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  • Federal Court Fines Obama Administration for Lack of Transparency

    For the last nine months, the Justice Department has been stonewalling requests for more information about its dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther party. The department has denied requests for information about the case from newspapers and members of Congress, and is refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

    But that’s not the only case where the Justice Department has been reluctant to show its work. This week, a federal district court in Kansas imposed sanctions on the same Civil Rights Division (CRD) officials who spiked the Panthers case, Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum, for their refusals to provide information in another case. Breaking the president’s promise to have the most transparent administration in history, Rosenbaum and King’s concealment of information will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

    I previously wrote about a sanction of $587,000 in attorneys’ fees imposed against the department and King in Johnson v. Miller, a redistricting case that went all the way to the Supreme Court during the Clinton administration. In this latest case, U.S. v. Sturdevant, the Housing Section of the CRD filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas claiming discrimination. The Housing Section is headed by Rosenbaum, and the CRD was headed by King during the relevant time in this case.

    The U.S. Magistrate Judge, David Waxse, a former legal counsel for the ACLU in Kansas and western Missouri, is not exactly a conservative in ideology or temperament. Yet he has awarded sanctions against the individual Housing Section attorneys handling the case, because Rosenbaum and his cadre of lawyers would not answer interrogatories from the defendants requesting information.

    What is clear from reading the order is that, as usual, the CRD made broad accusations of discriminatory conduct when it filed its complaint, but when it was asked to provide specific examples or actual evidence of such discrimination, it failed to do so. Lawyers for both sides have until January 20 to determine the amount of the award to be made to the defendants. While the CRD lawyers “shall be solely responsible for paying the monetary sanctions,” there is no doubt the department will reimburse them, so the American taxpayer will end up footing the bill for Rosenbaum’s outrageous behavior and his failure to properly supervise the lawyers who work for him. That particular sanction is also very unusual — I have never seen a sanction order directed at individual lawyers that specifically says their employer is not responsible for paying the costs.

    Just a reminder: During the Clinton administration, the CRD was sanctioned in eleven different cases for over $4.1 million for filing frivolous and unwarranted discrimination claims. During the Bush administration, when liberals claim there was politicization going on in the division, I am not aware of a single such sanction. Looks like the Obama administration is all set to follow the Clinton’s administration’s example — not quite what one would expect from the supposed “revitalization” of the division that Holder claims it is undergoing.

    Cross-posted at The Corner.

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    19 Responses to Federal Court Fines Obama Administration for Lack of Transparency

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    2. John Kearney says:

      Once again: He Lied!!!!

    3. Joe Ruffino, New Yor says:

      Loretta King and Rosenbaum should go to jail for failure to comply with the law.

    4. carque9, texas says:

      vote em all out!!!!!!!!!

    5. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      What is so suprising about this, obama and gang are determined to take controll, it is not their money so they do not care. IT IS MY6 MONEY AND I DO CARE, ELECTION IS COMING AND I WILL VOTE YET AGAIN TO TAKE THE DEMS AND THE REPUBLICANS [IF THEY DO NOT STEP UP TO THE PLATE] OUT OF OFFICE AND PUT NEW ONES IN.

    6. Grace, Florida says:

      The justice dept is reluctant to hand over info because the entire administration is corrupt.

      One comment I'd like to make on BOBO's speech yesterday – when he said "it's not really anyones fault". I could not believe he said that – yet time and time again he blames Bush for the economy and every other thing he can slam him on. This guy is bad news. I'm with Dennis – get rid of all of them – I'm not sure there's a good one in the bunch – I know there are no good Dems and it's questionalble about the Republicans. They better start speaking up – loud and clear.

    7. Patrick says:

      There seems to be no real difference between Dems and Republicans. They are merely the right and left wings of the same bird. The real difference is between Conservatives and Liberals.

    8. Denny says:

      Can we all now get along and admit that President Barack Hussein Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, The Redistributor-in-Chief, the Socialist-in-Chief, the Radical-in-Chief, the Leftist-in-Chief, the Campaigner-in-Chief (see Dr. Deaniac) and now the Liar-in-Chief? Just a question.

      Thanks for listening,


    9. Dave Boner says:

      This type of government action (lack of) is so typical of government administration at all levels of our federal, state, and local governments. The inability to make a decision, particularly when the government is in error or at a disadvantage. I just can not assume the appointment of these Czars is constitutional. The President does not have the time to allow him to have this many additional executives reporting to him.

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    11. D, Virginia says:

      Obama is an "honorless graduate" from the Saul Alinsky school for radicals. He lived Alinsky's "shoulds" and taught the same to others as a professor(Hah) and now he undoubtedly has surounded himself with those who "reflect a mirror image". This is how he was so successful as a "community organizer".

      Read "Rule for Radicals" and you will the see crystal clearly his agenda and tactics.

    12. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I must have missed this story on ABC / NBC / MSNBC etc. Anyone know when it was aired?

    13. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Good to see that Justice is Independant and does its job.

    14. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      A good sign for the oncoming healthcare trial.

    15. HR Waltner, Duluth, says:

      I thought that The Bush administration was the most secretive since Nixon, but the present administration has outdone both of the above by its actions which I am happy now have been condemned by the higher court. It takes a Freedom of Information Act to obtain even the most benign information from Obama's White House cronies.

    16. Perry OK says:

      Really! Yes the laws are being flaunted and ignored. Yet another pay out to some more crooked lawyers, at our expense.

      Keep your eyes out for a smart, thoughtful, energetic person that we might want for a president in 2012. I really do not care man or woman, right or left, must be able to. balance a check book, limited to 6 years of college and not be a lawyer or politician.

    17. Therese says:

      There are laws in some states that require you to have a legitimate excuse in order to vote absentee in an election. STATES NEED TO EXPAND ON THIS LAW so we don't have people voting on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, I witnessed lines around the building at the election board (and was told it was a daily thing during the presidential election) with people voting absentee. In my state Mo. I was also told by an employee at the election board you MUST have a legitimate excuse to vote absentee such as an receipt or other forms to say you were out of town or unable to vote on Voting day. This needs to be looked into so we don't have thousands of people voting whenever they please.

    18. Jackie says:

      I can't wait for 11/10. But if I vote Conservative, do the Democrats win?

      And if I vote Republican, how can I be sure they're not just as bad

      as the Democrats? Elections should not be as important as they've

      become. We need term limits. We need limited and federally-funded

      campaigns – no private contributions from lobbyists,corporations or

      unions. And speaking of unions, they are a major cause of the socialst

      redistribution of the wealth here in NYC. While the MTA shuts down

      bus routes and increases the fares, MTA workers retire on $150,000

      a year for life. People need to know about these shameless practices

      that put money in the campaign coffers of the Democrats.

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