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    Tomorrow, join The Heritage Foundation as we discuss President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Here’s how you can be part of the debate:

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    Visit our Facebook Fan Page beginning at 8:30 p.m. EST for a live chat on our Facebook Wall to share your real-time reaction to the President’s speech and to hear the latest analysis from Heritage experts.

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    Post-Speech Analysis on The Foundry:

    Heritage analysts will post their expert reactions to the President’s speech on The Foundry immediately following his remarks. Visit us on The Foundry to read the best conservative analysis in the country.

    Live Chat on Thursday:

    Join Heritage Vice President of Communications Mike Gonzalez at 2:30 EST for a live Web chat on The Foundry to give his reaction to the State of the Union address. Ask him questions and join in the discussion.

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    5 Responses to Join Heritage for the State of the Union

    1. Larry, Warren Oh says:

      State of the Union

      The President will air his first State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm. In most cases this is an opportunity for the sitting President to comment and list what has been accomplished during the previous year as well as point us in the direction they would like to take us in the upcoming months.

      For Barack Obama I imagine that he is more than a little shell-shocked at this moment because I'm sure he was not expecting to be in the position he is in at this point in time. He really doesn't have much to say for the first year of his administration that anyone who isn't a liberal would or could be happy about.

      Even some of his far-left base aren't totally happy with him at this "juncture". He hasn't been far enough left for their liking and he has completely dismantled any tenant that conservatives have held true for a long time. Even "moderates" (I hate that term, you either believe in a core set of issues or you don't. You can't be indecisive and be in politics)have run from the policies that this administration have tried to implement.

      I find it stunning that in spite of the fact that he was pretty clear during the campaign that he was going to change the fundamental beliefs of our country, so many people choose to ignore what he was saying and were swept up in the "history" of the campaign though Sara Palin was playing a very historic role herself but that wasn't as important as getting Obama into the White House.

      It is also amazing how quickly the tide turns in politics as just a short time ago the Republicans were being written off as soon to be extinct. That has been a refreshing change to see the conservative base wake up and unite after such a long hibernation, falling asleep while the left biased media kept us at bay with the fear of being labeled mean-spirited or racists, homophobes, who had no compassion for the common working man and woman.

      The President will give the appearance of finally "getting it" tonight and say many things that sound so much to the center and that's what we want to hear that he is moving away from his radical left supporters. I for one do not think it will be a long-term move, I feel this is just a way to pacify an angry Independent/conservative movement to slow the momentum of the opposition long enough so they can continue to pass the leftist agenda, just in smaller bites.

      It would appear that this administration will be under very close scrutiny from here on in so anything short of listening to the American people will not be taken lightly. The Republicans had also better realize that now is the time to get a message of their own out in plain view. They should see that any move to the center is a concession to the conservative viewpoint and should be stated as such. By following the belief system of the administration and party he has vilified for the past two years in campaigns and since taking office never passing up an opportunity to blame Bush for anything he is conceding that his policies, ideology, belief system is simply wrong for America period.

      The Republicans have a message they are just not shouting it from the rooftops because they do not have any one person in a real position of power in this current governing situation who commands the media because they are the minority in both Houses of Congress. This shouldn't stop someone from grabbing the bull by the horns and get the message out. People are hungry to hear it, they are willing to listen and they AGREE with it. We can't just continue to attack the Dems and be satisfied with that. Republicans must move forward with a simple common sense message of the main tenants of conservatism: 1-Small Federal govt. 2-Fiscal responsibility 3-Strong national defense 4-Low taxes for people and businesses alike. These are tried and true methods for economic growth which will lead to sensible solutions to social problems as well.

      This President will never be able to lay claim to any of these ideas even though he will try to tonight. Even if you have been stuck in a cave somewhere, it is obvious that the economy hasn't improved, and the partisanship hasn't subsided in Washington or in the country for that matter and the corruption has only gotten worse. So let's take this speech for what it is, another set of words transferred to a teleprompter to try to talk away all of our troubles, and get up tomorrow knowing we are one day closer to the Nov elections where we will have a chance to bring forth some real "change we can believe in"

      In case you were wondering if I would say something positive about it all; I will say that this will hopefully be the first speech that Barack Obama will give where he will HAVE to say some POSITIVE things about America.

    2. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Whatever happen let's also focus on the union of our States, around lifting this country up.

    3. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Well said Larry. Actions speak louder than words. Dr. Krauthammer pointed out on Fox news that the actions of Obama have already increased the federal budget in the areas he will "freeze" but 25% or more. By "freezing" the expenditures he will in fact maintain the increases rather than reducing the expenses to reduce the budget. But then these areas are only 1/6 of the budget, so it really is a shell game with the intent of fooling the public with words not deeds. His con game makes Bernie Madoff look like a Saint.

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    5. JIM HAAKE ALPHA, IL. says:

      What is the process to join like Rush Limbaugh says.


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