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  • Outside the Beltway: Colorado Ready To Fight Obamacare Post-Passage

    The House and Senate still have to iron out six key differences between their versions of the legislation before Obamacare can be signed into law. But getting past the House and Senate may just be the beginning of the plan’s problems. Not only are the attorneys general of13 states jointly investigating whether Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D-NE) Cornhusker Kickback violates the Constitution, but multiple public interest law firms are promising to also challenge whether the scheme’s individual mandate meets constitutional muster.

    Now conservative activists are adding yet another post-passage hurdle for Obamacare survive. The Denver Post reports:

    Coloradans will likely be asked in November to blunt the impact of federal health-insurance reform with a state constitutional amendment that would attempt to undo some of what Congress is trying to pass.

    Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute said Tuesday that he is still working on the language for his proposal, which would then need signatures from 76,047 voters to make the ballot. But he intends to find out in the fall whether voters want to stop the federal government from dictating insurance requirements to Coloradans.

    At the same time, a freshman state lawmaker says she’ll push her legislative colleagues to opt the state out of the congressional health care reforms.

    The state measures would be two of at least 14 similar plans being advanced by conservatives and libertarians across the country. Courts will likely have to decide whether states have the authority to trump or opt out of a federal mandate, but the proposals underscore how the health-insurance debate is already moving from Washington to state legislatures.

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    15 Responses to Outside the Beltway: Colorado Ready To Fight Obamacare Post-Passage

    1. R. George Dunn says:

      There is another State that has already enacted such a Resolution, Arizona I believe and more in the process. It is heartening to see the Constitution becoming important again. Know this, that there is not one bit of the Federal Government's unconstitutional policies or programs that cannot be fixed or eliminated. States are sovereign and from the direction of the Union over the past 97 years, it is time to correct our USA before we hit the rocks in the next few years. Time is up.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Thank you Colorado!!! It's about time states opposed such federal intrusion into their sovereign business affairs. Personally, I believe states constitutionally trump the federal government on matters such as healthcare reform. The one and only expectation states have of the federal government is national security and banking trusts. This is not to dismiss the U.S. Supreme Court in matters of disagreements, such as with commerce, between self-regulated states. Reid, Pelosi and Obama have brought the nation to high tide. Yes, it's time for change. One that throws off the subversive and destructive socialization of the United States of America.

    3. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I’m encouraged that we have a group of state AG’s who grew a pair and officially calling “BS” on this backroom produced piece of excrement. It would appear even stronger (to me at least) if ALL the states AG’s joined in this struggle to maintain our liberties. After all, this bill has very little to do with necessary healthcare reform but everything to do with seizing control of your life!

      Perhaps a reasonable solution would be for citizens from every state whose AG is not yet actively in the fight to deluge their respective AG’s offices with respectfully written letters, phone calls and emails relating their concern about the adverse effects on their private lives and liberties and strongly encouraging them to follow suit by filing a case as those patriotic American AG’s already have. Scheme of maneuver needs to incorporate the principles of war. This time that primarily means the application of MASS and SPEED! Grassroots effort using well crafted letters, spoken words and emails quickly sent and by virtually everyone.

      Good Hunting!

    4. Amy, Kentucky says:

      The only thing the federal government should be involved in are: Highways, bridges & national defense! That is pretty much it! Can you imagine how low our federal taxes would be if the government would listen to our founding fathers and let THE PEOPLE make their own choices!!! God help us through this mess!!!!

    5. Paul Watson says:

      I'd like to put a question out there that no one has addressed. If it is possible for a state to opt-out of Obamacare, is it possible to also opt-out of the federal taxes (both direct and indirect) that will be coming out of our pockets to pay for a program we won't even be using?

    6. Jeff, Oklahoma says:

      Oklahoma is also pursuing legistlation to this effect.

      Short take is:

      The proposed state constitutional amendment would:

      • Prohibit any law or rule from directly or indirectly compelling any person or employer to participate in any health care system;

      • Allow any person or employer to pay directly for lawful health care services without paying any penalties or fines;

      • Permit a health care provider to provide directly purchased lawful health services without paying any penalties or fines; and

      • Stipulate that subject to reasonable and necessary rules that do not substantially limit a person’s options, the purchase or sale of private health insurance will not be prohibited.


    7. dan says:

      Yeah colorado! My wonderful state is finally standing up for truth and reason.

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      I'm not sure I'd trust them with highways and bridges? I don't appreciate at all the state government's appointing of construction where I live. Government has no sense of quality and poor planning. A blvd was put in, and a manhole cover for each side of the car. Instead of in the middle of the road where no tires roll! They repainted the streets and on a 4 lane two way, city bridge, the supposed straight line, veers into (on one side) or out of the other lane. And the bridge is a hill. You can't see the other side! Who knows what they'll allow bridges to be built with, along with a greater potential to collapse…

    9. Joy, Chattanooga, TN says:

      Our State governments are our last line of defense against this war on our constitution and way of life. We MUST support our State governments and call on them to defend us. We must elect State legislators and Governors who will support and defend the constitution and by doing so, support and defend their own soverign states.

    10. Jim Jess, Georgia says:

      In our state, Georgia State Sen. Judson Hill has introduced S.R. 794, the Health Care Freedom of Choice Constitutional Amendment. Our legislature opens its annual session on Monday. SR 794 needs a 2/3 majority in both the Georgia House and Georgia Senate to make it to the ballot in November. SR 794, if approved by a majority of voters, would allow Georgia to opt-out of whatever health care takeover Washington tries to force down our throats. Chance of passage is good since Republicans control both houses in GA, but there will be resistance from Democrats in the General Assembly. Conservatives will have to fight to get this one to the ballot.

    11. Dee, Indiana says:

      The States with AG's who are Democrats will not do anything to oppose Obamacare. This is about bringing victory to the Dems. The next item on their agenda will be to pass amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens so they can vote in the Nov. elections and keep the Dems in power.

      That is why they are acting this way- they know there is very little that ordinary citizens will be able to do to stop it.

    12. Pam, Kansas City, Kansas says:

      I think Wildcat from Dallastown has an excellent idea. I agree that all states need to get involved and work on getting a stop put to the ridiculous Obamacare scam. I think alot of people would like to speak out but need a little help as far as, how to write a professional letter. It would be nice if there was a website or place on the internet to go that would help with the actual letters.

    13. Barb, New York says:

      We need to keep fighting this government intrusion and takeover. Don't say there is nothing we can do. Fight! I love the guts of the states that are legislating against all of this. No more sitting down and taking it. New York seems like a true gonner…but I'm not going to give up or quit.

    14. nobama, MA says:

      Scott Brown could actually win the January 19 special election and provide the 41st and decisive vote against the Democrats' health care bill. Scott Brown has built a strong grassroots movement to win this special election for the United States Senate (MA) on January 19th and send a political shock-wave across the country and to the Washington establishment. The arrogant-elite-socialists have understimated Scott. This is why the radical MoveOn.org has decided to MoveIn to Massachusetts to try and help the lethargic Martha Coakley campaign gain some traction. The SEIU, the nation’s largest public employee union is also pouring thousands of dollars into this race to defeat Scott’s momentum. The energy and support for Scott is amazing. A win on January 19th will deliver a devastating blow to the out-of-control spending bureaucrats and those that want a Government Run take-over of our health care. Teddy the lion is gone (RIP). The revolution has begun. It is time to support Scott Brown. Now is the time.

    15. tboo says:

      here is the letter I wrote to Georgia’s AG…you may copy/paste and change

      Mr. Baker, Attorney General:

      As a final Healthcare Bill is debated this week, it has come to my attention that some states across this great nation are filing suits as to the constitutionality of decisions that are about to be made. I am sure you are familiar with the circumstances of the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the grave infringement of individual rights with the personal mandate. It is my desire that our great state of Georgia will enter into similar suits individually or jointly as this proposed bill is unprecedented and does more to eradicate and erode the United States Constitution that anything that has ever passed. In addition to the breach of rights, the funding of a Medicaid expansion is far beyond what our state can afford. More federal mandates without federal money puts our state in an increasingly precarious situation. You state that “As the public’s lawyer, [you] have a tremendous responsibility to protect the public as well as to uphold the laws and the Constitution of Georgia.” I hope that you will rally to this claim and fight to protect our people and fight against injustices. I suspect you will receive great assistance and support from congressmen, Isackson, Chamblis, and Linder, and our governor as I’ve had encouraging responses from them about the Healthcare proposal. Please consider seeking some type of action against this invasion.

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