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  • Obama's Nuclear Dream Could Endanger America

    According to a January 4 report in the Los Angeles Times, President Obama’s plan for nuclear disarmament is meeting opposition from the Department of Defense. Specifically, the Department of Defense believes that President Obama’s plan jeopardizes U.S. security. They are right.

    First and foremost, the American people need to understand that U.S. nuclear forces and the infrastructure to support them have been atrophying since the end of the Cold War. Meanwhile, China and Russia are modernizing their nuclear forces and Iran and North Korea are looking to become de facto nuclear weapons states. From outward appearances, President Obama wants to atrophy the U.S. nuclear force out of existence by continuing on the path to decline.

    The Department of Defense, apparently, has arrived at the conclusion that this atrophy cannot continue without undermining the overall deterrence posture of the United States. The facts support the Department of Defense’s conclusion. Modernization of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and its supporting infrastructure must proceed if the U.S. deterrence posture is to be effective for whatever period of time nuclear weapons will continue to exist in the world. Even President Obama admits that this could be a very long time.

    If President Obama insists that modernization of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and its supporting infrastructure is inherently incompatible with his vision for nuclear disarmament, his vision deserves to fail. If it does fail, reports will probably surface that it was the Pentagon that killed it. These charges will lack merit. The Pentagon will not have killed President Obama’s vision for nuclear disarmament. It will be the policies of countries that seek to increase their power by threatening the U.S. and its allies with nuclear weapons that will have killed it. The Pentagon will only be responding to the realities presented by a dangerous world.

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    27 Responses to Obama's Nuclear Dream Could Endanger America

    1. Zippy says:

      yea, and the only country to use nuclear weapons was the united states. hiroshima, and then nagasaki. they attack our militia and we attacked their innocent civilians. what a joke. your nuclear obsessions is what drives other countries against us. idiots. when will you stop? i cant imagine giving one cent in donations to this webiste. your policies have no ground, no substance. your conservative movement will whether away and die as it should. President Obama had no chance with you idiots. It doesnt matter what he does, you will go against every single thing he does and it shows on this website. Your politics will ruin you.

    2. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      In an obama utopian world the united states has no need for a military, so it just makes sense that this is the direction that is being taken. Unfortunately for the rest of us who live in the real world we are acutely aware that the military and those who serve our country with honor are the only thing that keeps us truely free.

    3. John B. San Diego says:

      I don't think our president is satisfied with being President of the United States. Observe how many different instances where he did not necessarily see oath of office as priority#1. Worldly goals are more important than the American People he's apologized for us as a nation over and over; we as a nation are suffering from his rule. If somehow he leaves us unprotected and we go down it will be his fault.

      But again we will pay for it provided we survive.

      Pentagon is right and he should give up enough of his social nightmare to leave us protected from our enemies. This pursuit of mistaken policy that we are safer by be conciliatory statements and passive posture just isn't working out and could lead us to the ultimate nightmare.

    4. John B. San Diego says:

      I didn't like that last post, I'm just frustrated and dissatified with this president don't put it up if you don't want to.I don't know what to say about this man. Is he wearing me down no way. 2010 will be much different & 2011 even better!

    5. Anon says:

      Obama´s US Nuke Strategy:


      2. Obama starts with our strategic bombers.

      3. Continues with our ICBMs.

      4. Kills the last leg SLBM.

      5. US is denuclearized. (Not our adversaries though.)

      6. "Obama´s Youth Shaped His Nuclear-Free Vision," By William J. Broad and David E. Sanger, July 4, 2009, at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/05/world/05nuclear… and "BREAKING THE WAR MENTALITY," By Barack Obama, Sundial, March 10, 1983, at http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/images/nyti… as well as, "Obama presses review of nuclear strategy, Pentagon is rethinking the unthinkable: Making major changes to Cold War arsenal," By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff, January 3, 2010, at http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2010/0

      Impeach Obama

    6. keith seattle, WA says:

      hear me when i say: the mere suggestion of the use of nuclear weapons is a crime against humanity. To advocate the destruction of your supposed enemy is synonymous with advocating the destruction of our ecosphere. That's "the whole world" to the regular morons who populate these boards.

      Nuclear weapons must be banished from the Earth; at a minimum, the world community must acknowledge this. Obama must at least attempt to wrest control of this civilization-breaker, at we must be aware that when he does, rogue elements left in place by Messers cheney, rumsfeld, etc may detonate their Armaggeddon Pipedream somewhere, continuing their war on the human race.

    7. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Zippy and keith in seattle – Get a room ! Preferably in a third world country with no internet access, so you cannot pollute honest, intelligent websites with your bleeding heart liberal agenda.

      Not sure what color the unicorns in your world are, but in this world, the real world, nuclear weapons are not going away. The technology exists and countries like Iran and North Korea that are ruled by tyrannical dictators will stop at nothing to ending your life and the lives of everyone within a 5 mile radius of you. I read the article link provided by another commentor. It is from 1983 by Barack Obama. It is very telling where his mindset is. I think his world vision has the same color unicorns as you have in your world.

      BTW – the comment that only the US has used nuclear weapons. Please get your facts straight before you start condemning our country for doing what it HAD to do. Don't mention the air-dropping of flyers warning the citizens of these cities to GET OUT. Don't mention the atrocities the Japanese were committing to US POW's at the end of the war (real torture). Don't mention their use of kamikazes to kill US servicemen. Hop back on your Unicorn and ride off into the sunset.

    8. Jim says:

      Whe we oulaw nucs only the outlaws will have nucs

    9. Dave, Florida says:

      Those of you who believe that all people of the world can be "made" to like us are living in a pipe dream. Read history and remember it or you are destined to relive it over and over. As long as there is greed and the dream for more power in this world there will be bad people. Just don't disarm the good people in a hope of getting bad people to surrender their arms. I spent time in Bosnia with NATO to help put that country back together after they were brutalized by their neighbors. The Bosnian President had surrendered their weapons of war earlier in a show of peaceful intent, but both Croatia and Serbia to advantage of the situation and invaded Bosnia. Don't think for a second that Russia or China would not like to occupy the continental United States.

      Thank God for people like Cheney who understand there are really "bad" people in this world and then there are clueless people. The bad people will take advantage of the clueless every time. Read the history books.

    10. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      This topic on the ending of US nuclear weapons seems to be touchy and exciting making the LURKERS come out and kind of play. It also brings out their sloppy grammar, spelling, punctuation and clouded reasoning which in sum is fun to see from time to time but not fun to see that they put in our current Fearless Leader.

      Why sooo serious, Lurkers? Unilateral United States disarmament would be a final bullet in the head for the US as a world power. Nations that don't like us that have nuclear weapons could and would easily dictate to us to do as they wished us to do and for all the fog headed Utopians that is quite a noggin rush right up there with pot or really good java or micro-crafted beer.

      From Seattle we get crimes against humanity and "ecosphere" "WHOLE WORLD" annihilation crying blather. Hundreds of nuclear weapons have been exploded in the atmosphere, hundreds!

      As to poor poor Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both cities totally rebuilt despite repeated attacks from Godzilla, the ever kind and bowing Japanese had their own nuclear weapons program and did not blush at bombing Chinese cities teaming with civilians with conventional weapons. So the idea that the Japanese would hold back from setting a bomb off in pretty little Seattle or San Diego… is smack of drugged addled farcical thinking.

      As per using Nukes, the original recipients of the unleashed evil Atom were to be those very pesky White NAZI'S in Europe. Somehow I rather imagine leftest Utopians would sing zippidy do da praise for burning Germans and their cities to the ground with Uranium and Plutonium. Fire bombing cities to the ground gets less attention but if Dresden or Berlin had been Nuked the Left would not be all teary eyed.

      As for a "civilization-breaker", allowing the Soviet Union to exist at all after Nazi Germany was crushed came close to allowing for the possibility of Armageddon. Why so serious about crushing the Nazi's but not the nuclear looming Soviet Union Dictatorship? Because some of those that wrote in kind of, have weepy eyes for that dead Communist Leviathan since the Communist Utopians have not died off just because their dear Soviet Union has. They are the Global Warming enthusiasts, Carbon Taxing zealots as these two causes are like Armageddon/Death for Western Civilization! Then they can groove on the rubble in one perpetual Woodstock party.

    11. John B. San Diego says:

      Being a moron, according to the gentleman from WA, I recognize critical statements of the Commander in Chief during time of war are considered to be improper. I as I have noted above did so with some hesitancy. Respect for the office gives me second thoughts about being overcritical. Also critics might consider our motivation for criticizing the president could be misunderstood by our political opponents as making political hay at the cost of this administration. I assure you my objectives do not include any hay.

      To the gentleman from WA I say you sir must suffer from inverted intelligence; you've got your head buried in the sand. The reason we have not had any use of Atomic weapons since WW II is a thing called mutual assured destruction. Does any person with common sense actually think we are dealing with rational adversaries? Ahmadinejad seeks a nuclear arsenal as we speak; he openly declares Israel has no right to exist and should be wiped from the face of the earth

      Do we think he cares about our ecosphere?

      Kim Jung Ill is willing to commit national suicide; does he care what you think sir?

      President went to Cairo to talk about peaceful coexistence with the Muslim world, that radical Islam was the real enemy and we could defeat terrorism together. What did Obama get in return?

      Major Hassan in Ft. Hood and Mr. Abdulmutallab on Flt.253…and also increase in large volume of insurgent activity in Afghanistan. Do you honestly think any of these people give a hoot about your ecosphere, Sir? I'd like for you to explain to this moron exactly what you propose we do about all these loving concerned individuals, SIR. Perhaps I wouldn't be so critical if this administration would say "WAR", then act that way.

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    13. philip says:

      Presdent Obama wants america diarmed so he and his admidistrarion can bring down america,and distroy the free consitutional goverment of we the people. So he can install his communist socialist style of govermentt by banning our nukelur deturant. He will be able to surender to our enemies with out a shot and achive his socialist goals.

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    15. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      One of the most self-evident desire of all our Adversaries is to continually weaken us, economically as well as MILITARILY. One of the best way is of course to have Trojan Horses, inside underminers who can make them win decisive battles cheaply.

      A thorough and somehow dismantling task is at work underneath appearances.

      A wake up call is always good and the Pentagone must be hailed for such objectivity and realism. Whosoever weaken while he can be strong, defends himself and others while he guarantees the peace War lovers cannot stand, needs to wake up.

      They only respect Force and Power, if you're weak or weaken, they'll love it and will not hesitate to have you taste this un-enjoyable state.

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    17. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama, who has never brought fist to face, will always believe that if he does what is 'Right' then the whole World will do what is 'Right'. That is because next to God, Obama is God.

      Well, Obama is wrong. Obama should have had to fight for his beliefs and bled a little. Gone hungry for days in a row, to attend school. Actually worked with bleeding blisters on his hands until they turned into callouses!

      Then he may have learn to be aware of 'Smiling Faces' and that 'Sometimes they lie to you!' He might have learned that the best person to rely on is one's ownself and their connection to God.

    18. Claude Cornell says:

      Some people do think that the Axis of Evil does not exist. A good look at past World History would cure that. Lesson #1….when we are at war, we should never, never, never, elect a dove as president. They don't know how to fight.

    19. sas, Durham, NC says:

      Too bad Zippy cannot have a discussion without the use of "idiots". It shows he really doesn't have an argument, just an emotional reponse.

      I agree with Brad from Detroit and Dave from Fla.

      "Those who forget history are destined to repeat it."

    20. Don, Centennial,CO says:

      Zippy, you must be a teenager, or a young man who has not bothered to understand circumstances that prevailed in 1945. The United States was estimated to lose at least 1 million men in an invasion of Japan. Thank God that Harry Truman was man enough to make the proper decision and bring the Japanese down. I know, because I would probably been one of those million men. We had finished our assignment in Europe and were headed to the Pacific for the invation of Japan. It is possible you may be one of those who would not exist today if the invasion took place since your parent or grandparents may have also been in the 1 million men sacrificed in the invasion.

    21. Anon says:

      "Northrop Analysts: United States Heading Toward ´De Facto Nuclear Dyad,´" in Inside Missile Defense, December 16, 2009, – Vol.15, No.25, at http://www.defensenewsstand.com/cs_newsletters.as

      Obama is treason 24/7/365.

      Impeach Obama

    22. Silicon Valley Chine says:

      Hey Zippy, our family immigrated to the US 39 years ago due to the unpredictable Chinese communist regime back in the 60's and 70's. As a Chinese person, FACE is an important thing for me and my family. So why back down? We need to have our FACE saved among all these nuclear countries. Also, if you love basketball as I do, you need to intimidate your opponent on the court and take them to the hoop or stop them from coming into the key area by fouling and knocking them down to gain respect. Obama's nuclear strategy (or lack of it) is dangerous to America, period! Forget the past regarding Hiroshima. They had to do what they had to do at that time. Today, we need to push our agenda and our views on freedom and be an example to the world. Saying sorry like Obama did is not an example. It's weakness, dude.

    23. GG says:

      The NPT has been a massive farce since the moment of its founding and is pretty transparent to anyone who isn't blinded by jingoism or idealism. The P-5 nations want to abolish nuclear weapons, and yet show all indications of wanting to hold on to their own nuclear arsenals forever. Nukes are here to stay, but what real right does, say, the USA have to keep 6000 nukes primed in perpetuity and yet deny the same deterrence to nearly 200 other countries? You people aren't advocating the NPT because you want to protect yourself from Asian dictators, you're doing it so that you want to retain the option of blackmailing third-world countries with nukes when they've surpass you economically and militarily in the not-too-distant future.

      If you have no intention of abiding by the NPT's principle of nuclear disarmament then you have no moral right whatsoever to pressure other nations into doing so.

    24. Silicon Valley Chine says:

      Oh, by-the-way, for the first time in my 39 years as a Chinese American citizen that feel shameful to have Obama represent me in front of the world. Obama is an embarrassment! All past presidents were OK except for Carter and Clinton. I have lost my FACE as an American when Obama apologize to the world. This kind of act is UNAMERICAN!!!!! As a convert from being a long-time Democrat, and now a republican, I feel that all the Democrats are all smoke and mirrors and they tried to get their way by distracting and deceiving people. What a shame in our leaders, UNTRUTHFUL and NOT DEPENDABLE, especially the 2 senators here in California, Boxer and Feinstein. We need to get these people out of the government NOW!!!

    25. Bobbie Jay says:

      Of course it matters what the president does, Zippy. IT'S A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH! There is no other country that maintains civility as long as America has. Why would the president want to give up America's weapons, first? we don't go to war to pick on 3rd world countries. We've tried to induce peace and freedom to the people of 3rd world countries. Obama's actions in all areas seems to imply 3rd world principles.

    26. GG says:

      Then why do you need nuclear weapons? Deterrence? Then why shouldn't other peaceful and democratic countries be banned from the same? Because they won't always be that way. Someday America will be reduced to bullying other nations for resources(like Russia and China) and you want to selfishly keep your 6000 nuclear missiles because you're terrified you may lose.

    27. Ross Wolf says:

      Obama’s Logic When Extrapolated Appears Deeply Flawed.

      Obama’s position not to retaliate with nuclear weapons against countries that attack the U.S. with biological or chemical weapons—could encourage banana republics like Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela to development those lethal weapons, even distribute them to terrorists. Because of the size of large nuclear bombs and their large accompanying delivery systems (missiles) they are discoverable by U.S. Intelligence in other countries. That would not be the case for example, if Eastern nations shifted from wanting nuclear bombs to developing biological/chemical weapons that could kill U.S. Citizens. Currently the U.S. can track and shoot down a limited number of nuclear missiles if launched e.g., by Iran. However biological and small nuclear weapons too easily can be delivered across our Mexican Border or via commercial air vehicles or ships that might be detonated in our harbors causing devastating numbers of deaths, dependent on where the wind blows and potency of the nuke, chemicals and shelf life of a deployed biological agent. It is ridiculously apparent Obama’s position not to retaliate with nuclear weapons against countries that attack the U.S. with chemical or biological weapons—will result globally to exasperate the threat of (biological/chemical weapons); Obama’s position will encourage small countries to develop those weapons. The U.S. could have difficulty locating and aborting biological/chemical weapons in transit to America. Perhaps just as worrisome, historically when a country’s President has been perceived as weak, its enemies have attacked.

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