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  • In Their Own Words: 9/11 Commission Vice Chair Lee Hamilton

    “I just think what’s pervasive through the country, and has been now for a number of years, is a complacency, an inertia, a business-as-usual. You ask anyone, is this an important problem? They say yes of course it is, then they stack it up with 150 other priorities. You either have to give this top priority or not. We have not given it sufficient priority. And as a result, there is a complacency, there is a business-as-usual attitude that I think is harmful … including the president, including the leaders of the Congress, including many, many people who have had a part in homeland security. You can’t put all the responsibility on the president, but obviously he shares a major part of it. Now his speech yesterday suggested to me that he’s going to bear down on this. I hope that’s the case. And it may be possible that that sense of urgency may return.”

    Lee H. Hamilton, 9/11 Commission Vice Chair and former Democratic Congressman talking to Jake Tapper of ABC News about the Obama Administration’s commitment to homeland security and a pervasive sense of complacency.

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    11 Responses to In Their Own Words: 9/11 Commission Vice Chair Lee Hamilton

    1. Spiritof76 says:

      Mr. Hamilton was not exactly that careful when he criticized the previous administration. The problem that we face is that even the problem of national security is politicized along the party lines. Obama failed. He belittled the war on terror. He coddled the terrorists by either relasing them or awarding them more rights than to the CIA or Navy Seals. He bowed down to every tyrants. He couldn't wait to heap praise on Islam at the expense of Christianity. He told the world in Egypt that the treatment of Palestinians were the same as the jews during the holocaust. His inept Sec. of Homeland security eliminated the words such as "terrorism" worshipping the political correctness. In short, Obama emboldened the terroists around the world.

      Hamilton is another political hack.

    2. Bill Sr, Jacksonvill says:

      Barack Obama has got to stop apologizing for America and America has to stop apoligizing for Barack Obama. The buck stops here with us. We made a big mistake. We have to admit it! We have to fire him and "clean up the mess" he has gotten us into. Case Closed!!

    3. Grace Stanley, Chesa says:

      Unfortunately, the President still does not get it. He is so involved with other priorities that he is not interested in our safety. He does not recognize that everything else is naught if he does not provide us with safety.

    4. Ken Tampa fl. says:

      Bill Sr, I agree with every word you have written.We the people our fonding Fathers,our families our future rides on how WE the people are going to get our White House and government in order! In my business I would of Fired him 8 and a half months ago.CASE CLOSED!!!

    5. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      More than a "sense of urgency" is required. Yes, a "sense of urgency" is required, but the right, common sense ACTION is also required. Excuse me for being a bit skeptical with this Administration and Congress. I will believe it when I SEE it! Politicians talk and burden us with increased, enslaving legislation for me to trust them anymore. Sadly, we have entrusted our Republic to elected officials who cannot be trusted instead of the PEOPLE safe-guarding it by constant vigilance! Let’s take our Government back this year! Is it November yet?



    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Hamilton and most others still don't get it! It's

      not "business as usual". 9/11 happened because of

      Clinton and others in his administration. This is not the case with Obama. THIS IS DELIBERATE! Obama and his socialist lackey have a plan. That plans includes attacks on this country. Attacks will justify Obama's declaration of a "crises". By this point in time, we all should know what will take place when that happens. Just rememeber Rahm's words.

    7. RLV Phila.Pa. says:

      This President and his cabinet is all talk,Quote-"We failed to connect the dots".The first thing from ther mouths is blame Bush.This President and his cronies dismantled the system that Bush had in place to protect us.We were safe here in the USA for 7 & 1/2 years.The president is still going to try "KSM" in New York city,[its really a trial for Bush,Cheyney,the CIA,FBI & the American people]Obama's #1 priority is "Health Care reform".Benidict Obama can care less about our security.We will get unlucky one of these days unfortunitly.Obama's number one job is to Support and defend the Constitution.

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    9. Rita, Virginia Beach says:

      I would like to ask every person who voted for Obama the following question: How's all that hope and change working for you now? This guy is clueless. Actions speak louder than words. His words may sound great but if you listen very carefully you will see that when he speaks he basically says nothing. Thus far his actions include trying to turn our republic into a socialist nation, allowing terrorists to have the Constitutional privileges that should be available to American citizens only, to name a few. He, his attorney general, and other members of his adminstration believe terrorists are criminals. TERRORISTS ARE NOT CRIMINALS — THEY ARE TERRORISTS. Under the Constitution his first duty is to protect the lives of American citizens. Thus far he has failed to do so. And his words sounded hollow when speaking about the Christmas Day terrorist attack. Directing bureaucrats to do this or that does nothing to protect us. It's pure folly and that is because his administration doesn't have a clear-cut plan to keep us safe and it is not a high priority. All of our enemines — terrorists — Iran — North Korea — and others have been emboldened by his ineptness, apologies and willingness to "negotiate" with them. He won the presidency because he sounded charming. I really believe he thinks he can use his charm offensive to hold them at bay. What a joke! Our enemies don't think he's charming. Look at their recent actions. I pray that we do not have another terrorist act against the U.S. until we can vote him out of office.

    10. Eric Potter MD says:

      Good Morning,

      We as a people have failed. We have watched our country's security disintegrate through the poor leadership of Congress and our President. We did so through complacency and willful ignoring the truth. The federal government will not save us, nor will any other level of government. We the people must join with voice and action to lead our leaders to defend our great nation rather than apologize for it. The media won't help us. It is up to the grassroots movement to reclaim our country. Stand together now or fall together soon!

    11. ann kitay, fulton, t says:

      as I see it, Pres.Obama has failed our expectations of him; he is succeeding in implementing his own agenda. We used to worry about the USSR; now I'm afraid we just may be facing the prospect of becoming the USSA – the United Socialist State of America or is that the United States of Socialist America. I pray for our country and People; I confront every legislator who does not hang up on me. I will not stop. Destiny waits for no one……

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