States." Thus, only a tax that is uniform for all citizens is legal under the Constitution. Multiple tax rates, some people paying more than others, some businesses getting a tax break while others pay more is not legal. Most of the convoluted tax code is actually a violation of the Constitution as it is not uniform throughout the United States. This is just one example of many items in the current code and items being proposed which violates the highest law of the land.

      3) the Federal government cannot legally go beyond the restrictions of article I, Section 8 because of the 10th amendment to the constitution. Though this is alluded to in Mr. Feulners' article, it sounds more like a suggestion to let the states make their own decisions. In fact, it is a right, guaranteed by the 10th amendment to the constitution. Most people do not know this. As conservatives, we must constantly state the obvious since most of our fellow citizens were not taught the practical ramifications of the constitution and do not keep up with daily events.

      4) Having said all of this, I want to thank the Heritage Foundation for the work that they do. I hope that this comment is taken as constructive criticism. Besides getting the constitutional message out to our fellow citizens, I hope that we can more readily educate them to the founding principles of our nation which made the 'American Experiment' the envy of the world, because it works, always.

    123. John, Alaska says:

      To the point, I hope the Whitehouse recieved a copy.

      I'm proud to be a supporter of The Heritage Foundation.

    124. harv, Pa says:

      Mr Feulner , As president of the Heritage Foundation you present a very factual and honest evaluation of BHO . The only thing I don't see is information as to what can be legaly be to remove BHO and his cronies from office. Who can bring the charges that apply and where? We need to know that there is more recourse available than just stating that something needs to be done . We realize that. What I can't understand is why someone with the knowledge and ability hasen't filed criminal charges when it as plain as the nose on your face that the Constitution is being userped by leaders of this government. It seems that We The People have to stand by while the country is completly destroyed before any thing can be initiated. To stand by and try to change things thru electoral process will take to long to accomplish. Something need to be done sooner rather than later, BHO needs to be stopped now before he destroyes our sacred country IF you don't want to do anything at least point us in the right direction.

    125. Ths. Edmond, OK says:

      Good letter. It's what should be done. But Obama's chosen to be reality deaf. He hasn't, isn't, and will not listen.

      If a man believes he can walk on water, how can his feet be held to the fire?

    126. Terry Buchanan, Glen says:


      Dear Mr. Feulner:

      Well done.

      Will your letter get to Obama's desk or be lost in the White House shuffle?

      Keep the pressure on.


    127. Pingback: Washoe County Republican Party » The State of Our Union – By Edwin J. Feulner, President of The Heritage Foundation

    128. Stephanie Kidwell, N says:

      you kmow what im a smoker but that is not my identity. My identity is my children and i will gladly pay more taxes on a drug and depenency that i have incurred on my own in order to pay for the citizens who have chosen to have a healthy life and not pay those taxes. Those taxes are a choice. Not a tax that was forced by the government. You Can quit as soon as I can. However, I believe that the government is in disapprovement over the fact that we FINALLY have a president that is not infact out for his own pocket, but rather the pockets of our newer generations. As a 26 yo mother of 3 I know very well the struggles of life as a lower class citizen. I became a mother at 17 yo and have only collected government assistance when it was ABSOLUTELY necessary. The rest of the time I struggled to feed my children. I worked and donated plasma to make up the difference instead of relying on help from the government. While I sat in the Social Services office without and watched others with thier nails done, hair done, and jewelry hanging off their bbodies that I would have already have given up to feed my kids before i walked into that office I am dissappointed in the rewards that others have gotten for nothing when I had already given up so much to make sure someone else did not go without. I'm sorry but if you people would figure out that you are so scared of Obama because he is so for us, the low income families, you would realize why? We are so used to a corrupted government that we don't know what to think when someone is REALLY, REALLY for us. This man is so for us that we don't trust him. You should trust him, he IS for us. Name the last president who stood up for what he believed in instead of standing up for who ever payed him the most. When you people finally realize that the government has grown into pure capalitalism you will never understand Obamas perspective. He is not about making his pockets larger, but as a father of 2 minor females he is trying to stay true to them as minorities, because believe it or not women, we ARE still minorities. Myself as a 26 yo mother of three beautiful intelligent children who deserve the finer things in life, even though I can't give them to them. They do have a chance of redeeming the rewards they as productive intelligent citizens have earned, not because I can afford it, but because someone like Obama says you don't have to pay for it. You CAN earn it. You're father doesn't have to be in a legislative department, or a president of some company, or an inheritant of some fortune. You just have to be a hard working, upstanding, loyal citizen of the United States of America in order to make a respectable, decent future for your children in order to lay the brickwork for their children to do the same.


      I, for one, watched EVERY debate and made up my mind on only my own opinion. I truly believe in what you and Michelle are doing and wish you the best in what you are trying to do for this country. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

    129. Chris Delia says:

      SCOTT BROWN, NEXT JOHN PISTONE http://www.pistoneforcongress.org

    130. Harold Siegel says:

      Dear Ed,

      Congratulations on "The State of Our Union" (Morning Bell 1/26/2010)

      It was a well written, direct and by my standards, well received article.

      Let's hope those that needed it's content the most, took or will take the time to read it and act on its content.

      Yours truly,

      Harold Siegel

    131. barbara jakes says:

      Thank you for your platform – what are our congressmen thinking about – they could hold his feet to the fire – they are afraid – so were Hitler's cronies. Barbara Jakes – Wetumpka, Alabama 1-28-10

    132. Tony Thompson, Austi says:

      Would like to see a "follow-up" article now that the President has made the SOU. It should indicate what Ed thinks the President said associated with all his wishes he would address.


    133. Elizabeth, Dayton, O says:

      This should be published on the front page of every newspaper in the United States. THANK YOU!

    134. Thomas Morgan Bloomi says:

      How do you follow that? Great commentary!

    135. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      If REAGAN was president now he would forgo the idiotic stimulus/borrowlus package for across the board steep tax cuts….people having more money would spend it spurring economic growth in manufacturing/sales/hiring and TAX RECEIPTS YOU BRAINDEAD LIBERALS!!! But then you demorats would hev to step in again and stop all that prosperity, the same way you always do. This is so simple a cave man could do it…but then a caveman is over the head of you libs!

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