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  • The House's Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare

    How does Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) plan to move Obamacare past the House, despite some highly-controversial, lingering issues? Clues are beginning to appear in the progressive blogosphere:

    • Firedoglake is reporting that Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) is returning to Washington this week to begin closed-door negotiations with Senate Democrats and the White House. From FDL: “Discussions are beginning early on the health care bill, although the House is not returning to session until January 12, and the Senate not until a week later. This will not be a traditional conference committee, Waxman said, because the motions to select and instruct conferees in the Senate “would need 60 votes all over again.” Instead, whatever agreements made could be packaged in an amendment to the bills passed by the House and Senate.”
    • The New Republic reports that “according to a pair of senior Capitol Hill staffers, one from each chamber, House and Senate Democrats are ‘almost certain’ to negotiate informally rather than convene a formal conference committee. Doing so would allow Democrats to avoid a series of procedural steps–not least among them, a series of special motions in the Senate, each requiring a vote with full debate–that Republicans could use to stall deliberations, just as they did in November and December.”
    • TPMDC reports: “‘This process cuts out the Republicans,’ said a House Democratic aide. Republicans will ‘not have a motion to recommit opportunity’–a procedural trick the minority can use to scuttle legislation in the House at the last minute.”

    These secret meetings will not be a “traditional conference committee,” nor will they be a conference committee in any sense of the term. The only individuals allowed in the room will be those invited by both the House and Senate Leadership. Why the secrecy? Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) want to be sure they can secure the votes they need to pass the bill again.

    These developments confirm what we have been reporting for some time now: the House will ping pong Obamacare back to the Senate in order to avoid as many 60-vote thresholds as possible. This allows Democrats to exclude Republicans and problematic members of the Democrat Caucus from informal meetings. It also shows that the leadership in Washington is doing everything in their power to avoid a Conference Committee that could be broadcast on C-SPAN. In other words, they don’t want the public to see the work they’re doing on the floor of Congress (which was done with the public proceedings on the President’s so called Stimulus plan).

    However, unless the House just accepts the Senate bill as is, the Democrat leadership still have to face at least one more 60-vote threshold in the Senate. That’s a high hurdle for them to overcome.

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    19 Responses to The House's Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare

    1. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      This doesn't surprise me, since everything that has come before it has been "back-door, and "out of the public eye." I'm sure nothing will be shown until it's all done and nothing can be done to stop it. Washington Politics as usual. What would be news would be if the Liberal democrats actually admitted they had no plan to repay the debt. :-0

    2. Karen, Tennessee says:

      What happened to the Sunshine Laws? The current Congressional meetings have certainly made a mockery of our "open society" and promises from the President to be transparent in doing the business of our country. Shame on all of them!

    3. Tony in NY says:

      Why aren't there any commercials about thi?

    4. John B. San Diego says:

      Chairman Waxman was chosen because he has knowledge of Waxman/Markey AKA Cap and Trade Bill that was DOA at the Senate Floor. I have my suspicions the two bills will be discussed in the context of taking a stand by The Dems at the behest of their far-left liberal voting base and the campaigning for 2010 has officially begun.

      Broken Promises let me count the ways.

      1) A big round table discussion with all players and those who have a stake in healthcare reform. (Candidate Obama) he forgot the American People

      2) The most transparent Congress in history (Speaker Pelosi), if this statement were not so strange and surreal it would be humorous.

      3) We will broadcast the entire process of debate and legislation on C-SPAN (Candidate Obama); well that's a joke trouble is joke is on the America People

      4) We want bi-partisanship (Obama, Reid and Pelosi)

      Republicans have had no part in the original crafting of anything in these bills, they can't even get their letters answered and amendments offered in good faith have been carved up or simply voted down on straight party line votes.

      5) The Oath of Offices these leaders have raised their right hands on; has done no favors to We The People or OUR Republic. (You can quote me on that)

      I could go on for days I think we all get the message 2010 Mid-Terms will be more than a pivotal moment in American History; it could be designated as one of the times we saved The Republic and reclaimed Our Nation!

    5. Jack Albany Orego says:

      Another nail in the Democrats coffin for 2010-2012.

      Prediction: This news will be public knowledge in the next 24-48 hrs. Rush and Sean are you listening?

    6. craig winsberg, wisc says:

      The outrage is that the mainstream media is still refusing to inform their audience of this abuse of power at the highest level of government.

    7. Jackson Columbus Neb says:

      Just tell me why the Government won't listen to the people. We don't mind Healthcare reform at all. This crap isn't Healthcare reform. It lets try and take over the country and ruin America.

    8. robert dacunto nyc says:

      we must fight them at every turn…use every weapon at our disposal to get rid of these socialists….

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      Sons and daughters of these collective corrupting clowns must be very embarrassed! Empathy tells me, I sure would be!


    10. Sarah, Greenville, N says:

      This is so outrageous and yet sadly not surprising at all. So much for transparency that was so promised, via C-Span. Ha! What a total joke and lie. I think conservatives need to launch all out TV spots, highlighting what's going on, since our media is obviously going to once again turn a blind eye.

    11. Therese, St. Louis says:

      Public knowledge it will be in the next few days…reported on by the uber-Liberal broadcast news media? Not on your nelly. The ClimateGate scandal was only reported on NBC on the "take out the trash day"-Friday, and then it was a whitewashed version. The broadcast news is increasingly irrelevant. The 'journalist' aren't even reporters, they're cheerleaders for their own agendas.

    12. David, Los Vegas says:

      Say, I haven't seen this on ABC, CBS, NBC. Sorry. I lost my mind a minute there. The slobbering network news heads are not willing to report anything that reflects negatively on the current liberal, left-wing, socialist administration. It seems like our only hope now is for the 2010 elections to restore some sanity to the House and Senate, and that by doing so the administration will finally get face-to-face with reality.

    13. Mark in Arizona says:

      There's no surprise here at all. This has all been predicted in the honest media. Taxation w/out representation, which is VERY MUCH what this is, was troubling to the founding fathers. I wonder when our electorate is going to get a clue.

    14. L wilson says:

      But, how can they pass this bill (senate) while there is a section in there requiring 67 votes to change the rules and not allow this bill to ever be repealed? Can hide that in this bill and make it constitutional….????

    15. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      These two (Reid & Pelosi) are examples of why our forefathers left England. what I cannot understand is how they are allowed to blatantly skirt the Constitution. They do not even try to hide their actions any longer, they are right up front. How can we stop this insanity? There has to be a way!

    16. SuzanneClark says:

      This is no surprise. After observing the entire debacle over this past painful year it was to be expected. What I cannot wrap my head around is the fact that 60 Americans are willing to destroy the very foundations of this beautiful unique country.

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