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  • The Obsessions of Hugo Chavez on Haiti Defy Logic

    Hugo Chavez

    Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is a man consumed by an obsession. That obsession is the United States. The United States wants to assassinate him; steal his oil; invade his country, etc. Hugo Chavez wakes up in the morning obsessing about the Empire, shorthand for the U.S. and beds down at night with the same thoughts. Most certainly he suffers nightmares about the horrors of the U.S. from dusk to dawn.

    The U.S. Southern Command! The Fourth Fleet! The Colombian Defense Agreement! Even the sinister designs of the hospital ship, USNS Comfort. It is after all a U.S. Navy ship! One might have thought that something as immense as the human tragedy in Haiti would cause Chavez to hold his tongue a bit longer. Sadly, when one suffers from obsessions, the rational self is not always in control. Less than a week after the Haiti quake, Chavez took to his podium. “The Empire [the U.S.]” he proclaimed, “is taking Haiti over the bodies and tears of its people.” For a leader who previously called President George W. Bush “Satan” and routinely infers that President Obama is little more than a prisoner of the Pentagon, the CIA, and Wall Street, this still seems an unusually cruel blow.

    Chavez adds, “They [the U.S.] brazenly occupied Haiti without consulting the UN or the OAS [Organization of American States].” Of course what would have happened if everyone rushing to help sat around waiting for the proper UN resolution? What if Russia or China vetoed the Security Council Resolution? And, has everyone forgotten what a splendid job the OAS did in Honduras with its political crisis this past summer?

    This of course is the same Hugo Chavez who spent most of 2009 hobnobbing with the world terror elite, brandishing his new Russian arms, running his country’s economy into the ground, meddling in Honduras and Colombia, and teeing up a lifetime lock on the presidency. These are the words of a man who belongs on the list of the state sponsors of terrorism. On Haiti, let’s hope someone has the gumption to call out Mr. Chavez. Maybe President Obama might just voice a word of protest or two, or at least Secretary Clinton.

    Why after years of trying to develop a multilateral, United Nations-based network to support Haiti, of encouraging and sustaining a strong United Nations peacekeeping mission there, and quietly taking a backseat approach in Haitian governance, does the U.S. suddenly wish to take charge of running Haiti? Why do we want to hand our overburdened armed forces another tough duty assignment? Why now with Haiti prostrate, with slim chance of gain or profit, and with nothing for resources other than the pride, dignity, and determination of the Haitian people to move forward in the wake of the unimaginable would the United States and its leaders undertake a military occupation of Haiti? Perhaps something is missing. Or maybe, just maybe, Hugo Chavez’s obsessions are truly beginning to get the better of him!

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    28 Responses to The Obsessions of Hugo Chavez on Haiti Defy Logic

    1. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      We know Hugo Chavez's ideology! We know he is a Communist. Yet their are

      so called American such as Danny Glover, Sean Penn, and other left-wing Hollywood types that openly support Chavez. This is "treason" and should be

      reconized as such.

    2. BobPDX says:

      It is simple people.

      Boycot Citgo oil. Every time we fill our tanks with Hugo's gas, we support him and finance his regime.

    3. Zelda Zick, MN says:

      Red Hugo's rants serves two purposes. #1 He is attempting to make the US look like a monster to the rest of South America. #2 Dictators always use some special "group" to rant against and unite their supporters. Hitler used the Jews, Stalin used Hitler, Putin is also blaming everything that is wrong with Russia on the US too. Obumer is attempting to use Wall St., which should tell you alot abot.

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Ray, it’s the USNS Comfort. I did an assignment as an operating room nurse aboard Comfort during Operation Enduring Freedom, March to April, 2003. We spent our time circling off the Kuwaiti coast caring for our seriously injured warriors plus Iraqis both friend and foe. The ship is operated by a civilian crew and hosts Military or Homeland Security healthcare teams and relief workers. As far as Hugo is concerned, consider the source.

    5. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This idiot is just stupid. Yet obama is very fond of the treatment that he has shown toward him. I have decided that they are two of a kind, only one is open about his desires and way of life.

    6. Rory Cooper Rory Cooper says:

      Thanks J.C. for catching that important typo! The USNS Comfort is an amazing vessel served by admirable people. We appreciate your service…

    7. Edward MacIsaac says:

      It was my understanding that Hugo offered to sell Haitians 25 barrels of oil with a 25 cent discount per barrel.

      Eddie 8=)

    8. Joaquin says:

      What is so surprising???? Chavez is a full-blown Marxist.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      And this is the guy our president is trying to impress. Remember Mr. Obama's meeting with Chavez at the U.N.? The hand slapping? The fist bumping? Hugo is our president's buddy, his pal, his amigo.

    10. teebubba says:

      If the US had such a weapon we would use it on his oil field to put him out of business.

    11. Ed-Sugar Land says:

      Hogo Chaves is just another THUG wanting to take over the America's. With obama being the key leader for our great United States it his call to assist Haiti in what ever way we can. We don't need citgo oil and we should start a boycott this MANIAC leader from a country that is about to get ruined by its own leader. It appears that all of our great leaders have passed on. We don't hear about leadership like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and of course our greatest Ronald Reagan. And there a great many others from around the world who are know longer with us. What are we left with–Hugo Chaves, Mahumoud Ahmedinejad and of course Vadimir Putin plus I hold reservation for the leadership of our own Country and all his cronies. I pray they turn out to be partly as good as some of our best.

    12. Grace says:

      Gee do you think Danny Glover and all the other Hollywood lovers of Hugo think this way too? Unreal!

    13. Victor, Katy TX says:

      What people do not seem to understand about Chavez is that all he says is just a smoke screen to distract the Venezuelans (the dumb ones that listen to him), and the rest of the world of the big mess he has gotten the country into. He has destroyed the already weak infrastructure, he has crushed the private enterprise, jailed his opponents, he has dilapidated billions of dollars buying other countries' souls, and of course his main ambition "to be the 21st century Fidel Castro and be in power forever". So, I do not think he is obsessed with "the empire", he is just another lunatic with a checkbook full of dollars and a big mouth. I wished the media would not pay so much attention to what he says, but to what he does.

    14. guayacan, ct says:

      Why are we even talking about Chavez. He is just a clown with nothing to contribute to the world. I feel sorry for my Venezuelan paisanos.

    15. romulus says:

      According to the report, the system being tested by the United States (HAARP, for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is also capable of creating weather anomalies which cause floods, droughts and hurricanes [2].

      According to a previous report, the available data coincides with the one associated with the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan (China) on 12 May 2008, and which was also caused by electromagnetic waves emitted by HAARP.

      One can observe a correlation between seismic activities and the ionosphere, which is a HAARP feature:

      1. Earthquakes identical in depth and linearly on the same fault are caused by induced frequency linear projection.

      2. A coordinated satellite configuration can generate concentrated frequency projections targeting specific points (hippocampus).

      3. A diagram shows that earthquakes considered to be artificial propagate linearly at the same depth.

      Location Date Depth

      Venezuela 8 January 2010 10 km

      Honduras 11 January 2010 10 km

      Haïti 12 January 2010 10 km

      A depth of 10 kms was also observed in the case of other replicas.

      Following the earthquake, the Pentagon announced that the hospital ship USNS Comfort, which was anchored in Baltimore, summoned its crew and sailed to Haiti, despite the fact that several days would elapse before its arrival. Nevertheless, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced that the U.S. armed forces were preparing an urgent response to the catastrophe.

      General Douglas Fraser, Commander-in-Chief of USSOUTHCOM, indicated that Coast Guard and Navy vessels had been dispatched to Haiti, despite their limited cargo of helicopters and material. The super carrier USS Carl Vinson was sent from Virginia with a complete consignment of planes and helicopters. It arrived in Haiti on January 14 in the afternoon, as specified by Fraser who also remarked that additional helicopter groups would be joining the Carl Vinson.

      USAID was already on the spot before the earthquake.

    16. Doc61 says:

      Jeeze, he's off his meds again…..

    17. romulus says:

      I guess you didn't know it could find oil fields and mineral deposits either? Google "oil well under hati" and see what you find, mate!


      there's a starting point for you!

    18. Jack Noble, Miami says:

      I think you need to do your homework on Haiti. Haiti have more than just slim chance of gain or profit, and with nothing for resources other than the pride, dignity, and determination of the Haitian people to move forward in the wake of the unimaginable would the United States and its leaders undertake a military occupation of Haiti. It is a might game, on the old days there was slavery trade, you the new word is migration. instead of bitten the house you pet him to make him come closer to you.

    19. Jorge L. Aponte - La says:

      When will somebody have the "Timbales" to call out this "Payaso" (Clown) – (Maybe President Obama). What is it that he or his staff are afraid of. This guy is a total lunatic who unfortunately has his people fooled. Maybe one of these days they will wake up and notice that this fool that is destroying their country. Hopefully it will be in time, before it's too late. This Chaves is a total Idiot.,…, not to use other adjetives.

    20. WIZARD0104 says:

      lol god what a nut– yeah i suppose the US military has a drill machine that can go to the earths core or maybe MR. CHAVEZ is seeing ninja's at night and needs to get off the drugs—-

    21. Hernan Madrid says:

      Of us who are now naturalized american citizens we have always looked upon the USA as a big brother, a society with compassion and love for the less fortunate. In this case it is Haiti, big brother has earned its name and place in planetary rule and responsibility. Maybe thats why we are there to help or is it simply because nobody else has cared or simply cant. Chavez shut your mouth or go help.

    22. Tim Az says:

      They wear chey t-shirts don't they?

    23. randy sa tx says:

      what so wrong with taking care of your own people? y is everyone so scared if people want to socializes with each other? never so much hate is that what a christian nation is about.

    24. J.Reyes, Miami,Fl says:

      Chavez has single handed ruined a country with so many resources and is taking democracy away from the people. He is selfishly seeking his own gain but his bad leadership will not last long The students will not suffer much longer. Theres a higher power that will see to that. The US needs to stop the spread of socialism and this virus of a President, give back to its people a rich country that can take care of itself and help its neighbors. Step in and help this country because he is a disease that wants to spread. Teddy Roosevelt wouldve found some justified reason and taken this fool out of power.

    25. deepak goa india says:

      my dear ray, you are a lunatic, a devious accomplice of the controlled media in the US, controlled by the baks who get bankrolled by the rotschilds and the rockefellers and go about the world applying the shock doctrine and benefiting of capitalism, doing disaster capitalism…..you guys assasinated che guevara in bolivia, but could not manage to hit castro and now chavez, so to control the oil,drug cartels to keep your control on the economy and society , read read between the lines, people he is a bluffer.

    26. greg says:

      Like most so-called leaders that call themselves "Communists" – Chavez is neither a Communist, Marxist, or other 'ist. He is a Military Dictator. Just like all of the old Soviet leaders, and just about every country that's called itself Communist or Socialist. There has never been a truely "Communist" country in the worlds' history to date. Consolidation of power will always be used at some point to take and keep control of a county's military and eventually, it's people. On the other end of the spectrum is the Conservative approach, which, if left to move too much to the right, will always lead to the consolidation of business, the economy, and eventually the people – in a more Free-Market approach – similar to the way a mob-boss would approach it. IE: think Hitler, Mussolini, GW Bush (joking about little Bush., but not that far off). That is called Fascism. Our country is better off getting nothing done and maintaining an unexceptable level of the status-quo, than to go too far in either direction. Providing state subsidies in Health and other services that make for a better, more productive population is NOT socialism or communism…. It's common sense born out of common decency. The far left and the far right are both full of nut cases – in every country in the world. Enough with political, social, and econimic extremism in ALL it's forms.

    27. danny roberts says:

      Chavez is a fool, hurting buisness in his own country and hurting his own people in his quest for absolute power,hopefully he will not stay in power long enough to destroy the entire country, and destabilize other countrys in the region. when the people have had enough of his radical

      ways, hopefully they will find a way to remove him from power.

    28. Wal Man, Boston says:

      Hugo Chavez sleeps just fine. Creating a "Great Satan" adversary is all part of the dictatorial scheme. He doesn't believe it but wants everybody else to, for sure. Haven't you read "Animal Farm"?

      The United States owes no one an appology or an explaination for the mobilization to aid Haiti. If Chaves didn't like it, he could've sent his own aid.

      But he can't because he doesn't have any to send. His "enemys without" rants and his takeovers of private businesses continue to strangle his country and it's decent into "third world hell-hole" is now a forgone conclusion.

      And his minions have no clue. Their lot in life will be no better for their support of someone who could have done good for his country but chooses not to. and who's only existance right now is to hold onto power. It's a shame, really.

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