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  • Tweet of the Week: Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

    Our Tweet of the Week comes from Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Rep. Flake has his own “best of” feature. He highlights the “Egregious Earmark of the Week.” Last week, he put the spotlight on a $600,000 earmark for coastal tidal gauges in Alabama.

    From Rep. Flake, here’s the Tweet of the Week:

    @JeffFlake: The Tide may be nat’l champs, but this week’s egregious earmark shows the tide has yet to turn for earmark reform. http://bit.ly/6KkMjh

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    6 Responses to Tweet of the Week: Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

    1. Bobby Mosca, Birmingham, AL says:

      While I’m sure those gauges serve some sort of useful purpose, we (here in AL) should be paying for them if we need them, not the U.S. treasury. It is unfortunate there were not more Republicans in Congress like Rep. Flake when the GOP held the majority. They may still have that majority today.

      However, if ‘tidal gauges’ have something to do with Coach Saban’s ‘Process’, I’m all for it!

      Roll Tide!

    2. Mac Hall says:

      WIsh we had more like Jeff Flake to stop all the runaway spending!

    3. philip hilliker says:

      No amisty for illeagles ,and get our borders closed ,and secure from terrorist,and illeagle crossings. Vote out the liberal socialist in november 2010 and keep our freedom for we the people.

    4. Ray in Flagstaff, Ar says:

      Finally, somebody saying" maybe this could be a waste of taxpayer money"!!

      THANKS!! from Arizona!! congree can try to get healthcare thru in weeks but we can't close our borders over years!! The transcontinental railroad was done faster

    5. Tom/Georgia says:

      Jeff Flake is not the "lone stranger" in Congress–There are several more like him.

      Unfortunately for Congress, the rest of the Federal Government and for the country and for all of us, there are not enough like him. And there never have been–not really. Many who talked the talk have gone badly astray when the the time came to walk the walk.

      It is up to Us, The People, to remedy the situation in The House this coming November with a House cleansing. Some broad-brush cleansing strokes for The Senate would help greatly, also.

      Limited government is not just another political ideology. History provides ample empirical evidence and current data and information provide sound supporting proof that having limited government is a survival necessity for a nation.

      Get behind and support potential candidates–either or any party–then use your vote this coming November to help elect a Senator and/or Representative who has the will and the gumption to help get our country back on to the road to a sustainable future.

      If time was ever on our side it is no longer.

      Them ain't chickens comin' home t' roost. Them's buzzards.

    6. Jenn, Birmingham, AL says:

      I'm sure we need these gauges for some good reason (probably measuring some kind of data to measure global warming), the state should be paying for them, but here in Alabama, they're more worried about who's going to be investigated next. Once again Rep; Flake, you've found another wonderful way they spend OUR rmoney! And if those gauges DID help Bammer this year, we need them removed ASAP. Don't worry – send that tab to me! War Eagle! :–))

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