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  • Morning Bell: Speaker Pelosi's Job-Killing Agenda

    After a three-week holiday break, the House of Representatives returned to session yesterday, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) marked the occasion with an op-ed detailing her “record of achievement” and outlining her agenda for the rest of the 111th Congress. Pelosi writes: “At the halfway mark in this Congress, our priorities are clear: strengthening the security of the American people and building a new economy that offers our families lasting prosperity.” But the 111th Congress is not the first Congress Speaker Pelosi has presided over. When Pelosi was first handed the gavel in January 2007, the U.S. economy employed 137.3 million people and our nation’s unemployment rate stood at 4.6%. According to the Labor Department’s most recent report, the U.S. economy has shed 6.3 million jobs since then, and 10% of our workforce is now unemployed.

    Speaker Pelosi goes on to claim that President Barack Obama’s failed stimulus has “created or saved” 1.6 million jobs so far, but even the White House has abandoned its controversial “saved or created” jobs accounting scheme after more than 90,000 of the 640,000 jobs it claimed to create were found to be completely fraudulent. Pelosi then touts the Cash for Clunkers program as another success despite the fact the program did nothing to create auto sector jobs, led to a crash in auto sales, and did nothing to help the environment. Pelosi also celebrated the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which only further bankrupts our states and inched us ever closer to government-run health care.

    Even worse than her past “accomplishments” is Speaker Pelosi’s future agenda, which basically calls for super-sizing the policy failures mentioned above. First on the agenda is President Obama’s health care plan which, like SCHIP, expands health insurance coverage through the welfare state. Both the House and Senate bills achieve over half of their health insurance expansion through Medicaid, which is a welfare program. The taxes and employer mandates used to pay for the expanded coverage are going to hit small businesses hard at a time when we desperately need them to be creating new jobs to move us out of recession.

    After health care, Speaker Pelosi is promising continued action on the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation, which is built on the same failed policy ideas behind Cash for Clunkers. A Heritage Foundation analysis of the Waxman-Markey energy legislation found that for a household of four, energy costs (electric, natural gas, gasoline expenses) would rise by $436 in 2012 and by $1,241 by 2035, averaging $829 over that period. Higher energy costs would also increase the cost of many other products and services. Overall, Waxman-Markey would reduce gross domestic product by $393 billion annually and by a total of $9.4 trillion by 2035.

    Finally, Pelosi promises “the most sweeping reform of the financial industry since the Great Depression.” But as Heritage fellow James Gattuso has previously demonstrated, the House financial overhaul bill would give financial regulators sweeping powers to control firms deemed “too big to fail” and establish a fund for FDIC to use to resolve the affairs of firms it takes over. The real-life effect of the new powers would be to signal to markets that firms are supported by the federal government and guaranteed against failure — thus leading them to take more undue risks, not less. Pelosi will have essentially created a permanent TARP.

    We share Speaker Pelosi’s vision for “swift action to restore accountability to Washington and opportunity for the middle class, to create good-paying jobs for our workers, to use innovation to power America in a global economy and build a strong and smart national defense.” But as business owners, small and large, across the country are saying, Speaker Pelosi’s big government solutions are not the answer.

    Quick Hits:

    • Citing assaults from hackers on its computer systems, Google said Tuesday that it will stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and is considering shutting down operations in the country altogether.
    • President Hugo Chavez plans blackouts in Caracas and other cities such as oil town Maracaibo to combat nationwide power shortages.
    • The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on top of a record request of $708 billion for the Defense Department next year.
    • A Weekly Standard reporter trying to ask Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley a question was pushed to the ground outside a Washington, DC, fundraiser.
    • According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, 54% of voters disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy, 59% of voters disapprove of his plan for creating jobs, and 58% disapprove of his handling of health care.
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    64 Responses to Morning Bell: Speaker Pelosi's Job-Killing Agenda

    1. Gene, Pittsburgh says:

      This very simply is a government recession, period. If the government shut down for a year or more the economy would boom.

    2. Sheila Crossley, Ore says:

      The following is the most frightening part of this article:

      and building a new economy

      Has anyone else noticed this? What "new" economy is she talking about? One where we all have to depend on the government for our existence?

    3. Curtis,Reno says:

      I would laugh at Ms. Pelosi were it not that she is so ignorant of the facts surrounding the degradation of this great country.

    4. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Had I been as incompetent at my work as Speaker Pelosi has been, that is, had I lost as much business and created a business/economic situation like her decisions/policies have, I would have been fired a long time ago. And rightfully so. As a matter of reflection, so would most of the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, if their expertise had cost their companies the way their expertise has cost the government. Maybe we just hire/elect the wrong people?

    5. Harry, Illinois says:

      As Joe Wilson last year said "YOU LIE"

      I've never seen a person with such a bewildering look when confronted.

    6. Asa Beck, Centennial says:

      Obama and Pelosi need to understand that direct federal spending will not help us. We need industry to create jobs. First however let’s get the facts straight on employment trends. If we look at the important full time jobs, not seasonally adjusted, the loss of Jobs in December was 1,399,000 jobs. This is as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the following link. http://www.bls.gov/webapps/legacy/cpsatab6.htm Go down to full time jobs and check the box in the non-seasonally adjusted column. This is on top of the 325,000 jobs lost in November. The total full time job loss since July of 2007 is 13,334,000. First time unemployment claims for the week ended January 2nd not seasonally adjusted were 645,571. The week before were 557,571. These were holiday shortened weeks.

      The president should work with Congress to pass Senate Bill 1027 and House Bill 2378, the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act of 2009. China is undervaluing its currency by 35 percent and it is leading to the de-industrialization of America. Other countries manipulate their currency as well. This 17-page bill, an earlier version of which was co-sponsored by then Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, levels the playing field as it relates to currency valuation. Make it a priority and get them passed.

    7. Thom, New Jersey says:

      To see where we are headed, Heritage should publish a report on how Venezuela which as the second largest oil deposits, after Saudi Arabia, is running out of oil and is short of electricity and water. Dictatorships and "authoritarian" and command economies just are internally unable to actually run anything, except into the ground. Regardless of what they think of themselves, regardless of self-esteem issues, they just cannot change a lightbulb and don't want anyone else to, either. And they can't do math, or conceive that anyone else can do math, either.

    8. John, Michigan says:

      I rememember in the good old days the joke "I'm with the Government and I'm here to help you". It is past the time to point out that we have had all the help we can stand.

    9. JFBeck says:

      The end is near for the Dems. Next weeks shell shocker with Brown will turn this whole country around in one short week.

      You will see Nancy's voting margin begin to bail on her and their seat over the next two months.

    10. Dusty says:

      Why is this lady in office and blind can be to what is really going on. This congress and this president are killing this country and trying to undermine what my ancestors have fought and worked to create. There are no incentive for people who go out work and pay there taxes. This not helping the middle or lower class but createing a since of entitlement. Bussinesses want hire because they are being punished for productive.

    11. Catriona, Ohio says:

      Nancy Pelosi is an absolute disgrace! To think that she is a mother and a grandmother! She is so intent on "having her own way" it is almost childlike the way she deludes herself! Give it up Mrs. Pelosi you cannot possibly win this unjust war of yours!

    12. Norma, Mo. says:

      I feel like I am reading a fictional book about the future where someone is remembering how the demise of America occurred. I think the botox has leaked into Pelosi's brain and the electrical activity there is what is described in medicine as "erratic". Now, this described future is not here yet, so what can we do to stop this destruction? I don't know, short of a revolution. We can start by voting them all out but we have to do our work and make sure the ones we vote in are not the same selfish people.

    13. Chris, Colorado says:

      I sincerely do not understand why Republicans are not putting out a more clear message about the destruction that this current administration's economic policies are imposing on this once great country. I hear many, many words being said, but I want more facts; point out FACTS about past policies; lay it all out in black and white and for crying out loud, hold their feet to the fire. So many legitimate questions are thrown out there but nobody is held accountable for answering them…they just go on to other conversation with insisting on answers! I am so tired of politics and "business as usual" and believe that for the most part Republicans are still a part of that status quo! Heritage, thank you for your truly objective and very informative reporting. You are appreciated.

    14. Kim Misch, Fallston, says:

      At this point in time there is really only one phrase that comes to mind, "God help us one and all."

    15. Dan, Simi Valley, CA says:

      Madame Pelosi is stuck on stupid. When will someone notice that the Emperor has no clothes? Ooops, don't want to go there!

    16. BillinVegas says:

      Add to her stellar record the refusal to turn on the water for the San Joaquin Valley, where severe draught has turned that once fruitful area into a veritable dust bowl, citing authority from EPA to "protect" an endangered 2" fish! The result is massive food shortages for the entire country, rampant unemployment, the destruction of large groves of fruit trees, nut trees and others which have existed for most of the 20th century, and are perilously in danger of passing the point of any viable return to production. One of the first steps to instilling Communism is to create famine, which leads to massive unemployment, food shortage, riots and finally complete desperation from which the "Government" seizes all power in the name of "saving" the nation – witness how this occurred in the Ukraine – it is the same pattern developing in California. Add this to Barbara Boxer's list of accomplishments, as well!

    17. Harry, Illinois says:

      As the old saying goes, "Liar, Liar, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire". Until we have full Bi-partisanship representation, we will not have HONEST and FAIR representation.

      Since when does a bill such as Healthcare represent the peoples interest when we have 10% unemployement and is only in the interest of 30 million people instead of everyone. I'm all for affordable healthcare for everyone, but not when only one group of political representatives are in favor of the bill. This bill will become the Mother of all Entitlements and will break the bank which is already broke.

    18. David Grooters says:

      How did Nancy P get to Detroit for the Auto show? All Washington folks should be asked to raise ther hands if they flew in.

    19. john koss says:

      Try this on for size. For all of these corporations outside the United States. (Garment industry, auto parts manufacters, etc.etc) They bring their companies back here and there are no taxes levied on the business other than wage and utility costs. OH MY! Cut all the bureaucratic largesse, (staffing,pensions at our expense), and we wouldn't need a Health Care debate.The American People would finally feel good about something; need less mental health help, probably lose tons of weight and we could be free of all the left leaning do-gooders who feel they have to help everyone, (except when it has to come out of their pocket)!

    20. Steve Wold says:

      As an owner of a small business that has survived 15 years, it is simply not possible to hire new employees under the threat of Obama Care. The current load of FICA and Medicare/Medicaid, and unemployment insurance and the costs of Obama Care and the other costs of supporting an employee, require that to hire an employee with a base salary of $26,000 per year (hardly a living wage) we need that employee to generate more than $50,000 in sales per year. Not every employee contributes directly to gross sales, making it harder to achieve this average. Hiring an employee is a major commitment and a long-term liability that greatly increases the risk of the company failing when the economy and sales become weak. With the government printing paper money by the trillions, with national debt and interest being paid rising, with the dollar deflating and the cost of resources and labor inflating, and international trade unprofitable, why is the government holding its breath waiting for small businesses to start making investment, increase savings, and hiring new employees? We're trying to pay our employees a living wage, with health insurance, life insurance, education benefits, occupational safety insurance, and contribute to 401k plans for retirement. It appears the democrats don't have a clue about how to keep the economy running profitably and expanding. I think we will see 15% inemployment before we are half way through 2010.

    21. Reagan Reep says:

      I keep thinking "Are these people crazy? You know, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

      If not why are they intent on bringing this nation down?

    22. Ken Jarvis says:

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    23. Anderson,CA says:

      My only comment so far–because I only read SOFAR…whoever is writing the articles–do NOT us "then" as a comparative conjunction! It is an adverb for time setting.

      Line: "Even worse then [sic] her past "accomplishments" is Speaker Pelosi's future agenda,…"

      I'm seeing this a LOT in articles on the web. I've finally blown my gasket here!

    24. chuck says:

      The only thing I know is that this entire Government including Nancy need to be Voted out. If they are not voted out, then that tells me that people are not paying attention to what is going on and they are just as out of touch like this Governm ent is

    25. Dennis Social Circle says:

      These comments only show how out of touch the dems, pelosi, reid and obama are with the rest of the country. Their agenda is nothing more than power and controll. If they can get enoungh of the people to depend on the "guvernment" for all their needs and most of their wants, then they have the absoulte in power and controll. We must remember that obam said to spred the walth, to me t5hat means I work and other live off the sweat of my brow.

      It is past time for people to stand on their own feet, get a job and pay your way.

    26. joan, connecticut says:

      Mrs Pelosi, refused to answer questions about the huge group in her entourage to Copenhagen. Many representatives flew with their families, on three air force jets costing the American Public millions of tax dollars. One dinner party is estimated to have cost TEN THOUSAND. Its okay to spend lavishly on the taxpayer dime, and the best part for Pelosi, and crew is __NO ACCOUNTABILITY!! I am sick of the Washington political office holders, using our wallets to fund their entertainment. What was the big need for the trip to Denmark? They knew in advance that the Global warming meeting was an exercise in futility– yet they had to go on another free trip, with the best four star hotels and restaurants that OUR money could buy. We need to wake up and vote these freeloaders out in the next election.

    27. R.T. Greenwood, Afto says:

      I agree with the Heritage Foundation assessment as well but I would add that we need a competent Central Bank that accurately reports inflation and manages money supply to the REAL rate of inflation rather than some contrived version of this all-important measure.

      Good paying jobs are relative to price levels. Unions want to achieve good paying jobs artificially based on non-productivity rather than on productivity and efficiency. That method of salary increase and anything akin to it, union or not, is not acceptable.

      Let's focus on prices and keep prices down (primarily a money supply issue). Let's stay in touch with the world economy with an eye toward getting American manufacturing and workers involved in producing for foreign consumption.

    28. robert jones golden says:

      Why can't the gop impeach her?

    29. Donna, Florida says:

      Pelosi is too old for the position. She doesnt make any sense..She should stay home w her grandchildren and her investment millions.

    30. Ken Jarvis says:

      This is HOW Rush "cut's back". ——-

      From his web site -

      " I've told pilots to throttle back to 500 miles an hour

      to save jet fuel 'cause the price is skyrocketing on jet fuel. ————————

      "So look, I'm doing my part."

      The HF has gotten Nastier since they hooked up

      with Rush.

    31. Tim Gonsalves, Cinci says:

      There is a disconnect between Washinton & the country. The concept of public servant or service to the people has turned into a aristocracy where people belive they have the right to make us do what they want as they are superior & know better.I hope this years elections will change their tone. Both parties need to realise that it is we the people that are in charge.

    32. Margaret, California says:

      Everyone who has posted here fails to recognize that Madame Pelosi comes from a safe Democrat seat representing the city and county of San Francisco, one of the safest Democrat seats in the country, held by Dems since 1949. The District has only 13% Republican registration. She won the Congressional seat in 1987, and she's been reelected 10 more times with no substantive opposition, with 75 percent of the vote. Pelosi's district is so safe, that she gives away her campaign funds to other Dems.

      Top it off: she and her husband are wealthy and have a home in posh Pacific Heights over looking the Pacific side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

      So, she's not going any where, boys and girls. All we can hope to do is put her back in the minority.

    33. Michael New York says:

      The Obama and Pelosi 3.5 millions jobs created or saved are not on this planet, in this time, or this reality. It is quite possible that in a galaxy far far away these jobs have been created. With the current Empire and boy – king in charge, there will never be any economic growth or improvement of mankind. We will however, all suffer equally.

    34. Michael New York says:

      Bankers indeed have much to be thankful this year. Bankers including Jamie Dimon, John Mack, V. Pandit and numerous wall street executives supported Obama and his election. Thursday, Obama gets to repay them in kind. He will announce billions of dollars in new bank fees that cannot be passed on to consumers [really!] to be levied on banks. As the socialist Brown in the UK tax bonuses at 50% and we create an unhealthy banking environment in the US, banks and other businesses will of course begin fleeing these two economies to Asia. Obama will claim it is to repay the American people, but he is leaving out the Auto makers who will never repay TARP. Mr. Obama, if you really want to help America, simply stay on the Golf course and do nothing. Let's not forget it was the Bush administration that began the bailouts.

    35. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      How many more bold faced lies, deceptive dialogs, broken promises, and legislative assaults on our constitution in an effort to grab all possible power over the lives of the citizenship do we have to witness or have shoved down our throats before we come to understand this president and his maniacal mob are dragging the country, against the will of the people and with every tool of tyranny, into a lala land of perceived progressive Utopia?

      Is there nothing that can bring us to our senses before their desire for the demise of American capitalism and its heritage of intrinsic value to the world over is forever dissolved by the time proven evil within every attempt to use Marxist socialism by a group of political radicals as an agenda to “fundamentally transform” and change a society?

      Has all common sense, which would guide any true understanding of the American experiment begun by our founding fathers, tempered in time at great price through the fires of freedom, and portrayed by the blood of patriots as the one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, been drained from our common conscience by those foreign forces without such a heritage who wish to throttle what many far from our shores have correctly call “the last great hope for the world” against the enemies of freedom?

      How much blatant corruption in our government can we tolerate before our heritage of courage in the face of tyranny guide a national commitment to return us to the path of liberty which made us a light unto the world for all who cherish freedom

    36. maine says:

      She is so funny,talk about lip stick on a pig.Democrats have the right attitude, when they fail they say they succeeded…..when they are caught in a lie, they say it was the truth.When one of them says something that is racist, they say we are racists for hearing it…………..The RNC has there share of crooks but the DNC are really crooks that can ruin our country………..I say since we can't go third party, lets give the GOP another chance while we bring up a new crop of Conservatives on both sides……….send the Communists packing

    37. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Why are we still talking about the "numbers"(dollars) associated with Cap and Trade (aka Tax). The entire Climate Change/AGW Scam has been exposed as a monumental hoax.

      The concentration now should be to eliminate this thing in its entirety, Root, Branch and Leaf. This gets real deep into the entire legal "matrix" that has been built around the Environmental Agenda.

      This opportunity can not be lost. The Environmental agenda has suffered a severe setback. But it is only a setback. Their is however some hint of momentum on our side. This little flame' needs to be blown into a major conflagration


      Energy from our own resources must take priority. This nation was built on cheap and abundant energy.

      Until such time as Nuclear Energy from Fusion is available all the rest of the "renewable" energy sources should be investigated but NOT supported by the taxpayers. And of course, Drill Here, Drill Now and mine the coal and exploit the huge reserves of Natural Gas that we have. All of this along with a new startup of Nuclear Fission use and the accompanying research into Fusion that would go with revitalizing this part of our Energy Industry.

      This will be an UPHILL" battle with tons of environmentalist attorneys and miles of legalese to wade through and get rid of. We must make the effort, the future well being of our civilization depends on it

      PC is Thought Control


    38. Nick, Los Angeles says:

      Pelosi is one of those politicians who still believes that if she tells the lies enough, people will start to believe them.

    39. DJ Filak says:

      Why doesn't California vote her out of office? Any body from Ca. out there want to field this one? After all, its you people in California who keep her in office. Maybe we should boycott California, and Nevada too, do to arrogance and ignorance.

    40. Catherine West, San says:

      The President and leaders of both houses of Congress remain very consistent in their application of facts which support their already decided conclusions. Beautiful example was contained on one page of N.C Times / UPI: one side was Obama stating that we aren't going along with emotion, but only scientific fact for stem cell; sitting next to the head of AEC stating we can't use Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste because it is unsafe – even though American Engineers have worked 10 years on the project and know it is safe! It's located in Sen. Reid's State!

      Pres. Obama has run into Dame Margaret Thatcher's identified problem with Socialism "Not enough people!" to tax. He has to go after whatever he can find and very rapidly – Health Act within the next 14 days or before Feb. 1 – for money because he has used Our Taxpayer Resources up! Of course continues to tax according to class – not evenly throughout the United States as stated in Article I:8!

      To Chris in CO: The Republicans are ignored totally by media – except Fox & especially this Administration who cannot understand the difference between Party politics and the Declaration with the Constitution and depend on Republicans to conform to their standard of practice! Republicans listen to 'We the people'!

      To Every American regardless of Party: Please Note, Republicans have not and will not budge one step from 'We the people's 74%' & the principles ignored by "Patient Protection (it doesn't) and Affordable (it isn't) Act (to help the Executive Branch retain 6% of GNP & demean the checks and balances between the three branches of government) while not repaying States to support the Medicaid part.

      In short, the Speaker is blind and deaf to any fact. Only the great god – Obama is allowed.

    41. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      First, in the article above, comes the factual exposing and taking apart Comrade Pelosi's misinforming, misleading, and false claims to help herself and her fellow power and money-grabbing statists grab all the power and money they can grab to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" (to quote their Comrade Obama) " into their statist "utopia" through such as their causing and/or manipulating crisis and "never let(ting) a serious crisis go to waste" (to quote their Comrade Rahm Emanuel), but then at the end of the article comes "We share Pelosi' vision"?

      This is not a personal attack or anything else improper, etc, but what's that supposed to be…an "olive branch" of shared vision, goals, and friendship to a power and money-grabbing statist named Nancy Pelosi, not to mention her power and money-grabbing statist Comrades such as Obama?

      Now let's all get this straight…Not only do we, the people, not share the actual vision of such a statist as Nancy Pelosi, and that of her statist Comrades, but they don't want to be our friends! What they want instead is the power and money to continue to mislead us into surrendering to such as them our freedoms for their statist false claims of "security", etc, and destroy anybody and anything which would oppose and expose them and their statist agenda, all in order for them to create their statist "utopia" where such statists as they control us, the people, and every part of our lives…Or haven't such government statists, throughout history to this day, already repeatedly made that evident and obvious enough through their power and money-grabbing words and actions?

    42. john Arizona says:

      Ken Jarvis: Don't change the subject – tell us how you feel about Nancy Pelosi. We know how you feel about Rush.

      Only the far left think Nancy P and Harry R are doing great things for this country. No need to ask where Ken Jarvis fits on the spectrum

    43. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Pelosi is simply disconnected from the reality in America and apathetic about her lack of a complete synapse between two functioning brain cells. Actually she has demonstrated such a lack of integrity for so long that she actually believes her own drivel. Just review the video of when Joe Wilson gave a shout out to integrity during a Presidential speech when he yelled out, “You Lie!” Her open gaped mouth and bobbing head appeared to resemble a freshly caught trout just taken from Pennsylvania stream.

      Margaret from California aptly described the problem with voting Pelosi out of her acquired seat. Way too many liberals in her district there who seem to all be smoking the same bad grade of dope as they go thru life absolutely incapable of being embarrassed by their personally expressed illogical thoughts or actions. She is drunk on her own power. Voting her out seems to be not an option. So the 13% need to use their collective fluid intelligence to accomplish their goal of no more Princess Pelosi.

      I recently received an email with a video clip of a Bob Hope movie in which one of his lines that he replied to a description of zombies as mindless, people with death in their eyes, not knowing what they are doing or why but continue to go on anyway with the quick reply of, “YOU MEAN JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS!” Apparently it was as apt then as it is now; just the face of the poster child has changed.

    44. BettyeJo Martin says:

      How can we get rid of her??????

    45. Deborah Hanson says:

      I am so sick and tired of Nancy Pelosie's lies! Why can't anyone stop her? Why can't anyone stop all this corruption in Washington? I feel Nancy Pelosie is a domestic terrorist along with other's and should be arrested or at least impeached. And I am not alone these days for sure. Does this country have to have a full out and out revolution again before someone stops this countries bleeding? Do innocent men, women and children need to die to protect our constitutional rights?

    46. Suzanne Clark-Florid says:

      Even San Franciscians have to be exhausted. She is an embarrassment to this great city and encourages yet worse burdens on her local people, fellow Californians' and all Americans.

    47. william says:

      Nancy Pelosi is a fraud. If she had been as successful as she claims, she would answer a question now and then insteady of hding behind that foolish laugh.

    48. Thomas Moore says:

      Who pushed America into an abyss? short answer: The very people you elected. Why not un-elect the Senate deadwood?


    49. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Shiela Crossley, Ogegon

      "build a new economy" !!! I just about lost it right there.

      I really wish one of the Economics Intellects on the left would really explain to us what is fundamentally wrong with the existing economy. It has withstood everything from multiple wars and multiple natural disasters to periods of almost stifling peace.

      And interestingly enough it would already be a long way into recovery from this "Man Made Disaster" dropped on us by Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Schumer, Reid, Rangle, and on and on and on if not for their boneheaded efforts to "fix" the economy.

      Unfortunately, Fixing, as in repairing and maintaining the economy like a treasured heirloom that works, is the furthest thing from their "Collectivist" minds.

      November cannot get here fast enough.

      PC is Thought Control


    50. George, Lancaster, N says:

      I'm sorry, but this woman is clueless. In her first year she blamed it ALL on Bush. Now I imagine she blames the trillion dollar deficit, 17% unemployment rate, record home forclosures and business failures on him too. Meanwhile the lady takes 20+ congressman to Copanhagen for the Global meltdown talks, which everyone knows is a hoax. She, along with Obama, Reid, Frank and the other liberals are totally incompetent.

    51. Judith in Michigan says:

      Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid are the most dangerous people in American politics today. But they are not stupid as a lot of folks contend. They are vicious, cunning thugs and know exactly what they are doing. They control by intimidation, threats and revenge. .

      Think we could vote their liberals pals out of office? Don't be so sure. With Acorn on the scene, union thugs patrolling voting places, and various schemes they could possibly implement (a' la Chavez and Castro style politics) who knows what could happen.

      How about it Massachusetts' voters? Ready to bring sanity and integrity back to DC? Start by electing Mr. Brown to the Senate on 1-19-10. It would be a beginning.

      Oh, Ms. Jarvis, About your Rush complaint. Guess you can't recognize sarcasm when you hear it. Rush was sticking his finger in the eye of all of you hypocritical liberals. (How many jets did Ms. Pelosi & Co take to Copenhagen??? )

      Glad I could help you out here.

      Your welcome.

    52. Ed in Ca. says:

      Here is a report from Detroit, Michigan where hte Democrats have controlled since 1961. This was the richest city in America before the New World Order took over. Take a gander at this and see where Pelosi and the Dems are taking this country. A real eye opener. Obama has already stated that Americans are mean spirited so, this is how they are going to tame us down for riding. Just like training a bucking Bronco. They just don't like our Freedoms and are out to take us to a Third World Staus.

      A bit different from Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”.

      This is what the democrats have done to Detroit


    53. laurie, hawaii says:

      Queen and Kings of corruption, Nancy, Reid, Obama. They do not care if they are not re-elected because the "health bill" is filled with healthy massive permanent money deals for these creators of wealth for themselves. They will never need to work a day again….while the rest of us pay. To simplify the "health plan bill" compared to health savings banks, etc. where the individual is in charge of his own spending. Imagine you go out to dinner with thousands of people. Some want Lobster and Martini's and others arre more humble with the broccoli, rice and water. The broccoli eaters should not be paying for the caviar, lobster consumers. I do not want to pay for someone else's sex change or abortion. Thank you very much nor Nancy Pelosi's husband, and friends special interests billions of bucks diamond parachutes.

      They are stealing the last country with individual freedom. SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING AND IMMORAL AND OUTRAGEOUS

      Laurie in Hawaii

    54. Sue in Detroit says:

      Ed in Ca thanks for sharing the you tube on detroit. The left policies have ruined detroit. Is the plan for the rest of the country?

    55. Bob Maize says:

      Obama has created one new job in me. it doesn't pay very well and is only as full time as i will be able to devote to it but i forsee this new job to be a great asset to our country.

      I hereby pledge myself to the singleminded and unending effort to deny re election to each and every politicial incumbent [regardless of party affiliation] at all levels of government, especially the Federal and State. i feel no kinship to the Repubublicans that have allowed this situation to have come to pass and feel that a whole new congress and senate could not possibly do a worse job– the old do nothing legislators are preferable to the ones we are saddled with today.. the democrats are showing their true colors now that they believe the health care bill is passed and are acting like smash and grab burglers hastening their thefts before the police arrive.

      Where are the patriots that will save our nation from this European modeled socialist nightmare — we need to find them to take our country back– we can no longer afford to profer weak minded and weaker willed political candidates.

      Our Warriors know what they are giving to their country, the rest of us need to find out what our contribution will be and to begin honoring our obligations to this great land.

    56. Juan Vega, Florida says:

      I have been in this country over 45 years. I have an MBA which I earned working nights. I worked in Wall Street, I am the type of "minority" Democrats want to keep in bondage. I have live overseas working for corporations, I have my own business with 18 employees. I have worked all of my life to take care of family and help friends and repay this country for the freedom and opportunity it gave me when I left Cuba. In all of the years we survived Carter and the Clintons. Today I fear for our Nation yet I am hopeful because for once those of us that believe in our heritage by the Grace of GOd and the Founding Fathers stand ready to fight not just with words but with deeds. Socialism is a curse born of envy, arrogance, lies, and deceit. Obama and his cohorts are the worse and most dangerous polticians I have seen the imperil or democracy. I am a Conseravtive that believes in personal freedom and small government- Let's keep up the fight

    57. Cookie Chicago,Illin says:

      Pelosi needs to GO. She is a low life lying sneaky little runt. Every word out of her mouth is a lie. She is corrupt, and only has one agenda, HERS!!!

    58. workerbee says:

      Pelosi would do well to realize most americans are not brain fried zombies such as she serves in her district.

    59. David, Austin, TX says:

      The only way to have sustained economic growth is to let people keep more of their money (reduce taxes). When people have more money to spend, they will spend it. It is the exchange of money that keeps the economy alive, much like the blood flowing through our bodies keeps us alive.

    60. robert sargent west says:

      the only thing she is good for is spending our tax dollars on herself.the lies upon lies will catch up with her.with all the deal making and the stealing she and her congress mob does its so wonder they are not behind bars.dem.and gop,and the independ voters will vote in 2010 it will tell us where we are going right or wrong.

    61. toledofan says:

      How can anyone with any intelligence look arouind and not see what is going on: unemployment is somewhere between 10 – 20%, housing is in the tank, our deficeit is well over 12 trillion dollars, there have been 3 terrorist attacks in the past year, the bailouts have been a bust, and the klist goes on. So, how can anyone who thinks they are 'smart', think what they are doing is helping or working. I just think the water in Washington must be filled with extra brain stimulus to make everyone there smarter?

    62. Judy, MA says:

      Obama with the promise of stimulating the economy and bringing down the unemployment would to create "green jobs". Who the heck is he kidding? Sorry but we weren't born yesterday. This is such a joke. Obama, Reid & Pelosi we are on to you. We've had it with the Lies. I can't wait to

      vote on 1/19/10 BROWN FOR MASSACHUSETTS SENATOR. Kennedy it is not your seat. It's our seat. Remember when Jesse Jackson said when H.W.Bush was running "get out of the bushes". Well, Mr.Jackson we are saying get the heck out of our seat. You Dems don't own it. HA HA

    63. Pingback: Worlds Collide: Twitter Has More Uptime Than Facebook | twittersRus.info

    64. Jack Metcalf, UT says:

      For all my (5) liberal friends, what does it take to convince you this admininistration and its' stooges have already cost your and my children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren their financial future?

      With good conscience, how can you stick to your original convictions about Obama?

      When is enough, enough? Come November please do your part to bring an end to this madness?

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