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  • Bin Laden: Can You Hear Me Now?

    Days before President Obama plans to present his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, Osama Bin Laden sent his own message to the American people. According to CNN “A new audio tape allegedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden claims responsibility for an attempt to blow up a plane en route to Michigan on Christmas Day and warns the United States of more attacks.” The report added, “The tape, which aired on Al Jazeera on Sunday, says ‘the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine.”

    When Bin Laden speaks the President should listen—particularly as he drafts his remarks to the American people. Here is why. Since taking the White House the president has relegated the war on terrorism to one speech at the National Archives and a litany of pronouncements to distance his administration from Bush—closing Gitmo; curtailing CIA-led interrogations; and terrorists from Military Commissions to high-profile trials in the United States.

    What the president has not done is demonstrated he takes Bin Laden’s words seriously. That is a mistake the United States has made in the past—and one Obama repeated.

    There is much that the President could do in his speech to recommit his administration to winning the Long War.

    He could clearly state that winning in Afghanistan and protecting America’s vital interests are more important than arbitrary withdrawal deadlines. He could pledge to use all the tools in the terrorist fighting toolkit including Gitmo, commissions, and the Patriot Act. He could pledge to rebuild the American military rather than gutting the defense budget for modernizing our forces. He could pledge to be a real war president 24-7-365.

    Or he could leave Bin Laden’s rambles go unchallenged.

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    10 Responses to Bin Laden: Can You Hear Me Now?

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    2. Brian L. James says:

      I was told that the Heritage Foundation would supply me with a copy of the Constitution, also can you tell me how many times that God is used in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Why I am asking these two questions is because I plan to start putting a 10 minute video on youtube about these to topic's. Thank you and may God Bless America

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Publicly ignoring Bin Laden's threats sends the message that we're not interested in his baseless rationale for murdering thousands of innocent people. I'm glad, however, that he's talking as this gives our intelligence community useful information. We've got a wonderful arsenal of weaponry and the talented warriors who know how to use it to great effect. They've waited patiently for this coward, Bin Laden, to raise his head. Makes for a cleaner shot.

    4. Will Spence says:

      When will the American people wake up to the fact that the enemy we are fighting overseas,is the same ones running the whitehouse? This president is a Muslim and will do nothing to assist us on winning a war or terror. He has made it so much easier for the destruction of our country that we completly ignore his agenda.He is anti business and has allowed millions of jobs to be lost because of his restrictions.How can we pay taxes if we don't have a job? How can we protect our country from terrorism,when he refuses to recognize it?

      He should be removed from office post haste,along with his czars. Arrogance and deceit is his daily mantra,and we swill it down like kool aid. Keith Doberman tags along behind him,lumping praise on him,while our country vomits his lies.

      Impeach NOW!!

    5. Louis C Levy Houston says:

      He and we all should pay more attention to the true lurkers who act behind the scenes and are the true would be, self declared US and the West enemies; the Rat and the Woman. Then, and only then, will they loose all this ability to make trouble because if you know your enemy, his designs and ways of behaving, he will not harm you for the most part.

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    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      Apparently, Bin Laden didn't get the memo. There is no such thing as a terrorist, therefore there can be no such thing as terrorism. Our president said so.

      Someone, perhaps Robert Gibbs, should get in touch with Bin Laden and his franternity brothers and tell him that pranks like 9/11 aren't going over very well on campus.

    8. Bill Schnitzer says:

      I was told I could get a copy of the constitution too. I wrote and requested it months ago but it has never arrived.

    9. michael sessa says:

      JC Hughs,Tx mabe you should read the book "On the Hunt" by retied Col. David Hunt. Col. Hunt is a Fox news contributer also. In his book, he explains how our troops had bin Laden sorrounded , neded permission from Washington and Washington would not give orders to take bin Laden out of his cave. As Hnt says, some spinkly leg office bureaucrat in DC, libeal who never served and has no idea what our military goes through, makes the decision in their suit and tie and tax payer limos. Under Clinton, the job could have been done twice but Billy wouldn't allow that under his administation as Warren Christopher told him not to have war, would look bad on the spinelessDemos. Besides, as Hunt said, Viet Nam never succeeded as DC said not to be too forceful with the north. Bobby Kenedy even wanted to have bood donations sent to the north. Can you believe this? This peck here and thee does not win war. The surge, suggested by John McCain, was what made casualities in Iraq go down and we won. Read a book by Clinton's body guard by retired Robet Patterson and you will find out what paper tigers this bunch in DC are and bin Laden called us "paper tigers". Mike S

    10. N.Mitch, California says:

      If theres another bin laden tape the you should check out if its c.i.a funded too. i mean that 9/11 thing bush and him planned was great had the american people all mushy like play dough. oh one thing i was wondering how did osama get the saudis to get on those planes from afganistan?..no iraq…..no wait just invade em all he's there somewhere. arent you guys for the false flag attack on 9/11? i though you guys were more awake. 9/11 truth!!!! END the FED…. stop the bankers!!!

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