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    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our redesigned blog, The Foundry, now available at www.foundry.org. The Foundry is the conservative policy news blog that offers the latest and greatest from The Heritage Foundation. Every day, Heritage experts and analysts provide insight into the day’s news, using well-crafted research, data, charts and analysis. You’ll also find commentary on breaking news, national policy, congressional events and the White House.

    If you’ve been a regular reader of The Foundry, you know about the great content we have to offer. Based on feedback from loyal readers like you, we’ve made it easier to navigate the site and interact with The Heritage Foundation. On the right side of the page, you’ll now be able to get to our Facebook or Twitter pages in one click, where you can become a fan or follower, interact with other likeminded readers, participate in live online events, share our articles with friends, and send us your feedback. You can browse our Flickr photo gallery and see the exciting events and personalities that Heritage welcomes daily. You can subscribe for our e-newsletters or our RSS feed, get the entire blog delivered to you daily on your Kindle, and of course, you can donate and become a Heritage member and help support the growing conservative renaissance.

    To make navigation easier, we’ve given you the ability to search by your favorite author or analyst and see our most popular, commented on, and linked-to articles so you never miss a thing. Interested in a particular policy area? Now you can click on the relevant Leadership for America Initiative to see all of our posts in that particular subject area. You can also watch streaming videos on site or visit our newly redesigned YouTube channel, which is home to hundreds of videos on a wide range of topics. We’ll post our favorite videos on The Foundry, and whenever a Heritage analyst or expert is on television, we’ll share their broadcast insights with you immediately. The Foundry is your one-stop shop.

    There is also a new and exciting edition to The Foundry called Foundry Features, which gives you quick access to our latest special features and content. Want to get plugged into the latest on health care reform or read our popular Morning Bell e-newsletter? They’re only a click away. In fact, joining 130,000 other Americans and getting the Morning Bell delivered to your mailbox has never been easier.

    Want to go behind-the-scenes and hear from the extraordinary guests who visit Heritage every week? Check out our In The Green Room weekly video feature. Outside the Beltway explores how conservatism affects local communities and states. In Their Own Words gives newsmakers an opportunity to speak for themselves and our Guest Bloggers offers insights directly from congressional leaders and policy experts. And if you’re a Capitol Hill junkie, you’ll love The Cloakroom, which gives you a look at what legislative issues Congress will be addressing in the coming week.

    We’ll also share with you some of our favorite videos and tweets, whether they are from @Heritage or another commentator on Twitter. And it’s easier than ever to share your favorite posts with your friends, family and colleagues by using the one-click “Tweet This” option on every post or by clicking on the Facebook icon next to the author’s name.

    As always, we want to hear from you. We encourage all of our members, guests and readers to comment on each and every post on The Foundry. We remind everyone that The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish. That means we should all remember to be respectful of each other. While we may not always agree on policy, we should all agree that being appropriately informed is everyone’s intention visiting this site.

    Finally, we want to thank you. Without you, The Heritage Foundation would not be where it is today. We have more than 580,000 members and growing. We have more than 105,000 Facebook fans and growing. We have more than 32,000 people following us on Twitter and growing. And more than 130,000 subscribe to the Morning Bell every day, making it one of the most widely read, influential and premiere e-newsletters in Washington.

    We continue to grow because of you. Thank you for continuing to visit The Foundry and thank you for supporting The Heritage Foundation. We look forward to seeing you again shortly. And keep an eye out for a newly designed Heritage.org…coming soon.

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    11 Responses to Morning Bell: Bookmark It...Foundry.org

    1. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      I will.

    2. David, St. Louis says:

      Looks good, aside from the obvious server-strain this morning.

      Comments are still moderated! Ah, oh well.

    3. Jim Tegethoff, Wichi says:

      What site can someone get on to determine how conversative a Representative or Sentor is from there State.

    4. Bob Bluey says:

      I like the new format. Great Job!!!!!

    5. Harry Mina, Kansas C says:

      Looks good to me. I like the format and look forward to reading it every morning.

    6. Gary Underwood, Edmond, OK says:

      When I clicked the highlight for The Foundry Mozilla Firefox gave me an error page. At least twice. I opened IE it went straight to your page. Thought people would like to know.

    7. Jeff Nelson, Anchora says:

      I'm a new member to the Heritage Foundation and I'm telling every Conservative I know to sign up!

    8. Eugene Bryn Mawr says:

      More fluid and inviting! Spiritual fortitude….. 'For These We Strive' Philadelphia Light Horse 1774 Motto.

      Thanks for what you do….Keep the faith!

    9. fred tuccillo tren says:

      This pertains to the Health Care reform that President Obama and his minions in Congress are trying to foister on the citizens of the United States. If the plan is so good, why has Congress already decided to make all members of Congress exempt from being covered by it. They will be keeping the plan that they presently have. I have to assume that their plan will extend to the executive branch also, if it already doesn't do so. We are starting on a slippery slope to Socialism, and in my opinion, that stinks to high heaven.

    10. Harry Baro, Goergia says:

      I thought when the people vote and pass an amendment,law, that was it. Where does the courts have the right to say no, sorry. This country is ruled by too many liberals and they should be removed from their positions especially when THE PEOPLE speak and say NO! I am talking about same sex marriage in California. A real sad day.

    11. Pat Norris, Ohio says:

      Love this! Thank You, Heritage for all the hard work you do! YOU are APPRECIATED!! If I want the truth, I look to Heritage!!

    Comments are subject to approval and moderation. We remind everyone that The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish. Please be respectful of each other and the subjects of any criticism. While we may not always agree on policy, we should all agree that being appropriately informed is everyone's intention visiting this site. Profanity, lewdness, personal attacks, and other forms of incivility will not be tolerated. Please keep your thoughts brief and avoid ALL CAPS. While we respect your first amendment rights, we are obligated to our readers to maintain these standards. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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