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  • Obamacare - The Raw and Undeniable Facts

    Health Care Costs

    Each time a new study or report sheds light on the Obamacare’s true effects on Americans’ health care, the left fights back with tiresome accusations that the source is disreputable, partisan or “sides” with the insurance companies, ad nauseum.

    How many professional experts are going to have to find fault with the House and Senate health bills before the Left and their allies in Congress stop repeating the age-old adage: “Everyone else is crazy, I alone am sane”? The terrible truth, of course, is that these reports are right.

    In study after study, a few things about Obamacare stand out. Both the House and Senate bills will impose new taxes to pay for health care reform, many of which will affect low and middle income Americans, not just the rich. Both bills expand coverage by adding millions of Americans to Medicaid, one of the lowest-quality government health programs. Despite the President’s promise that “if you like it, you can keep it,” millions of Americans will lose the private insurance they currently have. And, no matter how you slice it, neither bill will “bend the cost curve” in health care spending; to the contrary, both bills increase national health expenditures above official projections under current law. It’s no surprise, then, that the majority of Americans oppose the big Congressional health bills , with 57% of Americans believing Obamacare will cause health care costs to go up, and 52% expecting the quality of care to decrease as well.

    Though each study uses different methodology and looks at slightly different things, here are three different independent reports to show that Americans’ expectations for the future under Obamacare are correct. The Department of Health And Human Services’ own Office of the Actuary for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Lewin Group, and the RAND Corporation’s study.

    In the following table (a full version, including footnotes and sources, can be found here), we put these estimates side-by-side so ordinary Americans can judge for themselves who is and who is not telling the truth about the legislation.

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    14 Responses to Obamacare - The Raw and Undeniable Facts

    1. Name Withheld, DC says:

      The following is a response from Senator Mark Warner in VA after I sent messages to several senators about the current healthcare catastrophe, blistering them for this pile of vomit they have passed in the Senate. This is extremely disturbing in showing some of the propaganda these elected officials are excreting. I believe two of the last three paragraphs are of interest as he tries to claim with a straight face that this legislation will actually help to provide financial stability that would otherwise not exist if it weren't passed, and also directs us to some "nonpartisan" sources which can allegedly "clear up" the "myths" about the healthcare debate. I think it is worth examining the supposed "nonpartisan" sources these senators are citing, and the manner in which they are analyzing and presenting this information, in attempting to ram this legislation down the throats of the majority who stand deeply against it. This is some of the worst propaganda I have seen.

      "Thank you for contacting me about reforming our nation's health care system. I appreciate hearing from you on such an important issue. Over the past few months, I have traveled around Virginia to hear from people all over the Commonwealth on the issue of health care. Since June, my office has been contacted over 200,000 times by constituents on both sides of the debate. Hearing from constituents is a vital part of my job as a United States Senator and I hope you will continue to share your opinions with me.

      "This week the Senate voted on the manager's package of amendments, the final piece to the health care reform bill. I voted in favor of this amendment because I believe it made meaningful improvements to the underlying health care bill. There will be additional votes on the bill this week. While not perfect, I believe this legislation will lower insurance premium costs for the majority of families and businesses. It will reduce the deficit by more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars over the next 20 years, and it will add at least nine years to the life of the Medicare Trust Fund. I believe the Senate health care bill is a strong start, but it will require that we stay focused on reducing costs as we begin to transition away from a health care delivery system that is based on volume and towards a system that rewards quality.

      "Throughout the debate I have worked with my colleagues to make improvements to the bill. Recently I joined twelve of my freshmen colleagues to introduce a package of amendments that would broaden efforts to encourage innovation and lower costs for consumers across the health care system. Our proposal strengthens the current bill in three significant ways: it establishes public-private arrangements to better synchronize changes across medicine, with an eye towards preventing cost-shifting to others; it eliminates red tape and fraud, which drives up costs; and it compels Medicare to become a leader in overall health reform by speeding the move toward a higher-value, lower-cost model for the future. I was pleased that the Senate voted this week to include these important cost containment provisions in the final version of the bill. Attached is a more detailed summary of the package.

      "As the debate in Congress continues, it is of utmost importance to recognize that our current health care system is financially unsustainable. While many are concerned about our federal deficit, most do not realize that the primary cause of our deficit is the increasing per-person costs of Medicare and Medicaid; by 2017, Medicare will be insolvent. Additionally, American business is weakened by the current costs of health care. Per capita health care costs in the United States are double that of virtually every other developed nation in the world, leaving American business at a disadvantage and unable to compete in a global economy. American families also suffer from the rising costs of health care: within the next decade, premiums will consume 40 percent of an average American family's income. To do nothing about the current state of our health care system would mean exploding our national debt, hobbling American business and crippling family budgets.

      "I encourage you to visit my website, http://www.warner.senate.gov/healthcare, for additional information. I have posted the complete text of the bill, the text of the manager's amendment, and the CBO cost estimate. Unfortunately the health care debate has resulted in a lot of myths and misinformation about the various bills being considered. Nonpartisan websites such as http://www.factcheck.org or http://www.politifact.org can be helpful in explaining specific provisions and clearing up confusion about this complex issue.

      "Thanks again for contacting me. As we move forward, I will continue to seek out the advice and opinions of all Virginians in order to help shape an improved health care system that will be in all of our best interests."



      United States Senator

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    3. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The truth makes no difference to Obama or his Democrat, socialist ilk! His plan is to destroy this country and our ecomony. That's It. Studies and reports mean nothing to the left. They will continue to deny the truth. They are hell-bent on

      their ideology. An attempt to reason with these people and present proof is a waste of time and does nothing but delay what must be done to take our nation back.

    4. Les Stewart, South C says:

      I received basically the same letter from Rep John Spratt in response to my email letting him know exactly how I felt about his vote on the house version of Obamacare. I guess the democrats have used the time since Christmas eve to distribute the official talking points that they will use on their constituents. I'm hoping that Scott Brown's victory will open their eyes to the fact that the American public is sick of the BS going on in Washington DC. If they continue to try and force this so called healthcare reform onto the country everybody will have to wear name tags when Congress reconvenes in January 2011!

    5. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Obama Care equates to a Free Concert. The cost to part is enormous. The dinks are very expensive. There is no room for anyone to sit. Wherever you are is too far to see anything. The same holds true for the hearing. Leaving is a nightmare to be compared to Lemmings coming to a clift. And most probaly, your fuel tank will be close to Empty by the time you leave the parking lot.

      You would have been better off buying the DVD or CD. You would be better off buying a Homopathy book, herbal treatments, and survival remedies.

      A lot less hassle, and a lot less money~!

    6. Drew Page, IL says:

      I can almost guarantee that Mr. Obama will conceed that the results of the election of Scott Brown to the MA Senate seat was a reaction of angry Americans — to the failed policies of the Bush administration. It would be absurd to say that the voters of Massechusetts were so angry at the policies of George Bush and his Republican administration that they decided to vote in a Republican, but Ill bet he does it.

      If he says this, and I am quite sure he will, it will be a clear signal that he still has not gotten the message.

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    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Today I heard BHO STATE THAT the problems we have today were the esult of the LAST 8YEARS, hasn't he been in charge for the last year?? On Sen. Warners letter, I got the same letter after fax to him with my disproval of the actions and reminding him that us (Sr, Ciitzens) vote and that we can be very vocal as well. Sen. warner is a millionaire and way out of touch with his constituents, he was a a Gov. as well. The majority of Virginians are middle income and over half of these are Sr. Citizens. From what I am hearing today on the news is the same old rhetoric, "It's Bush"s fault". Dems have controlled Congress for over five years, they are determined to make us their slaves, lets get on with the business at hand, clean house 2010,Nov. then limit terms, our founding fathers never intended the seats in Congress to be a lifetime profession, lets cut the waste in Gov't and let us do what Obama promissed to do, look long and lean at all spending by federal gov't, CUT OUT PORK, eliminate duplicate jobs, revue performance on ALL employees, FIRE ALL CSARS, they are not part of the cabinet, if BHO cannot think without them he needs to resign, better lets have ALL his records open, from his TRUE birth cert. all school record, everything, then IMPEACH HIM.

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    10. Donna Cosmato says:

      I also received one of Mark Warner's propaganda statements. It is bad enough when Congress does not bother to read the bills they are passing into law, but worse when they use party talking points in an effort to placate constituents. I have inundated Senators Warner and Webb with emails, handwritten letters, and phone calls to no avail. They are not interested in what this one little gray-haired granny has to say.

      Too bad for them – my money, my time, and my 20+years of business experience is dedicated to working to put Michael McPadden in Congress. After he is elected, my support will go to the next-up candidate whose values and principles mirror those of myself and the original founding fathers. This process will continue until all these corrupt, arrogant elitists are replaced.

      I am proud to be a Tea Party member and a Ranger for HuckPAC. I cannot force these congressmen to pay attention to me or my words or vote in-line with my beliefs as an American, but I can control my response — booting them from office.


      Donna Cosmato

    11. Richlee Nevada says:

      Did you know -

      House Republicans brought three versions of constitutional amendments for term limits to the floor in 1995 and each failed to win the two-thirds majority needed to pass. If they had passed both the House & Senate it would have gone to the states to vote on – if passed by 38 states it would amend the Constitution – to allow 12 years for Senators & Representatives.

      In 2009 – 1/2009 – H.J.RES.14 House Bill was introduced in the House by Republican Rep. Todd Russel Platts (PA)

      Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to limit the number of consecutive terms that a Member of Congress may serve.

      Republican Senator Dave Vitter (LA) submitted a similar bill in the Senate – S.J.RES.1.

      The Bills have been HeldUp in Democrat Sub-Committees and will probably never be voted on.

      1/6/2009 – H.J.RES.1 introduced by Rep Bob Goodlatte (Va) – Proposing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.and Corresponding Senate Bill S.J.RES.27 introduced by Sen Jim DeMint 2/4/10 – Still in Sub-Committees 2/21/10.

      The Progressive/Liberals will block any attempt to curtail their activities and plans for becoming a European Socialist Workers Paradise – Like in Europe – NOT.

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