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  • What Now on ObamaCare?

    Martha Coakley and President Barack Obama

    The White House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have been in secret negotiations on ObamaCare for a few weeks now, yet the election yesterday in Massachusetts of Senator-elect Scott Brown has sent a thunderbolt from Boston to Washington that may push ObamaCare into the critical list.

    Senator Obama carried Massachusetts with 62% to 36% on his march to 365 electoral votes and an electoral mandate in 2008. Yesterday, that same state broke 52% to 47% for Republican State Senator Brown over Democrat Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. This election was, in part, a referendum on the President’s health care reform proposal, and it did not win that referendum.

    The fact that this state has not had a Republican elected to the Senate since Senator Ed Brooke in 1972 and that seat has not been held by a Republican since Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. in 1952 is evidence that, even in a left leaning state like Massachusetts, the American people are angry and dissatisfied with Washington’s direction on health care reform. An NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll released has only 33% agreeing with the statement that “Obama’s health care plan” is a good idea and 46% opposed. Rasmussen conducted polls in Massachusetts that indicated that a key to the Brown victory is that 41% strongly oppose ObamaCare and a mere 25% strongly favor it. Even the people in left leaning Massachusetts dislike ObamaCare and they voted for a candidate who pledged to filibuster the bill if it comes back to the Senate

    Many on the left will read into this shocking victory a message from the people to elites in Washington, D.C. that they should stop all actions on ObamaCare and start over. Some others may want to forge forward and pass ObamaCare by any means necessary because they believe they need a victory and want to cash in all the political capital expended during this debate. The President and Congress are facing a fork in the road and they know there will be electoral ramifications if they choose wrong.

    Liberal leaders on Capitol Hill now have 3 options with regard to ObamaCare:

    1. Scrap It – The most obvious option is for the Senate not to take any action on the House version of ObamaCare and the House to do the same with the Senate version of health care reform. Starting over on health care reform would consist of taking smaller bites of ObamaCare and working with Republicans to pass elements that have bipartisan support.

    2. Pass It ASAP (also known as the Thelma and Louise Strategy) – The most dangerous option for liberals is to forge ahead with ObamaCare and attempt a strong-arm strategy to get it passed within the next few weeks. It is possible for the House to take up the Senate bill in an attempt to pass something this year. The House would need a simple majority and the bill would go to the President’s desk. Reconciliation could be used as a means to get a technical corrections measure to the Senate requiring only a simple majority to pass. This would effectively be the Congress doubling down on ObamaCare and ignoring the will of the American people.

    3. Lame Duck Strategy – Wait until the 2010 elections are over and jam everything into a reconciliation bill. There may be so many members who have lost their jobs, they may be willing to pass something during the post election time when they have already lost their jobs.

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    21 Responses to What Now on ObamaCare?

    1. Joaquin says:

      One would think that the Lefties in Washington would hear and understand the 'noise' coming from the people. However, these fanatics will let nothing stop their agenda of National Health Care.

      Election in Massachusetts? What election?

    2. JIM says:



    3. Bob, Dallas, TX says:

      The Progressives are akin to wounded rats – they are most dangerous when cornered. These anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists only seek to damage and destroy the fabric of American society. Their hubris knows no bounds. They have no shame. This cabal and their leader, Obama, have never recovered from their deep love-affair with Marx, Engels, and Saint Franklin of Roosevelt. They will do whatever they can to impose their elitist "superiority" on we the people. They will remain dangerous until we vote all of the incumbents of both parties from office for several election cycles.

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    5. Sapient says:

      Just as I have not a single reason to believe that a scorpion will not sting the frog, even at the sacrifice of its own life…neither do I have reason to expect sanity from these people. They are what they are…and they are not us.

      "We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in." – Thomas Paine

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    7. George, Pennsylvania says:

      We can't stop until all the left-wing socialist Liberals in Washington are sent home. No more big spending bills, tax increases or phony HealthCare Bills, etc. We need to return to the Constitution and value system that has made America the greatest nation on earth. No more Government intervention into the lives of our citizens regarding free speech, Sanctity of Marriage, Abortion, the 2nd Amendment, etcetra.

    8. John Hill says:

      Now that Massachusetts has lead the way, it's not time to "get even" it's time to get it right !

    9. James Parris, Roswel says:

      The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.–Thomas Jefferson

      John Hill's comment on 1-20-2010 was exact. "Its not time to get even, its time to get it right! The win in Mass. was great. Let's keep moving forward by cleaning out the House and Senate, replacing them with "first timers" who are determined to uphold the Constitution.

    10. Terry Oliver,Bigfork says:

      there is a God

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    13. mac says:

      The "gang" of three, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are truly Dangerous and Dumb. The cannot see that the majority of the nation has no use for their health care scam, they would grab up a dead skunk and declare it to be "healthcare reform".

      They are evidence plain to see that our Government has ceased to work for us but is working against us.

    14. Wayne Taylor. Greene says:

      It would seem to me that our leaders would be much better off to tackle the health care problem a piece at a time instead of trying to shove down our throats a one fits all plan that is bound to be a failure and will most certainly alienate them with the citizens of this country. The greatness and somewhat level headed progress of this country to date is I believe a result of open debate by our leaders.

    15. Tammy, Mitchell SD says:

      I believe they will try to pass the Senate bill with no changes in the House. They won't care what they have to promise to get the House on board, even if they know the promises will be impossible to keep. Pelosi has already demonstrated that she has the power to strong arm votes. She doesn't care how many Representatives she throws under the bus as long as she can go down in the history books with President Obama. They don't mind sacrificing some of their own for the cause. They see it as the price of war and that is exactly what they have declared on the common man in this country. They are deaf to those of us who oppose the massive spending going on and they could not care less that they are ruining our children and grandchildrens chance to have what we ourselves have enjoyed. I feel like I should apologize to anyone under the age of 30 that we have allowed this to happen in America.

    16. D.T. Radmilovich, CL says:

      It is time for Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al to go see their Proctologist (yes, Proctologist) and get their head(s) screwed back on straight! Their "let them eat cake" attitude has no place in America.

    17. Judith Santopietro says:

      Can I have your permission to post some of your articles on my website http://www.kingstonteaparty.com?

    18. Jim Champ, Lexington says:

      Reflecting on Obama's first year.

      The stimulus didn't cure the country's economic woes. It helped prop-up Obese State & Local Governments, which like Washington D.C. these days are striving to increase their scope & control over their populous. It allowed these Government entities to avoid trimming their fat/obese nana-government programs. It helped shore-up relationships with the special interest liberal organizations. This effort has gained us one thing; increasing our national debt by upwards of a $ Trillion Dollars.

      Obama & his Liberal coconspirators have nationalized car companies, Fanny May & Freddie Mac (who were one of the primary culprits, {along with the banking Queen "Barney Frank"}) in facilitating the housing mortgage crises legislating rules that allowed loans to customers who couldn't afford those loans.

      Then there's Iran: Iran's on pace to create enough nuclear material to build a bomb ever 9 mounts. Presently its estimated that they have enough processed nuclear material to support 1.5 to 2.5 nuclear devices. Every 9 mounts bring the capability for adding another bomb . By adding more centrifuges they can quicken this pace, as they have done in the recent past. How's Obama's negotiations working for you on this subject. Iran just keeps stringing the United Nations & the U.S.A. along, with NO PROGRESS WHAT SO EVER. Because of the weak Obama Administration, Iran is going to end up with Nuclear Capabilities, with plenty to spare for all their Terrorist buddies. What's that world going to be like to live in? Case in point, negotiating form weakness, versus negotiating from strength. Do you remember the Jimmy Carter years? In the 1970's our Embassy was taken over by the Iran Militant Students of the Islamic Revolution (Army of God) during the Carter Administration. Jimmy Carter's weak Liberal management of that situation kept those hostages in shackles & blindfolded, (some lost their lives) until the last day of the Carter Administration. On the very day that Ronald Reagan was elected, Iran's Ayatollah Humani released all the captive Embassy Employees. Why you may ask. Because Iran & it's controlling Mullah's knew that Ronald Reagan wouldn't hesitate in bring justice to that situation. The same applies here with Iran's pursuit for Nuclear weapons.

      As the Left shrinks back into their makeup & sheep's clothing (trying to hide who they really are & what they want) after the un-believable win of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Congressional race; we should never forget the true face of the Liberal Left (Obama, Pelosi, Reed & all their willing coconspirators in Congress). They've shown us who they are & what they want. They want maximum power; they want to dissolve & deny, your liberties/basic rights.

      They would have forced a national healthcare system on the tax payers that they didn't want, nor could have afforded. They were ready to force these changes down the taxpayers throat. They were willing to assault the elderly by drastically cutting Medicare benefits.

      On their near term agenda is Cap & Trade. A Liberal scam to increase the TAX burden on this country, & line the pockets of Al Gore & his cronies. Cap & Trade would give Liberals more power & influence over our economy. I'm all for good environmental practices. Global warming is a natural pheromone which this earth has experienced multiple time over the conception of the earth. None of these cycle has be caused by manmade stimulants. There is no evidence that our good green earth is experiencing man-generated global warming. It's a farce.

      Also on their near term agenda is Amnesty for Illegal aliens. The strategy here is to increase their voter base & influence. Liberals are betting that Illegal aliens would vote for Socialism; its assumed that illegal aliens would vote to increase their standard of life through Socialistic policies.

      There will be many other Liberal ploys to come in the future. Liberalism is funded heavily by George Soros (if you're not familiar with Mr. Soros; check him out on Wikipedia) & other power hungry beast, who want to take America's freedoms & lay them asunder. Liberals are Social Engineers who don't think you're smart enough to make what they consider the correct decisions; that they'd make for you, if they had the power.

      Be vigilant & wary. It looks like we've pushed back this latest assault. We have to band together & protect the wrights & privileges that our forefathers fought for at home & on foreign soil. Complacency is the thief that will steal away, your/your children's, liberties.

      Educate your selves & participate in the democratic process. Then Vote your convictions.

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    20. Tom Mize says:

      I believe that Mr. Obama hears the American public and knows that we do not want nor intend to tolerate his leftist agenda. However, even knowing this he is bulling forward with that agenda. Obama does not appear to be concerned with re-election. This concept terrifies me. He has never indicated that he is willing to give up the POWER of the office — only the process whereby he secures it. There is no emergency nor crisis so demanding that he can be allowed to maintain the office under martial law nor any other pretext at the expiration of his term of office. The only hope for America is to hang on until we can can remove Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Emanuel, Axlerod, and all of their anti-American group out of power as they appear to have no interest in what "WE THE PEOPLE" want.

    21. Ken Vandre Sr Fort W says:

      We hear so much regarding the financial aspects of the bill. What about the earmarks, amendments, footnotes, etc.? Herein lays the enslavement of the American people. These should be made public; a top priority talking point. It's a mystery to us why such trickery is allowed. Will the November elections be to late? It's much easier to stop it now than after it is signed into law. Does bipartisonship translate into "Republicans cave again?" Republicans beware, traps are being set!

      K P Vandre Sr

      Fort Wayne, Indiana

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