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  • What Terrorism, Job Losses, and Health Care Have in Common

    There are links between terrorist attacks, job losses, and the health care legislation that is being completed behind closed doors: 1) A massive failed bureaucracy didn’t protect Flight 253 from a would-be bomber, so why expect that an even-larger bureaucracy can protect our health? 2)With 10% unemployment and 85,000 more jobs lost during the Christmas buying season, why pass a health care bill that promises to be a huge job-killer?

    The common factor is that big government cannot efficiently guarantee homeland security or job security, much less health security. Big government is killing the economy by making it too risky for companies to create jobs.

    While terrorist attacks and the suffering job market push health care out of the headlines, the threat of government-run health care moves ahead stealthily behind closed doors. Its hallmarks are exorbitant costs, extreme bureaucracy, and no help for the 85% of Americans who have coverage they find satisfactory (but just wish didn’t cost so much). But the legislation is no longer about them.

    As one writer observed, “What started as a plan to find ways to cover people who don’t have insurance transformed into thousands of pages of new regulations, mandates, prohibitions, oversight and general central control.”

    Both House and Senate bills would retain an army of existing health bureaucrats, and add a new bureaucracy under the “health czar”—formally known as the “Health Choices Commissioner”–with far more intrusive regimentation of your life than any airport screening system.

    Adding more taxpayer-funded bureaucracy was President Obama’s announced response to a failed security system, and he’s applying that same approach to health care, just as he does to jobs.

    When the Labor Department announced the loss of 85,000 more jobs, President Obama’s “solution” was to subsidize the creation of a claimed 17,000 “green” jobs by giving $2.3-billion in subsidies to wind and solar energy. That works out to $135,295 in taxpayer per money per job, but will also kill more jobs than it creates, by displacing current energy sector jobs.

    Reality doesn’t work the way Obama claims. We already have 7.7-million fewer jobs than Obama promised we’d have if we passed if we passed his $787-billion “stimulus” package. And most jobs “saved or created” were government jobs.

    Voters are not fooled. According to Rasmussen Reports, “Half of voters nationwide (50%) say increases in government spending hurts the overall economy. Just 28% says increased government spending helps the economy.”

    So why make the job market worse by passing President Obama’s health care plan? As The Heritage Foundation has assessed, the pending health care legislation—with its taxes, regulations and mandates—will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Big government is what is holding back the economy. More big government is the disease, not the cure.

    As one business analyst tells the media “Unemployment is at 10 percent and all these businesses see are higher costs in the future from health care and other policies — so they are hoarding cash. They’re making money, but why logically would any businessman use this money to expand if he doesn’t know what all his costs will be because of the expansion of these government programs?”

    Our biggest job-creators, small businesses, are especially skittish. As NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses) reports, after its latest national survey of small business, the problem is the uncertainty caused by big government:

    The horizon is filled with cost unknowns, from healthcare to cap and trade to yawning deficits and the need to come to grips with them, from paid family and medical leave to card check, from expiration of the Bush tax cuts to state decisions about their finances. Washington cannot expect small business owners, facing difficult economic circumstances anyway, to commit themselves to investing in new employees or equipment and vehicles without acknowledging and revealing the policy-inspired costs that will be imposed on them. It is all about uncertainty and confidence.

    A similar and detailed description was also offered in the Wall Street Journal by economic scholars from Stanford and the University of Chicago (including Nobel Prize winner Gary S. Becker), who summarized the stifling threat as “changes that could radically transform the American economy.”

    As President Ronald Reagan so often reminded us, government is not the solution . . . it’s the problem.

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    13 Responses to What Terrorism, Job Losses, and Health Care Have in Common

    1. Candice Roy says:

      Until we accept that we are at war, from within, and do it very, very soon, we will not have the America that we love.

      It's frightening.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I did not choose today's majority congressional demagogues nor the community organizer and his non-vetted Czars. These elected elite and puppet henchmen not only misrepresent the citizenry's best interests, but they're threatening injury to the American way of life I and others spent decades defending. It's time to get back to constitutional basics. I pray more states will do just that.

    3. Dennis Social Circle Ga. says:

      The dems sold the American a bill of goods, just to bad the load smell like BS. During the campaign it was said that all would out in the open, someone forgot to tell pelosi and reid about being open to the people. It was never meat to to be open in the beginning, now we have people being bough to vote the way the dems want, those that don’t are shunned and pushed to the side. WE MUST REMEMBER AND VOTE IN 2010.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      half the country may believe in these communists and crooks, NOT THE RIGHT HALF.

    5. cynthia jones says:

      I think it is a travesty when Bills are passed by our government that are composed off the hill, are too large to read, passed in the middle of the night, with bribes and other scullduggery, that nobody wants but will affect everyone of us. There is something wrong when those in government who are law breakers or incompetent or both or have glaring conflicts of interest but are appointed to positions of power or allowed to get a pass altogether when the rest of us MUST OBEY or go to JAIL, or PAY FINES.
      There is something wrong when terrorists with whom we are supposedly at war are given access to our criminal courts, legal rights as one of our citizens for committing acts of war against innocent civilians. They have every reason now to go after civilians wantonly. They will not be questioned or made to pay for what they have done,and it will cost the taxpayers in insecurity as well as treasure. We are now even more likely to become targets. Only those who attack our forces will be sent to military tribunals? Where is the common sense in that?

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    7. Darryl, Lexington, K says:

      While politicians view the various Obama initiatives as Democrat v. Republican, their focus becomes necessarily constricted. A less constricted view creates a period in our history that needs to be viewed much more seriously: government v. citizens, the federal government v. States , politicians v. the U.S. Constitution. While 'hope and change' might implement gradually over time, tyranny is tyranny and our once free nation could be forever diminished by the selfish actions of a few hundred unprincipled, party adherent politicians whose prime talents and energies devote to counting thier votes.

      Among our founders, especially Jefferson , many predicted such a challenge for our young Republic. Sadly, the Party of Jefferson has become the party of Marx while the GOP glides from one issue to the next with an eye upon counting the next vote.

      But for an awakening of the people and the States, and the birth of principled leaders to reset our course and limit the tenure of our self absorbed legislators, our fate may be set upon the events in Washington today.

    8. susan neal, Irving t says:

      The last year has been the most depressing time in my life; for the first time, I am very fearful of the damage deing done to our economy and even more fearful if this insane obamacare bill passes; I have never seen such arrogance, power-grabbing and defiance in the face of the taxpayers who will be forced to foot the bill for all of this fiscal irresponsibility; I knew when the dems took over both houses, it would be like this and I tried to warn every one who would listen, but they didn't; they bought into the media-produced image of obama and never gave any critical thought or scrutiny into his philosophy and his associations; Sean Hannity and Rush warned us repeatedly and now I am so angry at the ignorant voters who have brought this evil upon us; I am so grieved for this nation; I pray and cry about it and have awakened many nights worrying about the future of America and whether She will ever be the same again; My motto is: SAY NO TO THE P.R.O.(pelosi,reid,obama) PLAN!

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    10. C.Adli says:

      One word;Democrats.

    11. Michael Blum, Florid says:

      Welcome to the U.S.S.A., the United Socialist States of America and be prepared for the future. Our government has all our best interests at heart.

      Approximately 85% of our population has medical insurance, so instead of creating assigned risk pools,enacting legislation to insist that insurance carriers do their jobs, using the underutilized VA Medical Hospitals, allowing small business to act as a unit to procure health benefits across state lines, let's create a mammoth healthcare system run by the government for the remaining 15%. What a great way to usurp power. After all, our government has bankrupted Medicare, social security, the Freddie's and Fannies,and itself, so it stands to reason that an enormous healthcare system will run beautifully. At least as good as the postal system. Will illegal aliens have access to these healthcare benefits? The healthcare bill says no,only legals. However, in 2010, the immigration reform act will be before the Congress promising to give amnesty to millions of illegals. Therefore yes, they will have healthcare.

      Large government that governs aspects of your life means less freedom. IT HAS TO! Large government means you will pay more taxes. IT HAS TO! Our present government has caused every political problem we now face. Do you believe the problem will solve the problem? What do you believe?

    12. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      All three make for a top heavy Government system. More Government employeees than Private Sector employees, and that in of itself can not stand.
      It would be as requiring a human being to survive on air alone. The Government cannot feed itself, nor can it be fed with less than three quarters of the remaining working population.
      This requires one quater of each individual’s monies to be spent on Government, in taxes, fees, and such, and that includes the Government’s own employees. That is the maximum amount of Government to Private ratio. The ratio works very well with everyone eraning more and saving more and spending more, as the ratio of Government employees goes down and the Private sector employees goes up.
      Everyone is happier! Except maybe Congress.

    13. Drew Page, IL says:

      Terrorism, job losses and health care have two things in common and they are, (1) a president that doesn't know how to deal with any of them and (2) a Congress that wants to throw money at at of them.

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