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  • National Security and Global Warming: Never Mind

    One of the loudest drumbeats in support of “Cap and Trade” legislation has been if the United States doesn’t tackle climate change with legislation we’ll face a national security catastrophe. Nations will collapse, waves of refugees will sweep the world, and states will war on other states over scarce resources.

    The poster child for the national security nightmare argument was melting glaciers in India that would lead to dramatic shortages of fresh water and water wars between nuclear-armed states. Now comes a report from India —never mind. Apparently the claim from a UN climate panel turns out to be bogus.

    I hate to say, “I told you so,” but I did. “While it might feel intuitively appropriate to directly connect the dots between the changing global environment and the human response to global warming,” I testified before a Congressional panel last October that would be a big mistake. We don’t know enough about how human societies or climate work to bet the farm on one big government bill.

    In fact, the real national security threat is the “Cap and Trade” bill. You cannot protect the nation without a strong economy. “Cap and Trade” is an economy killer.

    I told Congress, “[w]hile the long-term impacts of climate change on national security can be debated, the short-term impact of legislation to curb emissions is more readily apparent. A study by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis on a similar companion bill proposed in the House finds that the law would make the United States about $9.4 trillion poorer by 2035. Much of this decline would be from reduced economic productivity and job loss. In particular, under the House legislation there would be 1.15 million fewer jobs on average than without a cap-and-trade bill.”

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    20 Responses to National Security and Global Warming: Never Mind

    1. Eugene Zanot says:

      All one has to do to realize the evil intent of "saving mother earth" is go to the UN website and read the Biodiversity Treaty. Global warming is one of many environmental hoaxes to bring about global governance. Hitler used environmentalism to nationalize also.

    2. ash Ga. says:

      Why is it, the people in DC just do not get this? These are educated people up there. A person with any education at all can understand that cap and trade will hurt us all. Why fix something that is not broken. Didnt they learn something from health care reform?

    3. Rich from Roakaway says:

      "One of the methods used by statists to destroy capitalism consists in establishing controls that tie a given industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its problems, then declaring that freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary." – Ayn Rand 1975

    4. Gold Beach, OR says:

      The UN is bogus! Cap and Trade is not only a job killer, but a Nation killer.

    5. carol k maryland says:

      It is such a unbelieveably foolish move to dump loads of money, kill even more jobs, and destroy our way of life on an unproven theory that is becoming further unglued every week. The job of scientist is to prove beyond a doubt that their theories are fact, until they do they are still just theories. For the entire world to jump into lockstep participation for a belief that we are doomed unless we eliminate our so called carbon footprint, when it has never been proven that carbon dioxide has any significant effect on temperature, is insane.

      A rational approach would be to just continue studying until there is certainty of the conclusions, and determine if there is really any realistic solution to be achieved. So far they can't even predict the weather correctly for a week, let alone many years into the future.

      It is nothing more than an arrogant grab for both financial and power purposes on the part of so-called scientists and the governments who are promoting them. The latest example is the Himilayan ice melt prediction that was totally bogus, yet was presented in Copenhagen as a true scientific fact. It seems the general population is being duped into believing a fabricated future of gloom and doom in order to line the pockets and extend the egos of those who believe they have the right to dictate our lives for their own purposes.

    6. Duane Bentzen, Calab says:

      Here are some links from my site about this disgusting topic. The short links are generated by a tool we've written because we disapprove of bit.ly the URL shortener everyone uses on twitter; it's run by the Libyans. (.ly is the Libyan country code)

      'Mann' made global warming:

      You'll find some interesting info from the Econ Militia on this link at my site:

      Global Warming, Cap and Trade, HR 2464 and Senate 1733

      and last but not least, the breaking news from December! Why have we not heard hue and cry about this from the MSM??

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    8. SB Owner Springfield says:

      Just as with health care being declared a 'crisis', with Emanuel saying no 'crisis' is to good to waste, Climate Change 'crisis' is an even greater fraud. This only opens doors for progressives to take control over every aspect of citizens lives, and deny them their constitutional right to their private property.

      The economy is reeling. Stimulus doesn't work as reported at Heritage. To pass the progressives vision of Cap and Trade is economic suicide. Nothing Obama does produces the projected results. Cap and Trade would provide no discernable benefit to Americans, as with Obama's vision of government run health care.

      Climate Change is a disputed hypothesis at best, fraud at worst. Probably the latter.

      Cap and Trade must be defeated. Government run health care must be defeated.

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    10. javarfree says:

      You're attempting to link the transcription error around the glacier's melting time to the national security projections made by analysts in a causal way?

      You're saying because of that transcription error, therefore the analysts are wrong?

      And how are you doing this, by saying one was a "poster child" for the other? That's the causal link? Is that the sum total of your evidence that we should reject the security analysis?

      That's not how science is done. In fact, it's not even logical. No one ever claimed that if the glaciers weren't melting at the rate cited, then human caused global warming theories are wrong.

      You have to refute the mass of evidence assembled from multiple converging sources and scientific fields all of which, independently,are saying, yes, there is human-caused global warming.

      I expect more from my fellow conservatives… this column is not up to standards.

      We take national security seriously. What we don't do is engage in empty sophistry with the security of this nation hanging in the balance. If human caused global warming is real, as McCain and Woolsey and quite frankly every security analyst I deal with seems to be convinced it is, and with deadpan serious looks on their faces by the way, how are we helping ourselves by being seen as deniers?

      This is going down the wrong road.

    11. tim scranton says:

      the only way to stop this road to socialism and the destruction of this country is to have cogress be taken over by real consertavies who care about this country.

      the domonrats need to be removed and obama impeached.

      if this is not happen our country will be gone!!

    12. LyndaShrugged2 says:

      @rich from Roakaway. U are right on the money.

      @ash.ga. That's why it's so obvious…they are

      plenty aware of this and are going full force ahead. They are doing to this economy what they want to have happen. That's why this president and this administration is so dangerous to us. He doesn't want it better. Read Atlas Shrugged lately?

    13. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      By the comments posted above, it appears many still don't understand that those that are pushing this entire "man made global warming", are true socialist.

      Not only do they not accept the overwhelming evidence that is at last being brought to light, but that are actually defending the lies used by those so called "sciencetist" that have been willingly using false and distorted,

      manipulated information, such as "eliminating" temperature readings that show

      actual "lower" temps in a given area, or purposely installing temp gathering stations in locations that guarantee "higher" than true readings. Once again, this

      Obama driven "crap and tax" policy is not about "climate change" (which is a natural aspect of our environment), it's about "control", control by those that want to "transform" this nation into their socialist utopia.

    14. Tim Az says:

      Everything Mao-Bama has done is producing the results he has intended. If however he is unable to get cap & trade along with health care he will not be able to reach his intended goal. That goal is to collapse the dollar and institute socialism while he remains president. There is no other way to institute socialism in America without bringing the citizenry to there knees by removing their personal wealth and causing the people to beg Mao-Bama for help. No one can deny that everthing he has done so far and intends to do in the future will not result in strengthening the dollar along with the economy. It's time to be honest with yourselves and question the motives of Mao-Bama's actions instead of his words that always claim the opposite effect will take place.

    15. Jude Richardson says:

      The idea of man-caused global warming as a result of CO2 is ludicrous. Anyone with a bonafide high school education at least, or an introduction to biology or botany, the earth sciences, organic chemistry should be able to legitimately question this fraud. Which calls into question: The credentials of the "experts". And, The value of the education that our children are receiving in high school and beyond.

    16. jill.hetherington@ma says:

      hell Jude- the schools have been teaching kids practically forever that they evolved from Apes or more recently pond scum. They call that crap science too.

    17. Drew Page, IL says:

      To javerfree — There are far too many other scientists and climatologists who say that made made carbon dioxide emissions do not create global warming. Just because Al gore and John McCain choose to believe those who say global warming is a current phenomenon, caused by man made carbon dioxide emissions doesn't make it so.

      Those who are promoting this idea of man made global warming would be a lot more credible if they weren't caught hiding documentation to the contrary.

      'National Security' is becoming a convenient wall to hide behind when the government doesn't want the truth to come out. A recent example of this was revealed this morning when the SEC said they used the excuse of 'National Security' for not revealing that money owed to Lehman, by AIG, was reimbursed at a rate of dollar for dollar with bailout funds, instead of $0.50 on the dollars paid to other firms owed money by AIG.

      You will have to foregive my skepticism when I hear someone in government, especially this government, say, "it's a matter of National Security".

    18. Spiritof76, NH says:

      We need to resurrect Sherman's march, only this time through Washington. We must retake our country and our future for our children and grand children and rescue our culture. Our Constitution is our heritage. We have to stop constantly talk about false premise of man-made global warming. When do we realize it has nothing to do with science at all? It has to do with establishing a socilaist power structure within the US that can be transformed into a communist state. We must get rid of the collectivist parasite that is consuming our vitality as a nation.

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    20. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Carbon dioxide is 94% WATER VAPOR! Real dangerous stuff here! You idiot libs will believe anything some nutcase demorat tells you, and the problem is "they" know you are dumb enough to believe what they say and laugh all the way to the bank with your money…and mine! You lunatic libs are downright dangerous with all your lies and spin. Know why commies like William Ayres say Bush bombed the Towers? Because that is what these people do…kill innocents anywhere to make their point so naturally these morons will think even the most civil people will do the same thing…NOT!!! Liberalism is in fact a MENTAL DISORDER!

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