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  • Video: Charles Krauthammer Speaks at Heritage on "The Age of Obama"

    Dr. Charles Krauthammer, who described President Barack Obama’s first 12 months in office as “the year of living fecklessly,” spoke at The Heritage Foundation last week on “The Age of Obama” and gave his views of the President’s first year of foreign policy.

    Watch his speech below and share your thoughts in our comments section.

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    36 Responses to Video: Charles Krauthammer Speaks at Heritage on "The Age of Obama"

    1. Gerrit, DC says:

      what did his chair not fit in the green room??

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Dr. Charles Krauthammer is a true patriot of the same mind as our nation's founders. Like the latter, he commands a clear understanding of the human calculus and how such has historically shaped today’s world. Excellent speech, Bravo.

    3. Colson E Jones...... says:

      Will the comments of Dr. Krauthammer be available to download in print in the future??…I enjoyed his speech and appreciate your making it available to the public on the internet…

    4. Colson E Jones...... says:

      Thank you for making DR. Krauthammers Speeh available on the internet…Will it be available for downloading in print?

    5. drb13@live.com says:


    6. drb13@live.com debra says:


    7. republicanblack says:

      Well at first I thought, like Krauthammer, Obama was well falling behind on his promises, I was caught up in the media's expectation and polls. then I thought about health care and his foreign policy, and how much further he came than anyone before,not to mention how the world has warmed up to us now – but what really changed my mind when it came to obama's first year was this article and the allegory it provided check it out


    8. Magnus says:

      is there an MP3 version of this???

    9. p3_tacco, Berlin, MA says:

      "The world has warmed up to us"? Really?

      Well I'll agree on one item in that he has come futher than anyone before. Usually our Presidents have some sort of business or executive background before coming to office.

      So after listening to Krathammer we've been overswayed by some blog? That does sound like the same sort of people who would be swayed by the media.

    10. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Republicanblack (RB) was obviously fast asleep during Dr. Krauthammer's speech. He's fallen for the same freshman Utopian gibberish that Charles highlight about Obama's internationalist fantasy. In all fairness I don't know RB, but judging from the comment I'd say there's a demonstrated knowledge gap in the basics of World history. Then again, that's why the k-jackman's analogy makes so much sense to RB. No foundation in which to rest the analogous make believe mansion.

    11. David Thomson says:

      Barack Obama is an example of the shabby soft-science education a student normally receives at Harvard University. He is both intellectually shallow and poorly read. I have long argued that Obama’s overall insights should remind one of a first year college student. It is interesting to note that Charles Krauthammer completely agrees with me on this point.

    12. gordon Storholm says:

      As usual, Dr. Krauthammer is right on target.The fact that Obama was ever elected is a testament to the failure of the American educational system to teach American history.If I had only one opinion I could hear on a regular basis , it would be Charles'

    13. BobPDX says:

      Charles is the voice of reason in all of this intentional chaos created by the Obama administration.

      The word I have been searching for to describe the Obama administration is "Obtuse" which Charles used in his speech.

      They act dull and dimwitted and intentionally don't understand questions and realities, for example, last Tuesdays election in Massachusetts.

      Thanks Charles, you make it easier for us to cope with the realities of all this"Hope and Change".

    14. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Gordon you are so right, history is not being taught, as any fourth grader who was Geo. Washington, as about the Rev.ar or any thing to do with the early years of this country. Schools are to worried about passing test or observing Hispanic month, black month etc. We need to get back to teaching basics in Elem. school and preparing students for REAL life in High School. A friend of mine said once that these big Univ. "SUck the brains out of the kids heads" I have to believe this as I've talked to some of them and they have no idea what reality is.

    15. Gary Wilson, Califor says:

      Dr. Krauthammer is an impressive man who states facts and does not spin politics. A straight shooter who needs to be heard. It is very true the Mr. Obama is leading us down a path of which no American really wants to trek down. Keep speaking up, because the sheep of America need to hear us all! God Bless America….continue praying every day, because this is a scary administration.

    16. R. Patrick Gilson says:

      Dr. kruathammer gave such an exceptional speech on Obama's 1st year of foreign policy as America's president, bringing to light the concerns, difficulties, mistakes and problems that appear from his policies. His review of only one area of the Obama government's actions makes one wonder how important and significant a Dr. Kruathammer review of Obama's policies on his economic activities, national activities, financial activities, union activities, etc. might be. These areas are so essential for America and it would assist the multitude who worry throughout America. Thank you again Dr. Krauthammer and thank you Heritage Foundation for being a mainstay upholding conservative freedom's.and presenting meaningful Ideas. God Bless, Patrick.

    17. Jane Shipley says:

      Why do we not have more of this man?

    18. Rev. Daniel Lemke, C says:

      It would be nice to be able to download this video to be able to share it in locations without web access.

    19. Thomas Elliott, Texa says:

      Dr. Krauthammer's no nonsense, right to the point approach style is refreshing in this day of agenda driven news bytes. While the style is refreshing the substance is chilling and very concerning. if President Obama continues his idealistic approach to foreign policy he may just facilitate a worldwide conflagration. It could come from the fanatics in Iran, from an embolden Russian or a desperate N. Korea. All the while Obama's view of his "Virtual World" blinds him to the realities.

      I for one am not confident that the current administration has the will or the expertise to deal with potential or actual major crisis in the "Real World". I pray that I'm wrong.

    20. Nancy Deal, Fairfax, says:

      Thank you for giving me, and so many others, the opportunity to listen to Dr. Krauthammer deliver one of his wonderful oratories. I learn so much from him.

    21. Bobbie Jay says:

      What a spectacular, remarkable, courageous man. Thank you, Mr. Krauthammer. This should be implemented in public schools asap! Okay, private schools! I'm reaching my own, but the youth in general, needs to be reached and rehabilitated from their government, indoctrinated, education.

    22. Rita O'Keefe says:

      Dr. Krauthammer brings a voice of reason to the discussion. I always look forward to his commentary. Thank you for bringing him in to lecture. The current administration would do well to listen to this wise counsel.

    23. John Koss, Tennessee says:

      Listening to Dr. Krauthammer I am reminded that one does not need to be reminded that the bullies are still in the playground.(Iran, North Korea and yes China and Russia). Youthful idealism does not fit here. Sometimes the bully will need to get his nose bloodied and bloodied good. We have sat on our derrieres’ to long. Watching, listening and reading about our current world I am leary of third world countries whose only real interest is to bring our Society to its knees. They are not only envious of our wealth they are jealous of our way of life. The United States will always stand for freedom and liberty. IT DOES NOT COME CHEAP!!

    24. Edd Lopez, Gold Cany says:

      To bad it can't happen but the Republican party would do well to draft Charles to give the rebuttal to Obama's State of Union address. He's a genius with his finger on pulse of the issue.

    25. Normca says:

      Republicanblack (RB) Open your eyes to reality and facts. Why the sham on your part ? Can I say I am Republican White ? The good doctor was on the left at one time and knows what he is speaking about. The rest of the world has warmed up to us now ? Do you know what the word Respect means ? The rest of the world sees America as they see themselves – weak. The president of France laughed at our commander in chief after a world directed speech, the chancellor of Germany told him to go pound sand on the economic policy Obama asked her to follow. Putin is calling him a sucker to give away the defenses and Poland sees America as not keeping an agreement. Obama dissed the only other major democracy, who will take out another tyrant to the silent applaud of its neighbors. He is treating terrorists better than Navy Seals. Is that enough warmth after one year ? The USA took the fight to the enemy where the enemy lives and the rest of the world did not like that ? The Iraqi neighbors are befitting from the absence of the tyrant. Who the heck cares if France who violated UN mandates to support Saddam is not quite the country to please, now are they ? Republican Black; these are facts that Republicans can easily defend. What have you got to defend ?

    26. Dee Garrett, Warm Sp says:

      I greatly admire and always "listen up" when Dr. Krauthammer speaks whether on Fox News Channel or in his syndicated columns. I know I will be well-informed on current issues and educated on historical fact. Talk about the "right side of history!" President Obama knows so very little of that and would do well to take counsel from this wise man, and quickly.

      Thanks to The Heritage for this outstanding presentation.

    27. Martha Stanford, Woo says:

      TO JANE SHIPLEY – Mr. Krauthammer is on Special Report about 1840 each weeknite FOX NEWS. He is sometimes called 'THE HAMMER', for driving his point home, or hitting the nail on the head.

    28. Carol, Massachusetts says:

      I love Charles Kruthhammer, sometimes he doesn't have to say a word, it's just a look. I love to watch Special Report to see his comments. He is a true American Patriot. He should run for office. Thank you for showing this entire speech, usually it is just a few words on panel shows. He knows our history, unlike Barack Obama.

    29. mary ann, barnegat n says:

      Unable to watch the video of Charles K. It said it is currently unavailable. ??

      Mary Ann

    30. mary ann amato, barn says:

      Please remove my last name. Thank you, Mary Ann

    31. Helen Silver says:

      Now that we all agree that Dr. Charles Krauthammer has been blessed by the gods with an a probing, scalpel-like mind and an elegant tongue to give breath to his thoughts, let us place the laurel wreath upon his head, arm him with Hephaestus' sword, and place in his hand Excalibur then send him on his way to do battle with the god of Olympus. Perhaps, he will have better luck than the rest of us. [I humbly suggest that the good physician stand on the esteem god's left side. He hears best those on his left, I am told.)

      I, unlike those who have come before me, have not had the great good fortune to hear or read Dr. K's excellent oration on the "Age of Obama since my communion with the oracle of the internet has not worked to my benefit. I will await the printed version with great anticipation assured that said oration will expand the limited knowledge I possess.

      Many thanks dear sage.

    32. David Shelton West P says:

      Dr. Krauthammer cemments are so well stated and should be a wake up call for all Americans especially those who are concerned about the direction in which our current President is leading us.

      It may be time for us to consider raising the minimum age for the Office of the Presidency in order to assure that persons with a sense of history and maturity would be candidates for this office.

      Dr. Krauthammer I look forward to hearing your comments on a similiar subject in Sanibel next month.

      Continue to speak out and to tell it as you see it Charles!

    33. Jackie Bradley, Napl says:

      Dr. Charles Krauthammer, thank you for your speech. Obama can not run our country or foreign affairs. I worry about where we will be left when he is out of office. He is a joker, he won that name early on. You would be a good president for our United States Of America.

    34. Jim Irving, Paso Rob says:

      I'd like to get a print transcript of the speech as soon as possible

    35. B. J. Collins, Andov says:

      Perhaps the avantage of being my age – 85 years old– is remembering much of the history Dr. Krauthammer mentioned in his speech, knowing what is true and learning more.

      It is tragic that our children are not taught our country's history back to our beginning so they could appreciate what we have and where we live. If they listened – or read – Dr. Krauthammer's "The Year of Living Fricklesslly" perhaps they would understand what America is all about. Only teaching from late 1800's does not tell them the whole story.

      I am going to order Heritage's tape an show it to everyone who will watch it!!

      Thank you, Dr. Krauthammer. I agree with Jackie Bradley from Naples, FL — you would be a great President.

      B. J. Collins, Andover, MA

    36. L., CA says:

      I always enjoy Charles Krauthammer insights and learn so much, most of which I find agreement with. It's a shame that man (Pres. Obama) who grew up in the same times (though whether in the same world would have mattered, I know not) as I is so confoundedly ignorant of his purpose as an American President! I realized from the start, he cannot be changed, only survived.

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