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  • How Much Did Obama's Copenhagen Failure Cost You?

    The 2010 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen ended as another colossal failure for the Obama administration, but the loss did not come cheap to American taxpayers. As CBS News reported last night, over 101 people (including Senators, Representatives, their spouses, and staff) took three military planes and racked up 321 hotel nights and ate tens of thousands of dollars in meals … all on the taxpayers dime.

    Watch CBS News Videos Online

    You can find the rest of Heritage’s Copenhagen coverage at Copenhagen Consequences.

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    15 Responses to How Much Did Obama's Copenhagen Failure Cost You?

    1. Jeff Lindsay says:

      There is a need for careful cost-benefit analysis of climate change proposals. The punitive trillions that we will be asked to pay will have only a minute impact, even if the climate models relied on are correct (none of which, by the way, came even close to predicting the decade-long cooling pattern we have experienced). Is there a better way? Are the costs worth the harms that will come from cutting energy use among people who need that energy or lack resources to deal with the burden of higher costs? Might it not be better to focus on adaption rather than trying to change the world's weather?

    2. Ozzy6900 says:

      Tell my why all these people HAD to be there? Why 321 nights of frolic… oh I mean "work"? Tens of Thousands of meals?

      Meanwhile, the rest of us back here in REALITY can't pay our bills, or find jobs! And the worst of it is it was a useless conference because there is no Global Warming! It was 23° in Orlando, FL this morning, there is frost all over the South, even Northern Mexico was below normal this week!

    3. Linda Goodman Ital says:

      Why do we appear aghast at news like this??? We should all be used to the frivilous, wasteful spending in Washington by now. It is way past time to put the brakes on this type of nonsense. One thing I think this administration has certainly succeeded on is raising the ire of the American people at stupid, wasteful spending in Washington, by both parties. It's been going on for decades, but the accelerated rate has caught everyone's attention. We are fed up and ready to take our country back. I hope and pray we all stick together come election time and vote the bums out, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. They are all responsible for the nonsense that has been happening.

    4. Liz, Fairfax, VA says:

      While I'm certainly unhappy about the cost of the debacle to the tax payers, it was rather delicious to see obama fail. Yes, lower case "o" on purpose.

    5. Bob Stein, St. Cloud says:

      OK … so what was the total $$ cost? How about the Olympics trip? The Nobel Peace prize trip? The Obama 2009 Apology tour?

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    7. jbtrevor, Stowe, VT says:

      Ah come on! What's a few hundred thousand $$$. The good news is we have the money to pay for this; the bad news – it's still in OUR pockets!

    8. Trevor Johnson U.K. says:

      All politicians waste taxpayers money, not only in the U.S.A. I cannot see any excuse for President Obama for taking any more people rather than his immediate staff. Perhaps President Obama would consider wasting less Taxpayers money on the war in Afghanistan. The Poppy fields are still there and that is how the Taliban are financed, by selling the processed Heroin to buy wepons.

    9. stephan says:

      @Liz, Fairfax, VA : "It was rather delicious to see Obama fail? How nice of you, if Obama fails, America fails. Is that what you like to see? Naturally, it's ridiculous how many members of Congress and their hula went to Copenhagen – but it is painful to see all misery in the USA is Obama's fault. Luckily Mr G.W Bush did a tremendous job in his 8 years.

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    13. Joanof arc says:

      The fully undocumented climate warming program that Al Gore supports (a company he owns a vested interest in) has received enormous financial benefits resulting from the millions of dollars in subsidies he has already received from our tax dollars to further the implementation of concepts/products in order to decrease carbon omissions due to the alleged urgency and demise to the entire world he has stressed in order to gain legislative favor.

      This has now been found not to be factually documented and reported. He and his cohorts pay no attention to the history of our world where catastrophes are well documented and have taken place randomly throughout history for no specific reason other than a product of our cosmic environment or caused by our propulsion into space and our setting off explosions on planets just to see the affects. However, they prefer to place all the blame on carbon omissions by over consumption of fuel, etc. It's a shame they don't practice what they preach. Al Gore's private plane, and the Air Fore One airplane which has made three trips over to Copenhagen, one for the Olympics, one for Obama to protest his qualification for the Nobel Prize and one for the Global Summit. In additional to the military jets ( 2 – 737's and a Gulfsteam Five – up to 64 passengers traveling in luxurious comfort not to mention hotel accomodations and food costs,

      If there is any form of global warming, interrupting the natural operation of our solar system can cause more aftershocks than can be imagined. Other factors like the constructions of enormous sized buildings and overcrowding caused by construction of residential homes within the confines of a small area likewise can increase atmospheric pollution buildup. If local and state governments would establish limitations on the size of their skyscrapers and number of homes, shopping centers etc. that can be constructed within their municipalities (or within a square mile radius) pollution could be diluted and could reduce the impact and we could maintain a better ecological balance with less consequences on our atmosphere.

      While conserving our resources is always a good idea, it should not be distorted as being the prime cause of severe atmospheric disasters taking place. like tsunamis etc..

      However rather than accept the obvious it is more financial rewarding to create a new process in order to increase taxes and provide wealth to those who would benefit from receiving subsidies (which Congress so willingly dishes out ) when in practicality they could have initiated a contest and given a award to the individual or company producing the most effective and least costly way of controlling carbon omissions much less costly to us and not even. needing legislative control other than special tax benefits. Our President and Congress are not good negotiators or anything else for that matter. They can’t even balance the budget yet they quickly fault the American people who work hard and struggle to survive while they spend, spend, spend. They receive automatic pay increases yet decide not to give those on Social Security any cost of living expense on the pretense that no increase in the cost of living took place. Apparently they do not do any shopping where the cost of products and services have increased significantly over the last year alone but because they are so removed from the American people and have sufficient income they have no clue.

      It’s easy to hand out our money and when depleted, put us into further debt by borrowing money from foreign countries. When that doesn’t work they levy additional taxes.

      I guess we should give more credit to China because they saw through the farce. Fully knowing about the discrepancies existing and the disclosed information indicating that climate warming cannot be isolated as to being caused by any one specific factor,.

      Obama bragged about the success of the internet, why didn't he hook up by teleconference which would have saved us an enormous amount of money and reduced considerably all the carbon omissions expelled by our aircraft.. .Instead they partied lavishly at our expense . Whoever approved of the enormous number of congressional employees and wives to attend this summit should be made to pay for this outrageous expense. The enormous number of congressional employees and wives who attended this summit should have to pay 100% of the cost. Maybe they will be more cautious when they spend our money.

    14. Joanof arc says:

      Soory misspelled the critical storm name – tsunamis

    15. Joanof arc says:

      Sorry – My fingers are not too nimble, Please pardon my spelling errors.

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