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  • Things to Remember While Helping Haiti

    Today, the United States began surveying the damage inflicted by a devastating earthquake in Haiti this week. In addition to providing immediate humanitarian assistance, the U.S. response to the tragic earthquake should address long-held concerns over the fragile political environment that exists in the region.

    The U.S. government response should be bold and decisive. It must mobilize U.S. civilian and military capabilities for short-term rescue and relief and long-term recovery and reform. President Obama should tap high-level, bipartisan leadership. Clearly former President Clinton, who was already named as the U.N. envoy on Haiti, is a logical choice. President Obama should also reach out to a senior Republican figure, perhaps former President George W. Bush, to lead the bipartisan effort for the Republicans.

    While on the ground in Haiti, the U.S. military can also interrupt the nightly flights of cocaine to Haiti and the Dominican Republic from the Venezuelan coast and counter the ongoing efforts of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to destabilize the island of Hispaniola. This U.S. military presence, which should also include a large contingent of U.S. Coast Guard assets, can also prevent any large-scale movement by Haitians to take to the sea in dangerous and rickety watercraft to try to enter the U.S. illegally.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. must be prepared to insist that the Haiti government work closely with the U.S. to insure that corruption does not infect the humanitarian assistance flowing to Haiti. Long-term reforms for Haitian democracy and its economy are also badly overdue. Congress should immediately begin work on a package of assistance, trade, and reconstruction efforts needed to put Haiti on its feet and open the way for deep and lasting democratic reforms.

    The U.S. should implement a strong and vigorous public diplomacy effort to counter the negative propaganda certain to emanate from the Castro-Chavez camp. Such an effort will also demonstrate that the U.S.’s involvement in the Caribbean remains a powerful force for good in the Americas and around the globe.

    To assist Red Cross Relief Efforts, go to www.redcross.org

    (Post updated on 1/13/10 at 5:08 pm)

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    136 Responses to Things to Remember While Helping Haiti

    1. Joshua, San Diego says:

      This article is truly atrocious. The fact the the writer is thinking primarily in terms of "how to advance the empire" instead of "how to help the Haitians" is really worrisome.

      How about this: we give them their democratically elected president back, and stop working so hard (thinking, in the writer's case-or scheming) to take advantage of the people who live there.

      bad article…bad writer…horrendous underlying values suggested…this is not what the US should "be about," especially in the 21st Century. Yikes!

    2. Jim Kielkopf says:

      Wow. Your prescription is amazing. There is no better word for the paranoid fantasy you have posted here.

    3. Chris, Brooklyn says:

      I know politics are dirty, but I don't think the US should be so opportunistic and use this tragic event to try to take over in Haiti. George Bush is not going to help anything by the way. People were cheering (including Republicans) when George W. Bush left office (and it wasn't because Barack Obama was stepping in).

    4. Michael says:

      Are you kidding? Haiti is already in bad enough shape, they don't need a repeat of the bang up job Bush did for Hurricane Katrina. Your idea is sound, but Bush? No way.

    5. N. C. says:

      I'm glad someone on the right is acknowledging George W. Bush still exists. You'd think he fell down a well in February 2009 and had been all but forgotten.

    6. Mark B - Saint Paul says:

      Did you leave the "H." out of George H. W. Bush's name in the second paragraph. You certainly can't be serious about President Obama asking George W. Bush to go to Haiti. With George W. Bush's feeble reaction to Katrina and the subsequent debacle surrounding Michael Brown, a former horse judge, and the FEMA response, I know it MUST be a typo.

      If it is not a typo…George W. Bush? To Haiti? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

    7. Seid, The Netherland says:

      "The U.S. should implement a strong and vigorous public diplomacy effort to counter the negative propaganda certain to emanate from the Castro-Chavez camp. Such an effort will also demonstrate that the U.S.’s involvement in the Caribbean remains a powerful force for good in the Americas and around the globe."

      I see the interests of the corporations comes first. Who cares what the Haitians themselves would want their future to be like. Let's make sure the large multinational corporations can benefit from the 'democracy' imposed on the Haitians!

    8. Jason, California says:

      Lets just be good neighbors and keep the corporatist agenda and strings out of giving help. For once.

    9. Chris, Oklahoma says:

      It is articles like this that lead so many in the world to distrust the US and fear our intentions. What is described is essentially an invasion and occupation of Haiti disguised as an assistance effort. US control of Haiti's airspace and coastline. De facto control of all assistance flowing into the country (including that from other countries) . A "strong and vigorous public diplomacy effort" (aka propaganda). To top it off the writer suggests the "leadership" involvement of a former president whose dismal approval rating in the US was secondary only to the near universal distrust that he sparked around the globe.

      Imagine a foreign power had attempted to do the same in New Orleans. How would this blog read then?

      What Haiti needs is immediate assistance to deal with the immediate aftermath; food, shelter, medical assistance, cleanup, etc. Then, they need (non-imperial) assistance to aid in rebuilding a sound infrastructure. Assistance in rebuilding a stable economy would be desirable as well.

    10. Bill, Florida says:

      Now that we've heard from the socialist left let's see if any sensible comments are forth coming. A perfect example of the 'hate America' syndrome thus far…

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    12. Chris, Oklahoma says:

      Bill, I am very much in the center, not the left. I do not "hate America". I love it very much. It is just that I don't see it as right to force our military down the throat of every single country in order to make those countries what we want them to be.

    13. J, Washington, DC says:

      The last thing Haiti needs is more tampering to its political system from nations that know what's best for it. This country has been punished by sanctions, political tampering and isolation from western nations since the enslaved populations revolted for decades. Sadly the first free Africans in this hemisphere certainly were not going to walk away without western consequences. I would encourage the author of this article to reconsider their position.

      What's wrong with helping people were we can and then staying the heck out of their business!?

    14. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Rubbish! There is no constitutional authority for the federal government to give humanitarian aid to Haiti or to any other country. Furthermore, such aid has often backfired because it ended up in the hands of corrupt government officials. The powers of each of the 3 branches of the federal government are enumerated. See, e.g., http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/con
      Nowhere in the Constitution is any branch of the federal government authorized to expend taxpayers' money for any kind of charity or humanitarian assistance.

      Such aid is always the function of private churches, charities, and persons. Give all you want of your OWN funds to such charities. But not one dime of taxpayers' money. There is nothing "humanitarian" about spending money coerced from taxpayers for "benevolence".

    15. John, California says:

      I'm sure am glad none of you are actually in a position to help Haiti, because the help they truly need is exactly what this article defines. Perhaps you didn't notice the 6.5 earthquake northern California experienced a few days ago.. No? That's because we have an infrastructure and organization that can deal with such an emergency – Haiti doesn't. Providing only the "aid" you guys are referring to will never improve their lot in life and only leave them in the same susceptible position for the next natural disaster. Why not REALLY help them out and help them build a real economy, a real government, and a real life?? Unless you're not interested in really helping them, and only interested in looking good to the media and your social circles…

    16. victoria says:

      I am not a "socialist" or "America hater," and I agree with the previous posters. There are many more effective, sustainable and compassionate ways to assist the disaster relief and stabilization of Haiti. For example, a major step in the right direction would be large scale debt forgiveness so that instead of paying interest on loans the country can use funds to rebuild and invest in long term development.

      As for assuring that humanitarian aid is not diverted and goes to where it is truly needed, this is best done by donating directly to reputable groups that already have strong ties to Haiti. The fewer hands passing the money, the less chance of it being "lost" along the way. Give to Partners in Health, or Mercy Corps, or some organization that doesn't have a terrible record of mismanagement like the Red Cross does.

    17. Lo, United Kingdom says:

      An opportunist president and opportunist foreign policy. The US government doesn’t give a hoot about the plight of humanity, just look at the great contempt they have for their own citizenry. Best the US government gets its own house in order first. Maybe a good place to start are the poor and destitute who live in the many ghettos in the US, stop bailing out the rich and extend the hand of generosity to the poor, help the 10-15% of the population who don’t have health care insurance and maybe pull the young men & women out of the two illegal wars which the US is currently waging and very evidently loosing despite the “shock & awe”. An excellent read Naomi Kleins “Shock Doctrine”

    18. chris murdoch says:

      This is a perfect opportunity to stabilize the country, that is poverty stricken. Money will pour into the country, giving them a resource to rebuild. I think that one of the biggest issues with Haiti, is accountability. If this kind of disaster happend in the US there would be an investigation launched to determine the failure points of each and every stucture that failed. The Haitian Government should she be held accountable for the lack of building codes. The US Government and it's taxpayers will be paying for this for years, Not to mention the millions of donations from our concerned population. This is a perfect time to spread Democracy, and clean up this country. This is a terrible thing to have happen to our fellow human kind, lets build a stronger beter Haiti.


    19. Linda, FL says:

      This might be the perfect opportunity for Michele Obama to exercise her strengths as the humanitarian with strong convictions to aid the impoverished of the world. Maybe Oprah's strong public diplomacy would be what is needed to assist the trust in the U.S. And together they can rebuild Haiti to a vacation haven and then strengthen their economy by selling a clothing line and trendy t-shirts to the tourists. These would be made in China to maximize profit. Then they could collaborate on a book about the rebirth of Haiti w/Michele on the cover. Oprah can get it on the best seller list with the proceeds going to the Haiti Fund. Once this gets off the ground the SEIU can assist the Haitians in getting assistance from the U.S. Government. Clinton can get Haiti adopted as a U.S. Territory and then the people of Haiti will have medical insurance and can vote in the next election! Obama can pass a special stimulus for Haiti to stabilize their economy. No bipartisanship is necessary. The Dems can do it all 'with a little help from their friends.' It's all about trust. It could happen!

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    21. Brian, Birmingham UK says:

      How predictable. As soon as i saw the tragedy in Haiti i new the US Government would be swooping in there to cause a worse one. It's despicable how time and time again they feel they exploit countries in need of genuine help and compassion which are two words pretty low down in the US agenda.

      Either help Haiti simply for the act of helping with no self gain or keep out.

      I'm sure that the UK will be there too as their roll of being the bully's best friend.

    22. Paul, London says:

      Wow, the dust has hardly settled from the quake and already you are talking about restructuring the political and economic landscape of the country. How about you just rebuild their homes and infrastructure and let the Haitians sort themselves out. Or you could treat them like the fisherman after the 2004 tsunami and build hotels on their land moving them away from their long term homes. If your company had any social conscience you wouldn't use this as an opportunity to line your own pockets at the expense of the poorest people in the western hemisphere. I would happily say this all to my mother at the dinner table, there are no obsceneities or personal attacks but i doubt that you will place this post on this article. Prove me wrong…

    23. PJM, Charleston, SC says:

      Heck with sending $$ to Red Cross…we've already seen the results of corruption and abuse in that group. My support went straight to Samaritan's Purse (http://www.samaritanspurse.com ), good stewards and faithful helpers.

    24. ANON says:

      Send W? His leadership on Katrina was such a masterwork…

    25. (The Rev.) Reid H. H says:

      What a sad mindset this article exhibits: disaster in Haiti as a partisan and imperialist opportunity. Certainly aid must be offered and managed responsibly. To think that the Obama administration cannot do so without the assistance of George W. Bush (or any other "senior Republican") is simply ludicrous. Worse, the idea that our military should now essentially blockade Haiti is precisely the sort of heavy-handed blundering international paternalism that has earned us the fear and disrespect of so much of the developing world. For shame, sir – and my mother too if she were to posit anything so ill-conceived at the dinner table!

    26. susan neal, Irving t says:

      As I read the other comments, I was appalled by how anti-capitalist some of the writers were; they sound so much like Obama; Capitalism and a free market are the reasons why AMERICA HAS BEEN SO PROSPEROUS AND ABLE TO HELP OTHER POOR COUNTRIES LIKE HAITI; Capitalism is not the enemy; it's the solution; Haiti has been poor and impoverished forever because it has been controlled by DICTATORS LIKE CHAVEZ, CASTRO AND NOW OBAMA WITH ALL OF THEIR RHETORIC ABOUT THE BIG COMPANIES AND BIG BANKS BEING THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL WHEN IT IS GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND CORRUPTION LIKE WE HAVE SEEN WITH THE NON-TRANSPARENCY IN THE HEALTH CARE BILL

      wE KNOW THAT pRES bUSH AND fEMA DID FAIIL DURING KATRINA, BUT SO DID THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND THE DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR WHO would not allow the National Guard in sooner to start assisting in New Orleans. How about being as mad as I am about all of the insane spending of this admin especially in lieu of the useless trip by 100 democrat politicians such pelosi, hoyer, obama, etc and the cost to TAXPAYERS FOR 3 Military planes, 2 737's and a Gulfstream for a useless meeting that with new technology could have been done in a much less extravagant fashion; by the way this democrat congress and president spend OUR MONEY ON THEIR LAVISH STYLES AND WAYS, one would never know that we are still in a very weak recovery state if we are in recovery at all which remains to be seen!

      Everyone needs to take a good hard look at Haiti because if this far left Obama admin and congress keep spending and taking over our health care and every other aspect of our lives, we will be just as helpless and defenseless as the people in Haiti; Haiti is fornunate to have the great assistance of The US. Medical doctors and nurses to give aid and save lives; if Obama succeeds in destroying our great health care system, what country is going to send the medical personnel in to save our lives and render medical aid? It won't come from The UK or Canada because they have already have government run health care and it is to the U>S>A> that they run to whenever they need life saving surgeries or care; not only will obamacare drive away our doctors, but it will cause an even greater hardship on poor countries like Haiti who are dependant on the great health care medical personnel of the UNITED STATES TO SAVE THEM; IF OBAMACARE IS PASSED; it will not only deprive the American Citizens the right to have access to the best health care, it will prevent us from aiding other poor countries even more; America is the greatest and most free nation on earth and does the most good and is the most BENEVOLENT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND BECAUSE OF CAPITALISM, WE ARE ALL THE BETTER AND MORE PROSPEROUS THAN UNDER ANY OTHER SYSTEM IN THE WORLD; WALL STREET AND THE BIG BANKS ARE NOT OUR WORST ENEMY, BIG GOVERNMENT AND ITS TAKE-OVER OF FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC with chris dodd and barney frank in charge of oversight and with dodd threatening to filibuster any reform and frank denying that these 2 huge entitites had any problems and blaming President Bush that if he did any reform it would hurt poor people when he knew that these 2 huge housing lenders were a source of slush funds for the democrats and heavy contributors to obama, hillary, dodd, etc HOW CAN WE LET OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS BLAME CAPITALIM FOR THE COLLAPSE OF OUR ECONOMY WHEN IT IS GOVERNMENT POLICIES THAT FORCED BANKS TO MAKE THE RISKY SUB-PRIME LOANS TO UNQUALIFIED BUYERS WITH THREATS OF PENALTIES AND JAIL TIME IF THEY DID NOT ABIDE BY THE RULES; OBAMA IS BACK TO BLAMING THE BANKS AGAIN AND IMPOSING FEES ON THEM WHICH WILL BE PASSED ONTO THE CONSUMERS AND WILL LIMIT MORE CREDIT TO SMALL BUSINESSES AND CONTINUE THE SPIRAL DOWN AS FORECLOSURES CONTINUE; THE TARP MONEY DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM, THE GOV'T IMPOSED REGULATIONS AND LACK OF COMPETENT OVERSIGHT BY THE DEMOCRATS IN CONTROL OF THE BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS DID THE DAMAGE AND WILL DO THE SAME TO OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IF WE DON;'T STOP THEM; PLEASE JOIN ME IN EFFORT TO STOP THE FURTHER DESTRUCTION OF OUR ECONOMY AND OUR ABILITY TO DEFEND OUR GREAT NATION BY LETTING YOUR VOICES BE HEARD AND BY PERSERVERENCE AND PRAYER, WE CAN SAVE AMERICA; SHE IS THE BEST ; THERE IS NONE LIKE HER AND HER PEOPLE ARE THE MOST PROSPEROUS AND FREE IN THE WORLD BECAUSE OF CAPITALISM AND THE FREE MARKET; WE HAVE THE BEST FORM OF GOVERNANCE WHERE ANY AND EVERYONE WITH HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION, CAN SUCCEED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS!

    27. Greg Albuquerque, NM says:

      Joshua – wake up and smell the roses. If we were to just ship money and resources to Haiti, you would find that most of the aid would be stolen by the corrupt ruling class. We have a responsibility to ensure that our aid truly does go to the needy.

      What you are going to see over the next few weeks is the breakdown of "law and order" such as it exists today. People will become more frantic to get help for their families and friends. If not the US, who is going to maintain order and equitibably distribute aid – the UN????

      Come on – get off of the"empire" bandwagon, if we had wanted to rule the world we would already have done it. Our help is the quickest and most reliable and you will see that once again.

    28. Edwardv says:

      Send Bush to Haiti? They have just suffered an earthquake, now you want to visit a far worse disaster upon them?

    29. Drew Page, IL says:

      Are you kidding? Obama should reach out to George Bush to achieve a bi-partisan effort toward relief, recovery and long term reform? I'm only amazed that Obama and his crew haven't already blamed George Bush for the earthquake.

      Here we go again. A disaster befalls another third world country and it will be the American taxpayer that comes to the rescue once again. We will send billions of foreign aid to this country, a large portion of which will be stolen by Haitian "leaders". We will provide food, water, medical care, shelter and rebuilding of infrastructure and the liberals in our own country will join with our foreign critics saying whatever we did wasn't enough.

      Let's see how much foreign aid comes from Mr. Obama's new friends, Castro and Chavez. Let's see how much comes from the E.U.

    30. Kurt says:

      Oh yes by all means give the Republicans a photo op moment, a political winner, because lord knows that is what's important here. It’s not like lives are at stake. If the Republicans want to be involved, be grown ups and just step up to plate help instead of waiting for someone to reach out to you.

    31. Patrick, Tucson, AZ. says:

      Barack Obama should have no trouble asking George Bush to help with Haiti. They are fellow "Progressives".

    32. Aaron says:

      Would it not be more important to help the peole of haiti get back to there former way of life. They do not want change that is the last thing they want. If anything, they want to salvalge everything they have left. This is rather selfish on the writers part. What opportunities does he really have in mind. And would it not be far more progressive to send more medics as opposed to large numbers of troops?

    33. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      "Never let a crisis go to waste" as Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel said in the aftermath of his boss' election and in the midst of the economic downturn. Obama jumped right in there to address this issue, but his three-day silence on the Christmas bomber was deafening. Be assured that he will weave his statist agenda into these reflief efforts as he does with everything else here at home and abroad; he knows no other way. The only lasting infrastructure improvements made will be a wide, paved road for Hugo & Raul to work their magic. Hugo, Raul & Obama "helping" from all three sides. What a trio!

      I agree with Publius. Private charity is the only one that should be employed; we the people CHOSE to overwhelm the victims of 911, Katrina and the SE Asia tsunami. We don't need Clinton, Bush or Obama telling us to help or giving us a website to consult for charities. I realize it would be political suicide to say no, but we have to start sometime.

      I would rather the USA not be involved in Iraq & Afghanistan either, but at least we're keeping our sworn enemy, al qaeda, occupied with matters other than hijacking, blowing up or crashing airplanes although they're getting close. Haiti poses no national security risk to us…unless Hugo & Raul have their way.

    34. Dave (Alexandria) says:

      I think this author forgets that we have over 100,000 military, etc., in Afghanistan and the drug dealers keep increasing opium production and export every year. Drug interdiction isn't working there so why should it work any better in Haiti?

    35. Carl Jernigan says:

      Are you out of your mind? Giving the Red Cross link exclusively to donate. Have you ever heard of The Salvation Army?

    36. Tracy, Spokane says:

      For heaven's sake, people, you don't "hate" or "love" a country…you have those emotions about living beings!

      I'm getting tired of this argument about whether or not one love's their country. You can say you're glad to live in your country, yes…you can say you're disappointed in your country, yes…but let's leave the fanatic "love or hate" out of it. People come first! Countries are large areas of land that you live in!

    37. Kristen Walter, Cinc says:

      Are you serious!

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    39. Rick, NM says:

      I’m always impressed by the compassion that Americans show. Most of the posts here display that. But, they also display an ignorance about Haiti. This poor country just can’t get it’s act together. I’m truly sorry that the earthquake devastated Haiti. They haven’t recovered from the hurricane that hit them 1 year ago. Don’t forget, there has been a UN presence there for quite some time to try to quell the violence from the various gangs, and the corruption in the government is rampant. I want to help them, but it’s time they help themselves.

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    41. brian - US says:

      In term of sending the US military: The US should not act unilaterally in this case, we must build a strong coalition of world-wide support through the United Nations.

      Economic terms: Look no further than the graft, greed, and corruption that diverted much of the post-hurricane Katrina relief aid to criminals. Money can't simply be 'thrown' at the problem.

      Since Haiti really is much more in the spehere of influence to Venezuela, Hugo Chavez should take the lead in supplying troops and aid to Haiti. This would be a great time for him to showcase just what the power of socialism can do.

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    44. Rory Cooper Rory Cooper says:

      For more on the situation in Haiti, check out Commentary from The Heritage Foundation's Ray Walser, featured in the New York Post today here:


      And for more on President Obama's decision to in fact send former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to help lead efforts in Haiti, check out our most recent blog entry from The Foundry here:


      Thanks for your feedback and thoughts.

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    47. Mike says:

      Bush? No way. Bipartisanship is important (just as Bush asked his father and Bill Clinton to lead the tsunami relief effort), but he needs a capable, competent Republican like ….

      What the hell, name Bush.

    48. Grace Stanley says:

      I find the personal attacks on former President George Bush very disheartening. I thought Heritage did not approve of such attacks. Also, I am absolutely disgusted with such a lack of intelligent commentary.

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    50. erica, minneapolis says:

      For now, let's just try to get them some food and water, help them set the broken bones of their living children and bury the ones who are dead.

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    52. Cindy NC says:

      Hati has received over 1 billion dollars of money from the U. S. over several years. How was this money spent? Obviously not on infrastructure. Any money the U. S. spends now should be strictly accounted for and paid back to the U. S. We are borrowing this money to give to them.

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    54. wtobias nj says:

      the last time we were there for humanitarian reasons they started shooting at the people sent to help them during the Clinton administration . he sent the military to use as police what a joke we should do what we can and get out as soon as we can.

    55. cowboybob, What&#039 says:

      How quaint…all the foaming mouth lefties and their seminar blog agency are still alive and well. You people that apparently have no other hobby than hating G.W. Bush need to get a life. While I don't know for sure, I suspect the author meant G.W.H. Bush. Regardless, I find it amusing that Katrina efforts must once again be invoked as the evil machinations of Bush/Cheney. How soon the liberal mind forgets their heroes on the ground that really could have done something substantive while the looters ran wild and shot at Nat'l Guard helicopters, etc. That dynamic loser duo of Nagin/Blanco bungled that quite nicely on their own thank you. Continuing to try to revise that history and lay the blame on Bush is weak…try again.

      And of course, none of these mind-numbed Obamatrons have NO qualms about trotting Slick Willy around the globe on an international Chick-a-palooza tour at the drop of a hat. If there was ever a more despicable character occupying the WH…he was it.

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    57. K, Alabama says:

      John from California is RIGHT ON. Throwing money at a situation where the people appear incapable of getting on their feet and building a strong country and society is ridiculous. It sounds as if it would be VERY likely that the money wouldn't end up helping the people that need it most.There are gangs roaming the streets with machetes, and 4,000 prisoners on the loose. Two mad, power hungry, USA-hater dictators are so close; do you not think THEY are thinking of the political opportunities, how naive. Just giving money without any 'beneficial' strings would just be for the givers who want warm fuzzies.

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    59. Gregory Chicago says:

      You guys had already pushed onto Haiti every radical free market idea in the play book. We had forced them to drop all tariffs, flooding their markets with cheap rice which drove peasents off the land. we had forced them to privatize all state run enterprises, we forced them to totaly deregulate business, we forced them to have no minimum wage, we forced them eliminate governmental welfare policies. Every single economic policy you guys belive in has been forced onto the Haitian people.

    60. dklisa, FL says:

      Well, how about we just don't go….wait that's too late… how about we pull out right now…. and let the Hatians solve their own problems. If you feel that all the US does is "bad for Haiti and its people", they surely are better off without us.

      I, for one, wouldn't mind spending that money here in the U.S.A.

    61. Janie, FL says:

      Way to go Rick. And Susan you are a gal after my on heart. I think we should give other nations and individuals the chance to help Haiti. France and Itatly for example could send aid just as easily as the US. I think all those that think Americans are "mean spirited" should be right in the middle with bandages and money helping to rebuild. Those with such big mouths could lead operations by sending messages forward about how and when to do what ever is needed to help rebuild. All that don't like capitalism can be Haiti's mommy for as long as it takes to make Haiti able to take care of itself.

    62. Javier Guzman says:

      I think according to your statement preventing fligths with cocaina from Venezuela to D. R. and Haiti…… or from Colombia!!!

      why this fligths take off in the first place if US have military bases in Colombia, Curasao and Panama.

      I think the problem is MONEY because with a hundreads of thousands of US soldiers Afganistan in less than four years became 1st in production of opium.

      how the US military handle the drug trafficking??????

      actually they never did remember Viet-Nam????

      or the 80's in Central America, over and over again US intervention misteriously bring an incredible increase in drug trafficking.

    63. Brian, Birmingham UK says:

      Absolutely right dklisa. Haiti is better off without US intervention just as Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and countless other countries are better off without US intervention.

      This is because the US is not there too help but help themselves. Are there motives it not blindingly obvious?

      And K in Alabama, the two power mad dictators in Haiti are no worse than the two power mad dictators by the names of Obama and Bush the only difference being the latter have powerful media and spin doctors to tell gullible people what to think.

    64. Alex Daniels says:

      The US might not be the best role model for spreading democracy… On the contrary, three of the four recent presidents have contributed to the destabilization of the Haitian democracy and economy, through highly questionable interventions and failured neo-liberal experiments. If Haiti had had the opportunity to end its own poverty, the consequenses of the catastrophy wouldn't have been so devastating… Let the Haitians themselves build their own democracy, that is true empowerment. Give room to some real development through debt forgiveness. Support them with tools for development, but not in order to control them or putting them even deeper into debt. Promote some real capitalism, and no more disaster capitalism. The writer could have expressed a little more genuine empathy and a little less self-interest. It´s not very good PR for the US.

    65. Victor Mariategui says:

      Unlike the US's military occupation and opportunism which you exemplify, the outstanding Cuban aid comes with no strings attached.

      Long live their propaganda.

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    67. Kristina, Gloucester says:

      I heard quoted that there were nearly 45,000 Americans in Haiti when the earthquake hit – 45,000 aid workers and diplomats – very few entrepreneurs and business men spreading jobs and opportunity. My dad and a good friend drove a bus full of collected goods from Wisconsin to Miami just before Christmas for the people of Haiti. Another friend of mine was collecting formula for the children of Haiti. The plight of the people of the country has gotten our attention. We've not only tried to help in the past, but we've "helped" giving aid and fish – yet with all of our help, the people of the country cannot help themselves in the best of times, much less in a time of desparation. Why do able bodied men and women stand around yelling for someone else to do something? Because they have not the means and tools to do it for themselves. That was the tragedy of Katrina – not the FEMA's 5 day response time and it is the bigger human tragedy in Haiti. In any emergency, the people who arrive first, or are on the scene when the accident happens can make a difference immediately, even if it is just to do what they can to calm a person, etc. But we've failed miserably if we've ministered to a country or a city and the only thing that they can do is to wait for us to arrive. Every spring a small town in Kansas, Oklahoma – I've even seen a few in Minnesota and Wisconsin – gets demolished by a twister. Small towns are generally not full of money – or even loads of building materials. But with maybe 2 days of news coverage, and with help from friends and family around the country, within a couple months time, these towns are back functioning again. The good citizens of these towns decide that what little they do have left is worth rebuilding on, and they find away to do it. In 1997, the City of East Grand Forks was nearly destroyed by the Red River rising. Within five years, the city was thriving again – and not because volunteers flocked to rebuild it – because the people in the city decided that it was worth rebuilding. (From what little I could fine, the city of Grand Forks only lost about 10% of its population that did not return after the devastating floods, by 2007 the city of New Orleans was only up to 56% of pre-Katrina population.) Nothing builds a nation better than the individual rising up, grasping their own fate, taking initiative, and figuring out how to survive and succeed on their own. But they need to be given – the knowledge – how to, the courage, and the freedom to be able to pursue it. Then, when the disaster comes, the person immediately at the seen can be as proactive as possible until help arrives, and can assist once help does.

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    71. Brad C. - Honolulu, says:

      Hugo Chavez is a certifiable lunatic! Even Castro made a measured comment about the USA taking charge of the Haiti disaster… If not the US taking charge, then who? The United Nations is ultimately in charge there & even children know this. Among UN member nations, which member is most qualified & logistically centered to like charge? Perhaps Mr. Chavez would like to see if he could do any better. Bugs Bunny said it best, "What a maroon".

    72. Pingback: US Conservatives Call for Opportunism in Haiti « Graham’s Grumbles

    73. Sergio, Brazil says:

      I agree with Victor and also recommend some people here to read a bit more about the history of Haiti before criticizing and condemning the Haitians.

      By the way, what happen to the previous article on this website entitled: "Things To Remember While Helping Haiti"????

    74. ryan says:

      Does the Heritage foundation want to remove our democracy and replace it with a theocracy, that is led by a religious leader appointed by men of god instead of voted in democratically? I'm just curious about that. If so, Id be afraid because I can only assume being a non christian would instantly become a "capital offense"

      I really hope I'm wrong on that, but it would be good to get an honest answer from this mysterious but extremely powerful organization.

    75. Pingback: Black Looks » Haiti action plan

    76. Wyatt J. Warner Robi says:

      I read the artical written above and agree with most of it. I have also read the comments published in this blog. I find it very disturbing to read opinions from individuals with so little education on the subject. Many have no understanding of due process nor history concerning the United States. Every one of you could use a course in Constitutional Law, Government, and History. It would be wise to also read and study the history behind Haiti. (Its' social structure , government, and way of life.) It is not a nice place.

      Please get the facts right.

      Your ignorance way out shines your intelligence.

    77. chris, germany says:

      hello ,

      i am writing from germany, and i apologize for the lack of language i may have :)

      indeed the help of the US is necessary and haitians would be in a much worse condition if US didn't intervein, but – and i admit, this assumption is hypothetic –

      would there still be such a big amount of help if it wasn't of their interest? they now have the unique chance to regionally establish a firm presence, which is of high interest to them.

      i don't want to say that humanitary help, which is obviouslly done by the US, is bad. but you have to have vis absoluta and realize that the motivation is not only to help humans but to represent ones own interests

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    83. CEH, US says:

      While the article does seem a little paranoid, when you see that the president of one of the poorest countries in the world lives in a more resplendent palace than the leaders of many of the richest countries, the threat of corruption must cross one's mind.

    84. Carol, AZ says:

      My only comment regarding this nightmare is "WHY Marshall Law" has not been declared by all UN troops, US troops, and other law enforcement agency's' now in the area.

    85. Moses, CA says:

      Provide access to clean water.

      Enforce workers rights.

      Assess the medical needs of the populace.

      Continue to raise vital funds

      Establish a Government that puts Haitian lives over foreign investment


    87. Pingback: Disaster Profiteers Swarm on Haiti as on NOLA | the KEL word

    88. Joseph J. Obelcz - H says:

      For the US to have a military presence in Haiti at this time is insane!

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    93. Erik, Mobile Alabama says:

      I agree Joseph, it is insane but not really.

      It's a calculating strategy to implement corporate privatization. To exploit the resources for corporate profit of an already poor devastated country at there most vulnerable. Military response to disasters is always the first option to gain control and further fear/distrust policy. Whereby the US,

      "Congress should immediately begin work on a package of assistance, trade, and reconstruction efforts needed to put Haiti on its feet and open the way for deep and lasting democratic reforms."

      Which really means US tax payer contracts to the for profit corporations to rape Haiti of life liberty and independence. Insane? yes. Smart and evil? Most definitely.

    94. Pingback: Voice of America Reaches Out to Haiti | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    95. gary head, henderson says:

      Why can't the media get it correct on what Rush Limbaugh said about donating to Haiti? On his radio show, Rush made the point that it would be better and more beneficial for the Haitians in need to make donations to not-for-profit organizations already on the ground in Haiti outside the federal government. His comments were in reference to the the Obama Administration appeal to donate to WhiteHouse.com. He feels, as do I, that the Obama Administration is politicizing the Haitian relief effort by asking for donations to WhiteHouse.com. He never urged anyone to not donate as being claimed by some in the media.

    96. Mar says:

      Wow, Big Brother and their Heritage Corporations want another nation and Haiti is on the list. Now I see why, a few years ago, the indoniesian nation that was hit by the tsunami did not want U.S. military on their land. What knowlege and wisdom those people had.

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    101. Pat - Chicago area says:

      These people are Vampires – sucking the life out of anything they can get their opportunistic hands on.


    102. Pat - Chicago area says:

      Regarding Gary Head's comment above on Rush and his comments about trusting the White House with money for Haiti – how people have misunderstood Rush.

      Rush lied. When you go to Whitehouse.gov to donate to Haiti relief efforts – the website has a link that connects directly to the Red Cross. You do NOT donate to the whitehouse.gov site – you donate DIRECTLY to the Red Cross via a link. This was true when Rush made his comments. Therefore, either he lied or he didn't bother to check – in either case he was wrong.

    103. Pingback: Rua do Patrocínio

    104. Matt, New York says:

      How about you remember to help the Haitians and not yourselves, this is not an opportunity for you to set policy which you will later be able to profit from, this is a disaster that has ruined the lives of countless individuals. You have no right to influence their government, they need it to support the mass population of Haiti, not you.

    105. Stephen Sturgeon says:

      I din't understand you people who feel that it is the obligation of the American people, and tax payer to fund and support unjustice American military and dictatorial policies in places such as Vietnam, Central and South America, and now in Haiti. Don't you people realized what has happened to the people of Haiti? They have been hit by an awfull disaster, that has left over 100,000 people dead, and a country in complete turmoil. They do not need your your phoney self -ritiousness, playing the great savior of the Haitians from the evil doers, please, your only motive for controlling the situation in Hait is financial profit, and power to influence political events in the country. It's time for you people to grow-up and lend a real and sencere helping hand, with-out a profit motive, to the people of Haiti.

    106. Pingback: Naomi Klein met en garde contre l’application d’un “capitalisme du désastre” à Haïti « MecanoBlog

    107. Michael Lynch says:

      Fuck bipartanship, just send Haitians what they need and keep American corpoations outta there!

    108. Pingback: texts for nothing : Project Haiti

    109. Michael, Wuhan says:

      The resounding cry of American patriots struggling with the question of why the world fears, mistrusts and hates America is almost invariably "they hate us for our freedoms!"

      This blog post puts that hokey excuse to rest and highlights in living colour precisely why nobody trusts the intent behind American "aid".

    110. Marie, Greece says:

      How VERY Christian of the author of the article. I suppose he hasn't heard of the parable of the good Samaritan, where the good Samaritan paid two silver coins out of his pocket and asked nothing in return.

      But I'm not naive, it wasn't intended for good Christian conduct.

      Indeed, a unique opportunity: a country on its knees, not only because of French and US plunder over two centuries, but also because of natural disasters. No need to bomb them before marching in. There's no one to stop us!

      Maybe the Russians should have sent army in New Orleans to stop the looting. Because the US government surely was absent.

      Anyway, a good eye-opener for the imperial visions of the US political and economic elites.

    111. Dumbfounded, Moosic, says:

      I've read the article, and every post, and I think most agree, the U.S. should not be over there! How about helping the people in your own country instead of running and helping other countries every single time something happens. This U.S. is rediculus anymore. I don't mean to sound selfish, but what about the homeless that really can't get on their feet here in the U.S.? I mean come on. Why oh why are people so friggin dumb. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

    112. Dumbfounded, Moosic, says:

      Oh also, I just saw a nice commercial with Michelle Obama asking to help. F U, how long did it take to get your make-up done, and rehearse your stupid speech? EH. So disgusted.

    113. Roberto Figueroa says:

      There was a fellow that mentioned Bush and Katerina and Haiti as if it was Bush's fault of the ineptness of the governor of La. & the corrupt mayor of New Orleans. Actually Haiti is similar, they speak patua, 90% are thiefs, and they all descend from the same place. For over 16 years the US has been doling out money to Haiti and what has been done with that money. Nothing! The world is now clamoring for more cash to Haiti which will only get rerouted to the thiefs and cronies of Bill Clinton. I am sure Bill gets a piece of it under the table. Clinton is the biggest phony in the world.

    114. Beth, Alabama says:

      Please research the use of money contributed to the Red Cross before recommending it as a recipient of donations. I have worked alongside the Red Cross through a disaster and found out first hand that they take in a huge amount of money during the disaster, but they often do not give it all back out in the location for which it was given. The Red Cross has very specific and narrow areas on which they will spend the donated money. Their purpose is to be a first responder – brief and only in very specific ways. In my experience I found that they do not stay around and help the people for very long and leave town with much of the donated money. Many other agencies do more to meet a greater array of needs, spend the donated money in the location it was given for and stay around longer to help people put their lives back together. In my opinion, these other agencies are a better use of donations. I would highly recommend the Salvation Army and Samaritan's Purse, but each person should do research for themselves on how an organization really does use its donations.

    115. Reader, NY says:

      I think we might all benefit from a refocus. Any attempts to use this tragedy to pursue bickering or back and forths with other nations is short sighted and inhumane. An island nation has collapsed. The challenge is overwhelming, and the thought of such dire circumstances unable to comprehend.

      Which makes this article puzzling. Can we not table such frivolous considerations of US-Venezuelan politics in the face of this type of catastrophe?

      Helping Haitians to salvage and obtain complete control of their homes, their businesses, their economy, and their government is something that I think we can all rally around.

    116. Pingback: Naomi Klein met en garde contre l’application d’un “capitalisme du désastre” à Haïti | La Nemesis du Nouvel Ordre Mondial

    117. Mary Ann, NH says:

      US efforts and use of resources in Haiti should be limited to humanitarian efforts and not as an excuse to push policy or dance with Chavez. Patrolling waters to discourage refugees from fleeing to US shores, well, I can understand, given the huge numbers of illegal immigrants already taxing our resources. Installing military personell with the intention of pushing "reform," we have no business doing. It is not our country, and since ours in such horrific shape at the moment (financially, politically, etc.), we have no right to pull the splinter from our brother's eye while ignoring the board in our own. Too many times we have interfered where we were not invited, and too many times we have made enemies around the globe for our interference, while greatly enlarging our debt in the process. Help – don't dictate. Keep US policies in the US.

    118. martin green uk citi says:

      Sorry but your 'Foundation' is as culpable for the mess around the world as any think-tank on the planet. Your advice for reform in Russia, Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Poland …and now another 'hopeless case', in Haiti has been and will continue to be a disaster. Except for your pals in Bechtel, Halliburton, Lockheed-Martin and their ilk. The neoliberal doctrine has failed the people of the planet; please keep your noses out of other sovereign nations' business unless it is trully benevolent with no-strings.

    119. Will says:

      Wow, we really do live in an amazing country. How proud I feel right now knowing that authors like this may in fact be influencing policy.

    120. Carolyn says:

      ..God Bless he USA

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    126. mike reno,nv. says:

      why is america so intent on sending millions in resources to haiti when they wont even feed the homeless or house the women and children in the u.s.? i feel as baldly as anyone for the devistation in haiti but i find it to be disgraceful that we wont even help our own before the entire world. who came to our aid when katrina hit? not a single other country. america is in peril right now . people are homeless and dying. starving. but everyone wants to help the other guy. who is adopting our kids in the street? i pray for the people in haiti but for thelove of god, we need help here too.

    127. Ron Fuson, The land says:

      History is riddled with the accounts of the victorious…. and the defeated, justifiable or not, must pass almost silently.

      So it is with those who place the weight of their words on the volumes of His-story.

      How sad it is that our opinions be expressed as though they are the right ones and that others are ill informed.

      I look forward to reading the comments of those on the ground in Haiti…. as much as I look forward to the balanced comments of U.S. troops and media that return from the horrors witness on the ground in Iraq.

      I've read General Smedley Butlers' Book "War Is A Racket" and thus understand the concerns of those who see the U.S. as a Corporate Hegemony.

      I've read Henry Fords "The International Jew" and accept that it is quite possible that the amount of planning that went into covert orerations that span the globe might be beyond the comprehension of the masses.

      I've read about the taxpayer sponsored bailouts of corporate banks that in turn fostered record bonuses for Banking executives.

      I see the massive unemployment and homelessness in the U.S.

      I saw that the most organized and operational temporary hospital in Haiti after the quake…. was the Cuban effort….. I watched the movie "Sicko"… and something isn't right in America!

      When we look for solutions…. WE… all of us, erase problems. If we become a solution in our own lives, homes, communities and towns….. then we become examples of the truth….. That God created us in his own image… and gave us dominion over all that he created…. Leaving only the waters and the darkness to be ruled by others.

      In Rome there was Martian Law… Martial Law (not of this world)…. In commerce there is Maritime Admeralty Law…. (not of the land…. not of God).

      Take what you will from this….. but the choice is yours to make. You are a potential solution to an ongoing "problem", your participation thusfar, via tacit concent. You have always been a child of God…. but you "personified" the child of the state. You may serve only one master. It's by your own choosing that you will stop participating in the destruction of your fellow men and women… and realize our duty in upholding the rights of our fellow men and women…. even over our own rights!

      "Man did not weave the web of life… he is mearly a strand in it. What he does to the web…. he does to himself." – Chief Seattle

      Ho Oponopono

      Incidently, the WHO, the WWF, the WTO are all subsidiaries of the U.N….. which is a subsidiary of the I.M.F…… which is a subsidiary of the Fed. Res. Bank….. which is neither federal… nor a reserve of anything but debt…. which is a corporate function of the three SuperStates of the globe…. The Vatican (10 sq. miles), London (10 sq. miles) and Washington (10 sq. miles)

    128. Iodideiodic says:

      By reaching the people, the issues are!

    129. Barbie Furber The Wo says:

      Fabulous! What a great article on an incredible opportunity for the U.S. to be a servant-leader. Though I fear, our current administration will let the chance slip by. My heart (and my money) go out to Haiti, for their situation both before and after this disaster.

    130. Jake, Arizona says:

      I have worked in Haiti and know more than most about the country. Their society is corrupt from the top down. 90% of the people would kill you for what ever you posess if given the opportunity. This is due to their moral standards and the disparity between their poverty and our wealth. All humanitarian aid is always accepted by the government and then sold to the people. The UN is definitely part of the problem and with Clinton as special envoy it will be the status quo. The USA has had a look the other way policy on Haiti for 100 years, this wont change now. Support Haiti but not through the Red Cross. They are a bloated bureaucracy, most of the donation goes to overhead.There are much more efficient organizations in country, and have been there for 30 yrs.

    131. miami says:

      Jim Roberts in his statement reads of Disaster Capitalism in action, or is he suggesting that since Haiti was a Slave state in history once, he would prefer to disguise humanitarian help as a avenue to reinstate Slavery in Haiti, by instituting Corporate Slave State Status via the corporatist global market.

    132. Kelli says:

      What a nation divided.

    133. Aaron Austen says:

      Great looking boats. I will look into them.

    134. Those boat look great, I love to go to the sea in a boat thanks for the article.

    135. Pingback: NoAgenda.tv | Blog | NA-166-2010-01-17

    136. Joel, TX says:

      Jake – your comments about "90% of the population" being prepared to murder anyone to steal from them is not only silly and ignorant, it's despicable. I was in Haiti before, during, and after the quake, and what I saw was that 90% of the population were there to help us (American medical mission workers), and many readily risked their own lives in order to save ours, expecting nothing in return. I was amazed by the courage I saw. I cannot believe that you have actually worked in Haiti if you're saying such an utterly ignorant thing. Haiti suffers from a very unfair public image problem,and it seems that you have bought it hook, line, and sinker. The people there are as good and ethical as Americans or people from anywhere else. Their government is corrupt and a small percentage of their population is troublesome, but that doesn't make them a whole lot different than us or anyone else.

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