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  • Legislation Would Block EPA’s CO2 Regulations

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to do what Congress couldn’t: regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases because allegedly “greenhouse gases threaten both the public health and the public welfare, and that greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles contribute to that threat.” To prevent this backdoor policy that would grant the EPA unprecedented authority over American economy, Congressman Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) introduced legislation on Friday that would prohibit the agency from implementing national greenhouse gas emissions standards. In his press release, Congressman Pomeroy said,

    Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the current provisions of the Clean Air Act is irresponsible and just plain wrong. That is why I introduced the Save Our Energy Jobs Act which would stop the EPA from moving forward with its proposal. I am not about to let some Washington bureaucrat dictate new public policy that will raise our electricity rates and put at risk the thousands of coal-related jobs in our state.”

    Regulating carbon dioxide would unnecessarily drive up the costs of energy. Because we use vast amounts of energy daily, in both personal use and the production of goods and services, those costs would spread like a virus throughout the economy. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce outlines a laundry list of businesses and entities that would potentially be affected under Clean Air Act regulations including schools, farms, restaurants, hospitals, apartment complexes and more.  And anything with a motor, beginning with vehicles but ranging all the way from lawnmowers, jetskis and leaf blows could be subject to price-boosting regulations.

    The EPA is proposing a rule change so the regulations would only affect businesses that emit 25,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions would prevent some of the smaller businesses from being directly targeted, but most would still be indirectly hit through higher energy costs.

    As a result, higher energy prices force production cuts, reduced consumer spending, increased unemployment, and ultimately a much slower economy. And since low-income households spend a larger percentage of their income on energy, GHG regulations would impact the nation’s poor the most.

    Having EPA bureaucrats micromanage the economy, all in the name of combating global warming, would be a chilling and massively expansive shift towards a top down regulatory environment. EPA regulations would essentially assure that a great deal of such economic activity would be held up for months, if not years. These problems have even state regulators up in arms:

    Regulators from around the U.S., including Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida and California, are calling on the EPA to go slowly with its new rules, and in some cases warning that they lack funding to regulate some of the new emissions sources that would be covered.

    The states’ warnings vary in urgency, with some saying the EPA’s proposal can be easily tweaked and others urging the agency to reconsider the proposal, predicting dire consequences. South Carolina regulators, in a letter to EPA dated Dec. 23, said the proposal will cause chaos and warned that many construction projects — and jobs — are at risk.

    In a Dec. 24 letter to the EPA, the California Energy Commission, which oversees energy policy in the state, said the EPA’s proposal “will likely retard, rather than facilitate,” reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions from its electricity sector.”

    Congressman Pomeroy’s bill is an essential one if we don’t want unelected officials destroying jobs or sending them overseas because it’s too expensive to conduct business at home. In a letter to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal emphasized that “We need sensible solutions to the environmental and economic challenges ahead.” The EPA’s actions are anything but sensible.

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    19 Responses to Legislation Would Block EPA’s CO2 Regulations

    1. philip hilliker says:

      Judges are abuseing their authority. They are to interpt the laws not use the power of the bench to make laws for soceity or our domain.

    2. CO2 Is Our Friend, Clemson SC says:

      This is a good thing and needs to be widely publicized, although the MSM will probably view it as counter to their masters’ agenda and stifle it. Let’s hope that Rep. Pomeroy proposes a straight-up bill to stop the EPA’s CO2 regulation efforts and that it doesn’t evolve in a 1400-page obscenity.

      And put it on CSPAN this time!

    3. Tailgunner, Stone Mo says:

      Isn't this the same government mentality that forced us to put catalytic converters on automobiles so that the WOULD produce CO2?

    4. Eddie,Henderson,Neva says:

      It is incomprehensible that a federal agency has ballooned into such a bureaucracy so as to affect the entire country in such a negative way. Aren't the employees of the EPA,American citizens also?? They obviously are either exempting themselves from the same dumb regs they impose on everyone else or like the congress,just drunk with power.

      Solution then is to clean out congress comes November and demand the EPA,NEA,Dept of Energy,along with other useless agencies be terminated and their respective bureaucrats sent to the unemployment office. Icing on the cake would be to junk the IRS and replace with the Fair Tax. This country would have an unprecented boom unlike any seen in many years.

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    6. robert sargent west says:

      with the economy the way it is .this is not the time.with the freedom stealing health care ready to be pushed on the american people.know the epa thinks its time to take more money from our earnings.i would to say STOP!!!!

    7. Ken says:

      Having the E P A in existance is a serious mistake. We can thank George Bush senior for that, he signed the legislation that created this boondoggle agency. ( Yet another one ) When will the state legislators figure out that its time for the states to leave what once was a UNION but has know become a DICTATORSHIP !

      Its as if they have never heard of the word SECESSION ! We need too start over.

      Washington isn't just broken, but broken beyond repair! Just the threat of several states seceding might bring all this stupid talk about health care to a screeching halt.

      Wake up America, before its to late! THE TIME IS NOW !

    8. Lock Piatt, San Anto says:

      NULLIFICATION using the powers granted States under the Constitution and the 10 th amendment. States can just refuse to honor the EPA regulations which have no basis in the laws passed by Congress. Bureaucracies can not just make up regulations at will the power must be clearly stated in the enabling laws.

      Just say no!

    9. Susan, DallasTX says:

      If only the EPA would be dismantled. I know we have to be good stewards of the earth, but enough is enough. They and their lawsuits, along with the ACLU, are ruining this country. Our government is out of control.

      The uprising is beginning….

    10. Mike Sullivan says:

      I support Rep. Pomeroy's efforts to fight the E.P.A. and stifle this bureacracy from adding more taxes and more cost to taxpayers pockets.

    11. Monkie Cincinnati, O says:

      Good to see all types of Americans standing up in unison against our run-away government bureaucracy. Fumigate the state capitols and DC and let's start over. Entire Departments should be abandoned, government needs to be shrunk. Unfortunately, even the best intentioned legislator is incentivized to work on being re-elected and not to legislate in the best interest of their constituency.

      Smaller government. NO to everything!

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