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  • Morning Bell: Conservatives Deserve a Voice Toward Real Health Reform

    Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts sent shockwaves across Capitol Hill as voters rejected the idea that the only true course for health reform was to raise taxes, raise spending, raise premiums and put the federal government in charge of yet another unpaid-for entitlement crisis.  Campaigning as the 41st vote against Obamacare and the fiscally-irresponsible policies of the Obama administration, Senator-elect Scott Brown (R-MA) seized on the frustration Americans feel toward the direction Washington is heading.  But saying ‘no’ to Obamacare is only a first step.  It’s also critical that conservatives continue to offer alternative solutions to the health care and entitlement problems that our nation faces.

    Make no mistake; conservatives have been offering solutions to our health care problems throughout 2009.  You wouldn’t think so if you listened to liberal leaders in Congress who continue to label Republicans as the “party of no” and accuse them of offering no alternatives. As Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) incorrectly stated: “The minority has offered no alternatives, just apocalyptic rhetoric.”  Just because liberals like Senator Levin choose to ignore conservative solutions does not confirm they don’t exist.

    The Patients Choice Act of 2009 (H.R. 2520 and S. 1099), offered by Congressmen Paul Ryan (R-WI), Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) would have replaced the existing patchwork system of tax breaks with a universal system of tax credits.  The Improving Health Care for All Americans Act (H.R. 3218), sponsored by Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ), would have allowed Americans with employer-based coverage to keep it and would also have extended tax breaks to Americans choosing to purchase insurance on their own, or provided a voucher for those who don’t pay income taxes. The Empower Patients First Act (H.R. 3400), sponsored by Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), would have reversed current tax inequality by extending tax credits and deductions to all Americans, regardless of whether they receive their insurance from their employer or purchase it individually.

    This is not to say that these are the only alternatives that will work, nor does it imply that we are stuck choosing one or the other. This is to say that conservatives have been offering alternatives throughout this debate, and it is high time both sides of the aisle have a voice in reforming the health care system that affects every single living American. The Heritage Foundation has been a leading voice in the efforts to reform our health care system for decades. There are several principles that conservatives can rally around to achieve meaningful reform that doesn’t break the federal government in the process:

    Tax Equity: Today, if an individual purchases health insurance through their employer, they receive unlimited tax breaks on the value of their insurance. But if you purchase your insurance on your own, you receive no such benefit. This is inequitable and regressive. Ideally, Congress could replace the current tax exclusion with a system of universal tax credits. But at the very least, Congress should provide tax relief for those who purchase coverage on their own, and redirect other health care spending to help low-income individuals and families purchase private health insurance coverage.

    State-Based Reform: Every state is different when it comes to health care challenges. Some states face high rates of uninsured citizens while others face spiraling costs. Instead of a federal one-size-fits-all approach, Congress should embrace federal-state partnerships that preserve diversity in the states. The states could devise their own way to achieve reform, like a mechanism for portability (i.e. take your insurance from job to job). Individuals should also have the freedom to purchase insurance from any trusted source and not be restricted by where they live (i.e. buying insurance across state lines).

    Entitlement Reform: Not only are Medicare and Medicaid increasingly costly, they’re not delivering value to American taxpayers. If health providers could compete directly for the business of seniors and the poor, the cost-curve would truly be bent and private innovation would flourish. Right now, the tsunami of entitlement spending is on an automatic course for disaster, with locked-in spending, and more to come. Long-term costs of entitlement programs must be built into the annual budget process so Congress can no longer ignore the crisis that is continually pushed off on future generations. Americans can no longer blindly pay into an entitlements system that offers little incentives to providers to offer better value to the consumer and the funding taxpayer.

    Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitted that the House does not have the votes to pass the Senate version of Obamacare. Some liberals, including President Obama and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) support pulling out what they consider to be popular provisions in Obamacare and passing those separately. As the President told ABC News: “I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on.” Unfortunately, this is not reform, but another rushed effort to pass bad legislation before the politics get worse for Democrats. Instead of rushing through this bill in a piecemeal fashion, it’s time to start over. Starting over is not a bad thing, nor is it obstructionism. It’s pure common sense. Regardless of anyone’s intentions, Washington liberals cannot spin gold out of Obamacare.

    As Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) said on Tuesday, “there’s going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this … Whenever you have just the furthest-left elements of the [Democratic] party attempting to impose their will on the rest of the country, that’s not going to work too well.” It’s time for all elements in Washington to choose between giving the federal government more control and more spending obligations or to develop solutions that will transfer direct control of health care dollars and personal health care decisions back to individuals and families. Let’s listen to the American public and start the conversation on true bipartisan health care reform where everyone has a voice, including taxpayers and consumers.

    Quick Hits:

    • Yesterday, President Obama proposed liberal bank reforms and announced his intention to fight with the recovering financial sector, and against financial profits.
    • Stocks tumbled yesterday as Wall Street reacted to President Obama’s bank “reform” legislation. The NYSE composite dropped 2.1% and the Dow dropped 2%. All but the S&P 500 are now down for the year.
    • The Wall Street Journal reports that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is privately not supportive of President Obama’s punitive bank taxes. He’s concerned the “reforms” will negatively impact American banks’ global competitiveness and not address the root problems of the financial crisis.
    • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hammered the President’s plans for the financial sector saying Obama will cause massive layoffs, unemployment and suggested Washington lawmakers’ salaries also be put in escrow for a year so Americans could similarly judge their success.
    • According to the Index of Economic Freedom, in the past year, the United States has suffered the largest drop in economic freedom among the world’s twenty largest economies. It’s clear why our economy is failing to generate jobs. For more information, visit www.JobsandFreedom.com.
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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: Conservatives Deserve a Voice Toward Real Health Reform

    1. Sonny Davis says:



    2. Gerald Gier Ballwin says:

      Were is the much needled tort reform and feud elimination?

    3. victoria snowdon says:

      Please stop comparing Medicare and Medicaid as the same. Medicare has been paid for by the seniors all there life and should receive excellent healthcare coverage when they need it most.

      Thank you

    4. Rita Girard, Brooksv says:

      Finally! We need a debate on these issues-as our Founding Fathers designed it to be. We will not accept edicts from our elected official who declare that the 'debate is over'! We really need to reform our system so that people at all level can afford it.

    5. Barbara F Delo says:

      The challenge before us is to come to consensus on a plan that protects the quality of American healthcare, understands the public's fear of losing their employer based plans, address the small percentage of Americans who are not able to have coverage, and maintains the integrity of each human life. This vision must then be well articulated to a wary American public.

      It must never, never 'nickle and dime' on direct patient care.The abitily to have quality healthcare is a higher priority than taking tax dollars for a "bridges to nowhere." America is prosperous enough to keep quality healthcare for its citizens.

      I believe the best answer is a plan that is limited and targeted to specific gaps within the healthcare system. The SCHIP program and Catostrophic Care programs are just such examples.

    6. Pat Reed, Naples Flo says:

      Please don't forget to mention the Independence at Home Act (HR 2560, S. 1131) which is "ripe and ready" to be passed. It has already received unanimous BIPARTISAN support in the Senate Finance and the House Energy and Commerce Commitees. (29 co-sponsors in the House and 11 co-sponsors in the Senate) The Bill addresses the chronically ill (85% of Medicare costs) with cost effective measures used successfully by the VA and non-gov. health care systems. It's a starting point for real health reform….

    7. Murray T.Bass Suisun says:

      Where the Hell are proposals that will address the real culprits in the high cost of medical care. . Tort reform and product favoritism is meds and medical supplies? Should I assume that the conservatives, like the ligerals have a stake in keeping the trial lawyers and special interests wealthy. Please, wont someone address the real problems. Murray Bass

    8. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      The first thing we must realize is that the Dems failed attempt at healthcare reform had nothing to do with reforming our healthcare delivery system and everything to do with their own power and control over the American people. Market-based solutions that encourage people to insure themselves are steps in the right direction. Insurance is a shared-risk pool, and the more people contributing to the pool, the cheaper it is for everyone who participates. We must find ways to encourage (incentivize?) young, healthy people to insure themselves against sudden, unexpected illness or accident, and those slowly developing illnesses that suddenly become 'pre-existing conditions'. This is merely one aspect of that basic conservative principle known as Responsibility for Oneself.

    9. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The 10th Amendment We Must control the federal government Everybody needs to get active in LOCAL politics, and remove power from the feds The are drunk on OUR money, and must be forced into rehab. We have a president who thinks his job is to spend as much money as possible as Quickly as possible, and everybody is encouraging it, hoping to get some. WE must stop, and reverse this It will take drastic actions, that are about 50 years overdue.

    10. Thomas Lynch says:

      The worthy and well-stated suggestions have one glaring omission. Meaningful health care reform must include comprehensive, systemic tort reform. The tort system has become in a very real sense an entitlement that does not provide real compensation for an injured person. Begun as fault-based system designed to compensate fully a party injured through the fault of another it has morphed into a wealth redistribution system that is vastly consumptive the GDP — both in the maintenance of the civil system at the state and federal level and in the voracious waste of man-hours for those participating. Further, there is a general growing distrust of the tort system as a reliable means of reaching a just outcome.

    11. Thomas Lynch, Senato says:

      The well-stated suggestions have a glaring omission. Meaningful health care reform must include comprehensive tort reform as an element of cost reduction within the system. What began in the late 70's and early 80's as a good faith attempt to award compensation through a fault-based system has morphed into a semi-entitlement with the effective result of simply redistributing wealth. Further, the tort system is voraciously consumptive of GDP resources. The civil infrastructure maintained at the local, state and federal level is ridiculously expensive and the non-calculable costs in terms of man hours is staggering. The question of how to accomplish tort reform is for the day when the concept is accepted as part of any meaningful solution to health care.

    12. Ron Derry NH says:

      "I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on." said Barack

      Thanks Barack for letting us know that language is your only skill.

      When you dress up a pig with an outfit for playing rugby, the only thing we can agree on is you don't dress farm animals up for rugby. A pig is for bacon and gets dressed one way and a rugby uniform is for another purpose all together.

      America doesn't play Rugby so your legislation belongs elsewhere and we eat bacon and hate to see pork as part of any legislative menu.

      What we can agree on, is a true leader would allow open debate and allow the full Senate to participate in shaping our country in the way it was intended; full scale adversarial debate. Any TRUE scholar of our constitution would understand his position in all this a lot better if perhaps he paid attention to the people and maybe a little more too, while he was being schooled.

    13. roger hawkins, india says:

      Evan Bayh speaks up now, but heard nary a word from him when Senate was filibuster-proof! what a phoney! Bye-bye Bayh!

    14. LTR, Armonk says:

      Please don't forget about TORT REFORM. I am a physician and getting concerned that this important part of fixing health care costs will be forgotten.

    15. Common Sense Cincinn says:

      If conservatives get back into power—WE CAN'T WASTE TIME PUTTING UP WITH THE STATUS QUO OR APOLOGIZING OR TRYING TO FIND MIDDLE GROUND !!! We need to act swiftly & distinctly to define & repair he many issues that we are facing—-when immigration reform failed–seems we just forgot it, didn't do a da___ thing & went on with business as usual.

      IT STILL IS BROKE ! We desperately need to address immigration, and education, and health INSURANCE, and illegal occupants of our country. How can we debate if ILLEGALS are allowed to get health care, or education, or drivers liscense ??? If they are here illegally, they shouldn't even be allowed to purshase a pack of cigarettes !!! My 15 year old can not buy beer or cigarettes & she is here LEGALLY been here al her life !! Do you ask for an ID of an illegal t verify a purchase ?? Do they still need to be of LEGAL AGE ??? I don't understand. Either you have permission to be here, or you get sent home—PERIOD….. END OF CONVERSATION !!!

    16. E Smith says:

      I liked your former format for your e-newsletter…..this new one you have to scroll down so far…the info feels corwded – and it's not as immediate to see all the topics….just a suggestion as a designer…this format is harder to digest and uncomfortable to read…can you go back to the old one..?

    17. Jean Elder says:

      Please do not forget Tort Reform –

    18. Jean Elder, Ann Arbo says:

      Pease do not forget Tort Reform!

    19. Grace Stanley says:

      It is wonderful that the healthcare bill is in trouble. They need to transfer healthcare back to individual, doctors and businesses. They need to begin all over,and consider each piece separately. That way no foolishness will be inserted.

    20. Fran, St. Louis, MO says:

      1) Our health care system is not broken! It's one of the finest in the world. It does, however, need tweaking.

      2) That tweaking MUST include tort reform — not only because of lost manhours involved in preparing for and bring suit, but because of the outrageoust costs of defensive medicine. Oh…we NEED a CT scan, so, just to protect our b*tts, we'd better do an MRI, too. See what I mean?

    21. Jeff, Rehoboth says:

      So much for focusing like a laser beam on jobs.

    22. Thomas Moore San Dei says:

      Be an American first and a Republican or Democrat second. Use your civil rights to un-elect the deadwood politicians who pay little attention to your wants and needs. The most powerful solution is to register as a nonpartisan (neutral) voter. Nonpartisan voters can request a ballot from any party they choose. Why be limited to only two choices? We need new faces and voices with fresh innovative ideas to stop the spending and correct the stranglehold the two party system has enjoyed for decades.

    23. Brenda Cregor, CA. says:

      Con-SERVE-atives need to be clear about ONE thing.

      This administration's purpose in "reforming" the healthcare system is not about "equal healthcare for all", nor is it about providing affordable healthcare to the poor ( many get it for "free" anyway).

      This is simply another way for the liberal-progressives to obtain power of a large sector of the economy, in order to destroy it and "raise it from the dead" in their own socialistic image.

      Evidence of this is in the COMPLETE LACK of bipartisan discussion and an inclusion of REAL SOLUTIONS in the hundreds of pages of the horrid bills already out in the political biosphere.

      Con-SERVE-atives have sound solutions, but they are TOO logical and capitalist for the Obama-ites to accept.

    24. Paul M., CA says:

      You know, I've read and reread the Constitution and I can't find the enumerated federal power over healthcare anywhere! Could someone help me with this? (no, it's not the "general welfare" clause either. Nice try)

      Seems like there are a lot of "issues" the feds are into that they don't have the Constitutional authority to be involved in.

    25. Prevailer76AZ says:

      I wonder if Obama and his advisors watched with glee as stocks tumbled in reaction to his stated intention to fight against financial profits. His "reform" regulation has brought about nothing but negative results so far.

      After a year of their attempts to tear down the system instituted by our forefathers, we can't help but believe their maladministration is deliberate.

    26. J. Marshall Saye says:

      Regarding the section titled "Entitlement Reform", isn't Medicare already a system under which "health providers could compete directly" for our business? My chosen provider is in competion with other doctors for my business.

      So, what isyou proposed as a private system?

    27. toledofan says:

      I just can’t imagine the Democrats going after the banks and financial institutions and creating an even deeper recession. Wasn’t the real reason for the collapse the Fannie and Freddie debacle, wasn’t that caused by the government or Congress tinkering and forcing the lenders to make loans to folks that couldn’t pay them back? The model that this administration has been following isn’t working, the ideology doesn’t fit the time. The more these guys tinker the worst things will get.

    28. Chip, Colorado Springs says:

      TORT REFORM!!!!

    29. Michael Welch, Atlanta, Georgia says:

      You are exactly right that there are State by State variations that make a one-size-fits-all Federal “solution” an impossible concept. For all the solution elements, strategies and tactics there remains one undeniable fact: There was never an effective debate and concensus that clearly defined “the problem.” Without clear problem definition, any proposed solution is likely founded in personal agendas. Congress should be held accountable for defining problems, prioritizing them and clearly adopting cause and effect solutions to solve the problems.

    30. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Making health care insurance affordable requires government and insurance companies and citizens agreeing on affordability. Presently, this issue is over-

      analyzed and is now in a state of paralysis, which is where it should be. The reason this health care plan is failing is because it is a bogus attempt to be fair.

      Any plan that fines a citizen for not acquiring health care insurance should not be accepted by citizens. If one has to have it explained to them why this is wrong, then one has given up their spirit.

    31. Dave, Woodridge, IL says:

      Great information here Rory. Keep the research coming and the Whitehouse on it’s toes. We can’t allow the majority of voting American’s to be ignored.

    32. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The most important thing here, is to Remove every incumbent from every where We need to refuse the candidates put forward by the machine, and elect our own WE need to make them sign a pledge to serve no more than TWO terms, and to fight for term limits,TWO. only after this is accomplished, can we make headway on everything else, that is used to keep you distracted, so you will not do this, the First thing that must be done We Must break the stranglehold the lawyers have on us, and without removing all incumbents, we cannot. Without removing ALL incumbents, WE cannot do anything. Don't you see this?????

    33. HR Waltner, Duluth, says:

      I agree with Evan Bayh. More Government control is not going to work this time. With the election of soon-to-be Senator, Scott Brown, the independents have spoken. I, myself, left the Republican Party and registered here in Minnesota as an Independent because The Party had forgotten who their boss is – The Voter! I am going to join forces to "Throw The Bums out." Look for a Voters' Revolt in 2010!

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    35. Whicket Williams Kingsbury, Tx says:

      Unless We the people Force the Federal government to reduce itself by about 90% we are doomed to fail 1,9 trillion More? the 10th amendment is our only chance get to your State capital and start Raising Hell.

    36. Ted Stein says:

      Alowing competition across stae lines will not provide the benefit you suggest. Insurance companies will select those states with the best morbidity rates. It is likely that those states will benefit. We must include a mandatory provision, much like auto insurance.

    37. Mary.... WI says:

      Hopefully we can begin getting somewhere with bipartisan participation on many of these issues. But someone better let Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod know too.

      The American people CANNOT become complacent in the future as to what our elected politicans concoct. This is our country and we will always have a say. So, lets get to work!

    38. Lloyd Scallan - New Orleans area says:

      Suggesting Obama and the extream left can change their socialist ideology
      to reflect a more main stream posiition is not only absurd but dangerous.
      These people know full well they must “appear” to be tacking right, but don’t be
      fooled by the same lies, dishonesty, and diversions we have witnessed during this past year. Obama cannot change. He surrounds himself with those of the same ilk that will not allow him to move right, even if he wanted to. Obama and the left is determined to drag this country down into the pit of socialism. It appears we have a “temporary reprieve” for now, but we have all better understand they will be back with a vengeance.

    39. Bill NJ says:

      I got so tired of hearing the GOP was “the party of no” knowing it wasn’t true, and trying to explain to people that Republicans had alternative ideas but because they were in the minority they weren’t being heard.
      Now is the time for the GOP to push for a move to start over and starting talking, in positive terms, about REAL health care reform, and what they offer. Conservatives must move on the offensive with a positive approach, and explain, in clear, understandable language, what their proposals will do and how they work.

      These monstrosities the Left has proposed do nothing to bring down the cost of healthcare. All they do is try to grab control and attack those the left despises, which is anyone besides them that makes money.

      It’s time for some plain old straight talkin’ common sense in Washington.

    40. Ken Jarvis says:

      THAT IS A LIE –
      “Not only are Medicare and Medicaid increasingly costly,
      they’re not delivering value to American taxpayers.”

      I have been on Medicare for 12 years
      and it is the BEST HCare available.

      HF and Cs just CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.


    41. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The dems and obama can not admit they have been wrong and are wrong. I hope this election of Senator Brown will wake up many and the Republicans will began to fight for what is right for this country and people. The dems have put us in dire straights with all the spending. I hope we can come out of it in one piece.

    42. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Bravo Zulu Rory! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Your excellent article summarizes well the overriding concerns of responsible Americans. Yours is a clear message that is a must read for all in congress and Obama’s team.

      PS: For the record, I’m an independent voter and full-time employed Registered Nurse.

    43. Barbara F Delo says:

      I am responding to Pat Reed who spoke of "cost effective measures." This is an oft repeated refrain of both the Democrats and the Republicans. But please be wary of this even as we work to provide for the truly needy. Too often in the current government plans, it is achieved through downgrading of care and establishing economic targets (rationing).

    44. Alan Burnaford says:

      Tort reform, Ins.Cos compete across state lines, no illegal alien ins., pay doctors who take medicare patients a fair fee, connect to inflation and stop cutting it, tax breaks for ins. costs for low income, stop mandating all to get ins.

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    46. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Look! You either support The Constitution of the United States or you don't. "Medical care" is not one of the enumerated powers of Congress. Our medical care is none of the federal government's business! See: http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/con

      This is an issue for the States to handle as permitted by their State Constitutions. Congress should embark upon a course of repealing the federal laws which are outside their legislative authority, and commence transferring those functions to the States for them to handle – preferably, by phasing them out.

      The federal government's legislative powers are very limited. Read Art. I, Sec. 8. RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!

    47. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      It is time for the Republicans to get aggressive. Just because we are currently in the minority doesn't mean we have to sit back and accept being treated like step children. The Obama administration ignored the Republican agenda and concerns because they didn't need the votes. This was prior to Massachusetts. Now the Republicans have the upper hand … if we stick together. The Democrats are now desperate to get something passed on health care. They know that things will only get worse post November.

      Republican's need to go to the public on two front. First a jobs bill based upon Kennedyesque (John, not Ted) across the board tax and gvmt. spending cuts. Then hit the Dems with the 250 page health care reform bill. Book television time and read the bill to the public ….line by line. No deals, no pork, just fixes, period. Then give the Democrats the bill along with the old take it or leave it ultimatum. The argument becomes are Dems serious about jobs and health care or are they only interested in gvmt. control and big spending programs. This is pure T-Bag and it sold in Mass.

      Obama is desperate. Just listen to his administration's lame excuses as to why they lost Massachusetts' senate seat…..a "Kennedy" seat no less. It's either desperation or cluelessness. Either way, advantage conservatives. With a Republican bill on the floor for a vote the Democrats either vote for the bill or risk becoming the party of no. Once the bill is passed Obama can try and take credit but the public will no the truth.

      Do it ……. now. Don't give the SOBs time to regroup. Obama is already working on changing the topic to Wall Street so that he can hang this around conservative necks.

    48. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      What have we learned from the election of Scott Brown to the last two years now, of

      Ted Kennedy's current term? We've learned that the Democrats are Sergeant Schultz

      when it comes to health care. If you're old enough to remember Hogan's Heroes, you'll know who Sergeant Schultz is. If not, there were reruns of it on TVLand back

      in the '90s. Sergeant Schultz was the big,fat, lovable oaf whose one line was always

      the same: "I KNOW NOTHING, I HEAR NOTHING, AND I SEE NOTHING!" It was always good for a laugh. Well, the people of my home state of Massachusetts are the

      ones who are laughing and the Democrats are the ones who are crying in their champaign and cosmos. The Sergeant Schultz form politics didn't work well in Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts, did it? A great way to win an election,


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    50. Walter L. Brown Jr, says:

      Have you guys completely lost your minds? Why not try something Constitutional? This is really simple: Either eliminate the existing Unconstitutional Regulations or Pass an Amendment legalizing Federal Government involvement in Health Care. I'm sorry, but if you are what passes for conservatives, God help us all. Meddling on the Left or the Right is still just unconstitional activity that erodes the rule of law. Tort issues are state issues. If the State Bar can't control their constituents and bankrupt the local healthcare industry, they will have to face their neighbors; good luck with that. Likewise, either pass an Amendment authorizing the Federal Government to run Ponzi-Scheme social programs or shut down Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Unemployment Security and every other illegal (unconstitutional) entitlement. If the States want to pick up the ball on these socialized disasters, more power to them; otherwise good-riddance. Either you are in favor of the Rule of Law, as spelled out plainly in the Constitution or you are in favor of Tyranny. Take what you can get strategies do nothing more than corrupt the participants. Enough half measures, they are too easy to undue; it's time to move forward with courage and oppose anything unconstitiutional.

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    52. Warrenton, Va says:

      I am in my 70's and obama is like a spoiled child, he doesn't get mad he gets even. Constantly looking for someone else to blame for his behavior. The lesson learned by this guy being in charge is that EXPERIENCE is a must. He has apologized for America, he really doesn't respect the military and he has accomplished nothing in one year except heartburn for what he will do next. CKirkland

    53. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Now considering the historically demonstrated and proven fact that when what have become known as "American Conservative principles", which are the founding principles and documents of the United States of America, such as our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, are really, truly, fully, and faithfully adhered to and implemented, it benefits us, the people, and people around the world, every time, better than any other alternative; plus, although the article at hand ("Conservatives Deserve a Voice Toward Health Reform") is riddled with continuing to offer and promote "Liberal (statist) Light vs. Liberal (statist) Heavy" which both lead, at different rates, to statism anyway, which is costing us, the people, our freedoms, resources, and the last best hope of mankind, the United States of America, the article at hand is otherwise passable, as in a grade of D- (D-Minus).

    54. Greg Norton, Boise, says:

      Expanding government involvement in health care by expanding tax deductions is a lame, Progressive solution. The problem (that is, the thing that needs reforming) started when employer-provided health care (insurance, company clinics, etc) was made tax deductible. That mistake led to the problems we have today.

      I don't lose my homeowners' insurance or my auto insurance when I lose my job. Why? Because homeowners' and auto insurance are not tax deductible. If medical insurance were not tax deductible, it would be MY policy, independent of my employment.

      And it would be a lot less expensive and a lot more flexible.

      The solution proposed by the Heritage Foundation is to increase government involvement via the tax code, with all the arbitrariness about deciding which policies do and which do not qualify for tax deductions. Sounds like watered-down Progressivism.

      Conservatism tends to worship and preserve the mistakes of the past, while resisting new mistakes. How about a movement to undo the mistakes of the past, rather than trying to preserve them?

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    56. Bobbie Jay says:

      What's the REAL STORY on pre-existing conditions? I've never been denied!!!! It's a fabrication!

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    59. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Candidate recruitment is critical We want our candidates, not the republican party's candidates. Every patriot needs to get busy NOW!!!! Vet those that are available, and make OUR choice known . LOUDLY, as the big bucks will try to squash us.

    60. Ali says:

      I think president Obama is on the wrong side of the USA's history. He had a very powerful agenda against the Bush's administration and its policies when he was a nominee in the last presidential election course. At the same time most of American people was willing for a fundamental redirection is some parts of the Bush's administration. Obama used this massive wave to offer his agenda for change in Washinton aganist the Bush's administration, whilst the American people was not against the Bush's policies but they were wanting to see a change in the methods not policies.

      Unfortunately president Obama has a miscalculation about what is the meaning of change in the American people's point of view. He incorrectly think that American people want to change the principles, or it may be better to say that he would like to think so whilst he know that the reality is another thing himself.

      Now the USA has its most socialist and only populist president in his history. I think that this year will be the start of turning the American's attitude against him and his party will lose the majority of Congress later.

      This presidential term will have had an important lesson for the next generations of this great country, and that is: Even the great society would make the great mistakes on its choices, but this great society would not make its mistakes for the second.

      In the end I congratulate the great victory of senator Scott Brown to the Heritage Foundation's members and the Republican party. This is one of the greatest victory for Republicans to win the seat of late senator Kennedy after over 40 years in the very Democratic state.

    61. Michael Kirsch, M.D. says:

      Lots of requests here for tort reform. Sorry folks, it's not coming. We couldn't get it through when GOP controlled congress and the WH. Dems and trial lawyers have their hands in each other's pockets. I've been victimized repeatedly by the medical liability system, including twice in the past 6 months. Innocent in every case, but dragged into the system anyway. See http://www.MDWhistleblower.blogspot.com under Legal Quality.

    62. JFBeck says:

      I want to comment to re-enforce the point by Mr. Hawkins. DO NOT let those who now want to talk of "listening to the people" (they are coming out of the wood work now in droves on TV) get a repreive for the 2010 elections. Evan Bayh, Lincoln, Nelson's (NE & FL) Lieberman ect…are the worst hipocrites I have ever heard. Where were these "bold statesman" when they had every chance to be the 41st vote to stop this insane socialists take over of both HC and the country.

      This country has an once in a lifetime opportunity to put "WE THE PEOPLE" back in charge of what's going on in congress. This can be done by voting out every one of those with a voting record on the health care vote, cap n trade, TARP and stimulus/2010 budget bill and the extention of the debt limit. The votes have been cast. There is a record to identify them (all Dems) and to vote them out with.

      All known "ultra-Liberal Progressives" must be sent the door packing in 2010. We will get to their dear leader (Obama) in 2012.

      Never again will any member of congress not listen to the will of the people again if they want to continue in the job they have perpetuated by BS minipulation.

      Every member of the house who voted for these above bills should either be challenged in the primaries so they can be voted out or out right vote in the Republican that has voted the right way.

      If they get the message, any one of them can "reform" themselves and run in the next house election in 2012.

      Scott Brown of MA has the simple message down pat. He will lead the effort. I predict Brown will run and become elected President in 2016.

      Make sense everyone !!!!!

    63. Al Reasin says:

      I have known for some time that the Republicans have offered alternatives, but as I heard today, the Democratic spokespeople keep saying the Republicans are only a party of no. I picket and Stand Up for freedom 4 times a week and the cowards only yell and threaten from vehicles driving by. This week I received a "we know who your family members are and where you live" type of letter. The Left are cowards and almost always refuse to have a civil conversion about issues, inside or outside of congress,

    64. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      The Constitution and Bill of Rights state "Pursuit of " If I am right this means to go after, not sit on you laurels and wait until it's given you. People who have worked hard all their lives are sick and tired of sharing our hard earned money with those who chose not to work but to sit back and collect. I am not including those who have fallen on hard times but the fourth and fifth generations on welfare. I agree with a previous writer, Medicaid and Medicare/Soc. SEc. should not be lumped together, we seniors have paid into these and we were promised a return for our investments, the fact that the gov't. has seen fit to use these monies as general fund is criminal, if an insurance Co. took in funds and mis-used them the co. would be shut down and the CEO would be in Fed. prison. On it's concept Soc. SEc. was suppose to be in a seperate acct, invested in treas. bonds, never used for anything but to pay out benefits, look what has happened since this was set aside as a Loan??.

    65. Drew Page, IL says:

      Before Republicans start salivating over the results in Massachusetts, they would be well advised to remember what happened the Republicans took over the the majority in Congress after 40 years of Democrat control.

      Hillary's push for national health care and Bill's indiscretions with a young girl were enough to disenchant the voters. Newt Gengrich's Contract with America sounded preety good to the voters at that time and Republicans won big. Unfortunately, they took the people's vote as a license to do whatever they wanted and lost power as suddenly as they gained it.

      Republicans — make no mistake, the results in MA were no the result of your brilliant strategies, or of your leadership, or of your proposed policies. The results in MA were due to people from both parties and independents being fed up with unemployment, irresponsible and unbridled government spending, the growing deficit, the breaking of nearly every campaign promise made by Mr. Obama and his mishandling of the terrorist threats facing America.

      The mood of the majority of people is towards common sense. We have an average of 10% unemployment (20% in some areas). Many left with jobs are afraid they might lose theirs. America has listened to Mr. Obama's speeches about how his Stimulus package was going to reduce unemployment to 8%. One year later we see that unemployment has grown to 10%. The Stimulus package cost the taxpayers $750 billion and has failed.

      Republicans better have legislation proposed and ready to submit legislation that will:

      1. reduce taxes on business and individuals,

      2. reduce tax on capital gains and restore confidence in investing,

      3. strengthen the Security and Exchange Commission to prevent a repeat of the Wall Street brokerage of wortthless securities,

      4. create regulations and oversight of the mortgage lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, preventing another financial disaster,

      5. decrease discretionary government spending,

      6. limit the banks and credit card companies from charging interest rates that are more than 4 or 5 times the Prime Rate,

      7. address illegal immigration and

      8. call for military tribunal trials of non-citizen terrorists and enemy combatants.

      Republicans need to understand that the majority of voters in MA were not voting for a Republican, they were voting for someone who said what they wanted to hear, who happened to be a Republican. They were responding to the message Scott Brown was bringing and to his disavowal to what was going on in Washington, not the fact that he was a Republican.

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    68. Lori T. Cramer Swant says:

      Llisten to the American public and start the conversation on true bipartisan health care reform where everyone has a voice, including taxpayers and consumers.

      READ the Constitution of the United States and keep government OUT of our personal affairs, including Health Care. Less government is better government. Medicare has become a shmbles. You cannot fix it. Do not destroy wht little we have left to choose.

    69. Lori T. Cramer Swant says:

      The only way to "fix" anything is to remove Government from every private sector. Each state has the right to control its own health, education,spending laws, etc. Our Constitution does not give Government the right to DICTATE, only govern the will of the people. Those who serve in Government are only there to serve and after their short "service" are to return to normal private sector positions as every other private citizen of these United States with all the rights and privileges of each of its citizens, no more, no less. Government has created a race of Demi-Gods who have put themselves above the people they have been HIRED to serve and have created a safe and secure world they and their families will flourish in for all time after they have left office. They vote themselves raises without the approval of the employers who have put them in office. They have created their own retirement program that their employers were never consulted about or asked to approve. They created themselves a health care program unequalled to any at the expense of their employers with nary a "May I". they created an Internal Revenue Service and given them the right to TAKE everything we own to pay what they feel we should so they can have all of these benefits. They created the "Feds" and given them the right to come into our homes and threaten us and jail us and persecute us…on a premise. this Government has put itself exempt from all of this. they don't pay taxes.. they hold office. They don't pay Social Security…they hold office. They commit crime…they hold office. If this Government see fit to give to me what it gives to itself, I will support it wholeheartedly, otherwise. If not, I consider it an unconstitutional government,uncaring of the American people and not worthy of my support.

    70. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We Must REMOVE the professional Politician I just read every one of these post, and none of the suggestions put forward are possible unless we get rid of these people on both sides.

    71. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I guess the heritage foundation does not work on the week ends defending freedom is a 24/7 job. eternal vigilance is the price of freedom I need a job do you guys need someone to work week-ends so you can go home and pretend all of this is just a bad dream?

    72. Pam French - Grand H says:

      While we may not be able to imagine that our president and the democratic congrress would try to push through a unwanted healthcare bill in current form, we can be assured that this is what they will try to do… It is the way they have done things thus far they have done things…. Also, the way a socialist-communist dicatorship functions…… Pretty scary huh?

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    74. Bart I says:

      "Today, if an individual purchases health insurance through their employer, they receive unlimited tax breaks on the value of their insurance. But if you purchase your insurance on your own, you receive no such benefit. This is inequitable and regressive."

      I fully agree with the above. The trouble is, most proposals for reform use this as a pretext to do something entirely different: give identical treatment to two different kinds of insurance. Employer-sponsored coverage is by law guaranteed issue (with prior creditable coverage) and community-rated.

      Healthy users of work-based coverage don’t see much, if any, net benefit from the favorable tax treatment, at least not as a general rule. The tax break merely reimburses the additional cost of subsidizing less healthy co-workers via group coverage.

      Of course the less-healthy workers benefit twice– from the tax break, and then from the less-than-risk-rated coverage. To extend a comparable subsidy to individually-underwritten purchasers, the tax credit would have to be zero for low-risk purchasers, topped by a near-100% reimbursement for any risk-driven surcharges.

      To simply use the same tax credit structure for group- and individually-rated insurance would put an end to most existing employer-based coverage. Some may like this idea, but many would vehemently oppose it. This puts a rather large political drag on the goal of eliminating discrimination based on employment status.

      Of course a tax credit for individually purchased, community-rated coverage could be similar to that used for employer based coverage. Existing types of coverage that could qualify might be:

      - COBRA

      - HIPAA-mandated continuation coverage

      - Other risk-pool coverage

      - Coverage in states that mandate community rating (of with there are apparently very few purchasers at present)

      These types of coverage could be given tax breaks comparable to employer-sponsored coverage without undercutting the latter.

    75. Mike, Red Hort, NH says:

      "The only way to “fix” anything is to remove Government from every private sector."

      This is absolutely true, but you've only gotten half the problem solved. We also need to remove the private sector special interests from government too! The current sad state of health care is due in no small part, to lobbying that successfully turned the health care profession into a business, and one well protected by the US Government.

    76. Hilary, USA says:

      Health reform to Republicans means deregulating the medical industry so you can't sue your doctor when he butchers your body. Other than that, Republicans are fine with letting Americans go bankrupt and then die. They hate the people of this country. Why do we elect those corporate lackeys to office when they clearly don't "represent" us?

    77. V. Siddhartha, New D says:

      You will find it odd that someone so far away should bother with the US

      health-care system. I think about it because of the two years I very recently spent in New York; and the rows I have had about US health care with close family who are doctors and surgeons in California, who donate some of their med-time to communities in the US and Kenya.

      The US has a system of food stamps. And of social security. Surely it is possible to devise a system of "heath credit card" for all US citizens in which is deposited each year by HEW a certain number of medcare units that accumulate. All billing by all health-care providers, registered with HEW (including private ones) and for prescription drugs, is only in medcare units.

      You can trade in medcare units. You can buy them "at the going rate" And, like car insurance, you get a "no claim bonus" each year, also (and only) in medcare units.

      And, like property, you can Will/transfer accumulated medcare units to others. It is this provision that will enable the healthy young to provide medical care for their aged parents/grandparents, who may have exhausted their account. And an incentive for the latter to have healthy habits; so when they pass on, their chidren and grandchildren benefit from their wise lifestyles. And the magnanimity and generosity of Old Style America can find expression in the donation of unused medcare units to individuals in need, or to hospitals.

      The UK National Health Service finds it cost- and time-effective to arrange for some state-paid treatments and surgeries to be performed in India. The USFDA qualifies Indian pharma companies exporting generic drugs to the US. Likewise, US medcare card holders can seek and obtain care and treatment from any "medcare certified" care provider, anywhere in the world, and pay for it in medcare units with their card.

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