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  • Morning Bell: A Nothing Burger, A Fig Leaf, and a Commission On the Side

    From the President who brought you unaccountable, constitutionally-questionable czars comes the latest innovation in pass-the-buck leadership: a White House executive commission designed to solve the behemoth of a spending problem plaguing the federal government.  Members of Congress have described the commission as a “nothing burger,” a “fig leaf” and “something that is put in place to kind of cover [President Obama’s] rear end.” Colorful critiques aside, it’s an executive commission tasked with making policy recommendations aimed at reducing the country’s projected $1.4 trillion deficit.

    News of the commission follows the Senate’s debate this week on the increase of America’s debt limit by a whopping $1.9 trillion, which would raise Congress’ theoretical credit card limit to $14.3 trillion. That’s a legal necessity if the federal government wants to keep borrowing more money.  The key word is “wants,” since the only return on the borrowed money is out-of-control discretionary spending and an expansive entitlement system with no responsible fiscal future.  Congress must address the entitlements crisis if it wants to honestly address the root cause of our future debt problems.

    Due to rising costs in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, federal spending will cause the debt to grow to 300% of the economy by 2050. In total, the entitlement programs have promised $45 trillion more in benefits than the country can afford to pay.  But hey, we can just raise taxes right? Raising taxes to fund these benefits would require an additional $12,072 per household by 2050 and further thereafter, which would create a tremendous burden on families and future generations. Cutting spending will not be sufficient to pay for the programs, as they will consume the entire federal budget by 2052.

    And if you think today’s economy is bad, you’ll really dislike what the future has in store.  If Congress does not immediately address its long-term debt problem, America will face a fiscal crisis far worse than what we’ve seen in the past two years. Publicly-held debt must not grow faster than the economy if it is to be sustainable; otherwise the demand on capital markets would be so severe that private and foreign lenders would stop buying U.S. securities. Yet the United States is still on an unsustainable course.

    Enter the executive commission. The Wall Street Journal describes its component make-up: “The 18-member commission will include six people appointed by congressional Democrats, six appointed by congressional Republicans and six appointed by the president. Of the president’s six, two will be Republicans and four will be Democrats.”

    This veneer of budget-fixing bipartisanship will no doubt make for a lovely rhetorical flourish at the President’s January 27 State of the Union Address, where it will likely serve as a centerpiece in his argument that he is making serious efforts to tackle out-of-control spending.

    But as The Heritage Foundation’s Stuart Butler explains, the commission would be inherently flawed and ineffective, given that it lacks the accountability and “public consultation” necessary to gain popular support for any reforms it recommends: “The commissioners would be chosen from a pool of potentially lame duck Members of Congress, with a report due after the election and recommendations to be crammed through and voted on by the end of the year in a lame duck session. If this process were actually successful, it would virtually guarantee a back-room “Andrews Air Force Base” deal consisting of immediate and real tax hikes combined with distant and doubtful spending cuts.”

    There’s a deeper truth at work here: a commission to study budget reform is an unnecessary measure designed to keep one’s hands clean while another does the dirty work. In reality, there’s nothing stopping Congress or the President from acting on their own accord and bearing the mantle of responsibility that the public has placed on their shoulders. In short, they have the power – but evidently not the will – to take serious steps to cut spending and reduce the deficit that this year exploded to “26 percent of the economy.”

    They could start with canceling TARP, capping discretionary spending growth (which has increased by 25 percent over the last three years), and returning to federal spending levels of just a decade ago.  These fiscally prudent steps would immediately signal the American public that Congress comprehends the crisis.  At that time, Washington could undertake serious entitlement reform that puts America on a fiscally responsible path forward.  Understanding you have a problem is a good start, but a lame duck commission is not the solution.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the AP, “the number of newly laid-off workers seeking jobless benefits unexpectedly rose last week, as the economy recovers at a slow and uneven pace.”
    • The New York Times attempts to rationalize why so many college professors are liberal by blaming “typecasting” in this morning’s edition, and also blames William F. Buckley and conservatives themselves.
    • 200,000 Haitians could apply for Temporary Protected Status to live and work in the United States, starting Thursday. Their status would allow them to remain the United States for 18 months. They must first prove they were in the United States before January 12, when the earthquake struck Haiti.
    • The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has retracted its earlier 2007 claim that the Himalayan glaciers were likely to disappear by 2035. The IPCC now says there is little scientific evidence to back up their claim.
    • For the first time in the history of the Index for Economic Freedom, the United States is no longer in the top category of economically free countries and is even second in the North American region (behind Canada). This year’s score of 78, though high in global standards, is 2.7 points lower than last year and bumps the United States to a second-tier country of freedom. For more, visit www.JobsAndFreedom.com.
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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: A Nothing Burger, A Fig Leaf, and a Commission On the Side

    1. Harley Spoon says:

      Who brought us "unaccountable czars" in the first place? Did G W Bush have any "unaccountable czars"….I can name them, can you? There were plenty of them. How accountable has Karl Rove been…and he was a "Czar", you know!

      The ignorance of some who write for the Heritage Foundation astounds me.

    2. Harley Spoon says:

      Regarding the deficits and debt, where was this writer's outrage when GWBush was doubling the national debt after he inherited a series of surplus budgets and an ongoing $5 trillion set of surpluses ready made for him? I am sure this writer was gleeful when the Bush neo-cons began the redistribution of America's wealth from the working poor and middle class American (the consumer base) to the plutocrats, oligarchs and corporatists. Of course, when you take the buying power away from the buyer and hand it to the seller–as Bush/Cheney & their Republican congress did–you stomp on the whole premise of capitalism. After all, this Great Recession began in December 2007, not Jan 21, 2009.

    3. toledofan says:

      Gimmicks, slight of hand and more circus tricks won't work. The real problem is that the Democrats can't help themselves and all they know how to do is spend money. The more they spend the more they think they will get votes. The whole philosophy of the party has shifted too far left and they have lost sight of their roots. If the media was doing it's job, the democratic party today would be in worse shape than the republicans were during the last two years of Bushs last term. We can only hope they just keep digging themselves in deeper. Sooner or later Americans will wake up and see them for what they have become.

    4. Ozzy6900 says:

      The only way to stop this future from happening is to stop spending! We do not need another costly commission to tell us what is obvious. Tarp, ObamaCare, Cap & Trade all must be stopped. Pay raises for the Hill have to be stopped. "Handout Programs" must be stopped! Look, if this were happening in your household, you would put a hold on all spending except essentials, you wouldn't hire out a bunch of losers to tell you this!

    5. True Conservative says:

      Expecting politicians to voluntarily cut spending is like asking a crack addict not to smoke the crack already in their pipe. The only thing that will work is to replace all elected officials guilty of excess spending. Their replacements will want to continue but they will know that if the do they will be a one termer. If you don't send that message there will be NO change.

    6. Michael Ashmore, McD says:

      Wasn't it President Reagan who had the Grace Commission? Seems it's a common practice to form a commission, committee, etc. to provide that "rearward cover." I will admit that our current president seems to be most adept at employing the tactic.

    7. Mary.... WI says:

      To this administration and Congress:

      Cancel any thought of another stimulus package, cancel healthcare bill, cancel cap n trade bill, cancel plans to give amnesty to illegals, stop giving SS money to illegals, stop needless trips abroad using taxpayer $$. Stop, Stop, Stop!!

      Begin listening to the majority of American people. Give businesses and the American people tax breaks….TRY to comprehend that this is what will save this great country. Higher taxes for business only ships more US businesses overseas resulting in more Americans without jobs. Let's not give China complete ownership of the USA because of out of control spending by Congress.

      For concerned Americans…………vote this president and congress out of office…..we have a good start.

    8. BeckyB, Bethalto, IL says:

      It would help the situation if congress would put a freeze on their own wages and cut their budgets for their own offices and travel. We might even believe they begin to understand what everyone else is putting up with on a day to day basis.

      Time to change the people in charge!

    9. Charles LaBounty says:

      Mr Harley Spoon,

      So at this rate if our debt is $23 T in 3 years and the next President increases debt to $50 T in another 4 years you are good with that based on your logic -?

      That is if I understand your logic.

      Another way of saying is: Just because obama is running up the debt, don't complain, because George W. did too — is that right?



    10. Floyd Sanderson, Chi says:

      Before I retired, I was an executive in the public sector. I always thought I was the one hired to solve problems along with my staff giving me advice and counsel. It is a clear abdication of responsibility to solve a problem by "forming a committee". Forming a committee is simply avoiding making a decison. This president used this ineffectivie, non-management tool several times. Our President's management skills are absent. Furthermore, his advisors are allowing him to fail. This administration sets a very poor example of how to lead and manage. If I'd handled my job this way, I would have been fired.

    11. Gary Vincent "F says:

      Thanks so much for the "Morning Bell" Great stuff. I'm sorry I can't contribute. After bills, since being laid off, my Social Security check leaves me with $73.00 to last a month. My wife works but barely makes $24,000 a year as a court reporter. I have an 8 and an 11 year old and I'm 65. Yeah, it's a story over a Scotch..

      Your Morning Bell serves us all notice that we must participate now before candidates are nominated by either party.. I have volunteered to be a GOP caucus precinct person. I am attempting to become a delegate for Colorado's GOP.

      We have a candidate Cleve Tidwell here in Colorado (not Jane Norton or Ken Buck a local D.A.) that is not a politician and not a lawyer. He's a businessman and supports H.R. 25 (The Fair Tax Act) which repeals all confiscation of income through income taxation and payroll deductions.

      I hope and pray that all of your subscribers join in this battle by representing their neighborhoods through either the caucus or primary channels afforded them.

      Choose the candidate that best fits your beliefs and fight for that candidate.

      I've personally chosen to vet candidates by these 3 rules.

      1. No lawyers (fox guarding the henhouse.. no thanks)

      2. No one with lobbyist connections. (talk about narrowing the field)

      3. No politicians ( Oh lord the choices are really narrowed now)

      I also pray that any 3rd Party enthusiasts go to icaucus.org and reconsider this 3rd Party option.

      God Bless and Keep up the good work.

      Gary Vincent "Father" O'Malley

    12. Mark Young, Napervi says:

      Ultimately, for this to have any impact, congress will need to listen to any recommendations such a commission formulates. The conclusion that congress would follow such recommendations is illogical because their actions today show that they would not follow such recommendations. The American people should be their "commission", and they are not listening now, are they?

    13. Vidiot, NJ says:

      Excuse me, Mr. President, I think we already have a commission in Washington to handle the nation's economic situation, it's called Congress. If you've maxed out your credit cards,what do you do, ask for a higher limit or stop the freakin' out of control spending? c'mon you're supposed to be the smart one use your head for more than a reflection in the mirror.

    14. Eric, Northern Virgi says:

      Mr. Brownfield,

      What exactly do you mean when you refer to a "back room 'Andrews Air Force Base' deal?"

    15. Bill Brownfield, Bev says:

      I hope Heritage will send this Morning Bell to all of the Republican Reps. and Senators. It would probably be a waste of time and resources to do the same for the Dems.

    16. Prevailer76AZ says:

      The 'Blame Bush' crowd, a choir led by Obama, conveniently forget the result of the mid-term election during GW Bush's last term. If I I remember correctly, that was when we came up with a democrat majority in congress. It was then Nancy Pelosi iterated their intent to make big changes in DC. And the re-invention of the Free Enterprise system our forefathers established began in ernest. It has been down hill ever since.

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Harley Spoon's distortion of the true facts are amazing. The first point, a recession started under Clinton in the late 90's that Bush inherited. The Bush/Cheney policies got us out of Clinton recession and provided an ecomony that drove the stock market to over 14,000. The "Great recession" began when the Democrats again gained control of Congress in

      2006. Since then, the Dems and Obama have not "doubled" but "quadrupled"

      (that's 4 times) the deficate in less than one year. Obama policies has driven

      unemployment to over 10% after he was handed $787 billion to save jobs. Every policy Obama and the Dems have proposed is designed to destory our

      ecomony. It's people such as Harley that are the reason we are in the sitution

      we are in today. OBAMA AND THE DEMS are the problem, not Bush.

    18. JoeBob, LIbertyville says:

      Mr Harley Spoon,

      I agree with Charlie's assessment. I'm also sure the next argument on your part will be that we're all racists. Which is what the so called 'smartest people in the room' resort to when they can't win the argument (any argument).

      OK, so George W. Bush made him do it and I'm a racist. The American People, you know, of 'WE THE PEOPLE' fame have you figured you out. And we don't care what you call us, and THE DEBATE IS NOT OVER,

      'WE THE PEOPLE' have found our voice again AND you and your ilk had better listen very carefully.

    19. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      Floyd in Chico Ca.

      He will be fired in due time. Unless impeachment comes first.

      In the meantime he will continue to destroy as much of our economy as possible without creating civil disorder. But wait, is that why he wants a civilian army to protect us from “dissenters”? In other words he isn’t making mistakes it’s just that the people don’t agree with his plan of action.

    20. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      First of all Medicare and social security are NOT intitlements to MOST people, we paid into these and they were suppose to be funds invested for our future use. If the average business pulled this misuse they would be jailed. Medicare, medicaid, Soc. sec. were not intended to be used by illegals, no benifits should be available for anyone who has not paid into it. Medicaid was designed to be temperary, so was welfare, it has become a way of life for some, there are those who are third and fourth generation welfare/medicaid users. If cost of Soc. SEc. is up, cut out these getting SS illegally, we didn't get a COLA this year and won't next year still our cost go up, gas,food, medicare B&D, no matter where you look things are going up, Congress gave thenselves and their staffs big raises and continue their business as usual deals adding to the national debt. Let's make sure term limits come up after election 2010

    21. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      To understand the Liberal socialists' behavior look at their end-goals for this country.

      Obama has said he stands for "reform" and "change" His slavish followers never ask for clarification of those words, and Obama is still using them in the same way.

      We ARE seeing "change and reform" but not for the better. A huge Ponzi scheme is being created and will COLLAPSE our Country.

      This is their end-goal to bring about "change and reform" which is replacement of our GREAT system of government with an assanine , socialist dictatorship which would control and dole out everything. That too creates a Ponzi government with chaos as the inevitable result.

      The American system must be re-established and the creeping black mold of socialism and socialists MUST be erased.

      We must return to Conservative Federalism in government or the USA will become a footnote in history. People in the future will wonder how stupid could we the people of today have been to have thrown away the best form of government ever instituted. They will look back and see the ignorance,complacency, denial, lack of character and hell-bent hedonism that is present in many of today's citizens who vote emotionally but not rationally.

    22. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Congress is not going to address anything. It has no intelligent, competent and honest leadership and has not had such for years. That is why we are in the current financial mess. All members of Congress care about is their own selfish wants and needs. The welfare of the nation is a distant second. In my opinion it will take a complete 100% Chapter 11 bankruptcy just tp get the attention of Congress and then, also in my opinion, it will bury it's head even deeper in the sand. This will cause a second civil war and honest, decent, intelligent and competent people will take charge and put the country back on the growth recovery track. Once again, it will be 'the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free'.

    23. Harley Spoon says:

      toledofan, Republicans spend money that they borrow–with interest. Democrats loan money that eventually gets paid back-with interest or is invested and stimulates demand. There is a difference. When you look back over history, you will find that Republican "supply side", "borrow and spend" and "corporate welfare" policies are what have built massive American debt, not Democratic programs which, in practical essence, are investments in people–and from which every dollar ripples its way back into the economy (demand) and is taxed many, many times (revenue). That is why everytime Republicans are in power, annual budget deficits set records and national debt grows and grows and grows. Plutocrats, oligarchs and corporatists don't invest their money, they use "other people's money"…small investors. The federal corporate welfare beneficiaries booty does not ripple through the economy nearly as fast or in as much volume as the working poor and middle income earners money does despite the "spin' from the Fox Republican Propaganda Network and their fellow travelers…

      When you take the buying power from the buyer–the vast consumer base–and redistribute it to the seller, you spit on the whole notion of capitalism. When there is weak or no demand, sellers won't produce goods and/or services and, therefore, recessions, deficits and debt growth follow…everytime! The so-called "conservative" (which are not conservative at all; they are reactionaries) are the most powerful enemies of capitalism and they are too lame-brained to realize it. If that shoe fits, wear it!!

    24. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Two words out of your text can subsum the whole problematic:understanding and will.

      Does anyone there understands what all this is about? If it was so, they will have the Will to rightly deal with the problem.

      Hence the necessity to see that WE ARE AT WAR and that the Enemy can use all levels of reality if they can help her succeed in her aim and that is the concept of multidimensionality.

    25. Brenda Cregor, CA. says:

      6 congressional Democrats + 6 congressional Republicans to discuss federal spending = more unsustainable debt.

      Let's get 6 middle income housewives + 6 middle income small business owners into a room together.

      They would have the government's checkbook balanced by dinnertime with the added delight of cost-effective raspberry Jello for every American for dessert!

    26. Jim C. says:


      If the Great Recession began in December 2007, remember the Democratic majority elected to Congress in November 2006.

    27. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I like your plan, Mike Brownfield Please keep up the good work We must get through to these people somehow, and I thing retiring every incumbent up there is a good start.

    28. Edward MacIsaac says:

      The originator of a plethora of totally useless spending is offering a smoke screen to make it appear this "inevitable spending" originated elsewhere.

      The road to prosperity is not paved with government spending and higher taxes.

    29. Ocala,fl says:

      Uh, harley spoon and other braindead lunatic libs please stop listening to NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS and especially the communists at MSNBC, all of whom lie, spin and coverup for the most criminal, constitution-trampling administration ever, brought to you courtesy of HOLLYWOOD and the LAMESTREAM MEDIA! These institutions want marxism/socialism for EVERYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES cause they are the ELITES dontchaknow! Notice how the media no longer REPORTS? They REPEAT OBAMA's and other DEMOCRAT's LIES, distort/withhold the TRUTH and TRASH ANY/EVERY REPUBLICAN PERSONALLY, with a concerted attemt to DESTROY THAT PERSON! Palin anyone? Has the media mentioned ONE WORD about Obama's pal William Ayers who was disappointed that the killing of 3,000,000 Americans did not happen cause they wanted to make an even larger STATEMENT?! And you believe these nutcases have an interest in the PEOPLE?! Where/when did you take leave of your senses? Progressives = COMMUNISTS. End of story.

    30. Ocala,fl says:

      Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Murtha and the rest of these cartoon characters in the DEMORAT PARTY voted YES for every,PAY and PENSION INCREASE and lets not forget every TAX INCREASE on individuals and businesses and lets not forget these are the same criminals who want to tie our hands/bank accounts/kill jobs/destroy industry with cap and trade policies BASED ON LIES????!!!!! Have these clowns suffered at all in this depression which grows worse every day, especially for the MILLIONS of AMERICANS out of work, no job on the horizon, in fact MORE JOB LOSSES BECAUSE OF DEMOCRATS who DEMAND PERSONAL JETS so they do not have to wait in line like the rest of us? Pelosi is a witch and a PRIME EXAMPLE OF LIBERALISM! Look at HER you sick libs and you will see yourselves. Slash govt payroll by 30%, then slash govt jobs by 50%. Or else we will be down there next to the Titanic.

    31. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Harley Spoon – what you fail to see is that we are not of the mindset "The GOP can do no wrong, the Demorats can do no right." We are of the mindset that Congress et al needs to be more reponsible with our money. Those of us who have studied history realize that history does repeat itself and the only hope is to learn from past mistakes made since our inception – not just the "past eight years" as Democrats are so fond of saying. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the isle. We need fisically responsible people who are not going to spend us in to oblivion following the Cloward-Piven doctrine. It is your children and grandchildren that will pay the price for todays spending – not you.

    32. Bob Finkenbiner Omah says:

      I'm not in the know after all. The author talks about an "Andrews Air Force Base” deal but being significantly outside the beltway, I have no ideal what he is referring to. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    33. Mike Mannard, Schaum says:

      There are entirely too many unnecessary and excessive public aid programs. They are bankrupting this country. These people pay little or no taxes yet have their and their kids' lives fully subsidized. Reducing and eliminating certain programs and making many of these people pay their fair share of taxes would help exponentially.

    34. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I can save the president and the country another wasted batch of money and time….when you reach an economic wall ,were the money ceases to flow ….you stop spending to recover.

      When the economic head-wall was hit the government should have had a hiring freeze, a cut back on all non essential services and a reduction in program spending of probably as much as 25% as we in business have been forced to do. No-one in their right mind would add to a financial burden when it was created by bubble induced spending that just burst…….no one but government and the hustlers who make money off the ebb and flow of money movement..

      The hole we have dug, was a bump. even perhaps a manageable 3 year bump….now its a pit with a bottom we can not even fathom and they want a commission put together to do what…stand at the edge of the precipice and peer into the bottom and tell us the hole is mighty big and should probably stop making it bigger????

      Reduce spending on all programs that do not produce cash flow or support the private sector WORK force!!!

      All government spending and cost must be reduce as much if not more than what the private sector is doing just to break even……..we are only on the edge and all the temporary bubble supports they have thrown at it are about to fail. Obama is placing a smoke screen up so he doesn't have to make a leadership decision and that would be to; stop acting like a college preppy with a new car and start acting like a president with a crisis looming.

    35. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      So we have a Progressive electorate that has the mindset that only payments to their constituents will keep them re-elected to do the people's business. Obviously, isn't it to you by now, that these are people without the guise of accountability for their decisions and activities? Balancing the books is not what they have the common sense to do. Getting votes is what drives them. Something is terribly wrong with the voters, when after 100-years of Progressive political changes, we are so near being broke. Let the Federal Government do it! After all, aren't they smarter and better equipped to take care of things than we are?

      It is past due to trim the D C government down to a much smaller size.

    36. Tim Wilkes says:

      The problem is we have lifetime politicians who talk about Wall street and Main street but really have no idea what the people on Main street look like or how they live. We need to start electing regular people who want to serve their nation and go back home after a few terms.

      If you haven't seen your bank account hit 0 or negative then you will not be able to budget when people send you into a government that believes if we don't have the money we can just tax citizen's more or print more money!

    37. jill.hetherington@ma says:

      OBama has no experience in business or as an executive. He was an ACORN lawyer and a professor. All he knows how to do is campaign and the campaign has never stopped. I am relieved that at least the People's Rebulic of Massachusetts is wakingup.

      Everyone gave Sarah Palin so much grief but she could go circles around him in experience and she has honor and integrity to boot. That's what we should have. An integrity test for any person wishing to run for office.

    38. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      With the exception of the Base Closing and Realignment Commission (BRAC), the

      Social Security Commission worked great. Didn't it?

    39. Bob Campbell Wiscons says:

      Actually where is your brains, Obama apparently lacks any. At a time where our country has an extremly high unemployment our guys in Washington are trying to force health care on us. Something we do not want, at least not at the leve proposed. Bush might have made some mistakes but never even thought of distroying our freedom. Does it not worry you that the "party" refused to all members of Congress from Republican states to even have an opinion on the helath care bill, or, that the state of Nebraska has a differnet health care than us, or, that the members of Congress who think the bill is so great are excempt from it. It bothers me. Lets get rid of the trash in Washington, there is a lot there.

    40. Ron Holland, Zurich says:

      Will Washington's Debt Trap Create a Future Retirement Plan Trap?

      The “OBAMA RETIREMENT TRAP” report shows how future Washington revenue needs and the growing treasury debt load may ultimately require government mandates directing trillions of dollars in retirement plans to purchase government bonds. In addition, Washington will likely force trillions of private plan benefits into new proposed “universal” government Guaranteed Retirement Annuities managed by the Social Security System.

      This threat of stealth nationalization and confiscation, how it could happen and 15 strategies to protect your retirement funds are outlined in the 20 page special report, “Are You Ready for the Coming Obama Retirement Trap?”

      Here is a URL link allowing you to read the entire special report.


    41. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Barack, Bella Pelosi, and Reid are the unsustainable mandate, sucking the air out of every economic bubble they muster like vampires, all the while they think their trance has the country engaged.

      Well Massachusetts has put a sustainable mandate into action, it's the stake in the heart to ever economic sucking leach , its called the voting booth.

    42. Katvan, Durham NC says:

      Always strikes me as so strange that a certain handful of the population is keening about keeping everything "sustainable"–EXCEPT THE ECONOMY!!! Are they so incredible narrow-minded ("liberal," meaning"free-thinking" is always the most narrow of the minds…) that they cannot see that, if the economy goes down, so does all else–including their cozy little lives…??????

    43. E.I. LOWREY, DESTIN, says:

      Regarding Health Care Reform. First and most importantly, we need to understand the Health Care is NOT a right of every citizen. No more than owning a house or a car is a right. Congress and the President have long wanted and suceeded in having the public beholden to them with this nanny government idea. An idea that cripples and stifles responsibility of the indiviuals and society. Wake up America and get government off our back and out of our wallet.

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    45. floria china says:

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      thank you for share us

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    46. Peg, Massillon, OH says:

      Every administration has had a commission of one kind or another because every administration needs to cover their rear. We haven't had a government for the people for decades. Reagan was the closest President we have had who believed the the Constitution was the foundation of this country. Americans, as individuals, are last on the list for politicians. Whoever thinks that politicians ever think that "we the people" should have a voice, is delusional. Commissions are ineffective simply because their recommendations are not mandatory. Neither the President nor the Congress are bound to act on commision recommendations. Commissions made up of politicians have no value at all.

      Everyone seems to have a side to blame here, but the truth is, the voters are to blame. We keep voting for the same people. We do not educate ourselves about candidates, we just vote R or D. The time has come to stop doing that. Only by making educated choices, will we stop getting congressmen like Barney Franks, Chris Dodds, Barbara Boxers, Lindsay Graham, George Voinovich and even John McCain. They are all the same. They are all for spending money for social programs that take money from the rich and give to the poor. Until we stop giving these people the power, the poor will keep getting a free ride. The rich will find a way to stay rich.

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